We Must Regress

Barton. Toddlers

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever. – Psalm 23


Anyone who votes for the Biden-Harris ticket is possessed by the devil. That fact cannot be disputed. And roughly half of the voters are going to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket. Even if Trump, like last time, manages to win an electoral victory, is it really possible, from a Christian perspective, to democratically govern a nation when half of it is committed to Satan? No, it is not possible; the last four years have made that abundantly clear. Every Trump initiative, his efforts to appoint pro-life judges, his efforts to fight the Chinese communists and their Wuhan virus, and his efforts to control our borders have been resisted and often thwarted by the demon-crats. They hate Trump with a maniacal fury unsurpassed in the annals of American politics. And the liberals’ hatred for Trump is not confined to just this nation. The liberals in other European nations also hate Trump with a maniacal fury. But Trump’s policies are well within the framework of classical liberalism. They do not differ that much from the policies of John F. Kennedy, whom the liberals adored. Why then is Trump hated more than Nixon and Reagan and even more than Franco and Pinochet?

The pagan viewed history as a cyclical process. Mankind was not, in the pagan’s mind, progressing toward perfection. The Christian, whose God had entered historical time, looked to an end to human history when his God returned to earth. Christ was the beginning and the end. But the Christian did not equate the passage of time as a movement towards the moral perfection of mankind; he saw the passage of time as a step closer to the return of Christ. So neither the pagan nor the Christian saw the progression of time as a moral progression for mankind. Enter stage left, the liberal. The liberal has secularized the Christian’s expectation of the return of Christ. The liberal expects an end to history that shall be brought about by the moral perfection of mankind. The chosen ones are those who work for the moral perfection of mankind — they shall be saved — and the evil ones are those people who do not work for the moral perfection of mankind. They shall be damned.

The new view of history, the post-Christian view, was always on the fringes of Christendom in the ‘elevated’ minds of ‘great’ thinkers such as Voltaire and Rousseau, but it didn’t become part of the fabric of the European people’s culture until the French Revolution. After that revolution even professed Christians who rejected the outright atheism of the French Jacobins came to accept the post-Christian view of history – that mankind was morally progressing toward the kingdom of God on earth. It’s hard to see how a Christian could accept the idea of the moral progression of mankind when St. Paul emphasized that our salvation depended on, “Christ in me and I in Christ.” How can people who reject St. Paul’s faith continue to morally progress? They can’t, but our modern ‘Christians’ go along with the liberals, believing that the accumulation of scientific knowledge — the replacement of the horse with the automobile, the replacement of ink and paper with computer printouts, and other such scientific ‘advances’ — constitutes a moral improvement. That we are moving onward and upward is the moral given of the democratic, scientific nations of the West. I see all the scientific advances, but still I do not see a moral improvement. Is the acceptance of legalized abortion a moral improvement? Is the acceptance of communism a moral improvement? Is the worship of the noble black savage a moral improvement? And is the implementation of sexual Babylon a moral improvement? The liberal says, yes, to all those questions, and the conservative does a “respectable amount of growling” over communism, abortion, and sexual Babylon, but in the end he accepts the implementation of those moral ‘improvements’ because he does not oppose the ultimate progression that buttresses up all the other progressions: the transformation of civil rights for the negro into the worship of the negro.

Trump is in favor of civil rights just as John F. Kennedy was, but Trump does not see that the civil rights movement had nothing to do with civil rights. The negro already had civil rights, particularly in the old South prior to the Civil War: he had the right to raise a family and be a part of a Christian civilization, a right he was not afforded in Africa or Liberaldom. The civil rights movement was part of the ongoing Jacobin revolution. The negro had to become the new savior of the European people in order to keep the new trinity intact. A return to mere civil rights and away from the worship of the negro, which is what Trump represents, is an intolerable attack on the liberals’ faith. They won’t permit such an attack, just as they will not tolerate any effort to deal with the communists as an enemy nor any attempt to deal with unborn infants as human beings. We must progress, we can never go back. And moral progress is always measured by the illuminated minds of the liberals. Whatever moves the European people away from Christian Europe is seen as progress, and whatever seems to be taking us back, even slightly, is seen as heresy, a heresy that must be punished with fire and sword.

If you are still a European Christian, you should take note of the liberals’ hatred of Trump. He is a millennialist Christian, which is far afield from European Christianity, and he is a classical liberal who wants whites to be included in the American dream. But that small retrogression has made him a hated figure in Liberaldom. So what would they think of me and thee if they knew our views on liberals and Christian Europe? Ask not for whom the death knell tolls, it tolls for thee and me.

As he approaches death, which I am praying will be later rather than sooner, Rush Limbaugh has become much more European in his commentary and less Americanist. He was one of the first to label the Covid-19 virus a flu that the liberals were going to try to turn into a pandemic in order to “get Trump.” And he has correctly stated that if the demon-crats manage to subvert this election and win, there will be no more elections, no more courts of law, no more anything resembling old America. I would argue that this has already happened to a large degree, but still Limbaugh has grasped, unlike the other conservatives, that this Presidential election is like no other, because Trump is the only Republican President who was, and will be if elected again, a retrograde President. Neither Bush, who now supports Biden, nor Pence, who says prayers for Jacob Blake and thinks it is wonderful that Scalia and Ginsburg were such good friends, are retrograde Republicans. They are a ‘let’s go at a slower rate toward perdition’ type of Republicans. As such, they are opposed by the demon-crats, but they are not maniacally hated as Trump is hated. The liberals’ hatred for Pence is only because of his association with Trump. And we should note that the intellectual Christians in the ranks of the Catholics and the Evangelicals have a preference for the Bush-Pence type of ‘Christian.’ They want polite Christians who intellectually affirm the Christian virtues while wholeheartedly endorsing politeness and civility towards the great haters of Christ and His people. I have a cousin who works at a nearby hospital, and she tells me that it is always her professed ‘Christian’ co-workers who side with liberal hospital administrators against older staff members whom they perceive to have homophobic and racist tendencies. This Jacobin revolution, like the original Jacobin revolution, could not have been completed, in fact, it would not have even been contemplated, had not the so-called Christians accepted the post-Christian, Jacobin view of history – that mankind was advancing, through reason, through the worship of the sacred negro, and through science toward the moral perfection of the human race.

I grew up at a time when most liberals had something of the Christian ethos left in their soul. But as our society has ‘progressed’ in the last fifty years, that remnant of Christianity has left the souls of the liberals. They have become reptilian creatures with whom any man who still adheres to Christianity cannot have any contact. In Doctor Zhivago, Pasternak depicts a moment in time after the communist revolution when Zhivago is forced to live among reprogrammed Russians who now profess to be happy, well-behaved communists. Zhivago has to leave the room because he still has a soul, and the presence of these de-souled human beings makes him physically sick. That is my reaction to the liberals of this generation. And I do not understand how those who call themselves conservatives can debate with the liberals as if they are united in one common cause, differing only in non-essentials. Perhaps it is because the conservatives are united with the liberals on that which they see as essential – the moral progression of mankind under the banner of the sacred negro and the condemnation of the ‘racist’ Europeans of the past. You cannot hold on to a faith in two masters. You can either serve the negro or Christ. Our condemned European ancestors choose to serve Christ. The liberals have chosen to serve the negro, and their conservative shadows will follow a few steps behind them:

It may be inferred again that the present movement for women’s rights will certainly prevail from the history of its only opponent: Northern conservatism. This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution, to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader… –Robert Lewis Dabney

The Bush and Pence Republicans make me ill. But I am drawn to the hard-core Trump supporters who went to that rally in Florida and chanted, “We love you!” As the reptilian liberals make their final purge of the impure Europeans, it is that remnant of pietas in white souls which we must try to keep alive and turn into an all-consuming fire of charity that will destroy Liberaldom. Do I think such a miracle is possible? Not if I look at life with the eye of reason alone. With that eye, I see only darkness ahead. But with the other eye, the eye illuminated by a heart that loves, I see my people rising up against their liberal overlords and facing off against them in battle. And then, as in the old hymns, I see the triumph of the Lord and those who are “on the Lord’s side.”

While being fully aware of the fact that a Trump victory will not cure the sickness unto death that has enveloped the European people, I still want that victory to occur for the same reason that I wanted my father, during his final illness, to survive through one more Christmas. We cling to life ourselves, and we want those whom we love to live. Even if there are only a few white grazers with a remnant of white pietas left in their souls, I want them and the members of my family to have a few more moments of European life before they must take up arms against the liberals. The prospect of a Biden-Harris victory is too hideous to contemplate. But if it comes, we must believe, because it is true, that He will give us the grace to face even that tragedy.

My parents ‘progressed’ away from Christian Europe to American liberalism. They were both the first members of their families to go to college, and their moral progression, by liberal standards, coincided with their financial progression. My siblings also progressed, from their parents’ classical liberalism to mad-dog liberalism. I went through the hell depicted by my brother in spirit, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and came out, by the grace of God, on the other side of hell. I won’t go back there. My children did not absorb any part of liberalism because they heard, for more than a twelve-month, the story of another world, a world separate and distinct from Liberaldom; that world was and is Christian Europe. The one great consolation of my old age is that I have been able to see the face of Jesus Christ in my children, who have never been tainted with the progression called liberalism. Once an entire continent was filled with such people. We must regress to Christian Europe, because it is only in that culture and with those people that we see the face of Jesus Christ. +

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According to Thine Own Heart

Barton. In Kensington Garden

O worthy Duke,
You bid me seek redemption of the devil.
Hear me yourself; for that which I must speak
Must either punish me, not being believ’d,
Or wring redress from you. Hear me, O hear me, hear!

Measure for Measure


For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. –2 Corinthians 4: 6


I do not trust Paul Craig Roberts because he writes in economic hieroglyphics and once called abortion a trivial side issue. But I am very suspicious of the Washington DC establishment and of doctors in general, so when Roberts said that Trump was being sent to Walter Reed Hospital so the doctors there could murder him, I was very concerned. Why should I be concerned about Trump since he believes in the great American experiment in demon-cracy and I do not? I care about Trump in much the same way that Sir Walter Scott cared about Bonnie Prince Charles. Scott was an ardent supporter of the counterrevolution which put an end to the Stuarts’ attempt to replace a throne-and-altar European monarchy with a divine-right-of-kings, Asian style monarchy. And yet he admired the cavalier prince because of his courage and his panache. I admire Trump for his courage and because he has a small remnant of white pietas, which all his Republican predecessors lacked.

Because of my concern for Trump’s safety, which was made all the greater because of Paul Craig Roberts’ assertion, I watched more of the news on Monday than I usually watch in a whole month. That was a mistake on my part, because I listened to the liberals’ questioning of Trump’s doctors at the press conference outside Walter Reed. The press had no concern for Trump as a human being or Trump as the President. Their desire was that he should die, and if he failed to die, their next best hope was that he could be declared mentally incompetent. My reaction to the nest of vipers was an incredible rage that could only be satisfied if I were personally able to strangle each and every one of those creatures from hell. How does the devil get the time to make such creatures? And how does he make them appear to be, at least outwardly, so lifelike? You would almost think they were human. But then of course they open their mouths and instead of human speech, inhuman venom proceeds from their mouths and shows them to be creatures conceived in hell. My youngest daughter who watched the venom conference with me – it was not a press conference – had to leave the room in order to weep. I suppose that is the difference between the male and the female; I wanted to kill in the presence of such unmitigated evil and my daughter had to go and weep.

In 1959 Walt Disney made that magnificent retelling of Perrault’s fairytale Sleeping Beauty. In the film, Maleficent finally confronts the hero in her true form, that of a reptilian dragon. The liberals are now confronting the white race in their true form of a reptilian dragon, but no one has emerged to throw the sword of truth into the dragon’s heart. Why is that? Why are the liberals not seen for what they are, namely creatures from hell, and why are there no leaders who can see that we must do to the liberals what Prince Phillip did to Maleficent? There is no opposition to the liberals because the conservatives are one with the liberals on that which is essential for the liberals’ rule: Reason, detached from the revelatory faith of the antique Europeans, must be the guiding light of men in the new religion of Satan. The conservatives, who are the shadows of the liberals, only oppose the liberals within the confines of the new, blasphemous trinity of reason, the sacred negro, and science. Such an ‘opposition’ is not an opposition, it is an affirmation of demonism as the ruling principle of our nation.

Let us look at how the symbiotic relationship between the conservatives and the liberals plays out. If we look at legalized abortion as one of the most glaring examples, but certainly not the only one, of the liberal and conservative dynamic at work, we can see the devil’s handiwork close up. Abortion was made legal forever more in the land of liberty on January 22, 1973, the exact date that President Nixon agreed to a peace accord with the Viet Cong without requiring an accounting of our prisoners of war. Is there a parallel there? I think there is. A government that won’t protect babies in the womb is not a government that will protect the soldiers who go to war (even if it is not an official war) for that government.

We are approaching the fiftieth anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, and there is still no hope of procuring protection for the infants in the womb. That is because the conservatives who claim to be prolife are also believers in the democratic way, a system of government designed by rationalists, which makes the Christian God subordinate to the U. S. Constitution. I remember, when I was a young man filled with “challenge and desire,” asking a veteran prolifer who had been picketing at one of the local abortuaries since the liberals started the murder factories, why we didn’t just storm the abortuary, kill the abortion doctor and his staff, and burn the abortuary to the ground. His response was quite telling: “I once had about one hundred men lined up to do just that when Father _____ got wind of it. He denounced such actions from the pulpit, and that pretty much ended any real resistance. Since then I carry this sign around on Saturdays, and I vote prolife.” The devil always wins when decent men place a rational system above that “charity of honor.” The democratic process that resulted in “Give us Barabbas!” also resulted in legalized abortion. We will never make abortion illegal so long as we remain democratic. “What if we get prolife judges?” A prolife majority on the Supreme Court would only return abortion to the states, and after nearly fifty years of permitting abortions how many states will then make it illegal? Legalized abortion continues to exist as the result of schools which preach abortion as a sacred right and church men who regard abortion as a lesser issue than civil rights, climate change, and open borders. We cannot seek redemption from the devil. And the democratic process is a creation of the devil, in that it places a man-made system above God’s revelation to man.

Let me stay with the abortion example, because it tells us so much about the demise of the European people. I used to sit at tables in various malls with anti-abortion literature on display. The purpose of my interaction with the public was to convince them that the child in the womb was a human being who deserved to live. The assumption behind my efforts was that I could appeal to people’s reason, and once they saw that the child was a child they would no longer be pro-abortion. What an absurdity! Of course, the pro-aborts knew the child was a child – that is why they needed to take violent action against the child in order to ensure that he or she would not invade their privacy, their right to live unencumbered by a child. I had not taken into account Taine’s wise observation about the real place of reason in human affairs:

In every doctrine which wins men over to it, the sophistry it contains is less potent than the promises it makes; its power over them is greater through their sensibility than through their intelligences; for, if the heart is often the dupe of the head, the latter is much more frequently the dupe of the former. We do not accept a system because we deem it a true one, but because the truth we find in it suits us. Political or religious fanaticism, any theological or philosophical channel in which truth flows, always has its source in some ardent longing, some secret passion, some accumulation of intense, painful desire to which a theory affords an outlet.  –The French Revolution

It is significant that the ‘Christian’ apology for abortion came from the monk who separated the heart from the head and revelation from reason. Aquinas never said we could abort, he said that which would one day be a child should be treated as a child, but his reasonable heirs, men and women who believed in the sovereignty of reason, decided that the delayed ensoulment theory suited the ardent longing of their hearts, their longing to destroy a child who did not suit their life style. Reason is not the moral element in man; we cannot appeal to it as the final arbiter of what is right and wrong. That is the theological error of the great scholastic and that is the error of our modern conservatives who try to reason with Maleficent. Our Lord needs reason illuminated by a heart that loves, He does not need or want illuminated reason divorced from the heart.

The poet-pastor of Denmark, N. F. S. Grundtvig, was a remarkable clergyman in that he condemned any clergyman, Catholic, Lutheran, Calvinist, etc., who said that which was within the human heart was unredeemable. There had to be something, the good pastor insisted, within us that was capable of responding to God’s grace. If there wasn’t, then how could we know God? Of course the Catholic and the Protestant scholastics told us we could know God through their illuminated minds. But doesn’t that contradict St. Paul who told us to search the Scriptures with our hearts? And doesn’t it contradict St. Paul’s assertion that charity never faileth? Did he tell us that reason never faileth? Did he tell us to study the Scriptures with our illuminated minds until there was nothing left of the Holy Scriptures? Why do the conservatives always cite Jefferson, the man who rewrote the Gospels in order to purge all the irrational events, such as the virgin birth and Christ’s resurrection from the dead, as their ‘conservative’ progenitor?

The Polish existentialist Jan Kott once wrote a book called Shakespeare Our Contemporary. In that book, Kott highlighted the dark, existentialist elements in Shakespeare’s plays that made him, in Kott’s mind, a contemporary with the likes of Samuel Beckett and the modern, ‘let’s all commit suicide’ playwrights. But Kott neglected to point out that Shakespeare, who saw into the darkest recesses of the human heart, also saw redemption in the human heart. There was Edgar as a counterweight to Edmund, and Cordelia as a counterweight to Goneril and Regan. The great temptation that the scholastic churchmen and the conservatives succumbed to was the temptation to flee from the “horror, the horror,” the evil present in the human heart, to embrace pure reason. That flight serves the devil, because when we take refuge in reason detached from the heart, we are naked before our enemy who prowls about the world seeking the ruin of souls. There is great evil in the human heart, witness the liberals, but there is redemption there as well, witness our people when they were a people. Ah, there’s the rub. The conservatives and the churchmen will not credit the people with the ancient hearts because they were racist, they had pietas. The conservatives are now illuminated Christians without pietas. But the illuminated Christians will always lose to the liberals; they will be their shadows. They will champion a rationalist Christianity devoid of the blood faith of St. Paul and the antique Europeans. The end result of such a faith is that the conservatives dialogue with Maleficent instead of putting a sword through her heart. Liberalism will live and thrive so long as we reason with the devil while condemning the Christ-centered faith of the antique Europeans.

St. Paul said that his vision of Christ crucified, Christ risen was a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the Greeks. The modern liberal is like unto the Jews that St. Paul spoke of. They condemn the blood faith of the European people because such a faith is antithetical to everything they believe in – sexual Babylon, legalized abortion, and the worship of the sacred negro. The modern conservatives condemn the blood faith of the European people because it is also antithetical to what they believe in. They believe in a Socratic Christ who is confined within a rational system. But when we study God in order to dissect Him, making Him the sum of the dissected parts, we lose the second person of the holy Trinity, we lose our Savior. The conservatives leave Christ in church with the rational men and embrace the negro for their real life savior. They never defend the culture and the people of old Europe because those people were racist. They defend the modern adherents of the democratic way because they are not racist. We must be ‘racist,’ we must have white pietas in order to see the living God and act on that vision.

The Europeans’ vision of the Rood was not rational, it was uniquely European and therefore racist; it was also unscientific. But was it true? Did that European vision lead us to “something of great constancy”? Did those dear old folk of long ago give a local habitation and a name to the living God? I say they did. His name was and is Jesus. The liberals tell us that there is no room for hate in Liberaldom. Then why do they have nothing inside them but hate for the living God and the people who championed the living God?

Is it time to jest and dally now? Is it a time to dialogue with the devil? No, it is never such a time, and it is most especially not such a time when the devil has drawn his terrible swift sword. Armed with cruel hate, he is now, under the mantel of the sacred negro, attacking the Christ-bearing race with unparalleled fury. Whether this is the end time or an image of that horror, is not for us to know. But we do know that the liberals and their colored minions are the devil’s own who cannot be voted or dialogued out of existence. +

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Dore. The Last Judgement and The New Jerusalem

And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. –Revelations 20: 12

And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. –Revelations 21: 2


I live in a poor, white, small town. There are a large number of Trump signs in the town, and one Black Lives Matter and a Biden sign on a lawn of one of the more prosperous houses in town. That is pretty much how it breaks down in the countryside surrounding my town as well: the wealthy people who have ‘moved out’ are mostly Biden supporters while the poor whites with working farms are Trump supporters. About five miles down the road from our town is a larger more prosperous small town. In that town Biden supporters outnumber the Trump supporters by about 10 to 1, and it is always the more prosperous homes displaying Biden/Harris signs. The signs could be misleading though because I think there are many Trump supporters who are afraid to publicly declare their support for Trump. In that more prosperous town down the road, for instance, the main street in the town has a Democratic Party headquarters in public view with all the memorabilia and literature that goes with a presidential election, but there is no Republican Party headquarters anywhere to be seen. Not without some difficulty, I managed to get a Republican Party worker on the phone, and I asked him why there was no Republican headquarters in the town. His answer was quite revealing: “We’re afraid we’ll get a brick, or worse, through our window.” Now, I am not disputing that person’s assessment – he was undoubtedly correct — but why is it that the Republicans, particularly the Trump supporters, are the people who must fear the violence of the left? The demon-crats constantly cite the right-wing, white bogeymen who are going to come and get them, but in reality they have no fear of white bogeymen; they know that they, not the non-existent right-wing, wield the terrible swift sword. They, and they alone, have the right to use violence because they are the godded men and women building utopia over the bodies of ‘white racists.’

Writing in 1950 Herbert Butterfield pointed out that as the belief in original sin faded, the demonization of the opposing political party by the other political party would increase, because the feeling that we are all flawed, none are without sin, used to keep the two parties from proceeding toward open, violent warfare against an irredeemable enemy. Now the Republicans have a remnant of the old Christian ethos while the Democrats have none at all, so it is they, the demon-crats, who feel that any and all measures, even violent measures, are meritorious when used to defeat their Republican enemies.  Since they are without sin, they feel entitled to throw the first, second, third, and fourth stone, and the Molotov cocktails at their opponents. That is the reason that the demon-crats will be the victors in the upcoming Presidential election. If Trump wins the election, the demon-crats, through the courts, through the military, and through violence in the streets will not allow a Trump victory. On the other hand, if the demon-crats win, the Republicans will grumble and scream ‘fraud,’ but they will not mount a violent counterrevolution against the demon-crats. The classical liberals who want a little bit of Christianity in their liberal cocktail will always lose to the mad-dog liberals who prefer the straight atheist cocktail, because their fusion of liberalism and Christianity does not provide its adherents with the strength to stand up against the wickedness and snares of the devil’s own.

Thomas Molnar, the great Hungarian counterrevolutionary, always preferred to be called a man of the right rather than a conservative, because he saw that the conservatives were not conservative, they were classical liberals who wanted to preserve democracy, which was rooted in Jacobinism. The people of the West have still not come to terms with the horror of democracy. Robespierre was finally killed by his fellow Jacobins because they realized that even they were not pure enough to survive Robespierre’s cleansing of the Republic. But they never repudiated their attack on Christian France. Every single member of the post-Robespierre Directory had signed on to the assassination of the King. And every single European nation in their acceptance of democracy as the truth and the way has signed on to the death of Christian Europe. Every Christian counterrevolution, Forrest in the South, Franco in Spain, and Pinochet in Chile, has been anti-democratic. And that is what we must be, anti-democratic, if we really want to be Christian warriors instead of slaves of the Jacobin zealots and their allies in the ranks of Christian Jewry who make common cause with the Jacobins because they, like Belloc before them, denounce the antique Europeans as insufficiently Christian.

But how do those ‘insufficiently Christian’ men compare to our modern, enlightened Christians? They, the modern Christians, make a few pathetic protests about abortion and the excessive violence of the hard left while dutifully embracing the democratic ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity. In contrast, the antique Europeans believed that Christ was greater than democracy, and they fought for His reign of charity rather than the rights of man. Vladimir Solovyov’s critique of Thomism, that it placed human reason above the revelation of Christ the Lord, should be our critique of democracy: it places a rational system of government above His reign of charity. When the newly appointed candidate to the Supreme Court tells us that she will place the Constitution of the United States above her faith, we can see the terrible results of placing man’s reason above God’s revelation to man through Jesus Christ. Reason is a whore; she will sleep with anyone she wants. The French Jacobins made a prostitute their Goddess of Reason.

Abstract reason is now ensconced in all the citadels of Europe while ‘the people’ have become the sacred negroes and the entire white race has become the aristocrats who must be exterminated. And strange as it seems, the poor whites have been most particularly singled out for extermination. The Antifa creatures from hell are the spawns of evil, “illuminated” whites from mostly upper middle-class families. So much for the Jacobin-Marxist lie that proclaims their revolutions are made against the rich in the name of the poor. It was the French peasantry that resisted the Jacobins, the Russian peasantry that resisted the Russian communists, and it is the dirt-poor whites who are looking to Trump to save them from poverty and the murderous savagery of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter barbarians.

We have come to a pass where hideous, demonic creatures – we cannot call them human – are allowed not only to live and breathe in our nation, but they are allowed to govern. There are demon-crats holding office in many of the states; two monstrous reptiles, Biden and Harris, have been given permission to run for office, and the followers of the demon-crats are allowed to own property and walk the streets of our anti-nation without fearing for their lives. Only a people who have embraced hell, an actual hell more hideous than the fictional hell described by Dante and illustrated by Dore, could stomach and permit the presence of liberals, for liberalism is truly the synthesis of Sodom and Gomorrah, Babylon, and the fleshpots of Egypt.

Most certainly there are some devout liberals in the Republican Party, and everyone who votes for Trump does not do so for good reasons, but that being said, it is within the ranks of Trump’s supporters that we must work to start the counterrevolution. Right now the white grazers are still too enamored of democracy to make a serious dent in liberalism. But once they see the terrible outcome of the upcoming democratic Armageddon, we must prepare them for the real Armageddon. The liberals must no longer be permitted to kill the unborn and exterminate the white race under the banners of democracy and the sacred negro. They must, in His name, be opposed by ancient hearts who believe in a Savior who is greater than the sacred negro.

Most Southern apologists during the Civil War and after it defended the premise that they, not the Yankees, were the true Constitutionalists. They were following the Constitution while their enemies were perverting it. Fitzhugh and Andrew Lytle were the exceptions to that line of thought. Both men saw the heretical nature of the U. S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, which placed documents conceived in the brains of rationalists above the traditional revelatory faith of the European people. Major James Innes Randolph, writing immediately after the Civil War, got it right:

I hates the Constitution,
This “great” republic too.
I hates the Freedman’s Buro,
In uniforms of blue.
I hates the nasty eagle,
With all his brags and fuss...
I hates the Yankees’ nation
And everything they do,
I hates the Declaration
Of Independence, too
I hates the glorious Union--
‘Tis dripping with our blood...

While that piece of doggerel lacks Shakespearean eloquence, it cuts to the heart of the matter. The American experiment in democracy was a utopian break from Christian Europe, predicated on the proposition that the wisdom of men is greater than the foolishness of God. And what has been the result of that experiment in democracy? A once-Christian people worship the sacred negro, and in the name of that sacred god they murder infants in the womb, celebrate every depravity known to man, and condemn all that is good, noble, and pure. “Let us make America great again.” When was America ever great? The European Southland was great, but has anyone in either party suggested we resurrect that civilization? We are reaping the bitter harvest of reason detached from a heart of flesh. If we recapture our ancient hearts, we will reject the unholy trinity of the modern liberals – Reason, the Sacred Negro, and Science – and we will start back on the long road to recovery. That road leads to a cross, but it also leads us to His Kingdom come, a far better place than the liberals’ hell on earth.

I was a teenager when the Manson murders occurred, the hideous torture-murders of Sharon Tate, her baby, and the women and men who shared the house with her. Before the murderers were discovered, ‘experts’ such as Truman Capote conjectured they had been done by one isolated psychopath. When it came out that highly educated upper-middle-class young women had done the murders at the behest of a white man who wanted to lead a black revolt against the white race, the white grazers turned all their faces away; they could not face the fact that reason, detached from the human heart, produces Satanic creatures from hell. There wasn’t supposed to be a hell in democracy. Now, we have millions of Charles Mansons, whites who place themselves, in their fantasies, at the head of black savages who will destroy the white race. And we have millions of creatures from hell – they are called demon-crats, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa – who are ready and willing to torture and murder white people just as the Manson clan tortured and murdered their victims.

The Black Lives Matter movement has revealed the horrible extent of the evil which has enveloped the white European nations. Hell is indeed empty and all the devils are here! A little bit of Christianity won’t save us. In fact, it is a little bit of Christianity that has left the democratic conservatives and the white grazers who support them naked to their enemies, because the democratic-conservatives have preserved politeness and civility, remnants of the Christian ethos, while the liberals have completely and whole-heartedly embraced Satan. (1) And Satan has no mercy, he does not have anything in his soul but hatred for Christ and the Christ-bearing race.  Politeness and civility divorced from the Dream of the Rood faith in Christ the Lord turns into cowardice in the face of the enemy. We need the whole armor of faith, a passionate unyielding faith in the God-Man Jesus Christ, if we are going to prevail against the onslaught of the devil. Instead of politeness and civility, instead of the democratic way, let us embrace that “charity of honor” and send the hellhounds – the demon-crats, the Antifa, and the BLMers — back to hell where they belong. +

(1) The malicious glee with which the liberal elite has responded to Trumps’ illness reveals the impossibility of dealing peacefully with liberals. We have spent the unbought grace of life. No election will bring that grace back.

Please God, restore President Trump to health; he is struggling toward the light, and abide with us amid the encircling gloom.

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The Shadow of Satan

Gilbert. Lear and the Fool

‘Tis the time’s plague, when madmen lead the blind. –King Lear


In his song-poem “My Old Kentucky Home,” Stephen Collins Foster describes the sorrow involved when what was once our home is no more:

The day goes by like a shadow o’er the heart,
With sorrow, where all was delight.

For me, modern Liberaldom is the ‘shadow o’er the heart’ culture. The liberals of the mad-dog and classical persuasion have placed a shadow, in the form of a black shroud, over old Europe. If we must worship the negro and forsake our ancient hearth culture, because those dear old folk of long ago did not worship the negro, then how can we have a culture at all? Our culture comes from our racial hearth fire. If we were a purely pagan people, our hearth fire gods would sustain us. When our God was the one true God, He sustained us through our racial and familial hearth fire. The Christian does not differ from the pagan because the pagan’s faith emanates from his hearth fire and the Christian’s faith does not. That is the lie of the theologian, the intellectual Christian who has no blood faith. The Christian has a familial and racial hearth fire just as the pagan does, but the Christian’s hearth fire is consecrated to Christ rather than to a series of heathen gods. When we forsake our European hearth fire to embrace the anti-pietas culture of liberalism, which is a fusion of intellectual Christianity and paganism, we condemn our children to hell on earth. They will be lost, without a vision of the living God, if they are denied access to their bardic past. In the name of a mathematical, utopian future, the liberals have created a civilization which has demonized white pietas.

Give ear, O my people, to my law: incline your ears to the words of my mouth. I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter dark sayings of old: Which we have heard and known, and our fathers have told us. We will not hide them from their children, shewing to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, and his strength, and his wonderful works that he hath done. Psalm 78

Christian Europe was a wonderful work of our Lord. That great work has been obliterated by the work of Satan. Just as our Lord worked through men to build Christian Europe, Satan has worked through men to build satanic Europe. And let us not deceive ourselves about that. The liberal is satanic: we cannot reason with a liberal any more than we can reason with a deadly, poisonous snake. (1) There is nothing that pleases the devil more than a nice, rational debate, because the devil knows that reason, detached from the human heart, is the essence of his kingdom of hell on earth. Once the European steps away from his hearth fire because he believes that prejudice and superstition reside there, that selfsame European belongs to the devil.

The United States has advanced further than any other nation toward the kingdom of hell on earth. But every single European nation is on that slippery slope of reason detached from the human heart. That detachment always results in a severance from the bardic culture of old Europe, the culture of the parable, which is of the spirit. That severance allows the new men of reason and science the liberty to create a culture of math and the syllogism, which is the culture of dumb nature. It is not possible to live with the shadow of liberalism over our hearts. We must remove that shadow by returning home. Even if that home is now a devastated vineyard, we must rebuild it with a heart that has cast off the shadows of Liberaldom.

It wasn’t that long ago, about 25 years ago, that the classical liberals such as George Gilder were extolling the benefits of the computer revolution. Through the computer, the liberals, they told us, would be defeated because they would no longer have a monopoly on the flow of information. The computer would democratize information, thus allowing American, conservative populism to overcome American liberalism. But that has not been the case. The mad-dog liberals, through search engines like Google and social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, now have a greater monopoly on thought and speech than they ever had in the print and ink era. Why is that? It is because the conservatives are not conservative. They, like their liberal cousins, believe in the mathematical nature culture of Satan more than the fairy tale culture of old Europe. In the European fairy tales the hero ventures forth without a mathematical plan to guide him. He trusts in God to take him safely home through the good offices of beneficent fairies and angels. But a man with a system, be it Thomism, communism, capitalism, or democracy, does not need fairy tales; he does not need, or so he thinks, the people of the parable and the spirit. “Oh what a falling off was there!”

I always feel a certain satisfaction when a Trump or an Orbán wins an election in Liberaldom, but my heart does not soar at such tidings because I know that electoral victories from within Liberaldom are not really victories for the European people. They are merely delaying actions before our inevitable defeat by the forces of Satan and his liberal minions. I use the term ‘inevitable’ conditionally: Our defeat is only inevitable if we do not return to our home, to our racial hearth fire, where the parable of the God-Man who saved us from sin and death reigns supreme.

I had a student some 30 years ago whom I still recall quite vividly. And I remember him for two reasons. The first reason is that he died tragically at the hands of a black barbarian. And the second reason is that he was very interested in what I had to say about literature. That made him a rare student. But he was not in agreement at first with what I had to say about modern authors; I unilaterally condemned them all. His hero was Stephen King, and he defended his hero in class and outside of class. I didn’t talk down to the young man – I wasn’t that much older than him at the time, only about 12 years, which was, I think, one of the reasons I finally changed his opinion of Stephen King. I was a young man defending the old authors. What it finally came down to was that Shakespeare, Dickens, Scott, Dostoyevsky, and the other old white Europeans had depth of soul, and Stephen King and the other moderns did not. My young friend, because he still had a soul, came to see, once he was exposed to the authors with the ancient European hearts, that Stephen King and his ilk were nothing; in fact, they were hideous purveyors of liberal filth. But of course that young man from my early teaching days had that within which enabled him to reject modernity. Are there any such young men, or old men for that matter, left today? It doesn’t appear there are, but perhaps that is how the devil wants it to appear so that the European Christian, the man imbued with white pietas, will believe he no longer has a spiritual home, a people to whom he belongs, and then he will die in despair. (2)

Does it make any difference whether a man dies in despair or whether he dies feeling connected to a long line of people with whom he shares a kindred faith? I think it does. St. Paul tells us that, “none of us liveth alone and none of us dieth alone, for whether we live we live unto the Lord, and whether we die we die unto the Lord.” If we die having renounced our people, the people who lived and died unto the Lord, do not we die alone? That is a fearful thing. Small wonder so many opiates are needed to sustain the post-Christian Europeans. Death will come to us all, but is it not unthinkable to die without the faith of the antique Europeans? Will the great god of the liberals, the sacred negro, comfort us at the hour of our deaths? Is he a god worthy of our love and reverence?

A traditional, non-utopian European seeks to preserve the heritage bequeathed to him by his ancestors. He does not think that “he began today,” nor does he think he has a right to alter the sacred heritage of his ancestors. All changes of a material, technological nature must be used to help preserve his cultural heritage, not to supplant it. In contrast to that genuine conservatism is the liberalism of the modern Europeans. In modern democracies, technology is not used to preserve the culture of the antique Europeans, it is used to destroy it. We have the technological means, for instance, to ensure that a greater number of children live past their births, but instead of using that technology to preserve life, we use it to ensure that a greater number of children never live to see the light of day. That is because we do not want to preserve the traditional reverence for infant children that our Christian ancestors bequeathed to us. We also have the technology to place barriers between our people and foreign invaders. But we do not do that because the foreign invaders, be they Moslem, Mexican, or Chinese, are anti-European and anti-Christian, which is in keeping with liberalism. And we have the technology, the armaments, to destroy the Antifa/BLM barbarians, who prowl about the streets in order to loot, rob, rape, and kill. But our government does not use their armaments, their technology, to fight the Antifa/BLM barbarians, because those creatures from hell are moving forward, away from ‘racist,’ Christian Europe. They are moving toward a liberal utopia in which Satan rules unchallenged.

At present, you are deemed a madman, a racist, or both, if you see yourself as part of a continuum, a long line of kith-and-kin Europeans who lived and died to preserve a Christ-centered civilization instead of a new, technological civilization with the sacred negro at its center. It is a great irony of European history that the people who so proudly lauded themselves for their democratic governments, their science, their technology, and their God-like reason, have succumbed to a primitive religion, the worship of the sacred negro, which places them on a lower scale than the primitive black savages whom they worship.

Pride of reason was the original sin; Christ’s passion was God’s cure for our original sin. Europeans who placed pietas, the love for their kith and kin in and through Christ, at the center of their civilization kept pride of reason at bay. But the scientizing of God brought pride of reason back into the mainstream of European culture. It became acceptable to deify man’s reason as long as it was used to study God. That acceptance of a little bit of liberalism has resulted in the triumph of Satan. He has built Liberaldom in Europe’s green and pleasant land. We allowed a small corner in Christendom to be used for reason detached from the heart, and Satan made that small corner into all and all; he transformed Christendom into Liberaldom. Now we crawl on our bellies before the sacred negro because we are too smart to bend our knees to Christ. If we love much, if we see His blood upon the rose of Christian Europe, we will get up off our bellies and destroy the liberal leviathan. If we don’t see His blood upon the rose of Christian Europe? Then we will be damned. Please Lord, abide with us. +


(1) The premise of demon-cracy is that men can work out their differences without recourse to violence. But that premise only holds when there is a basic agreement on that which is essential. You cannot democratically settle your differences with pro-abort, negro-worshiping liberals whose avowed purpose is the destruction of the white race and the Christian civilization that once sustained the white race. Talk shows won’t save us from the snares of the devil. In fact, the talk show, in which we reason with the devil’s own, the liberals, as if they are our buddies, is a snare of the devil.

(2) A man is not meant to live alone, but how can he have any contact with a people who have denied they are a people? A remarkable short story/short novel, Master Humphrey’s Clock, by Charles Dickens, gives us the key: Cling to a chosen few who have not renounced their kith and kin who died in the arms of our Lord.

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White Privilege

Rembrandt. Carrying of the cross

“The way I’ve been obliged to see it is this: our ideas and instincts work upon our memory of these people who have lived before us, and so they take on some clarity of outline. It’s not to our credit to think we began today, and it’s not to our glory to think we end today. All through time we keep coming in to the shore like waves—like waves. You stick to your blood, son; there’s a certain fierceness in blood that can bind you up with a long community of life.”

So Red the Rose by Stark Young


The Reverend – let us leave his name and denomination a blank – was eighty-five years old. He had been put out to pasture, so to speak, when he was seventy. He was still in good health, but it was his church’s policy to retire their clergy at age seventy unless there was some pressing reason for them to continue in their duties. In the case of Reverend Everyman there was no pressing need for him. In his fifteen years of retirement he had never once been asked to substitute for any of the still functioning clergy, but this past August was different. Summer vacations and COVID-19 had diminished the ranks of the available clergy. The powers that be in the Reverend’s church decided, “Let’s get old Rev. Everyman to fill in one Sunday.”

“Is he available?” a junior clergyman asked.

“Certainly,” his superior replied, “He is just sitting around collecting dust, so let’s dust him off and put him in the pulpit this Sunday. What harm can he do?”

So on August 16, 2020, the Reverend Everyman stepped out of retirement. At first, nothing unusual happened; the Reverend went smoothly through the service. He did all the readings himself because he had no assisting clergyman and he did not want the laity to read. After he read the Gospel, which was John 9, the story of the man who was born blind, the Reverend stepped up to the pulpit to deliver his sermon, his homily, or his commentary, whatever you prefer to call it. First he greeted the faithful, introducing himself because he had never done a service in this particular church before and wishing them all a pleasant summer – the usual formalities. Then he presented his homily/sermon.

“There are two great miracles in the story of the man born blind. The first is the miracle of God’s grace: He has compassion for the man born blind and cures his blindness. That is the obvious miracle. We can all see that miracle. But there is a second miracle in this story that we often overlook. That is the miracle of God’s grace working within the heart of an individual human being. After the man born blind receives his sight, he faces incredible pressure to deny the Man who restored his sight. We must remember what it entailed for a Jew at that time to be cast out of the synagogue. The synagogue was the Jew’s social and religious life. The parents of the man born blind were unwilling to take the risk of being cast out of the synagogue. Yet, their son did take that risk. He spoke back to the Pharisees and defended the man who had given him his sight:

Then said they to him again, What did he to thee? how opened he thine eyes? He answered them, I have told you already, and ye did not hear: wherefore would ye hear it again? will ye also be his disciples?

Then they reviled him, and said, Thou art his disciple; but we are Moses’ disciples. We know that God spake unto Moses: as for this fellow, we know not from whence he is.

The man answered and said unto them, Why herein is a marvellous thing, that ye know not from whence he is, and yet he hath opened mine eyes. Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth. Since the world began was it not heard that any man opened the eyes of one that was born blind. If this man were not of God, he could do nothing.’

“And then the Pharisees cast the man born blind out of the synagogue. Now, we come to the great moment. When Christ hears that the man born blind has been cast out of the synagogue, He seeks him out:

Jesus heard that they had cast him out; and when he had found him, he said unto him, Dost thou believe on the Son of God?

He answered and said, Who is he, Lord, that I might believe on him?

And Jesus said unto him, Thou hast both seen him, and it is he that talketh with thee.

And he said, Lord, I believe. And he worshipped him.

And Jesus said, For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind.

And some of the Pharisees which were with him heard these words, and said unto him, Are we blind also?

Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth.

“In these two miracles, which are intertwined, we see our faith embodied. Our Lord shows us His divine compassion, and we respond to His divine compassion. Ah, but as Hamlet says, “There’s the rub.” Do we, in 2020, respond to God’s grace as the man born blind responded to His grace? No, my friends, we do not. In this very church, last week, you were asked to sit there and think about ‘white privilege.’ And you all sat there, listening to unholy blasphemies from the pulpit because you were afraid to be cast out of the synagogue. But if you are afraid to be cast out of the synagogue, our Lord will not seek you out; you will remain captives of the blasphemers. There are two white privileges, and neither of those privileges are what the authorities, the purveyors of blasphemy, are referring to when they talk about white privilege.

“The first white privilege is the privilege shared by all the races of mankind. That is the privilege of knowing that Christ died on the cross to redeem us from sin and death. And the second white privilege is the privilege to champion Christ crucified, Christ risen in a hostile world. That privilege, which is also a cross, was borne by our white ancestors, the men and women who are now damned as racists by the Marxists in the Democratic party and by the Antifa and the Black Lives Matter creatures from hell. While you sit in those pews and worship blacks, and when you leave this church and kneel down to the banners of the BLM creatures, you crucify your Lord anew, and you disgrace your ancestors who loved their own people in and through Jesus Christ. There is no dichotomy between the Old and New Testament. Today the Old Testament reading, Psalm 139, is in complete accord with the story of the man born blind. The man born blind is loyal to the God of mercy, and because he loves much he refuses to renounce Christ even though he knows he will be cast out of the synagogue. He hates the enemies of the true God, just as the psalmist does:

Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men. For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain. Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies. Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

“Surely we must not join with the bloody men of the Democrats, the Antifa, and the Black Lives Matters. We must, like the man born blind, cling to our Lord and Savior. May Christ be with you always, even to the ending of the world. Amen.”

During the course of the homily/sermon, over four-fifths of the congregation exited the church. Of the remaining one-fifth, all but one man shunned the Reverend Everyman when he stood outside the church to greet the people as they left. That one man embraced the Reverend, and with tears in his eyes, asked him to pray for him in the battle to come. “You’ve given me a renewed faith and a renewed hope, Reverend.”

“God bless you, my son, may Christ strengthen you.”

The reaction to the Reverend’s homily/sermon was swift. Two days later he was given official notification that he no longer had a pension and he no longer was a member of the clergy. He was defrocked and defunded. The Reverend was not surprised. He knew what he was doing when he spoke out against the Pharisees in the synagogue of liberalism. Was it worth it? After all, only one man took the sermon/homily into his heart. “Yes,” the Reverend said, “it was worth it.” The Reverend bought a van and at age 85, started a new life as a wanderer on the face of the earth. He would preach the Gospel in KOA campgrounds and other wilderness locations to whomever would listen. And when his time came, he would go to his Lord, the God of the meek, the humble, and the merciful, the God who stands as a sign of contradiction to the merciless gods of Liberaldom.

In Shakespeare’s Richard III, a Scrivener comments, to himself, on what he dares not say in public because a bloody tyrant will brook no opposition:

Here’s a good world the while! Who is so gross
That cannot see this palpable device?
Yet who’s so bold but says he sees it not?
Bad is the world; and all will come to nought,
When such ill dealing must be seen in thought.

Richard III

For quite some time now the liberals have been hell-bent on the extermination of the white race under the banner of the sacred negro. Yet no one is permitted to say what is obvious. The conservatives talk about preserving law and order, but they never touch on the main enemies of law and order, the sacred negroes. They are just as quick as their liberal counterparts to condemn the ‘rogue cops’ when they hurt, maim, or kill the sacred negroes while trying to arrest them for their crimes. Must I point out that none of the celebrated negroes – Blake, Floyd, etc. – would have been injured had they not committed crimes and then resisted arrest? No nation can long endure, Mr. Lincoln, when those who govern that nation are too illuminated to protect their people from black noble savages who murder, rape, and pillage because they know they can do so with impunity.

I listened to a conservative the other day telling his audience that we were living in the best of all worlds because the stock market was booming. Is he mad? Yes, indeed he is. Even if the stock market boom that he was extolling becomes a permanent boom, does it then follow that these are the best of times? Our young people have embraced negro worship, they hate their own kind and the cultural heritage of the antique Europeans, and the few that have not embraced negro worship have succumbed to despair because they do not think there is a future for the white race in Liberaldom. Yet, the stock market man tells us we live in a world of financial wonders that should make us all deliriously happy. A conservative who is not a counterrevolutionary is not a conservative, he is a liberal, because he seeks to preserve the Jacobin-Marxist revolution. It matters little whether the liberal-conservatives, who are the capitalists, or the mad-dog liberals, who are the socialists, rule; they both worship Baal under the guise of the sacred negro. That is the truth that cannot be spoken of in our modern, dystopian hell.

If I was to be executed, and my executioners gave me a choice of an execution in two weeks or four weeks, I would choose four weeks. We are made that way, we cling to life. That is why I would like to see Trump win the presidential election. It will delay, ever so slightly, the final execution of the white race. But ultimately our salvation as a people does not depend on elections. In point of fact, we must renounce democracy in order to survive as a people, because our modern democracy is based on the premise that white pietas is evil. Conservatives never attack Black Lives Matter by defending the white Christians of the Old South, the people who took Christian Europe to the northern hemisphere. Instead they claim that the Black Lives Matter creatures should not attack contemporary whites because they are no longer racist. We must not overlook the moral cowardice of such a ‘defense,’ which is no defense: “You can no longer call us racist. We are not racists, it is our ancestors who were racists!” Is that so? Yes, it is so. Our ancestors, the whites of the Old South, built a civilization based on pietas, the love of their own in and through Christ the Lord. If they were wrong, if they were racist in the pejorative sense of the word, then all of Christian Europe was wrong from its inception: the Dream of the Rood Christians were wrong, St. Paul was wrong, and, if we take that liberal logic to its ultimate conclusion, Christ be not risen. That is what the Demon-cratic-Antifa-BLM movement is all about. Satan has decreed that, “Christ be not risen, He is a fraud. You must follow me and destroy every last vestige of the culture based on Christ is Risen and every single, individual, white person who refuses to renounce that culture. The conservative-liberals seek to survive by renouncing their ancestors and joining the ranks of the illuminati. “We too are non-racists. In fact, the liberals are more racist than we are.”

If the Republicans somehow manage to retain the presidency, the rioting will continue in the democrat-controlled cities, and the demon-crats in Congress will continue to nullify all of Trump’s initiatives. If the demon-crats win, the riots will intensify throughout the nation, and all resistance to the rioters will be squashed by the military and the police. That is something we must keep in mind. The hierarchy of the military are Obama appointees. They are not going to mount a counterrevolution against their demon-cratic brethren. And the police who have been given racial sensitivity courses for the past forty years will side with the liberals who pay them. We owe it to our women, those who have remained faithful through all these years, not to remain passive because we do not want to act outside of the democratic shackles of Satan. We must pick up the cross of Christ, our white privilege, and destroy the enemies of white pietas. And we must do this because we love our own and hate the devil and all his works. +

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The Great Religious Talk Show

Dore. The Vision of Death

“What do I wish for?” repeated the student. “Perfect happiness. Fortune herself is my desire.”

“Explain what you mean by Fortune,” pursued the spirit.

“Fortune,” began the other, “is a power of nature, and—”

“Be quick!” cried the ghost. “Do you wish for money?”

“No, no,” answered the wise man; “the greatest happiness is to have no heart. I wish that you would take mine from me.”

“Shall I take your heart?” asked the spirit again.

“Yes, take it, and hide it so well that it will never be found.”

“Far, far away,” said the spirit, “in the middle of a wild forest, there is a sea with an island on which an old castle is standing. I shall bury your heart fifty feet under the deepest cellar in this castle. Are you contented?”

“Yes, and I shall rejoice to be rid of it.”

Now the stream vanished, and the pot boiled quietly as before. The wise man felt a cold touch at the left side of his chest, and knew that he had lost his heart. Since that day he lived much more peacefully, and was able to see the greatest want and distress without feeling the least trouble. He thought himself happier than all other beings, and was able to pursue his studies undisturbed. 

Danish Fairy and Folk Tales


‘Bitzer,’ said Mr. Gradgrind, broken down, and miserably submissive to him, ‘have you a heart?’

‘The circulation, sir,’ returned Bitzer, smiling at the oddity of the question, ‘couldn’t be carried on without one. No man, sir, acquainted with the facts established by Harvey relating to the circulation of the blood, can doubt that I have a heart.’

‘Is it accessible,’ cried Mr. Gradgrind, ‘to any compassionate influences?’

‘It is accessible to Reason, sir,’ returned the excellent young man. ‘And to nothing else.’

Hard Times


Dore. Scripture reader in a night refuge

The star had shown him where to find the God of the poor; and through humility, and sorrow, and forgiveness, he had gone to his Redeemer’s rest.

Hard Times


The liberals’ “elective affections” are with the sacred negroes and all those who hate the white race. To what extent have they, the liberals, suborned the affections of the white grazers in favor of their cruelty? It appears they have been very successful in their attempt to suborn the pity of whites and turn them against their own people. If what appears to be true is true, that whites actually believe their ancestors were evil and beyond redemption and that they must do penance for their ancestors’ evil by ceding their civilization and their very lives to the sacred negroes, then it is quite useless to have elections this fall.

The Republicans are campaigning for a return to the first circle of hell, where the virtuous pagans sit around a heathen campfire and talk about the virtuous life. The demon-crats are campaigning for the final descent into the pit of hell. Even if the demon-crats lose the presidential election because the white grazers are not prepared to go into the deepest pit of hell, the devil still has won, because he has won the cultural war: the European people have rejected Christian Europe because it was ‘racist,’ and they have embraced post-Christian Europe because it is not racist. The political debate is not about whether we shall be Christian or heathen — that has been decided already: we shall be heathen — what is up for debate is the fate of the white grazers. Trump claims there is a place for the white grazers in the first circle of hell, while the demon-crats claim there is no place for white grazers in their kingdom which has ‘progressed’ beyond the first circle of hell. They are for the deepest regions of hell where they intend to dwell with the devil in perpetuity.

Dante errs when he places virtuous pagans in hell who have never been exposed to the light of Christ’s love. But what about those who have been exposed to the Word made flesh, the Christian theologians and philosophers who worship reason untainted by a heart of flesh – haven’t they chosen the first circle of hell? Yes, they have. They don’t hate the Word made flesh as their liberal brethren do – they are beyond love and hatred – but they always side with the liberal hellhounds because they, like the mad-dog liberals, do not believe that abstract reason unilluminated by the human heart is pure evil. They think, against the blood wisdom of our people, that their exalted Grand Inquisitorial reason shall take them and their followers to heaven on earth. That cannot be. Such ‘exalted’ reasoning brings a man, and a civilization, to the deepest pit of hell. What seems to be a polite, cozy talk show discussion about religion starts with a supper with the devil, then precedes to a long vacation in the devil’s summer house, and finally ends with a permanent residence in hell. Why must that be the case? Do I not place too much emphasis on hearts of flesh, on what I call Christian Europe? That is only true if the Christian faith is something other than what St. Paul claimed it was. He enjoined us to search the scriptures with our hearts so that we could become “epistles of the living God.” Doesn’t that injunction require that we have a heart?

If we can’t see the face of Jesus Christ in the living epistles of the people who took His word into their hearts, where can we see the face of Jesus Christ? “You don’t need to see His face,” the Thomist and all the rational, first-circle men of reason tell us, “All you need is our philosophy.” But whose philosophy shall I choose? Why should I choose one rational scheme over another? Is truth revelatory or is it rational? I maintain, because I have seen the face of Jesus Christ in European hearts of flesh and not in abstract reason, that truth is revelatory, not rational.

Negro worship has replaced Christ-centered Christianity because organized Christian Jewry rejected St. Paul’s revelatory vision of Jesus Christ in favor of reason unaided, and as the churchmen asserted, unpolluted by humanity. Dmitry Karamazov is the exemplar of the heart of flesh, which the theologians hate. He despises ‘two plus two equals four’ theology, and he allows his passion for Grushenka to bring him to the brink of murder and despair. But his heart of flesh overcomes his evil passions, and he comes to the foot of the Cross. In contrast, the great intellect, the great rationalist, Ivan Karamazov, is left naked to the merciless god of the rationalists, the archangel Satan. It is significant that when Hollywood made a movie of The Brothers Karamazov, Ivan became the hero. Twentieth century modernists were incapable of believing that a rationalist could be a villain. But not only can a rationalist be a villain, a pure rationalist is always a villain; he is the boon companion of the greatest rationalist of them all. Satan lurks behind the arras of the great religious talk show, a diabolical Polonius making sure that there are no hearts of flesh present at the talk show.

It’s a curious thing — the mad-dog, secular liberals are one with the conservative Christians in their rejection of St. Paul’s vision of charity. St. Paul saw Christ in his heart and told us we could know Him through that vital organ of sight. The liberals and the churchmen damn that organ of sight and bid us turn to their visions of a rational utopian world ordered and run by illuminated minds free from the illicit passions of the human heart. It is very easy to find illicit passions in the hearts of the antique Europeans because they were mortal men and women. But is that all we can see in their hearts? Is Rembrandt the sum of whatever sins he may have committed, or is he to be judged by the vision within his heart? I cannot be silent on this issue of the passionate hearts of my people. They had a vision of the heart that completely transcends the cruel utopian theologies of our clergymen and the hellish utopias of the liberals. We must reject both evils and stand, even if we stand alone, with the ancient hearts of our people.

In the culture that the theologians damn as impure and the secular liberals damn as racist is the blood faith of a people who took Christ into their hearts. If the theologians and their followers would look at those people through and not with the eye they would see with blinding sight and become epistles of the living God instead of the Amen chorus of Liberaldom.

The Christ story is all in all, and it was always present as a vital, living entity in our people until our people divorced Christ and married the sacred negro. Let me reference a work such as Dickens’ Hard Times. The book is certainly the greatest critique of the inhumanity of unbridled capitalism ever written, but it is so much more. When the hero of the book, one Stephen Blackpool, a suffering servant who has been rejected by the socialists and the capitalists, disappears under suspicion for the robbery of the bank, only one faithful heart remains in Coketown who still believes that Stephen is innocent and that he will return. And the one faithful heart, Rachel, wins another woman over to her side, and together they wait and pray for Stephen’s return. Dickens did not make a rational decision to write a Christian allegory, he wrote from the heart, and the Christ story was in his heart. That is the beauty of our people when they were a people.

All my life I have heard the theologians tell me to abandon the whited sepulchre of Christian Europe for their Christian rationalism. But is not reason unilluminated by a heart of flesh the real whited sepulchre? The people with the ancient hearts saw a great light, they lived and died in the shadow of the cross. The modern theologians see no light, they bid us sit in church and think about ‘white privilege’ while we contemplate the magnificence of the noble black savage. That is not my world, I cannot live with the inhuman vision of the anti-pietas, anti-European, Christless Christians.

However much I might rail against the first-circle-of-hell talk show conservatives, both lay and clerical, they now constitute the ranks of the opposition to the mad-dog liberals. Isn’t it better to make peace with them and reside in the first circle of hell rather than go into the deepest region of hell with the mad-dog liberals? No, it is not better. It is not better for two reasons. The first reason is that hell is still hell and I do not want to live in hell. The second reason is that the liberals will not let you remain in the first circle of hell, they will not let you go halfway off the cliff with the swine, you must go all the way. Unamuno was right: it is all or nothing. Either we stand with the men whom Moley (from The Wind and the Willows) called the “Death or Glory Toads,” the antique Europeans, or we can become the shadows of the liberals, following them ever so cautiously, wearing conservative outer garments covering up our liberal hearts, into the center of hell.

The great battle will not begin until we walk away from the religious talk show where the ‘racism’ of the ‘evil,’ antique Europeans with hearts of flesh is taken as a given. If we proceed against the Tower of Babel rationalists, refusing to accept their given, that white pietas is racism, we will find a heart and a will to resist what now seems irresistible, the liberals’ juggernaut. But of course in order for that to happen the whites who have made a whited sepulchre of reason divorced from the human heart must reclaim their hearts, like the philosopher in the Danish fairy tale, “The Man Without a Heart”:

The old man turned furiously upon him, and reached for his staff, but at the same moment he felt a stinging pain in his left side, threw up his hands, staggered to his feet, and cried: “Mercy, mercy! I have served the Evil One! Some one gave me back my heart. Oh, give me my youth again, that I may live like other men!”

In the next second the two figures outside the windows became alive again, and the two brothers clasped each other in their arms, while the sisters held each other by the hand. But a great change had taken place in the room. There now stood by the philosopher’s chair a little boy, gazing curiously at the many singular objects about him. This man had found his heart again, and was to begin life afresh.

For none of God’s creatures can live without a heart.

“Like unto a child”: that is the miracle of Christian Europe. +

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The War That Has Been Thrust Upon Us

N. C. Wyeth. Wallace’s Vision

To all this let us join the practice of cannibalism, with which, in the proper terms, and with the greatest truth, their several factions accuse each other. By cannibalism, I mean their devouring, as a nutriment of their ferocity, some part of the bodies of those they have murdered; their drinking the blood of their victims, and forcing the victims themselves to drink the blood of their kindred slaughtered before their faces. By cannibalism, I mean also to signify all their nameless, unmanly, and abominable insults on the bodies of those they slaughter.

As to those whom they suffer to die a natural death, they do not permit them to enjoy the last consolations of mankind, or those rights of sepulture, which indicate hope, and which meer nature has taught to mankind in all countries, to soothe the afflictions, and to cover the infirmity of mortal condition. They disgrace men in the entry into life; they vitiate and enslave them through the whole course of it; and they deprive them of all comfort at the conclusion of their dishonoured and depraved existence. Endeavouring to persuade the people that they are no better than beasts, the whole body of their institution tends to make them beasts of prey, furious and savage. –Letters on a Regicide Peace


After the murder of counter-protester Aaron Jay Danielson in Portland by Antifa/BLMers from hell, a liberal commentator cried that you could not equate the justifiable killing of a white racist with the unjustified killing of anti-racists. And after a black barbarian shot Cannon Hinnant in the head, a black prison guard on social media derisively said, “He should have ducked.” In those murders we see the armed doctrine of the liberals – all non-illuminated whites must be killed. And it is me and thee that are non-illuminated. The liberals have decreed it is meritorious to kill non-illuminated whites and it is a vicious, horrendous crime to kill the murdering scum in the ranks of the Antifa/BLMers. Of course the Antifa must fly the Black Lives Matter flag when they murder because they too are white, hence they must denounce whiteness all the more, and they will lose their shields if they don’t hide behind Black Lives Matter. Kyle Rittenhouse may be acquitted for his meritorious killing of the two Antifaers because they were white, but he shouldn’t even have to go on trial — he should be given a medal of honor and a parade. When the demon-crats applaud and laud the murderers and looters of the Antifa and the BLM, and when the Republicans say a prayer at their convention for the horrendous black criminal, Jacob Blake, both parties have shown us where their hearts are:

Men are rarely without some sympathy in the sufferings of others; but in the immense and diversified mass of human misery, which may be pitied, but cannot be relieved, in the gross, the mind must make a choice. Our sympathy is always more forcibly attracted towards the misfortunes of certain persons, and in certain descriptions: and this sympathetic attraction discovers, beyond a possibility of mistake, our mental affinities, and elective affections. –Regicide Peace

The shadow-conservatives who attack Trump for not living up to their illuminated conservatism have no right to attack him, because they are not Burkean conservatives, they are classical liberals who believe in democracy. They believe in the American system of Jacobinism, which was conceived in hell and dedicated to the proposition that men can decide all the important questions of life without recourse to the living God. That system, based on abstract reason and modern science, always results in the worship of nature and nature’s god, which is the sacred negro. Within that system a man like Trump, who is a modern democratic man with a tiny remnant of white pietas, is the very best man you will ever get. Do you think a Romney, a Bush, a Ted Cruz, or any other Republican shill would be one-half as good as Trump? But from a Burkean standpoint, the standpoint of a Christian counter-revolutionary, a standpoint that the modern ‘conservatives’ will not take, Trump is part of Liberaldom, and as part of Liberaldom he will not ultimately help the European people to leave Liberaldom and return to that other world, which is Christian Europe. We need a leader who will repudiate Jacobinism in its Marxist and its American forms. Such a leader cannot emerge from within the Jacobin confines of American democracy.

All we need to know about the Republicans who claim to offer us an alternative to the demon-crats can be seen in their call for prayers for Jacob Blake. Their “elective affections” are one with the demon-crats. They condemn white policemen who try to thwart black barbarians while they weep and pray for the black barbarians. How do they differ from the demon-crats who exalt the sacred negroes and ignore the murder of innocent whites? That which must be said is not said by any political party nor is it permitted to be said in any public venue: Negro worship, which is the state religion of the United States is the worship of Satan.

There must be a reckoning for the murder of the Aaron Jay Danielson in Portland, for Cannon Hinnant, for Jonathan Foster, and for all the white victims of liberal treachery and black barbarism. Why are Antifa Satanists and black barbarians allowed to walk the streets carrying AR-15 rifles while whites are expected to cower in their homes awaiting execution? And why, when whites come out to protest, are they gunned down without any attempt on the part of the liberal establishment to punish the murderers? Oh, I forgot, the murder of a white is not murder, it is a meritorious execution of a racist. And we dare not place our hopes in the police. They work for the state, and the state will not allow them to act against the Antifaers or the BLMers. (1) As Forrest and his followers did many years ago, so we should do. We cannot rely on either a demon-cratic government or a Republican government to protect us from the liberals and the black barbarians who want our blood. We must be a law unto ourselves. How can Christian men consent to be ruled by Satan’s minions? Doesn’t that charity of honor demand that we rise and ride in defense of our people and our God? The ‘pro-lifers’ failed to procure protection for the innocents in the womb because they did not love enough to kill the baby killers. In fact, they denounced Paul Hill when he did what had to be done. So it is now with the white grazers. If we don’t love enough to kill the murderers of our people, we will perish as a people, and Satan will reign unchallenged. The Antifaers and the BLMers have made it abundantly clear that we cannot serve two masters. We can serve Satan or we can serve Christ, there is no in between despite what the purveyors of star-spangled Americanism tell us.

Let me preface what I am about to say next with the assertion that in any war it is the spiritual substance of the people that must be paramount. An army of a committed few with something within, determined to fight to the knife, is better than a whole host of spiritually gutted men with AR-15s and shotguns in their gun cabinets. However, using Forrest as our exemplar, certain practical considerations about armaments are necessary. The enemy is armed, yet they don’t have jobs. Who is arming the creatures of Antifa and Black Lives Matter? I assume it is George Soros and others of his ilk. So right away we shall despair if we seek to defeat the enemy with our superior armaments. They will always be better armed than we are, because they have more money. Need I cite David and his slingshot? But still, let us come to the practical matter, something I am woefully inadequate to discuss, but I will – I did not grow up in a gun family. My father served in World War II, but he was not a hunter nor did he believe in keeping a gun in the house for self-defense. I did not own a gun until, after a teaching position I held was eliminated, I got a job as a police offer. When I left the police force, I kept a handgun for self-defense and taught my family members the use of the gun. But I never became the type of country boy depicted in the Hank Williams Jr. music video, “Country Boys Can Survive,” because my interests didn’t really lie in that direction. And I had hoped in my old age to pursue those other interests exclusively. Now I find that it is not possible to live in peace. The liberals want war, they will not accept any terms but unconditional surrender. And that I will not do. So I have had to put aside time for the shotgun and the rifle. I realize that guns are not magic in and of themselves, but I feel I must take some care of this, lest I give the enemy an easy conquest.

It is not easy for a Christian to shed blood. Like Burke, the Christian feels that, “The blood of man should never be shed but to redeem the blood of man. It is well shed for our family, for our friends, for our God, for our country, for our kind. The rest is vanity, the rest is crime.” But what do we make of creatures who delight in bloodletting for the sake of vanity, for the sake of building a utopian Tower of Babel dedicated to the pride of reason, to science, and to the sacred negro? Can creatures possessed of such a zealous thirst for blood be opposed by Christian Europeans with a reluctance to shed blood? Yes, such creatures can and must be opposed, because something inside of us rebels against the inhuman cruelty and bloodlust of the liberals and the colored barbarians. In the name of Him who saves, that something inside of us says, “This shall not go on.”

We have come to this dreadful pass where the grim visage of death in life and life without hope has overwhelmed us, because we have lost sight of the Romance that’s above the sceptered sway of mere reason. The Christ we see in the Gospels is not a Socratic Christ, He is not a great sage. Nor is the Christ we see in the epistles of St. Paul an Aristotelian philosopher. Then who is He? He is the one true knight, the knight errant of Europe who bids us remember the childhood of our race so that we will not forget we belong to His world, a world where reason is humbled and purified before the poetic light of the Word made flesh. Without a childlike faith that does not exalt the rational man who is independent of our Savior, we are wanderers in a foreign land, the land of reason, science, and the noble colored savage.

Trump knows where the magic bricks come from that the Antifaers and the BLMers throw at the police and the private businesses, and he knows where the guns come from which are used to kill white people, yet all he can do is demand that the white police officers in Kenosha, Wisconsin face criminal charges. That is how a democratic leader, the best of the democratic leaders, responds to the liberals’ and the colored barbarians’ assault on the white race. Soros and his ilk are a protected species as are the colored barbarians. Why should we hold elections at all? The results will be the same: A liberal oligarchy ruling in the name of the sacred negro will govern our nation no matter who holds public office. But we cling to life no matter what. A Trump victory will afford whites a slight delay before their final execution. (2)

Why must we be governed by liberals who hate whites? Why must we cower in our homes waiting to be executed by Antifaers or BLMers? Why is our President more concerned about the meritorious shooting of Jacob Blake than the murder of Cannon Hinnant and thousands of other white victims of black barbarism? (3) The ‘why’ is there before our eyes. Look at the world we have embraced. When we left His Europe, the non-statistical world of Handel, Shakespeare, and Rembrandt for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s world of statistical maggots on nature’s dung heap, we left faith, hope, and charity behind for the pride of reason, the wonders of science, and a new God, the sacred negro. If we reject that world of glorified maggots for His world, we will put on the whole armour of Christ and defeat the devil and his minions. But that rejection must take place within our souls. We can’t have abstract reason and our Savior, we can’t have science and our Savior. And most of all, we cannot worship the sacred negro and Jesus Christ. The liberals’ war against the Light has been thrust upon us, and we cannot defeat the liberals by way of democracy and democracy’s god. We must call upon Him who “hath borne our griefs and carried our sorrows,” even if such a divine condescension cannot be statistically computed. +


(1) Danielson’s murderer was shot by federal police after he gave an interview bragging about the murder. But the local police did not apprehend him after the shooting nor stop the murder before it happened by disarming the mob. Police kill more white criminals than black criminals, even though blacks commit more crimes. There is a racial disparity in law enforcement: Whites are discriminated against. How could it be otherwise when police brutality against innocent whites such as pro-life protesters and ranchers is lauded while simple law enforcement against black barbarians is condemned by church and state? There is no essential difference between the demon-crats and the Republicans on the issue of negro worship. They have all joined hands around the throne of the sacred negro. How effective will the police be if they cannot touch the major perpetrators of crime because they are sacred? Everyone wants approval from their peers. If the police are lauded for arresting whites and condemned for arresting blacks, whom do you think they are going to focus on? Just look at the case of Roger Stone, who was convicted of lying to a pack of liars. Storm troopers with rifles, shotguns, and helicopters were sent to arrest him as if he were ten times more dangerous than John Dillinger. And yet the Antifaers and the BLMers march through our streets looting, murdering, and raping with impunity. But of course their violence is the ‘good violence’, done to combat white racism. And what is white racism? It is anything that is good and pure and Christian.

(2) Hilary Clinton has ordered Biden not to concede the election no matter what, because she knows that the courts are demon-crat-dominated and the military will back the courts. So if we place our hopes in a Republican victory, which we should not do, our hopes will be dashed. Only that revelatory faith that we have abandoned will sustain us in the dark days ahead. Dostoevsky’s Father Zosima gives the lie to our modern kingdom of hell on earth which we must fight “to the knife”:

Look at the worldly, at those who set themselves above the people of God—have they not distorted the image of God and His truth? They have science, but science contains nothing that does not come through the senses. The spiritual world, the nobler side of man’s being, has been rejected altogether, banned as it were triumphantly, perhaps even with hatred. The world has proclaimed freedom, now more loudly than ever; but what do we find in that freedom of theirs? Nothing but enslavement and suicide! The world says: “You have needs—satisfy them. You have as much right as the rich and the mighty. Don’t hesitate to satisfy your needs; indeed, expand your needs and demand more.” This is the worldly doctrine of today. And they believe that this is freedom. The result for the rich is isolation and suicide, for the poor, envy and murder; for while the poor have been handed all these rights, they have not been given the means to enjoy them. Some claim that the world is gradually becoming united, that it will grow into a brotherly community as distances shrink and ideas are transmitted through the air. Alas, you must not believe that men can be united in this way. To consider freedom as directly dependent on the number of man’s requirements and the extent of their immediate satisfaction shows a twisted understanding of human nature, for such an interpretation only breeds in men a multitude of senseless, stupid desires and habits and endless preposterous inventions. People are more and more moved by envy now, by the desire to satisfy their material greed, and by vanity. Giving dinners, riding in private carriages, occupying high social positions, and having myriads of servants—these are considered so important by some that they devote their whole lives to acquiring them and sacrifice for their sake their love of their fellow men, and sometimes even kill themselves if they cannot obtain what they believe they must have.

(3) If the main cause of the decline of European civilization, which is the replacement of Christ with the noble black savage, is never addressed by the leaders of the West, then the leaders of the West are not fit to lead. For more than a twelfth month the liberals have told the story of the evil whites and the evil civilization they built on the backs of the suffering servants, the negroes. So the liberals have decreed that that civilization and the whites who built it must perish. Trump can act when the Antifa isolate themselves from Black Lives Matter, but neither he nor any other white leader will act forcibly against Black Lives Matter. This careful avoidance of the second person of the liberals’ holy trinity while focusing on police brutality against blacks is like a public official who declares war on air pollution by ignoring the factories spewing out noxious fumes while he attacks the people burning leaves in their back yards.

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The Cruel Gods of Liberalism

The major news outlets will not cover the story of Cannon Hinnant’s murder. White athletes will not refuse to honor the American flag until there is justice for the white victims of black barbarism. White people will not get T-shirts with pictures of Cannon Hinnant and the words, ‘White Lives Matter,’ emblazoned on them. ‘Christian’ pastors will not condemn black barbarism from their pulpits. Blacks will not be asked to think about black privilege nor be commanded to annihilate themselves because of their long history of racist crimes against the white race. In short, nothing at all will happen within the ranks of the Christian Europeans that will begin a counterrevolution against the armed doctrine of the liberals who have made the destruction of the white race and the deification of the negro the two main tenets of their faith. – CWNY


O all you host of heaven! O earth! What else?
And shall I couple hell? O, fie! Hold, my heart,
And you, my sinews, grow not instant old,
But bear me stiffly up. Remember thee!
Ay, thou poor ghost, while memory holds a seat
In this distracted globe.



They attempted to assassinate the memory of those, whose bodies their friends had massacred; and to consider their murder as a less formal act of justice. They endeavoured even to debauch our pity, and to suborn it in favour of cruelty. They wept over the lot of those who were driven by the crimes of Aristocrats to republican vengeance. Every pause of their cruelty they considered as a return of their natural sentiments of benignity and justice.

Letters on a Regicide Peace


Interviewer. I know things can and will get a lot worse, it doesn’t take a prophet to see that, but would I be exaggerating if I said that we, the European people, have never been as far from your country, which is Christian Europe, as we are at present?

Young Drummer. No, you are not exaggerating. The gulf between my nation and your non-nation is enormous.

Int. Is it impossible to bridge that gulf?

Y.D. You bridged it. That is why you are talking with me.

Int. But is it possible for my people, as a people, to bridge the gulf?

Y.D. Like you I do not claim to be a prophet, but it does not appear that the European people are capable of leaving the pigsty of democracy for Christian Europe. They do not have that within which makes the impossible possible.

Int. Pietas?

Y.D. Yes, that is what they lack. Only men and women with hearts of flesh, men and women who love much, can transcend the demons of modernity – rationalism, negro worship, and science.

Int. They won’t give up rationalism and science.

Y.D. Then they will not be able to live without the sacred negro, because he is the savior that the post-Christian European must have.

Int. When I look at successful counterrevolutions, Pinochet in Chile, Franco in Spain, and Forrest in North America, I can see what is lacking in the modern European people.

Y.D. For instance?

Int. Well, first, neither Pinochet, Franco, nor Forrest thought they could not act against a democratically elected government. All they were concerned with was a Jacobin-Marxist enemy that was attacking their people. And secondly all three counterrevolutionary leaders were working with a military-oriented base. Forrest had former Confederate soldiers in his ranks, and both Pinochet and Franco had large elements of the military on their side. In my anti-nation, however, the military always backs the demon-cratically elected liberals. So a counterrevolutionary leader in a democracy would have to go against a formidable military power without any military-minded people on his side. And that presupposes that a counterrevolutionary leader, a man opposed to democracy, could actually emerge from the ranks of the European people.

Y.D. What you describe is true. So long as there are no Burkean conservatives, men who see Christian Europe and not democratic Europe as that which must be preserved, you will continue onward to hell on earth.

Int. Then all is cheerless, dark, and deadly?

Y.D. Yes, so long as your people look to the devil for their salvation. So long as they remain in thrall to democracy, they will remain in thrall to Satan, who rules them through his surrogate, the sacred negro. Show me a modern conservative, as distinct from a Burkean conservative, who does not pay homage to the sacred negro.

Int. There aren’t any.

Y.D. No, there aren’t. But before we end this interview, I must point out to you the greatest counterrevolution in history. Christ is frequently described as a revolutionary against pagan Rome and the paganized Sanhedrin of the Jewish people. But wasn’t paganism itself a revolution against the one true God? Adam and Eve were the original revolutionaries, they turned to Satan who promised them equality with God if they would turn their minds to nature and dumb nature’s god, who is Satan. Christ, through His incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection, give all those who believed in Him the power to restore, through His grace, the spiritual equilibrium that was lost through the fall of Adam and Eve. The counterrevolution must start with a spiritual renewal within. We must have hearts of flesh, hearts that can “receive Him still.”

Int. But hearts of flesh are proscribed in modern Europe. Church and State have joined together to attack the Word made flesh. Both entities hope to consolidate their power through their illuminated minds.

Y.D. We who are about to die need a miracle. Modern Europe needs the same miracle that we as individuals need. That miracle is much greater than any of the so-called wonders of science. That the dead shall be raised is the one true miracle which was brought about by our Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t know what else to tell you. If you have bridged the gulf, then you must continue to believe that there will be others. That charity of honor demands that we believe, and that we act on our belief, that the gulf between modern Europe and Christian Europe can be bridged. Glass mountains can be climbed and enormous gulfs can be bridged by hearts of flesh consecrated to Him who saves.


If Trump wins re-election, the win will slow down, ever so slightly, the extermination of the white race. But a Trump victory will not change the religious core of our culture. The modern Europeans are a post-Christian people. Their customs and manners are anti-Christian. And an anti-Christian nation must, of necessity, exterminate whites because of their Christian past. There is no election or policy stemming from democracy that can change the religious core of our liberal nation. Let us suppose, for instance, that a Republican mayor is elected in one of those democratically controlled cities where the Antifa/Black Lives Matter creatures from hell are rioting. And let us suppose the new Republican mayor builds up the city’s police force and sends more police out on the street. Will that stop the Antifa/BLM barbarians from rioting and looting? No, it will not. More police is not the solution. The police must be empowered to do what is necessary. Thirty policemen who are empowered to shoot and kill rioters are more effective than 3,000 police officers who are told to stand around and get hit by bricks, stones, and bullets. The demon-crats, the Antifa and the Black Lives Matter all believe in their anti-white, anti-Christian faith. If they are to be successfully opposed they must face off against men with “that charity of honor” which stems from a faith in Christ. A vague Republican faith in democracy and the rule of law will not stop the Jacobin-Marxist coalition of demon-crats, Antifa, and BLM, because the religious faith of the Republicans is the same faith as the demon-crats, Antifa, and BLM: They believe in the sacred negro. So long as that remains the ruling faith of our people, the rioters will not be shot. How can you shoot your gods? (1)

The pathetic conservatives always evade the central issue. I heard Tucker Carlson, one of the best of the pathetic conservatives, urging people, in the wake of the Anti/BLM attacks on the white people of Kenosha, Wisconsin, not to cower in their houses. What are they supposed to do? Call the police? The police, if they do come, will just stand around in order to be targeted by bricks and bullets from the rioters. Should they get their guns and shoot back? What would happen to them if they did give the rioters what they deserve – a bullet? They would either be imprisoned for life or executed. From the liberals’ perspective the Antifa and the colored barbarians are on the side of right, they are anti-white and anti-Christian. So long as that post-Christian dystopian vision of reality rules our nation, we will live in hell.

In Dante’s Inferno, Satan is found upside down in the pit of hell. That is our world, everything has been inverted. What is good is labeled evil and what is evil is labeled good. Bloody rioters are called peaceful protestors for social justice, the dismemberment of children in the womb is called choice, and sexual perversity is called gay rights. Liberalism is an armed doctrine that must be opposed with a force commensurate with the force used against us. Violent rioters and violent abortion doctors cannot be won over with peaceful dialogue. The devil wants Christians to dialogue on into the night as he continues to strike back at God through His children.

Franco’s counterrevolution did not outlive him. His people returned to the pigsty of democracy after his death. And Pinochet’s people returned to democracy before Pinochet’s death. There is a limit to what a European counterrevolutionary leader can accomplish without a sufficiently Christian base. Both Franco and Pinochet had to form coalitions with neo-pagan Europeans and colored pagans in order to oust the Jacobin-Marxists, and those loose coalitions could not sustain the counterrevolution.

In contrast, Forrest’s counterrevolution was grounded in a thoroughly Christian, non-utopian, non-modern Christian people, untainted by rationalism, science, and a belief in the sacred negro. That is why the soul-preserving, life-preserving effects of his counterrevolution lived on many years after his death. It was only when the Southern people succumbed to rationalism, science, and the belief in the sacred negro in the 1950’s that the Southern people joined the post-Christian, anti-European world. It will take something much greater than a Republican electoral victory to restore that which was lost when we abandoned the European civilization that Forrest defended.

In the two conventions, Democrat and Republican, we saw mad-dog liberals squaring off against classical liberals. The classical liberals, who retain a remnant of the Christian ethos, are certainly preferable. But both liberal camps are part of a closed system. They are part of a rational, science-based, two-plus-two-equals-four civilization, a factoid anti-civilization of dumb nature that destroys hearts of flesh in the name of a mind-forged, man-made religion grounded in rationalism, science and a belief in the sacred negro. No one of either convention will condemn the religion of the sacred negro. Both parties will condemn white racism and ignore the murder of innocent whites such as Jonathan Foster and Cannon Hinnant. Nothing good can be expected from a people who condemn their Christian ancestors and sacrifice their children to the colored barbarians. I’m sick to death of hearing about the superiority of capitalism to Marxism. Both systems are based on a mathematical anti-vision of man. We will not be saved by any mathematical system. We will be saved by the Word made flesh.

You cannot breathe a word about the one culture that was not nature-based in any modern venue. But if we can’t even say it – that Christian Europe once existed and must be restored – then how can it – and He – be defended? The conservatives want white people to stop cowering in their homes, they want them to fight by voting for Republicans. What do the Republicans stand for? And what is the white grazer’s touchstone of reality? He has been told over and over again that his ancestors, men with hearts of flesh, men like Forrest and his remnant band of confederate veterans, were evil racists who must be consigned to the dustbins of history. So in order to be accepted in the new, non-racist world of the future, the white grazer must not have a heart of flesh, he must, the conservatives tell him, be guided by their non-racist illuminated minds. But what will stop the grazer from following the liberals’ illuminated vision? Nothing at all. The reason why men like Matt Drudge and Richard Spencer go from what seem to be conservative causes to leftist causes is that there is no spiritual heart in the anti-Christian ideologies of the neo-pagans and their liberal cousins. A man can easily slide from one mathematical system to another. Where does this leave the European Christians? It leaves us at the foot of the cross asking for mercy for our sins against the Light, and for His protection during the Babylonian captivity of the European people. +


(1) The officers in Kenosha did the right thing morally and legally, and they should be commended by liberals and blacks alike. They saved black lives. I thought black lives matter? A black athlete (who, by virtue of being black and an athlete, is sacred) proclaimed, in the aftermath of the Kenosha shooting of that horrendous criminal, that blacks live in constant fear of the police. “No white father,” the black athlete intoned, “has to tell his children to be afraid.” Oh really, I’m a white father and I had to teach my children to be very afraid because they lived in a nation where black barbarians prey on innocent white people with the encouragement of a liberal cabal of bloodthirsty Jacobins.

The only abuse of blacks I ever witnessed when I was a police officer was done by black police officers. They are just as cruel to their own people as they are to whites. There are only two solutions to the “black problem.” Either we follow Malcolm X’s solution and give the blacks their own separate state, with black police officers who will show the blacks what real police brutality is, or we reinstate slavery to keep the blacks from killing whites and each other. I prefer segregation, the former solution, not because slavery as practiced by the white Southerners was immoral, but because the maintenance of the negroes places too great a burden on whites. Of course I don’t believe that the liberals or their conservative cousins will adopt the humane, Christian solution to the black problem. They will continue to deify negroes and turn a blind eye to their crimes against the white race and other races, including their own. I have often been accused of referring all things to “gentle Jesus.” Yes, I do. Christians who love their people in and through Christ do not sacrifice their people on the altars of the liberals’ black gods. Tommie Lindh was an innocent victim of black savagery. Cannon Hinnant was an innocent victim of black savagery. Jonathan Foster was an innocent victim of black savagery. The whites being massacred by black savages in South Africa are innocent victims of black savagery.

But who is it that the media and the liberal establishment, which are one and the same, mourn and exalt? The black savages who maim, rape, and murder. Nothing good will happen to the European people, as a people, until they look to restore Christian Europe, a land in which Christian men opposed the slaughter of the innocent, and forsake Liberaldom, a land ruled by Satan in the name of the sacred negro.

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Cannon Hinnant

Barton. Pinch of Salt

Sleep on, beloved, sleep and take thy rest,
Lay down thy head upon thy Savior’s breast;
We love thee well, but Jesus loves thee best–
Good night! Good night! Good night!

-Sarah Doudney


The murder of five year old Cannon Hinnant was particularly horrific because he was so young, but his murder was not out of the ordinary. In point of fact the murder of innocent whites by barbaric blacks is America’s favorite national pastime, part of the religious festival called liberalism. Cannon Hinnant joins with the burning white child (see CWNY 8-24-2013), Jonathan Foster, and an ever growing legion of white victims who have been sacrificed to the liberals’ barbaric black gods. Would a Christian people permit such a barbaric religious festival to continue? Of course not. Would a pagan people permit such a barbaric religious festival, a festival in which their own people are the sacrificial victims, to continue? Of course not. But would a post-Christian people who have replaced Christ with the sacred negro permit the continuance of such a barbaric religious festival? Yes, a post-Christian people would, could, and does support the continuance of a religious festival in which black barbarians murder whites with the full approval of their liberal devotees.

The major news outlets will not cover the story of Cannon Hinnant’s murder. White athletes will not refuse to honor the American flag until there is justice for the white victims of black barbarism. White people will not get T-shirts with pictures of Cannon Hinnant and the words ‘White Lives Matter’ emblazoned on them. ‘Christian’ pastors will not condemn black barbarism from their pulpits. Blacks will not be asked to think about black privilege nor be commanded to annihilate themselves because of their long history of racist crimes against the white race. In short, nothing at all will happen within the ranks of the post-Christian Europeans that will begin a counterrevolution against the armed doctrine of the liberals who have made the destruction of the white race and the deification of the negro the two main tenets of their faith.

Time is a difficult thing to fathom. There are events in my life that happened many, many years ago, which seem like they happened only yesterday, and there are events in my life that took place within the last year that seem like events of many, many years ago. In the first category is the memory of something that happened to me about 25 years ago. I was desperately trying to make a living for my family at that time, so I was relieved when a conservative publication asked me to write a series of articles for them. I was aware that I had to avoid the race issue — I couldn’t write an article in defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest nor one in defense of apartheid South Africa or the pre-Civil War South. But I was not aware that the use of the term ‘Christian Europe’ was considered, even in conservative circles, to be a ‘racist’ term. My refusal to strike that term from the first piece I wrote ended my affiliation with that respectable ‘conservative’ publication.

The white Europeans’ refusal to strike back against the liberals who countenance the massacre of white innocents such as Cannon Hinnant and the black barbarians who perform the ritualistic murders is the result of the churchmen’s and the conservatives’ (their partners in crime) refusal to accept the reality of Christian Europe. The assertion that the antique Europeans were “Epistles of the Living God” is an anathema to the modern churchmen and the modern conservatives. They prefer to condemn their European ancestors as racist so that they can be part of Liberaldom.

It is quite easy to condemn your ancestors because they are dead and unable to defend themselves, but there are consequences that come with what seems like such an easy and expedient condemnation. In the case of modern Europeans the consequence of their willingness to cut their ties to their ancestors because of their ‘racism’ is that they have no future as a people. They jettisoned their past so they could be part of the future, but they failed to see that the utopian liberals do not plan to allow white people to live in the utopian sate of the future. Non-illuminated whites must be exterminated; that is the main tenet of liberalism.

In almost every town and city throughout this nation and the other European nations you can find buildings that are called Christian churches. But what is preached in those churches? Is it the revelatory faith of the antique Europeans? Do the churchmen preach that Christ and Christ alone is our salvation? No, they do not. And they do not preach that doctrine because it is ‘racist’. The epistles of the living God, our people, the antique Europeans, preached that Gospel and were ‘racists’. And racists cannot enter the kingdom of a god who is a natural god, compatible with reason and liberalism. We have seen who that god is. The Socratic Christ is the new Christ of Liberaldom. With a modest smile he refers all religious controversies to the liberals. And they solve every controversy by bowing in awe before the sacred negro and condemning the racist Europeans of the past who blasphemed against the sacred negro by declaring that their ‘racist’ culture was grounded in the Word made flesh.

Right now the pathetic conservative shadows of the liberals confine their criticisms of the Antifa/Black Lives Matter creatures to talky news shows on which they interview a black ‘conservative’ who says that it is wrong to exterminate whites of the present in order to make up for the terrible sins of the whites of the past. And the white conservative then falls on his knees in adoration before the black god. How does such a spectacle serve white people? It doesn’t serve white people because it perpetuates the lie that whites, when they were a Christian people, were a degenerate race of unnatural, morally depraved creatures from hell. And where does that leave the Christian faith? If what they taught us, our honored dead, about the living God was false, then to whom can we turn to for the words of eternal life? We can’t turn to the modern churchmen because they are just echo chambers for the liberals. Must we then turn to the liberals? That is what we are told in church and state – “Truth is liberalism and liberalism is truth.” Then it must needs follow that the sacred negro is God and we must fall on our knees and bless him when he murders our white children. We must praise the murderer of Cannon Hinnant because he is part of that collective body called the sacred negro. We cannot escape the logic of the liberals’ imperative unless we reject liberalism in its entirety. We must reject the first part of the liberals’ trinity, which is reason detached from the human heart, and we must reject science and all its attendant studies of man such as psychology, anthropology, and sociology. When we reject those two entities as revelatory sources, we will reject the sacred negro. And then we will be His people again, loving and hating with hearts of flesh. We will love our own in and through Him, and we will hate those who attack our own. The black barbarians will no longer be allowed to butcher our people with impunity because a cabal of liberals worship Satan through them.

If a European views the modern conservative-liberals or the mad-dog liberals too long without turning his eyes back in time to the antique Europeans, his heart of flesh will turn to stone, just as the modern conservatives’ and their liberal cousins’ hearts have turned to stone. We must only look at those modern Medusas as reflected and deflected by the shield of old Europe. We must be among them, but we can never be of them. Satan hurled his defiance at the Lord God – “I shall not serve.” We must counter his defiance of the living God with our defiance of him. We must refuse to serve Satan by refusing to worship his surrogate, the sacred negro.

We are entering terrible times. The age of democracy is over, which is a good thing; the white Christian has never fared well under the tyranny of democracy. But are the white grazers going to be able to stand up to the liberal oligarchy when it abandons the thin veneer of democracy and imposes martial law? The white grazers are not made of the same stuff as the men who served under Forrest when he took command of the Ku Klux Klan. They have no faith in themselves as a people, because they no longer believe that their people once were Epistles of the Living God. Reason asserts, and science confirms reason’s assertion, that there is no such thing as Epistles of the Living God. Such a miracle presupposes that God can take root in the human heart. We are in the position of Puddleglum in The Silver Chair, who must maintain the existence of Narnia when Eustace and Jill have begun to believe the White Witch’s assertion that there never was a Narnia. Reason and science have beaten down the European people. The White Witches in Church, State, and the Academy tell us that there never was a Narnia, a Christian Europe. If we can’t even say it – Christian Europe – we will lose all contact with our people when they were Epistles of the Living God, and we will continue to be enslaved by liberals who encourage their black gods to feast on the blood of white people.

We constantly hear the refrain that black lives matter. But let’s go to the heart of that doctrine. What does it mean? It means that no lives matter because there is no God. The BLM movement is straight from hell. Satan is a coward. He is afraid to strike out at God directly, so he strikes at Him through His children. We are either children of God, created in His image, or we are creatures of dumb nature, just maggots on a garbage heap. That is the magnificent vision of man presented to us by the BLM movement – we are all natural, organic maggots, but somehow, through an act of faith, we must believe that the blacks are a special deified breed of maggots that can give us a vision of – what do they give us a vision of? They give us a vision of hell on earth. To live one day with the vision of our people when they were a people consecrated to the living God is worth more than ten thousand lifetimes with the liberals’ BLM vision of hell.

The witches of liberalism have ensnared the European people in the coils of Satan through the religion of the sacred negro. White lives matter most of all because it is only when white people exist as a people, when they are Epistles of the Living God, that we can see a vision of the God who died on the cross to save us from sin and death. He didn’t die for just the white race, He died for us all, but do I need to state the obvious? Yes, I do, because Satan’s minions have made the truth illegal. Only the white race championed the God who died for all. If we are extinguished as a people we will live in a world – we now do live in such a world – a world without love, without hope, a world that no longer knows what mercy means. Please God, take Cannon Hinnant into thy loving care and abide with us amid the encircling gloom of liberalism. We call on you by name, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. +

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Epistles of the Living God

Barton. Sailing boats on the Serpentine

But mercy is above the sceptred sway;
It is enthroned in the hearts of Kings,
It is an attribute to God himself;
And earthly power doth then show likest God’s
When mercy seasons justice. Therefore Jew,
Though justice be thy plea, consider this,
That in the course of justice, none of us
Should see salvation. We do pray for mercy,
And that same prayer doth teach us all to render
The deeds of mercy.

The Merchant of Venice


I remember a conservative columnist some forty years ago writing that there was a greater chance of a Sioux Indian uprising than a Nazi uprising. He was making a comment on the liberals’ propensity to bring up the Nazis every time a Republican disagreed with the Democrats. Nothing has changed over the last forty years, except – I wouldn’t have thought it possible – the liberals have increased and extended their use of the Nazi accusation, using it even more than they did forty years ago. Apparently “age cannot wither nor custom stale” the liberals’ infinite delight in invoking the Nazi bogeyman to denigrate their opponents. But wouldn’t it be ironic if the liberals, who have been using the Nazi accusation for their own political purposes for the past 75 years, have actually brought the Nazis back to life in reality through their support of Antifa and BLM? I bring this up because I went to a gun shop this past weekend with one of my sons. He was having trouble getting the armaments he needs because in the wake of the Antifa/BLM assault on the white race, arms and ammunition sales have increased tenfold. Kipling wrote about the time when the English would begin to hate. Is it possible that the white grazers have begun to hate? The white men in the gun shop were not hunters preparing for deer season. Nor, with the exception of my son and I, were they Christian warriors. They were angry young men who clearly identified themselves as the men whom the liberals have been invoking every time they want to discredit their opponents. Did this bring me great joy? No, it did not. I took a certain grim satisfaction in the knowledge that a large group of white males are not going to go quietly into the night just because the liberals ordain it, but I want a Christian counterrevolution, not a Neo-Nazi revolution. Hitler was the lesser of two evils during World War II – Stalin and Mao were the greater dangers – but a Christian does not choose between two evils, he champions the good. The Christ-centered Europeans have not yet entered the lists against the liberals. Perhaps they will never appear again this side of heaven. However, we can still endure our going hence, in the name of our Lord, who tells us that he who endures to the end shall be saved.

The mantra of the Black Lives Matter barbarians is social justice. They demand it, they must have it, or they will kill every white person on the face of the earth. Since the church men won’t give the Christian response to the BLM barbarians’ lying assertion that the white race has not treated the black race properly, thereby giving them the right to engage in violent assaults on white people, let me provide the Christian response.

The liberals have left Christianity behind them in the ‘age of superstition,’ and the blacks have never been a Christian people. The blacks who are exceptions have always been a persecuted minority within the black community because they are perceived as toadies to the white man. So in the absence of a Christian vision we would not expect either the liberals or the blacks to have any comprehension of real justice.

The European Christian knows, as Shakespeare’s Portia tells us, “That, in the course of justice, none of us should see salvation. We do pray for mercy, And that same prayer doth teach us to render the deeds of mercy.” But the liberal, like Shylock, does not believe he needs mercy because he believes he is without sin. There is only one great sin in the liberal’s new religion and that is white racism. He, the liberal, is illuminated, he has progressed beyond racism. So he is without sin, but thee and me are horrendous sinners. We are non-illuminated whites. And there can be no mercy for us because there is no mercy for racists in the liberals’ utopian faith. The liberals feel no kinship with racists, so they respond to all pleas for mercy as Shylock responded: “My deeds upon my head! I crave the law, the penalty and forfeit of my bond.”

That is also where the blacks have placed themselves. Like Shylock, like the liberals, they crave justice without mercy because they see themselves as a race of people who are devoid of sin. What is actually the case? If the blacks received justice without mercy what would be their fate? They would be exterminated. Whenever whites have extended charity toward blacks by trying to stop their tribal bloodlettings and giving them a glimpse of the one true God, the blacks have repaid that charitable outreach with blood. The old South, apartheid South Africa, and French San Domingo are three of the most striking examples of white charity and black treachery. But the entire history of the interaction between the white race and the black race, when looked at from a Christian perspective, reveals that the black race, with a few exceptions, has repaid the whites’ charity toward them with hatred and malice. But despite the historical record, which shows us that blacks have never learned the difference between mercy and sacrifice, and despite the fact that blacks have never ceased to regard kindness as a weakness they could exploit, the liberals tell us that the whites are guilty of the mistreatment of blacks and must submit to their annihilation because of their guilt. If we were to give the liberals and the BLM barbarians the justice they demand, we would have to execute the liberals for treason and the blacks for their crimes of violence against the white race. However, because of our Lord, we must be merciful, we must temper justice with mercy, but that mercy should never countenance the sacrifice of our people to liberal treachery and black barbarism.

If actual elections are allowed to take place this fall, Biden and company will lose. The Demon-crats have allowed the Antifa/BLM fiends to push them too far to the left too quickly. Their only hope is to have virtual elections, which would result in a Demon-cratic victory. What the Demon-crats have failed to grasp is that the white grazers do not believe they are racist. They will accept the fact that their ancestors were racist, but they do not believe they themselves are racists. And they resent being called racists. If they are allowed to vote, which I doubt, they will return Trump to the White House. But whether Trump is re-elected or the Demon-crats steal the election, the utopian religion of the liberals, the religion of the sacred negro, will remain the state religion of the satanic republic called the United States of America.

All that the white grazer wants is to be included in utopia. He wants to be certified ‘non-racist’ so that he can live and breathe in the brave new world of the liberals. He is willing to worship at the shrine of the sacred negro so long as he can be absolved of the sin of his racist ancestors. But there is the rub. The antique Europeans were not racist in the modern liberals’ meaning of that term. They were not evil overlords who took advantage of poor, downtrodden negroes. Far from it, they were a remarkable race of people who loved their own people in and through the God of mercy. And because they loved in His name, they were able to extend kindness and mercy to the bloodthirsty barbarians of the colored races without capitulating to them. When the Europeans lost their faith in Christ, they capitulated to the bloodthirsty barbarians. We will never stop the violence in our cities or change the prevailing climate of despair in our nation by renouncing our Christian ancestors as evil racists. Our people were epistles of Christ, “written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God, not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.” White people will not be allowed in the new kingdom of hell on earth, but why should we seek that kingdom? If our only hope is to live in a liberal pigsty while rejecting our people who were epistles of the living God, then we are of all people most to be pitied, for we will have denounced our hope of heaven for a place in the liberals’ hell on earth.

Currently the conservatives’ response to the Antifa/BLM assault on the white race is to report their atrocities to the white grazers in order to encourage the white grazers to vote for a conservative liberal, who is less extreme than the Antifa/BLM barbarians. An eight-year-old white boy is cut to pieces in London by a crazed African, the Swedish police blame the victims when the Moslems murder innocent whites, and in the United States those who murder, loot, and rape are given free rein so long as their atrocities are done under the banner of the sacred negro. If you think voting for a more moderate liberal should be our response to the atrocities committed on an hourly basis by the Antifa/BLM barbarians, then you are a pathetic creation of reason divorced from the human heart. I recently heard one of those pathetic conservative commentators go back in time to condemn ‘racist Democrats’ in the name of his modern conservative, anti-racist credentials. He went through a litany of Democrats who had once been slavers and segregationists and enjoined his listeners to join with the non-racist Republicans. You cannot damn your own people, the people with hearts of flesh, and expect to conquer the Antifa/BLM creatures from hell. If your people were really as evil as you say, why should non-Christian utopians who do not believe in mercy forgive you? What should be lauded in our past, the intense love that whites had for their own people and their charitable outreach to the people of other races, has been unilaterally condemned by churchmen, Republicans, and Demon-crats. A plague on all their houses. Let us ride with Forrest once again:

The meeting was held in Room Number 10 in the Maxwell House, and Lee’s letter was read. In the course of the meeting a name for the Klan was discussed. Taking the word “invisible” out of Lee’s note, somebody suggested the Invisible Empire; and this was adopted. The next matter was to select the commander and his title. A voice from the back of the room called out, “The Wizard of the Saddle, General Nathan Bedford Forrest.” He was then elected and became the Grand Wizard of the Invisible Empire. His powers were supreme.

In this way was General Forrest made the last ruler of the South. Only those veterans who were honorably discharged and those who were in prison at the end of the war were eligible, something over one hundred thousand men.

“It was,” says Judge Albion Tourgee, a Reconstruction Judge in North Caroline, “a daring conception for a conquered people. Only a race of warlike instincts and regal pride could have conceived or executed it.

“It was a magnificent conception, and, in a sense, deserved success. It differed from all other attempts at revolution in the caution and skill required in its conduct. It was a movement made in the face of the enemy and an enemy of overwhelming strength. Should it succeed, it would be the most brilliant revolution ever accomplished. Should it fail—well, those who engaged in it felt that they had nothing more to lose.”

It did not fail. It baffled in a few years all the efforts of the victors to destroy the Culture of the South, and it succeeded, when the fortunes of the Southern people were at their lowest, because for once it had a leader whom the people knew would not fail. It was the last brilliant example in Western Culture of what Feudalism could do.

-Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company, Andrew Lytle

Andrew Lytle uses the term ‘Feudalism’; I would use the term pietas, but I see in Forrest what Lytle saw and what Thomas Nelson Page saw in the Goth.(1) I see the undaunted, invincible spirit of the European hero undeterred by rationalism, science, and negro worship, determined to fight for his people in the name of Him who saves. That is the spirit we need. Is that what we shall see once again in the European people? It doesn’t appear so. The coming war will be between the contending liberal factions – the Marxist-Jacobins and the neo-pagans.

The grace of God once enveloped the European people. Perhaps if we love much and believe, the culture of the people who became epistles of the living God will triumph over the darkness of liberalism. It seems simple-minded to place our hopes in pietas, but the striking thing about our people when they ruled the earth was their child-like simplicity. They really did believe in the story of the Christ child who became the Hero that saved mankind from sin and death. It is our faith in Him, not in reason, science, or the sacred negro, that will see us safely home. +


(1) On the instant stood revealed, as though he had blown down the ages, a pure Goth, unchanged in any essential since his fathers had left their forests and through all obstacles, even through ranks of Roman legionaries, sword in hand had hewn their way straight to the goal of their desires. He was a Goth in all his appetites and habits, a Goth unchanged, unfettered. True to his instincts, true to his traditions, fearing nothing, loving only his own, loving and hating with all his heart—a Goth.

Under the Crust, Thomas Nelson Page

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