Even to the Edge of Doom

To My Readers —

I was unable to post on June 5th because of internet problems beyond my control. I do not believe that computers are intrinsically evil; if I did I would never use them. But on the whole I do not think the computer age has been a blessing. The great mistake made by the computer enthusiasts in the ranks of the conservatives, men such as George Gilder, was the mistake of assuming that technical advances were good in and of themselves, independent of the human beings using the technologies. As the European people regressed morally, they became a post-Christian people with advanced technology. The result has been a tyranny unequaled in the less technological ages. The internet tech giants are able to exercise a leftist tyranny over the European people that makes Stalin and Hitler look like benevolent dictators.

I will not cease my attack, via the pen, against the liberal leviathan until God calls me home. So if you don’t see a post on a given Saturday, it means I have shuffled off this mortal coil or I am, once again, having internet problems.

As regards this week’s post – I once, in my student days, shared a train seat with an Englishwoman in her mid-forties who was doing a one-year stint in the United States for an English company she represented. In the course of a long conversation, mainly about her native land, she confided to me that in all her travels throughout Europe and the United States, the American people were the only people who got upset if you told them you didn’t want to be a citizen of their country. She didn’t understand the American exceptionalist mentality, which was anti-pietas. I told her there once had been a segment of Americans in the old South who loved their nation simply because it was “their own, their native land,” but on the whole, she was right: Our people loved a utopian ideal, not a homeland. In spite of all that we have become, our ‘conservatives’ still refuse to reject American exceptionalism. They are still American Undines. When will ensoulment take place? When we see His Europe and say, “This is my own, my native land.”


You do me wrong to take me out o’ the grave.
Thou art a soul in bliss; but I am bound
Upon a wheel of fire, that mine own tears
Do scald like molten lead.

King Lear


The conservatives have latched onto new evidence, provided by scientists, that tells us the COVID-19 virus was and is a man-made virus that the Chinese communists cooked up in their laboratories in Wuhan in order to kill as many Americans as possible. My reaction to that report is the same as Horatio’s reaction to Hamlet when Hamlet tells him what his father, come back from the grave, has told him:

Ham. There’s ne-er a villain dwelling in all Denmark–
But he’s an arrant knave.

Hor. There needs no ghost, my lord, come from the grave
To tell us this.

I need no scientists to tell me that the Chinese communists are evil.

If you believe that communism is an evil ideology, if you believe the historical record of nations who hold to that ideology, you should not need scientific evidence to convince you that the Chinese communists were and are involved in germ warfare. All things are lawful to those who believe there is no God, so why should we doubt for one moment that the Chinese communists are evil men with evil intentions? We will doubt that obvious piece of history if we are religious atheists, if we are liberals who believe in the abstract intellect, the sacred negro, and science.

If we turn to the liberals’ Holy Ghost, which is science, to refute the liberals’ narrative of the good, the pure, and the beneficent Chinese communists, we will fail to refute the liberals. We will fail, because there is no truth in science — she is a whore who will serve whomever pays her. The leftist liberals can come up with their own scientists to refute the moderate liberals’ scientists. Pilate asked Christ, “What is truth?” and then consented to the crucifixion of The Truth. The liberals are the embodiment of the Jews who sought to crucify The Truth, and the moderate conservatives are the embodiment of Pontius Pilate who consented to that crucifixion because he needed empirical, scientific evidence before he could believe in The Truth enough to oppose the very real ‘this world only’ power of the Sanhedrin. But what is our faith if it can be seen with the empirical eye? It is not faith, it is a reed for every new scientific wind that blows.

The scholastic era in the Church marked a great shift in the interior eye of the European Everyman. Prior to the scholastic era, the high Middle Ages, the Dream of the Rood was the vision of the European people. Christ was above the natural world, He was our Savior and He was our kith and kin.

Now I bid thee, my loved man, to declare this vision unto men; reveal in words that it is the glorious tree on which Almighty God suffered for the many sins of mankind and the old deeds of Adam.

There He tasted death; yet God rose up again with His mighty power to help men. Then He ascended to heaven; hither again will the Lord Himself make His way to this world to seek mankind on the day of judgment, Almighty God and His angels with Him, when He who has power of judgment will judge each one according as he merits in this fleeting life. No one can be without fear there at the word the Lord says: He will ask before the multitude where the man is who for God’s sake would taste bitter death, as He aforetime did on the cross; but then they will be afraid, and think little of what they begin to say to Christ. No one need be terrified there who erstwhile bears in his breast the best of signs, but each soul which desires to dwell with the Lord must through the cross seek the kingdom which is far from earth. 

The Dream of the Rood

When the inner eye ceases to behold the vision of the Dream of the Rood, but instead is overcome by the outer eye which looks upon nature and nature’s god, the Holy Ghost is rendered obsolete, He becomes nothing. It did not happen overnight, the worship of science as the true comforter, but it did come about. The two democratic revolutions, the American Revolution and the French Revolution, codified that reordering of the Europeans’ spiritual vision. When God is scientized, when He is studied with the empirical eye, He becomes an impersonal God, a remote God that people turn to as they turn to a philosophical construct or a self-help book. But He is no longer the God whom St. Paul encountered on the road to Damascus. And that God is the only God who can sustain us in this world and give us eternal life in the next world.

Communism is a derivative of American and French Jacobinism, and they are derivatives of the scientizing of God. When God is scientized, man becomes scientized, because man is created in the image of God; thus, a false view of God gives us a false view of man. And the men of science, acting on the false view of God, can proceed to analyze, categorize, and dissect “poor, bare unaccommodated man” out of existence. The conservatives tell us that we should resist communism. Why should we resist communism? The answer always is: it is a bad economic system and it is opposed to liberty. But democratic capitalism is a bad economic system, and it is opposed to liberty as well. Let me digress. My great-grandfather on the Welsh side of my family came over to this country when he was a baby. Obviously, he didn’t have any say in the matter, he came over to the land of liberty with his parents. At eight years of age, he became a breaker boy in the mines, and he worked six fourteen-hour days a week from age eight until his death at age sixty. Now, in those years between eighteen and sixty, he married, fathered children, and had Sundays off, so his life was not unmitigated misery. But if we are looking at the entity called capitalism, which is an offspring of the democratic way that American conservatives are always touting, is the misery index of Russian communism and of American capitalism that different? I would prefer the life of a Russian peasant under communism to the life of a coal miner, but I would prefer the life of a factory worker in the U.S., as miserable as that might be, to life under communism. And yes, American capitalism was humanized, the work hours were shortened for the laboring classes, and a middle class came into being. But still, we can’t leave the issue of the scientizing of man. There is a pernicious evil behind American democracy; it is a system of government and economics that is opposed to the European people’s Dream of the Rood.

If we are picking the greater evil, it seems that the iron fist of communism, which is the Jacobinism of Robespierre, is worse than the seductive, veiled evil of American demon-cracy, which is the Jacobinism of the French Directory after the fall of Robespierre, but both systems are evil manifestations of a material-based view of a man and God, which makes science the new Holy Ghost. Are we permitted to choose the lesser of two evils? No, we must cleave to the Dream of the Rood and forsake communism and demon-cracy.

In our country, we can see the fatal consequences of choosing the seemingly lesser of two evils. The ‘lesser’ of two evils can shift ground, the seductive veil can be removed to reveal an iron fist. Whenever the liberal demon-crats feel that their empire is being challenged, they become hysterical, like an evil woman who finds that her feminine charms no longer charm, and they resort to the iron fist. This happened in America in 1860 through 1877, and it happened again in 2016 through 2020. And the white grazers always allow the leftist demon-crats to go back to the seduction, even though the demon-crats have shown them the evil behind the demon-cratic façade. I recall seeing an old gangster movie (there is a great deal of practical wisdom in the B-Westerns and the gangster B-movies) in which a wounded gangster sought refuge in a hideout for gangsters run by a gigantic female gangster. The Amazon Ma Parker started to strangle the wounded gangster, but when she found out that he did not have the money from his robbery on his person, she stopped strangling him and tried to behave like Florence Nightingale. Of course the wounded gangster did not believe in the sudden transformation of the Amazonian gangster. He waited for the right moment and then eliminated her. That was the wise and prudent thing to do, but the gangster had a great advantage: he did not have a mystical faith in the goodness of all Ma Parkers who ran a refuge for gangsters. “Yet though you slay me, still I shall trust in thee,” is the faith of the white, moderate liberals as regards the mad-dog liberals.

When the Southern people were sufficiently ‘reconstructed’ and allowed back into the Union, upon what terms were they allowed to come back into the Union? They were allowed to come back into the Union under the original demand of the Northern Jacobins – “You must accept the enfranchisement of the negro.” And of course what was implicit in that enfranchisement of the negro was the worship of the negro as the second person of the new Trinity. The mini-rebellion of 2016 was not a full-blown counterrevolution, as was the case in 1860; it was a small protest against the liberals’ blatant leftism, but it was put down with fire and sword because the liberals, having obtained absolute power, were not going to allow even a slight digression from ‘the truth and the way,’ which is their kingdom of hell on earth.

It is a tragic spectacle when the conservatives blather on about the demon-cratic way and our great star-spangled-banner-American heritage while the liberals enjoy the fruits of an uncontested, fraudulent election victory and openly canonize black criminals while crucifying all the white policemen who try to prevent black savagery. But that shall always be the American way so long as the American way is opposed to the European people’s ancient customs and manners. Those customs and manners were grounded in Christ’s love for his people and their response to His love.

There was, until the 20th century, great resistance to the new world order which bid us turn to the new Holy Ghost of science instead of the Holy Ghost of Christianity. The lay of the European minstrels (see Nineteenth Century Way to God and The Sacred Heritage) told us of another world of charity, honor, and love that could only be abandoned at the cost of our souls. We will always believe a lie if we think that His charity of honor, the charity that never faileth, can be relegated to the historical archives, while ‘real’ history, the history of the beloved sacred negroes and the onward march of leftist feminists, sexual perverts, and mass murderers (abortionists), is applauded and lauded in our public ceremonies as part of the fabric of our nation.

We cannot resist the onward leftist march of the mad-dog liberals by appealing to our leftist American heritage. That heritage is not a heritage, it is a base betrayal of our sacred heritage, our Christian European heritage. Why are the men and women arrested on January 6th for trying to stop a leftist military coup being tortured in prison without a conservative outcry? Why was Derek Chauvin crucified without a conservative outcry? Why do the conservatives insist that we must not be racist and we must be non-violent? The answer to all those questions is that the conservatives are not conservative, they are the members of the Jacobin Directory who signed on to the murder of Louis XVI but finally opposed Robespierre when he came after them.

When Thomas Molnar reviewed Russell Kirk’s book The Conservative Mind, he said that Kirk had proved there were some conservatives in America, but he had failed to prove that they ever had any influence. When has our government ever taken the side of Christian Europe against the Jacobins? During the French Revolution we supported the Jacobins. In the Civil War our Jacobin government destroyed the Christian South. In World War I we supported the side of the anarchists who struck at the last Christian empire in Europe. And in World War II, we chose to support the Russian communists, when a Christian nation would have fought Nazism and communism. Didn’t we finally get it right in Korea and Vietnam? No, we didn’t, because we didn’t fight communism in the name of Christ, we fought it in the name of demon-cratic capitalism. It is not possible for a man of honor to cling to the anti-Christian, anti-European star-spangled myth of American demon-cracy. That is why the liberals have worked so hard to destroy the white man’s code of honor. If you demonize honor, chivalry, and charity, all the virtues stemming from the white Christians’ code, you will place the Europeans under the mantle of science, and science has no honor. In the trinity of the abstract intellect, the sacred negro, and science, we have seen Satan placed on the throne of Europe. He cannot be humanized, he can only be dethroned. And a dethroning will only take place when the European people return to their first love, the God-Man, Jesus Christ.

My own struggles to come to terms with the liberals’ new Holy Ghost mirror Dostoyevsky’s experience. The forces of modernity seemed to be correct: An intelligent man, a man of reason and science, could not believe that Christ was the Son of the Living God. But still, there was that “radiant personality of Christ.” My dream, my inner eye, saw Christ and only Christ standing between me and all the “heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.” Beyond cold reason, beyond the sacred negro, and beyond science, is the God-Man, who has left us a comforter infinitely greater than science. Do not our hearts burn within us for something more than the demonic forces of Jacobinism-communism and demon-cracy? I cannot believe that Satan can completely eradicate, through the new trinity, our love for the God-Man. “If this be error,” if Satan can kill all longing for the God-Man in the hearts of the European people, still, I shall hold onto my Dream of the Rood, “even to the edge of doom.”

Ever since the Garden of Eden, Satan has prowled about the world, seeking the ruin of souls. Through ideology, by making God and then man an object of the natural world to be studied and dissected, Satan has achieved his greatest success. I once, while teaching Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, which is not even my favorite of Shakespeare’s plays, became so overcome with the charity of heart that could see all our faults and still love us with an overwhelming love, that I wept uncontrollably in front of a stunned group of adolescents. Shakespeare’s unflinching faith that our humanity was linked to a charity that surpasses pure reason, is the faith that brings us to the divine humanity of our Lord and Savior. When we are connected to the culture of His divine humanity, the condemned, racist culture of old Europe, we feel something stir within us that makes us recoil from modernity and cling to that vision we see with the interior eye of the heart. Something momentous is occurring in the European nations. Satan is consolidating his power, and it seems there is nothing left in the European people’s souls that can help them resist Satan. We are bound upon a wheel of fire that our own “tears do scald like molten lead.” Only the Dream of the Rood, our European vision, can put out that fire and dry our tears. +

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