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Remembrances VI: Thy People

A Christmas Carol In the bleak mid-winterFrosty wind made moan,Earth stood hard as iron,Water like a stone;Snow had fallen, snow on snow,Snow on snow,In the bleak mid-winterLong ago. Our God, Heaven cannot hold himNor earth sustain;Heaven and earth shall flee … Continue reading

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Christmas Land

Thy tributary Eastern Kings.Lord! Grant some light to us; that weMay with them find the way to Thee!Behold what mists eclipse the day!How dark it is! Shed down one ray,To guide us out of this sad night,And say once more,“LET … Continue reading

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They Are Legion

Dickson groaned. What had become of his dream of idylls, his gentle bookish romance? Vanished before a reality which smacked horribly of crude melodrama and possibly of sordid crime. His gorge rose at the picture, but a thought troubled him. … Continue reading

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