How to contact CWNY’s family

Dear Readers,

As you are aware, CWNY wisely did not open up his blog for comments, for he always felt compelled to answer each individual comment, and if he did, he knew he would have no time left for his weekly article.

We, his family, have decided to attempt hearing from you, any of his readers who followed CWNY’s sad steps and may feel a need, as we do, to speak with love and reverence of CWNY. Please email us through a secure email service (such as Proton Mail) using the address: cwny {at} protonmail {dot} com.

We supported his work and would sometimes wonder just who might comment on his articles and what they’d have to say. Would he have found a kindred spirit? Or would he find that no one really understood or agreed with the truths he was saying, which needed to be said, in this wasteland of the 21st century? Perhaps it is foolish of us, but we cannot help but hope there are some white souls out there who believe in Christ’s old Europe and everything that went with it – the love of one’s own kith and kin, honor, faith, hope, and charity – and would rejoice to hear from you.

If such there be, we realize the incredible loneliness you must inevitably be suffering in today’s evil society and extend a hand in friendship and sympathy.

Christ comfort you, our brethren! Even if we never see each other’s faces, we needs must believe there are others besides us who loved and honored CWNY for Christ’s sake and took his writings to heart. For we believe, as CWNY firmly believed, that “the King and Lord of men is nowhere without His witnesses, and in every society, howsoever seemingly corrupt and godless, there are those who have not bowed the knee unto Baal.” To you, the faithful remnant band of antique Europeans, we say God bless and strengthen you in the way thou goest. Christ be with you now and always, even unto the ending of the world.