Wrought by the Devil

“Antioch, farewell! For wisdom sees, those men
Blush not in actions blacker than the night
Will shun no course to keep them from the light.”

Pericles, Prince of Tyre


From the dunnest pit of hell Biden comes forth to instruct the world, according to the dictates of his master, the archangel Lucifer. But tyrannicide is not an option, because Biden represents a cabal that is legion. His life is safe because he is merely a spokesperson for that legion. If he disappears tomorrow, another member of the legion from hell will assume his place. No government official can say, “a personality dwells here,” because there is no humanity in liberalism; the liberals are unmen who have given their souls to Satan.

Biden recently spoke to some of his denizens and pulled out a card on what was (he claimed) the death toll of the coronavirus pandemic. He had the satanic temerity to say his heart bled for the 600,000+ victims of the illness! This from the man who was a member of the liberal cabal that was unalterably opposed to any restrictions on trade or traffic with communist China. This from the man who was a member of the cabal that did everything they could to restrict the use of the hydroxychloroquine drug because Trump had suggested it could help in the treatment of the disease. Whatever is the actual number of deaths from COVID-19, is there any doubt that Biden and his liberal partners in Satanism deliberately, with malice aforethought, wanted to kill as many Americans as possible with the virus in order to stop Trump from winning re-election? No, there is no doubt. And yet the bloody monstrosity, a creature from hell, stands before the American people and claims he weeps over the people he helped to murder. One is reminded of the carpenter in Lewis Carroll’s tale who weeps over the oysters he has just eaten. And that is all actual humans are to the liberals: something to be eaten by the liberal leviathan.(1)

What Burke said about our elective affections being an infallible indication of what was in our hearts was and is true. My elective affections are with the Dream of the Rood Christians of Old Europe. Outside of my own family and a few other men and women, whom I only know through the internet, I do not know any Dream of the Rood Christians. But I still retain a certain affection for those in the moderate liberal camp who have not abandoned all the values stemming from the Dream of the Rood culture. That is where I break with the neo-pagans who see no difference between Trump and Biden, and some of whom even prefer Biden. Trump and his followers had and have more than just a “dram of mercy” in their souls, and Biden and the creatures that voted for him have no “dram of mercy” in their souls. How can a Christian European be indifferent to the contrast? The blended Christianity of Trump makes him blind to the satanic essence of liberalism, it makes him weak on so many issues, such as negro worship and the deification of the unrepentant Jew, but that dram of mercy in his soul also made him try to actually mitigate the effects of the coronavirus, to oppose the communist Chinese, to help Americans maintain their jobs, and to keep our Southern border under control. Those are not little things that a Christian should treat with an Olympian, philosophical indifference.

All that having been said in defense of Trump and his followers, the sad fact remains that the fusion of Christianity and liberalism, which is the essence of Trump’s movement, results in the triumph of Satan. Why? As oft this stage we have shown – Christ cannot be blended and still be the Son of the living God. Christ cannot reach our hearts if He is a co-redemptorist forever united to the sacred negro, a subordinate God to the nation state of Israel, or an end product of a syllogism. He must stand alone as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. We who are about to die need the unblended suffering Servant who has redeemed us from sin and death.

After the death of Robespierre, there was a large contingent of moderate English liberals who thought that an honorable man could make peace with Republican France. Burke pointed out to those moderate liberals that every single member of the Directory had signed on to the death of the King. He was adamant in his continued opposition to the spirit of liberty, equality, and fraternity that was destined, if unchecked, to destroy all of Christian Europe. Of course it was unchecked and it did destroy Christian Europe. And America? The framers of our Constitution, Franklin, Madison, and Jefferson, were religious atheists, and our great military hero, George Washington, rallied the troops by quoting from the most pernicious, evil European man who ever walked the earth – Thomas Paine. When the South rebelled against American Jacobinism, the Southerners claimed, “We did not sign on for this.” The modern Jacobins said, “Yes, you did.” And the Northern Jacobins were right. Negro worship is implicit in any nation that is founded on the proposition that nature and nature’s god shall rule. For what is nature, in the propositional sense? It is man’s reason, it is Thomas Paine’s logic, which preaches that Christ be not risen and the natural savage is our God. The South had no Christian King, no Alfred, so the South lost the war. They only held the enemy at bay when they had a fighting Monarch, Nathan Bedford Forrest. We are a hierarchically endowed people – “I serve the King, and the King serves Christ,” must be our battle cry.

The moderate liberals in Burke’s England were like unto the Trumpers; they were – and the Trumpers are – Origenists, who believe in the conversion of the devil:

The October Politician is so full of charity and good nature, that he supposes, that those very robbers and murderers themselves are in a course of amelioration; on what ground I cannot conceive, except on the long practice of every crime, and by its complete success. He is an Origenist, and believes in the conversion of the Devil. All that runs in the place of blood in his veins, is nothing but the milk of human kindness. He is as soft as a curd, though, as a politician, he might be supposed to be made of sterner stuff. He supposes (to use his own expression) “that the salutary truths which he inculcates, are making their way into their bosoms.” Their bosom is a rock of granite, on which falsehood has long since built her strong hold. Poor Truth has had a hard work of it with her little pickaxe. Nothing but gunpowder will do. Letters on a Regicide Peace

It is worth nothing that Origen, the theologian who believed, contrary to the Gospel, that the devil could be converted, emasculated himself. Isn’t that what our moderate liberals have done? Haven’t they spiritually emasculated themselves before the sacred negro? Trump, an alpha male in so many respects, would not act during the summer of 2020 as the violence in the streets escalated. And why didn’t he act? He didn’t act because Antifa used Black Lives Matter as their shield. The murderer of Aaron Danielson was killed because he stepped away from his black shields, while all other Antifaers, who kept their sacred shields, rioted and murdered with impunity. Some Democratic governors who defunded their police forces are now making some efforts to refund their police, and the moderate conservatives are applauding their efforts, albeit with a few, “I told you sos” thrown in. But the amount of police and funds is not the central issue. You can increase the police force tenfold in numbers and funds, but that will not stop our cities and towns from becoming crime-ridden hell holes. It is not numbers and money that we need. You could cut every police force in half, in terms of numbers and money, and still put a major dent in violent crime if you empowered your police departments to fight, to actually fight, against black barbarians. So long as white policemen have been spiritually neutered, so long as they are trained to believe that crime is not crime if it is done by the sacred negroes, you will not have any police forces, you will have servants of the sacred negro who are hired to keep white citizens from defending themselves. Look what six black jurors and six white jurors did to Derek Chauvin. They sentenced him to a lifetime crucifixion because he took action against a black criminal. If you believe in the salvation of the devil, then you will never fight the devil’s own, the liberals and their colored gods.

The moderate liberals, who do not believe that the liberals are the devil’s own, have “nothing but the milk of human kindness” in their hearts when it comes to the sacred negroes and the mad-dog liberals, but they have made throwing their own people to the wolves a ‘conservative’ tradition. The police officers who stopped Jacob Blake from harming black children were thrown to the wolves, Derek Chauvin who arrested a drug-soaked criminal that died of a heart attack while resisting arrest, was thrown to the wolves, and every white man or woman who even suggests, let alone acts in self-defense, that whites should not commit racial suicide is thrown to the wolves, or should I say, the hellhounds of Liberaldom. Conservative Origenists cannot lead a counterrevolution, but they can lead a mass suicide movement based on their belief that a man can be saved by the devil once he rejects the extremism of white pietas.

Let me offer a counter-proposal to the moderate-liberals’ proposal that we can convert the devil if we are civil, polite, and rational. Let me state the obvious – the devil hates Christ because the devil is evil and Christ is good. The devil cannot be redeemed. We are called, as Christians, to hate the devil and all of his works. And what is the proudest work of the devil? It is the liberals; the devil cannot create a human being, but he can refashion what was wrought by God into something so hideous, so evil, that it becomes the work of the devil. Burke put it quite well when he wrote that the Jacobins could not strike God out of heaven, but they could obscure Him from our sight by “defacing, degrading, torturing, and tearing in pieces his image in man.” The major indictment of modern Liberaldom, and most particularly of our own “land of liberty,” is that the modern liberals have gone further than any people at any time in history in blotting out the image of God in man. And the European people were once the people who championed the image of God in man in defiance of the heathen world. “Oh, what a falling off was there.” Now, a Christian of the old stock must champion Christ in defiance of the new Europe, a post-Christian Europe, infinitely worse than any heathen nation ever was. And the moderate liberals tell us that we can redeem such a nation if we support civil rights, free enterprise, and the salvation of the devil. For shame, for shame, eternal shame if we make such a compromise with the devil and his minions.

Western civilization was founded on the belief that Christ rose from the dead on the third day. Modern Europe, the Europe we see before our eyes today, was founded on the belief that Christ be not risen, He is not the Son of the Living God. That is why Burke labored so manfully to warn us about the French Revolution. The civil wars between rival claimants to Christian thrones were very sad affairs, but such wars did not constitute a change in the ruling faith of the nations involved in the civil wars. The French Revolution did constitute a change from Christ is risen to Christ be not risen. And in our anti-nation Thomas Paine’s hatred of Christianity was institutionalized through the seductive lure of, “you can keep your religion if it remains a private thing, but the serious business of our nation is the promotion of liberty, equality, and fraternity, independent of that great imposter, Jesus Christ.”

St. Paul told the Jews, with great sadness because they were his people, that he would take his message, that Christ was the Son of the living God, to the Gentiles and they would hear him. And our people did hear him. God bless them for it. But what has happened to the European people? Why have they hardened their hearts, like the stiff-necked Jews that St. Paul condemned, against the living God? Let us look to Acts 28: 26-29for the answer to that question:

Saying, Go unto this people, and say, Hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and not perceive: For the heart of this people is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them. Be it known therefore unto you, that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and that they will hear it. And when he had said these words, the Jews departed, and had great reasoning among themselves.

St. Paul told the Jews and he tells us that our understanding of God comes from the heart: “and understand with their hearts, and should be converted, and I should heal them.” The medieval scholastics and the Protestant scholastics who followed in their train, who bid us understand God with our minds while eschewing our heart’s passions because those passions are evil, left us bereft of our shield against the wickedness and snares of the devil, who can manipulate our reason to believe his lies. Our shield and strength was and is a heart connected to His heart, through and in our people who saw, in their hearts, the Word made flesh, and who believed in their hearts.

Most of the giants of religious atheism, Rousseau, Paine, Darwin, Freud, and Marx, were products of the 18th and 19th centuries. The 20th century liberals such as Shaw and Einstein merely parroted their atheist forefathers. We, the Europeans of the 20th century and the 21st century, inherited either the mad-dog liberalism of the religious atheists or the moderate liberalism of the English moderates whom Burke fought against. My parents were moderate liberals and their moderate liberalism, which they bequeathed to me and my siblings, turned my sister into a mad-dog liberal. There is free will; my sister was sent to a private ‘religious’ college where she was exposed to intellectual Christianity as a buttress against atheism. But she went the way of mad-dog liberalism for the same reason her contemporaries went over to mad-dog liberalism: Intellectual Christianity did not touch her heart, but the wickedness and snares of the devil did touch her heart. I pray for her conversion while condemning, with all my heart, her evil religion that is devoid of all mercy and all charity. Liberalism is the synthesis of all evil; we cannot be demur and moderate in the face of that evil. Is there any heart left in the bowels of what was once Christendom who hates the image of the beast in man culture of Satan enough to rise and ride in defense of His Europe? In one of his Christian hymns, the singer Glen Campbell asks, referencing his own death, “Who will sing one song for me?” Every time I hear that song, I reply, “I will.” And that is all we can do for our Lord when He asks us who shall stand with Him in the last great battle: “I will,” is our answer, and then we will rise and ride in defense of Christ’s Europe. +


(1) Burke and Taine added cannibalism to the sins of the Jacobins because they drank the blood of the guillotined aristocrats. So do our modern Jacobins consume the blood of aborted babies in facial creams and beauty products while feasting, through their black gods, on the blood of slaughtered whites.

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