A Blood Faith is Forever

The South had its American Exceptionalists — Thomas Jefferson was the worst — but the South that had to be destroyed was the South that was rooted in European civilization, a civilization that had a blood tie with the God who took flesh and dwelt among us. A propositional faith and a propositional nation can be discarded quite easily for a new propositional faith and a new propositional nation, but a blood tie is forever. The willingness with which ‘conservatives’ denounce their blood ties to old Europe, of which the Old South was an exemplar, shows their willingness to make peace with the devil. Which brings us back to Origen and his belief in the conversion of the devil. –CWNY


On the instant stood revealed, as though he had blown down the ages, a pure Goth, unchanged in any essential since his fathers had left their forests and through all obstacles, even through ranks of Roman legionaries, sword in hand had hewn their way straight to the goal of their desires. He was a Goth in all his appetites and habits, a Goth unchanged, unfettered. True to his instincts, true to his traditions, fearing nothing, loving only his own, loving and hating with all his heart—a Goth. –Under the Crust


When a nation, such as the United States of America, which is really a non-nation, has institutionalized blasphemy against the living God, it’s hard to call any one liberal overlord the most blasphemous liberal overlord of them all, but when one of the Pope-essas of Liberaldom, Mika Brzezinski, steps forward and says that anyone who does not get vaccinated is not Christian, then I think we must give the title, Most Blasphemous of Them All, to Mika Brzezinski.

Has Mika the liberal Pope-essa, ever, in her long career as a blasphemer, supported anything Christian? No, she has not. In point of fact, and I use the word ‘fact’ because the liberals claim to love facts, she has consistently supported everything that is satanic – Black Lives Matter, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, sodomy, legalized abortion, transgenderism, the extermination of the white race, and the list goes on and on. It is clear whom Mika serves: she serves the devil, who is and always shall be, “a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” Mika, like all liberals, is a murderer and a liar, because she worships the devil in and through the sacred negro. So when Mika speaks ex cathedra from the holy liberal pulpit of MSNBC, we must listen to what she says, not as our doctrine, but as a revelation from her master, the devil. And we see in the great Mika’s condemnation of the non-vaccinated the truth behind the COVID-19 ‘crisis.’

COVID-19 was created by the American medical-scientific establishment and the Chinese government to kill and control white Europeans and destroy the economies of the white European nations. The fact that blacks were and are particularly susceptible to COVID-19 did not and does not bother the liberals in the slightest. The liberals do not care about individual blacks; if they did they would follow Christian policies similar to the old South and apartheid South Africa. Those societies more than any other societies actually tried to elevate, morally and economically, blacks to a higher level of existence in which they were something other than beasts. As it stands now, the liberals worship blacks in the abstract because they need them to justify and sanction all the blasphemies and depravities of Liberaldom. So long as Black Lives Matter reigns supreme, Satan shall reign supreme.

The COVID-19 virus was used to destroy Trump, who was unique among American Republican presidents in that he actually wanted white people to be part of America, but the virus was not concocted solely to destroy Trump. European nations that never had a Trump are using COVID-19 for their own ends, and the liberals are keeping the COVID-19 ‘crisis’ going in this country even though Trump has been disposed of. So what is the reason for COVID-19? Isn’t it obvious? COVID-19 is a very useful tool in the hands of the malevolent liberals. They can use it to further solidify and perpetuate their kingdom of hell on earth. “All must be vaccinated” is liberal double-speak; what they mean is all whites must obey all the dictates of liberalism. And all the dictates of Liberaldom can ultimately be summed up by one prime directive. “The white Christ-bearing race must be exterminated.”

It is not a case of COVID-19 being a hoax. I live in a multi-generational household in which every member of my household, with one exception, caught the virus.(1) Thankfully no one in my household died or had to be hospitalized, but it was a serious illness. And I know of many other people who have contracted the illness, but this illness, this thing called COVID-19, has been treated differently than other illnesses that plagued our people in the Christian and Christian-fumes eras of our history. The liberals deliberately created, in league with the Chinese communists, COVID-19; they fought tooth and nail to prevent people from recovering from the illness, and they are doing everything possible to keep the illness alive in order to consolidate their power over the American people. Why do they need power? Because too many white Americans — Trump’s election in 2016 was a warning to the liberals – will not go willingly to the gas chambers. So through COVID-19 and other ‘crises’ that will be coming down the liberal pike, the liberals hope to complete the extermination of the white race, always exempting themselves, of course, who have gone beyond whiteness (“I’m black inside,” intones Chris Cuomo).

It is not a good sign that America has ‘achieved’ a 70% vaccination record. That is a terrible thing to contemplate, because it indicates that Americans still, despite the fact that the medical-scientific community worked hand in glove with the Chinese government to create COVID-19, believe in Science writ large. To oppose Science is to oppose the liberals’ Holy Ghost, and just as opposing the Holy Ghost is the unforgivable sin in Christianity, so is opposing Science the unforgivable sin in the liberals’ satanic inversion of Christianity. Through abstract reason, the sacred negro, and holy science, the liberals promise redemption for all the members of a universalist community of men and women of color, and, of course, the desouled illuminated whites who have elevated themselves to a ‘higher’ level of existence than the ‘racist’ Europeans of the past.

It is not, unfortunately, that the 30% of unvaccinated Americans are unvaccinated because they are Christian Europeans getting ready to rise and ride against Liberaldom in the name of Christ the King. The unvaccinated remain unvaccinated for a myriad of reasons, most of which have nothing to do with Christianity. Quite the contrary, most of the professed Christians in the ranks of the moderate liberals are pro-vaccination. And that is understandable since the moderate liberals, the conservatives, do not look on liberalism as institutionalized Satanism. This vaccine crisis is part of a very old gambit of Satan that he has used time and time again: “Intelligence is science, and science is truth,” Satan tells us. And who wants to be stupid? Isn’t abstract reason the first person of the liberals’ trinity? We are back with Balzac who skewered the decadent intelligentsia of Paris: “In Paris, when they say a man has a good heart, they mean he is as stupid as a rhinoceros.” The unvaccinated do not have complete trust in the medical-scientific establishment, and that mistrust is the beginning of wisdom, a wisdom that could lead – but it is by no means written – to the foolishness of God.

In that magnificent novel, Shane, Marian Starrett laments the existence of guns. She yearns for the day when there will be no guns in the valley because then, she fantasizes, there will be no more killing. Shane very gently disagrees. He tells her that a gun is just a tool, no better or no worse than the man who wields it. So it is with reason; it is a tool, no better or no worse than the heart that wields it. But the moderate liberals do not regard reason as a tool of the heart; they regard it as an independent deity that can solve all of man’s problems. The problem of mad-dog liberalism can be solved, the conservatives believe, by reference to the deity of reason. But the mad-dog liberals cannot be swayed by the deity called reason. They use reason to serve the passion in their hearts, the hatred of Jesus Christ and the Christ-bearing race. You cannot, as the conservatives in church and state maintain, reference pure reason in order to bypass the evil passions of the human heart. By doing so you will leave Satan and his passionate followers triumphant in the lists without any Christian challengers, because there can be no knights of charity without passionate hearts connected to His passionate heart. Banning passion and appealing to pure reason as an antidote to evil passions partakes of the same gun-banning wish of Marian Starrett; you must support the good passion, the Christ-centered passion, in order to defeat the passionate followers, through the sacred negro, of Satan. Hugh McGee’s advice to his son is always apropos: “And think with passion, it’s the only kind of thought that is worth anything.”

On a weekly basis, I receive letters from ‘conservatives’ urging me to give money to and vote for Republican candidates. If I don’t, they warn me, very bad things will happen: “It will be the end of our Republic.” Shouldn’t the conservatives address the problem of the rhinoceros in the bedroom before they continue to urge the white grazers to get out there and support the Republican Party? We had a presidential election in this anti-nation in which the man who recorded an astounding majority of the votes was not allowed to win the election because some of his policies were not sufficiently anti-white and anti-Christian to please the liberal cabal that rules our anti-nation. If the conservatives want me to send funds to the protestors who went unarmed against the brutal, sadistic Capitol Police on January 6th, I will gladly send them funds. If they want me to join them in an effort to free Derek Chauvin, I will send them funds. But I have nothing but contempt for moderate liberals who think more liberalism is the cure for liberalism. Satan is the font of liberalism, and he is and always shall be a murderer and a liar. The conservatives who urge us to seek redemption through the democratic process urge us to seek redemption from the satanic founder of the democratic process. “Crucify Him,” and then, “Crucify His people,” will always be the battle cry of the men and women in charge of the demon-cratic process. Pure reason will not put a stop to such evil.

How does a demonic creature such as Mika Brzezinski dare to use Christianity to defend her demonism? She is permitted to do so because of the conservatives in church and state have shifted from a faith in our Lord and Savior who rose from the dead on the third day to a faith in a ‘Judeo-Greco-Roman-Celtic-Christian tradition.’ Conservatives in the twentieth century affirmed God, a God of many faiths and many peoples, but they did not affirm the one true God of one particular people. Burke was very specific about what should be conserved — it was Christian Europe. He did not want to preserve a propositional faith in a generic God who was all things to all people. Christ cannot be blended with a messianic faith in the nation state of Israel or in a pantheon of gods, consisting of the sacred negro, Muhammed, and the gods of the Amazon Rain Forest. He is either our Beginning and our End, or He is a useful tool of the liberals, to be pulled out of the closet every time they want to put the moderate liberals on the defensive. Why do the conservatives, the type of people who send me letters instructing me to defeat the mad-dog liberals by voting Republican, always respond to the aggression of the liberals by ceding the high ground to the liberals? When Derek Chauvin arrested a black criminal and that criminal died of a heart attack while resisting arrest, the ‘conservatives’ met the liberals’ war cry of ‘racism,’ with a cowardly betrayal of Derek Chauvin: “Most cops are good, just Derek Chauvin is bad.” When a brave band of protestors charged the liberal barricades on January 6th, the conservatives responded to the liberals’ charges of treason with, “Most of the protestors were non-violent.” Pontius Pilate lives and thrives in the ranks of the conservatives. And Pontius Pilate seemed to have more remorse than our modern conservative Pontius Pilates because he could not pour the balm of, “I am not racist,” over his soul.

Dickens closed his masterpiece, A Christmas Carol, by enjoining all of us to keep Christmas in our hearts as the repentant Scrooge kept Christmas in his heart: “May that be truly said of us and all of us!” Let it be truly said of us, the European remnant, that we are racist as the Dream of the Rood Christians of old Europe were racist, that we love our own with a passion that is grounded in the love of our Savior whose love passeth the understanding of ‘pure’ reason but enters and dwells within the heart that loves.+


(1) The medical-scientific community does not even understand the intricacies of the human body, so why on earth should we allow them to dictate to us on all things spiritual as well as physical? Despite living in close quarters with members of my family who had COVID-19, I did not contract the virus. I think it had something to do with my blood type, which differs from the rest of my family, but I’m not really sure why I didn’t contract the virus. But of course our medical-scientific experts are sure about everything. And they are particularly sure that the dead do not rise again. We, the last Europeans, hold to the contrary: Christ did indeed rise from the dead on the third day, and He has prepared a place for us in His house of many mansions. That is what the COVID-19 crisis is all about, Charlie Brown, it is about the eternal war between Christ and the devil. We dare not, we must not, be found wanting in the great battle.

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