The Strange Mutations of Liberaldom

But who comes here? My father, poorly led? World, world, O world!
But that thy strange mutations make us hate thee,
Life would not yield to age.


In my mid-twenties, some forty years ago, I was very involved in what was called the pro-life movement. Now, looking back, I can see that the movement should have been called, ‘Seeking redemption from the devil.’ Legalized abortion was the inevitable consequence of a system dedicated to the new trinity of the abstract intellect, the sacred negro, and science. You cannot combat a satanic evil by working within a system designed by Satan.

During the past election year, I felt like I was back with the pro-lifers (and many Trumpers were pro-lifers). Trump was vehemently opposed by the liberals because they saw him as a regression on the road to a liberal utopia, which, from a Christian standpoint, is the road to hell. The only rule that the liberals played by was – Trump must lose. The violent riots during the summer, the liberal and Chinese-backed coronavirus, were all designed to defeat Trump. The liberals succeeded because the pro-Trumpers committed the same error as the pro-lifers: They sought redemption from the devil. Instead of declaring war against the forces of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Trump appealed to the democratic process — “I support federalism” – which was the equivalent of an appeal to the devil. The devil laughed Trump to scorn while his minions cavorted and rioted in the mean streets of America. We needed a hero in authority, not a Constitutional expert: “Down these mean streets a man must go, who is not mean himself and is neither tainted nor afraid.” The election was decided in the mean streets. The moral cowards on the Supreme Court were not going to go down the mean streets because they, like the Trumpers, were tainted with liberalism, and they were afraid.

Forty-nine years ago, the pro-lifers drew a line in the sand – “Thou shall not legalize abortion.” And the liberals crossed that line. “We’ll fix you,” the pro-lifers declared, “We’ll take it to the courts.” And the courts backed the liberals. What comes next? The pro-lifers had nothing left, they had shot the one arrow in their quiver, the democratic arrow. The same thing happened this fall. The conservatives drew a line in the sand – “Do you want continual riots, do you want a COVID-19 police state where everybody who sniffles is locked away in a COVID-19 concentration camp, and do you want to live in slavery to the Chinese communists?” “Hell, no,” the white grazers said. “Then vote for Trump,” the conservatives decreed. And then came the fraudulent election. Did the conservatives, who drew the line in the sand, tell us to get our guns and storm the Capital? No, they told us to, “Take it to the courts.” Isn’t that déjà vu? Isn’t that what the pro-lifers said 49 years ago?

God will judge the souls of the conservatives, He will decide whether they were invincibly ignorant or in actual league with the devil, but in either case we dare not follow their path; we dare not, we must not, seek redemption from the devil. Which leaves the Christian European with Hamlet’s dilemma: “The time is out of joint; – O cursed spite, That ever I was born to set it right!” Like Hamlet, like Mason’s Harry Feversham, and like Conrad’s Lord Jim, we feel called upon to do something besides voting and protesting through democratic channels. We feel that a democratic, non-violent response to the violence of the enemy is cowardice in the face of the enemy.

The only response, outside of democratic channels, to the evil of liberalism, has been a neo-pagan response. The neo-pagan shooters have sought to combat the horror of liberalism with their own horror, the indiscriminate murder of the enemy, making no distinctions between civilians (women and children) and combatants. That can never be the Christian, European way. But neither can the conservatives’ litany, “We are not racist, we are non-violent,” be the way of the Christian European. We have lost that charity of honor that was and is the sole possession of the European who remains connected to Christ through his racial hearth fire. Every successful liberal ‘progression’ in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries was pushed forward with the sacred negro at the forefront of the movement. The Unitarian North crushed the Christian South, waving the banner of the sacred negro. The legalization of abortion was not violently opposed by professed pro-lifers because their assumption was that because the liberals championed civil rights, which translated to the worship of the sacred negro, they could not be evil. They were only misguided, because the only true evil was and is racism. Thus the fear of racism makes cowards of the white Christians. So long as the liberals, following Engels’ advice, march leftward under the banner of the sacred negro, they will be able to march onward to hell completely unopposed by white Europeans. Trump allowed the federal police to shoot the murderer of Aaron Danielson because that Antifa creature from hell stepped away from his black shields. But Trump did not act against the murdering, rioting, Antifaers en masse because most of them kept their black shields in front of them.

A young man is not a coward if he does not step forward and charge the liberal leviathan. Great counterrevolutionary movements come from a people. When that entity no longer exists, when white pietas has been intellectualized out of existence in church and state, the individual white man, the European, does not feel he has a spiritual homeland, a people, to fight for. Alfred, Forrest, and Havelock had a Christian base; we, their descendants, do not have any Christian ground upon which we can “make our stand.” That is a tragedy of Shakespearean and biblical proportions.

The legalization of abortion in this nation in 1973 made explicit what was implicit in our nation from its foundation – the United States was and is a republic dedicated to the proposition that, “Christ be not risen, let us look for a new God and a new government based on that new God.” Man’s abstract reason became the new God, and the new Savior became the sacred negro, and the new Holy Ghost became science. Whenever the liberals thought their new trinity was being seriously challenged, they responded with violence in order to protect that trinity. The Christian South was struck down in the 1860s, and Trump and his followers were struck down in 2020. Trump’s protest seemed quite mild compared to the counterrevolution of 1860, but the liberal leviathan of 2020 was much more advanced than the leviathan of 1860. What was once acceptable then is no longer acceptable. It is now glaringly apparent that the unmitigated evil of liberalism, which has spawned legalized abortion, negro worship, transgenderism, homosexual marriage, and every other evil under the sun is not going to be eradicated democratically. But it is also clear that the white grazers refuse to believe that liberalism, and the demon-cracy created to advance liberalism, is evil.

If we reject the moral cowardice of the ‘conservative’ purveyors of more demon-cracy to defeat their liberal brethren, what do we do? “How should we then live?” Well, as I mentioned previously, we certainly do not do what the neo-pagan shooters have done, we do not grab semi-automatic rifles and start blazing away. There has never been a successful counterrevolution against a liberal oligarchy launched by one or two individuals who hope to advance their pagan cause by killing a great number of people in one big shooting spree. There have been successful counterrevolutions against liberal oligarchies when a large segment of a Christian people will no longer tolerate the rule of Satan. The American people have not reached the stage of counterrevolution; they do not believe the liberals are satanic. We always come back to race: The white grazers do not believe that people who love the sacred negro can be satanic. But the liberals are satanic, they have replaced Christ with the sacred negro. Nothing good will happen in our anti-nation until white Europeans bend their knees to Christ and forsake the sacred negro.

At the end of King Lear, Edgar, who has gone from a man who, “is so far from doing harm that he suspects none,” to a man who faces unmitigated evil in the person of his evil bastard brother and kills him, has this to say: “The weight of this sad time we must obey; Say what we feel, not what we ought to say.” Shouldn’t we always speak what we feel, not what we ought to say? Yes, we should. But when our society is healthy, when the unbought grace of life is far from spent, our social structures can stand a certain amount of verbiage that is the mainstay of politicians and academics. But when all that is sacred has been undermined by Satan’s minions working within the fabric of our culture, we dare not lie, we dare not indulge in Emersonian platitudes. We must, like Edgar, speak what we feel, not what we ought to say. The word is father to the deed. If we speak the truth about the liberals, that they are pure evil, if we speak the truth about negro worship, that it is blasphemy, we will be preparing the ground for the counterrevolution that our people are so unwilling, at this point in their history, to fight.

The tragedy of Shakespearean and biblical proportions in the great drama of the European people can be seen before our eyes in King Lear and Genesis. We, the European people, have, like King Lear, turned our kingdom, which was given unto us by Christ the Lord, over to evil ministers. And they are wreaking havoc on us while we stand by, refusing to believe that the evil minsters are evil. And the Genesis part of our story is like unto King Lear. We have returned to Eden in order to enact a second fall of man. We have denounced our filial connection to the Lord God, and we have returned to the worship of our own intellects. Lear starts his journey back through the narrow gate of humility which he finds in a hovel:

O, I have ta’en
Too little care of this! Take physic, pomp;
Expose thyself to feel what wretches feel,
That thou mayst shake the superflux to them,
And show the heavens more just.

And we can reclaim our hope, our only hope, through humility as well. We can accept our dependence on the Babe in the manger:

And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us.
And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger.

We are so far away from the Christ story that was once at the center of our people’s history. However, we still have rights of memory in old Europe. I see a people lost in Liberaldom. But it is up to old men who see past Liberaldom to point to the star of Bethlehem and bid their people return home. +

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Pharisaical Hatred

What direction the French spirit of proselytism is likely to take, and in what order it is likely to prevail in the several parts of Europe, it is not easy to determine. The seeds are sown almost every where, chiefly by newspaper circulations, infinitely more efficacious and extensive than ever they were. And they are a more important instrument than generally is imagined. They are a part of the reading of all, they are the whole of the reading of the far greater number. There are thirty of them in Paris alone. The language diffuses them more widely than the English, though the English too are much read. The writers of these papers indeed, for the greater part, are either unknown or in contempt, but they are like a battery in which the stroke of any one ball produces no great effect, but the amount of continual repetition is decisive. Let us only suffer any person to tell us his story, morning and evening, but for one twelvemonth, and he will become our master. –Burke, Further Reflections on the Revolution in France


The myth of American democracy and of all democratic governments is that there is no need for leaders – no need for Kings, clan chieftains, aristocrats, etc. There is no need for men who have been bred to rule and lead their people, because in a democracy every man, through the power of the ballot, is his own king, his own clan leader, and his own aristocracy. He is all leaders in one through the sacred ‘will of the people.” All that the people need is pundits, mere purveyors of the news, who enable men and women to exercise their supreme authority by voting, based on the information they receive from the pundits.

In actual practice democracy is the rule over many, by the will of a few. The best example of democracy in action takes place in the New Testament. The followers of Christ were unorganized and ill-prepared for the Sanhedrin-manipulated election. “Give us Barabbas!” was the cry of organized Jewry, and the truth was crucified. Likewise in Jacobin France, it was not the will of the people to kill their Christian king, but it was the will of a small cabal of revolutionaries led by a demonic madman that was able to control and dominate the people of France through the mythic entity called ‘the people.’

It is truly extraordinary to see how the democratic myth can still hold the white grazers in check even after the myth has been exposed as a lie. In this past election, for example, Trump defeated his opponent, but that was not the result our ruling liberal oligarchy wanted. So they changed the ‘will of the people’ to what they wanted — their will is the will of the people. And despite the fact that the liberals’ did not even make a very good job of it — they were very inept – the results of the fraudulent election were allowed to stand. Recently, the ‘conservative’ News Max station apologized to Dominion Voting Systems for saying the election was rigged by them. Now, many of us must tactically lie in this liberal kingdom of Babylon lest we be fired and/or imprisoned – this is not the Land of the Free — but if you are in a position of leadership, if you are a purveyor of the news that enables, under the rules of democracy, the making of each man a king through his vote, then you dare not, you must not lie. You have replaced the traditional leadership of the European people, so if you lie you are a traitor. The election was rigged, the American people should take up arms against the liberal oligarchy; to continue to lie, to continue to urge more democracy, more voting, more peaceful protests is treason against the European people, it is aiding and abetting white genocide.

When Lou Dobbs called Derek Chauvin a murderer in order to appease the liberals, who were not appeased, when News Max apologized for stating the truth about the election, when William F. Buckley Jr. agreed not to criticize the Jews in his magazine National Review, and when Pence called for prayers for Jacob Blake at the Republican convention, they all justified their lying treachery by telling themselves that by strategically avoiding the white genocide issue they could still serve “the people” on many other issues. But aren’t they acting the part of the witches in Macbeth when they become that type of leader?

But ‘tis strange;
And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
Win us with honest trifles to betray’s
In deepest consequence.

The honest trifles about tax reform and less government pale in contrast to the issue of deepest consequence the conservatives ignore: Buried deep within the hearts of the antique Europeans, their white hearts, was a passionate, intense love for Jesus Christ. The sole purpose of liberalism is to destroy that passionate, intense love in the hearts of the modern Europeans. Are we going to maintain our ancient hearts or are we going to become one with the liberal leviathan which has a thousand mind-forged eyes of reason and no room for that one essential eye – the eye of the human heart? In Brothers Karamazov, Dostoyevsky’s Father Zossima tells Alyosha what hell is. He tells him that hell consists of those people who have lost the capacity to love. Yes, that is correct. The first liberal, who was Satan, sought to separate Adam and Eve from God by urging them to know God through the eyes of reason rather than through the eyes of their hearts. That was, is, and ever shall be the essence of liberalism – to kill the passionate heart and deify man’s abstract reason.

The race issue is the issue of deepest consequence because our race contains our spiritual, passionate affections that connect us to the living God. And I stress, The Living God. We can be mentally connected to the lifeless God of Theology, to a scientized nature-God, but we can only be connected to the Living God through the channels of grace that flow through the blood and heart, through our human affections which are inextricably linked to our racial hearth fire. The liberals will not feel the flames in their next world, which is hell, because they have already ceased to love in this world. They hate their own people and yearn for all things connected to Satan. The moderate liberals, who want to conserve the anti-pietas kingdom of Liberaldom, are killing the European people with honest trifles that deceive them in deepest consequence. We must love our own in and through Christ or else we will cease to have hearts that love, and we will not feel the flame.

The mad-dog liberals no longer feel the flames, they live quite comfortably in hell; so long as they can spew out their venom on all things bright and beautiful, everything stemming from Christian Europe, they are happy. But the moderate liberals are in a different place. They still are a bit uncomfortable with the intense heat of hell. Still, they do not want to leave hell, they do not want to fight the devil and his minions. They want to negotiate with the devil and his minions – “Couldn’t you please turn the heat down just a little bit? We will worship the negroes, but can’t we please keep Christ around for Sundays and holidays? We will not put a stop to any sexual depravity, but can’t we, pretty please, be allowed to prance around with signs protesting legalized depravities?” The conservatism of the moderate liberals is grounded in a lie, the lie that Satan is really not such a bad guy, he can be civilized if he is democratized. My belief, which is what my ancestors believed, is that Satan is not a good guy. Satan has no heart, he is pure, unadulterated mind. And that mind hates Christ and His people.

The sad story of the Europeans’ descent into hell is always before us in the horrific spectacle of negro worship. Whenever the moderate liberals, who believe in the salvation of the devil, want to criticize their extremist liberal cousins, they make the claim that it is they, the mad-dog liberals, who are racist. The moderate liberals find a ‘good black’ who accuses the liberals of being the real racist plantation owners with their system of welfare. The Breitbart-type news outlets also try to play the reverse race card by accusing the mad-dog liberals of racism. The ‘you are the real racist’ game underscores the anti-European underpinning of the modern conservatives. They don’t want to conserve the ‘racist’ culture of old Europe, which was Christian, they simply want whites to be allowed a place in Liberaldom, which is hell. But the Trump debacle should have served as a warning to the conservatives. Satan will not compromise, he will not humanize hell. You must either become one with Satan, as the mad-dog liberals have become one with him, or you must oppose him. You cannot, as the white grazers who voted for Trump, attempt to keep one foot in His kingdom come and one foot in hell. If you do that, you will be cast into limbo, too lukewarm for hell and too timid for heaven. It is only the violent, the passionate hearts, who shall bear it away.

The clown in Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well, like most of Shakespeare’s clowns, is a man of great perception. He sees that a man cannot traffic with the devil. He cannot, like the moderate liberal, play court to the devil in this world and hope for salvation in the next:

I am a woodland fellow, sir, that always loved a great fire; and the master I speak of ever keeps a good fire. But, sure, he is the prince of the world; let his nobility remain in’s court. I am for the house with the narrow gate, which I take to be too little for pomp to enter. Some that humble themselves may; but the many will be too chill and tender, and they’ll be for the flow’ry way that leads to the broad gate and the great fire.

That is the wisdom of our ancestors, which we forsake at our peril. All the conservative blather about racism, ‘it is thee, not me, who is racist,’ is part of Satan’s kingdom, it is the politics of the great fire. The Bible burnings in Oregon are the most accurate representations of the endgame of liberalism. We cannot compromise with these creatures called liberals. Before the election and even more so after the election, I made an effort to associate with pro-Trumpers. That contact was better than the alternative – contact with mad-dog liberals – but ultimately the white Trumpers were a depressing lot. While amongst them, I was conscious of the fact they did not feel the flames of liberalism. They felt slightly overheated, they wanted to cool the liberals down, but they did not want to destroy Liberaldom. I had to leave their presence, because I did not want to be consumed by the great fire.

The assumption of all conservatives in the age of demoncracy is that what is good, what is noble in men is a given. They feel that all men share a universal heritage that can be appealed to within a democratic framework. But that is a lie. What is good in man comes from one God, Lord Jesus Christ. When the people who made that God the center of their culture are dismissed because they were ‘racist,’ because they loved their own, you have nothing noble, decent and good to build on. You have a thousand points of satanic light in your mind-forged world, but you have lost the light of His love that was a life-sustaining presence in that ancient European culture. The light emitting from white hearts connected to Him sustained European civilization and all non-European civilizations as well. There is no rational argument a man can make that will make the white grazers realize they will be consumed by the great fire if they do not repudiate the blending of negro worship, demoncracy, and Christianity. A man can only love His Europe and hope that the light from that love will ignite other human hearts. That doesn’t seem very likely, does it? But that is how the devil wants us to feel. He wants us to die in despair, without a vision of His divine love. The one thing necessary then is that we keep to what we know in our white hearts: There was a Narnia, it was Christian Europe, and we should take the narrow gate to that kingdom while forsaking the great fire called Liberaldom.

In the United States of Baal we have been moving, for many years, to the enthronement of Satan. But the final enthronement of Satan became obvious during Trump’s presentation of men and women who had been healed after getting COVID-19 by taking the hydroxychloroquine drug. The liberals, like the Pharisees who condemned Christ for healing on the Sabbath, took no interest in a drug that could prevent the death of over a half million of their countrymen. All they wanted was to destroy Trump, so they launched a vicious smear campaign against the drug and prevented the emergency use of it until after Trump left office. Are these people, people who can hate as the devil hates, but are incapable of loving anybody or anything, most especially not their own people or anything connected to old Europe, people with whom we can form an incorporate union? No, we cannot do such a thing. We are bound to Him in and through our people; that is our indivisible union, not the liberals’ union with Satan. +

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Which Is Given Unto Us

Men are rarely without some sympathy in the sufferings of others; but in the immense and diversified mass of human misery, which may be pitied, but cannot be relieved, in the gross, the mind must make a choice. Our sympathy is always more forcibly attracted towards the misfortunes of certain persons, and in certain descriptions: and this sympathetic attraction discovers, beyond a possibility of mistake, our mental affinities, and elective affections. –Edmund Burke


But king Solomon loved many strange women, together with the daughter of Pharaoh, women of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, and Hittites; Of the nations concerning which the LORD said unto the children of Israel, Ye shall not go in to them, neither shall they come in unto you: for surely they will turn away your heart after their gods: Solomon clave unto these in love. And he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines: and his wives turned away his heart. For it came to pass, when Solomon was old, that his wives turned away his heart after other gods: and his heart was not perfect with the LORD his God, as was the heart of David his father. For Solomon went after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Zidonians, and after Milcom the abomination of the Ammonites. And Solomon did evil in the sight of the LORD, and went not fully after the LORD, as did David his father. I Kings 11: 1-6


My elective affections are not with the police as a generic aggregate. Quite the contrary — when the laws of your nation are satanic, the police, nine times out of ten, will be at odds with white Europeans. But my elective affections always go out to the white police officers who have maimed or killed black criminals who were resisting arrest. Going all the way back to the Rodney King arrest, I have only heard of one instance in which I thought the white officer was in the wrong when dealing with a black criminal. That one instance was the female officer’s accidental use of a gun instead of a taser. And even in that case it was criminal negligence, not murder.

The moderate liberals, the conservatives who support the police in the aggregate, always end up selling out the white policemen who actually try to do real police work by arresting black criminals. Lou Dobbs, for example, who used to be a conservative on Fox News before Fox News went over to mad-dog liberalism, immediately, before any facts in the case came out, condemned Derek Chauvin as a murderer. And so it is with all the white conservatives. They condemn the white policemen who maim or kill black criminals such as Jacob Blake or George Floyd while lauding the “99% of good officers” who do not maim or kill black criminals. But let me insist on something that should be so obvious I shouldn’t have to say it – There is no such thing as an immaculate arrest when the man or woman being arrested resists arrest. Immaculate arrests only take place when there is no resistance to the arrest. When criminals resist arrest, the police must use force. That is why we call it, in the aggregate, a police force. The vast majority of violent crimes in our nation are committed by blacks. If the police cannot use force to arrest blacks, of what use are our police forces? They are of no use, they are harmful; after the lynching of Derek Chauvin it has become abundantly clear that the police will only be allowed to arrest whites. So why should whites support ‘our police’ who are not our police? We live in a police state, but the real state police are Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They are the liberals’ storm troopers.

When the liberals decided to dispose of Trump as president, they used their storm troopers to ensure there would be no opposition to the fraudulent election. (1) When the liberals wanted a guilty verdict against Derek Chauvin to ensure that there will never be any opposition to the liberals’ religion, the worship of the sacred negro, they called upon their storm troopers again. The reason the liberals use violence is because violence works. The moderate liberals who call themselves conservative can be “used for wrong, but are useless for right” because they will not fight liberalism so long as the liberals hold to the worship of the sacred negro. They all, from Trump on down to the rank and file white grazers, are afraid of being racist. Nothing good will come from any conservative group, and there are always new ones starting up, which does not make the restoration of white pietas and the dismantling of negro worship its primary purpose.

The liberals have a blood faith: they believe in the sacred blood of the negro. Through him, they commune with their god, who is Satan. The white grazers do not have a blood faith; their clergymen have told them that a blood faith is forbidden to whites. But men must have a blood faith, so the white grazers do what Solomon did when he destroyed the Kingdom of Israel – they go whoring after foreign gods. In the Catholic Church, they blend Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, the rain forest gods, and the sacred negro into a Christ-hating Christianity. And the evangelicals blend Judaism and negro worship into a Christ-neutralizing religion. Behind the white whore-mongering, the desire for non-Christian gods, is the prohibition in the white ‘Christian’ churches against a blood faith. Scott describes in The Lay of the Last Minstrel a man who does not have a racial and familial hearth fire:

Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,
Who never to himself hath said,
This is my own, my native land!
Whose heart hath ne’er within him burn’d,
As home his footsteps he hath turn’d
From wandering on a foreign strand!
If such there breathe, go, mark him well;
For him no Minstrel raptures swell;
High though his titles, proud his name,
Boundless his wealth as wish can claim;—
Despite those titles, power, and pelf,
The wretch, concentred all in self,
Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
And, doubly dying, shall go down
To the vile dust, from whence he sprung,
Unwept, unhonour’d, and unsung.

Our homeland is our race and our faith. We cannot love in the aggregate. If we are not allowed to say, “these are my people and Christ is the God of my people,” we will go whoring after other people and other gods. We will love the sacred negro, we will love the Jews, we will love the Moslems, while we denounce our own people and our God because they are ‘racist.’

What Allen Tate stated straight out, that the problems caused by rationalism could be cured by rationalism, was implicit in all the ‘death of the West’ books published in the 20th century. From Spengler through Weaver, the basic assumption of the conservative thinkers was that the Europeans could find a magical, rational talisman that would save them from their downward spiral to oblivion. But there is no such magic talisman; just as the alchemists were never able to transform base metal into gold, so were the rationalists unable to dispose of the God who comes to human hearts and replace Him with the God who comes to illuminated minds, without creating a rift between God and man. “Man proposes, man disposes,” has replaced, “man proposes, God disposes.” The living God cannot and will not bend His will to man’s will, because man’s will, divorced from the heart of God, becomes Satan’s will. (2)

A few years back, the blog called the Daily Kenn showed a horrific video of a bunch of noble black savages watching another noble black savage drown. They made no attempt to save the poor man because contrary to the liberals’ narrative, the noble black savages are not noble. They don’t care for George Floyd or any other black man shot by white police, they care about black power; hence they riot when the police act against black criminals. The more they riot, the more timid the police, who work for the liberals, become. The blacks do not understand why the liberals worship them, but they do understand that the liberals will cede everything to them so long as they keep screaming ‘racist.’ And they shall continue to murder, rape, and burn so long as whites have souls so dead that they will not fight for their own people.

Let us place an unilluminated white in that same body of water where the black drowned, much to the delight of his fellow noble savages. The liberals stand by on the shore and push the white victim back into the water while shouting, “Racist!” at him. The creatures of color throw things at him while they laugh and scream, “Drown, whitey, drown!” And what do the moderate liberals, the conservatives, do? They hold a meeting of the minds. One pundit says, “I think he is guilty of racism, we had better let him drown. If we don’t, the liberals will say we are racist.” Another ‘conservative’ – I believe it was Amy Coney Barrett – says, “There might be riots if we try to save him, and besides, I am very busy doing my devotions to George Floyd, so we must – it is a moral imperative – let him drown.” As the drowning white man tries, for the 20th time, to pull himself to the shore, Amy, assisted by Father Moderate Christian, steps on his fingers and pushes him back into the water. One conservative pundit is somewhat troubled by Father Moderate Christian’s actions: “Father, why are you pushing him back into the lake to be drowned? Isn’t it incumbent on us as Christians to try to save him?” Father Moderate Christian replies, “I think we must see the larger picture here. It is better that one man should die than the church of Christ should be deemed racist.” The conservative pundit replies, “Yes, I understand. But I still think we should meet here again next week to discuss the need for guard rails around the lake. After all, a black might drown in the lake, and that would be disastrous.” “Yes, I agree,” says the treacherous Amy Coney Barrett, “We must keep the blacks from drowning in the lake.” So the unilluminated white drowns, to the unmitigated glee of the liberals and the noble black savages, and with the passive, self-serving approval of the moral cowards, the moderate liberals.

“Behold, I show you a mystery.” It is through our mysterious human relationships with our kith and kin that we come to an understanding of the mystery of Christ’s incarnation, His divine condescension on the cross, and His resurrection from the dead. If we shun those human relationships, we shall never understand the God who took flesh and dwelt among us. Why have our churchmen allowed the liberals to co-opt the term ‘humane’? Why is the worship of the ignoble black savages who have no humanity considered the beginning and the end of the Christian faith? If Christ is indeed the God-Man shouldn’t we know Him through what is good, what is noble, and what is humane? The liberals’ devotion to the sacred negro allows them to love what is evil, what is ignoble, and what is inhumane. Francis William Bourdillon expressed all this quite well:

The mind has a thousand eyes,
And the heart but one;
Yet the light of a whole life dies
When love is done.

Satan rides triumphant throughout the European nations because the European grazers have been seduced by abstract reason, which has a thousand eyes for that which is evil but no heart for the divine love which passeth the understanding of abstract reason. Philosophical, theological Christianity tells us that we need not climb to the top of the mystical mountain nor go through the dark and foreboding wood in order to encounter and defeat the fire-breathing dragon. Instead, the great minds tell us we need only steep ourselves in superficiality, in Emersonian platitudes, which always tell us that we must love the sacred negro with our whole heart, mind, and soul. Is it just a coincidence that our churchmen have come up with the same theology as the secular liberals? No, it is no coincidence, because when you forsake your people, “love is done,” and you will seek to renew what you have lost through the heathens of color. It can’t be done; how can we be united with the Divine Love when we cling to the noble black savage as our god?

Solzhenitsyn once observed that the most striking thing about the West was the decline of courage. What causes a decline in courage? I think the cause lies in the human heart. When a man has nothing he loves enough to fight for, when his kith and kin are not his people but are instead part of the large aggregate called humanity, a man will become fearful of displeasing the principalities and powers of this world, and he will embrace Satan because Satan is seemingly more powerful than Christ. (3) The Supreme Court justices who refused to hear the fraudulent election cases feared the wrath of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. And so did and does Trump fear the BLM/Antifa creatures from hell. And likewise the judge and jury who convicted Derek Chauvin. They all are white Undines who fear their own shadows because their shadows might reveal their white features. They have gone beyond love and hate to that statistical world of universal humanity, in which there is no such thing as “my own people,” there is only the sacred negro who inspires the Europeans to… What does the sacred negro inspire the Europeans to do? He inspires them to hate their own and court favor with the wicked. It is of eternal moment, it is all in all, that the wicked, the liberals and their colored minions, shall not root out the image of God in man from the face of the earth. If we love much, if we love our people in and through Christ, we will still have hope, because we will see His image in man: “And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.” +


(1) When revolution has overturned all the old norms, and the fraudulent presidential election was such a revolution, it is immoral to still proceed as if nothing evil has occurred:

The faction is the evil spirit that possesses the body of France; that informs it as a soul; that stamps upon it’s ambition, and upon all it’s pursuits, a characteristic mark, which strongly distinguishes them from the same general passions, and the same general views, in other men and in other communities. It is that spirit which inspires into them a new, a pernicious, and desolating activity. Constituted as France was ten years ago, it was not in that France to shake, to shatter, and to overwhelm Europe in the manner that we behold. A sure destruction impends over those infatuated Princes, who, in the conflict with this new and unheard-of power, proceed as if they were engaged in a war that bore a resemblance to their former contests; or that they can make peace in the spirit of their former arrangements or pacification. Here the beaten path is the very reverse of the safe road. –Burke

(2) The liberals have the clarity and determination to carry the day because they have committed, heart and soul, to Satan. The white grazers do not have a clear commitment to God or the devil. Hence they are cannon fodder for the liberals:

It is a dreadful truth, but it is a truth that cannot be concealed; in ability, in dexterity, in the distinctness of their views, the Jacobins are our superiors. They saw the thing right from the very beginning. Whatever were the first motives to the war among politicians, they saw that it is in it’s spirit, and for it’s objects, a civil war; and as such they pursued it. It is a war between the partizans of the ancient, civil, moral, and political order of Europe against a sect of fanatical and ambitious atheists which means to change them all. -Burke  

Such is the war that the moderate liberals will not fight – a war against “a sect of fanatical and ambitious atheists which means to change them all.”

(3) Only one apostle had the courage to stand by our Lord and Savior at the foot of the cross, when it appeared that the principalities and powers of this world had triumphed over Him. That apostle was John, the same apostle who laid his head on Christ’s sacred heart at the last supper. “Perfect love casteth out fear.”

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The United States of Baal

And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin. –Jeremiah 32: 35


“You are the moderate man, the invaluable understrapper of the wicked man. You, that moderate man, may be used for wrong, but are useless for right.” –The Confidence Man by Herman Melville


About two weeks before the Presidential election, which turned out to be a non-election, I went to a shooting range with three of my sons. While my sons shot, I roamed around the range, talking to the white, pro-Trumpers at the range. It was nice to be among men who hated Biden and company, but it was very disturbing to learn that the pro-gun Trumpers had no plan B if Trump lost. All their hopes were in the American democratic process, and they didn’t believe that process would let them down. And then about three weeks after the election, I went to a local pro-Trump rally (see Unmitigated Evil). At that rally, I found the same refusal to believe that the democratic process was an instrument of evil. The Trumpers at the rally all believed that the Supreme Court would rectify the injustice of the election.

The white Americans who voted for Trump constitute the opposition to the liberals’ kingdom of hell on earth. And their opposition is a non-opposition because they still believe that the democratic process and the grace of God are one and the same. To oppose demoncracy is to oppose God, such is the belief of the white American grazers. They are currently in a democratic coma because they are unable to reconcile their faith in demon-cracy with what has happened in America in the months before the election and in the months after the election. They are like a character in a Kafka novel who has been dragged out of bed in the middle of the night and lined up before a firing squad without knowing why he is about to be executed.

Louis XVI and his family were executed because they were royal, they represented Christian France, which was an anathema to the Jacobins. So it is with the white grazers: They are being executed because they represent, in the liberals’ minds, Christian Europe. Even though the white grazers have shown themselves willing to repudiate Christian Europe, to the extent that they even know there was such an entity, the liberals will not let the white grazers into Liberaldom. Why? The white grazers cannot be part of Liberaldom because they still retain, even though they have repudiated Christian Europe, some tiny remnants in their souls that stem from our Christian European heritage. One grazer might balk at transgenderism, another might balk at homosexual marriage, but they all, the white grazers, have a slight issue with some aspect of the liberals’ brave new world. And even the slightest hesitation, the slightest opposition to the liberals’ entire agenda, marks a man for extermination. In Shakespeare’s Richard III, Buckingham has done everything the bloody tyrant Richard III has commanded, he has murdered all those who blocked Richard’s path to the throne. But he balks at the prospect of killing the young princes in the Tower, the sons of Edward. That slight hesitation costs Buckingham his life. Richard III must have complete obedience, there can be no turning back once you have given your soul to Satan. So it is with our mad-dog liberals. The moderate liberals are quite willing to acquiesce to almost the entirety of the liberals’ agenda, but that almost has damned them. The liberals can’t trust them. The incredible fervor with which the liberals support every new leftward perversion is the result of their fear that their fellow liberal jackals might place them in the ranks of the unilluminated, if they, like Buckingham, show the slightest hesitation in supporting the ever leftward march toward utopia.

The recent guilty verdict against Derek Chauvin, the verdict demanded by the left and their colored minions, highlighted the moral bankruptcy of the white grazers. When you jettison your past, you jettison your soul. Derek Chauvin was not guilty of any crime whatsoever. (1) His only ‘crime’ was whiteness. All the moderate liberals who never, never condemn the black barbarians for anything, but instead spend all their time and energy condemning our white European heritage because of ‘racism,’ are guilty of blasphemy against the living God who is at the heart of ‘racist’ Europe, and they are guilty of the murder of the white race. There is no democratic answer to the blasphemous, murderous, merciless reign of the negro-worshipping liberals. No European nation has ever sunk as low as this nation, called the United States of America but which should be called what it is – the kingdom of hell on earth.

This latest liberal atrocity is like unto the election fraud of last November, but it is much worse. Derek Chauvin’s conviction was a horror, it was an attack on a completely innocent man, because of what he represented – a white man trying to prevent a black savage from practicing black savagery. Some white conservatives have expressed relief because they think the conviction will prevent a race war. Such people are moral cowards devoid of all humanity. And the moderate liberals’ cowardice will not, as they hope, save them. How long do you think you will survive, Mr. White Grazer, when you announce to all the world that you will not fight for your own people, that you will give them up to the liberals who will place them on the sacrificial altars consecrated to the merciless, black barbarians?

Can we say with Macbeth that we have “supped full of horrors”? No, we can’t; the crucifixion of Derek Chauvin is just the beginning of horrors. Now the slaughter of whites will increase tenfold, and there will be no opposition. It makes one wonder if there ever was a white race. Perhaps there never was a Narnia? Yes, there was. We still have souls to save, so we must, even though the liberals have enthroned Satan through and in the sacred negro, continue to cleave unto His Europe while defying the liberals’ kingdom of hell on earth. But let there be no more discussions and debates with liberals. That is the greatest blasphemy of all — we cannot dialogue with Satan.

On the same day that the liberal Sanhedrin condemned Derek Chauvin to death by way of crucifixion, the Republican Party sent me a fundraising letter. Did I want to stop the leftist agenda? Well, all I had to do was send them money. When has the Republican Party or any of their ‘conservative’ allies ever addressed the central issue? When have they ever condemned the worship of Satan through the sacred negro? When have our churchmen, who also send me fundraising letters, ever condemned the worship of Satan through the sacred negro?

There is the image-of-the-beast-in-man culture that is liberalism, and there is the image-of-God-in-man culture of the antique Europeans. “I shall not serve,” was Satan’s response to our Lord. Shouldn’t that be our response to Satan? The mock elections that are predetermined in favor of the liberals, the mock trials that are designed to punish whites who oppose the sacred black gods of the liberals, make up the essence of American demon-cracy. If a man has a soul he will oppose that satanic entity with his whole heart, mind, and soul. If he doesn’t have a soul? Then he shall not feel the flames and he shall dwell in Satan’s kingdom forever.

Prior to the Supreme Court’s decision to validate the fraudulent election, a whole host of conservative pundits sat around discussing the superb case Trump had. Surely, since the evidence was on his side, he would win. After all, we are a nation of laws. It was the same before the Derek Chauvin verdict: Surely, the conservatives maintained, there couldn’t be a verdict of murder. The conservatives, who are not conservative, think that law is some objective, rational entity out there, outside of the human heart, that we can refer to in order to solve all the serious problems of mankind. But that is a false concept of law. Our laws stem from our religious faith. When we were a Christian people we sought to make our laws conform to Christ:

The quality of mercy is not strain’d.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice bless’d:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.
‘Tis mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes
The throned monarch better than his crown.
His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,
The attribute to awe and majesty,
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
But mercy is above this sceptred sway;
It is enthroned in the hearts of kings;
It is an attribute to God himself;
And earthly power doth then show likest God’s
When mercy seasons justice. Therefore, Jew,
Though justice be thy plea, consider this,
That, in the course of justice, none of us
Should see salvation. We do pray for mercy,
And that same prayer doth teach us all to render
The deeds of mercy.

-The Merchant of Venice

When a police officer kills a white woman trying to seek justice from the liberal overlords who have consecrated themselves, through the sacred negro, to Satan, he is doing good. That is why no charges were filed against the officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt. But when a white police officer tries to arrest a black barbarian in the act of committing a crime and that black barbarian dies of a heart attack while resisting arrest, the police officer is condemned to life imprisonment. Derek Chauvin’s failure to understand the liberals’ state religion has made him a sacrificial offering on the altar of the liberals’ black gods. No one will defend him, because there is no one left in the United States of Satan who believes in that other God, the God who once took flesh and dwelt among us, the God of mercy and love.

White Europeans are doomed to extinction so long as there is no European right wing. Conservatism is liberalism if the conservatives seek to conserve demon-cracy, and that is the case in America. A man of the right seeks to conserve his people and their ancient faith; he does not seek to conserve an ever-leftward marching, militant, atheist government dedicated to Satan. It is truly amazing and disgusting to witness the capitulation of the conservatives to militant leftism. The conservative News Max channel regularly has the leftward-leaning Alan Dershowitz as one of their leading pundits! Small wonder that the white grazers live in a Kafkaesque nightmare when mad-dog liberals are now considered conservative. (2)

Is there a way out of this nightmare? Yes, there is. It seems like the end of everything because we have elevated man’s reason above God’s word, His word made flesh. What did our Lord tell the apostles on the road to Emmaus? He told them of the Scriptures, of the great prophets who gave them hope in the coming of the Messiah. He did not tell them to place their hopes in a new government of the people and for the people. Nor did St. Paul enjoin us to place our hopes in the scientized minds of clever theologians, he told us to search the Scriptures with our hearts. In the Word made flesh we shall find the story of a people who come to ruin every time they abandon the Divine Love to serve Satan. The liberals have made it strikingly clear that they are one with Satan, and they maintain an intimacy with that reptilian deity through their black gods. The bizarre ritual in the houses of Congress, when our government officials knelt in reverence to George Floyd, the black fire god, marked the union of Satan and the apostate white Europeans. Every nation of Europe should renounce the United States of America if those nations intend to be European nations, and every white European within the satanic United States should not take the sword from his hand until the government dedicated to the proposition that Satan is our lord and master has been destroyed. Is it so hard to take up arms against evil? Must we crawl on our bellies before the serpent in this world and share eternal hell with him in the next world? The Psalmist gave us hope, and our people once embraced that hope:

I will hear what God the LORD will speak: for he will speak peace unto his people, and to his saints: but let them not turn again to folly. Surely his salvation is nigh them that fear him; that glory may dwell in our land. Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other. Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven. Yea, the LORD shall give that which is good; and our land shall yield her increase. Righteousness shall go before him; and shall set us in the way of his steps.

-Psalm 85: 8-13

Liberalism is the folly of rational man defying the Word made flesh. There is faith, hope, and charity in that other world – the fairy tale land of old Europe. That is our world, and the Crowned King of that world bids us rise and ride in defense of that world, and in defiance of Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth, which has come to a terrible fruition in the United States of Satan. +


(1) Derek Chauvin is facing life in prison because he failed, when growing up, to learn about the United States of America. Our nation is governed by Satan, in and through the sacred negro. You cannot arrest a black in commission of a crime, because blacks, by liberal fiat, do not commit crimes. Only white people commit crimes. If Derek Chauvin had confined his arrests to white people and white people only, he would be a free man today. Pray for that poor young man who trusted in American demon-cracy.

(2) Dershowitz has not even, as Horowitz did, expressed any repentance for his leftism. He has not changed any of his leftist views. He was and is a mad-dog liberal. But the liberals have gone past mad-dog liberalism. To what? They have gone from mad-dog liberal to maniacally satanic. “Tis the times’ plague when madmen lead the blind.” Is Alan Dershowitz now the conservatives’ resistance to liberalism? That is not resistance, that is surrender. Nietzsche longed for the coming of the Übermensch, the man of the future who was beyond good and evil. I long for a hero, a European from the past, who knows the difference between good and evil. Our people and our culture once belonged to Christ. This, our modern un-culture, and the liberals who govern us belong to Satan. We must see them for what they are and deal with them as European heroes once dealt with such creatures from hell.

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The Liberal Swine Hate the Good Shepherd

And when he was come to the other side into the country of the Gergesenes, there met him two possessed with devils, coming out of the tombs, exceeding fierce, so that no man might pass by that way. And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time? And there was a good way off from them an herd of many swine feeding. So the devils besought him, saying, If thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine. And he said unto them, Go. And when they were come out, they went into the herd of swine: and, behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters. –Matthew 8: 28-32


The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever. –Psalm 23


When I was a young man who read the conservative publications such as National Review, I was alarmed at the conservatives’ assumption that the “American people” constituted an unchanging aggregate that would always be 51% against legalized abortion, socialism, homosexual marriage, etc. How, when liberals completely dominated the universities and had almost total dominance in the lower grades, could the “American people” stay constantly at 51% against all things evil? Of course they couldn’t. Each generation was more liberal than their parents, and the ground shifted. What was unthinkable to a majority of Americans 45 years ago has become acceptable to the majority in 2021. The conservatives never “took their stand,” they simply moved slightly to the right of the ever leftward marching mad-dog liberals. So long as they stayed to the right of the liberals, the conservatives felt that they were fighting the good fight. When the liberals preached abortion on demand, the conservatives preached abortion up to six months and no tax-funded abortion. When the liberals preached gay marriage, the conservatives preached the right of heterosexuals to marry. When the liberals preached transgender bathrooms, the conservatives held out for different sex bathrooms. And on it goes, the liberals advance, and the conservatives make a mild protest, and then they move on to another issue. But the conservatives are running out of ground to stand on. When the liberals have gone to the extreme left, when they have built hell on earth, what issue will be left for the conservatives? When every institution in our country is satanic and every coin has only two left sides, how can anything noble and honorable, how can anything Christian survive? We have arrived at that pass. There is no longer any non-liberal spot of ground on which a Christian can take his stand.

Now that we are at the end of the American experiment in demon-cracy, we can see what demon-cracy was and is all about. It is about the expenditure of “the unbought grace of life.” At first when there is still an abundance of God’s grace in the culture, it doesn’t seem to matter to the general Christian populace whether the government is founded on the principle of ‘Christ be not risen,’ but it does matter. Unlike the French Jacobins, who guillotined Christians, our government permitted Christians to worship Christ in private. But why have American conservatives buried our anti-Christian history? Jefferson rewrote the New Testament in order to eliminate all the fairy tale elements from that “fantastical tale.” Christ became Socrates in Jeffersonian democracy, and the American ‘conservatives’ claimed Jefferson as their limited government exemplar. Over time the secular, ‘Christ be not risen’ ethos of our government became the reigning faith in our culture. And now nothing that happens in this nation can proceed according to Christian principles.

Let us take the recent COVID-19 ‘crisis’ as an example. When there was still something of the Christian ethos (I won’t say the Christian faith) left in America in the 1950s and early 1960s, a virus such as COVID-19 would not have been politicized as it has been. Democrats and Republicans would have wanted to know the truth about the virus. And the medical people would have still had something inside of them, some tiny remnant of God’s grace that would have made them tell the truth about the virus, about its causes, about its true danger to the national health, and about the best drugs and vaccines to be taken or what ones were unnecessary to take. But now who can the non-medical lay person trust? The mainstream scientific-medical community tells us that whatever the liberals say is true. And the pagan libertarians come forward with their experts telling us the whole thing is a hoax. When Christ has been banished from a people’s culture, and He has been banished from our culture, there is no truth. That does not faze the liberals in the slightest, because their utopia, which is a dystopia, is founded on untruth and unreality.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former vice president and scientist for Pfizer, one of the vaccine manufacturers, recently wrote an article in which he stated that the liberals are going to use the COVID-19 vaccine to murder Americans. He said that by constantly requiring booster shots, they would gradually poison millions of people. Of course the liberals have damned such accusations as ‘conspiracy theory,’ but I neither believe nor disbelieve something because it is a conspiracy theory. There are bogus conspiracy theories, and there are factual conspiracy theories, and we must determine the truth of any conspiracy theory based on our perception of “what is truth.” I do not know with metaphysical certainty that what Yeadon says is true; I tend to believe what he says though, because I do know that the liberals are totally evil. They hate mankind as the devil hates mankind, and they have shown they will stop at nothing to destroy the ‘image of God in man’ race, the white Europeans. But won’t illuminated liberals and non-whites be killed by the vaccine as well as unilluminated whites? Yes, they will, but during the 2020 election liberals said it was better that millions upon millions of people should die of COVID than Trump should be re-elected, so why should they care about the collateral damage of the vaccine? Nothing means more to them than their hatred of Jesus Christ, whom they strike back at by destroying the Christ-bearing race. And that is why I believe that Yeadon is telling us the truth about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Burke placed liberalism in its proper context when he said that the first liberal was the devil. Liberalism takes many forms because the devil is a very clever fellow. Melville’s The Confidence Man is a very depressing read because we are never introduced to the devil’s antagonist, but Melville does give us a very accurate description of the subtlety of the enemy of mankind. In our experiment in demon-cracy the devil was seductive: “You can run your nation on sound rational principles and you can have your God, your pie in the sky, for private use.” But if reason is truth and private faith is irrational, why shouldn’t the government destroy those private, irrational, and racist (white pietas is always deemed racist) yearnings in the hearts of white people? The ruling liberal oligarchy of the United States that conducted the murder, rape, burn and pillage attack on the South in 1860 through 1877 made explicit what had always been implicit in America: our ruling ethos was and is satanic. The unbought grace of life which had taken root in the hearts of Southern people had become, in the minds of the Northern Jacobins, too intrusive. The South represented a major obstacle to the Northern Jacobins’ onward march off the cliff with the swine. So the liberals of the North abandoned the great seduction and applied naked force. When they decided that the South was properly subdued, they returned to their “land of liberty” seduction. I was very sad when the heroic moderate liberal, Rush Limbaugh, passed away. And I was even more saddened when I learned that his favorite hymn was the blasphemous “Battle Hymn of the Republic” which he asked to be sung at his funeral. The moderate liberals, the conservatives, are always trying to seek redemption from the devil. It can’t be done. Origen was wrong: the devil cannot be redeemed, and we should stop trying to redeem him. The devil will always be about his business, which is the destruction of the unbought grace of life that once was predominant in European culture. We should not want to conserve democratic America, we should want to destroy that America and return home to our racial hearth fire consecrated to Christ the Lord.

After Trump’s electoral victory in 2016, the liberals, as in 1860, switched from the seductive mode of Jacobinism to the naked-fist mode of Jacobinism. For four years they threw away the façade of democracy and attacked Trump and the white grazers with their fangs fully bared. The election of 2020 marked the successful conclusion of the liberals’ violent assertion of their right to exterminate the unilluminated white grazers. But unlike the men and women of the Old South, the modern unilluminated whites did not respond as Forrest and his people responded to violent, overt Jacobinism. The liberals have now returned to the seductive mode of Jacobinism, and the white grazers have returned to the pastures of Liberaldom in order to await their democratic execution.

Trump and his followers were nowhere near in spirit and blood to the Southern people in 1860. But ever leftward means that as the liberal juggernaut advances it shall never go back. That is why the liberals decided that Trump had to be violently crushed: he represented a slight regression on the liberals’ road to hell. They shall never sound retreat as they trample out the culture and the lives of the European people. They can be defeated, but not by moderate liberals who seek redemption from the devil. They can only be defeated by Europeans who do not try to balance science and reason with faith.

 Now with zeal we must search our breasts shrewdly, the vices within, with the eyes of the heart. With the other eyes, the jewels of the head, we cannot at all see through the spirit of the thought, whether good or evil dwells beneath, so that it may be pleasing unto God at the dread time.

The police officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman in the protests, not riots, on January 6th, is not even being charged with a crime. The police officer who tried to arrest the man-god George Floyd, who died from a drug-induced heart attack, is being tried for murder while Black Lives Matter and Antifa scum are dictating what the verdict must be by holding their usual rape, burn, and pillage outrages in the streets of Minnesota. And meanwhile, the protestors from January 6th are being tortured in their prison cells. The liberals believe in violence: there is ‘bad’ violence, which is done in defense of His reign of charity, and there is ‘good’ violence, the murder and the torture of unilluminated whites who oppose any part of the liberals’ satanic agenda. Is it possible that we still do not see through the spirit of the liberals’ thought? Why can’t the white European grazers see what the liberals are? They are committed heart and soul to Satan. If we peacefully protest against liberal outrages, we are aiding and abetting the liberals. The violence of the liberals in defense of Satan’s reign of cruelty can only be met with violence by men who still believe in that charity of honor. Perhaps there are no such men left in the European nations. Is there any liberal outrage that could make an “intelligent man, a European,” say, “this must not go on”? Or are we, as a people, doomed to fade into the Babylonian night, chanting, “We are not racist, we are non-violent,” before the liberals and their black gods?

Behind the nonresistance to evil of the white Europeans is the notion that intelligent thinking men do not do things according to a blood faith. They believe that the good Christian eschews the wisdom of the blood for the science of theology. But what if all true wisdom comes from the blood, from a heart connected to the Savior? There is no dogmatic theology in the Gospels or in the epistles of St. Paul, but the churchmen, past and present, insist that we must submit to rational theology designed to subvert the Son of God. Christ left us a comforter, who can be found in the human heart, and they, the theologians, bid us deny the comforter and seek out the men who believe that divine love can be confined within a syllogism.

The white grazers, the American conservatives who believe in demon-cracy, believe that the Shylockian liberals are well-intended. The conservatives do not believe that the Shylockian liberals hate all things Christian with a maniacal fury that can only be violently opposed, it cannot be appeased. Neville Chamberlain has been eternally damned for “appeasing” Hitler, but what can we say about the modern conservatives who appease the liberals, who are infinitely worse than Hitler? George Fitzhugh, that magnificent man of the Right, said that the Southern people should only be law-abiding so long as their government was conservative; when their rulers ceased to be conservative, no man, if he was Christian, could serve the government. We are a people in exile, or more accurately, we are a people in bondage. Our comfort and our hope lies within. We need to take our stand on the only ground left to us, a heart connected to Christ, through the Holy Ghost. The American experiment in democracy has been exposed for what it is – a demon-cracy consecrated, through the sacred negro, to Satan. If we believe that the Lord is truly our shepherd, we will make what is now Satandom conform to that which was once within the hearts of our people, the Grace of God. What was good in our people was of God, the God who enters human hearts. The land of the European storybooks was and is His land. We have forgotten the story of the littlest angel, who responded to the divine love with a burning, all-consuming love of his own. The pure in heart shall see the face of God, they shall see Jesus Christ and they shall refuse to kneel to the liberal swine. +

There was a breathless pause, and then the rough, unsightly box of the Littlest Angel began to glow with a bright, unearthly light, then the light became a lustrous flame, and the flame became a radiant brilliance that blinded the eyes of all the angels!

None but the Littlest Angel saw it rise from its place before the Throne of God. And he, and only he, watched it arch the firmament to stand and shed its clear, white, beckoning light over a Stable where a Child was Born.

There it shone on that Night of Miracles, and its light was reflected down the centuries deep in the heart of all mankind. Yet, earthly eyes, blinded, too, by its splendor, could never know that the lowly gift of the Littlest Angel was what all men would call forever


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The Lamentations of the European People

How doth the city sit solitary, that was full of people! how is she become as a widow! she that was great among the nations, and princess among the provinces, how is she become tributary! –Lamentations 1:1


The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up. –Matthew 4: 16


What D. P. Duguauquier described in 1959 was an exact description of what happened in the United States in the summer and fall of 2020:

The year 1959 was a constant example of the futility of mediation against force. The political leaders in the Congo used the threat of riots as a weapon to oblige the Belgian Government to concede immediate Independence. From a vague future promise in January 1959 it became reality for July 1960, eighteen months later.

The majority of the American people voted for Trump, but their votes were not counted because the Supreme Court Justices and the legislators, even those who were not in complete sympathy with the violent rioters, were afraid of the violent rioters. So they sided with the liberals against the white Americans who voted against their own extermination. That is a very depressing fact. But it has been made more depressing by the conservatives who refuse, in the wake of the liberals’ military coup, to abandon demon-cracy and fight back. The conservatives are still proceeding as if the electoral defeat can be reversed by more demon-cracy. They tell us what Biden and company are doing on our borders, in our schools and universities, and about what they are doing to the economy. And then they tell us to vote, completely ignoring the fact that we did vote and to no avail. Even if we had lost the election legally, we should not, we could not, as Christians, accept such horrors as legalized abortion and white genocide just because a majority voted in favor of those evils. But isn’t it even more obvious that we must fight when the liberals have made it clear that they will proceed with their Satanic agenda with or without the consent of the majority of their countrymen? Back when abortion was made legal, the clergymen told us not to fight, they told us to win the baby killers over to the good side by gentle persuasion. That was very successful, wasn’t it? And now the conservatives tell us we must win the Christ-hating, white-hating liberals over to the good side by gentle persuasion, through the same democratic process that has brought us legalized abortion and white genocide.

The conservatives responded to the liberal sanctioned violence in 2020 with the unreality of Emersonian platitudes – “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.” The conservatives decided that if they just thought that the liberals would give them fair play, the liberals would give them fair play. Trump, instead of declaring martial law up to and through the elections in order to stop the violence in the streets and to ensure honest elections, simply talked wistfully of appealing to a few honest judges. We saw how that turned out. Why can’t the conservatives see what is obvious? The liberals mean what they say. They have told us they are going to destroy whiteness and everything that whiteness represents, which is everything that is even remotely connected to Christian Europe, so why must we continue to vote in elections that have no meaning and non-violently stand by while our people are slaughtered and our culture is eradicated?

The depression I feel after the liberals’ military coup in 2020 is not because a democratic tradition died. That ‘tradition’ needed to die because it was contrary to our Christian European heritage. My depression stems from the fact that the conservatives refuse to acknowledge that there has been a military coup that demands a response from white people which is genuine and heartfelt. You can’t fight evil by pretending there is no such thing as evil. After the Christian Spaniards were defeated by the Moslems in 770, they went to the caves and secret places and took the vow, “To the knife.” It took them 700 years to drive the Moslems from Spain, but they did it. We must make a similar vow. The liberals will not be deterred from what they feel they must do – they must destroy the Christ-bearing race. It is fight or die. But of course a man can’t and won’t fight the liberals if he is part liberal himself. The moderate liberals, the ‘conservatives,’ will not fight the liberals because they do not believe that liberalism is intrinsically evil, that it is rooted in Satan’s hatred for Jesus Christ. The conservatives’ differences with the liberals are only managerial; they think they are better qualified to run a liberal government than their mad-dog liberal cousins. Hence the conservatives are still doing all the liberal, democratic things, urging Americans to vote after voting has been proven to be useless. And they are urging the white grazers to be non-violent after the mad-dog liberals have proven the effectiveness of violence. The conservatives still do not understand that the democratic process is designed to destroy the image-of-God-in-man culture of the white Christian Europeans, so they can never be our leaders; we must look elsewhere:

In a mass we cannot be left to ourselves. We must have leaders. If none will undertake to lead us right, we shall find guides who will contrive to conduct us to shame and ruin. –Burke

We have no leaders because we have no true conservatives in church or state. A European, if he is a Christian, should not look to conserve a particular theology or rite, he should seek to preserve the European people’s mystical, blood connection to Jesus Christ. He should enjoin his people to search the Scriptures with their hearts and to stay connected to Christ in and through their people. When the churchmen preach Athenian philosophy, they become as sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal, they become nothing; they are grist for the liberals’ mill. Likewise the secular conservatives, who are not conservative; they seek to preserve a man-made abstract system of government that is not grounded in the blood faith of the European people, just as the churchmen want to jettison the blood faith of the European people in order to conserve their mind-forged abstract theologies.

What are the conservatives talking about when they speak of ‘preserving our democratic way of life’? I suppose if you forced a conservative to explain his love for democracy, he would talk about the four freedoms – freedom of worship, freedom of speech, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. And what do those freedoms, enunciated by Franklin D. Roosevelt and illustrated by Norman Rockwell, amount to? We have the freedom to worship Satan through the sacred negro, we do not have the freedom to criticize liberalism, we do not have freedom from want because we must always be subject to the economic policies of the liberals which are designed to impoverish whites, and we do not have freedom from fear because we live in constant fear of our cruel liberal overlords. Is such a society worth conserving? No, it is not. We should work with might and main to destroy the liberals’ kingdom of hell on hearth. From the first freedom, the freedom to worship, stems all the other freedoms. And that so-called freedom to worship is the great blasphemy of the American experiment in democracy. We cannot have a state consecrated to Satan, through the noble black savage, and then claim there is freedom to worship so long as you pay homage to the state’s gods. Our God is a jealous God, and that is right and proper, because it was our God and only our God, the God of the white Europeans, who died on the cross to save us from sin and death. Certainly He died for all, but only one race has ever championed the God of mercy and love. Try and picture a world without the Christ-bearing race. Such a world would be an absolute horror. And yet that is the world the liberals are building. They have ‘illuminated’ themselves beyond whiteness through their mystical connection to the noble black savage. Is that a ‘nobility’ we should seek? Such a ‘nobility’ forbids the worship of the God of mercy, forbids us to speak of or defend the antique Europeans who worshipped the God of mercy, denies us our daily bread if we do not worship at Satan’s altars, and bids us fear the liberals who keep their kingdom in order through violence and terror. Will we ever be men again? Only if we see His blood upon the rose and respond to that vision with the passion of men and women who have forsaken moderate liberalism and intellectual Christianity for the Dream of the Rood.

The conservatives will only be allowed ‘fair’ elections when liberals are convinced the white grazers will vote the way the liberals want them to vote. The white grazers voted the wrong way in 2016, they did not vote for their own extermination, so they were not permitted to vote in 2020. If the liberals can manage to completely flood the United States with Africans, Moslems, Mexicans, and Chinese in the next four years, they might allow the white grazers to vote, but of course their votes will be overwhelmed by the colored majority. What has happened in South Africa will be the new status quo in America. The blood-red colored tide will envelop the white grazers, and they will write a new page of American history that shall be called the Lamentation of the White Grazers:

Remember, O LORD, what is come upon us: consider, and behold our reproach.
Our inheritance is turned to strangers, our houses to aliens.
We are orphans and fatherless, our mothers are as widows.
We have drunken our water for money; our wood is sold unto us.
Our necks are under persecution: we labour, and have no rest.
We have given the hand to the Egyptians, and to the Assyrians, to be satisfied with bread.

-Lamentations 5: 1-6

What Burke told his fellow Britons — that what was happening in Jacobin France should be the concern of every European — is what must be said of what has happened and is happening in the United States. The United States has taken the democratic gambit of Satan further than any European nation has ever taken it before. But even the Eastern European countries that now seem like bastions of peace and tranquility compared to the United States and the wealthier nations of Western Europe have the liberal infection. They have universities in which liberals dwell, and they all claim to be democracies. As the wealthier nations of Europe become third world nations, the demon-hordes of color will look to the Eastern European nations. Democratic platitudes will not stop the hordes; only a Christ-centered people can put on the whole armor of Christ and defeat the colored barbarians from without and the liberals from within. And the latter danger, the liberals from within, is the greater danger. If you do not purge the liberals from within your nation, you will eventually become like unto the United States – a kingdom of hell on earth.

I frequently watch the European vignettes of the “Voice of the Globe,” the New York based actor James Fitzpatrick, who did a series of travelogues from the 1930s through 1950. I view the travelogues in much the same spirit that I reread Scott and Dickens: I will never, in the flesh, live in a Christian society, so I live in such societies through the stories of Scott, Dickens, and the European travelogues of James Fitzpatrick. In several of his European travelogues Fitzpatrick praises the white race, which is now verboten to do, but in some of his finest pieces, such as the short glimpses he gives us of rural Holland and rural Denmark, Fitzpatrick attributes the many virtues of those communities to democracy. Au contraire, the Holland and Denmark of 1949 seem like white paradises because they are ethnically and racially homogenous, and because the people living there are still living on the capital of the Christian faith. In less than 20 years those white paradises will become diverse, and they will sicken and die, because of the demon of democracy.

Burke tells us that, “Nation is a moral essence, not a geographical arrangement, or a denomination of the nomenclature.” The Dream of the Rood Europeans saw the divine charity bleeding on the cross and they made that divine condescension their faith. If Christ is scientized, He becomes like unto all the false, man-made systems. That is what theology in the churches and democracy in government does – theology scientized God and democracy scientized man. The mystical core of our faith is in our spirit and blood connection to our people in and through Christ. That was St. Paul’s faith, and it was the faith of the Europeans who came to Rome as conquerors but who still bent their knees to Christ, not as slaves, but as free men who saw in Christ the Lord a hero God greater than Odin, Thor, and all the principalities and powers of this world. That faith must still be our faith. We must, like Simon the Cyrenian, take up the cross of Christ. Simon was forced to carry the cross, but we shall willingly take it up. We can no longer allow the divine love to lie bleeding in the prison of liberalism. Ever since the satanic conception of the “Land of Liberty,” Americans have replaced pietas with “city on a hill” blasphemy. Now this American city of Satan can serve as a warning to white Europeans here and throughout the world. Liberalism is the greatest heresy of them all, because it is the synthesis of all heresies. All the heresies – Orientalism, Islam, Judaism, and negro worship, which differ from each other in many ways, are united by one great passion – the hatred of Jesus Christ. And that is and always shall be the one great passion in hell.

If we can’t find it in our hearts to oppose the passion of liberalism with a passion like unto the divine passion, we are no longer Europeans. I can’t believe, I refuse to believe, that the people who once saw a great light will continue to accept the reign of Satan. The realization of what we have lost will sustain us in our battle to become, once again, the Christ-bearing race. +

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The Heart of Hearts

And they drew nigh unto the village, whither they went: and he made as though he would have gone further. But they constrained him, saying, Abide with us: for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent. And he went in to tarry with them. –Luke 24: 28-29


Samuel Beckett was one of the premier existentialist novelists and playwrights of the mid-20th century. In one of his later plays he depicts two men taking cover in the midst of a massive bombing raid. They see a small child in an open field who will surely be killed if one of them does not save him. One man says, “We have got to save him.” The other replies, “Leave him there, it just doesn’t matter.” The second man was right; if God does not exist, nothing really matters. Whether we live 100 years or one year, it all amounts to the same thing: Nothing really matters. The existentialists did us a great service by pushing the ultimate question in our faces: Did Christ rise from the dead on the third day? They, the existentialists, said, “No, Christ did not rise from the dead on the third day.” But the existentialists did not think that was good news. They responded to their discovery that Christ be not risen with despair, which is how we should respond to that terrible news. The liberals’ reaction was different from the existentialists’ reaction; they were and are delighted with what they claim their scientific brains have discovered – that Christ be not risen. Now joy can reign supreme if only we can get rid of whiteness and become black, pure black inside. Of course, those who will not become black, pure black inside, must be eliminated. That includes thee and me.

Every denominational branch of Christian Jewry has denied the Holy Ghost. In Dostoevsky’s Brother Karamazov, the Grand Inquisitor hurls two charges at Jesus Christ. Both charges seem to be unanswerable. First, the Grand Inquisitor tells Christ that He thought too much of men; He should not have given them free will, because they don’t want it. They simply want material guarantees that they will have security in this world. And secondly, the Grand Inquisitor tells Christ that He is a liar: He said He would return to earth and set all things right, and He did not return. He left mankind bereft, He left them orphaned. In his original notebooks, Dostoyevsky had Christ give a rational answer to Ivan’s Grand Inquisitor. But he changed his mind, and in the final manuscript Christ simply embraces the Grand Inquisitor and kisses him. Unfortunately the churchmen could not resist the temptation to give a rational explanation to the Grand Inquisitor. Every Christian sect has given us their rational explanation to the Grand Inquisitor’s accusations against Christ, and every Christian sect’s rational explanations have driven their followers into the arms of Satan. The answer to the Grand Inquisitor can only be found in the human heart, where the Holy Ghost resides. If you bypass the human heart, because it can lead men astray, and bid them look to pure reason, you have left them without the Comforter, who tells us, through the mystical, undefinable virtue of charity, why Christ has not left us bereft and why He has not thought too much of us in giving us the freedom to choose heaven or hell.

There is a third charge that Ivan, stepping away from his Grand Inquisitor persona, makes against Christ. Ivan rejects Christ because of human suffering. A loving God, if He was a merciful God worthy of our love, would not permit such suffering. That is Ivan’s contention. And Alyosha has no rational answer for him; he merely points to Christ on the cross. Did I say merely? That merely is all in all.

Liberalism has spread as our scientific knowledge has expanded. Christ did not come back as He said He would, nor has He alleviated human suffering, despite the fact that He claimed to be a God of mercy and compassion. That is the liberals’ seemingly unanswerable charge against Christ. So the liberals demand that we hand our wills over to them so that they can give us what Christ cannot or will not give us, the alleviation of our physical suffering through science and the alleviation of our emotional and ‘psychic’ ills (they no longer use the term ‘spiritual’) through the science of psychology. And for the ecstatic moment, the sense that we are in direct contact with the divine? The liberals have given us the sacred negro. What more could a man want out of life?

The churchmen have responded to the liberals’ assault against Christ as the false comforters responded to Job. They were defeated, their rational apologetics are no match for Ivan Karamazov, so now they just say “amen” to whatever the liberals put forth. It is a pathetic spectacle. But our people, the antique Europeans, did not cave in to liberalism despite the fact that they suffered much while they looked for His return. Why did they believe? God has sent us a comforter who has given us the answer to that question. There is nothing more comforting, more uplifting, than that passage in St. Luke in which he describes the walk the two disciples took with Christ on the road to Emmaus and their subsequent reaction to His divine presence at the Inn: “Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the Scriptures?” Christ has not broken His promise to us and He never will. Search the scriptures with your heart, and you will find Him.

And they rose up the same hour, and returned to Jerusalem, and found the eleven gathered together, and them that were with them, Saying, The Lord is risen indeed, and hath appeared to Simon. And they told what things were done in the way, and how he was known of them in breaking of bread. And as they thus spake, Jesus himself stood in the midst of them, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you. –Luke 24: 33-36

Let me share, in closing, four quotes from the heart of Christian Europe that have become part of me. If you are a regular reader, you will recognize the passages because I have used them often.

First, there are the lines from The Wind in the Willows. Ratty’s love for his river describes my love for Christian Europe. I don’t care about any nation outside of that nation.

‘I beg your pardon,’ said the Mole, pulling himself together with an effort. ‘You must think me very rude; but all this is so new to me. So—this—is—a—River!’

‘THE River,’ corrected the Rat.

‘And you really live by the river? What a jolly life!’

‘By it and with it and on it and in it,’ said the Rat. ‘It’s brother and sister to me, and aunts, and company, and food and drink, and (naturally) washing. It’s my world, and I don’t want any other.

Secondly, there is Thomas Nelson Page’s response to all those who attack our European kith and kin:

On the instant stood revealed, as though he had blown down the ages, a pure Goth, unchanged in any essential since his fathers had left their forests and through all obstacles, even through ranks of Roman legionaries, sword in hand had hewn their way straight to the goal of their desires. He was a Goth in all his appetites and habits, a Goth unchanged, unfettered. True to his instincts, true to his traditions, fearing nothing, loving only his own, loving and hating with all his heart—a Goth. –Under the Crust

Thirdly, there is LeFanu’s vision of the light that shineth even in the face of death:

Next day was the funeral, that appalling necessity; smuggled away in whispers, by black familiars, unresisting, the beloved one leaves home, without a farewell, to darken those doors no more; henceforward to lie outside, far away, and forsaken, through the drowsy heats of summer, through days of snow and nights of tempest, without light or warmth, without a voice near. Oh, Death, king of terrors! The body quakes and the spirit faints before thee. It is vain, with hands clasped over our eyes, to scream our reclamation; the horrible image will not be excluded. We have just the word spoken eighteen hundred years ago, and our trembling faith. And through the broken vault the gleam of the Star of Bethlehem. – Uncle Silas

And finally, there is the Gentle Bard of Avon, who tells us about the living God who transcends our and Horatio’s philosophy:

Thy bosom is endeared with all hearts,
Which I by lacking have supposed dead;
And there reigns love and all love’s loving parts,
And all those friends which I thought buried.
How many a holy and obsequious tear
Hath dear religious love stolen from mine eye,
As interest of the dead, which now appear
But things remov’d, that hidden in thee lie!
Thou art the grave where buried love doth live,
Hung with the trophies of my lovers gone,
Who all their parts of me to thee did give;
That due of many now is thine alone:
Their images I lov’d I view in thee,
And thou (all they) hast all the all of me.

-William Shakespeare

Christ Has Risen!

Indeed He Has! +

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Sleep, my child and peace attend thee
All through the night;
Guardian angels God will send thee
All through the night.
Soft, the drowsy hours are creeping,
Hill and vale, in slumber sleeping,
I my loving vigil keeping,
All through the night.

While the moon her watch is keeping
All through the night;
While the weary world is sleeping
All through the night.
O’er thy spirit gently stealing,
Visions of delight revealing,
Breathes a pure and holy feeling,
All through the night.

Deep the silence round us spreading,
All through the night;
Dark the path that we are treading,
All through the night.
Still the coming day discerning,
By the hope within us burning,
To the dawn our footsteps turning,
All through the night.

Star of Faith the dark adorning,
All through the night;
Leads us fearless toward the morning,
All through the night.
Though our hearts be wrapped in sorrow,
From the home of dawn we borrow,
Promise of a glad tomorrow,
All through the night.


The liberals’ war against the white race, called ‘cancel culture,’ has met little resistance within the ranks of the white grazers and their conservative leaders. Our culture is what we are as a people; it is our literature, our art, our music, our families, and our faith. If we allow the liberals and their colored allies to cancel our culture, what is left to us? What is left to the white person who is willing to allow his culture to be cancelled is nothing. He will attempt to show his liberal overlords that he is black, pure black inside, in order to prove that he has been illuminated, but illumination is hard to prove. There is nothing from white culture that will not ultimately be condemned as racist. How can a European completely divest himself of everything white and still remain in this world? He can’t. First the grazers who want to retain something of white Europe in their liberalism will be eliminated, but in the end the liberals will have to eliminate themselves, because no one will be able to maintain the perfect purity of the un-white.

Whenever I talked to conservatives or white grazers during this past election year, I came up against a wall when I brought up the race issue. Whenever I said that the liberals could not be defeated unless white people faced the fact the liberals were bound and determined to eliminate the white race, the grazers and the conservatives, “turned all their faces away.” I was bringing up the black rhino in the living room that we are all supposed to ignore, even though the black rhino gores all the white people that come near him.

Why am I not supposed to bring up the liberals’ attack, through the noble black savage, on the white race? I am not supposed to bring that subject up because the white race has been brought before the liberal Sanhedrin and found guilty of racism, so now and forever white people must not fight against their cancellation as a people. They must walk softly, speak gently, and do penance for their racism by grafting their souls onto the black race. It is my contention that white people must not become pure black inside, they must be white, pure white inside. What was the horrendous crime that white people committed, the sin without pardon? Their sin, when they were a people, was that they took the Son of the Living God into the vital center of their culture. Ever since the Europeans’ Dream-of-the-Rood moment in time, the liberals, at first on the outer fringes of Christian Europe, now at the center of liberal Europe, have been stand-ins for Caiaphas. They are forever condemning the Christian Europeans to death. And it is ‘racism’ that allows the liberal Sanhedrin to cancel the white Europeans’ culture and their lives with complete impunity.

After the murder of a white this past summer by a noble black savage, I heard a conservative commentator say that the shootings and the riots in our country are not a race issue, they are a “human issue.” We should be against murder and riots because such things are “inhumane.” Of course murder is inhumane, but the murders throughout our nation are a racial matter. The liberals permit and encourage the murder of whites because they hate the humane God, the God who took flesh and dwelt among us. If we do not support the ‘racist’ culture of the antique Europeans who believed that individual human beings were created in the image of God and not in the image of the beast, on what grounds can we oppose the murder of white people in our nation or anywhere else in the world? If we are all statistical aggregates, belonging to nature, and whites are the defective spores of nature’s statistical aggregate, why should we care when white people are ‘cancelled’? The liberals do not care, they want to see whiteness eliminated from the face of the earth. And they will get their wish if white ‘conservatives’ keep hiding under the bed every time the liberals scream, ‘racist.’ (1)

That the race war, which only one side, the liberal side, is fighting, is a religious war is so obvious that I shouldn’t have to say it. But it is not obvious to the willfully blind conservatives, so I will state the obvious: All that is good, not only in the European nations, but in the non-European nations as well, stems from the fact that the antique Europeans believed that love came down from heaven in the person of Jesus Christ. That is why the murder of whites throughout our nation is a race issue. If we are not ‘racist,’ if we are not white Christians who love and hate with hearts of flesh, what are we? We are liberals, and liberals are not opposed to the murder of white people because they are the evil ones, who once believed in the God that opposes all things liberal – abortion, sodomy, negro worship, etc. Moderate liberals who appeal to the liberals’ humanity do not understand liberalism. And they do not understand liberalism because they are divided against themselves. They want some liberalism, but not all of it. So they close the eyes of their heart and refuse to acknowledge what the heart of a European Christian can see: The liberals are pure evil; they hate Jesus Christ. The Christian European is one with the Psalmist: “Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph?”

The wicked triumphed in this last election because they were willing to use violence in order to impose their will on a confused majority coalition that believed in the sacred, democratic litany: “We are non-violent, we are not racist.” And what does non-violence in the face of evil result in? Are human lives saved? No, because when the good will not fight the wicked, evil flourishes. The Chinese communists once again can deal out death at the head of a death squad called the World Health Organization, and the colored hordes can once again bring death and destruction to white Americans at our open-door borders. All that amounts to nothing in comparison with what the white conservatives think they have gained by not fighting – they are able to say, “We are non-violent, we are not racist.” But if we have hearts, if we are Europeans, we should be violent and we should be ‘racist’: we should love our own in and through the Savior, and we should fight for our own in His Holy Name.

What happened in America in 2020 already occurred in the European colonies throughout Africa and Latin America. Under liberal guidance the colored races killed and murdered the whites in order to gain ‘independence’:

Just punishment was to be meted out to the perpetrators of violence. Indeed, the Belgian public prosecutor wasted no time in attacking a European who had shot a Congolese in the very act of raping his wife and although he was not sentenced his action was criticized. He should have first mediated with the offender before passing to acts of violence. Mediate against violence. The fundamental error committed by all sensitive consciences since colonialism went out of favor. Against primitive force one can only employ force. Mediation is a sign of weakness and will be assessed as such…

The year 1959 was a constant example of the futility of mediation against force. The political leaders in the Congo used the threat of riots as a weapon to oblige the Belgian Government to concede immediate Independence. From a vague future promise in January 1959 it became reality for July 1960, eighteen months later. –Congo Cauldron, D. P. Duguauquier

I am against slavery, not because slavery is bad for blacks; on the contrary, slavery was very good for blacks, particularly in the old South. They never knew charity until they were treated, by the white slave owners, with Christian charity. I am against black slavery because of what Agnes McGehee says in Stark Young’s novel So Red the Rose when she laments all the white blood that was shed on behalf of the negro. Whenever white nations take a colored minority into their midst, there will always be a contingent of liberals – the Christ-haters – who will use that colored minority as a weapon against the white Europeans. That is why racial purity is so important. Without their colored minions, liberals lose their sword. They still must be fought, because liberalism is pure evil, but without their colored minions, without their noble black savages, the liberals lose their savior and must fight against an enemy who no longer fears them because they don’t have their terrible swift sword called ‘racism.’

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. I wish I could send all the colored tribesmen in the European nations back to Africa, but that is not going to happen. So how do we deal with the terrible swift sword of the liberals, the noble savage? First we must see him for what he is, an ignoble savage:

To come to the point at once, I beg to say that I have not the least belief in the Noble Savage. I consider him a prodigious nuisance, and an enormous superstition. His calling rum fire-water, and me a pale face, wholly fail to reconcile me to him. I don’t care what he calls me. I call him a savage, and I call a savage a something highly desirable to be civilised off the face of the earth. I think a mere gent (which I take to be the lowest form of civilisation) better than a howling, whistling, clucking, stamping, jumping, tearing savage. It is all one to me, whether he flattens his hair between two boards, or spreads his nose over the breadth of his face, or drags his lower lip down by great weights, or blackens his teeth, or knocks them out, or paints one cheek red and the other blue, or tattoos himself, or oils himself, or rubs his body with fat, or crimps it with knives. Yielding to whichsoever of these agreeable eccentricities, he is a savage—cruel, false, thievish, murderous; addicted more or less to grease, entrails, and beastly customs; a wild animal with the questionable gift of boasting; a conceited, tiresome, bloodthirsty, monotonous humbug.

Even if the noble black savage is not noble, we should not mistreat him, the black apologist asserts. I agree, and so does Charles Dickens:

To conclude as I began. My position is, that if we have anything to learn from the Noble Savage, it is what to avoid. His virtues are a fable; his happiness is a delusion; his nobility, nonsense. We have no greater justification for being cruel to the miserable object, than for being cruel to a William Shakespeare or an Isaac Newton; but he passes away before an immeasurably better and higher power than ever ran wild in any earthly woods, and the world will be all the better when his place knows him no more.

Which brings me to the second part of our ‘should not’ – we should not let the liberals cancel our culture because of our white ancestors’ alleged mistreatment of the noble black savages. The myth of mean whites mistreating blacks is only true when seen with the utopian eyes of the liberals’ intellects. But when we see them, our white ancestors, through the eyes of the heart, something quite extraordinary happens. We see the only people in the history of the world who treated a savage, captive race with charity and mercy. If you wish to see what that “charity of honor” looks like when it is practiced, I suggest you read Stark Young’s So Red the Rose.

The two utopian powers, the intellectual Christians and the secular liberals, have joined forces to destroy the white European people by separating them from the incarnational culture of old Europe. Our people with the hearts of flesh were once connected in blood and spirit to the living God. The intellectual Christian sees imperfections in the antique Europeans, he sees wars, lust, envy, and every sin proscribed by our Lord, so the intellectual Christian damns the Christian Europeans and looks to a purer Christianity as practiced by the Chinese, by the Mexicans, by the negroes, or by the Indians of the Amazon rain forest. But in casting his lot with the purer Christians of color, the intellectual Christian has cancelled our spiritual base. If we can’t stand with Christian Europeans who knew the Savior in their hearts, then we have nothing firm and solid on which to stand in the day of battle. We will be overwhelmed by the secular utopians, the liberals, while the Christian utopians join the army of the secular utopians against the Christian Europeans, who must be cancelled because what they consider pietas, the love of their own, the Christian and liberal utopians call ‘racism.’

The reason there is never a Christian response to the evil that is liberalism is because the hearts of the Christian churchmen have waxed cold. They should be against the liberal utopians because the liberal utopians support everything that is against Christianity, but still the intellectual Christians support the liberals. They use ‘racism’ as an excuse for their abandonment of the Christ-bearing race. However, is that really the reason they hate whites and love the noble savages of color? No, it is not. The churchmen have left the faith that is bred in the bone and the blood behind for a faith in their own intellects. They fantasize that the new Christians, the people of color, will follow the clerical Atticus Finches to a new land, a utopian land, where all white Europeans have been cancelled except the exalted ones, the clerical Atticus Finches. The secular liberals have other ideas. They will use the apostate clergymen for their own purposes, and then they will exterminate them as well.

The Greek philosophers’ religion of pure mind gave way to the mystery religions. People wanted direct contact with the deity, without the mediation of reason. But the mystery religions had no moral content; the gods of those religions had no love for individual men and women. It was Christ, who was and is the Love which visited earth, who gave us the personal, ethical, and loving contact with the living God. The churchmen, over time, turned the love which passeth the understanding of pure reason into a philosophy. That is why the first half of the 20th century gave birth to the death-of-God existentialist writers. Christ’s resurrection was not rational, and yet man needed a loving God. Hence, the despair of the existentialists who could not see anything greater than man’s reason. But something developed in the latter half of the 20th century which was much worse than the despair of the existentialists. The existentialists said, “Christ be not risen, so all is cheerless, dark and deadly.” The new age liberal, the heirs of the French and American Jacobins, said, “Christ be not risen, isn’t that wonderful! Now we can once again have our own mystery religion. We can have direct contact with our god – the sacred negro.” The reason the George Floyd ceremony in Congress resembled some strange religious ritual was because that is what it was – a strange, bizarre, satanically-inspired religious ritual. St. Paul told us what the true mysticism was and is in 1st Corinthians 13. We come in direct contact with the one true God in and through our people, who loved Him. Charity never faileth. Why should we deal peacefully with the liberals who have declared war on that “charity of honor” culture of the antique Europeans? And why should we be moderate liberals who seek a place for whites in the kingdom of hell on earth rather than evicting the liberals and their colored minions from what was once Christian Europe? Whoever tries to cancel the culture of the antique Europeans, be they theologians, mad-dog liberals, or managerial conservatives, sins against the living God. If you take the mystical core away from our culture, you take away Christ. It is His culture, so magnificently described by Handel, that we will celebrate on Easter Sunday. That is the culture of life everlasting, which is in direct opposition to the liberals’ culture of death and darkness. Cancel our culture? No, in the name of Christ, thou shall not cancel our culture. We shall, in His name, cancel your culture.+


(1) The conservative Quakers tell us that the murder of Asians in Atlanta occurred because we do not discourage violence. No, such indiscriminate, unjustified violence occurs when you support the image-of-the-beast-in-man culture of the liberals. Why is it that the only violence of white people in recent years is the wrong kind? It is because white people are not immune to the new cultural influences — the culture of the liberals’ beast-in-man. We will either have the religion of Jesus Christ, or else we will have the religion of the devil.

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The Dualism at the Heart of Europe

For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them. But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire. –2 Peter 2: 21-22


The strange voice, exalted, oracular in mad inspiration, drew nearer in the darkness until Dr. Fu Manchu appeared in the circle of light. His mask-like face was transfigured, his eyes glittered like jewels. He was a seer, a prophet, a man set above human laws.  

-Sax Rohmer


I was quite fond of the Dr. Seuss books when I was growing up. In later years he became an environmentalist and an anti-nuclear activist, but still, in his prime, he took us away from the Dick and Jane books and gave us some wonderful, imaginative stories. My favorite Dr. Seuss book was King Stilts in which the Patrol Cats of the Kingdom of Binn have a climactic battle with the Nizzards. Another favorite of mine was And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street. In that story, a small boy is bored with the horse and cart he sees every day on Mulberry Street, and he imagines a whole panorama of people and scenes that he sees on his imagined Mulberry Street. One of his imagined scenes has “A Chinese boy, Who eats with sticks.” That one line with the accompanying picture of a Chinese boy with chop sticks got the book taken off library shelves in America. Fifty Shades of Grey can be on the shelves, but not And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.  If Marco (that is the child’s name) had seen an LGBQTA parade on Mulberry Street, his book could have stayed on the library shelf, but he had to be Oriental-phobic and see a stereotypical Chinese boy, hence he and his book must be cast into outer darkness.

I’m not going to go into the liberals’ laundry list of children’s books from ‘racist’ Europe or the great literary works and other artworks that are now banned. Instead I want to focus on what the Mulberry Street book ban represents. It represents the alliance of the two most Satanic forces in the world – liberalism and Orientalism. The liberals worship the intellect of man divorced from the Christian heart, because they have rejected Jesus Christ; they hate Him. And because they hate Him, they hate the white Christ-bearing race. The Orientals also hate the white race because of the European’s connection to the God of charity and mercy. To the cruel, diabolical minds of the Chinese, St. Paul’s assertion that “knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth” is an anathema. They, the Chinese, do not even have a word for charity in their language. And the liberals are laboring with might and main to eliminate the people who once championed the God of charity and mercy.

The Chinese openly brag that the 21st century is their century. That certainly seems to be the case if we are talking about the principalities and powers of this world. The Chinese disposed of Trump by inflicting a virus on the West that destroyed the economies of the European nations, and they have reestablished themselves as the head of the World Health Organization. So long as liberalism is the religion of the European people, the Chinese will rule the European people, because the liberals’ hatred of Jesus Christ is in line with the Chinese’s hatred of Jesus Christ; hence, the liberals will always ally with the Chinese against the white Europeans, the Christ-bearing people, when they were a people.

Again, we see the significance of the Trump electoral defeat. Trump was a moderate liberal, which now passes for a conservative – he wanted to go back to the blending of liberalism and Christianity. But the liberals wanted purity. They wanted pure, unadulterated Satanism. So they looked to the Orient, to the masters of cruelty and demonism to help them avoid the horror of a return to moderate liberalism. The Chinese are not evil because they are communists, they are communist because they are evil. The mystical core of their culture was demonic well before they became a communist nation: “Now when they had gone throughout Phrygia and the region of Galatia, and were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia” (Acts 16:6). (1)

The liberals who scream ‘racist’ when a European speaks of the demonic, mystical core of the Oriental cultures and describes the European people as the Christ-bearers, still believe in the mystic of the Orient and the Christ-bearing white race; they have simply reversed the mystic. They believe the Orientals are good, because they worship the intellect of man divorced from the heart, and they believe the antique Europeans and those who follow in their train were and are evil, because they think with the passion of a Christian heart, they believe in the Word made flesh, which is an anathema to the Gnostic minds of the Orientals and to the liberals of the West as well.

The stated purpose of the pro-life movement in this country was to procure legal protection for the unborn. If we keep that goal in mind we must state that the pro-life movement was a colossal failure. That does not mean that there was not something noble, something called charity, in the hearts of many pro-lifers, but it does mean that something was lacking in the movement. The same can be and must be said about the Christian European missionary movements. There were many well-intentioned missionaries. And just as the anti-abortion movement saved some babies, so did the missionary movements save, through the power of Christ working within the movements, some heathen souls. But the Europeans did not Christianize the heathen nations as a whole. The mystical core of the heathen nations remained heathen – Mexico stayed Aztec, the Africans stayed with their gods of blood and sacrifice, and the yellow races stayed with the diabolical arts of Fu Manchu.

Now we come to the Europeans, the people who took the Word made flesh into their hearts and placed Christ at the mystical core of their culture. They dreamt the Dream of the Rood because they saw with their eyes and heard with their ears and understood with their hearts. From that moment on, the visionary moment, the word ‘European’ meant Christian. In the movie The Mask of Fu Manchu, based on the novels of Sax Rohmer, the evil Oriental genius, Fu Manchu, repeatedly refers to the “detested white race” as the Christ-bearing race. Yes, that is correct. An Oriental who becomes a Christian, and there are some, must go against the mystical core of his nation. In contrast, a European who goes over to the enemies of Christ must go against the mystical core of Europe, which is Christian. If enough Europeans become liberals, can the mystical core of Europe change? Can the European people become one with the enemies of Christ? The reason the mysticism of the East became so popular in the West in the 1960s and beyond is not because the East became Christian but because the West became anti-Christian.

The European people could never be defeated from without when they were a Christian people. They are not now the slaves of the Chinese because they were defeated by the Chinese; they are now the slaves of the Chinese because they no longer believe in themselves as the Christ-bearing race. They detest their ancestors, the white Europeans, with a greater intensity than the colored races detest the white Europeans. So long as that hatred of whiteness prevails in the West, the Chinese will rule the West. The answer to the question of whether the mystical core of Europe can be changed if enough Europeans become liberals, is yes. The mystical core of Europe can and has been changed. There is now a dualism at the heart of Europe. There is the old Europe, the Christ-centered Europe, which has given way to the new Europe that belongs to Satan. But we, the European people, have in our history, in our racial memory, something of infinite value: our people once knew the Savior — we once shared our tears with and gave our hearts to Him who saves. That is why the liberals must reframe their new faith in Christian forms; they must, unlike the Orientals, have a triune God; they must have the sacred negro to replace Christ as the second person in their new trinity. Will that need for a secular savior ultimately bring them in conflict with their Oriental masters who do not need the sacred negro? Quite possibly it will. The devil’s kingdom of hell on earth will not be harmonious. But that should not be our main concern. We, the remnant band of European Christians, shall remain with our first love – the Europe grounded in the love of the Word made flesh, which is an anathema to the liberals of the West and to the men of the East as well.

When faith in Jesus Christ becomes theology, when He becomes the end product of reason, our faith waxes cold, as cold as the Orientals’ faith in their cruel, detached rational gods. Christian Europe was not exceptional because Europeans were smarter than the other races, Christian Europe was exceptional because the God whom the Europeans championed was a God with a heart of flesh. Christ was not the cloud of unknowing, He spoke to our ancestors and He speaks to us now, if we hear and see with our hearts, through the Holy Ghost.

The terrible slaughter of whites at our borders, the triumph of the Orient over the Occident in our culture and our economy is the result of the European people’s descent into rationalism. The conservative-liberals are currently involved in an endless debate with the mad-dog liberals in which the one thing necessary is not even subject to debate. The one thing necessary is that we, the European people, should reject rationalism and return to the passionate, blood faith of the antique Europeans. Moderate liberalism is lukewarm, it becomes vomit; we shall never be able to combat the demonism of the liberals and the Orientals with the rational vomit of moderate liberalism. The modern shadows of the liberals, the conservatives, advocate rational vomit as a solution to all our ills. They want to show the liberals that the destruction of the white race and complete economic dependence on communist China is irrational. But are the liberals irrational?  No, they are not. All decisions that we make, for good or evil, are made in our hearts. The liberals’ hearts belong to Satan; they hate Jesus Christ. So it is quite rational for them to want to be ruled by the Chinese rather than by a moderate liberal such as Trump. Reason is a sword wielded in defense of our heart’s deepest yearnings. The liberals yearn for all things opposed to His reign of charity: legalized abortion, sodomy, transgenderism, feminism, negro worship, and religious egalitarianism, with the exception of Christianity. The moderate liberals want, in their hearts, a lukewarm Christianity, so they use their reason to defend a Christian presence in Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth. But Christ will not support such a kingdom; He wants our whole heart, He wants us to rely on Him and Him alone. The tragic blending of intellectual Christianity and liberalism has left the European people defenseless against the liberals’ noble black savages and the Oriental gods of merciless cruelty.

Dostoyevsky’s inability, when he was a member of a revolutionary cabal, to repudiate in his heart, “the radiant personality of Christ,” mirrored my own experiences as a young man. I could not reconcile the irrationality of Christ’s resurrection from the dead with reason and science. But was there something greater than reason and science? Why did I profess a non-belief in Christ, but still say my prayers in Jesus’s name? We must try to understand God as St. Paul enjoined us to understand Him, with a “heart of flesh.” Why is the human heart, which our Lord and St. Paul always referred to as our link to the living God, constantly derided by ‘Christian’ theologians and liberals? The theologians deride the heart because the passions we find therein can lead a man to heaven or hell. “There must,” the theologians tell us, “be an easier route to heaven.” There isn’t. But there is a sure route to hell – it is by way of the human mind abstracted from the wellspring of existence, the human heart connected to His sacred heart. The liberals deride the sentiments emanating from the human heart, because they fear such sentiments might lead to Him. So they preach reason in order to cloak what is in their hearts – the hatred for Christ and His people.

During my struggle to come to a Pauline understanding of God, I had numerous conversations with a teacher, a former Catholic priest who was now a religious agnostic, which is more than a bit of a contradiction, but he was one. My teacher-friend could not reconcile faith in Christ with the rational apologetics that he believed in. He was right, by his lights. The compatibility of faith and reason – reason as defined by the philosopher and the theologian – cannot give us the blessed assurance of the prophets and St. Paul. But is not man more than reason? Is he more than a piano key? Dostoevsky’s inability to renounce the “radiant personality of Jesus Christ” brought him to believe in the God who transcends our reason. That became my belief as well. My teacher, the lapsed Thomist, needed a strong dose of the poetic of our people – their belief in the God-Man whose love for us reaches into the secret chambers of our heart and gives us the heart to understand what the philosophers and theologians can never understand – the Word made flesh.

Christ is a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the Athenian philosophers, but He is the morning star to the poet of the absolute, our apostle, St. Paul. We must see Christ as St. Paul saw Him and as our people saw Him – he and they held the living God in the “fleshy tables of the heart.” The sword of the spirit is the word of God. What then is the sword of Satan? It is reason detached from the heart of Christ. The liberals and the Chinese wield that sword. Must we surrender to them, who are the principalities and powers of this world? Our Supreme Court does whatever they say.(2) And our church men loudly proclaim the compatibility of Christ and liberalism in the hopes that the terrible swift sword of Satan will descend on the non-illuminated whites instead of on them. We have only that charity of honor to keep us upright in this, the evil day, Satan’s day. But that ‘only’ is everything. “This must not go on” comes from a heart of flesh, a European heart that belongs to Christ and His people. The evil of moderate liberalism, which is modern conservatism, is that it tells us we do not have to make the Dostoyevskian choice – we do not have to decide between Christ and the devil. But we do have to decide about the “radiant personality of Christ.” Was He the Son of the living God or was He a false God, a charlatan? The liberals and their Chinese allies have made their decision. Let us leave the vomit of moderate liberalism and stand with the people who were not afraid to embrace the foolishness of the Cross of Christ. +


(1) I once read an account written by a European missionary to China of the first time he told the Christ story to a group of Chinese. He was delighted when they listened with intense interest to the story of Christ’s crucifixion. But then they promptly went out and crucified a group of white Europeans traveling through China. Whatever is good in the colored races was the result of the white Europeans’ refusal to accept the colored races’ cultural values. Now that everything stemming from old Europe is deemed ‘racist’ and everything emanating from the colored races is deemed good, we are witnessing the enthronement of Satan in the European countries.

(2) Brett Kavanaugh was one of Trump’s appointees. He returned that enormous favor by betraying Trump. He was one of the Supreme Court ‘Justices’ who refused to hear the election fraud cases because he was afraid of the Left and wanted to court their favor. The self-serving Amy Barrett was one with Kavanaugh. Both ‘justices’ remind me of Pip’s sister in Great Expectations. After Orlick beats her into imbecility, she always is very concerned to please him, because she does not want another beating. Kavanaugh and Barrett both took a liberal beating at their confirmation hearings. Barrett, because of her sex, might avoid another beating, but Kavanaugh’s moral cowardice will not help him. Biden and company are still going after him. He deserves his fate. If you won’t stand tall, if you won’t leave the vomit of moderate liberalism in order to fight the mad-dog liberals, you deserve the place to which you came – the kingdom of hell on earth. Biden and his legion of devils have the hellish audacity to tell us that their policy of white genocide is the kinder and gentler policy. Kinder to whom? Sympathy for the devil has become the worship of the devil. Everything that is anti-Christian, everything that is satanic, has been enshrined into law in the United States of Satan.

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We Cannot Barter Our Souls

Dore. The Buyers and Sellers Driven Out of the Temple

Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law? They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood. But the LORD is my defence; and my God is the rock of my refuge. And he shall bring upon them their own iniquity, and shall cut them off in their own wickedness; yea, the LORD our God shall cut them off. –Psalm 94: 20-23


The wheel has come full circle; our people who once championed the Word made flesh no longer, “see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart.” They have decided that Christ be not risen, and they must look for another savior to preside over another realm. Christ’s reign of charity must give way to Satan’s reign of merciless cruelty. That is the decree of the new Sanhedrin, the Sanhedrin of Judaized Europeans — the liberals.  – CWNY


History does not tell us whether Louis XVI regretted his decision not to use violence on the bloodthirsty mob who stormed the palace of Versailles. He died nobly, refusing to receive absolution from the apostate priests who presided over his execution. But did he regret that his benevolence to the Jacobins resulted in the massacre of the Swiss guards who fought so heroically in his defense? Did he regret what he must have known was coming after his execution – the murder of his wife and children, and the murder of the French aristocracy? We do not know for sure what went on in the inmost soul of that king who was so far from doing harm himself that he could not see the satanic depths of his Jacobin enemies. Is it possible that even at the hour of his death he did not see the pure evil of the Jacobins and the terrible part he played in the destruction of Christian France by his failure to act against them? Yes, it is quite possible, because once a man’s soul is tainted with liberalism, his heart constricts and he cannot see clearly. Louis XVI was a noble king, but he had caught the disease, the sickness unto death, which is liberalism.

I bring this up because of an article I saw in a conservative publication in which a conservative pundit recommended that we, the people who did not vote for Biden, should fight “non-violently” against the liberals who defrauded us in the recent election. His advocacy has been and is the stance of Trump and his followers, so let us examine the conservatives’ faith in non-violence. Their faith is based on the assumption that liberalism – democracy, civil rights, liberty, equality, and fraternity – is good. So all those who profess a belief in liberalism cannot be pure evil. And you cannot use violence unless your enemy is pure evil. Is there such a thing as pure evil in the conservatives’ eyes? Yes, of course there is. White racism is pure evil, so you can and should use violence against white racists. Such violence is ‘good violence.’ The conservatives are always on the defensive, trying to show that they are not racist, while the liberals are always on the offensive, engaging in a war to exterminate white racists.

Let us hope that Trump and his family will not be executed as Louis XVI and his family were executed, but it is crystal clear that Trump has repeated the tragic mistake of Louis XVI because of his inability to see the unmitigated evil of liberalism. He did not order the Federal troops to fire on the black rioters during the summer of 2020 because he did not believe his liberal opponents who supported the rioters were pure evil. He believed, in part, in the justice of the liberals’ cause because they believe in the noble black savage, so he refused to act against the Black Lives Matter rioters and murderers. And the Supreme Court justices took note. The left let it be known that they would not tolerate a Trump victory, they would violently oppose a second term. Trump, on the conservative side, let it be known that he and his followers would be non-violent, they would not fight against any enemy that flew the Black Lives Matter banner. The United States did not have to become a vassal state of the Chinese communists; it did become a vassal state because the conservatives, who are not conservative, are Quakers, and the mad-dog liberals are violent Jacobins. The kingdom of heaven is taken by violence, and the kingdom of hell on earth was and is made possible by ‘good people’ who oppose the violence of the liberals with aggressive non-violence.

The liberals obtained a crushing victory in 2020, and they will remain ensconced in power, free to murder non-illuminated whites through legal channels, because they are willing to violently defend their satanic kingdom while the conservatives are unwilling to violently oppose them. And a non-violent response to violence is a surrender to violence. We can’t gnostically defeat liberalism. Evil is done by flesh and blood men at the instigation of Satan. We have to fight those flesh and blood minions of Satan as flesh and blood human beings must fight, with our whole heart, mind, and soul. If we fight gnostically, we are not really fighting. The non-violence of Trump and his people is the equivalent of a video game battle – it has no basis in reality.

The American conservatives are not conservative as Burke was conservative. Burke wanted to conserve Christian Europe against the Jacobins. The American conservatives want to conserve Emersonian superficiality: “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.” They want the great American talk show, with the devil as the host, to go on forever. And the debate is always the same – who can best serve the sacred negro? “We are not racists,” the conservatives tell their mad-dog brethren, “Our economic policies help the sacred negro while your policies hurt the sacred negro.” The liberals and the conservative-liberals only differ over the means, they are in agreement about the end: to build a new world order grounded in the noble black savage, which has nothing to do with the old world order, Christian Europe.

The United States is the crowning achievement of the new world order liberals. It has evolved into a state which has institutionalized all things satanic – sodomy, transgenderism, feminism, legalized abortion, negro worship, and the integration of every non-Christian religion into a religious unity opposed to the Christian faith of the antique Europeans. Why should we conserve such a nation? How can we justify our ‘non-violence’ in the face of such a Babylonian monstrosity? Are we human beings or are we liberals? We can’t be both. If we still regard ourselves as human beings created in the image of God, we must violently oppose the liberals who are determined to violently eliminate the image of God-in-man culture of the European people from the face of the earth.

Why did the liberals have to destroy Trump? Why did they and why do they still react so hysterically whenever his name is mentioned? Trump, like Louis XVI, is a moderate liberal, who thinks that Christianity and liberty, equality, and fraternity are compatible. And if they are compatible, there is no reason to exterminate the white Christ-bearing race. But the liberals, the Jacobins, know that Christ’s reign of charity is not compatible with Satan’s reign of merciless cruelty. They must, and they shall, eliminate whiteness from the face of the earth. The liberals’ kingdom is much worse than pagan Rome because the post-Christian is worse than the pagan, but pagan Rome and Liberaldom are alike in one essential: both kingdoms could and can tolerate all religions, save one. Christ’s outlandish claim that He was the Son of the living God could not and cannot be syncretized into a multi-religious, diverse Roman empire or a diverse multi-religious liberal empire such as the United States. Christ and His followers had to be and must be purged from both empires.

Robespierre used the term ‘purge’ to describe what had to be done in order to purify France of Christians. The modern liberals, like Robespierre, are always purging their realms of white Christians. That is the essence of all modern demoncracies – the white race must be purged because it was the Christ-bearing race. And in order to ensure that they, the liberals, won’t be purged from their utopian hell, they must show that they have gone beyond whiteness. (Chris Cuomo recently told a black newscaster on CNN that he, Chris Cuomo, was black in his soul.) That is why the white liberals are even more anti-white than the white-hating noble black savages. The liberals must prove that they are not white so they can preside over the purge of the non-illuminated whites.

Satan is not concerned with the intellectual Christianity in the organized churches. He can and does use the Emersonian superficiality in the churches to serve his kingdom of hell on earth. But he is concerned about cultural Christianity, the epistles-of-the-living-God Christianity that St. Paul spoke of: “Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men: Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.” (2 Corinthians 3: 2-3) Satan does not want any part of the people who took Christ into their hearts. That is why he has centered his attack on the spirit and blood culture of the antique Europeans rather than on organized Christian Jewry. He persuaded the Christian churchmen to defend their corporate, organizational church governments and let those ‘insignificant’ cultural entities, the epistles of the living God, who were and are the Christian Europeans, be consigned to the demonized dust heap of history. But let me ask the conservatives in Church and State a question: Why, if the ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’ culture of the antique Europeans is so evil, is it attacked by Satan’s minions? Shouldn’t you, the conservative churchmen and the conservative politicians, be against transgenderism, feminism, sodomy, legalized abortion, and negro worship? Shouldn’t you be alarmed to find yourself in the same camp as the liberals, who advocate such things? Or does the fact that the liberals worship the noble black savage wash all their other sins sway? Apparently it does.

Is there a reason why we must stand by while all the art works from the Christian era of our people are either banned outright or accompanied by severe lectures by illuminated, satanic liberals? Are we still a people if we permit liberals to demonize our heritage? Of course we aren’t. During the election-fraud protest, an unarmed white woman was murdered by the Federal police, and there was no investigation of her murder. Ten months ago a black criminal died when a white police officer tried to arrest him, and the entire legal establishment, conservatives and liberal, have banded together to ensure that the white police officer is convicted of murder. The murder of the white protestor, the upcoming show trial of the white police officer, the daily sacrificial offerings of whites in our major cities to noble black savages, all are the result of whites’ refusal to defend their cultural heritage for fear of being called racists. If you allow the liberals to demonize your past they will take that demonization to the next stage. They will demonize you in the present, which means the non-illuminated whites must pay for the past evil of the white race with their lives. The liberals and their black shock troops look on themselves as exterminating angels; they must and they will destroy the white race. They will kill without mercy and without pity because they are the anointed ones; they must purify their realm of white Christians.

Let us go back to the summer of 2020. Why did Trump fail to counter the violence of the Antifa, Black Lives Matter murderers and rioters with violence? Why did he permit them to set up their own government in direct opposition to his government? If we grant that Trump was not afraid to act against Antifaers who stepped away from their black shields, we are still left with the question of why Trump felt unable to act against Black Lives Matter. Was it because Trump lacked courage? No, that was not the reason. Trump has the courage of his convictions. His failure to act was because of his convictions. You can’t defeat the liberals when you are part liberal yourself. I would have ordered every single rioter, Antifa and BLM, shot on sight had I been president (but of course, I could never be elected president), not because I am more courageous and decisive than Trump, but because I believe that the liberals and their colored shock troops are totally evil. I believe they are hell-bent on murdering my people and destroying every last vestige of our sacred Christian European heritage. Believing that, how could I do otherwise than respond with violence against the liberal-black violence? Everything depends on what we see in our hearts when we look at the liberals and the world they have created. Trump’s faith is not my faith. His conversion from mad-dog liberalism to moderate liberalism was a sincere conversion. But is that enough? Can we stop along the path to the liberals’ hell on earth? No, we can’t. It is all or nothing; we can’t be a little bit liberal and a little bit Christian. The liberals proved that when they carried the day on November 3, 2020. Now the liberals have it all, and the white grazers have nothing. But what do they have? They have hell on earth. And we have, at least we should have, moral clarity. The liberals are united in their hatred of Christ and his people; we cannot, nor should we want to, peacefully co-exist with them. Even if we wanted to, they would not permit it. They, like the giant in the fairy tale who wants the blood of an Englishman, want the blood of all non-illuminated whites, and that rather large majority consists of thee and me.

The pro-life movement in the 1970s was a dress rehearsal for the defeat of the Trumpers in 2020. The liberals at that time decided they could violently terminate the lives of the infants in the womb without facing any serious resistance from organized Christian Jewry. And they were right. The “pro-lifers,” the moderate liberals, kept screaming, “We must be non-violent, we must rely on the courts.” Isn’t that what Trump kept saying? –“Be non-violent, we must rely on the courts.” From whence comes this mystical belief in the courts? It comes from sinful man’s reliance on abstract reason divorced from the heart of God. Our democratic system is not grounded in the heart and blood faith of the European people; it is not connected to the “tears of God” culture of the antique Europeans. Our laws stem from the man-made abstractions of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Such abstractions are antithetical to Christ’s reign of charity, in which the law serves Christ rather than Satan. How can we expect justice, how can we expect respect for the Christian hearth-fire virtues of old Europe from law courts that are based on the principles of the Jewish Sanhedrin? Christ stood before the Sanhedrin and He was condemned to death because He refused to deny His divinity.

But he held his peace, and answered nothing. Again the high priest asked him, and said unto him, Art thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed? And Jesus said, I am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven. Then the high priest rent his clothes, and saith, What need we any further witnesses? Ye have heard the blasphemy: what think ye? And they all condemned him to be guilty of death. And some began to spit on him, and to cover his face, and to buffet him, and to say unto him, Prophesy: and the servants did strike him with the palms of their hands. –Mark 14: 61-64

We can’t place ourselves outside of the condemnation the Sanhedrin pronounced upon Christ. We can’t tell the liberals who constitute the modern Sanhedrin that we do not know the Christ of old Europe, because we are afraid to be cast out of Liberaldom for being racist. We cannot share in His resurrection if we do not share in His crucifixion. The blending of Christ with Judaism, with Islam, the gods of the Amazon rain forest, and the sacred negro is an ignoble attempt to court favor (pun intended) with the new-old Sanhedrin of the liberals. What do we gain when we kneel to the liberals’ Sanhedrin? Our lives? No, they want our blood; we won’t save our lives by kneeling before them. But we will lose something of infinite value – we will lose our souls if we continue to bow down to the gods of Liberaldom. We will lose the promise of 1 Corinthians: “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”

Shall we stay with Emersonian superficiality, with a gnostic blend of intellectual Christianity and liberalism, or shall we return to the epistles of the living God – to our people when they believed that the “trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised”? Let me end with one final example of the contrast between the old European world of “charity never faileth” and our brave new world of demonic superficiality. About fifteen years ago I purchased a paperback copy of The Epistles of St. Paul because I wanted to make notes in the margins and underline certain passages, which was something I did not want to do in the family Bible. I found the following commentary in the introduction:

Paul stayed in touch with his converts through formal letters that covered clarification of the doctrine, the impact of Jewish law on Christianity, heresy, personal intercession, corrections concerning earlier letters, and a review of previous letters to the church. One of those letters (1 Corinthians) included a controversial statement about women, “Let your women keep in silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.”

Is not that liberal editorial the essence of modern liberalism? Paul’s sublime paean to charity and his incomparable, heartfelt assertion of our resurrection through Jesus Christ is reduced to nothing because he was sexist? That is the world that the conservatives tell us we must accept. Never! +

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