We Shall Not Kneel to the Liberals’ God

Fuseli. Miranda, Prospero, Ariel, and Caliban

We are bound in the sanctuary of the heart to Him who gave us our human nature. –Edmund Burke


“We must prepare to meet with Caliban.” –Prospero in The Tempest


This February has been the most horribly black-infested month in our nation’s history. There is no safe refuge from ‘black history.’ In our schools – preschool, kindergarten, grammar school, junior high, high school, and all through college – the message is clear: white is evil, black is good. And our ‘churches’ are one with the academy: whiteness is ungodly, blackness is godly. The sports’ programs are all about black athletes who have been ‘mistreated’ by whites, and the Illuminati of the press – television, newspaper, and internet – all speak with one voice: blackness is good, whiteness is evil. If you make a lonely trek to the North Pole, determined to go where there is no black history, you will discover, in the headlines of the old newspaper that you wrapped your coffee tin in, the liberals’ narrative: blacks are sacred, whites are evil. In the old television show, Branded, Chuck Connors was told, “Wherever you go, for the rest of your life, you must prove, you’re a man.” Wherever a white man goes in the European world, he must prove he is illuminated by denouncing the white race and bowing down before the noble black savage.

The George Floyd ceremony in the joint houses of Congress last summer was a horrific, barbarous religious rite. If we countenance such rites, in which the liberals worship Satan through the sacred negro, by our silence or by our participation in those rites, we are guilty of blasphemy against the living God. Blasphemy is something that the European people once took seriously, because when they blasphemed they were in league with the devil. But now the devil is a good guy — he is not a racist, nor is he homophobic, Islamophobic, transgender-phobic, he is only white-phobic, which is a good thing. And how does Christ, the Christ of the European hearth fire, stack up against Satan? Christ is a racist, he is homophobic, Islamophobic, etc., etc. He must be sent to the liberals’ hell and forced to bow down to the liberals’ god, the archangel Lucifer. But Christ shall never kneel to Satan:

Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;
And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.
Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.
Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.

And that refusal is what fuels the liberals’ satanic hatred. If Christ won’t kneel to them, they shall make His people kneel to them. In the name of the sacred negro, who is the liberals’ link to Satan, they will force Christ’s people to kneel down before Satan. That is what ‘black history’ month is all about. It is a satanic imitation of an old-fashioned European Christmas in which the birth of the Christ child was celebrated for twelve days. In this case, the noble black savage, who is the second person in the devil’s trinity, is given a whole month. That is right and proper — shouldn’t the liberals’ savior, the noble black savage, be honored instead of the Christ of old Europe?

Black history month, which has replaced the Christmas season as “the most wonderful time of the year,” is a month in which the lie of the noble black savage reaches its zenith. It is a lie put forward by the father of lies, for it is indeed a lie that whites, particularly the whites of the old South and of apartheid South Africa, mistreated blacks. What is true is that when whites treated blacks with mercy and charity, when they tried to elevate them to a world in which they were something other than predatory beasts consecrated to bloody gods of sacrifice, the blacks responded to the whites’ charity and mercy, in the main, with base ingratitude and barbarous savagery. They were and are Calibans:

Pros. Thou most lying slave,
Whom stripes may move, not kindness! I have us’d thee,
Filth as thou art, with human care, and lodg’d thee
In mine own cell, till thou didst seek to violate
The honour of my child.

Cal. O ho, O ho! would ‘t had been done!
Thou didst prevent me; I had peopl’d else
This isle with Calibans.

Pros. Abhorred slave,
Which any print of goodness wilt not take,
Being capable of all ill! I pitied thee,
Took pains to make thee speak, taught thee each hour
One thing or other. When thou didst not, savage,
Know thy own meaning, but wouldst gabble like
A thing most brutish, I endow’d thy purposes
With words that made them known. But thy vile race,
Though thou didst learn, had that in’t which good natures
Could not abide to be with; therefore wast thou
Deservedly confin’d into this rock,
Who hadst deserv’d more than a prison.

It was only when whites stood firm in their faith, when they accepted their duty as the Christ-bearing race and kept the colored races in benevolent servitude, that the black Calibans became something other than beasts of prey –

Cal. I’ll be wise hereafter
And seek for grace. What a thrice-double ass
Was I, to take this drunkard for a god
And worship this dull fool!

That “seek for grace” will only be heard from blacks who have learned what mercy is and forsaken the gods of bloody sacrifice. The God of mercy was at the heart of ‘racist’ Europe. The gods of merciless cruelty are at the heart of modern Liberaldom. Who is served by the lie of black history, that the whites who championed the God of mercy and love were evil because they tried to bring Christ to the savages of color without becoming absorbed by the savages of color? I repeat: who is served by that lie? It is the father of all lies. Black history month is a special celebration of all things satanic. And at the satanic center of this special month and our entire anti-civilization is the myth of the new suffering servant – the noble black savage.

Trump’s failure to win re-election was the direct result of his failure to challenge the central tenet of the liberals’ faith, their faith in the noble black savage. Trump never acted against the unmitigated evil of the liberals because he did not believe that anyone who was right about that which is essential – the belief in the nobility of the black savage – could be completely evil. Trump’s differences with the liberals never reached, on his part, the level of an outright war because he felt himself to be at one with them on the first article of their faith, which was and is their belief in the noble black savage. Then why didn’t the liberals make Trump one of their own? Why did they wage an unrelenting war against him? It was the subordinate doctrine to negro worship that brought Trump down. If you truly love the noble black savage, you must hate the white race. Trump, in the liberals’ eyes, was not really one of the Illuminati, despite what he said and did in support of the noble black savages; the liberals did not accept his stated faith because he did not hate whiteness. And the liberals were right to suspect Trump’s sincerity. If you do not hate the devil and all his works – and whiteness is the work of the devil in the liberals’ theology – then your love for the noble black savage must be questioned. In everything he does, the devil parodies Christianity. You must love the noble black savage and you must hate whiteness in Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth, because that theological construction is in direct contrast to Christ’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Trump had a trace of white pietas in his soul, which prevented him from signing on to the destruction of the white race. In the liberals’ eyes, he was and is an apostate who must be burned in the fires of the inquisition after being tortured. In my view, you might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb – I wish Trump would denounce the noble black savage and support the Christ of old Europe, the God of our ascending race, but a man must go with the faith that is inside him. Trump sees a blended Christ, and as long as he sees that blended Christ, he will be part liberal and part Christian. And the liberals who are united in their purity of faith, who are 100% puritanical Satanists, will always be more than a match for halfway-house Christians such as Trump, who see with one eye fastened on the noble black savage and one eye fastened on Christ.

At the heart of this religious war, a war that Christians are losing, is this thing called culture. The triumph of scholasticism in the organized Christian churches allowed Satan, who was the driving force behind speculative, philosophical theology, to turn our Christ-centered revelatory faith – from His heart to our hearts – into a faith handed down from one great mind to another great mind. That ‘great mind’ faith does not need a culture composed of Christian hearts. Hence, both Protestant and Catholic Illuminati dismissed the blood faith of the European people as ‘mere culture’ and proceeded to follow the secular liberals into the brave new world devoid of flesh and blood Christians who believed in the Man of Sorrows with all their heart, mind, and soul. In the new Christianity all the theologians required was an intellectual assent from the feeble-minded laity to their purified, intellectual version of Christianity. The decline of the ‘cultural Christianity’ represented by Handel and Rembrandt did not and does not disturb the theologians because they never did like the beastly, unseemly, and philosophically unsound longings and passions in the human heart. Their minds are a much surer guide. But can the theologians’ assertions about the impracticality of the human heart stop the yearnings in our heart for something or someone over and above theology? Satan is and was audacious. He walked right into the main citadels of Christendom and revived the original sin. He preached speculative knowledge of God as the truth and the way, because he knew that speculative knowledge of God is not knowledge of God, it is the path to Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth. Our culture of hearts bound to the sacred heart of Christ was replaced by Satan’s anti-culture of hearts committed to Satan through pure intelligence, the sacred negro, and science.

If we proceed as “God’s spies” in this prison of Liberaldom, we can see how we, as a people, became imprisoned by Satan’s minions. The devil came at the European people in the same manner that he attacked Uncle Silas:

Of my wretched uncle’s religion what am I to say? Was it utter hypocrisy, or had it at any time a vein of sincerity in it? I cannot say. I don’t believe that he had any heart left for religion, which is the highest form of affection, to take hold of. Perhaps he was a sceptic with misgivings about the future, but past the time for finding anything reliable in it. The devil approached the citadel of his heart by stealth, with many zig-zags and parallels.

If you cut the cord to a man’s affections, his love for his kith and kin, and redirect his affections to an intellectual construct of God, haven’t you severed that man’s connection to the living God? At every turn of the utopian wheel the devil made promises based on the original sin in the Garden of Eden: “You shall be as gods.” Liberty, equality, and fraternity” – liberty from the living God, equality with Satan who permits infanticide, sodomy, and every other perversion known to man. And what is the devil’s fraternity? It is fraternity with the savages of color who have never abandoned the purity of their faith in the gods of sex and blood. It is those gods that the European people desperately cling to in the hope that they can be restored, through them and in them, to the blood faith that they lost when they abandoned their faith in the Dream of the Rood.

The evil seed of negro worship was planted by the devil in Europe’s green and pleasant land in order to turn our green and pleasant land into a barren desert, devoid of human life. Everywhere we see the fruition of the evil seed of negro worship, which is devil worship. The European people have become characters without an author because their “mysterious human relationships” with their kith and kin have been proscribed and demonized as ‘racist.’ For how long will the Europeans cede everything to the liberals because of white ‘racism’? You would think that a saturation point would be reached, that the European people would sicken from a steady diet of the sacred negro. But there seems, in this black-infested month of February, to be no end in sight. There are consequences if we fail to worship the negro. About twenty-five years ago I lost a job with a ‘conservative’ organization because of my ‘racism.’ So perhaps there are more Europeans out there who have sickened of the steady, unrelenting narrative of the liberals – ‘the negro is sacred, the white race is evil’ — but are afraid to openly acknowledge their rejection of the negro. But we owe it to our children to tell a different narrative. We can’t allow the liberals to own our culture and hope that somehow intellectual Christianity, the Christianity of the false Aslan, will serve as a corrective to negro worship. St. Paul walked right into the citadels of the Jewish and heathen worlds and preached Christ crucified, Christ risen. He is our apostle and we must follow in his train.

Boris Johnson congratulated America for getting back on track with Biden. What track are we on? We are on the hell-bound train to a world without light, without honor, without love, and without charity. Let us pause there. We can now see, in the United States, what a world without charity looks and feels like. God took flesh and dwelt among us even though the Jews considered His incarnation a blasphemy and the Athenian philosophers considered it to be foolishness. If we do not challenge the worship of the sacred negro and seek Christ through our “mysterious human relationships,” we will continue to live among and be like unto the demonic liberal swine who are determined to go headlong over the cliff while squealing their anti-hymn of praise for the sacred negro.

The new transgender mandate, that there shall be no males or females, is the logical outcome of a religion that is grounded in the rejection of the antique Europeans and their Christ-centered culture. Once they are rejected, He is rejected. And if He is no longer the savior, then all the values that stemmed from Him must be rejected in favor of all the values that stem from the worship of the sacred negro. Why shouldn’t we be sodomites, abortionists, and transgender creatures if He be not risen? And that is the driving force behind the anti-white movement. The liberals do not believe that Christ rose from the dead, they have no heart for our Savior because they do not believe He is the Savior who came into this world to save us from sin and death. If we love Christ in and through our people, our kith and kin, we will not be conservatives, seeking to conserve Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth by dialoging with Satan’s liberal minions. The counter-revolution starts in the sanctuary of the heart where He who is our beginning and our end dwells. +

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The Sanctuary of the Heart

Rembrandt. The Hundred Guilder Print

Men are rarely without some sympathy in the sufferings of others; but in the immense and diversified mass of human misery, which may be pitied, but cannot be relieved, in the gross, the mind must make a choice. Our sympathy is always more forcibly attracted towards the misfortunes of certain persons, and in certain descriptions: and this sympathetic attraction discovers, beyond a possibility of mistake, our mental affinities, and elective affections. –Burke, Letters on a Regicide Peace


I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me. –John 17: 23


White people are the only people in the history of the world whose “elective affections” do not fasten on their own kind. (1) This was made strikingly apparent, once again, in the aftermath of the pro-Trump protest that the liberals called an insurrection. I listened with an anger beyond anger as the liberals called for Federal troops to protect them against unarmed citizens whom they had defrauded. And I listened with horror as the conservatives rushed to condemn the ‘rioters’ (they used the liberals’ term because the conservatives are liberal), and praise the ‘hero’ who died defending the Capitol. Let us pause there. Why is that man a hero? He died defending the greatest evil in the history of the world – the American liberals who inhabit the joint houses of Congress. I am sorry that the misguided young man chose to defend such evil creatures and I’m sorry he died, but I have no place in my “elective affections” for the young police officer. He has his mourners – Biden, his wife, and the conservative shadows of the liberals, have all hailed the man who defended the reptilian entities that inhabit the Capitol building from unarmed protestors as a ‘great hero.’(2) My “elective affections” go out to the young woman who was shot by the ‘great hero’s’ partners in crime – and the other three protestors who died in the protest. Why was there, and why is there still, no investigation of the death of the woman who was shot by the Federal police? The whole nation was commanded to mourn the death of the criminal George Floyd, yet the brutal murder of a white woman has not been and will not be investigated.

Trump repudiated white supremacy without ever forcing the liberals to define white supremacy. You lose every debate you engage in if you allow the enemy to define the terms. Brutus tried to paint all those who opposed the assassination of Julius Caesar as traitors who supported tyranny. Anthony refused to accept that label and consequently turned Brutus’s rhetoric against him: “Yet, Brutus says he was ambitious.” If Trump had challenged the liberals to define ‘white supremacy,’ what would they have said? We’ll never know because Trump did not challenge the liberals, which is a terrible tragedy; it would have been quite useful to see what is implicit in liberalism made explicit. Trump could not be made out to be a segregationist, nor could he be accused of a sympathy for the chattel slavery of the old South. But what he could be accused of was a desire to see white people continue to live and thrive in the United States of America. That desire was in stark contrast to all the Presidents, Democratic and Republican, who preceded Trump. His predecessors all signed on to the destruction of the white race. And that is the real definition of a white supremacist – you don’t have to be a segregationist or in sympathy with the old South, all you have to do is oppose the extermination of the white race. That makes you a white supremacist. Trump was, by the liberals’ definition, a white supremacist; hence, all those who voted for him, and most certainly all those pro-Trump protesters, were also white supremacists. They all deserved to die. Nancy Pelosi had only one regret – she regretted that the Federal police were so easy on the ‘rioters.’

The hatred that the modern Europeans have for their own people is rooted in their religion. Modern whites believe in a cosmic religion of the intellect. In that religion, the more intensely you hate the old European religion of the God-Man and the people who placed their hopes in the God-Man, the more religious and enlightened you are. To hate evil, which is whiteness, and to love the good, which is all things opposed to whiteness, are the two main dogmas of the liberals’ faith.

Yeats saw that the blood-red tide was loose in the European world because the best lacked all conviction while the worst were full of passionate intensity. The best were and are the white grazers who want to blend modernity – the worship of the abstract intellect of man, the worship of the sacred negro, and the worship of science – with Christianity. While the worst, the mad-dog liberals, want ‘perfection’; they want a cosmic religion that has been purged of white pietas because it was and is mankind’s link to an antiquated God opposed to the cosmic religion of the liberals. Once what is honorable, what is charitable, what is merciful, becomes what is stupid, racist, and sexist, the liberals feel they have free reign, a sacred duty, to stamp out the people of the white race, who once stood for honor, charity, and mercy. Before Yeats stepped forward to champion his occult solution to modern man’s loss of faith, Burke warned us about the brave new world before us:

But the age of chivalry is gone. That of sophisters, economists, and calculators, has succeeded; and the glory of Europe is extinguished for ever. Never, never more, shall we behold that generous loyalty to rank and sex, that proud submission, that dignified obedience, that subordination of the heart, which kept alive, even in servitude itself, the spirit of an exalted freedom. The unbought grace of life, the cheap defence of nations, the nurse of manly sentiments and heroic enterprise is gone! It is gone, that sensibility of principle, that charity of honour, which felt a stain like a wound, which inspired courage whilst it mitigated ferocity, which ennobled whatever it touched, and under which vice itself lost half its evil, by losing all its grossness.  –Reflections on the Revolution in France

Unlike Yeats, Burke did not see the occult sciences as the answer to the new world order. He made it clear that we had to cling to our old world order, in which white pietas was our link to the living God:

We are bound in the sanctuary of the heart to Him who gave us our human nature.

All civil society must be grounded in Him who is perfection if we are ever going to make even a “faint approach” to perfection. The Jacobins, the communists, and our modern ‘cosmic’ liberals view our “common hope” and the people who made Him their morning star, as the main obstacle to their perfect society. If a man’s elective affections are with those people who hate Christ and the Christ-bearing race, because they constitute an obstacle to the liberals’ utopia, then that man has made the descent into hell. Satan is his God.

It is in the “sanctuary of the heart” that we are bound to our kith, our kin, and our Lord. The devil, with an unrelenting maniacal fury, keeps attacking the Europeans’ “sanctuary of the heart,” so that we, the European people, will lose all memory of our connection to the living God. And the conservatives in church and state have gone along with the devil. They have told us, and they still tell us, to place our hopes in a fusion of a pure Christianity of the intellect with the pure liberalism of Satan’s disciples. That fusion is impossible. We cannot serve Christ and the devil. The hero in Disney’s Snow White says he has one heart and one love. In the sanctuary of our heart, whom do we love?

The Trump movement represented an undefined longing in the white grazers to return to a sanctuary of the heart – to once again feel that they are united through the love of their kith and kin to Him who is the author of their human affections. Christ is the beginning and the end of the longings of our heart; if we forsake those longings for the cosmic religion of the liberals and their conservative allies, we will be doomed, like the flying Dutchman, to man a ghost ship that can never land in a safe harbor.

The white grazers who supported Trump recited the litany, “We are not racist, we are non-violent,” but while they recited that litany, there was something in their hearts that ran counter to that litany. They still had a remnant of white pietas — they recoiled, in part, from the litany that their leaders required them to repeat over and over again. Do I see more in those grazers than is actually there? Perhaps I do. But I will not proceed under the assumption that our Lord cannot breach the wall that the devil, through his liberal minions, has placed around the sanctuary of the Europeans’ hearts. He can breach that wall. It might sound antiquated and foolish to believe that all which is needful to defeat Satan is one simple prayer, “Come, Lord Jesus, into the sanctuary of my heart,” but that is what is needed and what is necessary. His Holy Word, shorn of scholastic distortions, is the most powerful weapon we have in the battle against our ancient foe.

Is the devil our ancient foe? If you are a white man, if your faith is of the blood and of the heart, you will answer, ‘yes,’ to that question. But if your faith is not of the blood and the heart, you will, if you are a liberal, say that the devil is your God, and you will, if you are a conservative shadow of the liberals, say you are an ‘Origenist’ who believes in the salvation of the devil. After all, the devil is not a racist; there are no spiritual aristocracies in his democratic utopia, so he must be at least co-equal if not better than his spiritual antagonist, the God of the ‘racist’ Europeans.  Such is the logic of our conservatives in church and state who desire to blend the worship of Satan, through the Sacred Negro, with a respectable, tepid intellectual affirmation of Christianity. It can’t be done; you cannot sup with the devil. And why should you want to?

Let us return to the crux of the matter, which was and is the European people’s hatred of their own kind:

The seeds are sown almost every where, chiefly by newspaper circulations, infinitely more efficacious and extensive than ever they were. And they are a more important instrument than generally is imagined. They are a part of the reading of all, they are the whole of the reading of the far greater number. There are thirty of them in Paris alone. The language diffuses them more widely than the English, though the English too are much read. The writers of these papers indeed, for the greater part, are either unknown or in contempt, but they are like a battery in which the stroke of any one ball produces no great effect, but the amount of continual repetition is decisive. Let us only suffer any person to tell us his story, morning and evening, but for one twelvemonth, and he will become our master.

“These papers” have become the internet, but they remain the “battery” that has pounded home, for more than a “twelvemonth,” the central theme of liberalism: “The white race must be destroyed.” And where does that leave the white grazer who longs for a racial hearth fire? It leaves him out in the cold. He must try to warm his heart by getting as close as he can to the hearth fires of the strangers, the people who are not of his own kith and kin. He warms himself by the Jewish hearth fire, by the noble savage’s hearth fire, while professing a generic love for all mankind. It is a terrible, terrible tragedy. I remember reading an essay by Allen Tate, one of the I’ll Take My Stand Southern agrarians. He correctly identified rationalism as the cause of the decline of the European people, but then he went on to say that what rationalism had created, the Europeans’ loss of faith, rationalism could cure. No, a thousand times no! Rationalism cannot cure us. If our hope is in ‘2 + 2 = 4’ logic, we are of all people most miserable. Rationalism overturned the Dream of the Rood Christianity, it placed the European people back in the hands of the sophisters, economists, and calculators, the Athenians who saw the Christ story as mere foolishness and the Jewish scribes and Pharisees who saw the Christ story as a blasphemous, stumbling block. Rationalism kills faith. Let us return to that sanctuary of the heart and defend the yearning in our heart against all the world. We must love Him whom the liberals hate, in and through our kith and kin.

The liberals’ hatred for Christ and the Christ-bearing race cannot be defeated by a blended faith in intellectual Christianity and liberalism, because liberalism is rooted in the love of the devil. Why is it, that, as what was implicit in our anti-nation for the past century – that we are moving from a Christian ethos to Satan’s ethos – has become explicit, the white grazers see a greater need than ever to repeat their non-violent and non-racist litany? The European people must get up off their knees before the liberals’ Sanhedrin and reclaim their rights of memory. We belong to the God of our ‘racist’ fathers in the faith – the unblended God-Man of the European people, the God of our “ascending race.”


(1) The recent and successful attempt to murder the people of Texas through the “greening” process illustrates the reason that Trump’s electoral defeat was a tragedy. Trump did not want to exterminate the white race. The liberals do want to exterminate the white race. The Texas massacre is only the beginning. The liberals’ reign of terror will continue until the white grazers learn to hate the devil and his liberal minions.

(2) Now that the liberals have established the most satanic government in the history of the world, is it really morally tenable, is it Christian, to laud “our troops” and “our police” when they defend our satanic government? They are the liberals’ troops and the liberals’ police, and they will be used to protect and defend Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth.


Rest In Peace, Rush Limbaugh

I suppose I have no right to post a ‘Rest In Peace’ for Rush Limbaugh, because I was never an admirer of his American conservatism. But I prayed for him from the moment I heard of his illness and I wept when I learned of his death. I do not understand the appeal of Limbaugh’s Americanism. But like Trump, Limbaugh had more than just a sliver of Christian humanity in his Americanism. And for that reason, the liberals hated him. I mourn for him and I detest the liberal jackals who still want to pick at his entrails even after his death. We can’t compromise with such creatures.

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The American Kingdom of Hell on Earth

Dore. Isaiah’s vision of the destruction of Babylon

Bloody, avaricious, false, deceitful,
Sudden, malicious, smacking of every sin
That has a name.



And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees’ excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. It shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation: neither shall the Arabian pitch tent there; neither shall the shepherds make their fold there. But wild beasts of the desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and satyrs shall dance there. And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged.

Isaiah 13: 19-22


There is an ultra-religious contingent and an ultra-white-nationalist contingent in our anti-nation that took particular delight in Biden’s victory: “It serves them right. They (the white grazers) didn’t listen to us.” I do not hold to that position, even though the white grazers did not listen to me either. And I do not hold to that position because there is redemption in the white grazers. Their religion is a confused mish-mosh of liberalism and Christianity, but they have not completely left their humanity behind as the ultra-nationalist, neo-pagans and the ultra-religious contingent have. I have a cousin who falls into the category which the ultra-religious and the ultra-white nationalists love to hate. She voted for Trump because she believed in his American blending of God, equality, and Mom’s apple pie. She also had the courage to place a placard in front of her house that read, “All Lives Matter,” for which she was reviled by many members of her family and her neighbors. My kindly, Trumpian cousin is one of those whom I have described as, “So far from doing harm that they suspect none.” She genuinely cannot comprehend why “All Lives Matter” should be controversial; she does not understand why “Some are more equal.”

After the military coup, my cousin asked me, “Why do they (the liberals) always win?” I told her to envision two boxers. One, the liberal, enters the ring knowing he is not as good as his opponent; in an equal match he will lose. So the liberal enters the ring with the determination that he will not fight by the rules. He will hit below the belt, he will punch in the clinches, and he will get in a few extra punches after the bell. And he knows he will get away with his dirty tactics because the referee is one of his cronies. Now, we come to the liberal’s opponent, the white grazer. He enters the ring with the intention of fighting by all the rules and relying on the referee to ensure there is a fair fight. Whom do you think will win the fight?

The liberals successfully painted Trump as a real mean guy, an anti-democratic fascist, but Trump was a white grazer through and through. Beneath a gruff exterior he was Mr. Nice Guy inside. He honestly believed in the American heresy, which views our moral equality before the living God as a mandate to dispense with all the spiritual aristocracies which Christian men have established to support His reign of charity here on earth. Trump was a courageous man, who had the courage of his convictions. But unfortunately his convictions were part liberal, and those convictions did not allow him to act as a Christian leader should act towards the mad-dog liberals.

Even the liberals, now that the battle is over, have asked why Trump didn’t have a Plan B. Why didn’t he act to prevent the military coup that began in the summer with riots in the streets and ended with election fraud? Trump did not act against the Antifa and Black Lives Matter because he believed, in part, in the “some are more equal” heresy. Blacks are never in the wrong when they are violent. I know Trump used the excuse that he didn’t want to violate states’ rights by declaring martial law in the Democratic-controlled states that sanctioned the riots, but do you think the liberals, if the situation had been reversed, would have hesitated to violate states’ rights? Wasn’t our un-Civil War a complete violation of states’ rights? Then there was the election. Do you think the liberals would have stood six feet away while all their votes were ‘flipped’ to their opponent? And finally, would the liberals have allowed the Supreme Court to ignore their pleas for justice? The liberals believe in the kingdom of hell on earth. The democratic process is just a means to their end. If that process does not support their desired end, they will discard that process. Trump and his people actually believe in the democratic process. They believe that the American way is synonymous with truth and justice. (1) But the American way is not synonymous with truth and justice, it is synonymous with the kingdom of hell on earth.

I do not think there ever was or ever could be a better man than Trump within the democratic process. We should not work for another Republican to assume the office of the Presidency; the traditional Republicans are either mad-dog liberals such as Mitch O’Connell and Liz Cheney, or they are moderate liberals such as Mike Pence. They are much further to the left than Trump, but Trump is not the man to lead us away from demon-cracy, because he believes in the demon-cratic process. He is a good man, but he is a “city built upon a hill” American. We need someone who is more than a populist; we need a man of the right, a Eurocentric ‘racist’ who loves and hates with his whole heart.

In my mid-twenties I read a short treatise called, “A Reformation Debate,” which was a debate between a Thomist and a Calvinist. And it struck me as I struggled through the debate that neither theology touched my heart. I understood the various arguments on both sides, but I had no desire to embrace either theology and say, “this is truth.” In fact I was very troubled by the debate, but I would have been hard-pressed to explain why. It was only many years later that I finally understood why that “Reformation Debate” was so troubling. It was troubling because both men had made my faith in the God-Man into an intellectual construct that could be confined within the prison of a man-made theory. Despite theological differences, both theologians eschewed the blood faith of the European people. They had exchanged the God who comes to human hearts for the God who comes to the illuminated minds of clergymen. Neither the Thomist nor the Calvinist were atheists in the strict sense of the word. They professed to believe in the main tenets of Christianity, but they both had opened up the door to a speculative, philosophical faith that is a non-faith. The end result of theological speculation is liberalism. Faith is either revelatory, from the Divine Heart to human hearts, or it becomes a blended faith, which is the faith of the white grazers, or it becomes a scientific, nature-based faith in the Noble Savage, which is liberalism. The white grazer always loses to the liberals because the liberals have a purity of faith – they have emptied their hearts of all things humane and Christian. Their satanic ‘purity’ allows them to fight against their foes without pity, without mercy, and without acknowledging any law other than their satanic will. The white grazers, such as Trump and his followers, cannot mount any real assault against the liberals because they are not whole-heartedly against them. They have adopted the blended faith that is condemned in the Book of Revelation; they combine negro worship, Judaism, and every other non-Christian faith with the Christian faith. That syncretic faith is no match for the liberals’ straight-forward faith in Satan.

We must face this maniacal hatred the liberals have for Trump. (2) It stems from Satan. Simply because Trump wanted to keep Christ and the Christ-bearing race within Liberaldom, he was, while he was in office, and is still, now that he is out of office, being attacked by the demon-cratic Republicans and the Demon-crats. Trump has never repudiated liberalism. He is a liberal, but he wanted the white grazers to be included in Liberaldom. We have seen the result of that advocacy. Trump will be forever bound to the Promethean rock. And there is no redemption for Prometheus within the confines of liberalism. Prometheus needs a savior and so do we – a Savior who is something more than a lesser god in a pantheon of heathen gods. Our Savior is the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

The spirit of philosophical speculation that animated the Reformation debate was the same spirit that animated the governing body of the North in the 1860s. And it is that spirit which has reduced the European people to a level of superficiality that makes them an easy prey for the devil. The mind of man cannot comprehend God. When man seeks to confine God within a manmade philosophy, God becomes a superficial entity. He becomes a Noble Black Savage, or the sum of nature’s many parts, but He does not resemble the God of the European people when they were a people. Rembrandt’s Christ is not a blended Christ nor is He a noble black savage. At the core of our demise as a people is a change in the way we see. We no longer see life from the poetic depths of a heart that loves; instead we see with a mind that speculates. And what have we come up with in the age of speculation? Is this, our anti-culture of reason, the sacred negro, and science, the promised end? If that is all we are, mere philosophical shadows of men, then yes, this is our end.

Many people who saw Trump as the last Trump mentioned in 1 Corinthians 15: 52 have been devastated by his loss in November. But there may still be a Biblical significance in Trump’s loss. The election did mark the end of the demon-cratic subterfuge. Some liberals in other countries have condemned the election fraud, not because they were Trump supporters, but because the Americans were so blatant in their demonism; they took away the democratic façade of the liberals’ Satanism. But of course the old adage, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there, does it make a sound?” applies here. If the European-Americans have become morally neutered by centuries of philosophical trivialities, are they still capable of seeing Satan’s “palpable device”? Can they see evil and act against it? It doesn’t appear so. The conservative pundits are still responding to the military coup with their, “We are not violent, We are not racist” litany and the white grazers are still so far from doing harms – “We too are non-violent, We too are not racist” – that they suspect none. Though the liberals slay them, yet will they believe that truth and justice are united to the American, demon-cratic way. But is this, despite the fact that everything seems to be going on as before, the beginning of the end for the liberals? Did they need to crush Trump because he was not 100% liberal? They have sown doubt in the hearts of the white grazers. It is merely anecdotal evidence that I can point to, but I see something in the white grazers that was not there before. They have begun to hate. The liberals risked everything to destroy Trump and what have they gained? Like Melmoth the Wanderer, they have bought some time from the devil to wreak havoc throughout the world, but haven’t they lost something as well? Haven’t they lost, in the eyes of the white grazers, their claim to moral legitimacy? The Soviet empire fell when its people no longer believed in the regimes’ lies. The American liberals’ empire is going to fall apart because the immoral underpinning of the regime has been exposed to the light. “We the people” demon-cracy is a great lie conceived and maintained by the father of lies. The liberals’ “last trump” has begun; it will end, for them, in hell. We dare not follow them and their conservative allies, we must follow Him who saves, for it is better we lose the whole world than lose our souls.

Artists such as Shakespeare, Rembrandt, and Handel were certainly extraordinary – their artistic gifts were much greater than ours. But was their poetic alien to us? No, it was not. Their vision of the living God, their vision of Him who is “the grave where buried love doth live,” was the heartfelt faith of the European people. The new liberal Europe is a Europe in complete opposition to old Europe, in which Christ was the poetic center. The Biden-Harris regime is the synthesis of all the anti-European, and therefore, anti-Christian regimes that have been established throughout our people’s history. The regime is Sodom and Gomorrah, the regime is Babylon, the regime is Jacobinism, the regime is communism, and the regime is negro worship. What force on earth can defeat such a synthesis of evil? There is no force on this earth alone that can defeat the American synthesis of evil. But our Lord told us that we had someone within us, the Holy Ghost, who could unite our humanity to His divine humanity, and that divine-human link created Christian Europe. When we see what the antique Europeans saw, we shall reestablish our connection to the living God and the institutionalized evil of liberalism will give way to His reign of charity.

We are a long way from such a consummation. In fact, we have never, as a people, been farther away from His kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven, than we are now. We, the remnant band, are like Lear after his earthly kingdom has been lost: We must “take upon’s the mystery of things, As if we were God’s spies.” So long as we have hearts of flesh, so long as we reject the philosophical speculation that leads to hell, we will remain connected to Him. And that connection will surely conquer the liberals’ kingdom of hell on earth, which has come so forcefully to fruition in the satanic regime of Biden-Harris. We are being told we must celebrate, all month long, the history of the Noble Black Savage. Shouldn’t we celebrate, this month, and all year long, a different Savior? We once were the people who saw a great light, the light that shineth in darkness: Christ’s Europe is our nation.+


(1) The 1950s Superman television show told us that Superman was fighting for “Truth, Justice, and the American way.” There is no truth and no justice in the American way. It is time to fight for His truth and His justice instead of fighting for the father of all lies and all injustices.

(2) The attack on Trump is an attack on all those who are white and Christian – all those whites who are non-illuminated. The Republicans who voted to impeach Trump see themselves as part of the Illuminati. After they join with their Demon-cratic allies to destroy Trump, they will come for thee and me. We must see this hatred of Trump for what it is – the complete intolerance of Satan’s minions for the slightest trace of Christian humanity in their kingdom of hell on earth. The liberals hate all things white and Christian because they belong heart, mind, and soul to the devil. We cannot dialogue with the devil’s own, we can only fight them with our whole heart, mind, and soul.

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The Demons of Liberaldom

Gustave Dore. The Vision of Death

“Listen,” repeated Isidora, “is there no truth in the voice that speaks to you in tones like these? Alas! if there be no truth in religion, there is none on earth! Passion itself evanishes into an illusion, unless it is hallowed by the consciousness of a God and of futurity. That sterility of the heart that forbids the growth of divine feeling, must be hostile also to every tender and generous sentiment. He who is without a God must be without a heart!

C. Maturin


Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.


I knew Trump’s electoral victory in 2016 was a rear guard delaying action, not a genuine victory, but I still wanted to see it extended four more years. Even though it was only a sliver of Christian humanity that we saw during Trump’s administration, that tiny sliver was worth something. Now that Trump is gone the leftward march of the Jacobins will continue onward at an accelerated rate. The only thing we can take out of this military coup that has any value, and it is not enough to make up for all the evils, is a certain moral clarity. We no longer need to play the democratic game. And in point of fact we must not play the democratic game, because it is the devil’s game.

Recently, during a snow storm, I went out to one of my favorite hills at the edge of town and started running up and down it. A young man shoveling his walk obviously thought it rather odd to see an old man running up and down a hill in the middle of a snow storm, because he asked me why I was doing such a ridiculous thing. Since I do not hold political office or a job in academia, I told him why I was running up and down the hill: “I don’t drink or take drugs, so this is my way of staving off the post-election depression.” The young man’s reply was quite interesting: “I hear you. Why don’t we all just get our guns and blow the blankety-blank sons of blankety-blank away?” Why indeed?

The lines from Macbeth keep recurring to me: “Fit to govern? Not fit to live!” That describes the liberals in every branch of our government.(1) The violent overthrow of such creatures would certainly be a worthy and moral endeavor, but it would be immoral to mount a frontal attack, a traditional military counterrevolution, against the liberals from hell, because we would be wasting the lives of the good and true whites in an impossible cause. If Trump, as soon has he took office in 2016, had replaced the Obama military chiefs with his own people, and if he had worked secretly and diligently to strike quickly and decisively at the appointed hour – let us say on November 3, 2020 – to overthrow the demon-cracy of the liberals, by abolishing the satanic Supreme Court, by abolishing the House and Senate, and by abolishing the media and all the institutions of ‘higher’ learning, then we would have had every reason to support a counterrevolution, because it would have been right and proper and it would have had a reasonable prospect of success. But Trump was not a counterrevolutionary; he had no intention of overturning our demon-cracy and setting up a benevolent dictatorship, which is a great pity. Without the backing of a leader who has a large segment of the military on his side, as was the case with Franco and Pinochet, a direct military confrontation with the liberals, who own the army and the police, would be immoral, not because violence against the liberal Jacobins is immoral, but because the violence would be useless. The liberals would simply massacre the white counterrevolutionaries. And that is what I told the angry young man who wanted, understandably, to blow all the blankety-blanks away.

That having been said against direct military confrontations with the military junta, we must, if we are European Christians, do all we can to build up the heart to resist in our people. We must encourage them to fight for the Christian hearth fire values, for kith and kin. But we must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. We must fight and kill in the name of the soft and gentle, the innocents in the womb and our people who are so far from doing harm that they suspect none, but we must fight with hearts of fire and wisdom. We need to have the rage of Lear in the storm – “I’ll do such things!” – but we also need to have the wisdom to know where and how to “do such things.”

There is a great white anger out there, but we need leadership, Christian leadership such as Nathan Bedford Forrest provided the South in those dark days after the Civil War. That leadership does not exist in the ranks of the men who have been incorrectly labeled conservatives. The history of American conservatism, with a few exceptions in the Southern United States, has been a history of the moderate branch of liberalism. There were the leftists, who were not moderate, who wanted to go very rapidly toward utopia, and then there were the moderate liberals, who wanted to move more slowly toward utopia. But the moderate liberals, who masquerade as conservatives, have never advocated a return to old Europe, to the right-wing values stemming from a Christian theocracy. Such a return would have been against the core values of liberty, equality, and fraternity. And what is missing in the conservative theories in the 20th and 21st centuries is that which is necessary: white pietas. I do not use the term ‘feudalism’ because it has medieval connotations, and Christendom is much more than just the medieval ages. Christendom did not die until the 20th century when the European people abandoned the God who enters human hearts for the God who enters human minds. When we lost our blood connection to the living God, we became Gnostic men without a real existence. The guerilla warfare, the midnight raids on the bastions of liberalism, will only come about when the European people begin to feel that they are a people, a people bound to each other and their Savior in spirit and blood. I don’t see that happening right now, but there is a white anger that has been unleashed by the military coup of 2020 that could be the start of something more than anger; it could be the first step on the road back to white pietas.

During the final days of the Trump appeals, I saw a News Max ‘conservative’ pundit interviewing one of the Proud Boys, the brave young men who go up against Antifa AR15s with baseball bats. The ‘conservative’ interviewer was giving the Proud Boy a chance to refute the liberals’ charges against the Proud Boys, but there was one question he kept coming back to: “You are not racist, are you?” And the Proud Boy would answer, “No, we are not.” That mini-liturgical ritual – “You are not racist?” and the reply, “No, we are not” – gives the lie to the conservatives. They are not conservative when they try to conserve the fusion of the noble black savage and Christianity. You cannot serve two masters: you cannot serve Christ and the sacred negro. At Christmastime the word ‘Christ’ is viewed as politically incorrect, but on Martin Luther King Jr. day all those who do not praise his name in the reverent tones once reserved for Jesus Christ are cast into outer darkness. Where your treasure lies, so lies your heart. If we treasure the noble black savage, if our greatest fear is the fear of being ‘racist,’ then we will never become a people again. The conservatives in church and state are the great enemies of the European people.(2) They are the other side of the liberal coin Satan has created to perpetuate his reign here on earth. He sends us two evils so that if we flee from one evil to the other, we will still remain in his camp. Americanism, Jacobinism, and communism all stem from the same root, which is hell. It is pietas – the love of our own in and through the Savior – that Satan fears. That is why he has attacked the European people through his champions, men such as Paine and Rousseau. And that is why we, the European people, live in captivity, a Babylonian captivity; we have lost our vision of the living God who comes to human hearts and replaced that God with an intellectual construct of an impersonal God called the noble black savage. That god will never and has never existed in reality. He only exists in the satanic minds of the liberals who have built their ‘utopia’ with the terrible swift sword of ‘racism.’ But it is only white racism that is evil because it is only white racism that is grounded in the pietas which must be destroyed and never revived, because such a revival would bring back His reign of charity. And that, from the devil’s standpoint, would be the ultimate horror.

I said that in the aftermath of the coup there is now moral clarity. Perhaps I should have said, there should be moral clarity, because I really can’t say I see any moral clarity in the conservative pundits. They are still telling atrocity stories about the demon-crats and telling us to vote and trust the demon-cratic process to wash all our troubles away. “Keep the faith,” they tell us, “and vote Republican.” Perhaps we should keep another faith – the faith of our Fathers. Chateaubriand tells us that Adam “sought to embrace the universe, not with the sentiments of his heart, but with the power of thought, and, advancing to the tree of knowledge, he admitted into his mind a ray of light that overpowered it.” The modern Europeans have gone back to the original sin. They have rejected the God who comes to human hearts in order to embrace the God who illuminates technocratic, inhuman minds. But that illuminated light is not from the God who took flesh and dwelt among us, it is not the light that shineth in darkness. The light of mental illumination comes from Satan. He bids us seek that illumination in order to plunge us into confusion, despair, and ultimately, into hell itself. The conservatives’ failure to see the hell that is liberalism, their willingness to sup with the devil and his minions, is something that makes a European Christian recoil in horror. We can’t make common cause with ‘conservatives’ who tell us to sup with the devil. Cortez did not sit and eat with Montezuma as he dined on the hearts of small children. Instead he personally tore down the altar of Quetzalcoatl and imposed his cultural values on the ‘natural, organic’ Aztecs. How is it possible to accept the liberals’ institutionalized Satanism without reacting as Cortez and his men reacted to the institutionalized demonic savagery of the Aztecs? It is only possible when the people whose ancestors took Christ into their hearts have left the Dream of the Rood for the dream of a utopia of the Illuminati who dance around an altar consecrated to the noble black savage.

In Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, the main character, Kurtz, who has made a descent into depravity and savagery, dies with the words, “the horror, the horror,” on his lips. Conrad’s alter ego, Marlowe, says of Kurtz, “it is something to have judged.” Kurtz was not, at his end, without some moral discernment – he saw what he had become and he was horrified by that evil. Trump did win the election – he got the majority of the votes. But a very large minority – almost half the country – voted for Biden and Harris. And the ‘conservatives’ who didn’t actually vote for the Biden-Harris ticket are advising us to deal demon-cratically with the new Biden-Harris regime. Do we see the depths of that tragedy? If we cannot see the horror, if we can actually accept and/or acquiesce to the liberals’ horror, then we have truly gone where no European has ever gone before. We have embraced Satan without a qualm or a single look back at what we once were as a people.

In 1820 Charles Maturin, an Irish clergyman, wrote a novel called Melmoth the Wanderer. In the novel the devil gives the main character an extra 150 years on earth, but he must, in that 150 years, find someone to take his place or else he will be eternally damned. Maturin takes us through a labyrinth of evil, introducing us to some hideous people who seem to be beyond redemption. But in the end, they all reject Melmoth’s devilish bargain. No matter what sins they are guilty of, they still, in the deepest recesses of their hearts, cling to their hope of redemption through Him who saves. They will not give up their souls to gain the world. So what starts out as a terribly dark novel turns out to be a story of redemption through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is not the case in the modern European nations. Writing in the latter half of the 18th century, Burke said that we were spending the unbought grace of life. And Herbert Butterfield, writing in 1950, said that we were barely surviving on the fumes of Christianity. When there are no Europeans left who will fight for His reign of charity, the link between His kingdom come and our earthly pilgrimage is severed. Without any remorse, with a satanic glee, the liberals are imposing their satanic will on the world. If the European people cannot see that horror, they will not fight it. In the name of our Savior, we must see the unmitigated evil of liberalism and we must, with the charity that is linked to His divine charity, combat the horror with our whole heart, mind, and soul. +


(1) I see that Liz Cheney has signed on to the impeachment of Trump. There is absolutely no difference between the Republican Demon-crats, the Democratic Demon-crats, and the robed demons on the Supreme Court. They all live in, and enjoy, the hell on earth they have created by giving their souls to Satan. “If, having entered hell you feel no flame, then you deserve the place to which you came.”

(2) We must challenge the ‘conservatives’ in church and state who use their alleged concern for the noble black savage to attack Christ’s reign of charity and defend Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth. How can you base your religion on the hatred of your own people? When the European people loved their own, in and through Christ, they extended that love to the stranger. It does not work the other way around. You can’t hate your own people and love the stranger, because he who hates his own people cannot love anyone or anything. The modern Europeans’ alleged love for the noble black savage is grounded in intellectual pride and vanity. It pleases them to be the superior mind in charge of protecting the new suffering servant – the noble black savage. Never, never, never cave in to the blasphemy of the noble black savage.

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Military Junta

N. C. Wyeth

The nature of things requires that the army should never act but as an instrument. The moment that, erecting itself into a deliberative body, it shall act according to its own resolutions, the government, be it what it may, will immediately degenerate into a military democracy; a species of political monster, which has always ended by devouring those who have produced it. –Burke


The Illuminati, the liberals, have been at war with non-illuminated whites for over two hundred years, so what has really changed in this last election? What has changed is that the liberals no longer see the need to camouflage what they are doing. And when they no longer need to camouflage what they are doing, they can proceed with the destruction of the non-illuminated whites at an accelerated rate. The absence of a right-wing with men committed to a civilization grounded in pietas – the love of one particular people, those of your own blood, and the love of one particular God, Jesus Christ — has proved to be the downfall of the European people. Without white pietas they do not have the “passionate intensity” to combat the liberals’ passionate, satanic hatred of the white race. –CWNY



Without a predetermined intent I see I have relied very heavily on Burke in this week’s post. But how could it be otherwise since I am writing about a leftist, military coup similar to the military coup in France in 1789?

The age of prophecy ended with the coming of Christ, who was the fulfillment of the prophets’ vision. But during the Christian centuries of our people, God has always supplied us with men of vision who warned us what would happen if we abandoned Him who is our common hope. When Satan became incarnate in Jacobin France, God sent us a champion, Edmund Burke, to challenge the forces of Satan’s new order, in the name of Christ, the King. At first the ‘best’ men of Europe, men such as Walter Scott, championed Burke. But in the 20th century, the tide turned: the ‘worst’ prevailed. The philosophy of Satan – the philosophy of Thomas Paine and Jean Jacques Rousseau – became the new religion of the Europeans. And the linchpin of that philosophy was and continues to be the Noble Savage who has replaced the God-Man, Jesus Christ.

The European people must forsake nature and nature’s god, the Noble Savage, before they can regain their humanity and become His champions instead of Satan’s lap dogs. The religion of the ‘enlightened’ men, the Paines and the Rousseaus, makes men worse than beasts, it makes them philosophers, who reject all things human for all things satanic:

He melts with tenderness for those only who touch him by the remotest relation, and then, without one natural pang, casts away, as a sort of offal and excrement, the spawn of his disgustful amours, and sends his children to the hospital of foundlings. The bear loves, licks, and forms her young, but bears are not philosophers. Vanity, however, finds its account in reversing the train of our natural feelings. – Burke

Of course the question is – what violates our natural feelings? Is it natural that we should adhere to Rousseau’s ‘natural’ philosophy of inhumanity? Or is it natural that we should love our own in and through the Savior, Jesus Christ? The conflict within the hearts of the Trumpers, who wanted to blend the love of their own with the love of an abstract philosophy with the noble black savage at its center, allowed the liberals to complete their conquest of the white race on November 3rd. Will that conquest be a permanent, irrevocable conquest? No, it shall not be permanent. Now that the “peace, that I deem’d no peace, is over and done,” the “no peace” of demon-cracy, we can lift up our eyes unto the hills and fight the devil’s minions, instead of democratically cringing and crawling before them.

For the peace, that I deem’d no peace, is over and done,
And now by the side of the Black and the Baltic deep,
And deathful-grinning mouths of the fortress, flames
The blood-red blossom of war with a heart of fire.

Let it flame or fade, and the war roll down like a wind,
We have proved we have hearts in a cause, we are noble still,
And myself have awaked, as it seems, to the better mind.
It is better to fight for the good than to rail at the ill;
I have felt with my native land, I am one with my kind,
I embrace the purpose of God, and the doom assign’d.

-Alfred Lord Tennyson


It is important, since language is sermonic, to call what happened November 3rd by its correct name: It was a military coup by a determined, violent, leftist army against a democratically elected President. Once that President was deposed, he was forced into exile with his family and a few of his followers. He is only in exile until the military junta currently in power can prepare their trumped up case (no pun intended) against him and bring him to trial. The outcome of that trial, like all trials in a leftwing, military dictatorship, has been predetermined: Guilty as charged! Trump will be imprisoned after the trial and possibly executed, but it is much more likely that he will die mysteriously of unknown causes while in prison. While Trump faces his fate, all those people who supported the former President will be purged from the new order. That is the way military coups work. Biden has already created a goon squad and given them their instructions: “All religious fanatics, nativists, and racists must be purged.” And in order to ensure that the leftist cabal doing the purging is protected, an army of National Guard troops guards the capitol. That is also the way military dictatorships must go about their business. They have no moral legitimacy and no popular support, so they must rely on sheer force to maintain themselves in power. I am told that Biden’s significant other gives the troops cookies in the hope such offerings will offset the fact that they must live in giant parking garages. Such ‘peace’ offerings would not make me guard the enemies of my God and my people, but Esau sold his birthright for a pot of lentils, so maybe the National Guardsmen will betray their God and their people for a few chocolate chip cookies. We shall see in the months ahead.

Up to the time of the French Revolution, many of the European Christian sectarians who placed an unholy emphasis on their particular form of church organization disputed Burke’s claim that, “All the nations of Europe have had the very same Christian religion, agreeing in the fundamental parts, varying a little in the ceremonies and in the subordinate doctrines.” But we must, if we see European history through and not with the eye, concede that Burke’s assessment is correct. If we try to understand our people’s history with our hearts then we can see the living God acting in and through them. And because His image was clearly embodied in the culture of the antique Europeans, the devil made it his mission to destroy that image:

The rebels to God perfectly abhor the Author of their being. They hate him “with all their heart, with all their mind, with all their soul, and with all their strength.” He never presents himself to their thoughts but to menace and alarm them. They cannot strike the Sun out of Heaven, but they are able to raise a smouldering smoke that obscures him from their own eyes. Not being able to revenge themselves on God, they have a delight in vicariously defacing, degrading, torturing, and tearing in pieces his image in man.  -Burke

“That was then, not now — that was only Robespierre’s France, and Burke was an extremist,” is generally the response to any suggestion that the liberals’ march to utopia in all the European nations is grounded in Satan’s hatred of the living God, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But the overriding passion of all liberal, leftist revolutions is the hatred of Jesus Christ. Each revolution differs somewhat in their local strategies and their “subordinate doctrines,” but they are all united in that essential passion – they must attack Jesus Christ by destroying the Christ-bearing race. They must, at the behest of Satan, alternately seduce and compel the European people into abandoning their allegiance to Christ, “to break the behest which He uttered.”

All the modern European democracies are on the leftward road to hell on earth, but let us look at the two utopian leaders, America and France, in order to see how Christendom has become Satandom and why the United States has become the most completely satanic nation on the face of the earth. Let us get to the heart of the American experiment in demon-cracy by going to the poetic inspiration of the American Revolution – it was Thomas Paine, the religious atheist, the man to whom Washington always turned when he needed to rally his troops:

I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church.”

And then he proceeds to tell us about our faith in Jesus Christ:

Of all the systems of religion that ever were invented, there is none more derogatory to the Almighty, more unedifying to man, more repugnant to reason, and more contradictory in itself, than this thing called Christianity. Too absurd for belief, too impossible to convince, and too inconsistent for practice, it renders the heart torpid, or produces only atheists and fanatics. (1)

How does Paine, the atheist, justify his atheism? He is not, he tells us, an atheist; he believes in “nature and nature’s God.” And whom may that be? It is the Noble Savage of Rousseau who has been revealed to all mankind through the pure, deified reason of enlightened men such as Thomas Paine and Jean Jacques Rousseau.

The enlightened brain-trust of our experiment in demon-cracy decided to go with the seductive road to utopia. They cloaked their rebellion against the living God in the seductive garb of religious liberty and economic prosperity: “You can have your churches, you can keep what you earn, so long as you pay homage to our public God – which is nature, as defined by the minds of the enlightened ones.” Whenever the seduction was seen for what it was, a revolution against Christ’s reign of charity in order to install a satanic regime of merciless cruelty as was the case in 1860, the whistle blowers, in this case, the Southerners, were put to the sword by the non-seductive, masculine side of the liberal dragon. When the South was finally subdued in the 1950s, the softer, seductive Jacobinism resurfaced in our nation. Trump, who did not represent a counter-revolution but only a slight regression on the road to utopia, forced the liberals to return to the methods used in 1860, to violently impose their will on the recalcitrant, unilluminated whites. It seems, from my perspective, the satanic seduction of “We the People” demon-cracy was working quite well for the liberals. Was it really necessary to abandon the seduction by staging a military coup? After all, Trump did not oppose liberalism itself, he only wanted to keep the non-illuminated whites within Liberaldom. But having once progressed to the ‘higher’ stage of illumination, the devil’s minions could not and would not go back. Will their intransigence, their abandonment of the seductive, democratic road to hell bring about their destruction? That is not something we know for sure. If the military coup is allowed to stand without a military response, then the liberals have successfully transitioned from the feminine side of Jacobinism to the masculine side, and then back to the feminine side. Like Talleyrand, they will have weathered all the political storms by being fully committed at all times to that which is expedient and satanic. They must always shun all things that ‘stink’ of self-sacrifice and Christian charity.

The French Jacobins started out with the direct approach – the guillotine for all non-illuminated whites — and then shifted to the seductive mode after Robespierre, but they never repudiated their regicide roots. Nicolas Sarkozy not very long ago affirmed France’s cruel, utopian raison d’être by asserting that France is a regicide nation. The United States never was fully European as France was; our nation was always implicitly satanic from the beginning – ‘Government for the People and of the People” is a doctrine penned in hell. But “We the People,” democracy was the liberals’ seductive ploy, and the fact that they abandoned that ploy on November 3rd is significant. Is the blatancy of this military coup going to bring about a military reaction or have the European Americans been so beaten down and successfully propagandized that they will take all this without a whimper?

What are the parallels between the liberals’ revolution of November 3rd and the French Revolution of 1789? First, there was a weak Christian populace. The French clergy at that time had become more concerned with the outward forms than the inner spirit of faith. They didn’t care if the menfolk attended Jacobin gatherings all week so long as they sent their women to mass and attended mass for weddings and funerals:

I have no doubt that some miserable bigots will be found here, as well as elsewhere, who hate sects and parties different from their own, more than they love the substance of religion; and who are more angry with those who differ from them in their particular plans and systems, than displeased with those who attack the foundation of our common hope. These men will write and speak on the subject in the manner that is to be expected from their temper and character. Burnet says, that when he was in France, in the year 1683, “the method which carried over the men of the finest parts to Popery was this—they brought themselves to doubt of the whole Christian religion. When that was once done, it seemed a more indifferent thing of what side or form they continued outwardly.” If this was then the ecclesiastical policy of France, it is what they have since but too much reason to repent of. They preferred atheism to a form of religion not agreeable to their ideas. They succeeded in destroying that form; and atheism has succeeded in destroying them. I can readily give credit to Burnet’s story; because I have observed too much of a similar spirit (for a little of it is “much too much”) amongst ourselves. The humour, however, is not general.

The worship of the forms of faith over the substance, over He who is our common hope, became the whole of the religious formation of the European Americans. The syncretic Catholics – blending Islam, Judaism, feminism, negro worship, and environmentalism – and the syncretic Protestants – blending Judaism, feminism, negro worship, and Christianity – were unable to oppose straight-forward, unadulterated Satanism. Like Louis XVI, Trump was unable to oppose the liberals because he was part liberal himself. Trump did not want to suppress the violence in the streets this past summer because he feared to act against Black Lives Matter. When the police killed the murderer of Aaron Danielson, they did so because he had stepped away from his shield, the banner of Black Lives Matter. Was one black murderer or rioter ever brought to justice during the riots? No, instead white people who defended themselves were brought to ‘justice.’ When those in authority doubt their legitimacy — and all white Presidents, even Trump, the last and best President of our democracy, doubt their legitimacy — when they believe that ‘white privilege,’ whether the aristocratic ‘white privilege’ in old France or the ‘white privilege’ in the United States, is a sin, they will not be able to act in defense of themselves or their people. (2)

The courts always play an important part in maintaining a military dictatorship, giving the military regime an aura of legitimacy. Our Supreme Court consists of a cabal of puppets for Generalissimo Biden and his cohorts, just as the courts in Jacobin France were the puppets of Robespierre and company:

From the forced repentance of invalid mutineers and disbanded thieves, you can hope for no resource. Government itself, which ought to constrain the more bold and dexterous of these robbers, is their accomplice. Its arms, its treasures, its all, are in their hands. Judicature, which above all things should awe them, is their creature and their instrument. Nothing seems to me to render your internal situation more desperate than this one circumstance of the state of your judicature. Many days are not past since we have seen a set of men brought forth by your rulers for a most critical function. Your rulers brought forth a set of men, steaming from the sweat and drudgery, and all black with the smoak and soot of the forge of confiscation and robbery—ardentis massae fuligine lippos [“Blinded by the soot of the fiery mass”]– a set of men brought forth from the trade of hammering arms of proof, offensive and defensive, in aid of the enterprizes, and for the subsequent protection of housebreakers, murderers, traitors, and malefactors; men, who had their minds seasoned with theories perfectly comformable to their practice, and who had always laughed at possession and prescription, and defied all the fundamental maxims of jurisprudence. To the horror and stupefaction of all the honest part of this nation, and indeed of all nations who are spectators, we have seen, on the credit of those very practices and principles, and to carry them further into effect, these very men placed on the sacred seat of justice in the capitol city of your late kingdom. We see, that in future, you are to be destroyed with more form and regularity. This is not peace; it is only the introduction of a sort of discipline in their hostility. Their tyranny is complete, in their justice; and their lanthorn is not half so dreadful as their court.  – Burke

Let us never lose sight of the fact that our Supreme Court and all the lesser courts are not courts of justice, they are the kangaroo courts of the liberal Sanhedrin. Their “fundamental maxims of jurisprudence” are dictated by what is expedient for their own survival and what is desirable to Satan, who is ultimately the guiding light of the American courts.

The key element, the satanic component that fuels and sustains the leftist regimes in this nation and all the European nations is the media, the Fourth Estate whom Burke called the pamphleteers. When our children hear nothing but leftist propaganda in the schools and churches, when our citizens hear nothing but ‘racism, racism, racism’ in every media outlet, is it any wonder the leftists were able to successfully conclude a military coup? And what do the conservatives, the shadows of the liberals, tell us we should do now that there has been a military coup? They tell us to continue doing what we did before the coup: We are to continue to listen to their atrocity stories and vote against the military junta. What world do the conservative pundits live in? No military junta has ever been voted out of existence. We can’t continue to recite the American litany, “We are not racist, we are non-violent,” and expect to move a militant, leftist cabal of demons to grant our petition to live and breathe in Liberaldom. All non-illuminated whites are guilty as charged, and they will be dealt with. The conservative pundits who tell us we can affect change by voting are asking us to believe a lie so that they can keep their jobs as conservative pundits.

The hierarchy of organized Christian Jewry is part of the propaganda apparatus of the American Junta. They will permit the churches to exist so long as the churches support the junta. The liberals are constantly telling us the pre-Vatican II popes and the Protestant ministers in Germany did not speak out against Hitler. That, of course, is a lie. But our current crop of clerical sycophants do not speak out against a far greater danger than Hitler. They do not speak out against a Babylonian synthesis of horrors that makes Hitler’s regime seem like a bastion of decency in comparison. And I say this without any sympathy for Hitler’s regime. But is there any doubt which regime is the greater evil? As Christians we are not permitted, in theory, to choose the lesser of two evils, but in practice we might have to make such a Hobson’s choice if there are only two camps – the mad-dog liberals and the neo-pagans – who are doing the fighting. If all the ‘Christians’ side with the liberals because they are syncretic Christians, what will the European Christians do? They must fight, and they cannot fight with the mad-dog liberals and the syncretic Christians. Must they fight with the neo-pagans? No, they can’t. They must fight alone, as the few against the many. The upcoming civil war will not be pleasant – wars never are – but it would be even more unpleasant, it would be horrific, if we accepted the military dictatorship of the demon-crats and their Republican allies. When the Christian Saxons lost to the pagan Danes at the battle of Maldon in 991 AD, their “old companion” Byrhtwold sought to rally them for future battles in the war that they had to fight and win:

Byrhtwold spoke; he grasped his shield; he was an old companion; he shook his ash spear; full boldly he exhorted the warriors: ‘Thought shall be the harder, heart the keener, courage the greater, as our might lessons. Here lies our leader all hewn down, the valiant man in the dust; may he lament for ever who thinks now to turn from this war-play. I am old in age; I will not hence, but I purpose to lie by the side of my lord, by the man so dearly loved.’ Godric, the son of Æthelgar, likewise exhorted them all to fight. Often he let fly the spear, the deadly dart, against the Vikings, as he went foremost in the host. He hewed and struck down until he fell in the battle; that was not the Godric who fled from the fight.

To date the non-illuminated whites can be described as men who fled from the fight, because the democratic process demands that men must flee from Satan and his minions. Wouldn’t they, the liberal minions of Satan, be surprised if we suddenly turned in our flight and fought the liberal junta? +


(1) When I read Thomas Paine’s vitriolic, venomous attack on the God-Man, Jesus Christ, I feel as if I am reading the contemporary writings of the mad-dog liberals and the neo-pagans. Both groups are united with Paine in their hatred of the Light of the World. Who would be married to hell? The Christian Europeans must stand alone against the liberal world, forsaking all ideologies that are in opposition to His reign of charity.

(2) Louis XVI did not believe in the entirety of the Jacobin’s case against monarchal France, but he had been influenced by the pamphleteers, he was unable to see the satanic core of their rebellion:

But the spirit of ambition, now for the first time connected with the spirit of speculation, was not to be restrained at will. There was no longer any means of arresting a principle in it’s course. [136] When Louis the XVIth. under the influence of the enemies to Monarchy, meant to found but one Republic, he set up two. When he meant to take away half the crown of his neighbour, he lost the whole of his own. Louis the XVIth. could not with impunity countenance a new Republick: yet between his throne and that dangerous lodgment for an enemy, which he had erected, he had the whole Atlantick for a ditch. He had for an out-work the English nation itself, friendly to liberty, adverse to that mode of it. He was surrounded by a rampart of Monarchies, most of them allied to him, and generally under his influence. Yet even thus secured, a Republick erected under his auspices, and dependent on his power, became fatal to his throne. The very money which he had lent to support this Republick, by a good faith, which to him operated as perfidy, was punctually paid to his enemies, and became a resource in the hands of his assassins.  –Burke

The Swiss Guard who fought and died to the last man defending the Crown would not have had to die, nor did Louis XVI and his family and the countless number of French aristocrats have to die, had Louis seen that the Jacobins represented unmitigated evil and acted as a ruler must act in the face of unmitigated evil. So it was with Trump. If he had not believed, in part, in the justice of the liberals’ accusations of ‘racism’ against the white Europeans of the past, he would have acted forcibly against the rioters during the summer months prior to the November 3rd coup. Instead, he allowed them to assemble around the polling places in the battleground states and successfully intimidate the cowardly Republican shadows – shadows of the Demon-crats and shadows of men. When men in authority fail to act in defense of the good, the good are martyred, as the sainted Queen of France and the nobles of France were martyred:

What softening of character is to be had, what review of their social situations and duties is to be taught by these examples, to Kings, to Nobles, to Men of Property, to Women, and to Infants? The Royal Family perished, because it was royal. The Nobles perished, because they were noble. The Men, Women and Children, who had property, because they had property to be robbed of. The Priests were punished, after they had been robbed of their all, not for their vices, but for their virtues and their piety, which made them an honour to their sacred profession, and to that nature, of which we ought to be proud, since they belong to it. My Lord, nothing can be learned from such examples, except the danger of being Kings, Queens, Nobles, Priests, and Children to be butchered on account of their inheritance. These are things at which not Vice, not Crime, not Folly, but Wisdom, Goodness, Learning, [290] Justice, Probity, Beneficence stand aghast. By these examples our reason and our moral sense are not enlightened, but confounded; and there is no refuge for astonished and affrighted virtue, but being annihilated in humility and submission, sinking into a silent adoration of the inscrutable dispensations of Providence, and flying with trembling wings from this world of daring crimes, and feeble, pusillanimous, half-bred, bastard Justice, to the asylum of another order of things, in an unknown form, but in a better life.  -Burke

The four martyrs on the day of infamy and the countless white lives that will be lost during the military regime of Biden and his cohorts were and will be lost because there were and are no leaders in European America willing to rebuke any movement that forsakes His reign of charity and places “Black Lives Matter” at the forefront of their movement.

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Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Nearer to Thee!
E’en though it be a cross
That raiseth me

-Sarah Flower Adams


And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Revelations 13: 15-18


Early on in Shakespeare’s King Lear, the evil, bastard son of Gloucester gives a fiery defense of bastardy and evil. In the margin of his volume of Shakespeare, Melville commented on Edmund’s speech: “There is an energy to demonism that mere virtue often lacks.” Therein lies the answer to Trump’s electoral defeat and the demise of the European people in the nations that once belonged to them. The white-hating liberals are animated by the demonic energy of Satan while the white grazers are devoid of the spiritual force necessary to combat the liberals, despite the fact that in sheer numbers they outnumber the liberals. This is not only the case in America, it is the case in all the European countries. What started out as a tiny liberal minority has grown into a large minority, but still, even in our modern pigsty European nations, the mad-dog liberals do not constitute a majority of the whites. And that is why the liberals must continue to ‘de-white’ the European nations; they need to join with the colored barbarians in order to form a majority coalition against the whites who are not willing to embrace liberalism in its entirety.

The unique feature of the American pigsty is that the American liberals in this last ‘election’ found a way to dispense with building a majority coalition. The un-silent minority simply imposed their will on the majority by fiat. The American election fraud has been noted by the liberals in the other European nations. Now they see that they do not have to wait for majority coalitions to impose their will on the white grazers, they can simply declare themselves the victors in every election. Who will say them nay? Weakness is something you dare not show to a satanic enemy, and that is what the white grazers showed in the election of 2020. They allowed the liberals to steal the election and they did nothing. Appealing to the satanic Supreme Court is the equivalent of doing nothing; it is “seeking redemption from the devil.” Now it is open season on the non-illuminated whites, because the liberals know they will not fight.

The Illuminati, the liberals, have been at war with non-illuminated whites for over two hundred years, so what has really changed in this last election? What has changed is that the liberals no longer see the need to camouflage what they are doing. And when they no longer need to camouflage what they are doing, they can proceed with the destruction of the non-illuminated whites at an accelerated rate. The absence of a right-wing with men committed to a civilization grounded in pietas – the love of one particular people, those of your own blood, and the love of one particular God, Jesus Christ — has proved to be the downfall of the European people. Without white pietas they do not have the “passionate intensity” to combat the liberals’ passionate, satanic hatred of the white race.

Yeats saw that the “blood red tide was loose,” because “the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” But Yeats sought to counter “the worst” with his occult theology. He believed the ‘discredited’ and ‘obsolete’ faith in the God-Man, Jesus Christ, could not stand up to the demonism of “the worst.” And he was right, to a certain extent: Intellectual Christianity cannot stand up to the satanic faith of the Illuminati because there is no true faith, the kind of faith that moves mountains, in intellectual Christianity. There is no blood and heart in intellectual Christianity, and faith, according to our Lord and His apostle, St. Paul, is of the blood and of the heart. Intellectual Christianity is grounded in a denial of the wellspring of faith, that still quiet voice in the human heart, which bids us seek our Lord and Savior. Can we give that still, quiet voice a name? Yes, we can. It is the Holy Ghost. And we are told by our Lord that the denial of the Holy Ghost is the one sin that shall not be forgiven.

In the Gospels the demons know who Christ is, and so does their master, the devil. But neither the demons nor the devil have any understanding of Christ because their demonic hearts are full of pride, envy, and fear of Christ. They do not love Him, they hate Him. But they can’t attack Him directly, so they attack Him by attacking His children, those who believe in Him and love Him. In an old English poem from what the liberals call the Dark Ages — because the light of Christ’s love shone in those ‘Dark Ages’ — is a poet’s depiction of Satan rallying his demonic troops:

We must earnestly plan to satisfy our vengeance on Adam and on his children together with him, if ever we can, to deprive Him there of his desire, if we can in any way devise it. No longer do I look to regain that light, that happiness, which He thinks long to enjoy with the host of his angels. We can never succeed in appeasing the wrath of mighty God. Let us snatch it from the sons of men, that heavenly kingdom, now that we may not have it, cause them to abandon His allegiance, to break the behest which He uttered. Then He will be angry at them in His heart, dismiss them from His protection; then they shall seek this hell and these dread depths; then we can have them for our followers, the sons of men, in these firm bonds.

Satan sets forth:

Then God’s foe began to prepare himself, ready in his trappings; he had a faithless heart. He set on his head a helmet which made its wearer unseen, and bound it full tightly, fastened it with clasps. He knew many speeches of wicked words. He winged his way thence, passed through the doors of hell; by the fiend’s art the fire was cleft in two. He purposed to beguile God’s followers, men, secretly by evil deeds, to mislead and allure them, so that they should grow hateful to God.

-“Genesis B.” in R. K. Gordon. Anglo-Saxon Poetry

We must see that the liberals have taken on the mantle of Satan. Everything they do is dictated by their hatred of Christ, whom they attack through His people. No European can be admitted into the liberals’ kingdom of hell on earth unless he completely repudiates the Christ of old Europe. That is the conundrum of the white grazers, the non-illuminated whites who voted for Trump. They want so desperately to be part of the liberals’ world, but they also want to retain some Christian things as well. So they attempt to blend Christ with liberalism. The Protestants blend Judaism, negro worship, and Christianity, while the Roman Catholics blend Islam, Judaism, negro worship, tree-hugging, Buddhism, and every other religion under the sun with Christianity. And the more syncretic an organized ‘Christian’ church becomes, the more evil it becomes. The Roman Catholics went 60% for Biden while the Evangelicals went 75% for Trump. But in the end every attempt to blend Christ results in either a complete embrace of the devil or a surrender to the passionate intensity of the devil and his minions. You can’t be passionately for both the devil and for Christ. If you reject the Christ of old Europe, because the Europeans of the past were ‘racist’ you will end up in the liberals’ camp. Yes, our ancestors were ‘racist.’ They were so racist that they loved their own people as Christ loved them. Without that love for our own people, in and through Christ, we are nothing, we haven’t the passion to love or hate. And without that passion, without that spiritual intensity, a man or woman becomes the prey of the devil who roams the world seeking the ruin of souls. The weak majority without a passionate faith will always lose to the devil’s own who have a strong, passionate, intense faith – the hatred of Jesus Christ. The white grazers love Christ with a diluted love – they want a non-Europe-centric Christ more compatible with liberalism. And the liberals want undiluted Satanism. Who wins when those two forces clash? Those who hate with the unadulterated hatred of Satan shall always win out over those who want a little bit of Christianity in their liberal churches.

Lincoln said that the Civil War in this country would determine whether a nation conceived by Satan could long endure. I know he used the term “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal,” but the proposition amounts to the same thing – conceived and dedicated to Satan. Equality is the nice sounding catchword that the devil uses to seduce mankind. He promised Adam and Eve equality with God, and his minions promise mankind a utopian equality of swine if they will embrace liberty, equality, and fraternity. But equality never means what it should mean: instead of a moral equality before God, the devil wants to see men turned to swine. And he wants some swine to be more equal: the colored swine and the illuminated swine. Nothing is more reprehensible than watching the swine, Republican and Demon-crat, competing for the pig swill of this world while stopping any attempt to de-swine the swine, to turn them back into humans again. The ‘conservatives’ always seek to please the liberals by showing them they are non-violent and not racist, because they want to be part of the devil’s Pigsquealia.

Why, if white pietas is evil, is the devil so passionately against it? The major weapon of Satan’s minions is always the race card. Their friendly opponents, the non-illuminated white grazers, are always put on the defensive by accusations of racism. They plead, on their knees, that they are not racist while conceding that their ancestors were racist. But their ancestors were full-blooded, passionate Christians. If the modern white grazer wants to be part of Liberaldom he must, or so he thinks, repudiate the passionate, heartfelt faith of his ancestors, the European people, in exchange for a faith in the unrepentant Jew, the sacred negro, Islam, the people of the Amazon rain forest, and, bringing up the rear, Jesus Christ. Is that a faith that will defeat the devil? No, it is not.

In his concession speech, Trump said to his followers that they had started something. No, they didn’t. If Trump and his followers still believe in demon-cracy after what has happened to them, then it would have been much better had Trump never run for the presidency. (1) The great value of Trump’s defeat in 2020 is that it stripped away the masks from the liberals’ faces and revealed their satanic visages. We can see clearly, if we have eyes to see, that democracy is demon-cracy. When we have elections, they are only meant to choose candidates who comply with Satan’s will. If there is one single spark of Christian humanity in a candidate, then that candidate will be crushed as Trump was crushed. Our courts, particularly our Supreme Court, are satanic; our legislators, Republican and Demon-crat, are satanic; and our churches exist only to caution us against embracing the racism of the Christ-bearing, non-democratic Christians of old Europe. “We must,” they tell us, “be democratic and inclusive,” and we must not be “racist and insular.” But we must be ‘racist’; we must love our own in and through Christ. If we don’t, we will be unable to love Christ and hate the devil, we will continue to be the slaves of the demon-cratic Democrats and their shadows, the Republicans, who both serve the archangel Satan.

I have always looked on Aeschylus’ play Prometheus Bound as a Christian play even though it predates Christ’s entry into human history. I view it as Christian because Aeschylus portrays the divinity of charity. Prometheus opposed the cruel gods of Mt. Olympus – he stole fire from them and gave it to mankind because he felt sorry for suffering humanity. And of course we know what his punishment was – he was bound upon a rock, with eagles pecking his entrails. Aeschylus’ vision of charity, that charity had to be the main attribute of a true God, was a prefiguration of the Christ story. All the truly great stories include the suffering servant. What was great in Trump’s story was that he was on Mt. Olympus with the Illuminati of Liberaldom. He could have remained on Mt. Olympus and watched while his fellow gods tortured and destroyed the non-illuminated, the mere mortals who make up the ranks of the non-illuminated whites. But instead, he came down from Mt. Olympus in an attempt to give fire to mortals. Prometheus was a forerunner of the one true God, the Suffering Servant, who was tied to a cross instead of a rock while the scribes, the Pharisees, and the pagan Romans pecked at His entrails. What is noble in Trump was his charitable outreach to non-illuminated whites who had, until he ran for office, no-one to stand between them and the devil’s minions. And what was noble in Trump’s supporters was that they gave him their love because of his sacrifice for them. But where the whole Trump movement falls apart is at the vital heart of existence. All that we are as a people and as individuals is bound up with our racial hearth fire and pietas. If we deny our racial hearth fire, if we condemn white pietas, we will forever be the slaves of the devil who keeps his kingdom in order by making the living God into an intellectual construct. Without pietas we can have no blood ties to man or to God. We won’t be able to love and hate with all our hearts. And consequently we will lose all the major battles in life to the liberals, who are incapable of love but who hate with the passion and fury of Satan.

The moral zeitgeist belongs to the liberals — they have a purity of faith. That was glaringly apparent during this last election year. The liberals’ minions burned, looted, and murdered with impunity last summer while the white grazers recited their litany of non-violence and Americanism. And the conservatives would not accept a leadership role in a counterrevolution; instead they sought to conserve liberalism. They wanted to ‘humanize’ the devil instead of combating him. Why do they want to sup with the devil? Because the devil is a “very clever fellow.” As Hawthorne tells us in “The Celestial Railroad,” as Melville tells us in The Confidence Man, and as Josh Turner tells us in “The Long Black Train,” the devil always promises us something that Christ won’t give us – the kingdom of heaven on this earth. What that kingdom entails is different to different people. For a satanic Supreme Court Justice such as Amy Coney Barrett, it gives her the opportunity to have a blended, interracial family, to wear pontifical robes, and to use those robes as an excuse to sanction the devil’s rule. A conservative pundit needs the devil to guarantee that he can continue with his punditry on into eternity. If he attacks the devil’s system, if he calls democracy demon-cracy, then he will lose his pundit credentials. And on it goes – the Republican legislators prefer Biden because Biden supports an unadulterated reign of Satan without one single Christian glitch in Satan’s machinery, and the white grazers must ultimately go along with the ‘conservatives’ who conserve liberalism, because they also want something they think only the liberals can provide. And the word ‘think’ is the operative word. For where our treasure is, there will our heart be also. Religion has become, in the Western world, a thing of the mind. The liberals have taken Satan into their hearts, and they have advanced his cause in the intellectual arena – in academia, in the churches (which have become pathetic ‘Amen’ choruses to academia), and in all of our major media outlets. The white grazer hasn’t the heart to overcome that propaganda deluge. His resistance was his support for some humanity within Satandom, hence his support for Trump. And now that Trump has lost, the white grazers’ resistance is “my vote has been stolen” posters.

Forrest’s counterrevolution outlasted his lifetime; his people retained their culture into the 1950s before they completely surrendered to liberalism. Franco’s counterrevolution lasted for his lifetime and as soon as he died the Spanish people immediately embraced liberalism. And Pinochet, that brave and noble man, was forced to witness the return of his people to the pigsty of liberalism before his death. Each counterrevolution became weaker as the heart of those counterrevolutions became more economic than Christian in substance. We must be motivated by a blood faith in the God of mercy and the love of our own people, we must have “that charity of honor” in order to fight and win a counterrevolution and then sustain that counterrevolution. That is why it is Forrest and his Christian soldiers who must be our exemplars; their counterrevolution outlasted them because it was grounded in pietas and was sustained by pietas. When the liberals’ narrative prevailed – “the old South and Old Europe were racist” – the counterrevolution, the anti-Jacobin movement, failed.

You cannot mount a counterrevolution based on purely economic motives. It is completely legitimate to vote for the candidate with sound economic policies, but economics cannot be primary. We must love our Christian heritage, we must love as our ‘racist’ European ancestors loved. In that old hymn sung by those blessed Christian European heroes as they went to their deaths on the Titanic, having placed the women and children in the lifeboats – “Nearer, my God, to Thee! E’en though it be a cross That raiseth me” – we see what pietas is. To sing that hymn and to believe it, as those men who loved their own in and through the Savior did, is all in all.

We shall not put a dent in Satan’s reign of terror, of which the good old USA is the leader and sustainer, until we have white pietas once again. How can we be nearer to God when He bids us take up our cross in order to follow Him? Our ancestors knew how that was possible, but the modern Europeans do not know how it is possible because they have forsaken their hearts in order to embrace all or part of liberalism. That still, quiet voice, the Holy Ghost, is still alive in our hearts. If we listen to His voice, He will point us to the vital center of old Europe, our Lord and Savior, who will sustain us in the counterrevolution that we must fight. +


(1) My extreme depression in the wake of this electoral defeat is like unto that of Jacob Marley in The Christmas Carol, who wants to interfere in human lives for their own good but cannot. I want to help my family members to weather this tragedy, but I must watch my women weep and my sons deprived of work through the COVID-19 ‘crisis’ without being able to help them to the extent that I would like to help them. And secondly – I love Trump for what he tried to do for the non-illuminated white grazers. Now that he has no official standing, I fear for his family and for him, yet I can do nothing to help him. And thirdly, I cannot prepare the white grazers for what is coming upon them, because they still are “so far from doing harms that they suspect none.” They still believe in demon-cracy and the benevolence of the liberals: “They are just misguided.”

I take no pleasure in, ‘I told you so.’ Edgar is right: “Men must endure their going hence even as they are coming hither.” But to observe the suffering of your loved ones and to be unable to alleviate that suffering is the hardest task given us on this earth. Yes, we must pray. When hope seems not just nearly gone, but completely gone, we still must pray because that is what our Lord, through the Holy Ghost, tells us we must do.

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The Deed of Death

Dore. Babylon fallen

Beyond the infinite and boundless reach
Of mercy, if thou didst this deed of death
Art thou damned.

-Shakespeare, King John


For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

Revelations 18: 5


I don’t like the sci-fi genre in literature or movies, so I suppose I have no right to reference it, but Burke once quoted Bolingbroke even though he disliked his writings, so let me quote from the original Star Trek television show: “To boldly go where no man has gone before.” On January 20th, the United States of America is going to go where no European nation has ever gone before: they are going to openly acknowledge that this country worships Satan. All the European nations under the guise of ‘we the people’ democracy have been trafficking with Satan for over one hundred years, but they never made it explicit because there were still many Europeans who needed the façade of Christianity to remain intact before they could wholeheartedly support demon-cracy. So the shadows of Christianity, Christian outward forms with weak marshmallow insides, such as ‘prolife’ movements and ‘Christian’ democratic parties, were allowed to remain in the Western world. But the prophetic fire has gone from the Christ-bearing people – the fire of men like Burke and Dostoyevsky, who warned the European people of the hellish world we would inhabit if we cast the Suffering Servant aside for our new manmade Jacobin systems of government. Will that fire ever return? We shall see, but as of now there is no indication that the spiritual fire of the prophets, which became part of the European people’s soul when they embraced the embodiment of the prophetic fire, our Lord and Savior, will ever be seen in the European nations again.

What we have now in the European nations are little Christian marshmallow fires that are permitted to smolder so long as they do not threaten the larger satanic fire rapidly spreading throughout the European nations. What the Trump election, which became a non-election, represents is a declaration by the liberals that even the marshmallow fires shall be extinguished. There must be and there shall be no fire other than the one great fire – the all-consuming fire of the archangel Lucifer. The American tragedy is that we never had a right-wing. Without a right-wing, without men who are determined to conserve and defend a throne and altar consecrated to Christ, which is the guarantee that a people’s Christian culture and traditions will be conserved, you do not really have a spiritual core in your nation worthy to defend. American ‘conservatives’ have always invoked our revolutionary founding fathers and our marvelous Constitution in their fight against their liberal brethren. They maintain that the American Revolution was not Jacobin in spirit, often citing Burke’s opposition to certain unjust taxes that the British government imposed on the American colonies. But Burke never thought the American Revolution was a good thing. He told Benjamin Franklin he thought that America was much better off as part of Britain, but he did not feel you could force the Americans to be part of Britain if they didn’t desire to be part of it. And in point of fact, one-third of the Americans wanted to stay with Britain (a whole colony of those Americans settled in New Brunswick), one-third were indifferent, and one-third wanted to be ‘independent.’ Conservatives who like to claim our Revolution was a conservative revolution are like the conservative Catholics who constantly defend the Vatican II documents by claiming they can be interpreted in light of traditional church teaching. Oh really? Then why haven’t they been interpreted in light of traditional church teaching? And conversely, why, at every step along our wonderful constitutional path to hell, have our courts interpreted the Constitution with an eye on what is leftward and ‘progressive’? And why was the anti-Jacobin South unconstitutionally forbidden to leave the Union when she perceived that the Northern government was a Jacobin government? The Constitution is mere paper and ink; it is our faith and our race that defines who we are as a people and what we should fight to preserve. (1)

The liberals are anti-Christian, and because they are anti-Christian, they are anti-white. Trump’s victory in 2016 was a rearguard defensive action that took the liberals by surprise. But neither Trump nor his followers looked on his election as a rear-guard movement that bought white people some time to lick their wounds and mount a counterattack against the liberals. They didn’t do what a defeated people should do, because they did not see themselves as a defeated people. They saw themselves as one faction of liberals who had just won a victory over another faction of liberals. About a month ago I mentioned that there was no spirit of counterrevolution among the Trump supporters I had talked to. Nor, apparently, was there any spirit of counterrevolution among the Trump supporters in the big march on Washington. The liberals successfully depicted the protestors who breached the barricade as ‘violent rioters,’ but they were not. They were unarmed and determined to carry their nonviolent protest to the halls of Congress. The poor deluded souls did not realize that there is no justice or mercy in a nation consecrated to Satan.

Let us look, one more time as it fades into oblivion, at the Trump phenomenon. Who were the hard-core Trumpers? Why did, and do, the liberals hate them and Trump? And what is behind the Trumpers’ pacifism and inability to see the demonic nature of their enemies? Everything in European culture is centered on Christianity. All the modern heresies, Jacobinism, Americanism, Marxism, millennialism, and negro worship are Christian heresies, and liberalism is the synthesis of all the anti-Christian heresies. In the United States the synthesis of all those heresies has reached its most advanced stage. What was tolerated 20 years ago can no longer be tolerated today, because the liberal express train to hell can never stop or turn back. The Trumpers accepted most of the liberal agenda; they were willing to worship a blended Christ who was not the Christ of old Europe, and they were willing to worship the negro, but they wanted white people to be included in the universal liberal aggregate. However, that could not be tolerated because the non-illuminated whites, the whites who would not condemn whiteness itself as the original sin, had to be purged. The non-illuminated whites did not want to be purged, which is why they supported Trump, but ultimately, because they are devout believers in liberalism, they could not make war against the liberals. They will go to their doom, reciting their democratic litany: “We are non-violent, we are not racist, we are non-violent; we are not racist, we believe in the democratic process; though the democratic process slay us yet will we have faith in it.” (2) As they recite the litany, the Trumpers salute an American flag right before they line up to go into the execution chambers that have been prepared for them. Do I exaggerate? Unfortunately I do not. Every time two or three Trumpers are gathered together, you hear the litany of racial and religious suicide.

Our Lord tells us in Luke 12: 34 that, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” What do the Trumpers treasure, where are their hearts? Ah, there’s the rub. The Trumpers’ hearts are imprisoned by intellectual theories of God and patriotism. In religion their God is an esoteric God created by a break-away Anglican cleric in the early 1830s who made Christ subordinate to the unrepentant Jew. And their patriotism? It is not grounded in pietas – “I will fight for those of my own blood” – it is grounded in the equality heresy – “My country, ‘tis of thee, sweet land of liberty” – liberty from any blood connection to our kith and kin and our God.

Our prayer should be “His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” But who is the He whose will should be done? Is it the Christ of old Europe or is it the blended Christ of the new Europe? The blended Christ is subordinate to Satan, which is why the ‘conservatives’ fell all over themselves to condemn the ‘violence’ of the few: “most were non-violent.” Do the liberals ever condemn the violence of their minions? No, they do not. Because they are on the right side, they belong to Satan.

Satan is not an original thinker. He parodies, in everything he does, the living God. Satan wants his will to be done on earth as it is in hell. And in hell there is no heart-to-heart communion among mortals and there is no heart-to-heart connection to the living God. The Trumpers want to maintain some remnants of humanity within the confines of hell. That cannot be. You must either resist the liberals’ determination to go where no nation has gone before – to hell on earth – with all your heart and soul – which means “to the knife” – or you must acquiesce to the liberals and descend into Satan’s hell on earth. January 20th will either be the beginning of the counterrevolution or it will be the final bonfire that shall completely consume the white Europeans in its flames. It seems like it will be the latter, but there is always the fairy tale ending: “When hope seems nearly gone, God’s relief to us will surely come.”

Will God’s relief “surely come”? John 14: 14 is a very comforting verse, and it is also a very troubling verse: “If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.” What if we ask something in His name, and nothing happens? The unanswered prayer, particularly if it is a fervent heartfelt prayer, is a very great obstacle to faith. I don’t have an adult answer to the unanswered prayer that would satisfy a philosopher. In pure philosophy there is no loving God, but is there something beyond philosophy, are there “more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy”? As a young boy, I was sent to a camp for boys; the theory of such camps was that young boys could meet and do all sorts of ‘fun’ thing together. One of those ‘fun’ things at the camp I attended was a long canoe trip that entailed camping overnight in the woods – “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” On the second day of the canoe trip we were all supposed to canoe over what seemed, in my child’s mind, to be very treacherous rapids. I’m sure they weren’t really very treacherous, but in my mind’s eye they were a death trap. Some of the boys felt as I did and refused to go. One of the counselors, with great disgust, had the “cowardly” boys take up their canoes and walk around the rapids. I was too cowardly to admit I was afraid, so I got to have the ‘fun’ of canoeing down the rapids. Again, I must stress that I thought the rapids meant death; I was afraid. But I had a child’s heart that had been exposed to the Gospel of Christ. I had never heard of St. Thomas Aquinas or John Calvin, but I had heard of gentle Jesus who bids us take our cares and troubles to Him in prayer. I prayed to gentle Jesus and I lost all my fears. I never as an adult have ever been able to feel the complete security and confidence in God’s grace and His loving personal concern for me that I felt then when I was still a child in my faith. In similar circumstances as an adult I would have said, “Plenty of people pray and their prayers are unanswered. Many good people suffer terribly and they pray. Many evil people do not pray and they flourish…” That and similar conundrums would occur to my ‘adult’ mind.

I prayed fervently for Trump’s victory, and I know there were others, there were millions, who prayed fervently for Trump’s victory. But there were also millions upon millions of Southerners who prayed for the victory of the South in that terrible civil war. And yet then, as now, the forces of Satan, won. We cannot comprehend the seeming indifference of God to our prayers unless we go beyond the magic of intellectual Christianity to the deeper magic, the magic of the heart-of-my-heart and blood-of-my-blood faith in Christ Jesus.  This election should make us cast off demon-cracy and fight evil as men, at least European men, were meant to fight evil. The Trumpers who will not fight do not know the Christ who is “the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” They only know an ecumenical Christ who floats around in a universal aggregate of false gods – the gods of color, the god of the Jews, and the god of demon-cracy, who is Satan. We cannot seek redemption from the devil. And isn’t that what the Trumpers did by placing all their hopes in our supremely satanic Supreme Court? (3)

I have actually heard Trumpers say they were against the men and women who stormed the halls of Congress because they destroyed public property. Oh, the horror of sympathy for the devil and his minions! Those congressmen and women are the devil’s own. If the bravados who breached the barricades had killed all the members of Congress who intended to vote against a reelection every single execution would have been meritorious. Those creatures from hell, those satanic, inhuman, congressional vultures from hell, with malice aforethought, intend to consecrate our nation to Satan on January 20th. But that is not as bad – horrors of horrors! – as destroying public property, is it? (4) It all comes down to this – Christians of the old European stock do not permit the rule of Satan. We must be blood and heart Christians. If we insist on being demon-cratic and intellectual Christians, we shall see Satan’s banner over our nation for the rest of our natural lives, and those who honor that banner shall burn in hell for all eternity. That is not a consummation that I wish for, but then I do not understand the ‘higher’ religion of demon-cracy, pacifism, and non-violence – non-violence on the white side and nothing but violence on the Illuminati’s and the colored minions’ side. If we see Him, our Lord Jesus Christ, with the eyes of a child, we will write a new chapter of European history; we will cast off the rule of Satan and live in the light of His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. +


(1) “Throw our paper platforms, preambles and resolutions, guaranties and constitutions, into the fire, and we should be none the worse off, provided we retained our institutions – and the necessities that begot, and have, so far, continued them.” (George Fitzhugh)

The necessity that has begot and continued our institutions is the God-Man, Jesus Christ.

(2) The ‘conservatives’ in the alternative news outlets such as Newsmax and Breitbart are still behaving like Hitler in the bunker who ordered non-existent troops to fight a war he had already lost. They are still giving us the ‘news’ of the liberals’ atrocities so that we can vote the liberals out. But we did vote against the liberals. We voted against them in record numbers and our votes were thrown back in our faces. I look on that as a challenge to a duel to the death. The conservative pundits seem to look on the liberals’ challenge as a mandate to grovel before the liberal Sanhedrin and recite the democratic litany over and over again: “We are not racist, we are non-violent, we love demon-cracy.” And the cowardly Republicans and the Democrats in the House and Senate are vying with each other to see who can condemn the ‘rioters’ more. None of them condemned Black Lives Matter or Antifa, but the ‘rioters’ must be condemned. On January 20th, the cowardly senators and representatives of Congress, Republican and Democrat, should all, while keeping their social distance, join hands virtually while they sing, to the tune of “Let’s All Gather at the River”:

“Let’s all gather before the liberal Sanhedrin,
The wonderful, wonderful Sanhedrin,
Let’s all gather at the liberal Sanhedrin,
That flows by the throne of Satan.”

(3) Whatever his faults, Trump fought nobly for the disenfranchised white grazers. And because he fought for them, the liberals are still trying to send him to prison. It is not enough for them that he is leaving office, they must torture him and his family with the threat of jail. No one in the ranks of the Republican cowards will stand up for him. We can’t deal with these satanic liberals peacefully. They don’t want peace. They want to eliminate all things white and Christian.

I am frequently asked how I can admire Trump when he supports the American heresy. And I always answer the queries with, “For the same reason Sir Walter Scott supported the Georges who supplanted the Stewarts, while still admiring Bonnie Prince Charlie. Trump is at least a man; he has some remnant of Christian humanity in him. He is a lion among jackals and sheep. So is Curt Schilling, the baseball pitcher who will never be part of the jackals’ Hall of Shame. Trump and Schilling may not have the whole integral Christian spirit we need, but the humanity and courage of men like Trump and Schilling is admirable. In an age when every single spark of humanity must be extinguished by order of the liberal Sanhedrin, it is not a little thing when some men who have a public voice speak out against the liberal Sanhedrin.

(4) There is a complete unreality about this election and its aftermath, a Gnostic unreality. The votes of flesh and blood people who voted for Trump became the computer printout votes of non-existent Gnostic people, all of whom voted for Biden, who ran a virtual, non-existent Gnostic campaign. Our Supreme Court made a non-decision, a Gnostic decision, to endorse the results of a Gnostic election. And our legislators, Republican and Democrat, endorsed the Gnostic results of the non-election. Now, I am told, there is going to be a virtual, Gnostic inauguration of a Gnostically elected president. But can the unreality of Satan’s Gnosticism prevail forever? Real flesh and blood people voted for a man who looked on them as flesh and blood human beings. Will they be content to be Gnostically discarded into outer darkness? That is the question.

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As Lambs to the Slaughter

Dore. Nailing Christ to the Cross

He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth. – Isaiah 53: 7


As to me, I was always steadily of opinion that this disorder was not in it’s nature intermittent. I conceived that the contest, once begun, could not be laid down again to be resumed at our discretion; but that our first struggle with this evil would also be our last. I never thought we could make peace with the system; because it was not for the sake of an object we pursued in rivalry with each other, but with the system itself, that we were at war. As I understood the matter, we were at war, not with it’s conduct, but with it’s existence; convinced that it’s existence and it’s hostility were the same. –Edmund Burke, Letters on a Regicide Peace



The late Colonel Jeff Cooper, who wrote a column for Guns & Ammo magazine some years ago, once commented on the actions of an off-duty policeman who had attempted to stop an armed robbery while unarmed. He was shot and killed by the robbers. Cooper gave the policeman a ten for bravery and a zero for preparedness.

Those men and women who breached the Capitol building barricades in order to get at Congress were incredibly noble and brave. But what were they thinking? Our reason must be made to serve our hearts. Those brave, wonderful people should have known that our government is evil. You can’t go up against such an evil entity unarmed. Protests do not work when the people protesting have been designated for slaughter by the powers that be. If the situation had been reversed, if Trump had won the election and Black Lives Matter barbarians and Antifa scum were storming the Capitol, they would have had a red carpet laid out for them, and the Federal police would have been ordered to stand down. And after standing down, they would have provided the rioters with milk and cookies. But no mercy will ever be shown by the Illuminati toward the unilluminated. In fact, Nancy Pelosi, who stands out for her supreme wickedness in a cabal of the wicked, said that the military was too kind to the protestors. “What if they had been black?” the wicked witch asked. We saw what happens with black rioters this past summer — they are allowed to burn, murder, and loot while the police stand down. And why didn’t Trump order the military police to stand down in this case? I never blamed Trump for not stopping illegal immigration nor for not cleaning out the swamp, because I knew he had no support even within his own party for such initiatives. But I do blame him for not ordering the police or military defending our Capitol to stand down. What did he have to lose? Was he afraid he would be impeached? He has already been impeached and removed from office by way of the fraudulent election. Perhaps he did order the troops to stand down, and the policeman who murdered that unarmed woman acted against orders. I doubt it, because Trump, for all his bravery, is still half-liberal. I think he was afraid to face the disapproval of the liberals.

If we can’t protest, then what can be done? We should do what the Scots did long ago in the town of Edinburgh (see Walter Scott’s novel The Heart of Midlothian). When the townspeople had exhausted all legal means to remove a duly appointed bloody tyrant from their midst, they quietly, without a public announcement, took care of that bloody tyrant one dark night and then just as quietly returned home. So it was with Forrest and his men, and so it was in Skidmore, Missouri, in 1981, after the townspeople had tried in vain, by all legal means, to remove a bloody white tyrant from their midst.

As I understand it, one woman was shot to death, two men died of heart-related issues, and one woman died from an undetermined medical emergency. My heart and my prayers go out to them (yes, I pray for the dead; did not our Lord enjoin us to take all our trouble and cares to Him in prayer? I am troubled about their deaths because I care about those poor souls), to those incredibly brave, incredibly noble souls. But I must maintain that the woman who was slain and the woman who died did not belong there. What have we become when the women man the barricades? I understand the woman who was slain was a former member of the military. For shame on a nation that places women in the military. She is not to blame; she was merely following, imperfectly, a noble aim, without the support of a Christian-mentoring society which would have inspired her to step away from the ramparts and assume her God-given right to nurture and pray.

Need I point out that the media, part of the evil cabal called liberalism, labelled the protestors as ‘rioters’ after telling us for over a twelve-month that Antifa and Black Lives Matter murderers were ‘protestors’? And what is to be said about the alternative ‘conservative’ news media, such as Newsmax? All they could do was plead for mercy from their liberal brethren: “Most of the protestors were nonviolent.” Why do ‘conservatives’ who worship veterans that fought to make the world safe for communism in World War II regularly denounce any violence against an evil government that is infinitely worse than Adolph Hitler’s government?

Let us see the light in this darkness called liberalism. Those who breached the ramparts had something within them that cannot be defeated. The liberals, at the height of their power, have seen the spirit above the dust that will bring them down.


When the left has triumphed, conservatives—if they are to remain conservative—must become counterrevolutionaries. What Burke said of France after the French revolution applies to every European nation. Burke said that the true Frenchmen were in exile because Jacobin France was not Christian France:

The present system in France is not the ancient France. It is not the ancient France with ordinary ambition and ordinary means. It is not a new power of an old kind. It is a new power of a new species. When such a questionable shape is to be admitted for the first time into the brotherhood of Christendom, it is not a mere matter of idle curiosity to consider how far it is, in it’s nature, alliable with the rest, or whether “the relations of peace and amity” with this new State are likely to be of the same nature with the usual relations of the States of Europe.

Once democracy, which is based on the demons’ flight from Christ (Luke 8), becomes the organizational model of government in a nation, that nation is committed to the principle of ‘ever leftward’ toward the pit of hell. The legislators in a democracy are all leftists–they are all moving leftward to hell. The battles that spring up are between those who want to move gradually toward hell—in our country, they are called Republicans—and those who want to move rapidly toward hell. Those people are called, in our country, Democrats. But the important thing in a democracy is that all citizens sign on to the ‘progression’ of mankind; they must believe in the ‘new power of a new species’ and reject ‘the brotherhood of Christendom.’

Can we be at peace with this new power, this democratic entity? No, we cannot be at peace with such a power. It is a giant succubus that will draw all people toward it and consume them body and soul. The left always progresses toward hell by the enfranchisement of an ‘oppressed’ minority. Once that oppressed minority is enfranchised, that minority has a vested interest in supporting the progression of the left. The liberals achieved their greatest success with the blacks. The banner of ‘we are not racist’ has served the liberals well. Whenever a black does not fall in line with liberalism, he or she is told they are not black, because a black must support the leftward lurch into hell in order to prevent a mythical right wing from returning to the inequality and ‘racism’ of the past.

Tragically we have also witnessed, in the 20th century and the 21st century, the virtual collapse of the traditional right wing bastion of European civilization – the Christian woman. By holding out that apple, the apple of equality, to the new Eves, the left destroyed the heart of Western civilization. After the rape fest in Cologne, Germany, a few years ago, a female Danish journalist asked, “Where were the men, why didn’t they do something?” She went on to say that she did not want to go back to the bad old days of patriarchy, but she did want men to be men and protect women. You can’t have it both ways. The men of Victorian Britain would not have tolerated a rape fest because they believed that the females of the species were their helpmeets, they believed that women were the life nurturers and the life bearers, and as such they deserved to be protected and treasured. When they became part of the leftist march toward hell, when they became a legion of Lady Macbeths, why should they still be protected and treasured?

After the Fall, our Lord spoke to Eve: “Unto the woman He said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception: in sorrow thou shall bring forth children: and thy desire shall be to thy husband and he shall rule over thee.” That radical leftward shift from God’s love to Satan’s promise of equality with God that Adam and Eve made in the Garden of Eden was countered by Christ’s charitable outreach on the Cross. Our propensity to sin remains, but through Him we were given a chance to restore our fallen nature. There is nothing on this earth that speaks of heaven more than a Christian family in which the male and the female have complementary roles rather than competitive ones. When equality enters into the familial hearth fire, there is no refuge from the devil; he is the omnipresent force from outside and from within. Can you really mount a campaign for Christian things – protection for the unborn, protection from the colored heathen within your nation and from without — when you cherish, through the democratic process, Satan’s promise of, “You shall be as Gods”? There can be no true families and no true nations when the family and the state are democratized.

Biden claims Trump is attacking the democratic process by challenging the election results. And the mistress turned president in all but name, Kamala Harris, has articulated the moral underpinning of liberalism: “We want equity not equality.” Yes, that sums it up: “Some are more equal.” Biden and Harris are correct: the democratic process exists to ensure the continual dominance of Satan in what was once Christendom. Trump, who retains a few instincts of a European, senses that something has gone terribly wrong in America and Europe, but he does not understand that it is the democratic process that allows that wrong, the enthronement of Satan in the European world, to continue on in perpetuity. Trump fought nobly against all the forces of hell, but he fought without the full armour of Christ, and now, tragically, the liberals, like the hellhounds they are, will tear him to shreds while the clergymen, the Supreme Court justices, the Republicans, and the conservative pundits will look on with a Thomistic-Buddhistic quietude and thank whatever pig gods they pray to that they had the good sense to stay with the winning side. Burke describes such moral cowards in his great work, On Regicide France after the Revolution:

In truth, the tribe of vulgar politicians are the lowest of our species. There is no trade so vile and mechanical as government in their hands. Virtue is not their habit. They are out of themselves in any course of conduct recommended only by conscience and glory. A large, liberal and prospective view of the interests of States passes with them for romance; and the principles that recommend it for the wanderings of a disordered imagination. The calculators compute them out of their senses. The jesters and buffoons shame them out of every thing grand and elevated. Littleness, in object and in means, to them appears soundness and sobriety. They think there is nothing worth pursuit, but that which they can handle; which they can measure with a two-foot rule; which they can tell upon ten fingers.

Yes, the Republican shadows of the liberals have been computed out of their senses by their liberal brethren. In the recent pro-Trump protest a very small percentage of the protestors got it right: they became violent. And what was the reaction of the Republican and ‘conservative’ establishment? They denounced the protestors who became violent because their violence endangered the ‘democratic process.’ (1) Do you need a translation of such doublespeak? Then let me translate—“We, the Republican servants of Satan, must continue to eat and drink at Satan’s pig trough. And it is the demon-cratic process that enables us to eat and drink at Satan’s pig trough now and forever.” The ‘violent’ protestors are miracles of God’s grace; they saw through the horror of the satanic entity called democracy. They are currently too few and they have no leader, but they have something within them that points us to something above and beyond Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth.

What do I make of the fact that Trump himself condemned the ‘violent’ protestors –“Be peaceful, be nonviolent”? Trump, like the vast majority of his followers, wants to blend Christianity and liberalism. They don’t believe in the Christ of old, monarchial, aristocratic Europe, they believe in the new Christ of demon-cracy. But Satan and Christ are spiritual antagonists, so how can they be blended together? Trump was and is a brave man, with something inside of him that was and is struggling toward the light. However, if a man cannot give a name to that light, if he cannot see the real Aslan, the Christ of old Europe, he will ultimately be defeated by the mad-dog liberals who serve Satan. And those who follow him will be betrayed in deepest consequence, as the four martyrs were betrayed. The half-Christians will always lose to the fully committed Satanists, because the Satanists believe that Satan’s kingdom of hell on hearth can only be achieved by those who are violent: “The violent bear it away.” The liberals act according to their faith. But the half-Christians who want to blend Christianity and liberalism will not act according to the Christian faith, they do not believe the Kingdom of Heaven is taken by violence, they believe that the Kingdom of heaven comes by uniting with Satan’s minions in order to insure a perfect union of God and the devil. There is nothing on the face of the earth more reprehensible, more morally repugnant, than the American experiment in demon-cracy. We need no longer imagine what hell will be like, it is here and now in the United States of Satan.

We are reaping what the scholastics in the Catholic and the Protestant churches have sown. If man’s reason receives God’s revelation, independent of the human heart, which the scholastics maintain, then what prevents abstract reason from becoming man’s God? Nothing prevents it. Robespierre was simply following the precepts of intellectual Christianity when he made a whore the Goddess of Reason. That great whore of Babylon, the Goddess of Reason, can be seen in all her satanic splendor whenever two or three are gathered together, in Church and State, in her name. No man is an island; we who are human need contact with other human beings. But what if humanity is divided between those who have renounced their humanity and those who are willing to blend what is human inside of them, a longing for the Mysterious Stranger, with that which is inhuman, the pig swill of liberalism? This final outrage of the ‘conservatives’ who have condemned the violence they should laud, gives us the answer to that question. We must walk away from those who want to blend Christ and Satan. We must walk away with the realization that some devils, and the satanic blending of democracy and Christianity is one such devil, can only be driven out by prayer and fasting.

This failure of the white grazers, the Trumpers, to see that they cannot make common cause with the liberals has broken my heart just as my parents’ blending of Christianity and liberalism broke my heart. My mother was an ethical Christian who did not believe in Christ’s resurrection from the dead, at least on a conscious level, and my father was a ‘non-fundamentalist’ Christian – the Old Testament was fairy stories, but the New Testament was true. But of course that truth was blended with the ‘truth’ that American democracy and Christianity were one and the same. When I became a Dream of the Rood Christian in my early twenties, I had to try to stay connected, in my heart, to my parents while maintaining a distance from their blended faith. What was difficult when I was a single man became even more difficult when I became a Christian father. How could I keep my children free of contagion while allowing them to experience the love of their grandparents? To this day I do not know the right and the wrong of my balancing act. Nor do I know the right and the wrong of my support for Trump and his followers. There was genuine humanity in Trump and those who supported him. But, oh, the horror of that blending process!

Why do men and women need to blend what is Christian with that which is satanic? It all, or so it seems to me, goes back to the original sin. Satan did not attack God directly, he did not tell Adam and Eve that God didn’t exist, he told them that divinity rested in pure reason, divorced from their heart to heart connection to God. Whenever reason becomes the way to God, the path is made clear for man’s reason and Satan’s will to join together in defiance of the living God. We live in Satandom because we no longer believe that “the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men.” If we are “foolish” as St. Paul was foolish, we will discover that the Mysterious Stranger has never and will never leave us bereft in this vale of tears.

No man should be an island, but if there are no human beings left on earth who believe in the Dream of the Rood we must make that island where Christ dwells into our world. Pray for the four martyrs who went like lambs to the slaughter. They were sacrificed, like so many of the unborn infants and the innocent whites who died before them, on the altars of liberalism. I wish that I had the power to destroy them all, the hellhounds of liberalism, but I do not. So I must rage against the dying of the light and I must pray. What else is left to us? In Thy name, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we ask for a light in the darkness of Liberaldom to guide us safely home.+


(1) The ‘conservatives’ who worship ‘peaceful protest’ are still under the thrall of Liberaldom. They don’t really want an end to the liberals’ reign of terror, because they still have a place in Liberaldom. In a ‘peaceful protest’ you are saying to your rulers, “Hey, we represent a couple of million votes, you can’t ignore us.” But what if your rulers have turned off your votes? You can peacefully protest from now to doomsday, and you will not alter the status quo of Liberaldom. But of course the ‘conservatives,’ if they were really conservative, could see that obvious fact.

The barricade brigade whites are at the beginning. They have begun to understand the nature of demon-cracy. They have hearts that love much, but they still do not fully understand the evil of liberalism. If they did, they would not have launched a semi-peaceful suicide mission. Nor do I think Trump, who is half-liberal and half-Christian, fully understands just how evil the liberals are. He should flee the country now, with his entire family, or he will face the same fate as Louis XVI. These, our modern Jacobins, are much crueler than Robespierre, and he was the most bloodthirsty tyrant the European world has ever produced – until now.

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The Satanic Unmasking

Dore. The temptation of Jesus

Here is the indictment of the good Lord Hastings;
Which in a set hand fairly is engross’d
That it may be to-day read o’er in Paul’s.
And mark how well the sequel hangs together:
Eleven hours I have spent to write it over,
For yesternight by Catesby was it sent me;
The precedent was full as long a-doing;
And yet within these five hours Hastings liv’d,
Untainted, unexamin’d, free, at liberty.
Here’s a good world the while! Who is so gross
That cannot see this palpable device?
Yet who’s so bold but says he sees it not?
Bad is the world; and all will come to nought,
When such ill dealing must be seen in thought.

Richard the Third


Reason is a whore; she peeks out over the blindfold and decides in favor of the prevailing powers that be. When the powers that be are liberal, which translates to satanic, then ‘justice’ is satanic. – CWNY


“Who is so gross, That cannot see this palpable device?” In the months prior to the election I thought that the Demon-crats would win because I knew they would fix the election. But as Election Day approached, I became somewhat hopeful. Trump had such an enormous lead that I thought, “Can they really get away with fraud of such magnitude?” Of course they, the Demon-crats, did get away with it. The toll of human suffering, not just in this nation, but throughout the world, as a result of the election fraud, is beyond measure. In this nation millions of non-illuminated whites will be exterminated through economic disenfranchisement and outright slaughter at the hands of the colored barbarians. And worldwide the only nation that has the power to stand up to the communist Chinese will become the lap-dog of the Chinese communists. Is there any silver lining in this whole affair? No, there isn’t. This is an unmitigated tragedy. But there is one thing that we can take out of the “palpable device”: We no longer have to play the democratic game. The letter writing, the voting, the protest marches, can now be seen for what they were and are – part of the liberals’ subterfuge, which they have chosen to throw off. The satanic device of the liberals, which is the democratic process, has now been revealed as a complete hoax. It is time to make war as the Psalmist bids us: “So let us break their bonds asunder, and cast away their cords from us.”

Our nation, with some dissenting voices in the Southern half of the country, was founded on the heretical principle that our leaders govern by the consent of the governed. That is in direct contrast to the Christian European vision of leadership, in which a monarch and/or an aristocracy rule, not by Divine Right but in the name of Christ the King. We are all aware of the imperfections of such governments, because the liberals have told us for more than a twelfth-month of those imperfections. But has the Christian faith flourished under the rule of Christian kings and Christian aristocracies or has it flourished in the modern democracies? The answer to that question is obvious. The Christian faith and the European people thrived under the former regimes, and they are both, because they are one, about to be completely extinguished in the ‘Age of Democracy.’

Let us look at this thing called ‘democracy’ in the wake of the fraudulent American election. The spirit of democracy is grounded in the same spirit that motivated the demons in Luke 8: 32-37:

And there was there an herd of many swine feeding on the mountain: and they besought him that he would suffer them to enter into them. And he suffered them. Then went the devils out of the man, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the lake, and were choked. When they that fed them saw what was done, they fled, and went and told it in the city and in the country. Then they went out to see what was done; and came to Jesus, and found the man, out of whom the devils were departed, sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid. They also which saw it told them by what means he that was possessed of the devils was healed. Then the whole multitude of the country of the Gadarenes round about besought him to depart from them; for they were taken with great fear: and he went up into the ship, and returned back again.

The demons, against their own self-interest, desired to be free of the God of Mercy, so Christ freed them, and they went into the swine, who ran off a cliff into a lake and choked to death. The liberals are the demon-possessed swine: They are bound and determined, also against their own self-interest, to go over the cliff. They must avoid, at all costs, the loving embrace of Jesus Christ.

All the modern democratic governments are based on the Jacobin vision of equality. They take the Christian precept of the moral equality of all men before the living God and conflate it with a natural equality among swine, who are committed to Satan. There is no natural equality in God’s Kingdom; there is a spiritual aristocracy based on His, not Satan’s, precepts, the precepts of the Suffering Servant who bids His apostles seek greatness by being the “servant of all.” There is no mechanical equality of swine competing for the pig swill of the world’s material goods in Christ’s Reign of Charity. When we seek a worldly equality, we seek Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth. In the United States, that kingdom is here and now.

There is a satanic undergirding to this great evil called democracy. Its proponents tell us we shall all be equal: “We shall be as gods.” But all are not equal in a democracy: “Some are more equal.” Those “some” are the white Illuminati and the colored barbarians, the people who do the will of Satan. The election of 2020 in this country revealed the satanic presence behind the façade of the liberals’ “equality.” The votes of non-illuminated whites were null and void while the votes of the illuminated whites became the voice of “the people.” But the voice of “the people” is the voice of Satan. He works his will through the Illuminati and the people of color. When Robespierre was told his call for equality would lead to the extermination of all whites in San Domingo (Haiti), he was unmoved; in fact, he thought it was a great good, because the whites in San Domingo were non-illuminated whites. In Robespierre’s satanic mind, they deserved to die just as the non-illuminated whites in France and throughout Europe deserved to die.

Robespierre’s satanic utopia did not, as Burke warned us, die with Robespierre. It has become institutionalized throughout the nations of Europe. And it has become such a powerful entity, in church and state, that there is no one willing to oppose it. The Supreme Court justices in this country came up with all sorts of reasons why they did not want to even hear any election fraud cases. But there was only one reason why they didn’t want to hear the cases: They were afraid of the utopian left who will stop at nothing to achieve their ends. They were not afraid of the Pro-Trumpers who will stop at the crossroads and take the road marked, ‘Quaker,’ which is the road to oblivion, to their extinction as a people.

It is important to note that this electoral victory of the left was not a peaceful revolution. It was steeped in the blood of innocents such as Aaron Danielson, and it shall be upheld by the threat of more violence. Let us look at this, the latest and quite possibly the final revolution of the left, in light of the revolutions that preceded it. The first leftist revolt was in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve had a filial connection to the living god. The Lord handed them a kingdom that was preserved and protected in and through His filial bond with them, His people. They broke that bond when they chose to become intellectual Christians, men and women who placed their reason above their heart to heart connection to the living God. We know what ensued from that ‘shipwreck.’

Our incarnate Lord, Jesus Christ, restored our severed blood connection to the living God through His birth, crucifixion, and resurrection from the dead; that was the belief of our European ancestors. Every leftist revolution is grounded in a movement away from the European civilization whose people had a blood connection to Jesus Christ. In a perversion of everyman’s moral equality before God, the left has presented every attack against Christ’s reign of charity as a step forward for mankind – as a progression from the darkness of the inequalities and inequities of the past toward the light of a utopian future of equality. Thus ‘votes for women’ begot feminism and legalized abortion, and the enfranchisement of non-Europeans begot the worship of the sacred negro. Whatever was opposed to Christian European civilization was lauded and whatever was remotely tied to Christian Europe was opposed with fire and sword. Once we understand that the inner dynamic of the liberal Illuminati demands they follow the path of the demons described in Luke 8 we can understand why the liberals had to destroy Trump, even if it meant they had to take off their democratic masks and reveal their satanic visages for all the world to see.

On the surface Trump seems to be one with the liberals. He openly professed his belief in the equality heresy, which equates our moral equality before God to a mechanical equality of mankind, independent of the spirit which giveth life, and yet the liberals hated him as no man in public office has ever been hated before. Why? They hated and still hate Trump because he did not adhere to the inner dynamic of the equality heresy. That inner dynamic demands an inequality; it demands that some, the Illuminati and their colored minions, must be more equal. Every Republican candidate prior to Trump agreed to the extermination of the non-illuminated whites. The fact that Trump did not want non-illuminated whites to be exterminated made him an anathema to the liberals. And in this last election he was cast into outer darkness with his non-illuminated followers.

The mad-dog liberal media opposed Trump with a satanic vehemence. That was expected. But a great deal of the so-called conservatives, such as Ann Coulter and Drudge, also opposed Trump, and most of the Republicans gave him lukewarm support at best. My local Republican senator, for instance, sent me a snotty reply to my letter demanding he fight the fraudulent election: “The courts have spoken,” he told me, so I should stop bothering him and find something better to do. What is obvious is that a committed violent minority, the left, have made it clear that only the illuminated will be permitted to live. The ‘conservative’ pundits and the Republican RINOs want to show the left they are not in support of the non-illuminated whites whom Trump represents. They want their easy lives of punditry and the Loyal Opposition to go on forever. And it is Biden, not Trump, who gives them the best chance to continue on as pundits and legislators, because they sense, like jackals, that Trump’s followers will not fight back.

The late Rodney Dangerfield used to say in his comedy routine that he appealed to everyone who could do him absolutely no good. That was the reason for Trump’s electoral ‘defeat.’ His appeal was to the disenfranchised white grazers who have been designated for the liberals’ slaughterhouse. They voted for him in record numbers because he was the only Republican candidate who stood up for them as human beings with human needs rather than treating them as a universal aggregate to be manipulated for political purposes. I am in the field with the white grazers, I am not of the elect, I am not ‘illuminated.’ But although I am among the white grazers, I am not of them. I do not believe white pietas is a sin, nor do I believe that God and democracy are one. My task is to move the white grazers’ hearts away from demoncracy toward white pietas. It seems like an impossible task. And it is impossible without Divine Intervention. I ask for that intervention now and at the hour of my death.

What do we make of the fact that Donald Trump’s name coincides with St. Paul’s sure and certain hope in 1 Corinthians 15: 52? “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed.” Some Christians have asserted that the juxtaposition of Donald Trump and the last Trump means that the end of the world, the final consummation, is near. I do not sneer at such speculation because in the last four years the intense hatred of the liberals for Trump seemed to come from a satanic depth that we had never seen before. Their hatred is so obviously from the devil that we cannot help but think that now the devil’s great antagonist, Jesus Christ, is going to step forth and put an end to the devil’s reign. But we can’t take that route because of what our Lord tells us in Mark 13: 31-33: “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away. But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.”

What we do know is that the American election of 2020 marked the great unmasking of the liberals. They took off the benign façade of democracy and revealed the satanic heart of “government for the people and of the people.” The “people” are the Illuminati and their “ebony puppets,” who are consecrated to Satan. They have only one agenda – to attack Christ through His people. They must always attack the ‘image of God in man’ culture of the antique Europeans. Any movement back to that culture and that people must be dealt with harshly. The 2020 election was not an election, it was a reassertion, through violence, of the liberals’ power over the non-illuminated whites. I refer you once again to Walt Disney’s 1959 retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. Maleficent throws aside all subterfuge and stands before Prince Phillip in all her satanic fury: “Now you shall deal with me and all the powers of hell.” That is what the liberals did in this last election – they unmasked and told us to deal with Satan and all the powers of hell. Can letter-writing, voting, and protest marches, move the powers of hell? Our supremely satanic Supreme Court gives the lie to that futile hope. The justices went with the forces of hell because they fear Satan’s minions and do not fear the Christ-bearing people, because the Christ-bearing people have become… what have they become? They are like unto a modern Prince Phillip, who turns from Maleficent when she confronts him. His sword becomes a pen, and he hurries home to write an angry letter to Maleficent demanding she release Sleeping Beauty. He and the good fairies then organize a protest march around Maleficent’s castle. After Maleficent sends out her goons to maim, torture, and murder the protestors, the surviving protestors find an alternative media outlet, one outlet among thousands that is not pro-Maleficent, and brag about their non-violent approach to all the powers of hell. Meanwhile, Sleeping Beauty rots in Maleficent’s castle. We play the devil’s game when we play the democratic game. Pray for the safety of the pro-Trump demonstrators on January 6, for they are going up against the devil’s minions without the full armour of Christ. Instead of “Onward, Christian soldiers,” they are marching to the tune of “We are not racist, we are non-violent.” That discordant melody is music to the ears of Satan and his minions.

We must avoid, or we will surely forfeit our humanity which is our link to the living God, the ‘religious’ posturing that always comes in crises such as this. I am referring to the old bromide, ‘God is punishing you for your sins by inflicting Biden and his demon-crats upon you.’ In the Johnstown flood of 1889, there were ‘religious’ people who claimed the flood was visited upon the people of Johnstown because of the brothels in the town. But those ‘religious’ people ignored the fact that the brothels were on high ground and not touched by the flood. Such is the case when a rash of earthquakes hit California. There is a segment of ‘religious’ people who tell us the earthquakes are God’s judgment upon the homosexuals who have made San Francisco their home city. But are the homosexuals the only people who suffer when the earthquakes strike California? We must reject such ‘religious’ posturing. When Solzhenitsyn went to the Gulag, he felt, after he had converted to Christianity while in prison, that he deserved his punishment because he had been a communist. That was a penitential act of a Christian. He looked at his own sins and decided that he needed to suffer for his sins. But Solzhenitsyn did not think that his fellow prisoners in the Gulag deserved their punishments. He had a compassionate empathy for their suffering and a holy rage against those who inflicted the suffering on his people. That should be our reaction to this violent assertion of the liberals’ power over the non-illuminated whites. We must respond to this outrage as integral Christians have responded to evil throughout our human history, our Christian European history. We do not know why evil always seems to triumph over good. Our heart pulls us toward Him who saves, while our head tells us to court favor with the powers of this world. Let us incline toward that which is in our hearts, the love of Him who saves, even in the face of what seems like the death of all our earthly hopes. We are the people who “know not seems.” We believe He is our beginning and our end. The Babe in the manger, the Suffering Servant on the Cross, and the Risen Lord are one. That mystery, the mystery of faith, will sustain us all through the night. +

“Roses bloom and cease to be,
But we the Christ child shall see.”

Rembrandt. The shepherds worship the child
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Remembrances: What Child Is This?

By Way of a Preface

When I started these stories I envisioned them as cautionary tales about a horrific future that we, as a people, were facing if the shadows of liberalism were not altered. That future has come upon us sooner than I imagined. The liberals have completely unmasked and are moving toward their final solution, which is the extermination of the non-illuminated whites. Who are the non-illuminated whites? They are the whites who do not accept every single aspect of liberalism: sexual debauchery, legalized abortion, and the worship of Satan through the sacred negro.

The liberals’ end, in their satanic minds, justifies any and all means. The white grazers, white people who cannot accept the entirety of the liberals’ illuminated agenda, are unable to cope with the liberals because they are part liberal themselves. They cannot get away from the soul-killing heresy, which says that God and democracy are one: they believe that God’s way is the democratic way. And in a Demon-cracy, you do not fight evil, you vote against it. We are now, as a people, at the crossroads. If we do not reject non-violence, if we let the liberals get away with the complete disenfranchisement of the white race, the future I depict in these stories will be upon us.

I have refrained from suggesting actual battle plans in my blog posts because I believe that once the European people have the will, once they reclaim that “charity of honor,” they will produce leaders who will know the best way to fight the liberals. I have already seen, in the wake of the election fraud, some very good suggestions as regards the practical measures that we should take once the real war begins. The will to fight, which will come when we are a fully integral Christian people, is all in all.


Remembrances: What Child Is This?

Roses bloom and cease to be,
but we the Christ child shall see.

-Hans Christian Andersen


Act I. Scene 1.

Susan: (tied to a chair) Mother, may I be untied now?

Mother: No, you may not be untied.

Susan: Please, mother, the cords are hurting my hands.

Mother: I can’t help that, you have been a very naughty little girl. You will remain tied to that chair until two o’clock. Then and only then will I untie you.

Susan: But I’m really and truly sorry.

Mother: You said that last time and then I found you this morning playing with that white boy you were forbidden to play with.

Susan: But I am white, and you said that my father was white, so why is it wrong for me to play with a white boy?

Mother: Now, you really are making me very angry, Susan. I have explained all of this to you before.

Susan: But I don’t understand.

Mother: What is the one great commandant which is the basis of our religion?

Susan: That we should love the black race with all our heart, mind, and soul.

Mother: Yes, that is correct. But you did not follow that commandant when you played with that white boy.

Susan: But my father was…

Mother: Yes, I know, your father was white. But your father was an authorized white man. Do you know what that means?

Susan: You’ve explained it to be before, but I still can’t understand.

Mother: I think you do understand, you’re just being deliberately willful. But I’ll go through it all again. Our black gods are nature gods; they represent all that is beautiful and good. But nature did not make them to fix things and build things; that is the task of white men. Now, white men are very, very evil, so we must not have too many white men in our nation. But we need a few white men to fix things and build things, therefore we don’t kill all white men, we let a few live so that they can fix things and build things.

Susan: Was my father a fixer and a builder?

Mother: Yes.

Susan: Did he die?

Mother: Yes, he did, but I don’t want you to talk about your father. He did some bad things before he died; he was not a good man.

Susan: Maybe Johnny is going to grow up to be a fixer and a builder.

Mother: Whether he grows up and is placed in the science lab or he is placed in the execution chamber should be of no concern of yours. In either case, you are not supposed to play with him. Now, I’ll untie you, but you will be punished severely if you ever play with that boy again.


Act I. Scene 2.

Later that night Susan hears a tapping at her second story bedroom window. She gets up and opens the window to a small balcony.

Johnny: May I see you?

Susan: I’m not supposed to see you ever again.

Johnny: Why can’t you see me?

Susan: Because you are a white boy.

Johnny: But what is wrong about white skin? I have a storybook that has pictures, and all the people in the pictures are white.

Susan: I’m not supposed to look at storybooks that come from the bad time.

Johnny: How do you know my storybook is from the bad time?

Susan: You said the book had white people in it, so that means it is from the bad time. Any book that doesn’t have black people in it is a bad book.

Johnny: But there are nice stories in this book. There is a story called “Hansel and Gretel.” They were a boy and girl who get lost in the woods and discover a gingerbread house.

Susan: I don’t want to hear anymore… What do you mean by a gingerbread house, you can’t make a house of gingerbread.

Johnny: Well, there is one in the book. And Hansel and Gretel meet a witch and then…

Susan: That is wrong. Witches were invented by white men in order to insult women. It is wrong to read stories about them. My mother says that…

Johnny: I think your mother is a witch.

Susan: (starts screaming) Mother, mother, that white boy is here.
(Susan’s mother runs into the bedroom with a Glock pistol and starts firing at Johnny as he climbs down to the ground. Susan’s mother isn’t sure, but she thinks one of the bullets hits Johnny in the leg.)

Mother: (on the phone) Operator, get me the police. Is this the police? Good, I want to report a white boy who tried to break into my home and assault my daughter. He is about eight years old, blonde, and I think I shot him in the leg.

Police Dispatcher: We will send a squad car around to see if they can pick him up.

Mother: They better find him, I don’t want him bothering my daughter again. (Coming over to the bed to tuck her daughter in.) You did good, Susan.

Susan: What will they do to him if they catch him.

Mother: They will kill him.

Susan: Oh no, I didn’t want that to happen. I just got mad when he called you a witch. (She starts to cry.)

Mother: Stop that this instant, Susan. Women never cry, you know that, it is written in Article II, Section 6, of the Feminist Manifesto. There is nothing soft, nothing sentimental, in women; we are strong, we have nothing called sentiment in us. That was an invention of white males who once ruled this land and enslaved women and blacks. Now, stop crying or I’ll be forced to beat you again.

Susan: It’s only that I feel sorry for…

Mother: You are not to feel sorry for a white boy. You simply must stop this. No more of it, do you hear?

Susan: Yes, mother.


Act I. Scene 3.

A mountain stronghold of the White Underground.

John Taylor: Have you heard from Britain?

David Morgan: Yes, I have. I have a letter from Father Bontini. Would you like me to read it to you?

Taylor: By all means.

Morgan: (He reads the letter.) “This is not the first time I’ve had to write about Christopher Grey because he hasn’t the time. He seems to have no rest, he is always going about his Lord’s business. This time it was the plague raging through what used to be called Britain that called him away from the new Britain, which, as you know, used to be called Wales. You had the plague over there a year in advance of us, but it has now hit Europe with a vengeance. It is much more deadly than the COVID-19 virus of many years ago. This virus has a 90% kill rate and thus far there is no drug that can cure it.

“King Arthur took the measures necessary to keep us free of the plague. He placed armed guards on the border with orders to shoot and kill any and all invaders, whether they were Islamic soldiers or British-Islamic refugees. What else could he do? His policy, in my view, is in keeping with Christian charity. You can’t allow your own people to be murdered by a virus spawned by your enemies. Arthur has literally launched all sorts of food supplies and experimental drugs over the border in cylinders in order to give some relief to those suffering from the plague, but he will not open up the borders.

“Christopher approved of Arthur’s policy, but he felt called to do something more. He told me, ‘There must be a Christian presence over there, in this crisis.’

“I asked him, ‘Didn’t the white Britons have a choice when they decided to stay in Islamic Britain instead of coming here to Christian Britain? Shouldn’t they have to live with that choice?’

“‘Yes, they did have a choice, and not one single citizen of Christian Britain should have to suffer because of their apostasy. But I am not putting those Christians at risk. I’m going over there alone.’

“’But Christopher, what can you do? We have some drugs that can alleviate the pain, but there is no cure for this disease. You will die from it before you can really do any good.’

“’I’m 106 years old. Do I really have that many months left to live regardless of whether I die of the plague or not?’

“’Those months belong to God, Christopher. I don’t want you to give them away in a hopeless cause.’

“’Bless you, my friend. I know that you are speaking from the heart. But I feel I must do this. Those people, which are still my people, must, at the hour of their deaths, have some human conduit to Christ. If they will accept my love, it will link them to His love. So I must go.’

“What could I say? I knelt and asked for his blessing before he went. I knew I would need that memory for the remaining years of my life without his presence. ‘In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost.’

“That was six months ago. For some reason, known only to God, the Reverend Christopher Grey did not come down with the plague. The plague went down before Christopher Grey. He did not administer any drugs, but he was able to heal all those he came in contact with who had contracted the plague. What was his method? It was quite simple. In the case of the adults who came to him, he laid his hand on their foreheads and asked the Lord Jesus to come into their soul in order to heal them. And with the children he did likewise except that he took them into his arms as he asked Jesus Christ to heal them. Did he convert a whole nation because of his efforts? No, of course not. The whites, once they were healed, started talking about psychic forces and psychological factors that harnessed the power of the mind and gave the body assistance in fighting off disease. And many of the coloreds and the Moslems attributed the healing powers of Christopher Grey to the devil. But still, there were more than a few who were cured of the disease who did call on Him who saves for the first time in their lives. Whether that initial awakening will turn into faith is difficult to predict, but the grace of God was present, through Christopher Grey, in that heathen nation.

“Why was Christopher permitted to go about Islamic Britain for six months? Because quite early in his mission of mercy he healed the eight year old son of the High Caliph of London. The High Caliph did not convert, but he did remove all restrictions on Christopher’s movements throughout Islamic Britain. We will not, here in New Britain, relax our vigilance, but for now Christopher’s mission of mercy has made for a more peaceful situation between Christian Britain and Islamic Britain.

“Of course, the larger question is – Why was Christopher able to heal so many people? Certainly it was Jesus Christ who healed them, but why was Christopher able to heal them in Christ’s name, when the rest of us could not? I do not have a definitive answer to that question. There are some things that we simply will not know until we have crossed over to that other shore. But there is one thing I can say about Christopher that might give us a glimmer – a glimmer of God’s grace. I have never known a man less tainted with the pride of intellect than Christopher Grey. No doubt because of the events of his childhood and his young manhood Christopher has looked on knowledge as a revelation from God that comes to the heart that loves. Christopher, throughout his entire life, has rejected the enlightened intellect. He refused to ‘evolve’ away from his ‘childish’ and ‘foolish’ faith in the God-Man, Jesus Christ. I do not have Christopher’s photographic memory, but I have committed Chateaubriand’s comments on the pride of intellect to my memory and my heart:

‘Now, if the primitive constitution of man consisted in accordances such as we find established among other beings, nothing more was necessary for the destruction of this order, or any such harmony in general, than to alter the equilibrium of the forces or qualities. In man this precious equilibrium was formed by the faculties of love and thought. Adam was at the same time the most enlightened and the best of men ; the most powerful in thought and the most powerful in love. But whatever has been created must necessarily have a progressive course. Instead of waiting for new attainments in knowledge to be derived from the revolution of ages, and to be accompanied by an accession of new feelings, Adam wanted to know every thing at once. Observe, too, what is very important : man had it in his power to destroy the harmony of his being in two ways, either by wanting to love too much, or to know too much. He transgressed in the second way; for we are, in fact, far more deeply tinctured with the pride of science than with the pride of love; the latter would have deserved pity rather than punishment, and if Adam had been guilty of desiring to feel rather than to know too much, man himself might, perhaps, have been able to expiate his transgression, and the Son of God would not have been obliged to under-take so painful a sacrifice. But the case was different. Adam sought to embrace the universe, not with the sentiments of his heart, but with the power of thought, and, advancing to the tree of knowledge, he admitted into his mind a ray of light that over-powered it. The equilibrium was instantaneously destroyed, and confusion took possession of man. Instead of that illumination which he had promised himself, a thick darkness overcast his sight, and his guilt, like a veil, spread out between him and the universe. His whole soul was agitated and in commotion ; the passions rose up against the judgment, the judgment strove to annihilate the passions, and in this terrible storm the rock of death witnessed with joy the first of shipwrecks.’

“Christopher, first with his grief for his cherished pet and then later with the death of his beloved wife, loved so much, so deeply, that God vouchsafed him a vision of heaven, a heaven in which those he loved still lived in and through Christ. Christopher has never sought God through an illuminated mind and that is why, in my judgement, God has been able to work miracles by using Christopher’s Christ-imbued heart as a channel of His grace. Does that sound like raving to you? I hope not. In the meantime, Christopher is now back in Christian Britain and is looking forward to another Christmas. I hope this letter finds you well and I hope the White Underground in your area continues to grow. God bless you, and Merry Christmas!”


Taylor: What can I say? I should say I’m surprised, but I’m not. I spent over a year in Christian Britain, which was long enough to get to know the Reverend Grey. He is not like other men.

Morgan: I like the way Father Bontini put it when he said that the plague didn’t bring Christopher down, Christopher brought the plague down. It is true, what Bontini says, that Christopher has more completely purged the rationalist dragon from his soul than the rest of us. That is why he seems to be a man apart from the rest of us.

Taylor: But he doesn’t feel apart from us, isn’t that the key?

Morgan: Yes, it is, he loves much, like his Master.

Taylor: My faith is still in its infancy.

Morgan: So is mine, despite my gray hairs. (They both laugh)


Act II. Scene 1.

Susan’s mother was wrong; she did not hit Johnny with a bullet from her Glock pistol, which is another example of the insufficiency of mere fire power without accuracy. Johnny was dragging his leg when he fled from Susan’s house because he sprained it when he jumped from the balcony. The 20+ bullets were sprayed all around him, but they did not hit him.

Johnny spent the night dodging the police cars. He knew of hideaways in alleys and old burned-out buildings that the police did not know about. In the early morning, after keeping on the move the entire night, Johnny came to an old dilapidated church on the edge of the city. At first he thought the church was abandoned without any inhabitants, but he saw a light in the adjacent rectory. Starved and desperate, he took a chance and entered the church. Needless to say the church was a ‘converted’ church: the sign outside read, ‘The African Church of North America,’ and inside the usual signs of the new religion were present. The former Stations of the Cross had been replaced by various scenes depicting the evolution of the black race from slaves to gods. Now, instead of Christ, a depiction of the Sacred Negro was at the front of the church. When Johnny entered the church, a white priest, about 75 years of age, was at the altar cleaning up the blood that had been spilled when the sacrificial white victim had been killed on the altar at last night’s service. Johnny limped up to the old man with a vague hope that he could get something to eat without becoming a sacrificial offering himself.

Old Priest: What do we have here? A little white boy. I don’t think you are supposed to be here, are you?

Johnny: Please sir, I’m very hungry, could you give me some food?

Old Priest: Certainly, you just wait here and I’ll bring you some toast and jelly. Would you like that?

Johnny: Please, I’d like any food.

Old Priest: Good, I’ll bring it. (The priest briefly leaves the room and brings back the food. He then sits down and waits until Johnny has eaten.) I’ll bet that makes you feel much better. What is your name?

Johnny: Johnny, sir. And yes, it was good.

Old Priest: Now tell me the truth, Johnny, you are a white runaway, aren’t you? You have run away from the white internment camp.

Johnny: I don’t know what an internment camp means. The guards call it the white pigsty.

Old Priest: It amounts to the same thing.

Johnny: You won’t send me back there, will you?

Old Priest: I am a priest in the African Catholic Church of North America, Johnny. Do you know what that means?

Johnny: It means you are going to send me back.

Old Priest: Johnny, you do not understand. You are a white boy. And as a white boy, you are full of evil, racist prejudices. If you are allowed to grow up free and unrestrained, how could we be sure that you wouldn’t become a racist and hurt a black person? You might even become a member of the White Underground.

Johnny: But why do I have to be a prisoner in the white pigsty? You are white, and you are free.

Old Priest: There is where you are wrong, Johnny. I am not a normal white person. I am an illuminated white. By a process that you are too young to understand, I have become illuminated in my mind, which makes me black inside. To put it in terms that you can understand, let me just say that I thought very hard about how bad it was to be white, and I made myself, by thinking so hard, into a black man.

Johnny: But you still look white to me.

Old Priest: That is only on the outside, Johnny, on the inside I am black, and that is why I am free to perform the holy sacrifice at the altar every Sunday.

Johnny: You kill white people on the altar, don’t you?

Old Priest: I wouldn’t use the term ‘kill,’ Johnny, I would use the term ‘sacrifice.’ We sacrifice whites on the altar of the Sacred Negro.

Johnny: Will I be sacrificed on the altars of the Sacred Negro some day?

Old Priest: Yes, Johnny, you will be sacrificed there, as all members of the internment camps, the whites with no scientific aptitudes, are sacrificed. You, because you tried to run away, will be sacrificed on this altar next Sunday. While I was preparing breakfast for you, I called the police.

Johnny: Why do you hate me so?

Old Priest: I don’t hate you, Johnny, it is not a bad thing to die, especially if we die on the altar of the Sacred Negro.

Johnny: But what happens to us when we die?

Old Priest: We become part of nature, we are absorbed by the elements.

Johnny: But I want to go to heaven when I die, me Johnny, I want to personally go to heaven to meet Jesus.

Old Priest: (very harshly) Who told you about heaven and Jesus?

Johnny: No one told me, I read about Jesus and heaven in a storybook.

Old Priest: (even more harshly) Storybooks, especially old storybooks, are forbidden in the African Republic of North America. Who gave it to you?

Johnny: No one, I found it. There were stories from the book, there were good white people in the book, too, white people who spoke of Jesus and heaven.

Old Priest: (slaps Johnny) That is racism, Johnny. You are not to speak of Jesus in such a manner. He is not a god.

Johnny: “Roses bloom and cease to be,
But we shall the Christ child see.”

That was in the book and I believe the book, because there were beautiful stories in the book.

Old Priest: (in a rage) You are not to speak of such things!

Johnny: I will, I will, you are going to kill me anyway!

Old Priest: (leaps upon Johnny and starts strangling him) I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you, you little fiend.

(In the midst of strangling Johnny, the priest has a heart attack and dies. As Johnny rolls free, he hears police sirens outside. As the police mount the stairs, he escapes out the window.)


Act II. Scene 2.

A newly built science compound has been built over the ruins of the restaurant where Sister Jacqueline was taken away by the White Underground. It is dedicated to her. No one is allowed to mention the alleged miracle that happened there. It now houses about 80 white males with scientific aptitudes. They are afforded a little more freedom than the whites in the internment camps; they can get passes to leave the compound on special occasions, and they can receive visitors. Most of their time, however, is spent in the laboratories at the compound. They are not completely free to come and go as the illuminated whites are free to come and go. Susan’s father, Thomas Kent, is one of the scientists living at the compound. He shares a small apartment with another inmate, one Peter Mackenzie, although neither inmate is referred to by name. Kent is Inmate #79 and Mackenzie is Inmate #80. Kent once lived free, but his wife, Susan’s mother, reported him to the feminist branch of the enforcement bureau of the African State Church of North America with a charge of sexism. He was found guilty and sent to the science compound. He would have been executed if not for his scientific expertise. Susan’s mother simply told Susan that her father was dead.

As the scene opens, Kent and Mackenzie are in their apartment after the working day. Kent is reading a scientific journal – all other reading is banned – and Mackenzie is watching a state-sponsored sporting event in which only black athletes are allowed to compete.

Mackenzie: (turning off the set) It isn’t much of a game.

Kent: (looking up from his journal) What’s the matter?

Mackenzie: The game is already over, the Number Two’s got off to too big of a lead.

Kent: That’s a shame.

Mackenzie: I don’t know how you do it.

Kent: Do what?

Mackenzie: Live here without going nuts. I’ve been here 6 months, and already I can’t stand it here. You’ve been here – how long have you been here?

Kent: If you mean how long have I been at this facility, it has only been about 10 months.

Mackenzie: I don’t mean that. How long have you been a laboratory worker?

Kent: Five years. I was once a free worker, but my wife had me sent here.

Mackenzie: That is the downside of getting married.

Kent: Were you ever married?

Mackenzie: No, I was a free white, an illuminated white, but a co-worker reported me for making a racist comment.

Kent: What was it, or shouldn’t I ask?

Mackenzie: I simply wondered why whites, if they were illuminated, shouldn’t be allowed to play in the sporting events.

Kent: And that got you sent here?

Mackenzie: Yes.

Kent: It could have been worse, you could have been executed for such a remark.

Mackenzie: I suppose I was lucky, but still this place is driving me nuts. I’ve only been given two weekend passes since I’ve been here, and those passes are limited to places that are not more than five miles from this laboratory.

Kent: Yes, we are rather confined here.

Mackenzie: What did you do that made your wife report you to the feminist board?

Kent: We had a three-year old daughter named Susan. She would be eight years old now. Well, I don’t know if any man, despite what the feminists say, ever gets rid of a certain feeling that he is dealing with something soft and sweet when he is dealing with the best of the opposite sex. When I thought my wife wasn’t looking or within hearing distance, I hugged my daughter and called her “daddy’s little sweetie pie.” My wife heard me.

Mackenzie: And she reported you?

Kent: Yes, she did. In less than a half-hour, my life as an illuminated white was over, and I became a laboratory worker. It could have been worse if I hadn’t been scientifically inclined.

Mackenzie: Yes, it could have, but still you must get sick of this grind.

Kent: I do, but most of all, I miss my daughter. I’m sure my wife has told her I was an evil man, and has probably told her I am dead.

Mackenzie: Do you hate your wife?

Kent: I suppose I should say I don’t hate her because she was only doing her duty according to the feminist manifesto, but to be honest I must say – Yes, I hate her.

Mackenzie: I don’t think I could ever get up the energy to hate.

Kent: A very wise man once said that we cannot love where we should love, if we do not hate where we should hate.

Mackenzie: Who was that man?

Kent: His name was Edmund Burke.

Mackenzie: Where did you hear of such a man, he isn’t someone we are supposed to know about, I’m sure about that.

Kent: Have you ever heard of Herb Broadhurst?

Mackenzie: Yes, wasn’t he that archivist who joined the White Underground?

Kent: Yes, he was. And it was on this very spot, where this laboratory was built, that Herb joined with the White Underground.

Mackenzie: Did you know him?

Kent: Yes, and he used to tell me about some of the stories of the white people he read about in the Archives.

Mackenzie: He wasn’t supposed to do that, was he?

Kent: No, he wasn’t. Nevertheless, I found his stories from the Archives quite interesting.

Mackenzie: They eliminated the Archives after what happened with Broadhurst, didn’t they?

Kent: Yes, they did.

Mackenzie: Why was what happened at the Inn that used to be here hushed up?

Kent: Many people who were here that Christmas Eve night claimed a miracle occurred. They said a twelve-year-old girl was brought back from the dead.

Mackenzie (laughing) Is that all? She probably just received mouth-to-mouth CPR and recovered from an unconscious state.

Kent: Possibly, but there were some people who insisted that a man brought the girl back to life simply by touching her forehead.

Mackenzie: That is ridiculous. Who was the man?

Kent; No-one is quite sure who he was. He disappeared after the incident. Before the alleged incident occurred he was chained outside in the snow.

Mackenzie: Who had him chained there?

Kent: Sister Jacqueline had him chained there.

Mackenzie: Who released him?

Kent: That’s the problem. Nobody knows how he got rid of his chains. He suddenly appeared at the door without his chains. He then went to the girl, who had been struck dead by one of Sister Jacqueline’s policemen, and brought her back to life. That is how the story goes.

Mackenzie: Pure nonsense.

Kent: Maybe.

Mackenzie: What do you mean by ‘maybe’? Surely you don’t think some mysterious stranger actually brought a young girl back to life?

Kent: No, I can’t say that I think that. But I know that Herb Broadhurst thought so, and I really liked that man.

Mackenzie: I didn’t know him. But he wasn’t a scientist, which is why he saw a miracle in something that was scientific. CPR is a wonderful thing, but it is science-based in its principles.

Kent: You’re probably right, but I’d still like to know more about that night.

Mackenzie: What would you still like to know?

Kent: Well, I’d like to know what happened to the mysterious stranger.

Mackenzie: That is easy – he left with the White Underground.

Kent: No, he was gone before the White Underground arrived.

Mackenzie: He was probably waiting outside for them to arrive and left with them.

Kent: Possibly.

Mackenzie: You seem to want there to be a mystery where there really is none.

Kent: I suppose I do. But didn’t you say you were bored here?

Mackenzie: Yes, I did.

Kent: Why, if science is all and all, are you bored with it?

Mackenzie: It’s not science I’m bored with, it’s the lack of outside diversions that I miss.

Kent: Well, then I still maintain that if science was all, you wouldn’t need outside diversions.

Mackenzie: I don’t see that.

Kent: Then let’s drop the subject. All I know is that I miss my daughter.

Mackenzie: Wait, I hear something on the balcony.

(Kent goes out onto the balcony and finds a boy – it is Johnny – shivering with cold and barely conscious. He brings him into the apartment.)


Act III. Scene 1.

The rectory of the major enforcement bureau of the African Catholic Church of North America. Monsignor McKinney (aged 55) and Father Mandela Johnston (age 34) are in the dining room finishing a late breakfast.

Johnston: I see that boy who killed one of our priests is still at large.

McKinney: Yes, I can’t understand why the police haven’t caught him yet. It’s been three days now since the murder.

Johnston: Is it really that important that he is caught? After all, he is just one boy.

McKinney: I’m surprised at you, Father. It’s of vital importance. Father Nicholas was of no particular importance – he didn’t really have a parish, we had put him out to pasture six years ago – but he turned on the tape, as he was required to, before he spoke to that white boy. And that white boy blasphemed against the Sacred Negro.

He quoted from a forbidden book of stories, and he made reference to Christ, not as a forerunner of the Sacred Negro, but as the son of the living God. We must capture that boy and find out where he got that book. And we must find out who spoke to him about Christ. If that boy was an ordinary murderer, he would not be a concern, but since he is a blasphemer he is our concern. When the police apprehend him, they will turn him over to us.

Johnston: I’m sorry, Monsignor, I didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter.

McKinney: It is easy, living as we do, to get complacent. We only associate with our fellow believers, but there is a white underground out there. We can’t forget that.

Johnston: But aren’t they just a small remnant?

McKinney: Small is a relative term. They have had an impact. Just two years ago they took Sister Jacqueline away to be tortured and killed.

Johnston: Do we know if she was killed?

McKinney: We must assume the worst; the white underground are racists.

Johnston: It’s a terrible thing. And what about Father Taylor and Herb Broadhurst? They were members of the Illuminati and they became racists. It makes me sick to think of the enormity of their treachery.

McKinney: Yes, it’s a terrible thing. To know the true God, the Sacred Negro, and then to descend to idolatry, superstition, and racism is unforgivable. I must preside over the trial of an apostate Illuminati today.

Johnston: I didn’t know. Who is it?

McKinney: I don’t believe you know him, it’s Thomas Davenport; he was a psychologist in the Execution Division of our church.

Johnston: The same position that Father Taylor once held?

McKinney: Yes.

Johnston: What is it about that position that creates apostates?

McKinney: Don’t be too hasty with your judgements, Father. We have hundreds of priest psychologists, and this is only our second case of apostasy.

Johnston: But even one case is too many.

McKinney: True, but we must keep things in perspective. I am going to look into shorter terms for our psychologists in the execution division. I think the pressure of deciding who must die and who will live grates on the psyche of some men.

Johnston: I don’t think a really grounded man should have a problem. If a white man refuses illumination, he should die; it’s that simple.

McKinney: I agree, but some men seem illuminated and then fall for reasons we still don’t understand.

Johnston: Perhaps today at Thomas Davenport’s trial you will be able to get some insight into his psyche that will help you weed out future apostates.

McKinney: He hasn’t been found guilty yet.

Johnston: But isn’t that just a formality? I heard he made an open declaration of his racism – he said that Jesus Christ was the one and only Son of the Living God.

McKinney: Yes, his guilt seems apparent from what I’ve heard, but I will let him explain himself in open court. Perhaps you’d like to attend.

Johnston: Yes, I would. I’d like to see one of these apostates close-up.


Act III. Scene 2.

The trial of Thomas Davenport, formerly a priest-psychologist in the Execution Division of the African Roman Catholic Church of North America. Monsignor McKinney presiding.

McKinney: State your name.

Davenport: My name is Thomas Davenport.

McKinney: You have been charged with blasphemy against our holy faith. How do you plead?

Davenport: Guilty.

McKinney: What are you saying? Don’t you want to issue a defense?

Davenport: I am guilty of blasphemy as you describe it. I do not believe in the Sacred Negro. I believe that he is a false god. I believe in the God of the white Europeans whom you persecute, I believe that Jesus Christ is the one true God who died on the cross to save us all from sin and death.

McKinney: Guards, have that man gagged. (Two guards tie Davenport’s hands behind his back and then gag him.) Now, I must say a few words before I pass sentence. You have committed an unpardonable sin against our holy faith. When you attack that faith, you attack us all. We have struggled mightily against white racism, and it is only by the grace afforded us by the Sacred Negro that we have been able to conquer, within our own psyches (note that I do not use the word ‘soul’, which is a concept of white racists), the white racism within. Our illumination has been dearly bought. We cannot permit anyone to try and drag us back to racism.

(Monsignor McKinney rises from his seat and raises his arms in the air) I can see the Sacred Negro in my mind’s eye; he calls on me to pass judgement on the racist before me. (He sits down.) I sentence you to torture and death two days hence. So die all racists.

Johnston: (coming up to Monsignor McKinney after the trial) I didn’t get much of a chance to see into his psyche as he was not allowed to talk.

McKinney: Are you suggesting that I should have let him talk any further after he publicly blasphemed?

Johnston: No, of course not, but I would still like to learn a bit more about him, so I could be of some use in stopping such men from attaining any positions in our church again.

McKinney: I could give you a pass to visit him in his cell. Would you like that?

Johnston: Yes, I would.

McKinney: I’ll arrange it.


Act III. Scene 3.

Davenport’s cell.

Father Johnston: I can’t have your death sentence altered, I haven’t the power. And quite frankly, I wouldn’t alter your death sentence even if I had the power to. I think you deserve to die for your apostasy.

Davenport: Did you come here just to tell me that?

Johnston: No, I came here to tell you that if you cooperate with me, if you answer my questions, I can have the torture you are currently scheduled for remitted.

Davenport: I don’t particularly care to be tortured, but I won’t answer any questions that put my fellow Christians in jeopardy.

Johnston: My questions are not that type of questions.

Davenport: If they won’t compromise anyone else, I’ll answer your questions.

Johnston: Good. I would like to know how you, an illuminated white, made the descent into racism. By what process did you go from light to darkness?

Davenport: Of course, I do not see it as you see it. From my perspective I went from darkness to light. But since you ask me, I’ll try to articulate the reason for what you call ‘my apostasy.’

Like you, like all whites who are allowed to grow up and live in the African Republic of North America, I believed that the negro was sacred. I believed that we, as white men, were called upon to serve the negro with our whole heart, mind, and soul. And for many years, I did just that. All my work in the science lab was holy work to me, because it was done in the name of the sacred negro, it was done to make the sacred negroes’ lives here on earth more pleasant.

I was given permission to marry a white woman, because I had demonstrated my scientific aptitude. The Illuminati on the council felt that my offspring might also be scientifically inclined. I was relieved when my son, at age three, scored very high on the scientific aptitude tests, because I saw there was an excellent chance that he would be allowed to live, that he would not have to be executed. Even though I knew it was in violation of Section III, Article 17 of the African Republic of North American’s constitution, I had formed a very close bond with my son and my wife.

Johnston: Even though you knew such bonds were forbidden? When you knew that the procreation of the species was not supposed, within the bond of white marriage, to be connected with sentiment?

Davenport: Yes, I did form ties of sentiment with my wife and child. I just couldn’t seem to help myself. But I still believed in the sacred negro despite my sentimental attachment to a white child and a white woman.

Johnston: I do not see how the two principles can be reconciled, but please proceed with your story.

Davenport: When Edmund was 6 years old, my wife died tragically in what they told me was a car accident.

Johnston: You don’t believe it was a car accident?

Davenport: I believed it at the time, but now I know differently. I know that she was raped and murdered by your black gods. She got lost – she was always bad with directions – and drove into the rape and murder zone.

Johnston: You know that it is perfectly legal for blacks to rape and murder any white woman without a special pass. Did your wife have her pass?

Davenport: I don’t k now for sure, she might have forgotten it that day. But should that make a difference? Why should the blacks have the right to rape and murder white women even if they don’t have a pass?

Johnston: If you weren’t already scheduled for execution, that statement alone would be your death warrant. But go on — if you tell me your whole story, I will keep my promise and remit your torture.

Davenport: After my wife’s death, I had only my son left to live for.

Johnston: You know that was wrong. You are not to live for what used to be called kith and kin; you are to live solely for the Sacred Negro.

Davenport: I know that is how it is supposed to be, but you asked me to tell my story.

Johnston: Go ahead.

Davenport: Two years after my wife’s death, Edmund was eight; he contracted the plague. It came as quite a shock to me because he got the plague at a time when it had virtually died out in this country. It was still raging in Europe, but we no longer had any active cases. I could only conclude that I had carried it home from the lab. I had been working with the virus in order to develop a vaccine.

Now, before you interrupt me again, let me say that I knew I was supposed to report Edmund’s illness. But I didn’t, because I knew he would be executed. I packed up as many provisions as I could carry in the minivan and took Edmund to the mountains. I wanted him, if he had to die, to die in peaceful surroundings, not in a science lab. My special illuminated status allowed me to pass through the sentries guarding the roads.

Johnston: Did your son die in the mountains, then?

Davenport: No, he did not. The White Underground came upon us. That is all I will say. They came to me, a man who had sent hundreds of white Christians to their deaths for their refusal to worship the Sacred Negro, and they helped my son.

Johnston: How could they help your son? The plague is and was incurable.

Davenport: They told me there was a man in Britain who could cure the plague. He had just returned to Christian Britain after healing thousands of plague victims in Islamic Britain.

Johnston: And who was the man?

Davenport: His name was…

Johnston: Christopher Grey?

Davenport: Yes.

Johnston: He never cured anyone, all that is nonsense.

Davenport: He cured my son.

Johnston: If your son got better, it was a psychic phenomenon, it had nothing to do with Christopher Grey.

Davenport: That’s what Christopher Grey said: he said he had nothing to do with my son’s recovery. Only he did not call it a psychic phenomenon. He said that it was Jesus Christ who healed my son and that he was merely a vehicle for Christ.

Johnston: That is blasphemy. There are no miracles outside of the natural world. The so-called miracles are psychic phenomena. We must look to the Sacred Negro for the real miracles, the miracle of the Natural Savage untainted by the non-illuminated whites.

Davenport: So you say. But I saw a miracle. I had a mask and gloves on, a mask and gloves I had especially designed for myself when the plague had hit our country. The White Underground had us isolated from the rest of their population, but they kept us supplied with food and water. I didn’t believe that my son could be cured, since he had entered the final stages of the disease, but there was a great peace amongst those people that made me glad that I had fled the city with my son. It was — you can make of this what you want — on the third day that I was among the White Underground that he, Christopher Grey, appeared. He simply nodded to me and walked right up to my son and took him in his arms. To me he looked like an enormous angel, like something from another world. He said, “Please, Lord Jesus, come into your child, Edmund Davenport, and cure him.”

He held him for another two or three minutes in his arms and then he laid him back on the bed. And my son was plague free! I wept and I believed. I fell on my knees before Christopher and started to thank him. But he got on his knees beside me and thanked our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And he was right — at that moment, when I saw my son healed through the power of Christ, I believed. Most certainly I am the least of God’s children, because I persecuted His people, and I needed to see before I believed, but still I now belong to Him. I was captured by your police force when I came back to get a few of my things, but I am thankful that my son is with the White Underground. And that is my story. If it will make my death less painful, I am glad I told it to you. If not, it will not change my faith.

Johnston: You truly deserve the death sentence that Monsignor McKinney gave you. As for the torture that is customary in these cases, I’m afraid I lied to you. I do not have the power to remit your torture. And quite frankly I wouldn’t do it if I could. You deserve to be tortured because you have gone over to the racist Europeans, the Christers, and must be punished most severely with torture and death.

Davenport: So be it then. I know He will sustain me.

Johnston: Jailer! It’s time to let me out.

Morgan: (outside the cell) The jailer is temporarily indisposed. I relieved him of his duties. You and Mr. Davenport are coming with me.

Johnston: Who are you?

Morgan: My name is Morgan.

Johnston: The leader of the White Underground?

Morgan: Yes, and you are going to meet many of my friends and some of your former friends such as Sister Jacqueline, who remains our prisoner.

Johnston: Hel… (Morgan muffles his scream and takes him away, accompanied by the newest member of the White Underground, Thomas Davenport.


Act IV. Scene 1.

The apartment of Thomas Kent and Peter Mackenzie. Kent has placed Johnny in his bed, covered him with blankets, and brought him a cup of hot chocolate. Johnny has regained consciousness.

Kent: And where have you come from? Easy on the milk, don’t drink it too quickly.

Johnny: I’m so hungry and thirsty.

Kent: I’ll get you something to eat as well, but take your time with it. (Kent goes into the kitchen to get Johnny some leftovers. Mackenzie speaks to him in the kitchen.)

Mackenzie: I’m sure that is the runaway white kid the police are looking for.

Kent: Probably.

Mackenzie: Then we’ll have to turn him in right now.

Kent: Let’s wait a bit, at least let him eat.

Mackenzie: What’s the use of that, he will be killed as soon as they take him.

Kent: Still, I’d like to give him this chicken.

Mackenzie: Why?

Kent: It would give me pleasure to feed a human being instead of a laboratory rat.

Mackenzie: Don’t be absurd, I’m calling the police. (He walks over to the phone. As he does so Kent goes to his desk drawer and draws out a small semiautomatic pistol.)

Kent: Leave the phone alone.

Mackenzie: Have you gone mad?

Kent: Quite probably I have gone mad. Which is all the more reason why you shouldn’t touch that phone — I will shoot.

Mackenzie: All right, I won’t touch the phone. But if you harbor a white escapee from the internment camp we will both be executed.

Kent: Don’t worry, I’ll see to it that you’re not implicated. Put your hands behind your back. (Kent ties and gags Mackenzie and puts him in the closet. Then he goes into the bedroom, bringing Johnny the chicken. When Johnny finishes eating, Kent speaks to him.)

Kent: You’ve been very busy these last few days, haven’t you?

Johnny: Yes, I have, and I’m very tired.

Kent: Well, in just a little while you can get some sleep. But first I’d like you to tell me your story.

Johnny: Like in the storybooks?

Kent: Yes, if that will make it easier for you.

Johnny: Well, once upon a time I was born in a big prison camp. I don’t know who my father and mother were, because I never, that I can remember, had anyone around me. There were only black men with whips and sticks around me. They always beat me. They told me if I failed the tests, they would kill me and eat me, just like the witch in the Hansel and Gretel story.

Kent: Did they, the guards, tell you about Hansel and Gretel?

Johnny: No, that was a book I found two years ago. I read it many, many times when no-one was paying any attention to me. I had a hiding place for the book just outside the camp. I also had a little tunnel I dug that led outside the camp. That is where I read the book and visited Susan.

Kent: Who was Susan?

Johnny: She was a white girl I used to go and see. I thought she liked me. I still think she does, but when I called her mother a witch, she screamed, and her mother shot at me. That was about five days ago, but I’m not sure exactly how long it has been. A lot has happened to me since that time.

Kent: What was the last name of Susan?

Johnny: I’m not sure what Susan’s last name was. But her mother’s last name was Wagner.

Kent: Johnny, that young girl is my daughter.

Johnny: Then she should be with you. I’m sure she is not happy with her mother, because her mother ties her to a chair when she is bad.

Kent: I don’t think Susan could be so bad as to warrant being tied to a chair.

Johnny: I think that was my fault. When Susan played with me, she was being ‘racist,’ so her mother punished her.

Kent: Yes, she would do that. You were right, Johnny, Susan’s mother is a witch.

Johnny: I thought so. But what can we do? Susan shouldn’t have to live with a witch.

Kent: No, she shouldn’t. I’m going to take care of that. But you haven’t finished telling me your story. How did you end up here, and why are the police chasing you?

Johnny: They say I killed a priest of the African Roman Catholic Church of North America.

Kent: Wait, before you go any further, let me get my roommate out of the closet. I really shouldn’t have put him there. (Kent leaves the room for ten minutes and then comes back with Mackenzie.) Now, Johnny, please go on with your story. My friend here will listen as well. And when you have finished, we will both leave together while my friend calls the police, but not before he has given us a half-hour head start. Isn’t that right, Peter?

Mackenzie: Agreed.

Kent: Go ahead, Johnny.

Johnny: Susan’s mother, the witch, started shooting at me, so of course I had to run away. I couldn’t go back to the prison camp like I used to do because I knew Susan’s mother had called the police. So I ran and hid, and I ran and hid some more until I came to an old African Roman Catholic Church. The priest there started being nice to me. He gave me something to eat, and he seemed kind. But when I said, “Roses bloom and cease to be; But we shall the Christ child see,” he attacked me and started to choke me. I thought I was going to die, but then he suddenly stopped choking me. He rolled over on the floor beside me and stopped breathing. Then I saw the police cars outside the window and I ran away. As I was running away, I heard someone yelling I had murdered the old priest. I didn’t murder him, but I knew they would kill me anyway because of Susan’s mother, so I kept running.

Kent: How did you survive for five days and nights?

Johnny: I grabbed some food off the old priest’s table before I ran from that church. I made that last two days. Since then I haven’t eaten until now. It was on my fifth day of hiding and running that I came upon the big church festival. It was being held outside.

Kent: What were they doing at the festival?

Johnny: They were killing white people, isn’t that what they always do at religious festivals?

Kent: Yes.

Johnny: Well, they had all the white people lined up – there must have been hundreds of them lined up waiting their turn to be killed on the altars of the big outdoor church. The black guards all had those guns that shoot a lot of bullets.

Kent: Were you hidden during the festival?

Johnny: Yes, I was in the bushes on a hill overlooking the festival. But I guess I wasn’t paying attention because a black sentry came up behind me and grabbed me. “How did you escape,” he said. I tried to get away, but he held me tight and started to carry me down to the religious festival where the whites were being killed. But halfway down the hill somebody started shooting at the black guards, and I heard one of them say, “It’s Morgan and the White Underground.” Then the white prisoners started running for cover, and the black guards started shooting back at the White Underground people. But soon all the blacks were dead, and the White Underground people came and started telling the white people they could come with them. I tried to cry out to the White Underground people, but the black man held his hand over my mouth and started running into the hills with me.

Kent: Didn’t anybody from the White Underground see him running away with you?

Johnny: No, I guess we were too far away.

Kent: But you’re here now. Somebody must have helped you get away?

Johnny: Somebody did — his name was Michael.

Kent: Tell me about it.

Johnny: Well, the black guard was quite angry with the White Underground for killing all his friends. That is what he said, but he didn’t really seem as sorry for his friends getting killed as he seemed sorry that all the whites weren’t going to be killed. He kept saying, “Well, at least I’ll kill you, at least I’ll kill you.” And when we came to a clearing, he put handcuffs on me and made me kneel down while he built a fire. He said he planned to roast me alive. When he got the fire nice and hot, he undid my handcuffs, picked me up, and threw me in the fire.

Kent: Johnny, how is that possible – you don’t have any burn marks on your body?

Johnny: I didn’t burn up because he was there in the fire.

Kent: Who was there?

Johnny: Saint Michael the Archangel. That was his name.

Kent: Did he tell you that was his name?

Johnny: Yes, he did, and he said the Christ Child had sent him to watch out for me. He told me that Baby Jesus had heard me calling on Him by name when I told the old priest that, “Roses bloom and cease to be. But we the Christ child shall see.”

Mackenzie: This is too much. The child is lying, he is making all this up.

Kent: Is he?

Mackenzie: Of course he is, you don’t seriously believe in archangels and the baby Jesus?

Kent: People once believed in such things.

Mackenzie: Yes, in the age of superstition people believed in a lot of things, no doubt. But we are men of science.

Kent: You are a man of science. And you can have it.

Mackenzie: You believe his story?

Kent: I want to believe it.

Mackenzie: That’s not what I asked you. I asked you if you believed his story.

Kent: (Looks at Johnny and seems to be studying his face) Yes, I believe his story, more than I believe in that science lab over there.

Mackenzie: You’re insane!

Kent: Perhaps.

Johnny: The angel Michael must have known you would believe me because he took me here after he killed the black man. He told me you would take care of me.

Kent: If the angel told you that, then I will take care of you. We shall join a friend of mine, Herb Broadhurst, in the White Underground. But first I must go rescue my daughter Susan from that witch. Would you like that?

Johnny: Yes, I would, very much!

Kent: (addressing Mackenzie) You’ve promised me one half-hour head start.

Mackenzie: I’ll give you more than that, I won’t phone in a missing person report until the morning.

Kent: Thanks.

Mackenzie: (with a wave of his hand) Get out of here before you have me seeing angels.


Act IV. Scene 2.

Susan’s apartment. Johnny has shown Kent where he can climb up to Susan’s bedroom. Kent climbs up into Susan’s bedroom, but he goes through Susan’s bedroom to the witch’s bedroom. Without waking the witch, he goes to the dresser, opens a drawer, and removes the clip from his wife’s Glock. Then he goes back to Susan’s bedroom and gently wakes her. Johnny has been waiting there in the bedroom as well.

Kent: Do you hear me, Susan?

Susan: Yes, who are you?

Kent: I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I am your father, and I’ve come to take you away from here to a better place. And I’m taking Johnny with me as well.

Susan: My father is dead.

Kent: No, that is not true. I am your father. Look at me, Susan, look very carefully at my face.

Susan: I am looking.

Kent: What do you see?

Susan: (suddenly lighting up) I see love there, you love me! I know you must be my father!

Kent: Then you’ll come with me?

Susan: Yes, oh yes!

(At this point, Susan’s mother, the witch, enters the bedroom.)

The Witch: (pointing the Glock at Kent) I don’t know how you got here, but you’ll never leave here, you disgusting white male. (She pulls the trigger of the Glock, but of course nothing happens.)

Kent: I removed the bullets, my dear. (The witch rushes at Kent, her fists flailing, but Kent knocks her out with a straight right-hand punch. Then he goes over to her to see if she is still alive. She is still breathing.)

Susan: Why does my mother hate everyone?

Kent: Your mother is a liberal, Susan.

Susan: What is a liberal?

Kent: A liberal is someone who hates Jesus Christ, and because liberals hate Jesus Christ, they hate His people.

Susan: I don’t understand. Who is Jesus Christ?

Kent: I don’t understand much myself, Susan, but where we are going, there will be many people who understand about these things. They will tell us about creatures such as your mother who hate everyone, and they will show us other people who love one another as Jesus Christ once told us to do.

(Speaking more to himself now than to the others, Kent looks at his wife.) I thought I loved you. You’re still beautiful, at least on the outside. Maybe that is why I was punished through you. I only looked on the outside, not on the inside.

Johnny: Will we go now?

Kent: Yes, let me tie her up and gag her before we go.

Johnny: Roses bloom and cease to be, but we the Christ child shall see.

Kent: Yes, we will.


Act V. Scene 1.

A room in the mountain headquarters of the White Underground. Herb Broadhurst, Morgan, Kent, and Thomas Davenport are there.

Kent: I’m very grateful to you for taking me, my daughter, and Johnny into your mountain refuge. We certainly were in need of a refuge.

Morgan: We all are. There are many such refuges scattered throughout the continent.

Kent: Are you the leader?

Morgan: Yes, but every refuge has their own, for want of a better word, clan leader. I simply keep all the various clan chapters in touch with each other and ultimately in touch with King Arthur II of Britain.

Kent: Who was crowned by Christopher Grey?

Morgan: Yes.

Kent: Is he actually a real person? I’ve heard so many strange stories about him.

Davenport: He is quite real. He has been here for the past month. He came to heal my son and show the worst of sinners, one Thomas Davenport, the grace of Jesus Christ. He’ll be returning to Britain tomorrow, but tonight he’ll celebrate Christmas with us.

Kent: I’d like to meet him, but I must say this whole Christian thing is a little above and beyond me.

Broadhurst: It’s above and beyond all of us to some extent. We all are infants in our faith.

Morgan: Yes, we are, but we believe.

(Christopher Grey enters the room.)

Grey: Lord, I believe, help my unbelief. That is always our prayer. But it takes faith to make that prayer (looking at Kent and Davenport). Allow me to invoke an ancient privilege. Please kneel.

(They all kneel, while Grey prays.)

Dear God, please bless these, your children; help them to know you in and through their brothers and sisters in Christ, gathered together here in your name. Keep them always in your heart and give them the grace to allow you into their hearts. We ask this, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, Amen.

Morgan: Amen.

All: Amen.

Grey: I’ll be back before I return to Britain, but right now I have a very important appointment with a young boy.


Act V. Scene 2.

At the top of the mountain refuge where thousands of white Christians live, there is a huge nativity scene. Christopher Grey takes Johnny by the hand, and together they walk to the top of the mountain and stand before the representation of the Baby Jesus in the manger with the Virgin Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men, and the Shepherds kneeling before Him.

Johnny: Is this the Baby Jesus?

Grey: No, it’s just a model, a picture in wood of the Baby Jesus.

Johnny: It’s a nice picture, but I want to see the real Baby Jesus.

Grey: Why must you see him, Johnny?

Johnny: Because I love Him. “Roses bloom and cease to be, but we the Christ child shall see.”

Grey: You shall see Him, Johnny. I want you to kneel down. Cup your hands like this (Grey cups his hands in prayer) and listen to what I say. (Grey recites, from memory, the nativity story from the Gospel of Luke:

“And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed. (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.) And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city. And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:) To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child. And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us. And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger. And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child. And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds. But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart. And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them.”

Grey: Did you see Him, Johnny?

Johnny: Yes, I did, but I saw another person standing with the Baby Jesus. It was a man with a crown of thorns on His head and deep cuts in His hands and His side. And when I saw the crown of thorns and the wounds, I cried inside my heart, because I was sorry for Him. But then He became all shiny and bright, and He was beautiful. He still had marks on Him but they were healed. And I knew He loved me, I just knew it.

Grey: The Baby Jesus is that Man with the crown of thorns and the wounds. And the Baby Jesus is that wonderful Man of light. He is Christ, He is our Savior. Do you believe in Him, Johnny?

Johnny: Yes.

Grey: Let’s go down the mountain. Your young friend Susan is waiting for you down there and so are the rest of your friends.

Johnny: Do they love the Baby Jesus too?

Grey: Yes, they do.


Act V. Scene 3. Finis.

The Rev. Grey reads from Luke, chapter 2, and then he leads the faithful in song:

Away in a manger
No crib for his bed
The little Lord Jesus
Laid down his sweet head
The stars in the sky
Looking down where he lay
The little Lord Jesus
Asleep on the hay

The cattle are lowing
The poor baby wakes
But little Lord Jesus
No crying he makes
I love Thee, Lord Jesus
Look down from the sky
And stay by my cradle
Till morning is nigh

Be near me, Lord Jesus
I ask Thee to stay
Close by me for ever
And love me, I pray
Bless all the dear children
In Thy tender care
And take us to Heaven
To live with Thee there
And take us to Heaven
To live with Thee there.

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