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The European Upper Pasture

“So let us state what is true. God reveals Himself to us through the intimate mysterious human relationships we form with our kith and kin. The moral beauty of the European hearth, where our kith and kin dwell, points us … Continue reading

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On Earth As It Is in Heaven

Draw thy sword.That, if my speech offend a noble heart,Thy arm may do thee justice; here is mine.Behold, it is the privilege of mine honours,My oath, and my profession. I protest,Maugre thy strength, place, youth, and eminence,Despite thy victor-sword and … Continue reading

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Heart and Soul

But now all is to be changed. All the pleasing illusions, which made power gentle, and obedience liberal, which harmonized the different shades of life, and which, by a bland assimilation, incorporated into politics the sentiments which beautify and soften … Continue reading

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Mankind’s Whole Tale

O boundless heart, kept fresh by pity’s dews! – John Sterling __________ I was saddened to learn of the passing of Stan Musial. He was one of the heroes of my youth, but my initial sadness at Musial’s death was … Continue reading

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