Pharisaical Hatred

What direction the French spirit of proselytism is likely to take, and in what order it is likely to prevail in the several parts of Europe, it is not easy to determine. The seeds are sown almost every where, chiefly by newspaper circulations, infinitely more efficacious and extensive than ever they were. And they are a more important instrument than generally is imagined. They are a part of the reading of all, they are the whole of the reading of the far greater number. There are thirty of them in Paris alone. The language diffuses them more widely than the English, though the English too are much read. The writers of these papers indeed, for the greater part, are either unknown or in contempt, but they are like a battery in which the stroke of any one ball produces no great effect, but the amount of continual repetition is decisive. Let us only suffer any person to tell us his story, morning and evening, but for one twelvemonth, and he will become our master. –Burke, Further Reflections on the Revolution in France


The myth of American democracy and of all democratic governments is that there is no need for leaders – no need for Kings, clan chieftains, aristocrats, etc. There is no need for men who have been bred to rule and lead their people, because in a democracy every man, through the power of the ballot, is his own king, his own clan leader, and his own aristocracy. He is all leaders in one through the sacred ‘will of the people.” All that the people need is pundits, mere purveyors of the news, who enable men and women to exercise their supreme authority by voting, based on the information they receive from the pundits.

In actual practice democracy is the rule over many, by the will of a few. The best example of democracy in action takes place in the New Testament. The followers of Christ were unorganized and ill-prepared for the Sanhedrin-manipulated election. “Give us Barabbas!” was the cry of organized Jewry, and the truth was crucified. Likewise in Jacobin France, it was not the will of the people to kill their Christian king, but it was the will of a small cabal of revolutionaries led by a demonic madman that was able to control and dominate the people of France through the mythic entity called ‘the people.’

It is truly extraordinary to see how the democratic myth can still hold the white grazers in check even after the myth has been exposed as a lie. In this past election, for example, Trump defeated his opponent, but that was not the result our ruling liberal oligarchy wanted. So they changed the ‘will of the people’ to what they wanted — their will is the will of the people. And despite the fact that the liberals’ did not even make a very good job of it — they were very inept – the results of the fraudulent election were allowed to stand. Recently, the ‘conservative’ News Max station apologized to Dominion Voting Systems for saying the election was rigged by them. Now, many of us must tactically lie in this liberal kingdom of Babylon lest we be fired and/or imprisoned – this is not the Land of the Free — but if you are in a position of leadership, if you are a purveyor of the news that enables, under the rules of democracy, the making of each man a king through his vote, then you dare not, you must not lie. You have replaced the traditional leadership of the European people, so if you lie you are a traitor. The election was rigged, the American people should take up arms against the liberal oligarchy; to continue to lie, to continue to urge more democracy, more voting, more peaceful protests is treason against the European people, it is aiding and abetting white genocide.

When Lou Dobbs called Derek Chauvin a murderer in order to appease the liberals, who were not appeased, when News Max apologized for stating the truth about the election, when William F. Buckley Jr. agreed not to criticize the Jews in his magazine National Review, and when Pence called for prayers for Jacob Blake at the Republican convention, they all justified their lying treachery by telling themselves that by strategically avoiding the white genocide issue they could still serve “the people” on many other issues. But aren’t they acting the part of the witches in Macbeth when they become that type of leader?

But ‘tis strange;
And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
Win us with honest trifles to betray’s
In deepest consequence.

The honest trifles about tax reform and less government pale in contrast to the issue of deepest consequence the conservatives ignore: Buried deep within the hearts of the antique Europeans, their white hearts, was a passionate, intense love for Jesus Christ. The sole purpose of liberalism is to destroy that passionate, intense love in the hearts of the modern Europeans. Are we going to maintain our ancient hearts or are we going to become one with the liberal leviathan which has a thousand mind-forged eyes of reason and no room for that one essential eye – the eye of the human heart? In Brothers Karamazov, Dostoyevsky’s Father Zossima tells Alyosha what hell is. He tells him that hell consists of those people who have lost the capacity to love. Yes, that is correct. The first liberal, who was Satan, sought to separate Adam and Eve from God by urging them to know God through the eyes of reason rather than through the eyes of their hearts. That was, is, and ever shall be the essence of liberalism – to kill the passionate heart and deify man’s abstract reason.

The race issue is the issue of deepest consequence because our race contains our spiritual, passionate affections that connect us to the living God. And I stress, The Living God. We can be mentally connected to the lifeless God of Theology, to a scientized nature-God, but we can only be connected to the Living God through the channels of grace that flow through the blood and heart, through our human affections which are inextricably linked to our racial hearth fire. The liberals will not feel the flames in their next world, which is hell, because they have already ceased to love in this world. They hate their own people and yearn for all things connected to Satan. The moderate liberals, who want to conserve the anti-pietas kingdom of Liberaldom, are killing the European people with honest trifles that deceive them in deepest consequence. We must love our own in and through Christ or else we will cease to have hearts that love, and we will not feel the flame.

The mad-dog liberals no longer feel the flames, they live quite comfortably in hell; so long as they can spew out their venom on all things bright and beautiful, everything stemming from Christian Europe, they are happy. But the moderate liberals are in a different place. They still are a bit uncomfortable with the intense heat of hell. Still, they do not want to leave hell, they do not want to fight the devil and his minions. They want to negotiate with the devil and his minions – “Couldn’t you please turn the heat down just a little bit? We will worship the negroes, but can’t we please keep Christ around for Sundays and holidays? We will not put a stop to any sexual depravity, but can’t we, pretty please, be allowed to prance around with signs protesting legalized depravities?” The conservatism of the moderate liberals is grounded in a lie, the lie that Satan is really not such a bad guy, he can be civilized if he is democratized. My belief, which is what my ancestors believed, is that Satan is not a good guy. Satan has no heart, he is pure, unadulterated mind. And that mind hates Christ and His people.

The sad story of the Europeans’ descent into hell is always before us in the horrific spectacle of negro worship. Whenever the moderate liberals, who believe in the salvation of the devil, want to criticize their extremist liberal cousins, they make the claim that it is they, the mad-dog liberals, who are racist. The moderate liberals find a ‘good black’ who accuses the liberals of being the real racist plantation owners with their system of welfare. The Breitbart-type news outlets also try to play the reverse race card by accusing the mad-dog liberals of racism. The ‘you are the real racist’ game underscores the anti-European underpinning of the modern conservatives. They don’t want to conserve the ‘racist’ culture of old Europe, which was Christian, they simply want whites to be allowed a place in Liberaldom, which is hell. But the Trump debacle should have served as a warning to the conservatives. Satan will not compromise, he will not humanize hell. You must either become one with Satan, as the mad-dog liberals have become one with him, or you must oppose him. You cannot, as the white grazers who voted for Trump, attempt to keep one foot in His kingdom come and one foot in hell. If you do that, you will be cast into limbo, too lukewarm for hell and too timid for heaven. It is only the violent, the passionate hearts, who shall bear it away.

The clown in Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well, like most of Shakespeare’s clowns, is a man of great perception. He sees that a man cannot traffic with the devil. He cannot, like the moderate liberal, play court to the devil in this world and hope for salvation in the next:

I am a woodland fellow, sir, that always loved a great fire; and the master I speak of ever keeps a good fire. But, sure, he is the prince of the world; let his nobility remain in’s court. I am for the house with the narrow gate, which I take to be too little for pomp to enter. Some that humble themselves may; but the many will be too chill and tender, and they’ll be for the flow’ry way that leads to the broad gate and the great fire.

That is the wisdom of our ancestors, which we forsake at our peril. All the conservative blather about racism, ‘it is thee, not me, who is racist,’ is part of Satan’s kingdom, it is the politics of the great fire. The Bible burnings in Oregon are the most accurate representations of the endgame of liberalism. We cannot compromise with these creatures called liberals. Before the election and even more so after the election, I made an effort to associate with pro-Trumpers. That contact was better than the alternative – contact with mad-dog liberals – but ultimately the white Trumpers were a depressing lot. While amongst them, I was conscious of the fact they did not feel the flames of liberalism. They felt slightly overheated, they wanted to cool the liberals down, but they did not want to destroy Liberaldom. I had to leave their presence, because I did not want to be consumed by the great fire.

The assumption of all conservatives in the age of demoncracy is that what is good, what is noble in men is a given. They feel that all men share a universal heritage that can be appealed to within a democratic framework. But that is a lie. What is good in man comes from one God, Lord Jesus Christ. When the people who made that God the center of their culture are dismissed because they were ‘racist,’ because they loved their own, you have nothing noble, decent and good to build on. You have a thousand points of satanic light in your mind-forged world, but you have lost the light of His love that was a life-sustaining presence in that ancient European culture. The light emitting from white hearts connected to Him sustained European civilization and all non-European civilizations as well. There is no rational argument a man can make that will make the white grazers realize they will be consumed by the great fire if they do not repudiate the blending of negro worship, demoncracy, and Christianity. A man can only love His Europe and hope that the light from that love will ignite other human hearts. That doesn’t seem very likely, does it? But that is how the devil wants us to feel. He wants us to die in despair, without a vision of His divine love. The one thing necessary then is that we keep to what we know in our white hearts: There was a Narnia, it was Christian Europe, and we should take the narrow gate to that kingdom while forsaking the great fire called Liberaldom.

In the United States of Baal we have been moving, for many years, to the enthronement of Satan. But the final enthronement of Satan became obvious during Trump’s presentation of men and women who had been healed after getting COVID-19 by taking the hydroxychloroquine drug. The liberals, like the Pharisees who condemned Christ for healing on the Sabbath, took no interest in a drug that could prevent the death of over a half million of their countrymen. All they wanted was to destroy Trump, so they launched a vicious smear campaign against the drug and prevented the emergency use of it until after Trump left office. Are these people, people who can hate as the devil hates, but are incapable of loving anybody or anything, most especially not their own people or anything connected to old Europe, people with whom we can form an incorporate union? No, we cannot do such a thing. We are bound to Him in and through our people; that is our indivisible union, not the liberals’ union with Satan. +

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