Sleep, my child and peace attend thee
All through the night;
Guardian angels God will send thee
All through the night.
Soft, the drowsy hours are creeping,
Hill and vale, in slumber sleeping,
I my loving vigil keeping,
All through the night.

While the moon her watch is keeping
All through the night;
While the weary world is sleeping
All through the night.
O’er thy spirit gently stealing,
Visions of delight revealing,
Breathes a pure and holy feeling,
All through the night.

Deep the silence round us spreading,
All through the night;
Dark the path that we are treading,
All through the night.
Still the coming day discerning,
By the hope within us burning,
To the dawn our footsteps turning,
All through the night.

Star of Faith the dark adorning,
All through the night;
Leads us fearless toward the morning,
All through the night.
Though our hearts be wrapped in sorrow,
From the home of dawn we borrow,
Promise of a glad tomorrow,
All through the night.


The liberals’ war against the white race, called ‘cancel culture,’ has met little resistance within the ranks of the white grazers and their conservative leaders. Our culture is what we are as a people; it is our literature, our art, our music, our families, and our faith. If we allow the liberals and their colored allies to cancel our culture, what is left to us? What is left to the white person who is willing to allow his culture to be cancelled is nothing. He will attempt to show his liberal overlords that he is black, pure black inside, in order to prove that he has been illuminated, but illumination is hard to prove. There is nothing from white culture that will not ultimately be condemned as racist. How can a European completely divest himself of everything white and still remain in this world? He can’t. First the grazers who want to retain something of white Europe in their liberalism will be eliminated, but in the end the liberals will have to eliminate themselves, because no one will be able to maintain the perfect purity of the un-white.

Whenever I talked to conservatives or white grazers during this past election year, I came up against a wall when I brought up the race issue. Whenever I said that the liberals could not be defeated unless white people faced the fact the liberals were bound and determined to eliminate the white race, the grazers and the conservatives, “turned all their faces away.” I was bringing up the black rhino in the living room that we are all supposed to ignore, even though the black rhino gores all the white people that come near him.

Why am I not supposed to bring up the liberals’ attack, through the noble black savage, on the white race? I am not supposed to bring that subject up because the white race has been brought before the liberal Sanhedrin and found guilty of racism, so now and forever white people must not fight against their cancellation as a people. They must walk softly, speak gently, and do penance for their racism by grafting their souls onto the black race. It is my contention that white people must not become pure black inside, they must be white, pure white inside. What was the horrendous crime that white people committed, the sin without pardon? Their sin, when they were a people, was that they took the Son of the Living God into the vital center of their culture. Ever since the Europeans’ Dream-of-the-Rood moment in time, the liberals, at first on the outer fringes of Christian Europe, now at the center of liberal Europe, have been stand-ins for Caiaphas. They are forever condemning the Christian Europeans to death. And it is ‘racism’ that allows the liberal Sanhedrin to cancel the white Europeans’ culture and their lives with complete impunity.

After the murder of a white this past summer by a noble black savage, I heard a conservative commentator say that the shootings and the riots in our country are not a race issue, they are a “human issue.” We should be against murder and riots because such things are “inhumane.” Of course murder is inhumane, but the murders throughout our nation are a racial matter. The liberals permit and encourage the murder of whites because they hate the humane God, the God who took flesh and dwelt among us. If we do not support the ‘racist’ culture of the antique Europeans who believed that individual human beings were created in the image of God and not in the image of the beast, on what grounds can we oppose the murder of white people in our nation or anywhere else in the world? If we are all statistical aggregates, belonging to nature, and whites are the defective spores of nature’s statistical aggregate, why should we care when white people are ‘cancelled’? The liberals do not care, they want to see whiteness eliminated from the face of the earth. And they will get their wish if white ‘conservatives’ keep hiding under the bed every time the liberals scream, ‘racist.’ (1)

That the race war, which only one side, the liberal side, is fighting, is a religious war is so obvious that I shouldn’t have to say it. But it is not obvious to the willfully blind conservatives, so I will state the obvious: All that is good, not only in the European nations, but in the non-European nations as well, stems from the fact that the antique Europeans believed that love came down from heaven in the person of Jesus Christ. That is why the murder of whites throughout our nation is a race issue. If we are not ‘racist,’ if we are not white Christians who love and hate with hearts of flesh, what are we? We are liberals, and liberals are not opposed to the murder of white people because they are the evil ones, who once believed in the God that opposes all things liberal – abortion, sodomy, negro worship, etc. Moderate liberals who appeal to the liberals’ humanity do not understand liberalism. And they do not understand liberalism because they are divided against themselves. They want some liberalism, but not all of it. So they close the eyes of their heart and refuse to acknowledge what the heart of a European Christian can see: The liberals are pure evil; they hate Jesus Christ. The Christian European is one with the Psalmist: “Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph?”

The wicked triumphed in this last election because they were willing to use violence in order to impose their will on a confused majority coalition that believed in the sacred, democratic litany: “We are non-violent, we are not racist.” And what does non-violence in the face of evil result in? Are human lives saved? No, because when the good will not fight the wicked, evil flourishes. The Chinese communists once again can deal out death at the head of a death squad called the World Health Organization, and the colored hordes can once again bring death and destruction to white Americans at our open-door borders. All that amounts to nothing in comparison with what the white conservatives think they have gained by not fighting – they are able to say, “We are non-violent, we are not racist.” But if we have hearts, if we are Europeans, we should be violent and we should be ‘racist’: we should love our own in and through the Savior, and we should fight for our own in His Holy Name.

What happened in America in 2020 already occurred in the European colonies throughout Africa and Latin America. Under liberal guidance the colored races killed and murdered the whites in order to gain ‘independence’:

Just punishment was to be meted out to the perpetrators of violence. Indeed, the Belgian public prosecutor wasted no time in attacking a European who had shot a Congolese in the very act of raping his wife and although he was not sentenced his action was criticized. He should have first mediated with the offender before passing to acts of violence. Mediate against violence. The fundamental error committed by all sensitive consciences since colonialism went out of favor. Against primitive force one can only employ force. Mediation is a sign of weakness and will be assessed as such…

The year 1959 was a constant example of the futility of mediation against force. The political leaders in the Congo used the threat of riots as a weapon to oblige the Belgian Government to concede immediate Independence. From a vague future promise in January 1959 it became reality for July 1960, eighteen months later. –Congo Cauldron, D. P. Duguauquier

I am against slavery, not because slavery is bad for blacks; on the contrary, slavery was very good for blacks, particularly in the old South. They never knew charity until they were treated, by the white slave owners, with Christian charity. I am against black slavery because of what Agnes McGehee says in Stark Young’s novel So Red the Rose when she laments all the white blood that was shed on behalf of the negro. Whenever white nations take a colored minority into their midst, there will always be a contingent of liberals – the Christ-haters – who will use that colored minority as a weapon against the white Europeans. That is why racial purity is so important. Without their colored minions, liberals lose their sword. They still must be fought, because liberalism is pure evil, but without their colored minions, without their noble black savages, the liberals lose their savior and must fight against an enemy who no longer fears them because they don’t have their terrible swift sword called ‘racism.’

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. I wish I could send all the colored tribesmen in the European nations back to Africa, but that is not going to happen. So how do we deal with the terrible swift sword of the liberals, the noble savage? First we must see him for what he is, an ignoble savage:

To come to the point at once, I beg to say that I have not the least belief in the Noble Savage. I consider him a prodigious nuisance, and an enormous superstition. His calling rum fire-water, and me a pale face, wholly fail to reconcile me to him. I don’t care what he calls me. I call him a savage, and I call a savage a something highly desirable to be civilised off the face of the earth. I think a mere gent (which I take to be the lowest form of civilisation) better than a howling, whistling, clucking, stamping, jumping, tearing savage. It is all one to me, whether he flattens his hair between two boards, or spreads his nose over the breadth of his face, or drags his lower lip down by great weights, or blackens his teeth, or knocks them out, or paints one cheek red and the other blue, or tattoos himself, or oils himself, or rubs his body with fat, or crimps it with knives. Yielding to whichsoever of these agreeable eccentricities, he is a savage—cruel, false, thievish, murderous; addicted more or less to grease, entrails, and beastly customs; a wild animal with the questionable gift of boasting; a conceited, tiresome, bloodthirsty, monotonous humbug.

Even if the noble black savage is not noble, we should not mistreat him, the black apologist asserts. I agree, and so does Charles Dickens:

To conclude as I began. My position is, that if we have anything to learn from the Noble Savage, it is what to avoid. His virtues are a fable; his happiness is a delusion; his nobility, nonsense. We have no greater justification for being cruel to the miserable object, than for being cruel to a William Shakespeare or an Isaac Newton; but he passes away before an immeasurably better and higher power than ever ran wild in any earthly woods, and the world will be all the better when his place knows him no more.

Which brings me to the second part of our ‘should not’ – we should not let the liberals cancel our culture because of our white ancestors’ alleged mistreatment of the noble black savages. The myth of mean whites mistreating blacks is only true when seen with the utopian eyes of the liberals’ intellects. But when we see them, our white ancestors, through the eyes of the heart, something quite extraordinary happens. We see the only people in the history of the world who treated a savage, captive race with charity and mercy. If you wish to see what that “charity of honor” looks like when it is practiced, I suggest you read Stark Young’s So Red the Rose.

The two utopian powers, the intellectual Christians and the secular liberals, have joined forces to destroy the white European people by separating them from the incarnational culture of old Europe. Our people with the hearts of flesh were once connected in blood and spirit to the living God. The intellectual Christian sees imperfections in the antique Europeans, he sees wars, lust, envy, and every sin proscribed by our Lord, so the intellectual Christian damns the Christian Europeans and looks to a purer Christianity as practiced by the Chinese, by the Mexicans, by the negroes, or by the Indians of the Amazon rain forest. But in casting his lot with the purer Christians of color, the intellectual Christian has cancelled our spiritual base. If we can’t stand with Christian Europeans who knew the Savior in their hearts, then we have nothing firm and solid on which to stand in the day of battle. We will be overwhelmed by the secular utopians, the liberals, while the Christian utopians join the army of the secular utopians against the Christian Europeans, who must be cancelled because what they consider pietas, the love of their own, the Christian and liberal utopians call ‘racism.’

The reason there is never a Christian response to the evil that is liberalism is because the hearts of the Christian churchmen have waxed cold. They should be against the liberal utopians because the liberal utopians support everything that is against Christianity, but still the intellectual Christians support the liberals. They use ‘racism’ as an excuse for their abandonment of the Christ-bearing race. However, is that really the reason they hate whites and love the noble savages of color? No, it is not. The churchmen have left the faith that is bred in the bone and the blood behind for a faith in their own intellects. They fantasize that the new Christians, the people of color, will follow the clerical Atticus Finches to a new land, a utopian land, where all white Europeans have been cancelled except the exalted ones, the clerical Atticus Finches. The secular liberals have other ideas. They will use the apostate clergymen for their own purposes, and then they will exterminate them as well.

The Greek philosophers’ religion of pure mind gave way to the mystery religions. People wanted direct contact with the deity, without the mediation of reason. But the mystery religions had no moral content; the gods of those religions had no love for individual men and women. It was Christ, who was and is the Love which visited earth, who gave us the personal, ethical, and loving contact with the living God. The churchmen, over time, turned the love which passeth the understanding of pure reason into a philosophy. That is why the first half of the 20th century gave birth to the death-of-God existentialist writers. Christ’s resurrection was not rational, and yet man needed a loving God. Hence, the despair of the existentialists who could not see anything greater than man’s reason. But something developed in the latter half of the 20th century which was much worse than the despair of the existentialists. The existentialists said, “Christ be not risen, so all is cheerless, dark and deadly.” The new age liberal, the heirs of the French and American Jacobins, said, “Christ be not risen, isn’t that wonderful! Now we can once again have our own mystery religion. We can have direct contact with our god – the sacred negro.” The reason the George Floyd ceremony in Congress resembled some strange religious ritual was because that is what it was – a strange, bizarre, satanically-inspired religious ritual. St. Paul told us what the true mysticism was and is in 1st Corinthians 13. We come in direct contact with the one true God in and through our people, who loved Him. Charity never faileth. Why should we deal peacefully with the liberals who have declared war on that “charity of honor” culture of the antique Europeans? And why should we be moderate liberals who seek a place for whites in the kingdom of hell on earth rather than evicting the liberals and their colored minions from what was once Christian Europe? Whoever tries to cancel the culture of the antique Europeans, be they theologians, mad-dog liberals, or managerial conservatives, sins against the living God. If you take the mystical core away from our culture, you take away Christ. It is His culture, so magnificently described by Handel, that we will celebrate on Easter Sunday. That is the culture of life everlasting, which is in direct opposition to the liberals’ culture of death and darkness. Cancel our culture? No, in the name of Christ, thou shall not cancel our culture. We shall, in His name, cancel your culture.+


(1) The conservative Quakers tell us that the murder of Asians in Atlanta occurred because we do not discourage violence. No, such indiscriminate, unjustified violence occurs when you support the image-of-the-beast-in-man culture of the liberals. Why is it that the only violence of white people in recent years is the wrong kind? It is because white people are not immune to the new cultural influences — the culture of the liberals’ beast-in-man. We will either have the religion of Jesus Christ, or else we will have the religion of the devil.

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