The Dualism at the Heart of Europe

For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them. But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire. –2 Peter 2: 21-22


The strange voice, exalted, oracular in mad inspiration, drew nearer in the darkness until Dr. Fu Manchu appeared in the circle of light. His mask-like face was transfigured, his eyes glittered like jewels. He was a seer, a prophet, a man set above human laws.  

-Sax Rohmer


I was quite fond of the Dr. Seuss books when I was growing up. In later years he became an environmentalist and an anti-nuclear activist, but still, in his prime, he took us away from the Dick and Jane books and gave us some wonderful, imaginative stories. My favorite Dr. Seuss book was King Stilts in which the Patrol Cats of the Kingdom of Binn have a climactic battle with the Nizzards. Another favorite of mine was And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street. In that story, a small boy is bored with the horse and cart he sees every day on Mulberry Street, and he imagines a whole panorama of people and scenes that he sees on his imagined Mulberry Street. One of his imagined scenes has “A Chinese boy, Who eats with sticks.” That one line with the accompanying picture of a Chinese boy with chop sticks got the book taken off library shelves in America. Fifty Shades of Grey can be on the shelves, but not And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.  If Marco (that is the child’s name) had seen an LGBQTA parade on Mulberry Street, his book could have stayed on the library shelf, but he had to be Oriental-phobic and see a stereotypical Chinese boy, hence he and his book must be cast into outer darkness.

I’m not going to go into the liberals’ laundry list of children’s books from ‘racist’ Europe or the great literary works and other artworks that are now banned. Instead I want to focus on what the Mulberry Street book ban represents. It represents the alliance of the two most Satanic forces in the world – liberalism and Orientalism. The liberals worship the intellect of man divorced from the Christian heart, because they have rejected Jesus Christ; they hate Him. And because they hate Him, they hate the white Christ-bearing race. The Orientals also hate the white race because of the European’s connection to the God of charity and mercy. To the cruel, diabolical minds of the Chinese, St. Paul’s assertion that “knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth” is an anathema. They, the Chinese, do not even have a word for charity in their language. And the liberals are laboring with might and main to eliminate the people who once championed the God of charity and mercy.

The Chinese openly brag that the 21st century is their century. That certainly seems to be the case if we are talking about the principalities and powers of this world. The Chinese disposed of Trump by inflicting a virus on the West that destroyed the economies of the European nations, and they have reestablished themselves as the head of the World Health Organization. So long as liberalism is the religion of the European people, the Chinese will rule the European people, because the liberals’ hatred of Jesus Christ is in line with the Chinese’s hatred of Jesus Christ; hence, the liberals will always ally with the Chinese against the white Europeans, the Christ-bearing people, when they were a people.

Again, we see the significance of the Trump electoral defeat. Trump was a moderate liberal, which now passes for a conservative – he wanted to go back to the blending of liberalism and Christianity. But the liberals wanted purity. They wanted pure, unadulterated Satanism. So they looked to the Orient, to the masters of cruelty and demonism to help them avoid the horror of a return to moderate liberalism. The Chinese are not evil because they are communists, they are communist because they are evil. The mystical core of their culture was demonic well before they became a communist nation: “Now when they had gone throughout Phrygia and the region of Galatia, and were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia” (Acts 16:6). (1)

The liberals who scream ‘racist’ when a European speaks of the demonic, mystical core of the Oriental cultures and describes the European people as the Christ-bearers, still believe in the mystic of the Orient and the Christ-bearing white race; they have simply reversed the mystic. They believe the Orientals are good, because they worship the intellect of man divorced from the heart, and they believe the antique Europeans and those who follow in their train were and are evil, because they think with the passion of a Christian heart, they believe in the Word made flesh, which is an anathema to the Gnostic minds of the Orientals and to the liberals of the West as well.

The stated purpose of the pro-life movement in this country was to procure legal protection for the unborn. If we keep that goal in mind we must state that the pro-life movement was a colossal failure. That does not mean that there was not something noble, something called charity, in the hearts of many pro-lifers, but it does mean that something was lacking in the movement. The same can be and must be said about the Christian European missionary movements. There were many well-intentioned missionaries. And just as the anti-abortion movement saved some babies, so did the missionary movements save, through the power of Christ working within the movements, some heathen souls. But the Europeans did not Christianize the heathen nations as a whole. The mystical core of the heathen nations remained heathen – Mexico stayed Aztec, the Africans stayed with their gods of blood and sacrifice, and the yellow races stayed with the diabolical arts of Fu Manchu.

Now we come to the Europeans, the people who took the Word made flesh into their hearts and placed Christ at the mystical core of their culture. They dreamt the Dream of the Rood because they saw with their eyes and heard with their ears and understood with their hearts. From that moment on, the visionary moment, the word ‘European’ meant Christian. In the movie The Mask of Fu Manchu, based on the novels of Sax Rohmer, the evil Oriental genius, Fu Manchu, repeatedly refers to the “detested white race” as the Christ-bearing race. Yes, that is correct. An Oriental who becomes a Christian, and there are some, must go against the mystical core of his nation. In contrast, a European who goes over to the enemies of Christ must go against the mystical core of Europe, which is Christian. If enough Europeans become liberals, can the mystical core of Europe change? Can the European people become one with the enemies of Christ? The reason the mysticism of the East became so popular in the West in the 1960s and beyond is not because the East became Christian but because the West became anti-Christian.

The European people could never be defeated from without when they were a Christian people. They are not now the slaves of the Chinese because they were defeated by the Chinese; they are now the slaves of the Chinese because they no longer believe in themselves as the Christ-bearing race. They detest their ancestors, the white Europeans, with a greater intensity than the colored races detest the white Europeans. So long as that hatred of whiteness prevails in the West, the Chinese will rule the West. The answer to the question of whether the mystical core of Europe can be changed if enough Europeans become liberals, is yes. The mystical core of Europe can and has been changed. There is now a dualism at the heart of Europe. There is the old Europe, the Christ-centered Europe, which has given way to the new Europe that belongs to Satan. But we, the European people, have in our history, in our racial memory, something of infinite value: our people once knew the Savior — we once shared our tears with and gave our hearts to Him who saves. That is why the liberals must reframe their new faith in Christian forms; they must, unlike the Orientals, have a triune God; they must have the sacred negro to replace Christ as the second person in their new trinity. Will that need for a secular savior ultimately bring them in conflict with their Oriental masters who do not need the sacred negro? Quite possibly it will. The devil’s kingdom of hell on earth will not be harmonious. But that should not be our main concern. We, the remnant band of European Christians, shall remain with our first love – the Europe grounded in the love of the Word made flesh, which is an anathema to the liberals of the West and to the men of the East as well.

When faith in Jesus Christ becomes theology, when He becomes the end product of reason, our faith waxes cold, as cold as the Orientals’ faith in their cruel, detached rational gods. Christian Europe was not exceptional because Europeans were smarter than the other races, Christian Europe was exceptional because the God whom the Europeans championed was a God with a heart of flesh. Christ was not the cloud of unknowing, He spoke to our ancestors and He speaks to us now, if we hear and see with our hearts, through the Holy Ghost.

The terrible slaughter of whites at our borders, the triumph of the Orient over the Occident in our culture and our economy is the result of the European people’s descent into rationalism. The conservative-liberals are currently involved in an endless debate with the mad-dog liberals in which the one thing necessary is not even subject to debate. The one thing necessary is that we, the European people, should reject rationalism and return to the passionate, blood faith of the antique Europeans. Moderate liberalism is lukewarm, it becomes vomit; we shall never be able to combat the demonism of the liberals and the Orientals with the rational vomit of moderate liberalism. The modern shadows of the liberals, the conservatives, advocate rational vomit as a solution to all our ills. They want to show the liberals that the destruction of the white race and complete economic dependence on communist China is irrational. But are the liberals irrational?  No, they are not. All decisions that we make, for good or evil, are made in our hearts. The liberals’ hearts belong to Satan; they hate Jesus Christ. So it is quite rational for them to want to be ruled by the Chinese rather than by a moderate liberal such as Trump. Reason is a sword wielded in defense of our heart’s deepest yearnings. The liberals yearn for all things opposed to His reign of charity: legalized abortion, sodomy, transgenderism, feminism, negro worship, and religious egalitarianism, with the exception of Christianity. The moderate liberals want, in their hearts, a lukewarm Christianity, so they use their reason to defend a Christian presence in Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth. But Christ will not support such a kingdom; He wants our whole heart, He wants us to rely on Him and Him alone. The tragic blending of intellectual Christianity and liberalism has left the European people defenseless against the liberals’ noble black savages and the Oriental gods of merciless cruelty.

Dostoyevsky’s inability, when he was a member of a revolutionary cabal, to repudiate in his heart, “the radiant personality of Christ,” mirrored my own experiences as a young man. I could not reconcile the irrationality of Christ’s resurrection from the dead with reason and science. But was there something greater than reason and science? Why did I profess a non-belief in Christ, but still say my prayers in Jesus’s name? We must try to understand God as St. Paul enjoined us to understand Him, with a “heart of flesh.” Why is the human heart, which our Lord and St. Paul always referred to as our link to the living God, constantly derided by ‘Christian’ theologians and liberals? The theologians deride the heart because the passions we find therein can lead a man to heaven or hell. “There must,” the theologians tell us, “be an easier route to heaven.” There isn’t. But there is a sure route to hell – it is by way of the human mind abstracted from the wellspring of existence, the human heart connected to His sacred heart. The liberals deride the sentiments emanating from the human heart, because they fear such sentiments might lead to Him. So they preach reason in order to cloak what is in their hearts – the hatred for Christ and His people.

During my struggle to come to a Pauline understanding of God, I had numerous conversations with a teacher, a former Catholic priest who was now a religious agnostic, which is more than a bit of a contradiction, but he was one. My teacher-friend could not reconcile faith in Christ with the rational apologetics that he believed in. He was right, by his lights. The compatibility of faith and reason – reason as defined by the philosopher and the theologian – cannot give us the blessed assurance of the prophets and St. Paul. But is not man more than reason? Is he more than a piano key? Dostoevsky’s inability to renounce the “radiant personality of Jesus Christ” brought him to believe in the God who transcends our reason. That became my belief as well. My teacher, the lapsed Thomist, needed a strong dose of the poetic of our people – their belief in the God-Man whose love for us reaches into the secret chambers of our heart and gives us the heart to understand what the philosophers and theologians can never understand – the Word made flesh.

Christ is a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the Athenian philosophers, but He is the morning star to the poet of the absolute, our apostle, St. Paul. We must see Christ as St. Paul saw Him and as our people saw Him – he and they held the living God in the “fleshy tables of the heart.” The sword of the spirit is the word of God. What then is the sword of Satan? It is reason detached from the heart of Christ. The liberals and the Chinese wield that sword. Must we surrender to them, who are the principalities and powers of this world? Our Supreme Court does whatever they say.(2) And our church men loudly proclaim the compatibility of Christ and liberalism in the hopes that the terrible swift sword of Satan will descend on the non-illuminated whites instead of on them. We have only that charity of honor to keep us upright in this, the evil day, Satan’s day. But that ‘only’ is everything. “This must not go on” comes from a heart of flesh, a European heart that belongs to Christ and His people. The evil of moderate liberalism, which is modern conservatism, is that it tells us we do not have to make the Dostoyevskian choice – we do not have to decide between Christ and the devil. But we do have to decide about the “radiant personality of Christ.” Was He the Son of the living God or was He a false God, a charlatan? The liberals and their Chinese allies have made their decision. Let us leave the vomit of moderate liberalism and stand with the people who were not afraid to embrace the foolishness of the Cross of Christ. +


(1) I once read an account written by a European missionary to China of the first time he told the Christ story to a group of Chinese. He was delighted when they listened with intense interest to the story of Christ’s crucifixion. But then they promptly went out and crucified a group of white Europeans traveling through China. Whatever is good in the colored races was the result of the white Europeans’ refusal to accept the colored races’ cultural values. Now that everything stemming from old Europe is deemed ‘racist’ and everything emanating from the colored races is deemed good, we are witnessing the enthronement of Satan in the European countries.

(2) Brett Kavanaugh was one of Trump’s appointees. He returned that enormous favor by betraying Trump. He was one of the Supreme Court ‘Justices’ who refused to hear the election fraud cases because he was afraid of the Left and wanted to court their favor. The self-serving Amy Barrett was one with Kavanaugh. Both ‘justices’ remind me of Pip’s sister in Great Expectations. After Orlick beats her into imbecility, she always is very concerned to please him, because she does not want another beating. Kavanaugh and Barrett both took a liberal beating at their confirmation hearings. Barrett, because of her sex, might avoid another beating, but Kavanaugh’s moral cowardice will not help him. Biden and company are still going after him. He deserves his fate. If you won’t stand tall, if you won’t leave the vomit of moderate liberalism in order to fight the mad-dog liberals, you deserve the place to which you came – the kingdom of hell on earth. Biden and his legion of devils have the hellish audacity to tell us that their policy of white genocide is the kinder and gentler policy. Kinder to whom? Sympathy for the devil has become the worship of the devil. Everything that is anti-Christian, everything that is satanic, has been enshrined into law in the United States of Satan.

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