Unmitigated Evil

A credulous father and a brother noble,
Whose nature is so far from doing harms
That he suspects none; on whose foolish honesty
My practices ride easy. I see the business.
Let me, if not by birth, have lands by wit:
All with me’s meet that I can fashion fit.
-King Lear


Draw thy sword.
That, if my speech offend a noble heart,
Thy arm may do thee justice; here is mine.
Behold, it is the privilege of mine honours,
My oath, and my profession. I protest,
Maugre thy strength, place, youth, and eminence,
Despite thy victor-sword and fire-new fortune,
Thy valour, and thy heart, thou are a traitor;
False to thy gods, thy brother, and thy father;
Conspirant ‘gainst this high illustrious prince;
And, from th’ extremest upward of thy head
To the descent and dust below thy foot,
A most toad-spotted traitor. Say thou ‘No,’
This sword, this arm, and my best spirits are bent
To prove upon thy heart, whereto I speak,
Thou liest.
[The formerly unsuspecting Edgar’s response to evil.]
-King Lear


I went to a Trump rally this past weekend. I went to the Trump rally even though I don’t believe in the effectiveness of rallies. Why did I go? I went to the rally for three reasons. First, I was concerned for the safety of the people at the rally, and I wanted to be of some assistance if they were attacked by Antifaers or Black Lives Matter barbarians. Secondly, I just wanted to compliment the Trump supporters for their loyalty. In my view such loyalty to a man who has fought for them shows that they have something inside of them that is rare in this day and age. And thirdly I wanted to see if there was a counter-revolutionary sentiment stirring in the hearts of the Trump supporters.

As to the first point: It was a small town protest, not of the magnitude of the Washington DC protest, so other than a few black barbarians and white college punks who screamed obscenities from a distance, there was no Antifa or BLM attacks.(1) But the Trump people at the rally did need protection because they were amazingly, stunningly naive about the possibility of violence. One very pretty woman in her mid-forties was standing on the corner, waving a big Trump banner as the cars went by. I told her to duck if she saw a rifle barrel sticking out of any of the passing cars. She said, “Why would anyone want to hurt me. I’m just expressing my opinion. I don’t hate anyone.” What can you say to such people? I thought of Shakespeare’s King Lear and the scene in which Edmund, the evil brother, says that his good brother, “is so far from doing harms that he suspects none.”

A cousin of mine, a Trump supporter who knows I don’t generally go to political events, accused me of going there to mock the Trump supporters. Far from it; my cousin doesn’t know me very well. I wanted to try and help the Trump supporters avoid Edgar’s fate; I wanted them to understand that they have an implacable enemy that wants their blood. Edgar ultimately has to confront his evil brother Edmund and kill him. That is what we must do vis-à-vis the liberals, but there currently does not seem to be any awareness, on the part of the white grazers, that they are facing, in their liberal opponents, pure, unmitigated evil. Edmund repents as he lays dying; our liberal foes are worse than Edmund. There is always a possibility of a death bed conversion, but we must see that liberalism is a very strong repellent of God’s grace. Most liberals will cling to their hatred of Christ and His people throughout their lives, and after their deaths they will take that hatred into hell with them. If we don’t realize that the liberals have recreated themselves in the image of Satan and are determined to eliminate Christ’s image in man from the face of the earth, we will not be able to fight and win the war that we must fight and win. Did I make any headway with the Trumpian Edgars? Of course not. When you talk about demonized swine, which is what the liberals are, you place yourself back in the bad old days, before people became too enlightened to believe in such fairy tales.

My second purpose, to compliment the Trump supporters on their loyalty, met with more success than my first intended purpose. They are the condemned and demonized deplorables, and they were quite responsive to someone who told them that they were noble and honorable. There was an older man who had come from an eastern European country when it was under communism, and now had the misfortune to live in a nation that was going down the same communist path. “Trump is the only leader who opposes them,” he said, “And we will be completely under their control if Trump loses.” Then there was the wheelchair-bound man who wept when the woman in charge of the Trumpy bear stand gave him a free Trumpy bear.

Everyone at the rally was white, but they would have embraced any black or Mexican who came to join them, and they would have run a mile from me if I had brought up white pietas. But still those people had, though they didn’t know it, white pietas. They know that they are hated by the liberal elite, and they know that Trump placed himself between them and the liberal elite and took the blows that were directed at them, and they love him for it. It’s difficult during this liberal-created COVID crisis to have direct interaction with people, but I hope I managed to convey my thanks to those white grazers with whom I spoke. They have that within which our Lord can build upon:

And let us not be hard on him, if at that moment his soul is fuller of the tomb and him who lies there, than of the altar and Him of whom it speaks. Such stages have to be gone through, I believe, by all young and brave souls, who must win their way through hero-worship, to the worship of Him who is the King and Lord of heroes. For it is only through our mysterious human relationships, through the love and tenderness and purity of mothers, and sisters, and wives, through the strength and courage and wisdom of fathers, and brothers, and teachers, that we can come to the knowledge of Him, in whom alone the love, and the tenderness, and the purity, and the strength, and the courage, and the wisdom of all these dwell forever and ever in perfect fullness.

Thomas Hughes, Tom Brown’s Schooldays

God bless those mysterious human relationships! They constitute the “lovely intangibles” that the pre-conversion Doris in Miracle on 34th Street dismisses and the “foolish,” Quixotic lawyer declares to be “the only things that really are worthwhile.”

As I left the rally, I went by a beautiful old mansion situated in the affluent section of the town. The inhuman creatures who inhabit the house had a Biden-Harris sign with the words, “Love, not Hate” under it. How do creatures who spit on everything humane and noble and openly support the worship of Satan dare to proclaim that they favor love over hate? They dare to make such proclamations because they are inhuman creatures who have become, through intellectual pride, one with Satan, who regards everything that stinks of Christ’s love for mankind as evil, and everything that exalts Satan’s hatred of mankind as good. I still hope and pray that the liberals’ complete triumph over those white grazers at the Trump rally will be delayed another four years — that will be a miracle of God’s grace if it occurs. The two million Trump votes that were given to Biden can only be returned to Trump by an act of God. (2) We can still pray; they can’t take that from us.

Now, sadly, I must come to my third reason for going to the Trump rally: I wanted to see if there was any counterrevolutionary sentiment among the Trump supporters. There was none. Possibly in the MAGA rally in Washington DC I would have found someone who was willing to think counterrevolution instead of ‘wait till next time,’ but I doubt it. The white Trump supporters, like Trump himself, are supporters of a fusion of Christianity and liberalism. They have more of a Christian ethos than the mad-dog liberals, but they still believe in demon-cracy and reject the older Christian cultures of the European nations. Half-liberal and half-Christian will not prevail against the internal demonism of the liberals. Four more years of Trump will give us a President who opposes communism, who opposes the anti-white instruction in our military and civil service agencies, and who opposes the wholesale slaughter of the unborn. But you can’t have just a little bit of liberalism. Liberalism is the giant Blob in the old sci-fi movie – it will consume everything unless it is completely eradicated. Four more years of Trump would be a very great blessing, because some white lives in the womb and outside the womb will be saved during a Trump administration, but ultimately there must be a white counterrevolution. The liberals represent unmitigated evil; they cannot be dealt with within the demon-cratic parameters of the devil.

Because “life is earnest, life is real,” and because there is something incredibly noble in Trump’s fight against the mad-dog liberals, I have bent over backwards to avoid Ann Coulterism, which is grounded in a complete misunderstanding of what can actually be done by a leader who has been elected President rather than a king who has been anointed or a dictator who has taken power by means of a coup. I would prefer a king or a dictator, but that is not what we have, so I can’t hold the President accountable for not immediately making the changes in the nation that a king or a dictator could make. All that having been said, even a very good President, and Trump is the best President we have ever had, cannot deal effectively with liberalism within the confines of American demon-cracy, because the American experiment in demon-cracy is grounded in the Jacobin concepts of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Those concepts are diametrically opposed to white pietas which is the foundation of a Christian culture. Some years back I wrote about getting lost in the Lake District of England when I was a young man in my early twenties. A retired English couple saw that I was lost and invited me to stay the night in their cottage. At first I refused the invitation, but the man insisted I stay: “You Yanks and us are all of the same blood.”

Yes, we are, we Europeans, all of the same blood. And if we are true to our blood, we will be true to our faith in Jesus Christ, because faith is of the blood and heart. Just as Christ became flesh and dwelt among us, so did He become one with the European people when they took Him into their hearts. The lifeblood of their culture was their faith in Jesus Christ. When an idea of God replaces the blood faith of a people — and that is the case in organized Christian Jewry — Satan enters in and makes his will the new faith. We structure our governments according to our faith. The Jacobin governments of the United States, France, and the other European nations are based on the anti-revelatory faith of the intellectual Christians. They place their reason above revelation and end up supporting Satan over Christ. It’s no coincidence that the most organized and anti-revelatory branch of organized Christian Jewry produced the highest percentage of Biden voters. How can that happen? How can professed Christians vote for legalized abortion and communism? It’s easy if you believe that man’s reason transcends faith, and a universal, generic love for mankind transcends pietas. Then you will support all things antithetical to old Europe because the people of old Europe were ‘stupid,’ they believed, quite literally, in the Christ depicted in the Gospels, and they were racist, because they believed that they could only know Christ through those mysterious blood ties that we form with our kith and kin.

What is good in organized Christian Jewry is the individual who forms, against the mandate of the Church authorities, a personal attachment to Jesus Christ. And what is good in our democracy is an individual who, in defiance of the pundits, conservatives and liberal, forms a personal attachment to a leader who exhibits pietas: “I will fight for my people.” The individual who rejects rational Christianity for a blood faith in Jesus Christ and the Trump supporter who loves Trump because Trump fights for his people, have that within which George Fitzhugh describes as our only hope in this vale of tears:

We employ the term Benevolence to express our outward affections, sympathies, tastes, and feelings, but it is inadequate to express our meaning; it is not the opposite of selfishness, and unselfishness would be too negative for our purpose. Philosophy has been so busy with the worst feature of human nature that it has not even found a name for this, its better feature. We must fall back on Christianity, which embraces man’s whole nature, and though not a code of philosophy, is something better; for it proposes to lead us through the trials and intricacies of life, not by the mere cool calculations of the head, but by the unerring instincts of a pure and regenerate heart. The problem of the Moral World is too vast and complex for the human mind to comprehend; yet the pure heart will, safely and quietly, feel its way through the mazes that confound the head.

Cannibals All! or Slaves Without Masters

What we witnessed during the French Revolution was the devil’s attempt to completely destroy God’s image in man. He defaced that image, but he didn’t completely destroy it. Our Civil War, which was anything but civil, was also an attempt, by the devil, to destroy God’s image in man. Again, he was partially successful, but he didn’t completely destroy God’s image in man. We are still fighting that Civil War, and this time the devil is determined to complete his revolution. The similarities between then (1860) and now (2020) are striking. A coalition of Jacobin liberals and colored barbarians joined together in the 1860s to destroy the image-of-God-in-man culture of the South:

“Oh, Mother, I can’t stand it! Oh, Mother. Oh Mother!”

“My dear little girl,” she said, surprised at her voice and the ordinary words, for she felt as if she would faint, “you must be calm and brave. You must control yourself. We may have a great deal to do today and we must seek strength and help from God. Kneel down and ask God to give us strength.”

Lucy, who had started with every fresh report of the cannon, grew quiet as she knelt by the armchair and buried her face in her arms. She was on her knees quiet thus for some minutes and from that time on was calm and helpful.

Before Agnes had finished dressing, William Veal knocked on the door; the whole place was full of Yankees, he said.

“Where?” she called, taking the garments Lucy held out to her and hurrying to dress herself.

“The house is surrounded by Yankees,” William said. “Nigger Yankees.”

By the time she got to the front gallery, cavalry in their dusty blue uniforms were riding through the gate. She ran down the stairs and to the kitchens. There was not a servant male or female in the whole court or in the cellars or servants’ rooms. A skirmish was going on in the woods beyond the gate. Servants were running to the scene of the fight, risking bullets through their brains. Then after a few minutes the firing in the wood ceased; the cook and housemaids returned. Agnes ordered breakfast immediately. She went to Belle’s room, ordered a tray brought to her, went through the dining-room and upstairs. Edna, the maid, brought tea and buttered bread on a small silver platter to her room. And after taking it, for she was weak from the long night, Agnes went again below stairs.

Over the grounds there was a great confusion. They were cooking in the back court for Colonel Gobel’s Confederates, with Paralee standing over the fire. But in the dining-room no breakfast had been brought. A little mulatto girl, Bessie, ran to Agnes from Belle’s room.

“Oh, Missis,” she said, pulling at her collar, “them Yankee niggers is in Miss Belle’s room and they ain’ nobody wid her ‘tall.”

Agnes darted along the back gallery into the room, seeing on her way that the whole grounds were full of negroes. They were at the smokehouse and over the kitchen court, on foot and on horseback. She could hear them tramping in the parlors and the rattle of their sabres and spurs. She rushed in to her daughter. There they were. Lucy was in the bedroom and the negroes were tramping through the sitting-room, threatening, cursing.

“Get out,” Agnes ordered. “Get out of my house. Get out of my sight!”

A big black who seemed to be in command gave a guffaw, and the other negroes, watching him evidently, followed. One of them came up to her and with his open hand boxed her on the cheek. At once another negro put a pistol against her breast; she could smell his sweat. Then the big negro who had struck her said, “Don’t shoot her, Mose, slap her. Slap the old slut.” He broke into a stream of abuse.

Stark Young, So Red the Rose

That terrible destruction of the Southern civilization was grounded on the malignant hatred of Satan for Christ. The terrible swift sword was Satan’s sword, and the sacred negro was the spiritual justification for the use of that terrible swift sword. As it was then, so it is now. But there is, tragically, one crucial difference between then and now. There were, in the 1860s, men with white pietas, men with a blood faith, who resisted the onslaught of the devil. The image-of-man-in-God culture was saved for a time. In 2020 we need a counterrevolution, but we no longer have men with the spiritual substance to start and sustain a counterrevolution. Church and Academy have destroyed white pietas. Trump and his followers are divided against themselves. They have a longing for a hearth fire faith, a faith that is rooted in their love of kith and kin, but they cannot act on that longing because all the modern authorities tell them that the true faith is not of the blood, it is of the mind, and that new faith proclaims that white pietas is evil and universal enfranchisement with the sacred negro as the more-than-equal god of that universal enfranchisement, is what we all must strive for.

It is useless to talk of counterrevolutions without pietas. When whites recover their pietas, or should I say if they recover their pietas, then and only then will they mount a counterrevolution against Satan and his minions. Until that time the best we can hope for is an electoral victory for Trump which will give us a slight respite in this war that only one side, the wrong side, is fighting. Should Trump win the election, it will be a victory wrought by prayer, because only a miracle can take those stolen votes away from Satan’s minions and give them back to Trump. And if we lose? Then we must pray that our Lord gives us the strength to endure. In the end this conflict will not be settled by elections. The liberals represent the militant forces of unmitigated evil. We can’t come to terms with them because they will give us no terms except unconditional surrender to their will, which is Satan’s will. We cannot surrender to such an enemy. Surely Christ will sustain us in the day of battle. +


(1) The females of the species are always the most vitriolic and obscene. They make me think of Tennyson’s observation:  “For men at most differ as Heaven and earth, But women, worst and best, as Heaven and Hell.” A society that produces such creatures, women who have embraced hell, is truly a society at the end of the line.

(2) It actually appears that more than 2 million votes were stolen from Trump. And why on earth were so many ballots in the democratic states sent to Merkel’s Germany and socialist Spain to be counted? Is it still a conspiracy when it is so blatant? No, it is an outright assertion of the liberals’ tyrannical power. They do not believe there is any legal recourse for the whites who voted for Trump. They believe they can commit fraud on a massive scale and get away with it. If they are right, if they get away with it, they will proceed with their final solution – which is the complete extermination of the white race. But let us pause there. If the liberals get their wish, that the white grazers shall not have any voice within the confines of Liberaldom, then why should the white grazers continue to graze within those confines of Liberaldom? The old maxim which says, “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it,” applies to the liberals. You might at the peak of your arrogant pride, find out that the men you thought you had under your heel have rediscovered their manhood and decided that if their votes do not count in our demon-cracy, then the time has come for non-democratic action. Alfred and Forrest are our exemplars.

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