Military Junta

N. C. Wyeth

The nature of things requires that the army should never act but as an instrument. The moment that, erecting itself into a deliberative body, it shall act according to its own resolutions, the government, be it what it may, will immediately degenerate into a military democracy; a species of political monster, which has always ended by devouring those who have produced it. –Burke


The Illuminati, the liberals, have been at war with non-illuminated whites for over two hundred years, so what has really changed in this last election? What has changed is that the liberals no longer see the need to camouflage what they are doing. And when they no longer need to camouflage what they are doing, they can proceed with the destruction of the non-illuminated whites at an accelerated rate. The absence of a right-wing with men committed to a civilization grounded in pietas – the love of one particular people, those of your own blood, and the love of one particular God, Jesus Christ — has proved to be the downfall of the European people. Without white pietas they do not have the “passionate intensity” to combat the liberals’ passionate, satanic hatred of the white race. –CWNY



Without a predetermined intent I see I have relied very heavily on Burke in this week’s post. But how could it be otherwise since I am writing about a leftist, military coup similar to the military coup in France in 1789?

The age of prophecy ended with the coming of Christ, who was the fulfillment of the prophets’ vision. But during the Christian centuries of our people, God has always supplied us with men of vision who warned us what would happen if we abandoned Him who is our common hope. When Satan became incarnate in Jacobin France, God sent us a champion, Edmund Burke, to challenge the forces of Satan’s new order, in the name of Christ, the King. At first the ‘best’ men of Europe, men such as Walter Scott, championed Burke. But in the 20th century, the tide turned: the ‘worst’ prevailed. The philosophy of Satan – the philosophy of Thomas Paine and Jean Jacques Rousseau – became the new religion of the Europeans. And the linchpin of that philosophy was and continues to be the Noble Savage who has replaced the God-Man, Jesus Christ.

The European people must forsake nature and nature’s god, the Noble Savage, before they can regain their humanity and become His champions instead of Satan’s lap dogs. The religion of the ‘enlightened’ men, the Paines and the Rousseaus, makes men worse than beasts, it makes them philosophers, who reject all things human for all things satanic:

He melts with tenderness for those only who touch him by the remotest relation, and then, without one natural pang, casts away, as a sort of offal and excrement, the spawn of his disgustful amours, and sends his children to the hospital of foundlings. The bear loves, licks, and forms her young, but bears are not philosophers. Vanity, however, finds its account in reversing the train of our natural feelings. – Burke

Of course the question is – what violates our natural feelings? Is it natural that we should adhere to Rousseau’s ‘natural’ philosophy of inhumanity? Or is it natural that we should love our own in and through the Savior, Jesus Christ? The conflict within the hearts of the Trumpers, who wanted to blend the love of their own with the love of an abstract philosophy with the noble black savage at its center, allowed the liberals to complete their conquest of the white race on November 3rd. Will that conquest be a permanent, irrevocable conquest? No, it shall not be permanent. Now that the “peace, that I deem’d no peace, is over and done,” the “no peace” of demon-cracy, we can lift up our eyes unto the hills and fight the devil’s minions, instead of democratically cringing and crawling before them.

For the peace, that I deem’d no peace, is over and done,
And now by the side of the Black and the Baltic deep,
And deathful-grinning mouths of the fortress, flames
The blood-red blossom of war with a heart of fire.

Let it flame or fade, and the war roll down like a wind,
We have proved we have hearts in a cause, we are noble still,
And myself have awaked, as it seems, to the better mind.
It is better to fight for the good than to rail at the ill;
I have felt with my native land, I am one with my kind,
I embrace the purpose of God, and the doom assign’d.

-Alfred Lord Tennyson


It is important, since language is sermonic, to call what happened November 3rd by its correct name: It was a military coup by a determined, violent, leftist army against a democratically elected President. Once that President was deposed, he was forced into exile with his family and a few of his followers. He is only in exile until the military junta currently in power can prepare their trumped up case (no pun intended) against him and bring him to trial. The outcome of that trial, like all trials in a leftwing, military dictatorship, has been predetermined: Guilty as charged! Trump will be imprisoned after the trial and possibly executed, but it is much more likely that he will die mysteriously of unknown causes while in prison. While Trump faces his fate, all those people who supported the former President will be purged from the new order. That is the way military coups work. Biden has already created a goon squad and given them their instructions: “All religious fanatics, nativists, and racists must be purged.” And in order to ensure that the leftist cabal doing the purging is protected, an army of National Guard troops guards the capitol. That is also the way military dictatorships must go about their business. They have no moral legitimacy and no popular support, so they must rely on sheer force to maintain themselves in power. I am told that Biden’s significant other gives the troops cookies in the hope such offerings will offset the fact that they must live in giant parking garages. Such ‘peace’ offerings would not make me guard the enemies of my God and my people, but Esau sold his birthright for a pot of lentils, so maybe the National Guardsmen will betray their God and their people for a few chocolate chip cookies. We shall see in the months ahead.

Up to the time of the French Revolution, many of the European Christian sectarians who placed an unholy emphasis on their particular form of church organization disputed Burke’s claim that, “All the nations of Europe have had the very same Christian religion, agreeing in the fundamental parts, varying a little in the ceremonies and in the subordinate doctrines.” But we must, if we see European history through and not with the eye, concede that Burke’s assessment is correct. If we try to understand our people’s history with our hearts then we can see the living God acting in and through them. And because His image was clearly embodied in the culture of the antique Europeans, the devil made it his mission to destroy that image:

The rebels to God perfectly abhor the Author of their being. They hate him “with all their heart, with all their mind, with all their soul, and with all their strength.” He never presents himself to their thoughts but to menace and alarm them. They cannot strike the Sun out of Heaven, but they are able to raise a smouldering smoke that obscures him from their own eyes. Not being able to revenge themselves on God, they have a delight in vicariously defacing, degrading, torturing, and tearing in pieces his image in man.  -Burke

“That was then, not now — that was only Robespierre’s France, and Burke was an extremist,” is generally the response to any suggestion that the liberals’ march to utopia in all the European nations is grounded in Satan’s hatred of the living God, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But the overriding passion of all liberal, leftist revolutions is the hatred of Jesus Christ. Each revolution differs somewhat in their local strategies and their “subordinate doctrines,” but they are all united in that essential passion – they must attack Jesus Christ by destroying the Christ-bearing race. They must, at the behest of Satan, alternately seduce and compel the European people into abandoning their allegiance to Christ, “to break the behest which He uttered.”

All the modern European democracies are on the leftward road to hell on earth, but let us look at the two utopian leaders, America and France, in order to see how Christendom has become Satandom and why the United States has become the most completely satanic nation on the face of the earth. Let us get to the heart of the American experiment in demon-cracy by going to the poetic inspiration of the American Revolution – it was Thomas Paine, the religious atheist, the man to whom Washington always turned when he needed to rally his troops:

I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church.”

And then he proceeds to tell us about our faith in Jesus Christ:

Of all the systems of religion that ever were invented, there is none more derogatory to the Almighty, more unedifying to man, more repugnant to reason, and more contradictory in itself, than this thing called Christianity. Too absurd for belief, too impossible to convince, and too inconsistent for practice, it renders the heart torpid, or produces only atheists and fanatics. (1)

How does Paine, the atheist, justify his atheism? He is not, he tells us, an atheist; he believes in “nature and nature’s God.” And whom may that be? It is the Noble Savage of Rousseau who has been revealed to all mankind through the pure, deified reason of enlightened men such as Thomas Paine and Jean Jacques Rousseau.

The enlightened brain-trust of our experiment in demon-cracy decided to go with the seductive road to utopia. They cloaked their rebellion against the living God in the seductive garb of religious liberty and economic prosperity: “You can have your churches, you can keep what you earn, so long as you pay homage to our public God – which is nature, as defined by the minds of the enlightened ones.” Whenever the seduction was seen for what it was, a revolution against Christ’s reign of charity in order to install a satanic regime of merciless cruelty as was the case in 1860, the whistle blowers, in this case, the Southerners, were put to the sword by the non-seductive, masculine side of the liberal dragon. When the South was finally subdued in the 1950s, the softer, seductive Jacobinism resurfaced in our nation. Trump, who did not represent a counter-revolution but only a slight regression on the road to utopia, forced the liberals to return to the methods used in 1860, to violently impose their will on the recalcitrant, unilluminated whites. It seems, from my perspective, the satanic seduction of “We the People” demon-cracy was working quite well for the liberals. Was it really necessary to abandon the seduction by staging a military coup? After all, Trump did not oppose liberalism itself, he only wanted to keep the non-illuminated whites within Liberaldom. But having once progressed to the ‘higher’ stage of illumination, the devil’s minions could not and would not go back. Will their intransigence, their abandonment of the seductive, democratic road to hell bring about their destruction? That is not something we know for sure. If the military coup is allowed to stand without a military response, then the liberals have successfully transitioned from the feminine side of Jacobinism to the masculine side, and then back to the feminine side. Like Talleyrand, they will have weathered all the political storms by being fully committed at all times to that which is expedient and satanic. They must always shun all things that ‘stink’ of self-sacrifice and Christian charity.

The French Jacobins started out with the direct approach – the guillotine for all non-illuminated whites — and then shifted to the seductive mode after Robespierre, but they never repudiated their regicide roots. Nicolas Sarkozy not very long ago affirmed France’s cruel, utopian raison d’être by asserting that France is a regicide nation. The United States never was fully European as France was; our nation was always implicitly satanic from the beginning – ‘Government for the People and of the People” is a doctrine penned in hell. But “We the People,” democracy was the liberals’ seductive ploy, and the fact that they abandoned that ploy on November 3rd is significant. Is the blatancy of this military coup going to bring about a military reaction or have the European Americans been so beaten down and successfully propagandized that they will take all this without a whimper?

What are the parallels between the liberals’ revolution of November 3rd and the French Revolution of 1789? First, there was a weak Christian populace. The French clergy at that time had become more concerned with the outward forms than the inner spirit of faith. They didn’t care if the menfolk attended Jacobin gatherings all week so long as they sent their women to mass and attended mass for weddings and funerals:

I have no doubt that some miserable bigots will be found here, as well as elsewhere, who hate sects and parties different from their own, more than they love the substance of religion; and who are more angry with those who differ from them in their particular plans and systems, than displeased with those who attack the foundation of our common hope. These men will write and speak on the subject in the manner that is to be expected from their temper and character. Burnet says, that when he was in France, in the year 1683, “the method which carried over the men of the finest parts to Popery was this—they brought themselves to doubt of the whole Christian religion. When that was once done, it seemed a more indifferent thing of what side or form they continued outwardly.” If this was then the ecclesiastical policy of France, it is what they have since but too much reason to repent of. They preferred atheism to a form of religion not agreeable to their ideas. They succeeded in destroying that form; and atheism has succeeded in destroying them. I can readily give credit to Burnet’s story; because I have observed too much of a similar spirit (for a little of it is “much too much”) amongst ourselves. The humour, however, is not general.

The worship of the forms of faith over the substance, over He who is our common hope, became the whole of the religious formation of the European Americans. The syncretic Catholics – blending Islam, Judaism, feminism, negro worship, and environmentalism – and the syncretic Protestants – blending Judaism, feminism, negro worship, and Christianity – were unable to oppose straight-forward, unadulterated Satanism. Like Louis XVI, Trump was unable to oppose the liberals because he was part liberal himself. Trump did not want to suppress the violence in the streets this past summer because he feared to act against Black Lives Matter. When the police killed the murderer of Aaron Danielson, they did so because he had stepped away from his shield, the banner of Black Lives Matter. Was one black murderer or rioter ever brought to justice during the riots? No, instead white people who defended themselves were brought to ‘justice.’ When those in authority doubt their legitimacy — and all white Presidents, even Trump, the last and best President of our democracy, doubt their legitimacy — when they believe that ‘white privilege,’ whether the aristocratic ‘white privilege’ in old France or the ‘white privilege’ in the United States, is a sin, they will not be able to act in defense of themselves or their people. (2)

The courts always play an important part in maintaining a military dictatorship, giving the military regime an aura of legitimacy. Our Supreme Court consists of a cabal of puppets for Generalissimo Biden and his cohorts, just as the courts in Jacobin France were the puppets of Robespierre and company:

From the forced repentance of invalid mutineers and disbanded thieves, you can hope for no resource. Government itself, which ought to constrain the more bold and dexterous of these robbers, is their accomplice. Its arms, its treasures, its all, are in their hands. Judicature, which above all things should awe them, is their creature and their instrument. Nothing seems to me to render your internal situation more desperate than this one circumstance of the state of your judicature. Many days are not past since we have seen a set of men brought forth by your rulers for a most critical function. Your rulers brought forth a set of men, steaming from the sweat and drudgery, and all black with the smoak and soot of the forge of confiscation and robbery—ardentis massae fuligine lippos [“Blinded by the soot of the fiery mass”]– a set of men brought forth from the trade of hammering arms of proof, offensive and defensive, in aid of the enterprizes, and for the subsequent protection of housebreakers, murderers, traitors, and malefactors; men, who had their minds seasoned with theories perfectly comformable to their practice, and who had always laughed at possession and prescription, and defied all the fundamental maxims of jurisprudence. To the horror and stupefaction of all the honest part of this nation, and indeed of all nations who are spectators, we have seen, on the credit of those very practices and principles, and to carry them further into effect, these very men placed on the sacred seat of justice in the capitol city of your late kingdom. We see, that in future, you are to be destroyed with more form and regularity. This is not peace; it is only the introduction of a sort of discipline in their hostility. Their tyranny is complete, in their justice; and their lanthorn is not half so dreadful as their court.  – Burke

Let us never lose sight of the fact that our Supreme Court and all the lesser courts are not courts of justice, they are the kangaroo courts of the liberal Sanhedrin. Their “fundamental maxims of jurisprudence” are dictated by what is expedient for their own survival and what is desirable to Satan, who is ultimately the guiding light of the American courts.

The key element, the satanic component that fuels and sustains the leftist regimes in this nation and all the European nations is the media, the Fourth Estate whom Burke called the pamphleteers. When our children hear nothing but leftist propaganda in the schools and churches, when our citizens hear nothing but ‘racism, racism, racism’ in every media outlet, is it any wonder the leftists were able to successfully conclude a military coup? And what do the conservatives, the shadows of the liberals, tell us we should do now that there has been a military coup? They tell us to continue doing what we did before the coup: We are to continue to listen to their atrocity stories and vote against the military junta. What world do the conservative pundits live in? No military junta has ever been voted out of existence. We can’t continue to recite the American litany, “We are not racist, we are non-violent,” and expect to move a militant, leftist cabal of demons to grant our petition to live and breathe in Liberaldom. All non-illuminated whites are guilty as charged, and they will be dealt with. The conservative pundits who tell us we can affect change by voting are asking us to believe a lie so that they can keep their jobs as conservative pundits.

The hierarchy of organized Christian Jewry is part of the propaganda apparatus of the American Junta. They will permit the churches to exist so long as the churches support the junta. The liberals are constantly telling us the pre-Vatican II popes and the Protestant ministers in Germany did not speak out against Hitler. That, of course, is a lie. But our current crop of clerical sycophants do not speak out against a far greater danger than Hitler. They do not speak out against a Babylonian synthesis of horrors that makes Hitler’s regime seem like a bastion of decency in comparison. And I say this without any sympathy for Hitler’s regime. But is there any doubt which regime is the greater evil? As Christians we are not permitted, in theory, to choose the lesser of two evils, but in practice we might have to make such a Hobson’s choice if there are only two camps – the mad-dog liberals and the neo-pagans – who are doing the fighting. If all the ‘Christians’ side with the liberals because they are syncretic Christians, what will the European Christians do? They must fight, and they cannot fight with the mad-dog liberals and the syncretic Christians. Must they fight with the neo-pagans? No, they can’t. They must fight alone, as the few against the many. The upcoming civil war will not be pleasant – wars never are – but it would be even more unpleasant, it would be horrific, if we accepted the military dictatorship of the demon-crats and their Republican allies. When the Christian Saxons lost to the pagan Danes at the battle of Maldon in 991 AD, their “old companion” Byrhtwold sought to rally them for future battles in the war that they had to fight and win:

Byrhtwold spoke; he grasped his shield; he was an old companion; he shook his ash spear; full boldly he exhorted the warriors: ‘Thought shall be the harder, heart the keener, courage the greater, as our might lessons. Here lies our leader all hewn down, the valiant man in the dust; may he lament for ever who thinks now to turn from this war-play. I am old in age; I will not hence, but I purpose to lie by the side of my lord, by the man so dearly loved.’ Godric, the son of Æthelgar, likewise exhorted them all to fight. Often he let fly the spear, the deadly dart, against the Vikings, as he went foremost in the host. He hewed and struck down until he fell in the battle; that was not the Godric who fled from the fight.

To date the non-illuminated whites can be described as men who fled from the fight, because the democratic process demands that men must flee from Satan and his minions. Wouldn’t they, the liberal minions of Satan, be surprised if we suddenly turned in our flight and fought the liberal junta? +


(1) When I read Thomas Paine’s vitriolic, venomous attack on the God-Man, Jesus Christ, I feel as if I am reading the contemporary writings of the mad-dog liberals and the neo-pagans. Both groups are united with Paine in their hatred of the Light of the World. Who would be married to hell? The Christian Europeans must stand alone against the liberal world, forsaking all ideologies that are in opposition to His reign of charity.

(2) Louis XVI did not believe in the entirety of the Jacobin’s case against monarchal France, but he had been influenced by the pamphleteers, he was unable to see the satanic core of their rebellion:

But the spirit of ambition, now for the first time connected with the spirit of speculation, was not to be restrained at will. There was no longer any means of arresting a principle in it’s course. [136] When Louis the XVIth. under the influence of the enemies to Monarchy, meant to found but one Republic, he set up two. When he meant to take away half the crown of his neighbour, he lost the whole of his own. Louis the XVIth. could not with impunity countenance a new Republick: yet between his throne and that dangerous lodgment for an enemy, which he had erected, he had the whole Atlantick for a ditch. He had for an out-work the English nation itself, friendly to liberty, adverse to that mode of it. He was surrounded by a rampart of Monarchies, most of them allied to him, and generally under his influence. Yet even thus secured, a Republick erected under his auspices, and dependent on his power, became fatal to his throne. The very money which he had lent to support this Republick, by a good faith, which to him operated as perfidy, was punctually paid to his enemies, and became a resource in the hands of his assassins.  –Burke

The Swiss Guard who fought and died to the last man defending the Crown would not have had to die, nor did Louis XVI and his family and the countless number of French aristocrats have to die, had Louis seen that the Jacobins represented unmitigated evil and acted as a ruler must act in the face of unmitigated evil. So it was with Trump. If he had not believed, in part, in the justice of the liberals’ accusations of ‘racism’ against the white Europeans of the past, he would have acted forcibly against the rioters during the summer months prior to the November 3rd coup. Instead, he allowed them to assemble around the polling places in the battleground states and successfully intimidate the cowardly Republican shadows – shadows of the Demon-crats and shadows of men. When men in authority fail to act in defense of the good, the good are martyred, as the sainted Queen of France and the nobles of France were martyred:

What softening of character is to be had, what review of their social situations and duties is to be taught by these examples, to Kings, to Nobles, to Men of Property, to Women, and to Infants? The Royal Family perished, because it was royal. The Nobles perished, because they were noble. The Men, Women and Children, who had property, because they had property to be robbed of. The Priests were punished, after they had been robbed of their all, not for their vices, but for their virtues and their piety, which made them an honour to their sacred profession, and to that nature, of which we ought to be proud, since they belong to it. My Lord, nothing can be learned from such examples, except the danger of being Kings, Queens, Nobles, Priests, and Children to be butchered on account of their inheritance. These are things at which not Vice, not Crime, not Folly, but Wisdom, Goodness, Learning, [290] Justice, Probity, Beneficence stand aghast. By these examples our reason and our moral sense are not enlightened, but confounded; and there is no refuge for astonished and affrighted virtue, but being annihilated in humility and submission, sinking into a silent adoration of the inscrutable dispensations of Providence, and flying with trembling wings from this world of daring crimes, and feeble, pusillanimous, half-bred, bastard Justice, to the asylum of another order of things, in an unknown form, but in a better life.  -Burke

The four martyrs on the day of infamy and the countless white lives that will be lost during the military regime of Biden and his cohorts were and will be lost because there were and are no leaders in European America willing to rebuke any movement that forsakes His reign of charity and places “Black Lives Matter” at the forefront of their movement.

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