The Demons of Liberaldom

Gustave Dore. The Vision of Death

“Listen,” repeated Isidora, “is there no truth in the voice that speaks to you in tones like these? Alas! if there be no truth in religion, there is none on earth! Passion itself evanishes into an illusion, unless it is hallowed by the consciousness of a God and of futurity. That sterility of the heart that forbids the growth of divine feeling, must be hostile also to every tender and generous sentiment. He who is without a God must be without a heart!

C. Maturin


Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.


I knew Trump’s electoral victory in 2016 was a rear guard delaying action, not a genuine victory, but I still wanted to see it extended four more years. Even though it was only a sliver of Christian humanity that we saw during Trump’s administration, that tiny sliver was worth something. Now that Trump is gone the leftward march of the Jacobins will continue onward at an accelerated rate. The only thing we can take out of this military coup that has any value, and it is not enough to make up for all the evils, is a certain moral clarity. We no longer need to play the democratic game. And in point of fact we must not play the democratic game, because it is the devil’s game.

Recently, during a snow storm, I went out to one of my favorite hills at the edge of town and started running up and down it. A young man shoveling his walk obviously thought it rather odd to see an old man running up and down a hill in the middle of a snow storm, because he asked me why I was doing such a ridiculous thing. Since I do not hold political office or a job in academia, I told him why I was running up and down the hill: “I don’t drink or take drugs, so this is my way of staving off the post-election depression.” The young man’s reply was quite interesting: “I hear you. Why don’t we all just get our guns and blow the blankety-blank sons of blankety-blank away?” Why indeed?

The lines from Macbeth keep recurring to me: “Fit to govern? Not fit to live!” That describes the liberals in every branch of our government.(1) The violent overthrow of such creatures would certainly be a worthy and moral endeavor, but it would be immoral to mount a frontal attack, a traditional military counterrevolution, against the liberals from hell, because we would be wasting the lives of the good and true whites in an impossible cause. If Trump, as soon has he took office in 2016, had replaced the Obama military chiefs with his own people, and if he had worked secretly and diligently to strike quickly and decisively at the appointed hour – let us say on November 3, 2020 – to overthrow the demon-cracy of the liberals, by abolishing the satanic Supreme Court, by abolishing the House and Senate, and by abolishing the media and all the institutions of ‘higher’ learning, then we would have had every reason to support a counterrevolution, because it would have been right and proper and it would have had a reasonable prospect of success. But Trump was not a counterrevolutionary; he had no intention of overturning our demon-cracy and setting up a benevolent dictatorship, which is a great pity. Without the backing of a leader who has a large segment of the military on his side, as was the case with Franco and Pinochet, a direct military confrontation with the liberals, who own the army and the police, would be immoral, not because violence against the liberal Jacobins is immoral, but because the violence would be useless. The liberals would simply massacre the white counterrevolutionaries. And that is what I told the angry young man who wanted, understandably, to blow all the blankety-blanks away.

That having been said against direct military confrontations with the military junta, we must, if we are European Christians, do all we can to build up the heart to resist in our people. We must encourage them to fight for the Christian hearth fire values, for kith and kin. But we must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. We must fight and kill in the name of the soft and gentle, the innocents in the womb and our people who are so far from doing harm that they suspect none, but we must fight with hearts of fire and wisdom. We need to have the rage of Lear in the storm – “I’ll do such things!” – but we also need to have the wisdom to know where and how to “do such things.”

There is a great white anger out there, but we need leadership, Christian leadership such as Nathan Bedford Forrest provided the South in those dark days after the Civil War. That leadership does not exist in the ranks of the men who have been incorrectly labeled conservatives. The history of American conservatism, with a few exceptions in the Southern United States, has been a history of the moderate branch of liberalism. There were the leftists, who were not moderate, who wanted to go very rapidly toward utopia, and then there were the moderate liberals, who wanted to move more slowly toward utopia. But the moderate liberals, who masquerade as conservatives, have never advocated a return to old Europe, to the right-wing values stemming from a Christian theocracy. Such a return would have been against the core values of liberty, equality, and fraternity. And what is missing in the conservative theories in the 20th and 21st centuries is that which is necessary: white pietas. I do not use the term ‘feudalism’ because it has medieval connotations, and Christendom is much more than just the medieval ages. Christendom did not die until the 20th century when the European people abandoned the God who enters human hearts for the God who enters human minds. When we lost our blood connection to the living God, we became Gnostic men without a real existence. The guerilla warfare, the midnight raids on the bastions of liberalism, will only come about when the European people begin to feel that they are a people, a people bound to each other and their Savior in spirit and blood. I don’t see that happening right now, but there is a white anger that has been unleashed by the military coup of 2020 that could be the start of something more than anger; it could be the first step on the road back to white pietas.

During the final days of the Trump appeals, I saw a News Max ‘conservative’ pundit interviewing one of the Proud Boys, the brave young men who go up against Antifa AR15s with baseball bats. The ‘conservative’ interviewer was giving the Proud Boy a chance to refute the liberals’ charges against the Proud Boys, but there was one question he kept coming back to: “You are not racist, are you?” And the Proud Boy would answer, “No, we are not.” That mini-liturgical ritual – “You are not racist?” and the reply, “No, we are not” – gives the lie to the conservatives. They are not conservative when they try to conserve the fusion of the noble black savage and Christianity. You cannot serve two masters: you cannot serve Christ and the sacred negro. At Christmastime the word ‘Christ’ is viewed as politically incorrect, but on Martin Luther King Jr. day all those who do not praise his name in the reverent tones once reserved for Jesus Christ are cast into outer darkness. Where your treasure lies, so lies your heart. If we treasure the noble black savage, if our greatest fear is the fear of being ‘racist,’ then we will never become a people again. The conservatives in church and state are the great enemies of the European people.(2) They are the other side of the liberal coin Satan has created to perpetuate his reign here on earth. He sends us two evils so that if we flee from one evil to the other, we will still remain in his camp. Americanism, Jacobinism, and communism all stem from the same root, which is hell. It is pietas – the love of our own in and through the Savior – that Satan fears. That is why he has attacked the European people through his champions, men such as Paine and Rousseau. And that is why we, the European people, live in captivity, a Babylonian captivity; we have lost our vision of the living God who comes to human hearts and replaced that God with an intellectual construct of an impersonal God called the noble black savage. That god will never and has never existed in reality. He only exists in the satanic minds of the liberals who have built their ‘utopia’ with the terrible swift sword of ‘racism.’ But it is only white racism that is evil because it is only white racism that is grounded in the pietas which must be destroyed and never revived, because such a revival would bring back His reign of charity. And that, from the devil’s standpoint, would be the ultimate horror.

I said that in the aftermath of the coup there is now moral clarity. Perhaps I should have said, there should be moral clarity, because I really can’t say I see any moral clarity in the conservative pundits. They are still telling atrocity stories about the demon-crats and telling us to vote and trust the demon-cratic process to wash all our troubles away. “Keep the faith,” they tell us, “and vote Republican.” Perhaps we should keep another faith – the faith of our Fathers. Chateaubriand tells us that Adam “sought to embrace the universe, not with the sentiments of his heart, but with the power of thought, and, advancing to the tree of knowledge, he admitted into his mind a ray of light that overpowered it.” The modern Europeans have gone back to the original sin. They have rejected the God who comes to human hearts in order to embrace the God who illuminates technocratic, inhuman minds. But that illuminated light is not from the God who took flesh and dwelt among us, it is not the light that shineth in darkness. The light of mental illumination comes from Satan. He bids us seek that illumination in order to plunge us into confusion, despair, and ultimately, into hell itself. The conservatives’ failure to see the hell that is liberalism, their willingness to sup with the devil and his minions, is something that makes a European Christian recoil in horror. We can’t make common cause with ‘conservatives’ who tell us to sup with the devil. Cortez did not sit and eat with Montezuma as he dined on the hearts of small children. Instead he personally tore down the altar of Quetzalcoatl and imposed his cultural values on the ‘natural, organic’ Aztecs. How is it possible to accept the liberals’ institutionalized Satanism without reacting as Cortez and his men reacted to the institutionalized demonic savagery of the Aztecs? It is only possible when the people whose ancestors took Christ into their hearts have left the Dream of the Rood for the dream of a utopia of the Illuminati who dance around an altar consecrated to the noble black savage.

In Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, the main character, Kurtz, who has made a descent into depravity and savagery, dies with the words, “the horror, the horror,” on his lips. Conrad’s alter ego, Marlowe, says of Kurtz, “it is something to have judged.” Kurtz was not, at his end, without some moral discernment – he saw what he had become and he was horrified by that evil. Trump did win the election – he got the majority of the votes. But a very large minority – almost half the country – voted for Biden and Harris. And the ‘conservatives’ who didn’t actually vote for the Biden-Harris ticket are advising us to deal demon-cratically with the new Biden-Harris regime. Do we see the depths of that tragedy? If we cannot see the horror, if we can actually accept and/or acquiesce to the liberals’ horror, then we have truly gone where no European has ever gone before. We have embraced Satan without a qualm or a single look back at what we once were as a people.

In 1820 Charles Maturin, an Irish clergyman, wrote a novel called Melmoth the Wanderer. In the novel the devil gives the main character an extra 150 years on earth, but he must, in that 150 years, find someone to take his place or else he will be eternally damned. Maturin takes us through a labyrinth of evil, introducing us to some hideous people who seem to be beyond redemption. But in the end, they all reject Melmoth’s devilish bargain. No matter what sins they are guilty of, they still, in the deepest recesses of their hearts, cling to their hope of redemption through Him who saves. They will not give up their souls to gain the world. So what starts out as a terribly dark novel turns out to be a story of redemption through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is not the case in the modern European nations. Writing in the latter half of the 18th century, Burke said that we were spending the unbought grace of life. And Herbert Butterfield, writing in 1950, said that we were barely surviving on the fumes of Christianity. When there are no Europeans left who will fight for His reign of charity, the link between His kingdom come and our earthly pilgrimage is severed. Without any remorse, with a satanic glee, the liberals are imposing their satanic will on the world. If the European people cannot see that horror, they will not fight it. In the name of our Savior, we must see the unmitigated evil of liberalism and we must, with the charity that is linked to His divine charity, combat the horror with our whole heart, mind, and soul. +


(1) I see that Liz Cheney has signed on to the impeachment of Trump. There is absolutely no difference between the Republican Demon-crats, the Democratic Demon-crats, and the robed demons on the Supreme Court. They all live in, and enjoy, the hell on earth they have created by giving their souls to Satan. “If, having entered hell you feel no flame, then you deserve the place to which you came.”

(2) We must challenge the ‘conservatives’ in church and state who use their alleged concern for the noble black savage to attack Christ’s reign of charity and defend Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth. How can you base your religion on the hatred of your own people? When the European people loved their own, in and through Christ, they extended that love to the stranger. It does not work the other way around. You can’t hate your own people and love the stranger, because he who hates his own people cannot love anyone or anything. The modern Europeans’ alleged love for the noble black savage is grounded in intellectual pride and vanity. It pleases them to be the superior mind in charge of protecting the new suffering servant – the noble black savage. Never, never, never cave in to the blasphemy of the noble black savage.

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