Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Nearer to Thee!
E’en though it be a cross
That raiseth me

-Sarah Flower Adams


And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Revelations 13: 15-18


Early on in Shakespeare’s King Lear, the evil, bastard son of Gloucester gives a fiery defense of bastardy and evil. In the margin of his volume of Shakespeare, Melville commented on Edmund’s speech: “There is an energy to demonism that mere virtue often lacks.” Therein lies the answer to Trump’s electoral defeat and the demise of the European people in the nations that once belonged to them. The white-hating liberals are animated by the demonic energy of Satan while the white grazers are devoid of the spiritual force necessary to combat the liberals, despite the fact that in sheer numbers they outnumber the liberals. This is not only the case in America, it is the case in all the European countries. What started out as a tiny liberal minority has grown into a large minority, but still, even in our modern pigsty European nations, the mad-dog liberals do not constitute a majority of the whites. And that is why the liberals must continue to ‘de-white’ the European nations; they need to join with the colored barbarians in order to form a majority coalition against the whites who are not willing to embrace liberalism in its entirety.

The unique feature of the American pigsty is that the American liberals in this last ‘election’ found a way to dispense with building a majority coalition. The un-silent minority simply imposed their will on the majority by fiat. The American election fraud has been noted by the liberals in the other European nations. Now they see that they do not have to wait for majority coalitions to impose their will on the white grazers, they can simply declare themselves the victors in every election. Who will say them nay? Weakness is something you dare not show to a satanic enemy, and that is what the white grazers showed in the election of 2020. They allowed the liberals to steal the election and they did nothing. Appealing to the satanic Supreme Court is the equivalent of doing nothing; it is “seeking redemption from the devil.” Now it is open season on the non-illuminated whites, because the liberals know they will not fight.

The Illuminati, the liberals, have been at war with non-illuminated whites for over two hundred years, so what has really changed in this last election? What has changed is that the liberals no longer see the need to camouflage what they are doing. And when they no longer need to camouflage what they are doing, they can proceed with the destruction of the non-illuminated whites at an accelerated rate. The absence of a right-wing with men committed to a civilization grounded in pietas – the love of one particular people, those of your own blood, and the love of one particular God, Jesus Christ — has proved to be the downfall of the European people. Without white pietas they do not have the “passionate intensity” to combat the liberals’ passionate, satanic hatred of the white race.

Yeats saw that the “blood red tide was loose,” because “the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” But Yeats sought to counter “the worst” with his occult theology. He believed the ‘discredited’ and ‘obsolete’ faith in the God-Man, Jesus Christ, could not stand up to the demonism of “the worst.” And he was right, to a certain extent: Intellectual Christianity cannot stand up to the satanic faith of the Illuminati because there is no true faith, the kind of faith that moves mountains, in intellectual Christianity. There is no blood and heart in intellectual Christianity, and faith, according to our Lord and His apostle, St. Paul, is of the blood and of the heart. Intellectual Christianity is grounded in a denial of the wellspring of faith, that still quiet voice in the human heart, which bids us seek our Lord and Savior. Can we give that still, quiet voice a name? Yes, we can. It is the Holy Ghost. And we are told by our Lord that the denial of the Holy Ghost is the one sin that shall not be forgiven.

In the Gospels the demons know who Christ is, and so does their master, the devil. But neither the demons nor the devil have any understanding of Christ because their demonic hearts are full of pride, envy, and fear of Christ. They do not love Him, they hate Him. But they can’t attack Him directly, so they attack Him by attacking His children, those who believe in Him and love Him. In an old English poem from what the liberals call the Dark Ages — because the light of Christ’s love shone in those ‘Dark Ages’ — is a poet’s depiction of Satan rallying his demonic troops:

We must earnestly plan to satisfy our vengeance on Adam and on his children together with him, if ever we can, to deprive Him there of his desire, if we can in any way devise it. No longer do I look to regain that light, that happiness, which He thinks long to enjoy with the host of his angels. We can never succeed in appeasing the wrath of mighty God. Let us snatch it from the sons of men, that heavenly kingdom, now that we may not have it, cause them to abandon His allegiance, to break the behest which He uttered. Then He will be angry at them in His heart, dismiss them from His protection; then they shall seek this hell and these dread depths; then we can have them for our followers, the sons of men, in these firm bonds.

Satan sets forth:

Then God’s foe began to prepare himself, ready in his trappings; he had a faithless heart. He set on his head a helmet which made its wearer unseen, and bound it full tightly, fastened it with clasps. He knew many speeches of wicked words. He winged his way thence, passed through the doors of hell; by the fiend’s art the fire was cleft in two. He purposed to beguile God’s followers, men, secretly by evil deeds, to mislead and allure them, so that they should grow hateful to God.

-“Genesis B.” in R. K. Gordon. Anglo-Saxon Poetry

We must see that the liberals have taken on the mantle of Satan. Everything they do is dictated by their hatred of Christ, whom they attack through His people. No European can be admitted into the liberals’ kingdom of hell on earth unless he completely repudiates the Christ of old Europe. That is the conundrum of the white grazers, the non-illuminated whites who voted for Trump. They want so desperately to be part of the liberals’ world, but they also want to retain some Christian things as well. So they attempt to blend Christ with liberalism. The Protestants blend Judaism, negro worship, and Christianity, while the Roman Catholics blend Islam, Judaism, negro worship, tree-hugging, Buddhism, and every other religion under the sun with Christianity. And the more syncretic an organized ‘Christian’ church becomes, the more evil it becomes. The Roman Catholics went 60% for Biden while the Evangelicals went 75% for Trump. But in the end every attempt to blend Christ results in either a complete embrace of the devil or a surrender to the passionate intensity of the devil and his minions. You can’t be passionately for both the devil and for Christ. If you reject the Christ of old Europe, because the Europeans of the past were ‘racist’ you will end up in the liberals’ camp. Yes, our ancestors were ‘racist.’ They were so racist that they loved their own people as Christ loved them. Without that love for our own people, in and through Christ, we are nothing, we haven’t the passion to love or hate. And without that passion, without that spiritual intensity, a man or woman becomes the prey of the devil who roams the world seeking the ruin of souls. The weak majority without a passionate faith will always lose to the devil’s own who have a strong, passionate, intense faith – the hatred of Jesus Christ. The white grazers love Christ with a diluted love – they want a non-Europe-centric Christ more compatible with liberalism. And the liberals want undiluted Satanism. Who wins when those two forces clash? Those who hate with the unadulterated hatred of Satan shall always win out over those who want a little bit of Christianity in their liberal churches.

Lincoln said that the Civil War in this country would determine whether a nation conceived by Satan could long endure. I know he used the term “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal,” but the proposition amounts to the same thing – conceived and dedicated to Satan. Equality is the nice sounding catchword that the devil uses to seduce mankind. He promised Adam and Eve equality with God, and his minions promise mankind a utopian equality of swine if they will embrace liberty, equality, and fraternity. But equality never means what it should mean: instead of a moral equality before God, the devil wants to see men turned to swine. And he wants some swine to be more equal: the colored swine and the illuminated swine. Nothing is more reprehensible than watching the swine, Republican and Demon-crat, competing for the pig swill of this world while stopping any attempt to de-swine the swine, to turn them back into humans again. The ‘conservatives’ always seek to please the liberals by showing them they are non-violent and not racist, because they want to be part of the devil’s Pigsquealia.

Why, if white pietas is evil, is the devil so passionately against it? The major weapon of Satan’s minions is always the race card. Their friendly opponents, the non-illuminated white grazers, are always put on the defensive by accusations of racism. They plead, on their knees, that they are not racist while conceding that their ancestors were racist. But their ancestors were full-blooded, passionate Christians. If the modern white grazer wants to be part of Liberaldom he must, or so he thinks, repudiate the passionate, heartfelt faith of his ancestors, the European people, in exchange for a faith in the unrepentant Jew, the sacred negro, Islam, the people of the Amazon rain forest, and, bringing up the rear, Jesus Christ. Is that a faith that will defeat the devil? No, it is not.

In his concession speech, Trump said to his followers that they had started something. No, they didn’t. If Trump and his followers still believe in demon-cracy after what has happened to them, then it would have been much better had Trump never run for the presidency. (1) The great value of Trump’s defeat in 2020 is that it stripped away the masks from the liberals’ faces and revealed their satanic visages. We can see clearly, if we have eyes to see, that democracy is demon-cracy. When we have elections, they are only meant to choose candidates who comply with Satan’s will. If there is one single spark of Christian humanity in a candidate, then that candidate will be crushed as Trump was crushed. Our courts, particularly our Supreme Court, are satanic; our legislators, Republican and Demon-crat, are satanic; and our churches exist only to caution us against embracing the racism of the Christ-bearing, non-democratic Christians of old Europe. “We must,” they tell us, “be democratic and inclusive,” and we must not be “racist and insular.” But we must be ‘racist’; we must love our own in and through Christ. If we don’t, we will be unable to love Christ and hate the devil, we will continue to be the slaves of the demon-cratic Democrats and their shadows, the Republicans, who both serve the archangel Satan.

I have always looked on Aeschylus’ play Prometheus Bound as a Christian play even though it predates Christ’s entry into human history. I view it as Christian because Aeschylus portrays the divinity of charity. Prometheus opposed the cruel gods of Mt. Olympus – he stole fire from them and gave it to mankind because he felt sorry for suffering humanity. And of course we know what his punishment was – he was bound upon a rock, with eagles pecking his entrails. Aeschylus’ vision of charity, that charity had to be the main attribute of a true God, was a prefiguration of the Christ story. All the truly great stories include the suffering servant. What was great in Trump’s story was that he was on Mt. Olympus with the Illuminati of Liberaldom. He could have remained on Mt. Olympus and watched while his fellow gods tortured and destroyed the non-illuminated, the mere mortals who make up the ranks of the non-illuminated whites. But instead, he came down from Mt. Olympus in an attempt to give fire to mortals. Prometheus was a forerunner of the one true God, the Suffering Servant, who was tied to a cross instead of a rock while the scribes, the Pharisees, and the pagan Romans pecked at His entrails. What is noble in Trump was his charitable outreach to non-illuminated whites who had, until he ran for office, no-one to stand between them and the devil’s minions. And what was noble in Trump’s supporters was that they gave him their love because of his sacrifice for them. But where the whole Trump movement falls apart is at the vital heart of existence. All that we are as a people and as individuals is bound up with our racial hearth fire and pietas. If we deny our racial hearth fire, if we condemn white pietas, we will forever be the slaves of the devil who keeps his kingdom in order by making the living God into an intellectual construct. Without pietas we can have no blood ties to man or to God. We won’t be able to love and hate with all our hearts. And consequently we will lose all the major battles in life to the liberals, who are incapable of love but who hate with the passion and fury of Satan.

The moral zeitgeist belongs to the liberals — they have a purity of faith. That was glaringly apparent during this last election year. The liberals’ minions burned, looted, and murdered with impunity last summer while the white grazers recited their litany of non-violence and Americanism. And the conservatives would not accept a leadership role in a counterrevolution; instead they sought to conserve liberalism. They wanted to ‘humanize’ the devil instead of combating him. Why do they want to sup with the devil? Because the devil is a “very clever fellow.” As Hawthorne tells us in “The Celestial Railroad,” as Melville tells us in The Confidence Man, and as Josh Turner tells us in “The Long Black Train,” the devil always promises us something that Christ won’t give us – the kingdom of heaven on this earth. What that kingdom entails is different to different people. For a satanic Supreme Court Justice such as Amy Coney Barrett, it gives her the opportunity to have a blended, interracial family, to wear pontifical robes, and to use those robes as an excuse to sanction the devil’s rule. A conservative pundit needs the devil to guarantee that he can continue with his punditry on into eternity. If he attacks the devil’s system, if he calls democracy demon-cracy, then he will lose his pundit credentials. And on it goes – the Republican legislators prefer Biden because Biden supports an unadulterated reign of Satan without one single Christian glitch in Satan’s machinery, and the white grazers must ultimately go along with the ‘conservatives’ who conserve liberalism, because they also want something they think only the liberals can provide. And the word ‘think’ is the operative word. For where our treasure is, there will our heart be also. Religion has become, in the Western world, a thing of the mind. The liberals have taken Satan into their hearts, and they have advanced his cause in the intellectual arena – in academia, in the churches (which have become pathetic ‘Amen’ choruses to academia), and in all of our major media outlets. The white grazer hasn’t the heart to overcome that propaganda deluge. His resistance was his support for some humanity within Satandom, hence his support for Trump. And now that Trump has lost, the white grazers’ resistance is “my vote has been stolen” posters.

Forrest’s counterrevolution outlasted his lifetime; his people retained their culture into the 1950s before they completely surrendered to liberalism. Franco’s counterrevolution lasted for his lifetime and as soon as he died the Spanish people immediately embraced liberalism. And Pinochet, that brave and noble man, was forced to witness the return of his people to the pigsty of liberalism before his death. Each counterrevolution became weaker as the heart of those counterrevolutions became more economic than Christian in substance. We must be motivated by a blood faith in the God of mercy and the love of our own people, we must have “that charity of honor” in order to fight and win a counterrevolution and then sustain that counterrevolution. That is why it is Forrest and his Christian soldiers who must be our exemplars; their counterrevolution outlasted them because it was grounded in pietas and was sustained by pietas. When the liberals’ narrative prevailed – “the old South and Old Europe were racist” – the counterrevolution, the anti-Jacobin movement, failed.

You cannot mount a counterrevolution based on purely economic motives. It is completely legitimate to vote for the candidate with sound economic policies, but economics cannot be primary. We must love our Christian heritage, we must love as our ‘racist’ European ancestors loved. In that old hymn sung by those blessed Christian European heroes as they went to their deaths on the Titanic, having placed the women and children in the lifeboats – “Nearer, my God, to Thee! E’en though it be a cross That raiseth me” – we see what pietas is. To sing that hymn and to believe it, as those men who loved their own in and through the Savior did, is all in all.

We shall not put a dent in Satan’s reign of terror, of which the good old USA is the leader and sustainer, until we have white pietas once again. How can we be nearer to God when He bids us take up our cross in order to follow Him? Our ancestors knew how that was possible, but the modern Europeans do not know how it is possible because they have forsaken their hearts in order to embrace all or part of liberalism. That still, quiet voice, the Holy Ghost, is still alive in our hearts. If we listen to His voice, He will point us to the vital center of old Europe, our Lord and Savior, who will sustain us in the counterrevolution that we must fight. +


(1) My extreme depression in the wake of this electoral defeat is like unto that of Jacob Marley in The Christmas Carol, who wants to interfere in human lives for their own good but cannot. I want to help my family members to weather this tragedy, but I must watch my women weep and my sons deprived of work through the COVID-19 ‘crisis’ without being able to help them to the extent that I would like to help them. And secondly – I love Trump for what he tried to do for the non-illuminated white grazers. Now that he has no official standing, I fear for his family and for him, yet I can do nothing to help him. And thirdly, I cannot prepare the white grazers for what is coming upon them, because they still are “so far from doing harms that they suspect none.” They still believe in demon-cracy and the benevolence of the liberals: “They are just misguided.”

I take no pleasure in, ‘I told you so.’ Edgar is right: “Men must endure their going hence even as they are coming hither.” But to observe the suffering of your loved ones and to be unable to alleviate that suffering is the hardest task given us on this earth. Yes, we must pray. When hope seems not just nearly gone, but completely gone, we still must pray because that is what our Lord, through the Holy Ghost, tells us we must do.

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