The Deed of Death

Dore. Babylon fallen

Beyond the infinite and boundless reach
Of mercy, if thou didst this deed of death
Art thou damned.

-Shakespeare, King John


For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

Revelations 18: 5


I don’t like the sci-fi genre in literature or movies, so I suppose I have no right to reference it, but Burke once quoted Bolingbroke even though he disliked his writings, so let me quote from the original Star Trek television show: “To boldly go where no man has gone before.” On January 20th, the United States of America is going to go where no European nation has ever gone before: they are going to openly acknowledge that this country worships Satan. All the European nations under the guise of ‘we the people’ democracy have been trafficking with Satan for over one hundred years, but they never made it explicit because there were still many Europeans who needed the façade of Christianity to remain intact before they could wholeheartedly support demon-cracy. So the shadows of Christianity, Christian outward forms with weak marshmallow insides, such as ‘prolife’ movements and ‘Christian’ democratic parties, were allowed to remain in the Western world. But the prophetic fire has gone from the Christ-bearing people – the fire of men like Burke and Dostoyevsky, who warned the European people of the hellish world we would inhabit if we cast the Suffering Servant aside for our new manmade Jacobin systems of government. Will that fire ever return? We shall see, but as of now there is no indication that the spiritual fire of the prophets, which became part of the European people’s soul when they embraced the embodiment of the prophetic fire, our Lord and Savior, will ever be seen in the European nations again.

What we have now in the European nations are little Christian marshmallow fires that are permitted to smolder so long as they do not threaten the larger satanic fire rapidly spreading throughout the European nations. What the Trump election, which became a non-election, represents is a declaration by the liberals that even the marshmallow fires shall be extinguished. There must be and there shall be no fire other than the one great fire – the all-consuming fire of the archangel Lucifer. The American tragedy is that we never had a right-wing. Without a right-wing, without men who are determined to conserve and defend a throne and altar consecrated to Christ, which is the guarantee that a people’s Christian culture and traditions will be conserved, you do not really have a spiritual core in your nation worthy to defend. American ‘conservatives’ have always invoked our revolutionary founding fathers and our marvelous Constitution in their fight against their liberal brethren. They maintain that the American Revolution was not Jacobin in spirit, often citing Burke’s opposition to certain unjust taxes that the British government imposed on the American colonies. But Burke never thought the American Revolution was a good thing. He told Benjamin Franklin he thought that America was much better off as part of Britain, but he did not feel you could force the Americans to be part of Britain if they didn’t desire to be part of it. And in point of fact, one-third of the Americans wanted to stay with Britain (a whole colony of those Americans settled in New Brunswick), one-third were indifferent, and one-third wanted to be ‘independent.’ Conservatives who like to claim our Revolution was a conservative revolution are like the conservative Catholics who constantly defend the Vatican II documents by claiming they can be interpreted in light of traditional church teaching. Oh really? Then why haven’t they been interpreted in light of traditional church teaching? And conversely, why, at every step along our wonderful constitutional path to hell, have our courts interpreted the Constitution with an eye on what is leftward and ‘progressive’? And why was the anti-Jacobin South unconstitutionally forbidden to leave the Union when she perceived that the Northern government was a Jacobin government? The Constitution is mere paper and ink; it is our faith and our race that defines who we are as a people and what we should fight to preserve. (1)

The liberals are anti-Christian, and because they are anti-Christian, they are anti-white. Trump’s victory in 2016 was a rearguard defensive action that took the liberals by surprise. But neither Trump nor his followers looked on his election as a rear-guard movement that bought white people some time to lick their wounds and mount a counterattack against the liberals. They didn’t do what a defeated people should do, because they did not see themselves as a defeated people. They saw themselves as one faction of liberals who had just won a victory over another faction of liberals. About a month ago I mentioned that there was no spirit of counterrevolution among the Trump supporters I had talked to. Nor, apparently, was there any spirit of counterrevolution among the Trump supporters in the big march on Washington. The liberals successfully depicted the protestors who breached the barricade as ‘violent rioters,’ but they were not. They were unarmed and determined to carry their nonviolent protest to the halls of Congress. The poor deluded souls did not realize that there is no justice or mercy in a nation consecrated to Satan.

Let us look, one more time as it fades into oblivion, at the Trump phenomenon. Who were the hard-core Trumpers? Why did, and do, the liberals hate them and Trump? And what is behind the Trumpers’ pacifism and inability to see the demonic nature of their enemies? Everything in European culture is centered on Christianity. All the modern heresies, Jacobinism, Americanism, Marxism, millennialism, and negro worship are Christian heresies, and liberalism is the synthesis of all the anti-Christian heresies. In the United States the synthesis of all those heresies has reached its most advanced stage. What was tolerated 20 years ago can no longer be tolerated today, because the liberal express train to hell can never stop or turn back. The Trumpers accepted most of the liberal agenda; they were willing to worship a blended Christ who was not the Christ of old Europe, and they were willing to worship the negro, but they wanted white people to be included in the universal liberal aggregate. However, that could not be tolerated because the non-illuminated whites, the whites who would not condemn whiteness itself as the original sin, had to be purged. The non-illuminated whites did not want to be purged, which is why they supported Trump, but ultimately, because they are devout believers in liberalism, they could not make war against the liberals. They will go to their doom, reciting their democratic litany: “We are non-violent, we are not racist, we are non-violent; we are not racist, we believe in the democratic process; though the democratic process slay us yet will we have faith in it.” (2) As they recite the litany, the Trumpers salute an American flag right before they line up to go into the execution chambers that have been prepared for them. Do I exaggerate? Unfortunately I do not. Every time two or three Trumpers are gathered together, you hear the litany of racial and religious suicide.

Our Lord tells us in Luke 12: 34 that, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” What do the Trumpers treasure, where are their hearts? Ah, there’s the rub. The Trumpers’ hearts are imprisoned by intellectual theories of God and patriotism. In religion their God is an esoteric God created by a break-away Anglican cleric in the early 1830s who made Christ subordinate to the unrepentant Jew. And their patriotism? It is not grounded in pietas – “I will fight for those of my own blood” – it is grounded in the equality heresy – “My country, ‘tis of thee, sweet land of liberty” – liberty from any blood connection to our kith and kin and our God.

Our prayer should be “His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” But who is the He whose will should be done? Is it the Christ of old Europe or is it the blended Christ of the new Europe? The blended Christ is subordinate to Satan, which is why the ‘conservatives’ fell all over themselves to condemn the ‘violence’ of the few: “most were non-violent.” Do the liberals ever condemn the violence of their minions? No, they do not. Because they are on the right side, they belong to Satan.

Satan is not an original thinker. He parodies, in everything he does, the living God. Satan wants his will to be done on earth as it is in hell. And in hell there is no heart-to-heart communion among mortals and there is no heart-to-heart connection to the living God. The Trumpers want to maintain some remnants of humanity within the confines of hell. That cannot be. You must either resist the liberals’ determination to go where no nation has gone before – to hell on earth – with all your heart and soul – which means “to the knife” – or you must acquiesce to the liberals and descend into Satan’s hell on earth. January 20th will either be the beginning of the counterrevolution or it will be the final bonfire that shall completely consume the white Europeans in its flames. It seems like it will be the latter, but there is always the fairy tale ending: “When hope seems nearly gone, God’s relief to us will surely come.”

Will God’s relief “surely come”? John 14: 14 is a very comforting verse, and it is also a very troubling verse: “If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.” What if we ask something in His name, and nothing happens? The unanswered prayer, particularly if it is a fervent heartfelt prayer, is a very great obstacle to faith. I don’t have an adult answer to the unanswered prayer that would satisfy a philosopher. In pure philosophy there is no loving God, but is there something beyond philosophy, are there “more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy”? As a young boy, I was sent to a camp for boys; the theory of such camps was that young boys could meet and do all sorts of ‘fun’ thing together. One of those ‘fun’ things at the camp I attended was a long canoe trip that entailed camping overnight in the woods – “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” On the second day of the canoe trip we were all supposed to canoe over what seemed, in my child’s mind, to be very treacherous rapids. I’m sure they weren’t really very treacherous, but in my mind’s eye they were a death trap. Some of the boys felt as I did and refused to go. One of the counselors, with great disgust, had the “cowardly” boys take up their canoes and walk around the rapids. I was too cowardly to admit I was afraid, so I got to have the ‘fun’ of canoeing down the rapids. Again, I must stress that I thought the rapids meant death; I was afraid. But I had a child’s heart that had been exposed to the Gospel of Christ. I had never heard of St. Thomas Aquinas or John Calvin, but I had heard of gentle Jesus who bids us take our cares and troubles to Him in prayer. I prayed to gentle Jesus and I lost all my fears. I never as an adult have ever been able to feel the complete security and confidence in God’s grace and His loving personal concern for me that I felt then when I was still a child in my faith. In similar circumstances as an adult I would have said, “Plenty of people pray and their prayers are unanswered. Many good people suffer terribly and they pray. Many evil people do not pray and they flourish…” That and similar conundrums would occur to my ‘adult’ mind.

I prayed fervently for Trump’s victory, and I know there were others, there were millions, who prayed fervently for Trump’s victory. But there were also millions upon millions of Southerners who prayed for the victory of the South in that terrible civil war. And yet then, as now, the forces of Satan, won. We cannot comprehend the seeming indifference of God to our prayers unless we go beyond the magic of intellectual Christianity to the deeper magic, the magic of the heart-of-my-heart and blood-of-my-blood faith in Christ Jesus.  This election should make us cast off demon-cracy and fight evil as men, at least European men, were meant to fight evil. The Trumpers who will not fight do not know the Christ who is “the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” They only know an ecumenical Christ who floats around in a universal aggregate of false gods – the gods of color, the god of the Jews, and the god of demon-cracy, who is Satan. We cannot seek redemption from the devil. And isn’t that what the Trumpers did by placing all their hopes in our supremely satanic Supreme Court? (3)

I have actually heard Trumpers say they were against the men and women who stormed the halls of Congress because they destroyed public property. Oh, the horror of sympathy for the devil and his minions! Those congressmen and women are the devil’s own. If the bravados who breached the barricades had killed all the members of Congress who intended to vote against a reelection every single execution would have been meritorious. Those creatures from hell, those satanic, inhuman, congressional vultures from hell, with malice aforethought, intend to consecrate our nation to Satan on January 20th. But that is not as bad – horrors of horrors! – as destroying public property, is it? (4) It all comes down to this – Christians of the old European stock do not permit the rule of Satan. We must be blood and heart Christians. If we insist on being demon-cratic and intellectual Christians, we shall see Satan’s banner over our nation for the rest of our natural lives, and those who honor that banner shall burn in hell for all eternity. That is not a consummation that I wish for, but then I do not understand the ‘higher’ religion of demon-cracy, pacifism, and non-violence – non-violence on the white side and nothing but violence on the Illuminati’s and the colored minions’ side. If we see Him, our Lord Jesus Christ, with the eyes of a child, we will write a new chapter of European history; we will cast off the rule of Satan and live in the light of His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. +


(1) “Throw our paper platforms, preambles and resolutions, guaranties and constitutions, into the fire, and we should be none the worse off, provided we retained our institutions – and the necessities that begot, and have, so far, continued them.” (George Fitzhugh)

The necessity that has begot and continued our institutions is the God-Man, Jesus Christ.

(2) The ‘conservatives’ in the alternative news outlets such as Newsmax and Breitbart are still behaving like Hitler in the bunker who ordered non-existent troops to fight a war he had already lost. They are still giving us the ‘news’ of the liberals’ atrocities so that we can vote the liberals out. But we did vote against the liberals. We voted against them in record numbers and our votes were thrown back in our faces. I look on that as a challenge to a duel to the death. The conservative pundits seem to look on the liberals’ challenge as a mandate to grovel before the liberal Sanhedrin and recite the democratic litany over and over again: “We are not racist, we are non-violent, we love demon-cracy.” And the cowardly Republicans and the Democrats in the House and Senate are vying with each other to see who can condemn the ‘rioters’ more. None of them condemned Black Lives Matter or Antifa, but the ‘rioters’ must be condemned. On January 20th, the cowardly senators and representatives of Congress, Republican and Democrat, should all, while keeping their social distance, join hands virtually while they sing, to the tune of “Let’s All Gather at the River”:

“Let’s all gather before the liberal Sanhedrin,
The wonderful, wonderful Sanhedrin,
Let’s all gather at the liberal Sanhedrin,
That flows by the throne of Satan.”

(3) Whatever his faults, Trump fought nobly for the disenfranchised white grazers. And because he fought for them, the liberals are still trying to send him to prison. It is not enough for them that he is leaving office, they must torture him and his family with the threat of jail. No one in the ranks of the Republican cowards will stand up for him. We can’t deal with these satanic liberals peacefully. They don’t want peace. They want to eliminate all things white and Christian.

I am frequently asked how I can admire Trump when he supports the American heresy. And I always answer the queries with, “For the same reason Sir Walter Scott supported the Georges who supplanted the Stewarts, while still admiring Bonnie Prince Charlie. Trump is at least a man; he has some remnant of Christian humanity in him. He is a lion among jackals and sheep. So is Curt Schilling, the baseball pitcher who will never be part of the jackals’ Hall of Shame. Trump and Schilling may not have the whole integral Christian spirit we need, but the humanity and courage of men like Trump and Schilling is admirable. In an age when every single spark of humanity must be extinguished by order of the liberal Sanhedrin, it is not a little thing when some men who have a public voice speak out against the liberal Sanhedrin.

(4) There is a complete unreality about this election and its aftermath, a Gnostic unreality. The votes of flesh and blood people who voted for Trump became the computer printout votes of non-existent Gnostic people, all of whom voted for Biden, who ran a virtual, non-existent Gnostic campaign. Our Supreme Court made a non-decision, a Gnostic decision, to endorse the results of a Gnostic election. And our legislators, Republican and Democrat, endorsed the Gnostic results of the non-election. Now, I am told, there is going to be a virtual, Gnostic inauguration of a Gnostically elected president. But can the unreality of Satan’s Gnosticism prevail forever? Real flesh and blood people voted for a man who looked on them as flesh and blood human beings. Will they be content to be Gnostically discarded into outer darkness? That is the question.

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