As Lambs to the Slaughter

Dore. Nailing Christ to the Cross

He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth. – Isaiah 53: 7


As to me, I was always steadily of opinion that this disorder was not in it’s nature intermittent. I conceived that the contest, once begun, could not be laid down again to be resumed at our discretion; but that our first struggle with this evil would also be our last. I never thought we could make peace with the system; because it was not for the sake of an object we pursued in rivalry with each other, but with the system itself, that we were at war. As I understood the matter, we were at war, not with it’s conduct, but with it’s existence; convinced that it’s existence and it’s hostility were the same. –Edmund Burke, Letters on a Regicide Peace



The late Colonel Jeff Cooper, who wrote a column for Guns & Ammo magazine some years ago, once commented on the actions of an off-duty policeman who had attempted to stop an armed robbery while unarmed. He was shot and killed by the robbers. Cooper gave the policeman a ten for bravery and a zero for preparedness.

Those men and women who breached the Capitol building barricades in order to get at Congress were incredibly noble and brave. But what were they thinking? Our reason must be made to serve our hearts. Those brave, wonderful people should have known that our government is evil. You can’t go up against such an evil entity unarmed. Protests do not work when the people protesting have been designated for slaughter by the powers that be. If the situation had been reversed, if Trump had won the election and Black Lives Matter barbarians and Antifa scum were storming the Capitol, they would have had a red carpet laid out for them, and the Federal police would have been ordered to stand down. And after standing down, they would have provided the rioters with milk and cookies. But no mercy will ever be shown by the Illuminati toward the unilluminated. In fact, Nancy Pelosi, who stands out for her supreme wickedness in a cabal of the wicked, said that the military was too kind to the protestors. “What if they had been black?” the wicked witch asked. We saw what happens with black rioters this past summer — they are allowed to burn, murder, and loot while the police stand down. And why didn’t Trump order the military police to stand down in this case? I never blamed Trump for not stopping illegal immigration nor for not cleaning out the swamp, because I knew he had no support even within his own party for such initiatives. But I do blame him for not ordering the police or military defending our Capitol to stand down. What did he have to lose? Was he afraid he would be impeached? He has already been impeached and removed from office by way of the fraudulent election. Perhaps he did order the troops to stand down, and the policeman who murdered that unarmed woman acted against orders. I doubt it, because Trump, for all his bravery, is still half-liberal. I think he was afraid to face the disapproval of the liberals.

If we can’t protest, then what can be done? We should do what the Scots did long ago in the town of Edinburgh (see Walter Scott’s novel The Heart of Midlothian). When the townspeople had exhausted all legal means to remove a duly appointed bloody tyrant from their midst, they quietly, without a public announcement, took care of that bloody tyrant one dark night and then just as quietly returned home. So it was with Forrest and his men, and so it was in Skidmore, Missouri, in 1981, after the townspeople had tried in vain, by all legal means, to remove a bloody white tyrant from their midst.

As I understand it, one woman was shot to death, two men died of heart-related issues, and one woman died from an undetermined medical emergency. My heart and my prayers go out to them (yes, I pray for the dead; did not our Lord enjoin us to take all our trouble and cares to Him in prayer? I am troubled about their deaths because I care about those poor souls), to those incredibly brave, incredibly noble souls. But I must maintain that the woman who was slain and the woman who died did not belong there. What have we become when the women man the barricades? I understand the woman who was slain was a former member of the military. For shame on a nation that places women in the military. She is not to blame; she was merely following, imperfectly, a noble aim, without the support of a Christian-mentoring society which would have inspired her to step away from the ramparts and assume her God-given right to nurture and pray.

Need I point out that the media, part of the evil cabal called liberalism, labelled the protestors as ‘rioters’ after telling us for over a twelve-month that Antifa and Black Lives Matter murderers were ‘protestors’? And what is to be said about the alternative ‘conservative’ news media, such as Newsmax? All they could do was plead for mercy from their liberal brethren: “Most of the protestors were nonviolent.” Why do ‘conservatives’ who worship veterans that fought to make the world safe for communism in World War II regularly denounce any violence against an evil government that is infinitely worse than Adolph Hitler’s government?

Let us see the light in this darkness called liberalism. Those who breached the ramparts had something within them that cannot be defeated. The liberals, at the height of their power, have seen the spirit above the dust that will bring them down.


When the left has triumphed, conservatives—if they are to remain conservative—must become counterrevolutionaries. What Burke said of France after the French revolution applies to every European nation. Burke said that the true Frenchmen were in exile because Jacobin France was not Christian France:

The present system in France is not the ancient France. It is not the ancient France with ordinary ambition and ordinary means. It is not a new power of an old kind. It is a new power of a new species. When such a questionable shape is to be admitted for the first time into the brotherhood of Christendom, it is not a mere matter of idle curiosity to consider how far it is, in it’s nature, alliable with the rest, or whether “the relations of peace and amity” with this new State are likely to be of the same nature with the usual relations of the States of Europe.

Once democracy, which is based on the demons’ flight from Christ (Luke 8), becomes the organizational model of government in a nation, that nation is committed to the principle of ‘ever leftward’ toward the pit of hell. The legislators in a democracy are all leftists–they are all moving leftward to hell. The battles that spring up are between those who want to move gradually toward hell—in our country, they are called Republicans—and those who want to move rapidly toward hell. Those people are called, in our country, Democrats. But the important thing in a democracy is that all citizens sign on to the ‘progression’ of mankind; they must believe in the ‘new power of a new species’ and reject ‘the brotherhood of Christendom.’

Can we be at peace with this new power, this democratic entity? No, we cannot be at peace with such a power. It is a giant succubus that will draw all people toward it and consume them body and soul. The left always progresses toward hell by the enfranchisement of an ‘oppressed’ minority. Once that oppressed minority is enfranchised, that minority has a vested interest in supporting the progression of the left. The liberals achieved their greatest success with the blacks. The banner of ‘we are not racist’ has served the liberals well. Whenever a black does not fall in line with liberalism, he or she is told they are not black, because a black must support the leftward lurch into hell in order to prevent a mythical right wing from returning to the inequality and ‘racism’ of the past.

Tragically we have also witnessed, in the 20th century and the 21st century, the virtual collapse of the traditional right wing bastion of European civilization – the Christian woman. By holding out that apple, the apple of equality, to the new Eves, the left destroyed the heart of Western civilization. After the rape fest in Cologne, Germany, a few years ago, a female Danish journalist asked, “Where were the men, why didn’t they do something?” She went on to say that she did not want to go back to the bad old days of patriarchy, but she did want men to be men and protect women. You can’t have it both ways. The men of Victorian Britain would not have tolerated a rape fest because they believed that the females of the species were their helpmeets, they believed that women were the life nurturers and the life bearers, and as such they deserved to be protected and treasured. When they became part of the leftist march toward hell, when they became a legion of Lady Macbeths, why should they still be protected and treasured?

After the Fall, our Lord spoke to Eve: “Unto the woman He said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception: in sorrow thou shall bring forth children: and thy desire shall be to thy husband and he shall rule over thee.” That radical leftward shift from God’s love to Satan’s promise of equality with God that Adam and Eve made in the Garden of Eden was countered by Christ’s charitable outreach on the Cross. Our propensity to sin remains, but through Him we were given a chance to restore our fallen nature. There is nothing on this earth that speaks of heaven more than a Christian family in which the male and the female have complementary roles rather than competitive ones. When equality enters into the familial hearth fire, there is no refuge from the devil; he is the omnipresent force from outside and from within. Can you really mount a campaign for Christian things – protection for the unborn, protection from the colored heathen within your nation and from without — when you cherish, through the democratic process, Satan’s promise of, “You shall be as Gods”? There can be no true families and no true nations when the family and the state are democratized.

Biden claims Trump is attacking the democratic process by challenging the election results. And the mistress turned president in all but name, Kamala Harris, has articulated the moral underpinning of liberalism: “We want equity not equality.” Yes, that sums it up: “Some are more equal.” Biden and Harris are correct: the democratic process exists to ensure the continual dominance of Satan in what was once Christendom. Trump, who retains a few instincts of a European, senses that something has gone terribly wrong in America and Europe, but he does not understand that it is the democratic process that allows that wrong, the enthronement of Satan in the European world, to continue on in perpetuity. Trump fought nobly against all the forces of hell, but he fought without the full armour of Christ, and now, tragically, the liberals, like the hellhounds they are, will tear him to shreds while the clergymen, the Supreme Court justices, the Republicans, and the conservative pundits will look on with a Thomistic-Buddhistic quietude and thank whatever pig gods they pray to that they had the good sense to stay with the winning side. Burke describes such moral cowards in his great work, On Regicide France after the Revolution:

In truth, the tribe of vulgar politicians are the lowest of our species. There is no trade so vile and mechanical as government in their hands. Virtue is not their habit. They are out of themselves in any course of conduct recommended only by conscience and glory. A large, liberal and prospective view of the interests of States passes with them for romance; and the principles that recommend it for the wanderings of a disordered imagination. The calculators compute them out of their senses. The jesters and buffoons shame them out of every thing grand and elevated. Littleness, in object and in means, to them appears soundness and sobriety. They think there is nothing worth pursuit, but that which they can handle; which they can measure with a two-foot rule; which they can tell upon ten fingers.

Yes, the Republican shadows of the liberals have been computed out of their senses by their liberal brethren. In the recent pro-Trump protest a very small percentage of the protestors got it right: they became violent. And what was the reaction of the Republican and ‘conservative’ establishment? They denounced the protestors who became violent because their violence endangered the ‘democratic process.’ (1) Do you need a translation of such doublespeak? Then let me translate—“We, the Republican servants of Satan, must continue to eat and drink at Satan’s pig trough. And it is the demon-cratic process that enables us to eat and drink at Satan’s pig trough now and forever.” The ‘violent’ protestors are miracles of God’s grace; they saw through the horror of the satanic entity called democracy. They are currently too few and they have no leader, but they have something within them that points us to something above and beyond Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth.

What do I make of the fact that Trump himself condemned the ‘violent’ protestors –“Be peaceful, be nonviolent”? Trump, like the vast majority of his followers, wants to blend Christianity and liberalism. They don’t believe in the Christ of old, monarchial, aristocratic Europe, they believe in the new Christ of demon-cracy. But Satan and Christ are spiritual antagonists, so how can they be blended together? Trump was and is a brave man, with something inside of him that was and is struggling toward the light. However, if a man cannot give a name to that light, if he cannot see the real Aslan, the Christ of old Europe, he will ultimately be defeated by the mad-dog liberals who serve Satan. And those who follow him will be betrayed in deepest consequence, as the four martyrs were betrayed. The half-Christians will always lose to the fully committed Satanists, because the Satanists believe that Satan’s kingdom of hell on hearth can only be achieved by those who are violent: “The violent bear it away.” The liberals act according to their faith. But the half-Christians who want to blend Christianity and liberalism will not act according to the Christian faith, they do not believe the Kingdom of Heaven is taken by violence, they believe that the Kingdom of heaven comes by uniting with Satan’s minions in order to insure a perfect union of God and the devil. There is nothing on the face of the earth more reprehensible, more morally repugnant, than the American experiment in demon-cracy. We need no longer imagine what hell will be like, it is here and now in the United States of Satan.

We are reaping what the scholastics in the Catholic and the Protestant churches have sown. If man’s reason receives God’s revelation, independent of the human heart, which the scholastics maintain, then what prevents abstract reason from becoming man’s God? Nothing prevents it. Robespierre was simply following the precepts of intellectual Christianity when he made a whore the Goddess of Reason. That great whore of Babylon, the Goddess of Reason, can be seen in all her satanic splendor whenever two or three are gathered together, in Church and State, in her name. No man is an island; we who are human need contact with other human beings. But what if humanity is divided between those who have renounced their humanity and those who are willing to blend what is human inside of them, a longing for the Mysterious Stranger, with that which is inhuman, the pig swill of liberalism? This final outrage of the ‘conservatives’ who have condemned the violence they should laud, gives us the answer to that question. We must walk away from those who want to blend Christ and Satan. We must walk away with the realization that some devils, and the satanic blending of democracy and Christianity is one such devil, can only be driven out by prayer and fasting.

This failure of the white grazers, the Trumpers, to see that they cannot make common cause with the liberals has broken my heart just as my parents’ blending of Christianity and liberalism broke my heart. My mother was an ethical Christian who did not believe in Christ’s resurrection from the dead, at least on a conscious level, and my father was a ‘non-fundamentalist’ Christian – the Old Testament was fairy stories, but the New Testament was true. But of course that truth was blended with the ‘truth’ that American democracy and Christianity were one and the same. When I became a Dream of the Rood Christian in my early twenties, I had to try to stay connected, in my heart, to my parents while maintaining a distance from their blended faith. What was difficult when I was a single man became even more difficult when I became a Christian father. How could I keep my children free of contagion while allowing them to experience the love of their grandparents? To this day I do not know the right and the wrong of my balancing act. Nor do I know the right and the wrong of my support for Trump and his followers. There was genuine humanity in Trump and those who supported him. But, oh, the horror of that blending process!

Why do men and women need to blend what is Christian with that which is satanic? It all, or so it seems to me, goes back to the original sin. Satan did not attack God directly, he did not tell Adam and Eve that God didn’t exist, he told them that divinity rested in pure reason, divorced from their heart to heart connection to God. Whenever reason becomes the way to God, the path is made clear for man’s reason and Satan’s will to join together in defiance of the living God. We live in Satandom because we no longer believe that “the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men.” If we are “foolish” as St. Paul was foolish, we will discover that the Mysterious Stranger has never and will never leave us bereft in this vale of tears.

No man should be an island, but if there are no human beings left on earth who believe in the Dream of the Rood we must make that island where Christ dwells into our world. Pray for the four martyrs who went like lambs to the slaughter. They were sacrificed, like so many of the unborn infants and the innocent whites who died before them, on the altars of liberalism. I wish that I had the power to destroy them all, the hellhounds of liberalism, but I do not. So I must rage against the dying of the light and I must pray. What else is left to us? In Thy name, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we ask for a light in the darkness of Liberaldom to guide us safely home.+


(1) The ‘conservatives’ who worship ‘peaceful protest’ are still under the thrall of Liberaldom. They don’t really want an end to the liberals’ reign of terror, because they still have a place in Liberaldom. In a ‘peaceful protest’ you are saying to your rulers, “Hey, we represent a couple of million votes, you can’t ignore us.” But what if your rulers have turned off your votes? You can peacefully protest from now to doomsday, and you will not alter the status quo of Liberaldom. But of course the ‘conservatives,’ if they were really conservative, could see that obvious fact.

The barricade brigade whites are at the beginning. They have begun to understand the nature of demon-cracy. They have hearts that love much, but they still do not fully understand the evil of liberalism. If they did, they would not have launched a semi-peaceful suicide mission. Nor do I think Trump, who is half-liberal and half-Christian, fully understands just how evil the liberals are. He should flee the country now, with his entire family, or he will face the same fate as Louis XVI. These, our modern Jacobins, are much crueler than Robespierre, and he was the most bloodthirsty tyrant the European world has ever produced – until now.

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