The Cruel Gods of Liberalism

The major news outlets will not cover the story of Cannon Hinnant’s murder. White athletes will not refuse to honor the American flag until there is justice for the white victims of black barbarism. White people will not get T-shirts with pictures of Cannon Hinnant and the words, ‘White Lives Matter,’ emblazoned on them. ‘Christian’ pastors will not condemn black barbarism from their pulpits. Blacks will not be asked to think about black privilege nor be commanded to annihilate themselves because of their long history of racist crimes against the white race. In short, nothing at all will happen within the ranks of the Christian Europeans that will begin a counterrevolution against the armed doctrine of the liberals who have made the destruction of the white race and the deification of the negro the two main tenets of their faith. – CWNY


O all you host of heaven! O earth! What else?
And shall I couple hell? O, fie! Hold, my heart,
And you, my sinews, grow not instant old,
But bear me stiffly up. Remember thee!
Ay, thou poor ghost, while memory holds a seat
In this distracted globe.



They attempted to assassinate the memory of those, whose bodies their friends had massacred; and to consider their murder as a less formal act of justice. They endeavoured even to debauch our pity, and to suborn it in favour of cruelty. They wept over the lot of those who were driven by the crimes of Aristocrats to republican vengeance. Every pause of their cruelty they considered as a return of their natural sentiments of benignity and justice.

Letters on a Regicide Peace


Interviewer. I know things can and will get a lot worse, it doesn’t take a prophet to see that, but would I be exaggerating if I said that we, the European people, have never been as far from your country, which is Christian Europe, as we are at present?

Young Drummer. No, you are not exaggerating. The gulf between my nation and your non-nation is enormous.

Int. Is it impossible to bridge that gulf?

Y.D. You bridged it. That is why you are talking with me.

Int. But is it possible for my people, as a people, to bridge the gulf?

Y.D. Like you I do not claim to be a prophet, but it does not appear that the European people are capable of leaving the pigsty of democracy for Christian Europe. They do not have that within which makes the impossible possible.

Int. Pietas?

Y.D. Yes, that is what they lack. Only men and women with hearts of flesh, men and women who love much, can transcend the demons of modernity – rationalism, negro worship, and science.

Int. They won’t give up rationalism and science.

Y.D. Then they will not be able to live without the sacred negro, because he is the savior that the post-Christian European must have.

Int. When I look at successful counterrevolutions, Pinochet in Chile, Franco in Spain, and Forrest in North America, I can see what is lacking in the modern European people.

Y.D. For instance?

Int. Well, first, neither Pinochet, Franco, nor Forrest thought they could not act against a democratically elected government. All they were concerned with was a Jacobin-Marxist enemy that was attacking their people. And secondly all three counterrevolutionary leaders were working with a military-oriented base. Forrest had former Confederate soldiers in his ranks, and both Pinochet and Franco had large elements of the military on their side. In my anti-nation, however, the military always backs the demon-cratically elected liberals. So a counterrevolutionary leader in a democracy would have to go against a formidable military power without any military-minded people on his side. And that presupposes that a counterrevolutionary leader, a man opposed to democracy, could actually emerge from the ranks of the European people.

Y.D. What you describe is true. So long as there are no Burkean conservatives, men who see Christian Europe and not democratic Europe as that which must be preserved, you will continue onward to hell on earth.

Int. Then all is cheerless, dark, and deadly?

Y.D. Yes, so long as your people look to the devil for their salvation. So long as they remain in thrall to democracy, they will remain in thrall to Satan, who rules them through his surrogate, the sacred negro. Show me a modern conservative, as distinct from a Burkean conservative, who does not pay homage to the sacred negro.

Int. There aren’t any.

Y.D. No, there aren’t. But before we end this interview, I must point out to you the greatest counterrevolution in history. Christ is frequently described as a revolutionary against pagan Rome and the paganized Sanhedrin of the Jewish people. But wasn’t paganism itself a revolution against the one true God? Adam and Eve were the original revolutionaries, they turned to Satan who promised them equality with God if they would turn their minds to nature and dumb nature’s god, who is Satan. Christ, through His incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection, give all those who believed in Him the power to restore, through His grace, the spiritual equilibrium that was lost through the fall of Adam and Eve. The counterrevolution must start with a spiritual renewal within. We must have hearts of flesh, hearts that can “receive Him still.”

Int. But hearts of flesh are proscribed in modern Europe. Church and State have joined together to attack the Word made flesh. Both entities hope to consolidate their power through their illuminated minds.

Y.D. We who are about to die need a miracle. Modern Europe needs the same miracle that we as individuals need. That miracle is much greater than any of the so-called wonders of science. That the dead shall be raised is the one true miracle which was brought about by our Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t know what else to tell you. If you have bridged the gulf, then you must continue to believe that there will be others. That charity of honor demands that we believe, and that we act on our belief, that the gulf between modern Europe and Christian Europe can be bridged. Glass mountains can be climbed and enormous gulfs can be bridged by hearts of flesh consecrated to Him who saves.


If Trump wins re-election, the win will slow down, ever so slightly, the extermination of the white race. But a Trump victory will not change the religious core of our culture. The modern Europeans are a post-Christian people. Their customs and manners are anti-Christian. And an anti-Christian nation must, of necessity, exterminate whites because of their Christian past. There is no election or policy stemming from democracy that can change the religious core of our liberal nation. Let us suppose, for instance, that a Republican mayor is elected in one of those democratically controlled cities where the Antifa/Black Lives Matter creatures from hell are rioting. And let us suppose the new Republican mayor builds up the city’s police force and sends more police out on the street. Will that stop the Antifa/BLM barbarians from rioting and looting? No, it will not. More police is not the solution. The police must be empowered to do what is necessary. Thirty policemen who are empowered to shoot and kill rioters are more effective than 3,000 police officers who are told to stand around and get hit by bricks, stones, and bullets. The demon-crats, the Antifa and the Black Lives Matter all believe in their anti-white, anti-Christian faith. If they are to be successfully opposed they must face off against men with “that charity of honor” which stems from a faith in Christ. A vague Republican faith in democracy and the rule of law will not stop the Jacobin-Marxist coalition of demon-crats, Antifa, and BLM, because the religious faith of the Republicans is the same faith as the demon-crats, Antifa, and BLM: They believe in the sacred negro. So long as that remains the ruling faith of our people, the rioters will not be shot. How can you shoot your gods? (1)

The pathetic conservatives always evade the central issue. I heard Tucker Carlson, one of the best of the pathetic conservatives, urging people, in the wake of the Anti/BLM attacks on the white people of Kenosha, Wisconsin, not to cower in their houses. What are they supposed to do? Call the police? The police, if they do come, will just stand around in order to be targeted by bricks and bullets from the rioters. Should they get their guns and shoot back? What would happen to them if they did give the rioters what they deserve – a bullet? They would either be imprisoned for life or executed. From the liberals’ perspective the Antifa and the colored barbarians are on the side of right, they are anti-white and anti-Christian. So long as that post-Christian dystopian vision of reality rules our nation, we will live in hell.

In Dante’s Inferno, Satan is found upside down in the pit of hell. That is our world, everything has been inverted. What is good is labeled evil and what is evil is labeled good. Bloody rioters are called peaceful protestors for social justice, the dismemberment of children in the womb is called choice, and sexual perversity is called gay rights. Liberalism is an armed doctrine that must be opposed with a force commensurate with the force used against us. Violent rioters and violent abortion doctors cannot be won over with peaceful dialogue. The devil wants Christians to dialogue on into the night as he continues to strike back at God through His children.

Franco’s counterrevolution did not outlive him. His people returned to the pigsty of democracy after his death. And Pinochet’s people returned to democracy before Pinochet’s death. There is a limit to what a European counterrevolutionary leader can accomplish without a sufficiently Christian base. Both Franco and Pinochet had to form coalitions with neo-pagan Europeans and colored pagans in order to oust the Jacobin-Marxists, and those loose coalitions could not sustain the counterrevolution.

In contrast, Forrest’s counterrevolution was grounded in a thoroughly Christian, non-utopian, non-modern Christian people, untainted by rationalism, science, and a belief in the sacred negro. That is why the soul-preserving, life-preserving effects of his counterrevolution lived on many years after his death. It was only when the Southern people succumbed to rationalism, science, and the belief in the sacred negro in the 1950’s that the Southern people joined the post-Christian, anti-European world. It will take something much greater than a Republican electoral victory to restore that which was lost when we abandoned the European civilization that Forrest defended.

In the two conventions, Democrat and Republican, we saw mad-dog liberals squaring off against classical liberals. The classical liberals, who retain a remnant of the Christian ethos, are certainly preferable. But both liberal camps are part of a closed system. They are part of a rational, science-based, two-plus-two-equals-four civilization, a factoid anti-civilization of dumb nature that destroys hearts of flesh in the name of a mind-forged, man-made religion grounded in rationalism, science and a belief in the sacred negro. No one of either convention will condemn the religion of the sacred negro. Both parties will condemn white racism and ignore the murder of innocent whites such as Jonathan Foster and Cannon Hinnant. Nothing good can be expected from a people who condemn their Christian ancestors and sacrifice their children to the colored barbarians. I’m sick to death of hearing about the superiority of capitalism to Marxism. Both systems are based on a mathematical anti-vision of man. We will not be saved by any mathematical system. We will be saved by the Word made flesh.

You cannot breathe a word about the one culture that was not nature-based in any modern venue. But if we can’t even say it – that Christian Europe once existed and must be restored – then how can it – and He – be defended? The conservatives want white people to stop cowering in their homes, they want them to fight by voting for Republicans. What do the Republicans stand for? And what is the white grazer’s touchstone of reality? He has been told over and over again that his ancestors, men with hearts of flesh, men like Forrest and his remnant band of confederate veterans, were evil racists who must be consigned to the dustbins of history. So in order to be accepted in the new, non-racist world of the future, the white grazer must not have a heart of flesh, he must, the conservatives tell him, be guided by their non-racist illuminated minds. But what will stop the grazer from following the liberals’ illuminated vision? Nothing at all. The reason why men like Matt Drudge and Richard Spencer go from what seem to be conservative causes to leftist causes is that there is no spiritual heart in the anti-Christian ideologies of the neo-pagans and their liberal cousins. A man can easily slide from one mathematical system to another. Where does this leave the European Christians? It leaves us at the foot of the cross asking for mercy for our sins against the Light, and for His protection during the Babylonian captivity of the European people. +


(1) The officers in Kenosha did the right thing morally and legally, and they should be commended by liberals and blacks alike. They saved black lives. I thought black lives matter? A black athlete (who, by virtue of being black and an athlete, is sacred) proclaimed, in the aftermath of the Kenosha shooting of that horrendous criminal, that blacks live in constant fear of the police. “No white father,” the black athlete intoned, “has to tell his children to be afraid.” Oh really, I’m a white father and I had to teach my children to be very afraid because they lived in a nation where black barbarians prey on innocent white people with the encouragement of a liberal cabal of bloodthirsty Jacobins.

The only abuse of blacks I ever witnessed when I was a police officer was done by black police officers. They are just as cruel to their own people as they are to whites. There are only two solutions to the “black problem.” Either we follow Malcolm X’s solution and give the blacks their own separate state, with black police officers who will show the blacks what real police brutality is, or we reinstate slavery to keep the blacks from killing whites and each other. I prefer segregation, the former solution, not because slavery as practiced by the white Southerners was immoral, but because the maintenance of the negroes places too great a burden on whites. Of course I don’t believe that the liberals or their conservative cousins will adopt the humane, Christian solution to the black problem. They will continue to deify negroes and turn a blind eye to their crimes against the white race and other races, including their own. I have often been accused of referring all things to “gentle Jesus.” Yes, I do. Christians who love their people in and through Christ do not sacrifice their people on the altars of the liberals’ black gods. Tommie Lindh was an innocent victim of black savagery. Cannon Hinnant was an innocent victim of black savagery. Jonathan Foster was an innocent victim of black savagery. The whites being massacred by black savages in South Africa are innocent victims of black savagery.

But who is it that the media and the liberal establishment, which are one and the same, mourn and exalt? The black savages who maim, rape, and murder. Nothing good will happen to the European people, as a people, until they look to restore Christian Europe, a land in which Christian men opposed the slaughter of the innocent, and forsake Liberaldom, a land ruled by Satan in the name of the sacred negro.

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