Cannon Hinnant

Barton. Pinch of Salt

Sleep on, beloved, sleep and take thy rest,
Lay down thy head upon thy Savior’s breast;
We love thee well, but Jesus loves thee best–
Good night! Good night! Good night!

-Sarah Doudney


The murder of five year old Cannon Hinnant was particularly horrific because he was so young, but his murder was not out of the ordinary. In point of fact the murder of innocent whites by barbaric blacks is America’s favorite national pastime, part of the religious festival called liberalism. Cannon Hinnant joins with the burning white child (see CWNY 8-24-2013), Jonathan Foster, and an ever growing legion of white victims who have been sacrificed to the liberals’ barbaric black gods. Would a Christian people permit such a barbaric religious festival to continue? Of course not. Would a pagan people permit such a barbaric religious festival, a festival in which their own people are the sacrificial victims, to continue? Of course not. But would a post-Christian people who have replaced Christ with the sacred negro permit the continuance of such a barbaric religious festival? Yes, a post-Christian people would, could, and does support the continuance of a religious festival in which black barbarians murder whites with the full approval of their liberal devotees.

The major news outlets will not cover the story of Cannon Hinnant’s murder. White athletes will not refuse to honor the American flag until there is justice for the white victims of black barbarism. White people will not get T-shirts with pictures of Cannon Hinnant and the words ‘White Lives Matter’ emblazoned on them. ‘Christian’ pastors will not condemn black barbarism from their pulpits. Blacks will not be asked to think about black privilege nor be commanded to annihilate themselves because of their long history of racist crimes against the white race. In short, nothing at all will happen within the ranks of the post-Christian Europeans that will begin a counterrevolution against the armed doctrine of the liberals who have made the destruction of the white race and the deification of the negro the two main tenets of their faith.

Time is a difficult thing to fathom. There are events in my life that happened many, many years ago, which seem like they happened only yesterday, and there are events in my life that took place within the last year that seem like events of many, many years ago. In the first category is the memory of something that happened to me about 25 years ago. I was desperately trying to make a living for my family at that time, so I was relieved when a conservative publication asked me to write a series of articles for them. I was aware that I had to avoid the race issue — I couldn’t write an article in defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest nor one in defense of apartheid South Africa or the pre-Civil War South. But I was not aware that the use of the term ‘Christian Europe’ was considered, even in conservative circles, to be a ‘racist’ term. My refusal to strike that term from the first piece I wrote ended my affiliation with that respectable ‘conservative’ publication.

The white Europeans’ refusal to strike back against the liberals who countenance the massacre of white innocents such as Cannon Hinnant and the black barbarians who perform the ritualistic murders is the result of the churchmen’s and the conservatives’ (their partners in crime) refusal to accept the reality of Christian Europe. The assertion that the antique Europeans were “Epistles of the Living God” is an anathema to the modern churchmen and the modern conservatives. They prefer to condemn their European ancestors as racist so that they can be part of Liberaldom.

It is quite easy to condemn your ancestors because they are dead and unable to defend themselves, but there are consequences that come with what seems like such an easy and expedient condemnation. In the case of modern Europeans the consequence of their willingness to cut their ties to their ancestors because of their ‘racism’ is that they have no future as a people. They jettisoned their past so they could be part of the future, but they failed to see that the utopian liberals do not plan to allow white people to live in the utopian sate of the future. Non-illuminated whites must be exterminated; that is the main tenet of liberalism.

In almost every town and city throughout this nation and the other European nations you can find buildings that are called Christian churches. But what is preached in those churches? Is it the revelatory faith of the antique Europeans? Do the churchmen preach that Christ and Christ alone is our salvation? No, they do not. And they do not preach that doctrine because it is ‘racist’. The epistles of the living God, our people, the antique Europeans, preached that Gospel and were ‘racists’. And racists cannot enter the kingdom of a god who is a natural god, compatible with reason and liberalism. We have seen who that god is. The Socratic Christ is the new Christ of Liberaldom. With a modest smile he refers all religious controversies to the liberals. And they solve every controversy by bowing in awe before the sacred negro and condemning the racist Europeans of the past who blasphemed against the sacred negro by declaring that their ‘racist’ culture was grounded in the Word made flesh.

Right now the pathetic conservative shadows of the liberals confine their criticisms of the Antifa/Black Lives Matter creatures to talky news shows on which they interview a black ‘conservative’ who says that it is wrong to exterminate whites of the present in order to make up for the terrible sins of the whites of the past. And the white conservative then falls on his knees in adoration before the black god. How does such a spectacle serve white people? It doesn’t serve white people because it perpetuates the lie that whites, when they were a Christian people, were a degenerate race of unnatural, morally depraved creatures from hell. And where does that leave the Christian faith? If what they taught us, our honored dead, about the living God was false, then to whom can we turn to for the words of eternal life? We can’t turn to the modern churchmen because they are just echo chambers for the liberals. Must we then turn to the liberals? That is what we are told in church and state – “Truth is liberalism and liberalism is truth.” Then it must needs follow that the sacred negro is God and we must fall on our knees and bless him when he murders our white children. We must praise the murderer of Cannon Hinnant because he is part of that collective body called the sacred negro. We cannot escape the logic of the liberals’ imperative unless we reject liberalism in its entirety. We must reject the first part of the liberals’ trinity, which is reason detached from the human heart, and we must reject science and all its attendant studies of man such as psychology, anthropology, and sociology. When we reject those two entities as revelatory sources, we will reject the sacred negro. And then we will be His people again, loving and hating with hearts of flesh. We will love our own in and through Him, and we will hate those who attack our own. The black barbarians will no longer be allowed to butcher our people with impunity because a cabal of liberals worship Satan through them.

If a European views the modern conservative-liberals or the mad-dog liberals too long without turning his eyes back in time to the antique Europeans, his heart of flesh will turn to stone, just as the modern conservatives’ and their liberal cousins’ hearts have turned to stone. We must only look at those modern Medusas as reflected and deflected by the shield of old Europe. We must be among them, but we can never be of them. Satan hurled his defiance at the Lord God – “I shall not serve.” We must counter his defiance of the living God with our defiance of him. We must refuse to serve Satan by refusing to worship his surrogate, the sacred negro.

We are entering terrible times. The age of democracy is over, which is a good thing; the white Christian has never fared well under the tyranny of democracy. But are the white grazers going to be able to stand up to the liberal oligarchy when it abandons the thin veneer of democracy and imposes martial law? The white grazers are not made of the same stuff as the men who served under Forrest when he took command of the Ku Klux Klan. They have no faith in themselves as a people, because they no longer believe that their people once were Epistles of the Living God. Reason asserts, and science confirms reason’s assertion, that there is no such thing as Epistles of the Living God. Such a miracle presupposes that God can take root in the human heart. We are in the position of Puddleglum in The Silver Chair, who must maintain the existence of Narnia when Eustace and Jill have begun to believe the White Witch’s assertion that there never was a Narnia. Reason and science have beaten down the European people. The White Witches in Church, State, and the Academy tell us that there never was a Narnia, a Christian Europe. If we can’t even say it – Christian Europe – we will lose all contact with our people when they were Epistles of the Living God, and we will continue to be enslaved by liberals who encourage their black gods to feast on the blood of white people.

We constantly hear the refrain that black lives matter. But let’s go to the heart of that doctrine. What does it mean? It means that no lives matter because there is no God. The BLM movement is straight from hell. Satan is a coward. He is afraid to strike out at God directly, so he strikes at Him through His children. We are either children of God, created in His image, or we are creatures of dumb nature, just maggots on a garbage heap. That is the magnificent vision of man presented to us by the BLM movement – we are all natural, organic maggots, but somehow, through an act of faith, we must believe that the blacks are a special deified breed of maggots that can give us a vision of – what do they give us a vision of? They give us a vision of hell on earth. To live one day with the vision of our people when they were a people consecrated to the living God is worth more than ten thousand lifetimes with the liberals’ BLM vision of hell.

The witches of liberalism have ensnared the European people in the coils of Satan through the religion of the sacred negro. White lives matter most of all because it is only when white people exist as a people, when they are Epistles of the Living God, that we can see a vision of the God who died on the cross to save us from sin and death. He didn’t die for just the white race, He died for us all, but do I need to state the obvious? Yes, I do, because Satan’s minions have made the truth illegal. Only the white race championed the God who died for all. If we are extinguished as a people we will live in a world – we now do live in such a world – a world without love, without hope, a world that no longer knows what mercy means. Please God, take Cannon Hinnant into thy loving care and abide with us amid the encircling gloom of liberalism. We call on you by name, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. +

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