The War That Has Been Thrust Upon Us

N. C. Wyeth. Wallace’s Vision

To all this let us join the practice of cannibalism, with which, in the proper terms, and with the greatest truth, their several factions accuse each other. By cannibalism, I mean their devouring, as a nutriment of their ferocity, some part of the bodies of those they have murdered; their drinking the blood of their victims, and forcing the victims themselves to drink the blood of their kindred slaughtered before their faces. By cannibalism, I mean also to signify all their nameless, unmanly, and abominable insults on the bodies of those they slaughter.

As to those whom they suffer to die a natural death, they do not permit them to enjoy the last consolations of mankind, or those rights of sepulture, which indicate hope, and which meer nature has taught to mankind in all countries, to soothe the afflictions, and to cover the infirmity of mortal condition. They disgrace men in the entry into life; they vitiate and enslave them through the whole course of it; and they deprive them of all comfort at the conclusion of their dishonoured and depraved existence. Endeavouring to persuade the people that they are no better than beasts, the whole body of their institution tends to make them beasts of prey, furious and savage. –Letters on a Regicide Peace


After the murder of counter-protester Aaron Jay Danielson in Portland by Antifa/BLMers from hell, a liberal commentator cried that you could not equate the justifiable killing of a white racist with the unjustified killing of anti-racists. And after a black barbarian shot Cannon Hinnant in the head, a black prison guard on social media derisively said, “He should have ducked.” In those murders we see the armed doctrine of the liberals – all non-illuminated whites must be killed. And it is me and thee that are non-illuminated. The liberals have decreed it is meritorious to kill non-illuminated whites and it is a vicious, horrendous crime to kill the murdering scum in the ranks of the Antifa/BLMers. Of course the Antifa must fly the Black Lives Matter flag when they murder because they too are white, hence they must denounce whiteness all the more, and they will lose their shields if they don’t hide behind Black Lives Matter. Kyle Rittenhouse may be acquitted for his meritorious killing of the two Antifaers because they were white, but he shouldn’t even have to go on trial — he should be given a medal of honor and a parade. When the demon-crats applaud and laud the murderers and looters of the Antifa and the BLM, and when the Republicans say a prayer at their convention for the horrendous black criminal, Jacob Blake, both parties have shown us where their hearts are:

Men are rarely without some sympathy in the sufferings of others; but in the immense and diversified mass of human misery, which may be pitied, but cannot be relieved, in the gross, the mind must make a choice. Our sympathy is always more forcibly attracted towards the misfortunes of certain persons, and in certain descriptions: and this sympathetic attraction discovers, beyond a possibility of mistake, our mental affinities, and elective affections. –Regicide Peace

The shadow-conservatives who attack Trump for not living up to their illuminated conservatism have no right to attack him, because they are not Burkean conservatives, they are classical liberals who believe in democracy. They believe in the American system of Jacobinism, which was conceived in hell and dedicated to the proposition that men can decide all the important questions of life without recourse to the living God. That system, based on abstract reason and modern science, always results in the worship of nature and nature’s god, which is the sacred negro. Within that system a man like Trump, who is a modern democratic man with a tiny remnant of white pietas, is the very best man you will ever get. Do you think a Romney, a Bush, a Ted Cruz, or any other Republican shill would be one-half as good as Trump? But from a Burkean standpoint, the standpoint of a Christian counter-revolutionary, a standpoint that the modern ‘conservatives’ will not take, Trump is part of Liberaldom, and as part of Liberaldom he will not ultimately help the European people to leave Liberaldom and return to that other world, which is Christian Europe. We need a leader who will repudiate Jacobinism in its Marxist and its American forms. Such a leader cannot emerge from within the Jacobin confines of American democracy.

All we need to know about the Republicans who claim to offer us an alternative to the demon-crats can be seen in their call for prayers for Jacob Blake. Their “elective affections” are one with the demon-crats. They condemn white policemen who try to thwart black barbarians while they weep and pray for the black barbarians. How do they differ from the demon-crats who exalt the sacred negroes and ignore the murder of innocent whites? That which must be said is not said by any political party nor is it permitted to be said in any public venue: Negro worship, which is the state religion of the United States is the worship of Satan.

There must be a reckoning for the murder of the Aaron Jay Danielson in Portland, for Cannon Hinnant, for Jonathan Foster, and for all the white victims of liberal treachery and black barbarism. Why are Antifa Satanists and black barbarians allowed to walk the streets carrying AR-15 rifles while whites are expected to cower in their homes awaiting execution? And why, when whites come out to protest, are they gunned down without any attempt on the part of the liberal establishment to punish the murderers? Oh, I forgot, the murder of a white is not murder, it is a meritorious execution of a racist. And we dare not place our hopes in the police. They work for the state, and the state will not allow them to act against the Antifaers or the BLMers. (1) As Forrest and his followers did many years ago, so we should do. We cannot rely on either a demon-cratic government or a Republican government to protect us from the liberals and the black barbarians who want our blood. We must be a law unto ourselves. How can Christian men consent to be ruled by Satan’s minions? Doesn’t that charity of honor demand that we rise and ride in defense of our people and our God? The ‘pro-lifers’ failed to procure protection for the innocents in the womb because they did not love enough to kill the baby killers. In fact, they denounced Paul Hill when he did what had to be done. So it is now with the white grazers. If we don’t love enough to kill the murderers of our people, we will perish as a people, and Satan will reign unchallenged. The Antifaers and the BLMers have made it abundantly clear that we cannot serve two masters. We can serve Satan or we can serve Christ, there is no in between despite what the purveyors of star-spangled Americanism tell us.

Let me preface what I am about to say next with the assertion that in any war it is the spiritual substance of the people that must be paramount. An army of a committed few with something within, determined to fight to the knife, is better than a whole host of spiritually gutted men with AR-15s and shotguns in their gun cabinets. However, using Forrest as our exemplar, certain practical considerations about armaments are necessary. The enemy is armed, yet they don’t have jobs. Who is arming the creatures of Antifa and Black Lives Matter? I assume it is George Soros and others of his ilk. So right away we shall despair if we seek to defeat the enemy with our superior armaments. They will always be better armed than we are, because they have more money. Need I cite David and his slingshot? But still, let us come to the practical matter, something I am woefully inadequate to discuss, but I will – I did not grow up in a gun family. My father served in World War II, but he was not a hunter nor did he believe in keeping a gun in the house for self-defense. I did not own a gun until, after a teaching position I held was eliminated, I got a job as a police offer. When I left the police force, I kept a handgun for self-defense and taught my family members the use of the gun. But I never became the type of country boy depicted in the Hank Williams Jr. music video, “Country Boys Can Survive,” because my interests didn’t really lie in that direction. And I had hoped in my old age to pursue those other interests exclusively. Now I find that it is not possible to live in peace. The liberals want war, they will not accept any terms but unconditional surrender. And that I will not do. So I have had to put aside time for the shotgun and the rifle. I realize that guns are not magic in and of themselves, but I feel I must take some care of this, lest I give the enemy an easy conquest.

It is not easy for a Christian to shed blood. Like Burke, the Christian feels that, “The blood of man should never be shed but to redeem the blood of man. It is well shed for our family, for our friends, for our God, for our country, for our kind. The rest is vanity, the rest is crime.” But what do we make of creatures who delight in bloodletting for the sake of vanity, for the sake of building a utopian Tower of Babel dedicated to the pride of reason, to science, and to the sacred negro? Can creatures possessed of such a zealous thirst for blood be opposed by Christian Europeans with a reluctance to shed blood? Yes, such creatures can and must be opposed, because something inside of us rebels against the inhuman cruelty and bloodlust of the liberals and the colored barbarians. In the name of Him who saves, that something inside of us says, “This shall not go on.”

We have come to this dreadful pass where the grim visage of death in life and life without hope has overwhelmed us, because we have lost sight of the Romance that’s above the sceptered sway of mere reason. The Christ we see in the Gospels is not a Socratic Christ, He is not a great sage. Nor is the Christ we see in the epistles of St. Paul an Aristotelian philosopher. Then who is He? He is the one true knight, the knight errant of Europe who bids us remember the childhood of our race so that we will not forget we belong to His world, a world where reason is humbled and purified before the poetic light of the Word made flesh. Without a childlike faith that does not exalt the rational man who is independent of our Savior, we are wanderers in a foreign land, the land of reason, science, and the noble colored savage.

Trump knows where the magic bricks come from that the Antifaers and the BLMers throw at the police and the private businesses, and he knows where the guns come from which are used to kill white people, yet all he can do is demand that the white police officers in Kenosha, Wisconsin face criminal charges. That is how a democratic leader, the best of the democratic leaders, responds to the liberals’ and the colored barbarians’ assault on the white race. Soros and his ilk are a protected species as are the colored barbarians. Why should we hold elections at all? The results will be the same: A liberal oligarchy ruling in the name of the sacred negro will govern our nation no matter who holds public office. But we cling to life no matter what. A Trump victory will afford whites a slight delay before their final execution. (2)

Why must we be governed by liberals who hate whites? Why must we cower in our homes waiting to be executed by Antifaers or BLMers? Why is our President more concerned about the meritorious shooting of Jacob Blake than the murder of Cannon Hinnant and thousands of other white victims of black barbarism? (3) The ‘why’ is there before our eyes. Look at the world we have embraced. When we left His Europe, the non-statistical world of Handel, Shakespeare, and Rembrandt for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s world of statistical maggots on nature’s dung heap, we left faith, hope, and charity behind for the pride of reason, the wonders of science, and a new God, the sacred negro. If we reject that world of glorified maggots for His world, we will put on the whole armour of Christ and defeat the devil and his minions. But that rejection must take place within our souls. We can’t have abstract reason and our Savior, we can’t have science and our Savior. And most of all, we cannot worship the sacred negro and Jesus Christ. The liberals’ war against the Light has been thrust upon us, and we cannot defeat the liberals by way of democracy and democracy’s god. We must call upon Him who “hath borne our griefs and carried our sorrows,” even if such a divine condescension cannot be statistically computed. +


(1) Danielson’s murderer was shot by federal police after he gave an interview bragging about the murder. But the local police did not apprehend him after the shooting nor stop the murder before it happened by disarming the mob. Police kill more white criminals than black criminals, even though blacks commit more crimes. There is a racial disparity in law enforcement: Whites are discriminated against. How could it be otherwise when police brutality against innocent whites such as pro-life protesters and ranchers is lauded while simple law enforcement against black barbarians is condemned by church and state? There is no essential difference between the demon-crats and the Republicans on the issue of negro worship. They have all joined hands around the throne of the sacred negro. How effective will the police be if they cannot touch the major perpetrators of crime because they are sacred? Everyone wants approval from their peers. If the police are lauded for arresting whites and condemned for arresting blacks, whom do you think they are going to focus on? Just look at the case of Roger Stone, who was convicted of lying to a pack of liars. Storm troopers with rifles, shotguns, and helicopters were sent to arrest him as if he were ten times more dangerous than John Dillinger. And yet the Antifaers and the BLMers march through our streets looting, murdering, and raping with impunity. But of course their violence is the ‘good violence’, done to combat white racism. And what is white racism? It is anything that is good and pure and Christian.

(2) Hilary Clinton has ordered Biden not to concede the election no matter what, because she knows that the courts are demon-crat-dominated and the military will back the courts. So if we place our hopes in a Republican victory, which we should not do, our hopes will be dashed. Only that revelatory faith that we have abandoned will sustain us in the dark days ahead. Dostoevsky’s Father Zosima gives the lie to our modern kingdom of hell on earth which we must fight “to the knife”:

Look at the worldly, at those who set themselves above the people of God—have they not distorted the image of God and His truth? They have science, but science contains nothing that does not come through the senses. The spiritual world, the nobler side of man’s being, has been rejected altogether, banned as it were triumphantly, perhaps even with hatred. The world has proclaimed freedom, now more loudly than ever; but what do we find in that freedom of theirs? Nothing but enslavement and suicide! The world says: “You have needs—satisfy them. You have as much right as the rich and the mighty. Don’t hesitate to satisfy your needs; indeed, expand your needs and demand more.” This is the worldly doctrine of today. And they believe that this is freedom. The result for the rich is isolation and suicide, for the poor, envy and murder; for while the poor have been handed all these rights, they have not been given the means to enjoy them. Some claim that the world is gradually becoming united, that it will grow into a brotherly community as distances shrink and ideas are transmitted through the air. Alas, you must not believe that men can be united in this way. To consider freedom as directly dependent on the number of man’s requirements and the extent of their immediate satisfaction shows a twisted understanding of human nature, for such an interpretation only breeds in men a multitude of senseless, stupid desires and habits and endless preposterous inventions. People are more and more moved by envy now, by the desire to satisfy their material greed, and by vanity. Giving dinners, riding in private carriages, occupying high social positions, and having myriads of servants—these are considered so important by some that they devote their whole lives to acquiring them and sacrifice for their sake their love of their fellow men, and sometimes even kill themselves if they cannot obtain what they believe they must have.

(3) If the main cause of the decline of European civilization, which is the replacement of Christ with the noble black savage, is never addressed by the leaders of the West, then the leaders of the West are not fit to lead. For more than a twelfth month the liberals have told the story of the evil whites and the evil civilization they built on the backs of the suffering servants, the negroes. So the liberals have decreed that that civilization and the whites who built it must perish. Trump can act when the Antifa isolate themselves from Black Lives Matter, but neither he nor any other white leader will act forcibly against Black Lives Matter. This careful avoidance of the second person of the liberals’ holy trinity while focusing on police brutality against blacks is like a public official who declares war on air pollution by ignoring the factories spewing out noxious fumes while he attacks the people burning leaves in their back yards.

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