The Anaconda’s Coil

In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea. –Isaiah 27: 1


Every 4th of July I ask myself why white people celebrate the 4th of July. And every year I can only come up with the one great line from the movie Rebel Without a Cause. When James Dean asks his rival why, now that they have become friends, they are playing ‘chicken’ with their automobiles, his rival-friend says, “You got to do something, now don’t you?” It seems that the white grazers have a great desire to celebrate something, so they shoot off firecrackers and eat hot dogs on the 4th of July. It always strikes me as a rather obscene holiday, but this year, in the wake of the Antifa/Black Lives Matter assault on the white race and the demon-crats COVID-19 assault on the white race, it seems particularly obscene to see white people celebrating the 4th of July.

During our American un-Civil War, the Southern people did not celebrate the 4th of July. It is a pity – it is a tragedy – that they did not extend that spirit of resistance to star-spangled Americanism past the reconstruction years when they were allowed back into the Union. John Sharp Williams was right to applaud the great Southern heroes of the reconstruction era in an address given to the Sons of the Confederate Veterans on May 31, 1904 (Vol. XII, No. 11, November 1904, pp. 517-521), heroes who kept the South from being destroyed during those dark days. But shouldn’t there have been a grave warning attached to his praise of the veterans’ efforts to preserve the “white man’s civilization”? The South was accepted back into the Union with the proviso that her people would tow the mark, that they, like the Northerners, would worship the negro. For a time the Southern people skirted around the negro issue, with grandfather clause voting rights and segregation, but Eisenhower ended the South’s delaying action when he sent Federal troops to Little Rock. The Civil War finally ended on September 23, 1957. Now no Americans of the North or the South question the state religion of the United States, which is the worship of the sacred negro.

Burke and his American counterpart, George Fitzhugh, both pointed out that when a government ceases to be conservative, when it sets itself against the customs, manners, and religion of its people, there is no reason to support that government. Thomas Paine, who condemned Christianity and the people who followed that religion, was the lodestar of the American Revolution (Common Sense). Lincoln and his cohorts merely put the finishing touches on a Jacobin revolution conceived by men who rejected the Word made flesh and accepted the negro as the second person of their new trinity.

The Antifa/BLM creatures from hell are not following wise policies when they attack demon-crats holding public office. The demon-crats are the great preservers of the American republic, which has flown the banner of the sacred negro for the past century and a half. Why, if you are a Jacobin-Marxist, would you want to destroy the American republic? The police enforce the laws of the land, which are anti-white and anti-Christian, and the American military engages in foreign wars in defense of the sacred negro and the nation of Israel, so why should Jacobin-Marxists oppose those entities? It is white Christians who should oppose them; they are the people that are suffering under the yoke of demon-cracy. Why don’t they oppose demon-cracy? Why do they still celebrate the 4th of July? Is it because ‘you got to celebrate something, now don’t you?’ Must that something be the religion of the sacred negro?

A recent piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education, required reading for the powers-that-be in academia, declared that “Colleges Are in for a Racial Reckoning: Name Changes Are Only the Beginning” when administrators and faculty come back in the fall. The myth that somewhere there is a white racist among their ranks continues to live on in the halls of academia. Quite the opposite is the case. I vividly remember an incident at the university where I worked some thirty years ago. A black clerical worker had supposedly had the n—– word written on her car. After the FBI and a whole host of other law enforcement agencies investigated the crime of the century, it was discovered that the clerical worker had written the bad word herself. Was she disciplined? Of course not, because it was the fear that white racists might fire her for incompetence that had made her do what she did to ensure she would not be fired for incompetence. This type of radical negro worshipping madness will go on until this hideous republic called the United States of America is destroyed because white Christians refuse to support it. That “racial reckoning” that the Chronicle of Higher Education has called for is indeed a reckoning we should wish for, hope for, and strive for. We should have a racial reckoning with the liberals in which we demand that all European nations should be white nations free of negroes, liberals, Muslims, and all other non-Europeans.

You cannot defend our demon-cracy without defending everything vile, debauched, and evil. Every religious service, every sporting event, every classroom lecture in some way does homage to the negro and demonizes the white race. George Floyd the black criminal allegedly said he couldn’t breathe, but it is whites who cannot breathe; they are given no breathing room in this republic of the negro and for the negro. As everything white is condemned when nothing white should be condemned except liberalism, we must ask, why are all things white condemned? Why must our past be blotted out and our future be a future of unalloyed hell in which we live only to serve the negro?

John D. Phelan of Montgomery, Alabama saw quite clearly as the war clouds gathered over his nation what the Civil War was all about: it was about the negro – should white Christians bow their knees to Christ or to the sacred negro?

This serpent Abolition
Has been coiling on for years;
We have reasoned, we have threatened,
We have begged almost with tears:
Now, away, away with Union,
Since on our Southern soil
The only union left us
Is an anaconda’s coil.

The Civil War was an extension of the Jacobin revolution in France, in which men who would be as gods struck out at God by destroying His image in man. The Jacobin-Marxist revolution in Russia was another outbreak of that same ongoing assault on the image of God in man. The United States has always been at the forefront of that same revolution, which is why our government supported the communists in both World Wars. Do we want to live under the yoke of such a government? What is left to us of our Christian past? Nothing is left to us. Everything from white Christian Europe is demonized. And at the heart of that demonized Christian Europe is Christ the Lord. He has become a demon to the liberals and their colored minions, and Satan, through the sacred negro, has become the god of the post-Christian liberals.

You deserve the place to which you came
If, having entered hell, you feel no flame.

A people who willingly jettison their past have no future. The liberals now date everything prior to the deification of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 as part of B.G.F. – Before George Floyd. All that prior history is racist. And after George Floyd? White racism will always exist, but it will be more thoroughly condemned. Whiteness will be banished from our language — we already speak a bastardized English — and all art works produced by white civilization will be banned or become negroized – black actors will play all the parts in Shakespearean dramas and all other works from the pre-George Floyd era, the era of white racism. This is not a sci-fi dystopian fantasy of the future, it is here and now and it is not something that white Christians should submit to and certainly not something they should celebrate with firecrackers and barbecues, because the fireworks symbolize our cities, which are on fire, and the barbecues symbolize the white race, which has been sacrificed on the altars of the sacred negroes.

If I had been an older liberal right before the George Floyd rebellion, and the younger Antifa liberals had come to me for advice (which they wouldn’t have done, but let’s pretend they did), I would have advised them not to launch the final stage of the anti-white revolution based on George Floyd. I would have told them that he, a black criminal, was not the best primer for the revolutionary flames. I would have told the young radicals that the deification of George Floyd would not be accepted by the whites: “They will resist it.” I would have been wrong. It has worked, which shows me and all those who choose to see that the indoctrination of the white race by the far left has been a glorious success. Even the ‘conservatives’ worship the sacred negro.

A conservative who wants to conserve our ‘democratic way of life’ is not a conservative, he is a far-left radical, because our ‘democratic way of life’ is centered on the worship of the sacred negro. How can such a creed be called, from a Christian European perspective, conservative? In many respects the conservative left is more dangerous than the Antifa-Demon-crat left, because the conservatives are at the forefront of preserving academia, from preschool through the college years. It is the conservatives who are screaming during this pandemic that we must reopen our schools and our churches, which are the citadels of Satanism. If the conservatives were what they should be, namely Christian counterrevolutionaries, they would see that nothing good will ever happen to the European people so long as academia in church and state is still pouring out its filth on generation after generation. And they would use the COVID-19 crisis to start dismantling academia. We are reaping the ‘benefits’ of a truly liberal education in Satan’s classroom. Dante placed a sign above the entrance to hell, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.” Dante’s hell is here, it is called Academia. There is a direct pathway from the unhallowed halls of Academia to the deepest pit in hell.

Let us give ‘higher education’, which is the lowest, foulest education, a pestilence, what they desire. Let us give them a “racial reckoning.” We will take off their “anaconda’s coil” and declare for the first time in the history of academia what is true: The demonized antique Europeans were the Christ-bearing race. They were the people of I Corinthians 13. If we are connected to them, we will be connected to Him. The liberals of academia are connected, through the sacred negro, to the devil. So long as our people stay ‘educated,’ so long as they send their children to the “public orphanages” of the liberals, and so long as they allow themselves to be ‘educated’ out of their ‘racism,’ which is pietas, they will be a non-people without a past or a future. To be white is to be Christian; the devil knows that, which is why he attacks the white, Christ-bearing race with such an unrelenting fury. The odds against us are fearsome because our people have forsaken our past where He who is our only comfort and our only hope dwells. Please, Lord, “Abide with us: for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent.” +

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