Recrossing our Spiritual Rubicon

Rembrandt. The Return of the Prodigal Son

She crept among the trees to the trunk of a tree whence she could see, beyond some intervening trees and branches, the lighted windows, both in their reality and their reflection in the water. She placed her orderly little basket at her side, and sank upon the ground, supporting herself against the tree. It brought to her mind the foot of the Cross, and she committed herself to Him who died upon it. –Our Mutual Friend


For they all saw him, and were troubled. And immediately he talked with them, and saith unto them, Be of good cheer: it is I; be not afraid. –Mark 6: 50


The lack of a Christian response to the Antifa/Black Lives Matter assault on the white race and the Demon-crats’ Covid-19 assault on the white race has supplied those who need to see before they believe a look at the state of the European people’s collective soul. Lo and behold, they have no collective soul, they have forfeited their souls to the devil and his minions

All utopian thinking is divorced from the human heart, existing only in the airy nothings of the abstract intellects of the utopians. As a result, the closer a nation gets to the implementation of utopia, the closer that nation gets to the institution of everything inhuman, cruel, and barbaric. God is humane – He comes to us through human hearts. The Christian utopians in the Church, who jettisoned the human heart because it was impure and theologically problematic and bid us turn to their utopian plans for a perfect Christian future, paved the way for the secular utopians who moved us to an even greater ‘perfection’ than the Christian utopians. The utopian churchmen look to a perfect Christianity devoid of the racist Europeans while the secular utopians look to a perfect world devoid of the racist Europeans and the Son of God. Christ the social worker can stay in our modern utopias, but He must be subordinate to the sacred negro, who is at the center of all the European utopian states. Pope Francis the blasphemer and his like-minded clerical sycophants can stay at one with the secular liberals because their ‘Christianity’ is a utopian ‘Christianity’ completely in line with the Christ-less utopias of the secular utopians. Some European nations are not as ‘advanced’ – which translates to ‘satanic’ – as the United States is, but all the European nations are moving toward democratic utopias that are in reality the incarnation of Satan.

Obviously I am generalizing when I say that the European people, as a people, have lost their collective soul. Surely there must be some European people left with souls that still live? That is my hope, or why bother writing? But we must face the reality that even if we allow for exceptions, we are still faced with the tragic reality that the majority of our people have given their souls to the devil while the rest of our people have been spiritually neutered; they haven’t the will or the heart to fight their demon-possessed countrymen. In our own nation, the anti-nation called the United States, we are about to reap what the devil has sown. We are going to see what happens when people forsake their Christian past in order to embrace a Christless future.

So let’s be clear: other white nations might not have crossed their spiritual Rubicon, they might still have many miles to go before they reach it, but in the United States we have crossed our spiritual Rubicon. We are an anti-nation that is totally in the hands of Satan and his minions. If we try to behave as if the liberals are something other than what they are – demons – we will continue to try and deal with them as if they are human beings capable of responding to existence with human sentiments and human decency. Utopians have no humanity, they have renounced everything but their own abstract intellects, which can view the suffering of mankind with complete indifference if that suffering leads to their utopian kingdom of heaven on earth, which is in reality the kingdom of hell on earth.

The alternative news sites, which report many of the various atrocities committed by the liberals in the name of their utopian kingdom, with the sacred negro at its center, are just as shocking in their opposition as the atrocities they report. The conservative and nationalist opposition to liberalism is shocking because it is completely disproportionate to the atrocities reported. The conservatives’ opposition to the liberals’ demonism is the equivalent of a man who writes a letter to his local paper as his family members are being massacred by vicious barbarians who have invaded his home. When you have crossed a spiritual Rubicon as a nation, when your rulers are demon-crats and the bulk of your people are easily manipulated by the demon-crats because they have become convinced they have no sacred heritage to defend, you cannot try to survive by democratic measures. When Satan enters the body politic, extraordinary measures, measures that come from a spirit opposed to Satan, must be used.

Let me reference the master of thrillers and high class melodramas, Edgar Wallace. In his novel The Fourth Plague (1913), he tells of two Italian brothers from the ranks of the nobility, one evil and one good. The evil brother, Festini, plans with the aid of his secret society, the Red Hand, to drop bombs containing the Bubonic Plague all over Britain in order to destroy Britain. Without revealing that Festini is his brother, the good brother goes before Parliament and tells them that the normal democratic procedures will not stop the Red Hand. The good brother asks the members of Parliament to grasp the fact that the Red Hand is pure evil and must be dealt with by taking extreme measures that fall outside the normal procedures for dealing with lesser criminals:

“I do not know,” he said, “what plans this Parliament has formed for ridding the country of so dangerous and so terrible a force. No plan,” he spoke earnestly and emphatically, and punctuated his speech with characteristic gestures, “which you may decide upon, can be effective unless it includes some system of physical extermination. I do not make myself clear, perhaps,” he said, hurriedly, “although I have a very large acquaintance with your language.” He emphasized his point with one finger on the palm of his hand. “These men are going to destroy you and your kind. Believe me, they will have no compunction; the plague will be spread throughout England unless you take the most drastic steps within the next few hours. There is no existing law on the statute books which exactly provides for the present situation. You must create a new method to deal with a new crime, and, Mr. Speaker, whatever this House does, whatever steps it takes, however dreadful may be the form of punishment which it, in its wisdom, may devise, it cannot be too drastic or too severe to deal with the type of criminal organization which the ‘Red Hand’ represents.”

In the beginning of his novel, Wallace tells us that “all the characters in the book are fictitious,” but that is no longer true. We now face real life members of the fictional Red Hand. They are called by various names – liberals, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter, but they are all completely evil. The good brother’s response to the Red Hand should be our response to the liberal/Antifa/BLM creatures from hell – “Don’t arrest them, eliminate them.” But of course it is too late for that – white Christians are on the outside of the law, and the various branches of Liberaldom feel toward us as the good brother felt about the Red Hand headed by his demonic brother: “Eliminate them.”

Burke went before the British Parliament and warned its members that the Jacobin plague was a plague like no other. And Dostoevsky went before his people and warned them that the Jacobin-Bolshevik plague would result in the death of millions. We refused to see that America was also facing a potential plague spawned by demon-possessed liberals, and now it is upon us. Let us cease the democratic platitudes and deal with the evil demons of liberalism as Christian men should deal with evil.

It would be easy to dismiss the best of the melodramatic adventure authors of the early 20th century, but authors such as Wallace, H. C. McNeile, Johston McCulley, and Sax Rohmer had something that the existentialist writers of the 20th century and the social justice authors of the 21st century lacked: they still had a Christian view of good and evil. The villains were against white Christian Europe, and the heroes defended white Christian Europe. If Christ did indeed rise from the dead, then Sax Rohmer’s novels about the evil Fu Manchu, who always wants to destroy the “white Christians” are more realistic than Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot or James Joyce’s Ulysses. But of course the great men of intellect do not believe in Christ’s resurrection from the dead. In the absence of that belief, good becomes evil and evil becomes good. Paine’s Rights of Man, in which he calls Christianity the most evil religion ever conceived, became the liberals’ Bible while Burke’s assertion that Christian Europe was our only hope, which had to be defended against the demonic Jacobins, was rejected.

When liberals rule, the humane God is discarded in favor of the inhuman god. Negro worship is the logical outcome of liberalism. Under the banner of the sacred negro, everything evil is good and everything good is evil. Small wonder that our cities are being ripped apart by anarchists and black barbarians while the police are ordered to become non-police, to “stand down” and let the sacred negroes destroy white business and kill white citizens, who are really non-citizens with no right to live in utopia. When I see the black butchers parading through the streets of our cities I see the image  Stoddard sets before our eyes in his recounting of the events of the French Revolution in San Domingo: “A young mulatto named Fifi Pariset ranged the town like a madman searching the houses to kill the little children. Many of the men and women were hewn down by sappers, who hacked off their arms and…” Why go on? Let us never forget that these massacres, this barbarism, is part and parcel of the liberals’ utopia. What we see before us – the rapes, the lootings, and the murders — are all one big liberal religious festival, except the Pelosis and the DiAngelos no longer knit while they watch the executioners, they eat ice cream and sip wine instead.

There are no provisions in our Constitution to deal with pure evil. In a democracy there is no such thing as original sin; we are all rational creatures who can work things out by appeals to reason. But what if even our reason, contra St. Thomas Aquinas, is infected with original sin? What if we can’t come to a rational agreement about what is good and what is evil? The conservative shadows of the liberals keep appealing to the liberals’ reason under the assumption that what is good is what is rational. The liberals then respond, quite rationally, with their demands: “You must die because you are white.” You see the liberals have a religion: they do believe in original sin. They believe in the original sin of whiteness, which is a sin that cannot be forgiven.

In Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, it is the bumbling Constable Dogberry and his companions that catch the villains in the drama: “I have deceived even your very eyes. What your wisdoms could not discover, these shallow fools have brought to light…” So it is with those authors in the first part of the 20th century who tried to please their audiences with exciting ‘potboilers.’ What they brought to light, writing within the framework of a Christian worldview, was that when evil men have placed themselves beyond the ken of humanity, when they are ruled by Satan, it takes a hero, not a candidate, to destroy the evil men. Democracies do not produce Christian heroes, they produce men who, at their best, compromise with evil, and at their worst surrender to evil. Since the defeat of the South in our uncivil war, it has been one compromise with evil after another on the part of white Christians. Now the democratic charade is over. Satan has been unmasked, he was always the force behind our democratic anti-nation. Are the European-Americans too spiritually weak to fight? Yes, they are. All that the conservatives can do, citing educated secularists such as Victor Davis Hanson and Heather MacDonald, is bid us elect a candidate who will democratically oppose the demon-crats, the Antifa, and the BLM. The liberals and their minions are in our streets, they are in our homes, they have no mercy, they have no honor, and they have no charity. They have only the hatred of all things white and Christian that shall endure so long as Satan endures – until Christ returns and consigns Satan and his minions to eternal hell. Do you really think such creatures can be stopped by voting?

I know why the Breitbart conservatives and the Tucker Carlsons do not bid Christian men to rise and ride. They, like their scholastic counterparts in the Church, are uncomfortable with the heartfelt faith of the antique Europeans. It seems stupid to speak of chivalry and “that charity of honor” in a world of computers, the internet, and new technologies that demand a new language in order to talk about them. I have never learned that language. This I have learned – The modern liberals, be they demon-crats or Antifa, and the colored barbarians of Black Lives Matter are in league with the devil. They are far more evil than the worst villains in the fictional pot boilers of MacNeile, Wallace, Rohmer, and McCulley. Those authors, even with their vivid imaginations, could not conceive of creatures as totally evil as our modern liberals. Why, when the reality of the existence of original sin and the devil is so vividly revealed to us, do we look to secular remedies for that which is a crisis of faith? The devil is attacking, through his minions, the Christ-bearing race. Christ will not leave us defenseless, but He, not ‘our democratic traditions,’ must be invoked if we are going to have any success against the liberals. Must I, again, go through the litany of their cruelties? They murder babies in their mothers’ wombs, they round up the elderly and put them in “nursing homes” in order to infect them with the Covid-19 virus. And they encourage colored barbarians to murder, rape, and destroy. What is there left to say? Just this – All that we know on this earth of charity, which never faileth, and the love which passeth the understanding of the rational mind, came to us through our Christ-imbued European hearth fire. If we are ashamed of that hearth fire, or worse yet, if we demonize that hearth fire, we will stand naked and defenseless before the enemy of mankind. It is impossible for mere mortals to swim against the liberal current and recross their spiritual Rubicon, back to Christian Europe. But all things are possible through Him who saves. The history of our people, when they were a people, proves that. We were born of Christian Europe: that is our hope in this world and the next. +

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