Caliban or Christ

Fuseli & Dore

We must prepare to meet with Caliban. – The Tempest


‘Now I bid thee, my loved man, to declare this vision unto men; reveal in words that it is the glorious tree on which Almighty God suffered for the many sins of mankind and the old deeds of Adam.

‘There He tasted death; yet God rose up again with His mighty power to help men. Then He ascended to heaven; hither again will the Lord Himself make His way to this world to seek mankind on the day of judgment, Almighty God and His angels with Him, when He who has power of judgment will judge each one according as he merits in this fleeting life. No one can be without fear there at the word the Lord says: He will ask before the multitude where the man is who for God’s sake would taste bitter death, as He aforetime did on the cross; but then they will be afraid, and think little of what they begin to say to Christ. No one need be terrified there who erstwhile bears in his breast the best of signs, but each soul which desires to dwell with the Lord must through the cross seek the kingdom which is far from earth.’ – The Dream of the Rood


When Russell Kirk’s book The Conservative Mind was published, Thomas Molnar remarked that Kirk had revealed that there were some conservatives hiding out in America, but he had failed to show that they ever had any influence on the American people or the American government. I concur with Dr. Molnar: the America of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution is rooted in the “rights of man,” not in the love of God. It seems blasphemous to a people brainwashed by the superficialities of “separation of church and state” and “We, the people” to speak of God rather than the democratic process as our touchstone of reality, but all people that have ever existed frame their governments around their religious faith. Our exalted founding fathers had a god: it was abstract reason, and they founded a republic based on that god. But abstract reason cannot sustain a people; they need a personal, hearth fire God. Our Civil War was fought to decide which personal God was to fill the void created by the framers of our atheistic Constitution. The northern Unitarians saw the glory of the coming of their Lord, the sacred negro, and they placed him where Christ the Lord should have been placed. Consequently, conservatism in America is based on radical Jacobin-Marxism, which places the sacred negro at the forefront of an ongoing utopian revelation. The end result of that revolution must of necessity bring about the destruction of all things white and Christian. Conservatives in such a society merely act as regulators of the revolutionary process – they want it to proceed along orderly lines; they want the white grazers to be killed humanely with the proper democratic aesthetics rather than butchered indiscriminately without the proper aesthetics.

Because our conservatives do not want to be counterrevolutionary and challenge the state religion of negro worship, they always adroitly avoid the cancerous tumor at the heart of the body politic and focus on the ingrown toenail. For example, I recently watched a conservative pundit interview a concerned parent about the Marxist BLM curriculum in our public schools. The concerned parent said that white children are being taught they are totally depraved and unfit to live. Yet, on the same show both the conservative pundit and the parent dismissed home schooling (“not a real option”) and insisted that parents should “stand up” to the liberal “mob.” That same conservative pundit was and is at the center of the “get our kids back to school” movement. Abstract reason is a whore who will ultimately bed whomever has the cash. A hearth fire European would never forsake His Lord or his people by sacrificing his children on the altars of the sacred negro, but tragically the European people have abandoned their hearth fire; they now prefer shopping malls and interracial sporting events to their racial hearth fire. An individual is powerless to change the Marxist BLM curriculum from within the American system, but he can become a counterrevolutionary force from without that system: he can become an unrepentant, prejudiced white man, prejudiced in favor of a heartfelt faith in Christ over an intellectual, Christless Christianity blended with a belief in the sacred negro, and prejudiced in favor of his own kith and kin over a belief in the democratic equality of all peoples of all races and creeds.

Trump’s efforts to put a stop to the Aztec death squads is commendable. And I hope he carries out his threat to do something about the crime in the cities where the Democratic mayors have refused to restore order. But let me ask – who are committing the murders in our cities? It is the sacred negroes. Are the federal troops going to be allowed to do what has to be done to violent murderers? Eventually, if you are really serious about a war on crime, you must face the fact that “war means fighting, and fighting means killing.” I do not think a government grounded in a belief in the sacred negro is going to be able to kill sacred negroes in order to put an end to their reign of terror. It is much more likely that our federal troops and local police will be sent out into the hinterlands of our anti-nation in order to disarm “white racists.”

Louis XVI did not lose his head because he was a terrible king who oppressed his people. Far from it, he was an exemplary Christian who tried to rule in Christ’s name. He lost his head because he failed to understand that an internal, moral revolution had taken place in his nation. The pamphleteers, what we now call the press and academia, could no longer tolerate any authority over them and especially not that of a Christian king. Louis XVI made the mistake of thinking there was something he could do to appease the academics and the pamphleteers. He didn’t understand that they were pure evil, they could only be dealt with by force. They wanted his blood and the blood of his kith and kin. He should have fought them “to the knife.” It is often hard to see when men and women who once were Christian have gone over to Satan, but if we don’t see when the worm has turned, we and our kith and kin will suffer the same fate as Louis XVI. Whether we call our enemies Jacobins, Marxists, Antifa, or Democrats, they all serve Satan and they serve him through the sacred negro. If we don’t “prepare to meet with Caliban,” the negro god of the liberals, we will never rebuild Christian Europe, we will be a non-people without a homeland on this earth and without any hope for a place in His house of many mansions.

Let us look at New York City as a microcosm of the West. Without a doubt, no city is more like unto Sodom and Gomorrah and ancient Babylon than New York City is. But all the European nations are heading for the same fate as the white New Yorkers if they don’t give up the worship of the sacred negro and return to Christ. We are the cowboy in that magnificent song, “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” who must mend his ways in order to avoid spending all eternity in hell. One of the ghost riders tells him – “Cowboy, mend your ways this day or with us you shall ride on horses spouting fire.” The devil walks the streets of New York; he has been welcomed into the city in the name of the sacred negro, and he will not leave until he is forcibly evicted by Dream of the Rood Christians.

From a practical pagan standpoint, it seems insane to disband your police force and turn your city over to blood-thirsty barbarians. And from a Christian European standpoint, it goes against “that charity of honor” to allow blood-thirsty barbarians to murder your people. But a liberal is neither pagan nor Christian, he is an unman, born as a result of the blending of intellectual Christianity with paganism. When the Grand Inquisitors of intellectual Christianity turned Christ into Socrates, the European people went whoring after pagan gods. And whom did they finally choose? They chose to bend their knees to the sacred negro. We can only understand the New York City phenomenon if we grasp that fact — This is a satanic faith we are dealing with: Blacks must be good, they must be sacred, or otherwise the white post-Christian European cannot have a savior. It is better, in the sick mind of the liberal, that millions of innocent whites should die than he should be left bereft of his savior, the sacred negro.

We have come to this pass because our clergy blasphemed against the Holy Ghost. They refused to believe that God could and does come to men through the heart and not the head. It is not wrong, it is not anti-Semitic, to point out the great number of Jews involved in anti-European organizations, but we cannot overlook the fact that the Judaized Christians, white Europeans, who like Lady Macbeth have stopped “up th’ access and passage to remorse” by denying the Christ who comes to us through the human heart, have become like unto Caiaphas and all the Grand Inquisitors of intellectual Christianity who must modify and ‘improve’ God’s word so that it is more compatible with man’s reason. What are the main charges the Grand Inquisitor hurls at Christ? He tells Him that He thought too highly of mankind; He should not have given such miserable creatures free will. “They don’t want it,” the Grand Inquisitor tells Christ, “They will exchange their freedom for bread,” for the things of this world. And the second charge against Christ is that He broke His promise: He said that He would return soon, and He didn’t return. Therefore, the Grand Inquisitors were forced to reinstate the Sanhedrin, a religious organization opposed to the Word Made Flesh.

The negro is of this world only; the liberal believes that the sacred negro, allied with the abstract intellect of man and science, can give them the things of this world. And the negro is here and now; he does not require men to believe in the Second Coming of a Savior whose followers claimed He rose, unscientifically, from the dead on the third day. Against that faith, the unfaith of the unmen of the kingdom of hell on earth, stands the Dream of the Rood Europeans. They did not seek first the things of this world; of their own free will they saw life in death, they saw beauty, nobility, and truth in the cross of Christ. They “wept and they believed.” Nor did they look for another savior because they felt abandoned. You do not feel bereft of Christ if you have taken Him, through the Holy Ghost, into your heart. The devil is incarnate in what was once Christendom, because the European intelligentsia, in church and state, have made white pietas a crime and the worship of the sacred negro a sacred duty. (1) We who still believe in mercy, not sacrifice, will not accept the sacred negro as a substitute for our Lord and Savior.

We do well to dwell on the words of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” written by a Unitarian minister, a feminist. In stirring terms, she calls on the forces of intellectual Christianity, a Christless army, to join with her in a crusade against white, Christian Europeans. In the name of the sacred negro, the liberals will smite the white Christians with the terrible swift sword of Satan. We are engaged in an ongoing civil war to determine whether a nation conceived in liberty from Christ and dedicated to the proposition that the sacred negro is God can long endure as a nation. That evil republic shall long endure if we don’t respond to the liberals’ militant faith with a passionate militant faith diametrically opposed to their faith. Surely if we are one with Him who bore our griefs and our sorrows on the “glorious tree,” we shall have the heart not only to endure, but to conquer. Is that a dream? Yes, it is, it is the Dream of the Rood, the poetic reality of life bequeathed to us by our people who saw with their hearts and believed. The darkness of negro worship will be banished from the earth when the Word Made Flesh becomes, once again, the light of the European world. +


(1) The definition of systemic racism is — any white who references his or her past. Whites seem to have accepted that definition, which is why they constantly look for “good blacks” who tell them that they don’t have to be exterminated for something their ancestors did. They can live on in the brave new world as support staff for the sacred negroes so long as they repudiate their ‘racist’ past.

We must constantly reference our past; it is a moral imperative. Why? Because all that we are and ever shall be that is good, noble, and pure comes from our past, where the people, our people who saw a great light, lived their lives with His sacred cross before their eyes. We are being pushed to a moral reckoning – will we embrace the sacred negro and live in a hell on earth in preparation for our eternal damnation, or will we stand with our God and our honored dead, the God of mercy and love and the people who saw beauty, truth, and love on the cross? 

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