Back from the Dead

Gilbert. Lear and the Fool

LEAR: Prithee go in thyself; seek thine own ease.     
This tempest will not give me leave to ponder
On things would hurt me more. But I’ll go in.
[To the Fool] In, boy; go first.- You houseless poverty-
Nay, get thee in. I’ll pray, and then I’ll sleep. Exit [Fool].
Poor naked wretches, wheresoe’er you are,
That bide the pelting of this pitiless storm,
How shall your houseless heads and unfed sides,
Your loop’d and window’d raggedness, defend you
From seasons such as these? O, I have ta’en
Too little care of this! Take physic, pomp;
Expose thyself to feel what wretches feel,
That thou mayst shake the superflux to them
And show the heavens more just.

King Lear

Jasper was to have been tracked remorselessly to his death by the man whom he supposed he had slain. Risen from his grave, Drood was to have driven Jasper to his tomb, there to seek for the dreaded evidence of his guilt: but to find there instead, alive and implacable, the man whom he had doomed to a sudden and terrible death, and in whose dust he had come to seek for the dreaded evidence of his guilt.

–Richard A. Proctor, Watched by the Dead

That Trump has not said anything against the deification of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter group should not surprise us. Trump never at any point in his campaign nor in his inaugural speech gave any indication he was opposed to the worship of the sacred negro. In fact, everything he said and did told us that he was one with the liberals in his worship of the sacred negro. Trump ran afoul of the mad-dog liberals because he thought then (and still thinks) a nation dedicated to the sacred negro does not have to exterminate whites. Whites should be allowed, Trump maintains, to live and work in the United States so long as they do homage to the sacred negro. That is why the liberals hate him; they want every presidential candidate to sign on to the extermination of the white race, and Trump has not done that.

Trump is the best president that white people will ever get; the rest of the Republicans who follow Trump will agree to the gradual extermination of the white race, just as their Republican predecessors such as Bush and Regan did. But Trump’s vision of whites working side by side with the negroes in an effort to maintain a nation consecrated to the negro is not compatible with the Christian faith. Such a vision, even if it were possible to bring about, is morally reprehensible because we should not bend our knee to the sacred negro. And it is not possible, even if we wanted to abandon our faith in order to be part of Liberaldom, to work side by side with the liberals and the negroes, because they believe that the white race must be eliminated. You can’t mea culpa, mea culpa your way out of the original sin of white racism. If you are white, you are guilty; you will not be forgiven your whiteness, you must die for your sin.(1)

If Trump is the best that we can elect and he is committed to the same soul-killing, blasphemous faith as the mad-dog liberals, which is the worship of the sacred negro, then everything is cheerless, dark and deadly; we are doomed. Isn’t that right? No, it is not right. We are only doomed if we stay within the prison of democracy. Whites have always been a tiny minority among the races of the world. If they have small, village-meeting type democracies within the confines of a non-democratic white government, they might not do themselves great harm. But if they make a racially diverse democracy their national system of government, they are committing suicide. Which is, of course, what whites have done. They accepted the extermination of the white race in the name of a democratic government which has placed the sacred negro at the center of our culture. Our church services, our arts, our sports, and our civic organizations are all centered on one thing – the worship of the great black gods.

Democracy is the white people’s shroud. If they accept that shroud as their destiny, if they do not tear that shroud to pieces, they will have earned the eternal night the liberals have planned for them. Christian Europe was an impossibility, yet it came into being despite its impossibility because the white Europeans who took Christ into their hearts did not live life second-hand through the demon-cratic process. They saw the divine love in Christ and they loved Him; they saw evil in those who opposed Christ’s reign of charity, and they fought that evil. They did not vote on who God was nor did they try to stop evil by dialoging with the devil.(2)

Noting remains left inside of the European people because they have answered Dostoyevsky’s question, “Can an intelligent man, a European, believe in the divinity of Christ?,” with a resounding ‘No.’ We entered the 20th century with the ‘no,’ but there still remained a great Christian ethical holdover through the first 50 years of the 20th century. The second half of the 20th century was the half-century in which the European people discarded the last remnants of the ethos that stemmed from a faith in Christ. Now, in the 21st century, we have embarked on a new journey without the Christian faith and without the ethos that came from a faith in Christ crucified, Christ risen. Whither do we go without our ancient faith? We go to the sacred negro; surely he will save us from the pestilence that walketh at noonday and the arrows that flieth by night. Do you believe that? Do you believe in the sacred negro? Our European people, especially our young people, do not even know that they have a sacred heritage. They believe they are only alive to the extent that they worship the sacred negro: “In the sacred negro and through the sacred negro, there is life.” That is what our people are taught. No wonder they are in despair. Somewhere in the recesses of their soul they yearn for someone besides the sacred negro. They will never find that Someone if the remnant band who still believe in Christ as true God and true man will not stand against the Black Lives Matter movement of the liberals and the colored heathen.(3) “Truth is truth till the end of reckoning,” Isabella declares in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. And negro worship is demonism; that is and always shall be true till the end of reckoning. You cannot serve two masters. If your Christian faith consists of proclaiming the compatibility of Christianity and negro worship, you are not a Christian. If we are true to our Jesus, we must renounce the devil and all his works, even if that means we must stand alone against the demon-possessed liberal swine who command us to bow down before the sacred negro.

It appears when we look at the modern Europeans that the European people are a race of cowards. How else can we explain a people who willingly place themselves in subjugation to another race, a race of cruel, merciless people who have not charity? But if we look at the history of the European people, we see there once was great courage and virtue within their ranks. What happened to them? It is our faith that gives us courage and strength. The Europeans now have a very strange faith — they believe they must submit to the cruelties of blacks because the black race is the manifestation of God incarnate. From my perspective, as a Christian, that is the ultimate blasphemy, but it is the belief of the modern Europeans.

Is it possible to go from where we are, in a nation in which the inhabitants worship the sacred negro, back to that other nation in which the inhabitants worshipped the Lord God, Jesus Christ? Yes, it is possible. It doesn’t, at present, seem very likely that the European people will break away from the sacred negro, but still there is that lonely figure standing before the Sanhedrin and answering Caiaphas’s question, “Art thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?,” with the words, “I am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.” What was it that destroyed our faith in the great “I am”? It was the first part of the liberals’ trinity, the abstract intellect of man. St. Bonaventure warned the world about the danger of the Thomistic revolt against the indwelling spirit of Christ championed by the apostles and St. Paul. Their experience of God was a direct, heartfelt encounter: they saw Christ “feelingly” with the passion of men with hearts of flesh, and they passed on a vision of the heart, not a theory of God, to subsequent generations of Christians. By placing God out there, St. Thomas and all the philosophically minded clergymen made man’s abstract intellect, not man’s heart, the great arbiter of truth.

The first abstract-intellect men in the church decided in favor of the Christian God, but the natural philosophers who followed in St. Thomas’s train decided against the Christian God, who was declared to be a fraud. First the Voltaires and the Rousseaus revolted, but they were just a few weakened links on a strong chain of faith stretching all the way back to that stable in Bethlehem. But over many, many years, with the backing of science, men of “intelligence” succeeded in making the Christ story into a bedtime fairy tale, something that no intelligent people give any credence to. We must now prepare to meet with Caliban. We must destroy negro worship by attacking, as St. Paul did, the first person of the liberals’ trinity, the abstract intellect of man.

It is now taken as a given that the “intelligent” men and women are liberals. But is that the case if intelligence comes from vision, not from rationality? What do the prophets, who see with blinding sight, tell us about existence? What do St. Paul and the Apostles tell us? And what do the poets of our race, men such as Shakespeare, Chateaubriand, Scott, Dostoyevsky, Burke, and Grundtvig, tell us about that indwelling spirit within us who has a local habitation and a name? Kent begs King Lear to “see better,” to see with his heart, so that he can know it is Cordelia who loves him, not Goneril and Regan. So long as we remain captive to the satanically illuminated mind, we will not know the God who loves us, we will remain tragically allied with the liberals and the savage gods of color, and ultimately, through them, we will be connected to Satan.

I noticed in my early days in the prolife movement that “prolifers,” when going before the liberals’ Sanhedrin, would condemn legalized abortion because innocent black babies were being aborted. That was and is true, but what are you conceding when you say abortion is bad only because it kills black babies? You are kowtowing to the liberals’ god, the sacred negro. That is a game you cannot win: you cannot plead for redemption from the devil. The essence of the liberals’ new religion of the noble black savage is bloody sacrifice, not mercy. I saw another example of conservatives pandering to the black gods of liberalism the other day on Breitbart, which reported that Muhammad Ali Jr. had come out against Black Lives Matter. That does Muhammad Ali Jr. credit, but it does white people no good when the conservative shadows of the liberals ineffectually oppose liberalism by trying to find blacks who are opposed to the extermination of the white race. Do you really think you can obtain mercy and forgiveness from the liberals and the noble savages of color because you can find one black out of a thousand who is willing to allow white people a chance to live? Mercy and love have one source – “None but thee Lord, none but Thee.” Why won’t white people look to the God of their ascending race to save them instead of the second person of the liberals’ trinity?

In his book Watched by the Dead, Richard A. Proctor points out that in almost every book Charles Dickens wrote, there is some character gliding through the book that is thought to be dead, or, if still alive, thought to be inconsequential or too downright stupid to be taken notice of. And that character always steps out of the shadows of death, inconsequentiality, and stupidity to turn the tables on the evil villains of the novel. The same pattern can be seen in the works of Shakespeare and Walter Scott. Christ was the inconsequential figure in the Roman Empire and in the Jewish state who was considered dead and buried, but He became the reason for the defeat of both those secular realms, and He became the moral center of a realm called Christian Europe. Now the wheel has come full circle: Christ is once again a shadowy, inconsequential figure in a secular realm that combines the worst features of Roman paganism with a Shylockian hatred of the living God.

The complete collapse of white people in the face of the Black Lives Matter movement indicates a spiritual sickness that cannot be cured. Negro worship has become too deeply ingrained in the heart and soul of the European people. But our people must be cured. I have no empirical proof, but I know that the Mysterious Stranger still stands outside of our racial hearth fires waiting to be invited in. Is it as simple as saying, “Come, Lord Jesus”? Yes, it is that simple, once we have purged from our heart, mind, and soul, all three persons of the liberals’ trinity, the abstract intellect, the sacred negro, and science. If we fight only a defensive war – “Please allow me into Liberaldom, because I too worship the sacred negro” — we will surely cease to exist as a people in this world and will surely suffer eternal damnation in the next world. But if we go on the offensive, if we attack the immoral imbecility of the men of the abstract intellect, the blasphemy of negro worship, and the soul-killing superficiality of science, we will find our people and our God once again.+


(1) The best-selling book, which is now a textbook in our schools, White Fragility, by Robin DiAngelo, is a precise exposition of the liberals’ religion. All whites are guilty of racism and all whites must die – except the illuminated whites such as DiAngelo, who have gone beyond whiteness to a plane of existence that thee and me cannot achieve. What DiAngelo desires for us is Haiti:

The nature of these events is well shown by the letter of a French officer secretly in Port-au-Prince at the time, who himself escaped by a miracle to the lesser evil of an English prison in Jamaica. “The murder of the whites in detail,” he writes, “began at Port-au-Prince in the first days of January, but on the 17th and 18th March were finished off en masse. All, without exception, have been massacred, down to the very women and children. Madame de Boynes was killed in a peculiarly horrible manner. A young mulatto named Fifi Pariset ranged the town like a madman searching the houses to kill the little children. Many of the men and women were hewn down by sappers, who hacked off their arms and smashed in their chests. Some were poniarded, others mutilated, others ‘passed on the bayonet,’ others disemboweled with knives or sabres, still others stuck like pigs. At the beginning a great number were drowned. The same general massacre has taken place all over the colony, and as I write you these lines I believe that there are not twenty whites still alive – and these not for long.”

This estimate, was indeed, scarcely exaggerated. The white race had perished utterly out of the land. French San Domingo had vanished forever, and the black State of Haiti had begun its troubled history.

The French Revolution in San Domingo by T. Lothrop Stoddard

(2) I sometimes go to a nearby shooting range. I don’t know why, but every shooting range I have ever gone to has a resident ‘gun nut.’ I don’t use that term in a derogatory sense – the gun nut is not a crazy man just itching to gun people down, far from it. The gun nut is usually an Americanist, an American Legion man who loves to show off his guns and talk about our marvelous Constitution with a Second Amendment that guarantees our right to bear arms.

The gun nut at this particular range is named, as most gun nuts are, Joe, and he regularly shows me guns of an amazing variety and high quality. Joe never shoots his guns, he just shows them off. Which calls to mind Patrick McManus’s (the great comic outdoorsman) statement to his wife when she asked him why he owned so many guns that he never shoots: “You don’t have a gun to shoot it, you have a gun so that it can be your gun.”

One day Joe – “he held me with his glittering eye” – started going on about other countries like Britain that had no Second Amendment and therefore had no guns to cherish anymore. Without trying to tweak Joe, because I liked the man, I said that the liberals in our country would eventually, by imperial fiat, take all the legally registered guns away from our people, so that it behooved us to start up a black market traffic in guns. Joe was incredulous: “They wouldn’t violate the Second Amendment.”

White people such as Joe, who are not at heart liberals, must come to realize that liberalism is from the devil. The devil does not respect constitutions, elections, or any of our democratic procedures. In fact he uses them for his own purposes. When they don’t suit his purposes, he abandons them. Look within, look to pietas – there you will find the passion and the fire to love much, to love your own and hate the devil.

(3) Tucker Carlson is the best of the mainstream commentators. He confronts issues that all the other ‘conservatives’ run away from. However, he falls woefully short in his commentary, because he still avoids the main crisis of the European people. Recently I heard Carlson say, quite rightly, that the terrorists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter should be opposed. Language is sermonic: calling terrorists terrorists is certainly a good start; they are not ‘protestors.’ Carlson went on to say that Trump should do something. Yes, he should. But what should be done to stop terrorists? The answer is simple – terrorists should be shot and killed. No government that is still a government can tolerate what is now going on in the name of Black Lives Matter. The F.B.I. gave orders to “shoot to kill” when they were dealing with the “white supremacist” Randy Weaver and his family. And they did just that: they shot and killed Weaver’s wife while she was standing in the doorway of their house, with her baby in her arms. Surely she was a dangerous terrorist who deserved to die! But the “peaceful protestors” throwing Molotov cocktails while they loot, murder, and rape are a protected species. The police are told not to shoot those creatures but to let them be.

No man can be elected to office in our nation who does not do homage to the sacred negro. If Trump gave the order to “shoot to kill” the Antifa/Black Lives Matter terrorists, he would be removed from office, tried for murder, and then executed. And he knows that. Trump is a very brave man, but he is not going to deliberately put his head on the chopping block.

Carlson is right to focus on the accelerating rate of the crime wave engulfing our anti-nation. But he is dead wrong to call for democratic solutions to a crisis that is a crisis of faith. If our people had the same faith in Christ as the antique Europeans, they would not be naked to their enemies. They would do what has to be done. We cannot avoid this thing called faith. Do we serve Christ or the negro?

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