The Iniquity of Negro Worship

Dore, Babylon

The rebels to God perfectly abhor the Author of their being. They hate him “with all their heart, with all their mind, with all their soul, and with all their strength.” He never presents himself to their thoughts but to menace and alarm them. They cannot strike the Sun out of Heaven, but they are able to raise a smouldering smoke that obscures him from their own eyes. Not being able to revenge themselves on God, they have a delight in vicariously defacing, degrading, torturing, and tearing in pieces his image in man. –Burke, Letters on a Regicide Peace


For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. –Revelations 18: 5


The gentle bard told us what happens when charity gives way to cruelty:

It will come
Humanity must perforce prey on itself,
Like monsters of the deep.

Of course the inevitable has happened: without the charity that never faileth, which only existed in racist Europe, humanity is preying upon itself. The demon-crats want a police force in order to enforce the laws of demon-cracy, the Antifa want no police because they still perceive the police as a threat, and the black gods of the demon-crats and the Antifa hold their white subjects in the ranks of the demon-crats and the Antifa in contempt. Bringing up the rear are the conservative shadows of the liberals who respond to the burnings, the lootings, the rapes, and the murders by the blacks with pleas for dialogue with the devil and his minions. “Surely,” the conservatives plead, “we can all agree on that which is essential – we must love the negro, with our whole heart, mind, and soul. Proceeding on that essential, can’t we all come together?” No, we can’t all come together based on our love of the sacred negro. That religious absolute is the reason we live in a non-nation quickly becoming hell on earth.

I was surprised to see the people of the new nation of CHOP demanding porta-potties from the old nation of the demon-crats. Isn’t the need to defecate something that belongs only to the original sinners of racism? I thought utopian humanity had gone beyond that need. I suppose, for a time, certain non-utopian elements will appear in utopia. The utopians might have to receive aid from outside until they can evolve beyond racist humanity and become as gods who do not need porta-potties, electricity, and garbage removal.

Some demon-crats have expressed concerns over the extremism of the Antifa utopians. By what right do they criticize the Antifa utopians? Aren’t the Antifa their children? The demon-crats cannot, so long as the Antifa act in the name of the sacred negro, oppose anything the Antifa do. That leaves the Nancy Pelosis, who love their ice cream, and the Joe Bidens, who love their status as politicians, in a bind. They dare not seem too far to the right of Antifa, because their careers are based on being on the left, but if they allow Antifa to have their way they will not be allowed their ice cream palaces or their highly exalted status in Liberaldom. They will be consigned to a porta-potty existence in CHOP and other such mini-states.

The devil can set a tidal wave of evil in motion, but he can’t control where it goes and who it will engulf. Nor can we, mere mortals, predict the end result of the devil’s assault on the Christ-bearing race. All we know is that it will not be good. Will the Antifa liberals destroy the demon-crats and set up a whole nation of CHOPs? Will the demon-crats continue to rule while allowing for certain CHOP states within our anti-nation? Or will the blacks destroy the white liberal geese that are providing them with golden eggs by murdering the white Antifaers and the white demon-crats? I think we will have what Sweden has, what France has, what Belgium has, and what Britain has: we will have a far left government with a police and military that do not enforce any laws against the creatures of color, but that will enforce very strict laws against white ‘racists.’ And of course the definition of a white racist is: “Anybody who is white.” I think it would be better for the white grazers if the Antifaers completely destroyed our existing government. Then it will be clear to whites that they are on their own. They won’t hold out any false hope that their police and their military are going to save them. Of course neither I nor any man knows exactly how this new gambit of the Jacobin-Marxists will actually play out. But we do know who is behind this onslaught, so we know with complete certainty that what ensues will not be good. And we also know that we cannot dialogue with the devil. We must stop retreating before his minions in the hope that they and their master will stop just short of us. They won’t stop of their own accord, they must be stopped by Christian men.

The America of “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty,” is finished. But that should not make us despair. We never really belonged to that country. We belong to His Europe; whatever was good in our nation came from the Christian faith, which our illustrious founding fathers deemed too trivial and unimportant to be enshrined in our laws and Constitution. Lincoln was right: we were and are a nation conceived in liberty, liberty from God. Can such a nation long endure? No, it did not long endure. Americans needed a God; they couldn’t worship a system of government without a God at the center of that government. The sacred negro has entered the void at the heart of our nation and the other democratic nations of Europe. He is the new Savior of the European people. We won’t be able to see Him who saves while we are kneeling before the altar of the sacred negro.

Only the white Europeans, as a people, held His sacred cross before their eyes. “In life and death, oh Lord abide with me.” And only the white race has made the sacred negro their God. Is that a coincidence? Of course not. Negro worship comes from academia; the Rousseauian philosophers and French pamphleteers ushered in the French Revolution, and the flames of that revolution continue to be fueled by academics throughout the European world. We must then ask – from whence came academia? It came to us through the rational sector, the non-poetic sector, of ancient Greece. The first talk show culture existed in ancient Athens. “Let’s sit around and discuss the idea of God, while rejecting beforehand the possibility of knowing the truth about God.” Into that world, the world of academia, came St. Paul. And he preached the resurrection and the life through Jesus Christ.

Now while Paul waited for them at Athens, his spirit was stirred in him, when he saw the city wholly given to idolatry. Therefore disputed he in the synagogue with the Jews, and with the devout persons, and in the market daily with them that met with him. Then certain philosophers of the Epicureans, and of the Stoicks, encountered him. And some said, What will this babbler say? other some, He seemeth to be a setter forth of strange gods: because he preached unto them Jesus, and the resurrection. And they took him, and brought him unto Areopagus, saying, May we know what this new doctrine, whereof thou speakest, is? For thou bringest certain strange things to our ears: we would know therefore what these things mean. (For all the Athenians and strangers which were there spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing.)

Acts 17: 16-21

When our people came to see the same vision St. Paul saw on the road to Damascus, they became a people such as the world had never seen before. They bore witness to the one true God, whom the Athenian academics claimed could not possibly be the one true God. When we blend their world, the academics’ world of talk shows and panel discussions, with St. Paul’s inner world, the world of a heart connected to Christ, we destroy faith in Jesus Christ. The church as an organization is a ‘this world only’ organization. Dostoyevsky depicts such a church, a church opposed to Jesus Christ, in the Grand Inquisitor chapter of his novel The Brothers Karamazov. That church, the church of philosophy and theology, whose clergy study God from outside instead of taking Him into their hearts, spawned academia. And academia ultimately made Christ an intellectual construct who could be rejected completely or turned into Socrates.

I have not lost the thread of the story. We came to this pass where evil is given free reign so long as it is done in the name of the sacred negro, because we, as a people, have lost St. Paul’s vision of Christ as an ever present reality within every human heart that seeks to know Him “feelingly.” That is the way of true wisdom, the heartfelt wisdom that eschews the putrid, false wisdom of academia. The Europeans cannot, having once taken the one true God into their civilization, return to pure paganism. They must have a god who is a satanic caricature of the one true God. The negro is their savior, he is the new suffering servant. But has he really suffered at the hands of white people as his devotees tell us? No, he has not. His alleged persecutors in apartheid South Africa and the Old South were in reality his liberators who attempted to save him from heathenism, but the liberals must tell a different story, they must tell us of the black man’s horrible suffering because he must be their savior. And how does the new savior compare to Christ concerning mercy and forgiveness? There is no mercy or forgiveness in the black savior. Nor is there any hope for the resurrection of the dead in and through the black savior. Yet still the liberals cling to him, and the white grazers kneel to him. Do the grazers secretly yearn for Christ? I do not know just how far down the slippery slope they have gone, but it is a sad fact that we have a state religion that has surpassed Sodom and Gomorrah and the Babylonians in evil. And the evil of this our modern uncivilization is unopposed because the evil is done in the name of the sacred negro who cannot be opposed.

We know neither the day nor the hour, but I wonder, when I see Satan’s banner – “Black Lives Matter” – defiantly placed at the heart of what was once Christendom, if the final battle, the Icelandic Ragnarök and/or the Biblical Armageddon is now at hand. But then I draw back – such things are not within the ken of mortal men. And we are told that not even the angels in heaven know the day nor the hour. However, we have been given the heart to distinguish good from evil. It is not possible to love the sacred negro and love Christ. Nor is it possible to blend the two loves in order to avoid conflict. We have a war on our hands that can only be avoided if we surrender to the devil and his minions.

We are constantly told by the liberals that any criticism of Black Lives Matter is heresy and will be dealt with quite severely. White reactionaries will not be allowed to impose their old world racism on the new utopian world of diversity. But that old racist world had in it all that we will ever know of the love that passeth the understanding of the rational mind. To know that we touch the heart of God through human hearts imbued with His divine charity is a gift more precious to us than all the riches of this world. “Like unto that of a little child.” (1) What the great poets of our race saw in our people was a childlike faith in our Father which art in Heaven; they believed He would be with us always, through His Son, in life and death. They received that faith at their racial hearth fire, and they took that faith to all the corners of the earth. Now all the colored heathens of the earth are converging on the formerly Christian nations of Europe, at the special invitation of the Jacobin-Marxists, to sit on the thrones and be worshipped in the churches that were once consecrated to Christ our King.

Whites will only fight “Black Lives Matter,” which is the sign, symbol, and substance of liberalism, if they desire to become, once again, children of God. If they have no such desire, if they want to be grown-up pagans who get along quite nicely without the Divine Love, then they will continue to bow down to the sacred negro in order to obtain the approbation of the liberals and, they hope, the riches of this world. I am not that tough. I need the Divine Love and mercy. Therefore I will not bend my knee to Black Lives Matter – I will fight that entity with my whole heart, mind, and soul. +


(1) Some readers have asked about a blog post I wrote in September 2007 called, “The Sacred Heritage.” The authors I mentioned in that post had the European Faith of, “like unto that of a little child.” The post is viewable here

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