Our God and Our People Matter Most of All

O all you host of heaven! O earth! What else?
And shall I couple hell? O, fie! Hold, my heart,
And you, my sinews, grow not instant old,
But bear me stiffly up. Remember thee!
Ay, thou poor ghost, while memory holds a seat
In this distracted globe.



There’s a hope that leaves me never,
All through the night.

-Welsh folk song


No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” (Luke 16: 13) The sacred negro has one very great advantage over Christ: he can be seen with the material eye, he is not of the spirit. He has come to represent mammon, the false god of riches and success. You cannot have success in this world, the Jacobin-Marxist world, without paying homage to the sacred negro and the other lesser gods of color. The new religion of negro worship appears to be more completely developed in the United States than any other nation, but all the white nations hold to the democratic way: they love the noble savage, and that love will ultimately destroy them.

Just when you think it is impossible to be surprised by the extent of the intellectual Christians’ and the conservatives’ apostasy, I find that I am surprised. The liberals have gone beyond anything they have ever done before during the COVID-19 crisis and the George Floyd insurrection — that does not surprise me – but the conservatives and the intellectual Christians, during the George Floyd insurrection, have thrown themselves on the altars of the sacred negro with a passionate intensity that indicates even more than an indifference to Christ; it indicates that they share the same hatred for Christ as their mad-dog brethren. That has thrown me for a loop. I didn’t know they were that far gone.

To talk of making America great again in the aftermath of the George Floyd blasphemy is an absurdity. White America only existed as a real nation in the South before the Civil War. (1) Since that time we have been a Jacobin-Marxist non-nation, consecrated to the sacred negro. Trump’s ‘victory’ was nothing more than a man picking up one broken shard from the ruins of a stately mansion burnt to the ground. There is no house left to defend against the looters and despoilers, but we have a certain admiration for a man who is at least man enough to take down a few looters before he goes down.

Beginning with Spengler’s Decline of the West in 1918, the 20th century has produced enough ‘death-of-the-West’ books to fill a large library. I’m not speaking of the celebratory death-of-the-West books, the books in which the authors were glad the West was dying; I am speaking of the men who wanted to show us the way to restore the West. Richard Weaver, in Ideas Have Consequences, spoke for all the death-of-the-West authors when he said he was not going to conclude his objective analysis of the ills of the West with a plea of impotence, he was going to offer a solution to the demise of the West. And what was Weaver’s solution? He told us to cling to the right of private property.

Other death-of-the-West conservatives offered different restoration plans from Weaver’s, but their plans did not really differ in kind from Weaver’s plan. All the conservatives presented very rational, material solutions to a spiritual problem. That which all conservatives sought to avoid, the issue of “Who moved the stone,” was placed off to the side while the Socratic conservatives debated with the Jacobin mad-dogs. The debate has now ended in America: the ‘noble savage’ Jacobins have won. But throughout the European nations the conservative shadows of the liberals are busy outlining their policies of defeat. They have made Christ into Socrates and the noble black savage their savior. Such states cannot stand up against the looters and despoilers.

Yeats’s oft-quoted statement that the best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity no longer describes the plight of Western man. It is now a case of the best, the formerly Christian Europeans, having adopted the passionate intensity of the worst, the mad-dog liberals; they have learned to love the sacred negro. And with that love of the sacred negro comes legalized abortion, homosexual marriage, transgenderism, and every other evil under the sun. If the natural savage represents virtue, then the complete indulgence of one’s appetites becomes virtuous and the practice of the old Christian virtues becomes sin:

They teach the people, that the debauchers of virgins, almost in the arms of their parents, may be safe inmates in their house, and even fit guardians of the honour of those husbands who succeed legally to the office which the young literators had pre-occupied, without asking leave of law or conscience.

-Burke, Letter to a Member of the National Assembly

The liberals, or if you like a harsher phrase, the radical left, are pushing their Satanic logic to its ultimate conclusion. Like predatory carnivores, they sense that their prey will not fight, so they are going in for the kill. The Socratic Christians have joined the radical left; they also want white blood as well. And they hope if they join with the radical left that they will be spared. It is fight or die; there are no other options for the white European. It’s possible to be killed later than sooner by sacrificing your kith and kin to the liberals and the heathens of color, but that is the only way to survive, for a time, in Liberaldom. Do you want to survive that way? “Yes,” the grazers and the conservatives proclaim, “We will survive if we denounce the racist whites and their civilization.” That won’t be the case – the conservatives and the grazers will be slaughtered soon after their betrayal of their people. If the white grazers and the conservatives don’t love His Europe and His people enough to fight for them, then they are not going to be of any use to themselves or the remnant band. Is there a remnant band? I don’t see them, but what is our faith if it can be seen?

In old Europe, the Europe of Shakespeare, Handel, and Rembrandt, we were vouchsafed a vision of the living God. We saw, with our hearts, the divine Love. And in modern Europe we have been given a vision of unadulterated Satanism. If we love where we should love and hate where we should hate, we will oppose the liberals with our whole heart, mind, and soul. Why hasn’t that happened? Why don’t the European people want to fight the liberals to the death? They won’t fight the devil and his minions because they do not love the God-Man who died on the cross for our sins and to save us from death. Only our Savior can inspire us to fight against the seemingly irresistible forces of liberalism. But He no longer dwells within the European people’s hearts. There can be only one Savior. If the sacred negro has replaced Christ as the God of the European people, how can they fight against the liberals? They can’t and they won’t. Thus the love of the sacred negro doth make cowards and traitors of the European people.

The conservative death-of-the-West chroniclers could not unseat the mad-dog liberals because they themselves were universalists. They could not champion a particular people against a generic love for all mankind, which the liberals made claim to, because they would not champion the particular God who entered human history. Paine, in his Rights of Man, dismissed Burke’s concern for the victims of the Terror with the statement: “What matters the loss of a few frills and few people.” That is the same man who said of Christianity: “It has been the most dishonorable belief against the character of the Divinity, the most destructive to morality and the peace and happiness of man, that ever was propagated since man began.” Paine, who sought to make man’s religion conform to reason and science, won out over Burke, who was concerned with “a few frills and few people.” Christian Europe was that frill and all the white Europeans who adhere to His Europe are the few people who must be eliminated. We cannot place our hopes, as the conservatives do, in the debate over universal theories designed to save a generic mankind from unhappiness and suffering in this world. There is no panacea in the abstractions of the liberals, be they classical or mad-dog. There is only death in life and eternal damnation in rational, scientific panaceas that reject our unscientific faith in our risen Lord.

If you can’t love a particular God and a particular people, you will never be able to draw a line in the sand and tell your enemies, “Thou shalt not cross that line, or you will die.” If our God and our people can be dismissed as “frills and a few people,” we will watch the people who worship the great universal god, the sacred negro, destroy every vestige of the European civilization that once was our spiritual home. Throughout the European world, the monuments, the art works, even the bodies of our honored dead are being destroyed and desecrated. Does it matter? Why should we defend dead racists? Shouldn’t we embrace what is scientific and real, the natural world of the sacred negro? Can the sacred negro, with the backing of science, which is the liberals’ holy ghost, raise the dead? Does the sacred negro love us? For the love of Him who died on the cross we must drive them, the liberals and their colored minions, back across that European line, and then we must defend that line against all the world.

I knew that the conservatives were spiritually weak because they were not really conservative, and I knew that the grazers were confused and easily manipulated by the liberal elite. But I did not think the liberals and their colored minions could be so blatantly evil without eliciting some kind of response from the conservatives and the grazers. The spiritual rot is even deeper than I thought. What is there left to say to the conservatives and the grazers? Nothing at all.

So much blood has been shed by white men for the negro. Our ‘civil’ war, which had nothing civil about it, was fought under the banner of ‘black lives matter,’ and a “few” white lives didn’t matter. That remains the mantra of the Jacobin-Marxist. The people that matter are the blacks, and the vermin that must be exterminated are the whites throughout all of the European nations. All the white men and the white women in leadership positions in the European world have signed on to the extermination of the white race under the banner of ‘black lives matter.’ But why do black lives matter? If Christ be not risen, if faith, hope, and charity belongs only in fairy tale books, then why should I, or any man, care about a criminally inclined race of people? Only white Christians, the whites of the old South, and the apartheid South Africans cared enough about black people to make the attempt to save them from themselves, to put a stop to their hellish, murderous heathenism. When there are no longer any whites to stand between them and the Orientals, they will become beasts of burden, enslaved by the masters of torture and cruelty. And the whites who worship them, where will they be? They will be in the place with the swine who went over the cliff in their mad flight from the Son of the living God.

In my freshmen year in college I read Bertrand Russell’s famous work on the religions of the world. When he came to Christianity he asserted that no force of will, no sentimental desire to once again embrace our beloved dead, could alter the nothingness of our existence here on earth. I rebelled against Russell then just as I rebel against the ‘black lives matter’ mantra of the Jacobin-Marxists and the colored barbarians now. I won’t betray my God and my people by bowing down to the principalities and powers of this world. If, as it appears, there are no Europeans left on the face of the earth, I can at least make my refusal. I will not bend my knee to any God but Christ, and I will be faithful to only one nation – His Europe. As for the rest of the world, the inhuman devils cavorting around the throne of the sacred negro, who is a conduit to Satan, at that world, I hurl my defiance.

The love that once was there in that magnificent living tapestry of Christian Europe is still here. I can see all of my honored dead when I close my outer eyes and listen with the inner eye of the heart. They still live in Christ and through Christ. That vision of the heart will sustain me and thee in our day of battle with the liberals and their colored minions, and it will sustain us “all through the night.” +


(1) It is not just offensive, it is blasphemous when outwardly masculine sport figures applaud the removal of the Confederate flag at sporting events like NASCAR. That flag, the only American flag with a cross on it, is the symbol of a Christian nation in which charity was extended to all people, black and white, and the honor of that civilization was maintained by a white hierarchy who worshipped Christ, not the negro and science. And because they didn’t worship the negroes, they were able to elevate the negroes. That is something the liberals have never done and never will do.

The modern world condemns all that is good and lauds everything that is evil. It is an easy thing to denounce your Christian forebears by calling them racists. But let’s state the truth of the matter. The outwardly masculine anti-racists are spiritual cowards. They lack the moral courage to stand with a few brave souls against the world. Will we ever see European manhood, the Christian manhood of men like Burke, Havelock, Forrest, and Lee, again? No, we won’t, unless we see the God-Man’s blood upon the rose.

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