Amid the Encircling Gloom

Doré. Scripture reader in a night refuge


Our race is our spiritual stronghold. Within that stronghold are the mysterious human relationships that give us the wherewithal to fight the battle against principalities and powers. If you strip a man of his racial identity, you strip him of his soul. How can a man without a soul fight the good fight? He can’t; he can only surrender to the devil and his minions. – CWNY (2012)


On a daily basis innocent whites are murdered by black barbarians. The black murder plague is far worse than the plague called the coronavirus. When Tommie Lindh, the white, 19-year-old, Swedish man, was murdered trying to stop a black barbarian from raping a white girl, the liberal and conservative media were silent, as they are always silent in the face of the murder of a white by a black. But when a black criminal dies while being arrested by white policemen, the media explodes with condemnations of white racism, and the black barbarians seize the moment to increase their burnings, lootings, rapes, and murders. We live in the midst of diversity-created plagues – coronavirus and black – that have one source: the hatred of the Christ-bearing race. When our churchmen stop hating the white race and start defending His Europe, when the liberals are opposed instead of appeased, then we will begin to see some light in the darkness. – CWNY


The opinions that follow are merely anecdotal; they have not been clinically tested. You have been warned.

I was brought up in a white middle-class household by parents who considered themselves to be “moderate liberals.” Both my parents were the first of their lines to go to college. My mother did not believe in Christ’s resurrection from the dead; she thought Christianity was a good ethical system. And my father rejected all of the Old Testament – fundamentalism was an anathema to him – but he made a leap of faith when he came to the New Testament. My parents, my pastors, and my teachers in the all-white public schools I attended, all believed in the sacred negro. So of course I grew up believing in the sacred negro as well.

My faith was first tested when I encountered the sacred negroes on the rival sport teams. They did not play according to the code that I was taught to play by. But my coaches had prepared me for that rude awakening. They explained to me beforehand that I shouldn’t expect the black players to behave like whites. They had suffered years of racism and oppression, so I had to make allowances. Did I make allowances? Yes, I did. Although once during a high school basketball game, I responded to insults against my mother with an elbow to the face of the offending player. I got a lecture from my coach afterwards about “understanding their rage,” etc. Did I understand? Yes, I suppose I still did. I apologized for my “unwarranted” outburst.

Let me fast forward to the summer of my freshman year in college. I had a job as a camp counselor at a camp for inner city boys. The camp was run by blacks for black boys, ages 8 to 12 years. I was the only white counselor amongst a whole host of black counselors. That did not bother me because, as I said, I was raised to revere the black race. I was not picked on – I suppose I would have been picked on had I been weak and frail, but I was not. So my moral dilemma had nothing to do with what was done unto me. It was not a case, as it was in junior high and high school, of being tolerant of the blacks’ uncivil behavior toward me as a white man. No, it was a case of the black counselors’ cruelty toward the black children. I need not chronicle the long litany of cruelty and abuse I witnessed; let one 8-year-old boy step forward. He was not in my group, but I saw what he endured. He was weak, frail, and nonathletic, which is a difficult fate to endure in a white camp for boys, but in the black camp he was in danger of being removed, by an excess of cruelty from his counselor and his fellow campers, from the face of the earth. I intervened and got him transferred to my group even though the head of the camp told me that blacks were not whites: “We do things differently.” Ah, there’s the rub! I could not agree that cruelty to children was not cruelty if it was perpetrated by black men. To me, it was still cruelty. There was a footnote to that anecdote: The boy’s mother told me at the close of camp that she was grateful to me for showing her son a kindness that he had never received before from a male. That is rather sad, isn’t it?

Now, that one, small anecdote can be easily dismissed as white racism. You can tell me that there is even more cruelty in the white race – “Look at their wars, look at colonialism” etc. But I can only bear witness to what I have seen through the eyes of my heart. I saw then and I see now that it is only in the white race, when the white race was Christian, that we see that undefinable virtue that never faileth. Outside the white race there is no such thing as charity.

Africans have respected power deriving from force for too many centuries to acquire any moral shackles – they admire and follow the man with strength. Here is an illustration, amusing but unfortunately quite true. In a school run by the Catholic Church for young men showing aptitudes which might befit them for eventual priesthood, a film was being shown. The film represented in silent form the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. At the scene in the Palace where the Roman soldiers struck Him with whips and placed a crown of thorns upon His head, excited cries of ‘Pika! Pika!’ rang out from the Congolese. Pika means hit or strike, and quite naturally, as in a Western film we cheer on the goodies and boo the baddies, they were encouraging the strong against the weak.

Another film depicting in symbolic form the ending of the Arab slave trade by the white man was greeted with equal enthusiasm—each slash of the long whip on the wretched black man’s back was cheered wholeheartedly, and when in coming to grips with the Arab the white hero is momentarily thrown to the ground—their shouts reached a crescendo of support for the Arab—not as representing a race, creed or idea—but simply because he symbolized power and force.

-D. P. Dugauquier, Congo Cauldron

During the 1950s a child of moderate liberals, be he Catholic or Protestant, was usually exposed to the Christ story before he was given the straight, organizational party line, the party line that destroys faith in the Christ story. So I had the Christ story in my heart as a touchstone of reality even during my late teens and early twenties, when the scientific worldview forced me to conclude that, “Christ be not risen.” But it was the Christ story that triumphed over science by my mid-twenties. Why? Because I saw Christ in His people. They, the antique Europeans, who had charity, spoke to my heart: “I wept and I believed.” That ‘sentimental’ attachment to our people must not be allowed to perish from the earth, because it is our connection to the living God. If Christianity becomes, as it has become, synonymous with the worship of the negro, then what is our faith? Are we supposed to believe, contrary to the words of our Lord, that the cruel and the merciless shall inherit the earth?

These ‘spontaneous’ outbursts of love for George Floyd are not spontaneous outbursts of love. The blacks are just as cruel to their own people as they are to the whites. They don’t really care about the death of George Floyd, who was not murdered. However ill-advised it was to kneel on a man’s neck, it must be emphasized that the police officer who has been damned by the liberal world could have killed instantly with one blow to the head or one bullet if he had been trying to commit murder. But of course that is not the issue. The blacks want a world in which they can rape, murder, and steal to their hearts’ content. And they have such a world. (1) Every time a black dies at the hands of a policeman, black or white (in Baltimore, the majority of the officers were black), the powers that be make it illegal to arrest blacks. And the ‘spontaneous’ riots, which are called protests? They are planned and orchestrated by the Jacobin-Marxists who call themselves Antifa. It was Trotsky who gave the Jacobin-Marxists their battle plan. He said that the Marxists should use the black race to destroy the European governments. And they have done just that. Who will say, “Stop, this shall not go on!”

No one will say stop, this shall not go on because it is up to the Christ-imbued European to stand up to the forces of Satan. And tragically there are no Christ-imbued Europeans. Organized Christian Jewry only produces ‘Christians’ who have disregarded our Lord’s stricture against serving two masters. The churchmen have tried and are still trying to serve Christ and the Negro. That cannot be. What happens when you cannot condemn cruelty when negroes are the practitioners of cruelty? What happens when you must condemn the Christ-centered culture of old Europe because it was racist? You will support the liberals who serve Satan because they are not racist. It is significant that the only whites who practiced cannibalism as a cannibalistic sect (the Donner party was an aberration) were the French Jacobins, who drank the blood of the French aristocrats after they were beheaded. And the modern Jacobins, the Antifa, tell us to “Eat the rich.” Thus the two become one, the Antifa liberal is joined in his cannibalism to the noble black savage.

The Batatela tribe were described in 1899 as being a race of remarkably tall and well-made people where no signs of disease or age were apparent. It was discovered afterwards that this was due to the fact that the young Batatelas ate their parents directly any signs of decrepitude became too evident.

-Congo Cauldron

But why should we be prejudiced against cannibalism? If the sacred negro does it, how can it be wrong? What right do we, white racists, have to judge our gods? And isn’t eating the older members of the herd in keeping with the wisdom of the Darwinian Swedes and their conservative advocates in the United States? Let’s all gather at the sacrificial altars on which white blood flows by the throne of Satan.

At the hour of his death, H. F. Lyte, possibly the most Christ-imbued European who ever lived, asked our Lord to, “Hold thou thy cross before my closing eyes.” He saw his salvation in the cross of Christ, because he had lived his entire life in and through Christ. Most Europeans fell far short of Henry Lyte, but there was a time when we, as a people, believed that men and women who lived as Henry Lyte lived, in and through Christ, were the penultimate of humanity. That an entire people believed the living God had entered human history through humanity was a miracle. We must support that miracle culture, especially now that it is completely condemned by ‘Christians’ and liberals. If we make black barbarians our saviors then we are damned. How can we, who once had Christ as our Savior, stoop so low? Who is being served when we worship the blacks? Is our God being served? Are we, the European people, being served? Are the people of color being served? Only Satan is being served.

This terrible, blasphemous rush, by avowed Christians such as Vice-President Pence, to worship at the altars of the noble black savage in the wake of the death of George Floyd has brought home to me something I have tried to avoid. I have frequently called such ‘Christians,’ who combine the worship of the negro with the worship of Christ, half-way house Christians. I did that because I wanted to believe there was a remnant of the true faith in those Europeans who called themselves Christians. But it is not so. Absolutely nothing remains in organized Christian Jewry of our ancient faith in Christ crucified, Christ risen. What we see before our eyes when we look at the unfaith of the modern European Christians is the noble black savage on the sacred cross of Christ.

There is no more inspiring and hopeful story in the Gospels than the story of the good thief who asks our Lord to remember him when He comes into His Kingdom. But when the intellectual Christians take Christ off His sacred cross and place Him in the position of the good thief, asking the noble black savage for mercy and forgiveness, then we see before our closing eyes the most hideous blasphemy in the history of mankind. It was the antique European people who held His cross before our eyes, in life and death we belonged to Him. Now we are constantly told by all the world that we must hold the sacred negro before our eyes in life and death. The shame is ours, the guilt is ours, the damnation is ours, if we do not tear the hideous blasphemy of negro worship from our hearts. Lord, forgive us our sins and stay with us “amid the encircling gloom, in life and death, abide with us.” +

(1) If the police cannot arrest the greatest perpetrators of crime, for fear they might kill them when they resist arrest, of what use is a police force? Our policemen come from our culture, a culture which is ruled by Jacobin-Marxists who have placed the sacred negro at the religious center of our culture. Do you really think that young men, who want to make a living, are going to oppose their liberal rulers by arresting black people? No, they won’t. Especially after they see what has happened when police officers wound, maim, or kill blacks in their efforts to make an arrest. The police officers, who must do something, will concentrate their efforts on white prolife demonstrators, white ranchers, and whites who voted for Trump. Then, like the police in the European nations currently are doing, they can really release their inner demons and use force in the defense of the Jacobin-Marxist government that pays them. The police are not the friends of white people. Protect yourself and your family and look to Christ for salvation, not to Demoncracy. It is better that we have no police than a police who serve the liberals and their gods.

Lest We Forget – Tommie Lindh

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