One Particular God

And Jesus departed from thence, and came nigh unto the sea of Galilee; and went up into a mountain, and sat down there. And great multitudes came unto him, having with them those that were lame, blind, dumb, maimed, and many others, and cast them down at Jesus’ feet; and he healed them: Insomuch that the multitude wondered, when they saw the dumb to speak, the maimed to be whole, the lame to walk, and the blind to see: and they glorified the God of Israel. –Matthew 15: 29-31


No appeal to white self-interest will work, because liberals have no race or faith. Only a man who believes that his race is an element of his personality which is connected to his God cares about the extinction of his race. The white race did not conquer the world because individual whites were smarter, swifter, or stronger than the people of other races. They conquered because they loved their God while those of other races only propitiated their gods. The summons of the fiery cross will only be answered by men with hearts of fire. One particular, personal God, and only that God, is capable of setting hearts on fire. No matter how small the white remnant, and no matter how numerous the foe, the men with the hearts of fire will keep Satan at bay until He comes to lead the final charge. – CWNY


The white people protesting Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment for opposing the Moslem rapists must have some remnant of Christianity left in them or else they would not be protesting. But are protests by white people against liberal cruelty and injustice ever effective? No, they are not. Protests are part of the democratic process, and the democratic process is an invention of the devil to destroy the Christ-bearing race. You can’t seek redemption from the devil. The only protests that are successful in a democratic system are those that help Satan tighten his stranglehold on the European people. The civil rights protests were successful because the rulers of the Western world wanted to encourage miscegenation. Gandhi’s protests were successful because the British government wanted an excuse to throw off the white man’s burden.

In contrast to those satanically inspired, successful protests, the prolife movement was a colossal failure, because the liberals did not want to provide legal protection to the infants in the womb. If white Christians really want to do something about the liberals’ reign of cruelty, they must leave the democratic process, which includes peaceful protests, behind and make the great return: They must return to the blood and soil faith of their European ancestors. And I am not referring to our pagan ancestors, I am referring to the followers of Odin who bent their knees to Christ without sacrificing any of the fighting spirit that inspired them to fight for Odin. The Christian Europeans such as Alfred did not become lesser men when they took on the mantle of Christ, they became greater men, because the measure of a man is what he fights for. How can there be anything greater than His reign of charity?

The white men who want to halt legalized abortion and the persecution of innocent whites, such as Jayda Fransen and Tommy Robinson, must decide which master they shall serve. If they continue to “protest” evil within the confines of a system that exists for one purpose only, to destroy the good and perpetuate evil, then they have decided to serve Satan. If they decide to make the Christ of old Europe their master, they will not seek redemption from the devil. They will leave the democratic process behind and fight evil the way Europeans used to fight evil before they became entwined within the coils of the democratic process.

In Walt Disney’s Zorro (the real Walt Disney), Don Diego comes home from Spain and hears a tale of horror from his father. The comandante is cruel, merciless, unjust, etc. What is Don Diego’s response? He tells his father he is going to sit down and write a letter to the Viceroy. Of course his father is disgusted with him. Letter-writing is not going to stop the evil comandante. Don Diego knows that. During the day he is a fop who fights evil with letter-writing, but during the night he is Zorro, who fights evil with his good sword. “Ah, but men like Zorro and William Tell only exist in story books. You cannot act like that in the modern world!” the democracy-loving protester tells me. European men did once act like Zorro and William Tell. Were the evil comandantes and the Gesslers prevented from doing evil because of protest movements? Of course they weren’t. Why then do we expect the liberals, who are much more evil than the petty tyrants of yesteryear, to stop doing evil because of a few protest marches?

White foppery in the form of a protest movement is not the proper response to the evil of liberalism. It accomplishes nothing and may do a great deal of harm, in that it allows whites to think they are ‘doing something’ when in reality they are doing nothing. The Tommy Robinson arrest is a case in point. If he serves any length of time in jail, it could well be a death sentence for him. Will it help him if white people protest after his murder? Wouldn’t it be better if white people let it be known that any judge who sentences Tommy Robinson to prison will die?

The white protests designed to convert the devil are a sad reenactment of the so-called prolife movement. For 45 years the prolifers have been protesting legalized abortion, and for 45 years they have gotten no results. Yet they never look at the obvious reason why the liberals keep winning the abortion wars. The liberals keep winning because they have no fear of white Christians. Whenever a white Christian actually does what is necessary and kills an abortion doctor, the ‘prolifers’ run and hide under their beds while screaming, “I am against violence.” That is precisely why you, Mr. Prolifer, should be in favor of killing abortion doctors and burning down the abortuaries. The liberals have taken violence to a new level. They burn, slice, and stab young babies in the womb. Is that not violence? Can people who do such violence be made to stop their murderous spree by gentle persuasion? Only fear of death, their own, will make liberals stop doing evil, whether it is the murder of infants or the slaughter of the white race.

The Christian Europeans walked on water because they took the Son of God into their hearts. If you deny the reality of Christian Europe, if you claim the antique Europeans did not know Christ because they were racist, homophobic, and sexist, in contrast to the modern Christians who are not racist, homophobic, or sexist, you must tell me why the antique Europeans, who were supposed to be so evil, gave us a glimpse of the living God while the modern anti-European liberals have given us a glimpse of hell? There is no avoiding the ancient Europeans’ connection to Christ. When Christ dwelt by the Europeans’ hearth fire, the European people knew how to respond to the devil and his minions. When Christ was Gnosticized, when He became the end product of a syllogism instead of the God of our ascending race, we were left foundering in the seas of liberalism. Protest movements are the white, Gnosticized Christians’ pleas to the liberals to save them from drowning. But the liberals want the white Christians to drown, and the sea is the sea and drowning men will drown unless… They will drown unless they learn to walk on water again. Having once fixed our eyes on Christ we cannot falter or we will drown in the sea of liberalism. The vision of Christ crucified, Christ risen was bred in the bone and nurtured in the hearts of the antique Europeans. Without that breeding and that nurturing we cannot respond to the wickedness and snares of the devil as Christian men should respond. We will be forever chained to the democratic rock without any hope of being delivered from our bondage.

As incarnational Europe fades from the memory of modern Europeans, let me raise one voice in defense of Christian Europe. We cannot be fully human unless we revere His divine humanity. The antique Europeans were not perfect, they were not gods, but they revered His sacred humanity and in doing so they showed us the glory of a Christ-centered humanity. What do the modern Europeans show us? They show us nothing of God. We only see all that is unholy and blasphemous in the pigsties of modern Europe.

The purpose of institutionalized liberalism is to eradicate every last trace of humanity from the face of the earth. The liberals’ focus has been and will continue to be on the white race, because the antique Europeans were the most Christ-centered and therefore the most fully human people who ever walked the earth. And any member of a non-white race who shows even a glimmer of respect for the ancient faith of the European people, a Gunga Din, will be exterminated as well. Despite their claim, “We love humanity,” the liberals hate humanity just as their master, the devil, hates humanity. R. L. Stevenson captures the essence of liberalism in his short fable titled, “The Four Reformers”:

Four reformers met under a bramble-bush. They were all agreed the world must be changed. “We must abolish property,” said one.

“We must abolish marriage,” said the second.

“We must abolish God,” said the third.

“I wish we could abolish work,” said the fourth.

“Do not let us get beyond practical politics,” said the first. “The first thing is to reduce men to a common level.”

“The first thing,” said the second, “is to give freedom to the sexes.”

“The first thing,” said the third, “is to find out how to do it.”

“The first step,” said the first, “is to abolish the Bible.”

“The first thing,” said the second, “is to abolish the laws.”

“The first thing,” said the third, “is to abolish mankind.”

Have I gone too far afield from the plight of Tommy Robinson and the countless other white victims of liberal cruelty and colored savagery? No, I haven’t. If we don’t see liberalism in all its guises as from the devil, we will not be able to defend our people, such as Tommy Robinson, against the liberals’ satanic onslaught. We need the full armor of Christ in order to do battle with the devil. We cannot arm ourselves with the democratic weapons of the devil in order to combat the devil. Once the European people believe that liberalism is Satanic, they will no longer oppose liberal evil with foppery, they will fight as integral men fight for what they love; they will fight with all their heart, mind, and soul.

The marriage between the European people and Christ was a blessed union, a blessed union that Satan was determined to end. He succeeded because he turned a marriage based on love into a marriage of convenience. When the Europeans ceased to see the moral beauty of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, they ceased to love Christ. It is still convenient for them to refer to Christ now when they need a spokesman for racial equality or some other social problem, but the love match is over. Christ has been trivialized out of Europe because the Europeans can no longer understand a God of depth. When they abandoned their racial hearth fire, the European people became incapable of maintaining their blessed union with Christ. They have become spiritually neutered. The living God comes to human hearts, He does not come to us through a series of philosophical incantations or the nation state of Israel. If we settle for a formulaic, superficial Christ we will stay in the land of the Undines, the land of the men and women who have no souls.

Burke reminds us that a nation is a moral essence, not a geographical entity. The moral essence of old Europe was Christ. We cannot graft Christ onto a nation, the nation of Liberaldom, with an amoral satanic essence. The great tragedy of the 21st century is that professed Christians as well as mad dog liberals vilify and spit on the moral essence of old Europe. We live in Biblical times. We need to believe that our Lord will not leave us naked to our enemies. It’s difficult to believe in the 7,000, but that is what Satan wants: “Despair and die.” If we set the modern world against the moral essence of old Europe and see what the liberals, at Satan’s behest, have destroyed, we will not go quietly into the dark night of liberalism. The 91st Psalm is forever relevant, but it is most particularly relevant for an antique European living in Liberaldom:

Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.

It all begins and ends with the great refusal – We shall not abandon our Jesus, the Christ of old Europe. +

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