Even Unto the End of the World

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels. – Mark 8: 36-38


The de-emphasis of the incarnation of Christ in the Christian churches and the denial of the incarnation of Christ in secular Europe is the reason that the European race is fast disappearing from the face of the earth. What binds Judaism, Islam, and liberalism together? All three religions deny the incarnation of the Son of God. The hatred of the white race exhibited by those religious bodies and the other sects of colored heathens is motivated by Satan’s deep-seated hatred of the antique Europeans, the people who made Christ incarnate in their culture. Satan wants the incarnation of the Son of God to be an idea, he does not want the Word of God to be made flesh, because he can always win a debate, but he cannot win a war against men with hearts of flesh consecrated to the incarnate God.

I recently read a tract, and such tracts are legion, by a religious expert who claimed there was no difference between pagan Europe and Christian Europe, because both periods of European history produced murders, adulteries, wars, and sexual perversions. Is it really necessary to point out the incredible differences between pagan Europe and Christian Europe? A theologian who makes the ‘no difference’ claim is not interested in the truth. He is only interested in his own utopian fantasies. If mankind will only follow his twenty-point plan he will make men like unto God. But if we eschew Christian utopianism, which is a plea to reenact Adam’s and Eve’s original sin, “Ye shall be as Gods,” we can see that there was an incarnational culture. The European people made Christ the moral essence of their culture. He was more than an idea to them, He was their heart and soul. The difference between an idea religion and a hearth-fire religion is the difference between heaven and hell. As soon as Christ’s incarnation becomes an idea in men’s minds rather than the burning passionate belief of their heart, Satan can shift men’s focus away from God and make them view his satanic vision of life in a new and pleasant light.

The race war is a religious war because our God is an incarnate God. If Christ was not really true God and true man, if the flesh cannot be sanctified, then all men are universals, they are part of an aggregate herd called ‘mankind.’ But if the spirit can take on flesh, then the skin color of the people who circumcised their hearts and took Christ into their racial hearth fire has eternal significance. The European people set themselves apart from the other races because they gave us a glimpse — actually it was more than a glimpse, it was a vision — of the living God.

All efforts to restore Western civilization will fail unless those efforts are focused on inspiring white people to return to their racial hearth fire and defend it. We can’t go on as an Undine race, the people who have no souls, and still continue as a race. Of course that is what the liberals desire. They have already decreed, and they are acting on that decree, that the white race is a non-human race that should be exterminated. The Christian churches serve as the great anesthetizers. It is in the churches that the desoulment takes place. St. Paul told us that Christ’s church consisted of those men and women who had taken Christ into their hearts. “Not so,” say the churchmen. “The church of God is an organization built on an idea of God – our idea of God.” But an idea is shifting sand, it lacks a local habitation in the human heart. The organized Christian churches are fusing with organized Islam and organized Jewry because they no longer diverge from those religions; having abandoned their racial hearth fire, the European churchmen have lost their vision of the incarnate God of Europe. Without that vision they are Undines, in search of a soul, in the forests of Brazil, in the nation state of Israel, or through their worship of the sacred negro. They refuse to look for their God at the hearth fire of the European people, because they fear the racist label.

If fear of the living God is the beginning of wisdom, then what are we to make of a people who fear Satan’s racist label, which he places on all white men who love their own in and through the Savior? Sadly, we can make nothing of them, because they have willed themselves into a deathlike sleep; they are walking shadows who fret and strut their hour upon the stage of life without the passion to love their God and their people enough to fight for them. Life is only a tale told by an idiot to those who have severed the ties of blood that connect them to the living God.

The liberals, who are legion, believe in incarnational politics; they will settle for nothing less than the incarnation of Satan in the nations that formerly constituted Christendom. The reason leaders such as Orbán of Hungary and Trump in America enrage the liberals is because their politics represent compromise; they want a place for white Christians within Liberaldom. That compromise is an anathema to the liberals. And it should be an anathema to the white Christian as well. We cannot compromise with liberals. They want the blood of the white man, there is nothing that he can say or do to appease the liberals. He must willingly take his place on the sacrificial altar so that the liberals can propitiate their colored gods. The only effective resistance to liberalism is incarnational Christianity. Christ cannot be one democratic option among the Satanic –isms, for the simple reason that in a straight democracy Christ always loses – “Give us Barabbas!” The heathen will always rage against the light of the world. It is up to the Europeans, the Christ-bearers, to drive the heathens from the white lands along with the liberal Ganelons.

Ever since the time of the French Revolution the Europeans have been playing a game called “compromise with the liberals.” And the liberals always win. They have destroyed, in the name of liberty, equality, and fraternity, every vestige of incarnational Europe. Burke warned the West that the Jacobin snake did not die with Robespierre, it was alive and well, and its venom was called democracy. Under the guise of democracy every evil under the sun has been institutionalized. During the American Civil War the abolitionists insisted that the Civil War was not a war in support of miscegenation; they said it was a war for negro enfranchisement. But negro enfranchisement did mean miscegenation. Once that barrier was broken, the liberals did not apologize for breaking their word, they simply moved on to the next hurdle. The emancipation of women, for instance, was not presented as the destruction of Christian marriage, it was presented as simple democratic enfranchisement. Now that the Christian patriarchal family has been destroyed and white Christian masculinity proscribed, do we hear anyone crying foul? No, we do not. Every channel of grace flowing from white Christian Europe has been destroyed by the liberals. And the churchmen have helped the liberals damn up those channels of grace. The Welsh minstrel tells us that, “Nothing can compare to the love that once was there.” What love was there? The love that a man has for his own kith and kin, which is sanctified by His presence and His blessing. The liberals sing a different tune. They sing of the hatred of all things white and Christian and bid us look to a future without white people and without Christ. And that future has arrived. We still have some white grazers left, but we have very few white people, whites who are willing to love their own kind, in and through the Savior without fear of the racist label and without any apologies.

The Grand Inquisitor in Dostoevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov hurls a serious accusation at Christ. He tells Him, “You said you would return and you didn’t.” And since Christ failed to return, the Grand Inquisitor felt it was incumbent upon him to recreate a church in his image rather than in Christ’s image. Isn’t that precisely what has happened in the European nations? The scribes and the Pharisees have stepped in to fill the void left by Christ’s ‘broken’ promise. But doesn’t that leave the Holy Ghost out of the picture? Christ said He would leave us a Comforter until His return. Did He lie? It only appears so to those who have forsaken the Holy Ghost, who resides in hearts of flesh. If you must see an external sign, the type of sign that science and scientized theology provide, you will feel abandoned by God. Our churches have institutionalized that feeling of abandonment and turned their people over to the heathen gods. The prayer to our Father who art in Heaven has become a prayer to nature and nature’s gods – the sacred negro, the Moslem zealot, the Hindu holy man, and the nation state of Israel. If we don’t believe that Christ was incarnate in old Europe and vow to stay by the hearth fire of the antique Europeans, we will become part of the new Europe. And in the new Europe Satan reigns supreme. He is the incarnate ruler of Liberaldom. 

Satan had to impose his will on the European people incrementally. He had to undermine the Christian foundations before he could launch a frontal attack. Now that white pietas has become the new ‘original sin,’ the European people are without a Comforter, because the Holy Ghost only resides in the circumcised heart, a heart ready to receive the incarnate God. Lady Macbeth asks the devil to

…stop up the’ access and passage to remorse,
That no compunctious visitings of nature
Shake my fell purpose, nor keep peace between
Th’ effect and it.

That is the ethos of the liberals. It is impossible to fight that satanic ethos without a belief in the whole Christian fairy tale – that Christ became flesh, was crucified, died and was buried, and on the third day He rose from the dead. And then, when He ascended into heaven, He left us a Comforter so that we could know that He was with us always. It sounds like such an impossible tale. We cannot wrap our minds around it, because it’s so unmodern and unscientific. I would submit that the Christian fairy tale seems remote to the modern Europeans because they have chosen to reenact the original sin: They have scientized God and made His word subject to the laws of nature. But He is not out there in Satan’s natural world, His world is the fairy kingdom where loving hearts seek Him still. He tells the scribes and Pharisees that there shall be no sign, because He is the sign. When we completely reject the world of the scribes and Pharisees, the world ruled by Satan, we will enter the real world, which is His world, a world of faith, hope, and charity. The passage to that world starts at home, by our European hearth fire. +

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