The Liberals’ Metamorphosis

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. –1 Peter 5: 8


Pope Francis the blasphemer is always very forthright and uncompromising when he condemns white pietas, which he calls racism. But when he approaches the liberals’ sacred cows, he is very understanding. For instance, he can’t really say that homosexuality is wrong. Why can’t he say that it is wrong? It was always considered wrong by Protestants and Catholics for over a thousand years. So again, what is so difficult about standing up for the age old Christianity of the European people? It is difficult to stand up for Christian morality when you don’t really believe that Christ was the Son of God. The modern Catholic church is like unto the Disney corporation. The corporate executives have to retain many of the symbols and trappings of their founder, because it was his vision that created the Disney empire, but they do not share the same vision as Walt Disney. In point of fact, their beliefs are in direct contrast to Walt Disney’s beliefs. But they need to feed off his poetic vision, so they retain the Disney name while espousing values that are in direct conflict with Walt Disney’s values.

So it is with the Roman Catholic executives. They still keep Christ as the symbolic head of their corporation, but they have denied Him in their hearts. They no longer believe that He is the Son of the living God, so they no longer feel the need to adhere to the moral code that stems from a belief in the Son of God. They keep Christ as a figure head, because they earn their living by posing as Christians, but their hearts belong to the liberals.

The devil is not a poet. He is, as the poet Walter Scott pointed out, a strict formalist:

Once upon a time this old hag is said to have crossed the moor, driving before her a flock of geese, which she proposed to sell to advantage at a neighbouring fair;—for it is well known that the fiend, however liberal in imparting his powers of doing mischief, ungenerously leaves his allies under the necessity of performing the meanest rustic labours for subsistence. The day was far advanced, and her chance of obtaining a good price depended on her being first at the market. But the geese, which had hitherto preceded her in a pretty orderly manner, when they came to this wide common, interspersed with marshes and pools of water, scattered in every direction, to plunge into the element in which they delighted. Incensed at the obstinacy with which they defied all her efforts to collect them, and not remembering the precise terms of the contract by which the fiend was bound to obey her commands for a certain space, the sorceress exclaimed, “Deevil, that neither I nor they ever stir from this spot more!” The words were hardly uttered, when, by a metamorphosis as sudden as any in Ovid, the hag and her refractory flock were converted into stone, the angel whom she served, being a strict formalist, grasping eagerly at an opportunity of completing the ruin of her body and soul by a literal obedience to her orders.

The Black Dwarf

Using the forms of Christianity, the devil is able to ape the good in order to advance his satanic agenda. The miracle of married love which produces a child is turned into the sacrificial rite of “free choice,” in which an infant child is sacrificed on the altars of liberalism. Every perversion under the sun is given an inverted Christian sanction. Pope Francis’s support of sodomy, which is given a Christian meaning by applying the ‘judge not that ye be judged’ label on the sin, in a complete distortion of the text, is another example of the satanic inversion of Christianity. Pope John XXIII gave us another sample of the new, satanic Christianity when he had “loving forgiveness” for the black Satanists who tortured, raped, and murdered nuns and priests of his own race and his own church. All such perversions and barbarities, and the list of the perversions and barbarities is endless, are done under the formal mantle of a hellish, twisted Christianity in which false prophets, the prophets of liberalism, bid us follow the false messiahs of reason, science, and the ‘noble black savage.’

At the turn of the 19th century the people of Europe could not absorb undiluted Satanism. So Satan came to them in a diluted form. He kept the outward forms of Christianity alive while changing the inmost heart and soul of European culture. Our culture was consecrated to Christ; it is now consecrated to Satan. In order to make that change, it was necessary to plant the idea in men’s minds that God was to be found out there, in nature, and God was to be worshipped, not in spirit and truth, but in formal rites devoid of their spiritual center, which was and is, Christ the Lord.

It’s impossible not to see that in the 21st century the Satanism of the liberals is less diluted. Whether this is a tactical error of Satan or a tactical error of the liberals which Satan cannot control, or a tactical master stroke is more than we know. But it is clear the liberals feel less of a need to cloak their evil intentions. They never debate any more, they just refuse a hearing to any dissenters and/or jail them, as was the case with Tommy Robinson and Jayda Fransen. They also openly talk about the extermination of the white race, which was not something that they espoused so openly in the 20th century. Shouldn’t the liberals be afraid of a white backlash? It doesn’t seem like they have anything to be afraid of. The European people will only fight if they believe that Christ is the Son of God and they are the Christ-bearing race. So long as they believe that whiteness is the original sin and the liberals’ nature religion of the black Messiah is the one true faith, they will not fight for their own people or for the restoration of Christian Europe, which are really one and the same thing.

Satan cannot understand the poetic of Christ crucified, Christ risen, because he is completely devoid of poetic sentiments. But he does possess mathematical intelligence, and he uses that intelligence to maintain the outer forms of the Christian poetic, which he uses for his own satanic purposes.  Starting from a mathematical base, Satan proceeded to prove to the Europeans that man was nothing more than a by-product of the natural world. He failed time and time again in his quest to place a wedge between the European people and Christ but finally he succeeded in his efforts. He placed the natural world, the world of ‘2 plus 2 makes 4,’ before the European  people’s eyes and bid them study that world ad nauseam until they saw nothing else but that world. Once that metamorphosis was complete, once the Europeans saw with and not through their eyes, the devil’s triumph was complete. But of course it is not in the devil’s nature to rest contented. He must push onward and downward, until the image of God in man is completely eradicated from the face of the earth. Then, when the earth has become hell, the devil hopes that he can be free of God and never have to look on the Divine Countenance again. That is his desire and that is the desire of his minions, the apostate liberals who worship darkness and reject the light.

In Michelangelo’s painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, he depicts the hand of God reaching out to the hand of man. If I had the artistic ability I would paint a picture of Satan, immersed in the pit of hell, reaching out to the modern Europeans. They would not be resisting Satan. They would be flocking to him in order to be part of his kingdom of everlasting night. On their faces would be looks of sheer terror, but they would not be terrified of hell. They would be looking behind them for fear that He might still be seeking them out in order to prevent their glorious marriage to Satan.

The modern white wants to obliterate his whiteness in the arms of the devil. On this earth, the colored heathens serve as the strong arms of the devil. Now the liberals see the devil darkly through the colored races, but once they have achieved hell, they will see the demon whom they worshipped on earth face to face.

Whiteness is not the original sin. The Christ-bearing race championed the God of mercy in a world devoid of mercy. Then they abandoned the God of mercy and sought out the savage gods of color. That is their sin and it is not original. It is the sin of all the colored races who preferred the gods of sacrifice to the God of Mercy. Where is mercy to be found now that the liberals have joined with the colored heathens to eradicate mercy from the face of the earth? It’s to be found in Christ’s church, which was never an organization of corporate executives; it was and is the union of hearts of flesh, hearts that love Christ in spirit and in truth. I believe in the people with the hearts of flesh, I believe that they knew the one true God, and I believe I can know that God in this world and be with Him in the next world if I do not sever my connection to the antique Europeans. They touched the heart of God, and through them I touch the heart of God.

In 1st Corinthians St. Paul speaks of a mystery:

Behold I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump; for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

The liberals do not believe in that mystery, but they do believe, because they accept all of Satan’s inversions of Christianity, in the mystery of liberal metamorphosis. They believe they can transcend their whiteness, their original sin, through the love of the noble black savage. And their love of the black savior is maintained by the Father, which is the abstract intellect, and the Holy Ghost, which is science. We can never save our people by appealing to the liberals’ self-interest – “You too are white,” – because they have made a Gnostic transformation. They have left their whiteness behind. Nor can you appeal to the liberals’ mercy – “You can’t murder a whole race of people.” Yes, the liberals can and will murder a whole race of people. They have killed the white pietas in their own hearts, so they must kill the white pietas in every white heart.

When God took flesh and dwelt among us, He joined His divine humanity with our humanity. What a blessed union! The liberals have done just the opposite. They have joined with the colored savages to form an unholy union devoid of mercy. Their union has produced nothing but cruelty. It’s as if Dotheboys Hall, that terrible boarding school in Dickens’ novel Nicholas Nickleby, in which merciless cruelty is the norm, has become the world. And that world, which is Satan’s world, will not be brought down by voting or pleas for mercy. It will be brought down by Christian men with hearts of flesh who strike home in defense of the helpless.

Squeers caught the boy firmly in his grip; one desperate cut had fallen on his body—he was wincing from the lash and uttering a scream of pain—it was raised again, and again about to fall—when Nicholas Nickleby, suddenly starting up, cried ‘Stop!’ in a voice that made the rafters ring.

‘Who cried stop?’ said Squeers, turning savagely round.

‘I,’ said Nicholas, stepping forward. ‘This must not go on.’

‘Must not go on!’ cried Squeers, almost in a shriek.

‘No!’ thundered Nicholas.

Aghast and stupefied by the boldness of the interference, Squeers released his hold of Smike, and, falling back a pace or two, gazed upon Nicholas with looks that were positively frightful.

‘I say must not,’ repeated Nicholas, nothing daunted; ‘shall not. I will prevent it.’

Squeers continued to gaze upon him, with his eyes starting out of his head; but astonishment had actually, for the moment, bereft him of speech.

‘You have disregarded all my quiet interference in the miserable lad’s behalf,’ said Nicholas; ‘you have returned no answer to the letter in which I begged forgiveness for him, and offered to be responsible that he would remain quietly here. Don’t blame me for this public interference. You have brought it upon yourself; not I.’

‘Sit down, beggar!’ screamed Squeers, almost beside himself with rage, and seizing Smike as he spoke.

‘Wretch,’ rejoined Nicholas, fiercely, ‘touch him at your peril! I will not stand by, and see it done. My blood is up, and I have the strength of ten such men as you. Look to yourself, for by Heaven I will not spare you, if you drive me on!’

‘Stand back,’ cried Squeers, brandishing his weapon.

‘I have a long series of insults to avenge,’ said Nicholas, flushed with passion; ‘and my indignation is aggravated by the dastardly cruelties practised on helpless infancy in this foul den. Have a care; for if you do raise the devil within me, the consequences shall fall heavily upon your own head!’

He had scarcely spoken, when Squeers, in a violent outbreak of wrath, and with a cry like the howl of a wild beast, spat upon him, and struck him a blow across the face with his instrument of torture, which raised up a bar of livid flesh as it was inflicted. Smarting with the agony of the blow, and concentrating into that one moment all his feelings of rage, scorn, and indignation, Nicholas sprang upon him, wrested the weapon from his hand, and pinning him by the throat, beat the ruffian till he roared for mercy.

I repeat, our world, the European world, is ruled by a cabal of cruel, merciless vipers who rejoice in the degradation, torture, rape, and murder of white people. Their merciless reign must be stopped. But it can only be stopped by white men whose hearts burn within them from an encounter with the risen Lord, our Jesus, the God of our racial hearth fire. +

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