Christian Leaven

We are such stuff as dreams are made on. – The Tempest


In my junior and senior high school days I subscribed to a magazine called Strength and Health, which was published by Bob Hoffman, the founder of the York Barbell Company. I once tried, without consulting my mother, to bake a loaf of “muscle bread,” using the ingredients suggested in a recipe from the magazine. Some of the ingredients, if I remember correctly, were wheat germ, rice polishings, black strap molasses, brewer’s yeast, and whole wheat flour. Yum, yum! I put all the ingredients together, poured the mixture into a bread pan, and then placed it into the oven to bake at the recommended temperature. The result was a disaster. I had left out one essential ingredient  â€“ I had neglected to add yeast. The bread came out as a non-bread, resembling a slab of mud.

Now, other than revealing that I was just as stupid as a young man as I am now as an old man, what was the point of that story? Where am I going with it? I’m going to our modern conservatives who think that you can have a sound, functioning democracy without Christian leaven. To the extent that any of the European democracies worked, prior to the 20th century, they worked because the European people still were the Christian leaven that kept Europe from descending into the Babylonian night of paganism. But without the Christian leaven there can be no democratic governments like the ones that most Europeans of the 20th century, who were living off the leftover Christian leaven of the 19th century, grew up with. Let’s look at some obvious contrasts between our current society, which has no Christian leaven, and a European society of some 60 or 70 years past that still possessed a modicum of Christian leaven held over from the 19th century. First, in the Christian Leaven age the arguments over abortion were about how to punish those performing abortions and how to prevent women from having them. That is something that a Christian people (the leaven) can debate. But can you have democratic debates with non-humans who think the right to murder babies in their mothers’ wombs is a sacred right? Of course you can’t.

A second example is the illegal immigration issue. In times past, the debate was over how strict a punishment was to be meted out to illegals and how to best protect our borders. Now there are no restrictions on illegal aliens, and all those who try to impose restrictions are stopped dead in their tracks. So again we must ask – can you have a democratic debate with people who are determined to make common cause with your enemies?

Let us proceed to a third example – in the past if a sodomite was caught on a school campus trying to persuade school children to adopt a homosexual lifestyle, the debate would have been over the punishment for the sodomite and over the best way to ensure that such loathsome creatures stayed away from school children. Now sodomy is taught as a lifestyle option in the schools, along with every other perversion that used to be proscribed by law in societies held together by Christian leaven. Can you debate with those who advance an agenda of sexual perversion? No, you cannot.

I shouldn’t have to go on. You can supply a hundred more examples. The point is that you cannot affect positive change within the confines of a democratic government unless there is a common consensus among the people about what is right and what is wrong. For thousands of years the common consensus of the European people about what was right and wrong came from Christianity. That has been changed. The common consensus among the ruling elites of the European nations is that everything Christian is wrong and everything liberal, which translates to satanic, is right. And what about the people? They fall into Yeats’s paradigm: “they lack all conviction.” The Breitbarters, the Drudges, and the conservative coalition-type organizations can pump out all the information they like that shows the evil that liberals do. And they can point out the non-democratic nature of the liberals’ tyrannical regime, but they are as sounding brass and tinkling cymbals because they are proceeding according to the business-as-usual formula: “Bring evil policies to the forefront of the public, and the people will put pressure on the government to change those policies.” That is no longer possible without a Christian leaven sustaining society. There are virtually no Christians left to put pressure on the government officials, and there are absolutely no government officials willing to respond to any appeal from a white person who is even tangentially connected to Christianity.

I have a vivid memory, from some 25 years ago, of a protest launched in my area by a group of white housewives in a white enclave of the city. They had come out of their homes to protest the projected building of federally funded high rise apartments in the middle of their neighborhood. Of course the women knew what the building of the apartments meant. It meant the end of their neighborhood and quite possibly, if they didn’t have the money to move out, it meant the death of some or all of the members of their families. But the high rise apartments were built, and the black marauders that came with the high rise apartments did what black marauders do everywhere: they destroyed a peaceful white neighborhood and the people who lived there. During the futile protest the newsmen caught one woman on camera, a woman with two children in a baby stroller. She hurled one desperate, angry plea at the cameras, which represented the cold, heartless face of modern Satandom: “Everyone has rights in this stinkin’ country but white people.” Ah, there’s the rub. That woman deserved damnation, she was a racist! And so are all white people who try to hold on to any remnant of white Christian Europe. She was a white mother with white children, and everything white must perish, “so it is written, so it shall be.” That is the unholy decree of the liberals.

The democratic process has been a very convenient tool of the mad-dog liberals, but they never believed in it like the liberal-conservatives. This last Presidential election was further proof of the lack of regard that liberals have for the democratic process. Trump won, but everything is proceeding as if he lost. And that is perfectly in keeping with the liberals’ ethos. They have one goal and one goal only – the destruction of the white race. They will use the democratic process if it facilitates the destruction of the white race, and they will disregard it when it doesn’t facilitate the destruction of the white race. In contrast, the conservatives have one main goal. They want to show the world that they are the true followers of the democratic way. They tell atrocity stories and point out the non-democratic nature of liberals so that white people will vote white. But there are no white candidates who want to destroy liberalism running for any political office in any European nation. And if there was one, he wouldn’t be elected because the Christian Europeans have been absorbed into the belly of the liberal leviathan.

The democracy-loving conservatives have made a god of the democratic process just as the organizational Christians have made a god of “the church.” It is time, in fact it is long past time, to step away from the chains of democracy which have bound the white man to the same rock the cruel gods of Greece bound Prometheus. We are not conceding the field to the liberals if we break away from democracy, we are finally, after years of ignoble surrender, beginning to fight back. When will whites fight instead of submitting to the democratic slaughter of the white race? Possibly never. It all depends on the Christian leaven. Without Christ the white race shall perish, because Christ is our lodestar, and men without a lodestar cannot be men.

Now that the liberals are proceeding to build a brave new world without any Christian leaven, we are constantly supping on the horrors of the liberals’ machinations. Recently I read a news report of a Scottish cleric’s proposal to ship boatloads of Moslems to the Isle of Skye. That was a particularly bitter pill to swallow, because I spent some time on the Isle of Skye when I was in my early twenties. The island, peopled with kind, generous white men and women, seemed to be as close as a man could get to heaven on the earthly side of the divide. Shortly after I read that news item, I had a dream that I was on the Isle of Skye. At the top of what I would describe as a monstrous hill or a small mountain was an enormous half-breed man, half Scottish, half-black, wearing a kilt. Before him were all the inhabitants of Skye. The giant black screamed that he was the new Scotland and the new Europe, and everyone, except me, screamed with joy. Then the black giant bid the multitude kneel and do homage to him. I refused. I will shorten the rest of the narrative – what then ensued was a struggle to the death. I ran up the hill to strike the giant, but he just picked me up with ease and threw me down the hill. All through the night I charged up the hill and was thrown back down the hill. But the black giant weakened at each assault, and I gained strength. At the break of day I was standing at the top of the hill and the giant black was lying in a heap at the bottom of the hill. I shouted that I stood for the old Scotland and the old Europe, and the people cheered.

Now, I do not believe in prophetic dreams, because the age of prophesy is dead. Nor can I take any credit for being the hero of my own dream. Aren’t we always the hero of our dreams? But I relate that dream because it is a slightly more dramatic version of my waking dream. I want a white Christian Europe, and I want to do my part to make that dream a reality. I often wonder if any other white men dream about a white Christian Europe. It doesn’t seem to me that they do. Their dreams seem to be democratic dreams. The mad dog liberals dream of a black paradise devoid of white people, and the liberal conservatives’ dream of a multi-racial conservative state controlled by their managerial brains. The dream is father to the act. If we do not dream of a white, Christian Europe we will never forsake the democratic night of Europe and seek the glorious light of His eternal Europe.

In the 1950’s Denmark and Sweden seemed to be the perfect white nations. They had achieved a remarkable balance between socialism and free enterprise. They rejected the excesses of Russian communism and American capitalism, which enabled them to avoid the social unrest that plagued other European nations. But the seemingly happy state of those Scandinavian nations was the result of the Christian leaven left over from their Christian past. When there was no more Christian leaven, Denmark and Sweden succumbed to racial and sexual Babylon. Now those model white nations are hell holes. But still the liberals and the liberal conservatives bid us plow ahead in order to make all European nations into model democracies, despite the failures of the utopian democratic nations of Sweden and Denmark. All of Europe shall fall unless we walk away from democracy and take up arms in defense of a non-democratic, white Christian Europe. But that will not happen until the European people have a passionate desire to become part of the Christ story once again. +

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