This Will Ever Be Our Story

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. –Revelations 21: 4


Liberals within the organizational structures of the anti-Christian Christian churches, individuals such as Francis the blasphemer, view Christ as a revolutionary. From the perspective of that type of Christian atheist all things liberal are Christian. This allows the organizational Christian to keep Christ the liberal as one of his gods in a pantheon of heathen gods. Of course all gods in the liberals’ pantheon are subordinate to the sacred negro, just as all gods in the Greek pantheon were subordinate to Zeus.

The neo-pagan, whose prototype is Edward Gibbon, also sees Christ as a revolutionary. And because he sees Christ as a revolutionary he attacks Christianity for destroying what he views as the heart and soul of the European civilization – their pagan Greco-Roman heritage. Is Christ a revolutionary? If He is not the Son of God, then of course He is a revolutionary. He was the great destroyer of the ancient Jews’ civilization, the Icelandic-Celtic civilizations, and the Greco-Roman civilizations. But what if He was the Son of God? Then the narrative changes. He was not the destroyer of the ancient Jews’ religion, He was the fulfillment of it. He was not the great destroyer of what was good in the pagan religions, He was the embodiment of all that was humane and noble in the pagan gods. What He destroyed was all that was ignoble and inhuman.

Christ restored our humanity on the cross; He reconciled us to our Father, from whom the devil separated us when he enticed Adam and Eve to join him in his revolt against God. So how can Christ, who fought and still fights against the king of liberals, be called a revolutionary? He can’t.

The only way you can make Christ into a revolutionary is to rewrite the European story. You must make the claim that the Europeans got it wrong – “Christ never said he was the son of God,” or, “The Christ story is a fairy story.” You must spread those narratives and others like them if you are going to make war on the European people and their culture in the name of Christianity. If the European people’s witness is true, if the European Christ, who is the Christ of the Gospels, is the one true God, then the culture of the antique Europeans must be defended, preserved, and passed on to every succeeding generation of Europeans. But are there any liberals or liberal conservatives, in church or out of church, who are trying to pass on the faith of the Christian Europeans? No, there are not. There are a variety of fusionist faiths – the Judeo-Christian-and-negro faith, the Islamic-Christian-and-negro faith, and the technocratic-liberal-and-negro faith, but there is no Christian European faith that is being passed on. How can there be any sustainable resistance to liberalism when there is no Christian, European opposition to liberalism? There can’t be. You cannot bring up white women to shun motherhood and hate the white European male and expect a good outcome, just because you manage to elect a white, moderate liberal to office.

The cultural revolution has been completed. The European nations have gone from Christendom to Liberaldom. A democratic bandaid will not stop the white Europeans from hemorrhaging. Look at Trump’s election in this country. It was enjoyable to see the liberals squirm a bit, but has Trump really been able to put a stop to the liberals’ ongoing persecution of the white race? Of course he hasn’t. And Trump is the very best man you’ll ever get within the confines of Jacobin democracy. I know a few decent individuals, all plus 70 years, hiding out in the corners of Liberaldom. These individuals frequently ask, “How did all this happen?” What can I say to them that is simple enough to be understood without doing a disservice to the truth? I tell them that the European people took the cross of Christ into their hearts. And with that cross they took the hope of His resurrection from the dead into their hearts as well. Without that hope in the resurrection, the cross becomes an unbearable pain at the center of the European’s heart. When the rationalism from within the church joined forces with the science from outside the church, the European people lost their faith. All that was left to them was the pain of the crucifixion without the hope of the resurrection. Liberalism represents the attempt by the white Europeans to eliminate the pain that is in their hearts. They hate all things white and Christian with a passionate hatred of incredible intensity, because they associate all things white and Christian with pain and suffering. All of the white man’s ties to his kith and kin must be destroyed, because such ties belong to the Christian era of the European people. And everything from that era belongs, from the liberals’ point of view, to pain and suffering: “Better to look to science for the relief of pain and suffering, and to the negro in order to fulfill our need to worship.”

Look to our universities. There we see the unadulterated evil that is our future, where the words ‘fatherhood’ and ‘motherhood’ are being banned. Soon, if we go by what is preached from the university pulpits, heterosexual marriage will be banned unless it is a biracial marriage. White women will be allowed an infinity of abortions, but they will not be allowed to give birth to white babies. It’s all part of the flight from the crucifixion without the hope in the resurrection.  

Where do the colored races come into the Europeans’ narrative? They never took the cross of Christ or the hope of His resurrection from the dead into their hearts, so they have never suffered through the pain that accompanies a loss of faith. Their hatred of the white race lacks the spiritual intensity of the liberals, but they are quite willing to utilize the liberals’ hatred to serve the ends of their more moderate hatred of all things white and Christian. The great mistake of conservatives such as John Tyndall and Samuel Francis was their assumption that white liberals could be induced to vote white by reasoning with them. You can’t reason with a liberal any more than you can reason with a rattlesnake. You must either kill it or run from it. A hate based on a flight from the cross can only be defeated by faith in the God who died on the cross in order that we might live.

This maniacal, frenzied desire of the liberals to blend with the black race stems from their attempt to ease the pain of white men, which is the pain of the cross. Can they ever remove the pain? No, they cannot. But they can pass on a purer paganism, unpolluted by the cross of Christ, to their biracial children. That is what the race war is all about — the worship of the negro has become the liberals’ hope for salvation. But is it salvation? It is meant to alleviate pain and suffering in this world by providing liberals with an escape from the cross, but will it really alleviate their suffering? I don’t see that happening. If it weren’t for all the pain and suffering the liberals inflict on other people, we would have to pity them because their negro gods are failing to make them happy. And what about the next world? Can the liberals’ disbelief in the next world change the reality of the next world? Negro worship betrays the white man in this world and the next.

The change from a culture in which the people held the crucifixion of Christ and the resurrection of Christ in their hearts, to a culture in which the people do not believe in the resurrection and seek to purge the cross of Christ from their hearts, took place gradually during the 20th century. Now that the change is complete, we are witnessing something the world has never seen before. We see before our eyes thoroughly demonic un-men, the white liberals, who have allied themselves with the colored heathens in order to hunt down and destroy the last remnants of white, Christian humanity. We now live in a world where charity and mercy, the true Christian charity and mercy, have been eliminated from the face of the earth. To say that we live in a cold, unforgiving world devoid of humanity is a gross understatement. Absolutely nothing remains of the human conduits to the God whose love passeth all understanding.

Burke, in his Reflections on the French Revolution, said that we were spending “the unbought grace of life.” And Herbert Butterfield wrote, in 1950, that the European people were existing on the fumes of Christianity. Now that the unbought grace of life is spent and the fumes have faded, what is left to us? Do we try to compromise with liberalism? Do we become Christian Jews, neo-pagans, or Roman Catholic Moslems? From whence cometh our strength to endure life without the cross, which leads to the sure and certain hope of the resurrection from the dead?

The answer to “from whence cometh our strength?” is the cross of Christ. There is no hope without the cross. It is vital that we look at our modern European culture with the visionary eye of a Christian heart, the heart of an antique European, because we must see how spiritually desolate and hopeless we are without the cross that leads to the resurrection. The tears shed by the Christian with a longing for Christ will not be spent in vain. St. John wept when he was shown the spiritual desolation of a world in which no one was worthy to open the book sealed with seven seals.

And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon. And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

Of what practical value was the book of seven seals which the Lamb of God opened? It seemed to comfort John, but wasn’t he deranged? I link St. John on the Isle of Patmos to Daniel. Neither man understood the vision vouchsafed to him in a way that could be explained by reference to philosophy or theology, but in their hearts they understood. They saw life feelingly, and consequently they knew about the mystery of the cross and Christ’s incredible love for His people. That intuitive, visionary, heartfelt understanding of the Christ story became the European people’s story. They cannot write themselves out of that story without writing themselves out of existence. Weep for the death of Christian Europe as our Lord wept at the death of Lazarus and as St. John wept before the closed book of the seven seals. If we weep for that which is lost, He will dry our tears and show us that which is lost has not been lost; it lives in Him and through Him. Christ the revolutionary? No, a thousand times no, He is the great preserver and we, His people, will defend the vision of His undying love for us against the modern world of blaspheming liberals who bid us abandon the cross and our hope for the resurrection of the dead. To maintain the vision is all in all. That is what it means to be a European. +

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