Protecting All That We Hold Dear

The rebels to God perfectly abhor the Author of their being. They hate him “with all their heart, with all their mind, with all their soul, and with all their strength.” He never presents himself to their thoughts but to menace and alarm them. They cannot strike the Sun out of Heaven, but they are able to raise a smouldering smoke that [[171]] obscures him from their own eyes. Not being able to revenge themselves on God, they have a delight in vicariously defacing, degrading, torturing, and tearing in pieces his image in man. –Burke in Letters on a Regicide Peace


“Wouldn’t it be dreadful if some day in our own world, at home, men started going wild inside, like the animals here, and still looked like men, so that you’d never know which were which?” –Lucy in Prince Caspian


I saw the May 2017 National Geographic magazine cover of the naked white woman and the naked black male, with its accompanying articles celebrating the replacement of the white race by the black race, on a Canadian nationalist site. The picture is unadulterated bestiality, but as disgusting as the picture was, it was not as obscene as the articles celebrating the death of white people and the triumph of black people. Can there be any doubt that this ‘glorious’ destruction of the white race that the liberal celebrate is a celebration of the death of God? If His image in man is destroyed, can there be faith on earth? The liberals cannot actually kill God, but they can remove Him as a force for good in this world if they destroy His image in man by destroying the Christ-bearing race. And ‘this world only’ is all the liberals care about. They will have the negro as their god, because the negro represents the antithesis of the white. When the negro is deified, the image of God in man is replaced by the image of man the beast. The superiority of the biracial man, which the liberals celebrate, is the superiority of all things bestial and perverted over all things human and all values stemming from a connection to the humane God.

This attack on God via the negro has been and continues to be a multipronged attack. First is the vilification campaign. Every evil under the sun is ascribed to the white male acting in history. Then there is economic disenfranchisement. White males are last in line for employment behind white females and males of the colored races, thus giving added inducement for white females who want children to find colored males as the fathers of their children. And the third phase of the attack is the outright murder of whites. This takes place in all nations where blacks are in the majority (Rhodesia and South Africa) and to a somewhat lesser degree in nations where blacks have not yet become a majority (the Western European nations and their offshoots, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.). But even in those nations, black-on-white violence is given a semi-official sanction by the liberals’ indifference to black-on-white violence.

It’s too late in the United States and most of the nations of Western Europe to prevent the destruction of the white race by closing off the borders. There are too many non-Europeans in these nations already. If whites in those nations want to survive, they must drive out the non-Europeans who have invaded their nations. They must also make sure that no liberal ever has a place in the government of a white nation again. That is what must happen if whites in the United States and the Western European countries are going to survive. Voting for white candidates such as Trump and voting to leave the European Union is like putting band aids on cancer. Such measures are not going to stop the ongoing extermination of the white race. Are the European people willing to drive the colored heathens from their lands and put the liberals in prison? Of course they aren’t. But no whites have ever survived, let alone thrived, as a people, in black-dominated countries. That is the nature of the beast, which the National Geographic liberals celebrate. (1) The negro knows only bloodlust and cruelty; he does not know charity and mercy. Is this the promised end? “Yes, it is,” the liberals tell us. Our end is to be either blended with the black race or, if we refuse to be blended, to be slaughtered by the black race with the aid of the Christ-hating, white-hating liberals.

The situation in the Eastern European nations, vis-à-vis the barbarians of color and the white race, differs only in degree, not in kind, from the U.S. and the nations of Western Europe. The Eastern European nations can stop their own destruction if they close off their borders to the barbarians of color, but they have shown no moral awareness of the necessity of preserving their race. Unlike the white Europeans in Western Europe, they have shown some willingness to place restrictions on the Moslem invaders, but they all declare they are not racist; they say they welcome the people of color, providing that they abide by their laws and respect their culture. But that is sheer fantasy and madness. When have the colored heathens ever respected white culture? It’s only a matter of time before those nations succumb to black messianism unless they realize what every European prior to the 20th century knew – a man’s race is part of his soul. And the white man’s soul was consecrated to Christ. If he sacrifices his racial identity to the heathen gods of color, he has sacrificed his soul.

Race mixing is the devil’s attempt to imitate the incarnation of Christ. In point of fact, everything the devil does – he is not an original fellow – is a mock imitation of God. We are told, in Genesis 6: 1-5, that Satan sent his angels into the world and they went “unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” Doesn’t that describe the spirit of our own times? Aren’t the imaginations of the liberals who dream of a paradise of black barbarism full of wickedness and depravity? Of course they are. And it appears that the liberals are running things. But they have never faced any opposition. They constantly claim that there are white supremacists like Trump and the newsman Tucker Carlson who are trying to impose, horror of horrors, an all-white nation upon them, but that is a lie. Trump and Carlson have simply called for whites to be included in Liberaldom. They have never talked about destroying Liberaldom and rebuilding white, Christian Europe. And such men never will. They are stuck in moderate-liberal land, unable to grasp the fact that the essence of liberalism is ever onward and onward until mankind has reached the deepest pit of hell, which the liberals insist is a black paradise.

The term ‘white supremacist’ is used for any white who is not categorically in favor of the destruction of the white race. But in reality all whites should be white supremacists if white supremacy means that no black or any person of color should ever have any power or rights of citizenship in a white nation. That type of white supremacism is the only Christian response to the liberals’ ongoing war against the white race. How could a genuine Christian, a European, consent to the destruction of his people and to the incarnation of Satan by allowing black barbarism, fused with liberalism, into the heart of what was once Christian Europe? He can’t, which is why the survival of the white race is eternally linked to the survival of the Christian faith. Men who have truly taken Christ into their hearts do not permit the rule of liberals or the triumph of black barbarism.

We shall never see the old Christian Europe, which encompassed a large geographical land mass, again. But wherever there are white people who have taken Christ into their hearts and refused to bend their knees to the colored gods of Liberaldom we shall see Christian Europe. The numbers will not be large; maybe as in Noah’s time there will only be one faithful family left. But we are supposed to stay faithful until our Lord returns. It seems like our present generation of apostate Europeans has surpassed every evil civilization that was destroyed in the Bible. But we know neither the day nor the hour of the Son of Man’s return. Until that time we are all like unto Hamlet:

Not a whit; we defy augury. There’s a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, ‘tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come; the readiness is all. Since no man has aught of what he leaves, what is’t to leave betimes? Let be.

The foolishness of God, which the apostle Paul tells us is wiser than the wisdom of men, was once a part of the European’s soul. That foolishness told him, not by way of the syllogism, but by way of an instinct bred in the bone, that all human endeavor that is consecrated to Christ is not in vain. If we defy the augury of the liberals, who command us to worship the negro, and stay faithful to our white, Christian hearth fire, we will have done what we were born to do: To hold the banner of Christ crucified, Christ risen aloft in defiance of the Satanic principalities and powers of this world only.

The spiritual destruction of Europe, which has been brought on by the liberals’ apostasy from the Christian faith and the subsequent repopulation of Europe with colored heathens, is a spectacle that should make us weep. But should we despair? It’s often difficult not to despair. However, we should note that the European peoples, even when Europe was strong and Christian, were still a minority vis-à-vis the world. Granted, if you count the liberals as non-Europeans, the Europeans are now a minority in their own nations. But still, if you are fighting against an enemy that outnumbers you one hundred thousand to one or an enemy that outnumbers you one million to one, isn’t the struggle the same? The European Christian has always believed that the internal battle within his own soul is all in all. If we win that battle, our external enemies will also fall. That bit of foolishness is not my invention – it constitutes the wisdom of St. Paul and the wisdom of our people when they were a people.

The race question comes down to this – Are we going to stand by while the liberals and the colored barbarians destroy all our human relationships that connect us to the living God? Our race is our brothers and our sisters, our fathers and our mothers, and our wives and our children. Can we sacrifice those closest to us on the altars of the black gods of Liberaldom and still retain one shred of human dignity? We most certainly cannot. But the liberals tell us that there are no human beings; there are only beasts born of nature and destined to return to nature. The European, even if he is the last European, will hold to a different reality. He will stay with the living God who reigns in the hearts of all Europeans who believe in the Christ of the European hearth fire. +


(1) Some cookie-cutter conservatives have lamented the change in the formerly ‘family oriented’ National Geographic magazine. That is nonsense. The good, solid, family magazine always celebrated the purely biological, evolutionary view of mankind. It was inevitable that such a magazine would finally place the biological man, the noble black savage, on the throne of their biological dung heap.

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