They Do But Sleep

I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

John 11: 25-26


Let me again make reference to the battle cry of the German left-wing rioters – “We bring you hell!” That has always been the goal of the liberals: to bring us hell on earth. But this is the first time since the days of the French Revolution that the liberals have taken off their masks and explicitly told the world they hate all things white and Christian and love everything white Christians once called demonic. The post-Robespierre French Jacobins had to cloak their Jacobinism with democratic slogans because they discovered that the world was not quite ready for pure, unadulterated hell. Will the new Jacobins of the left pull in their fangs because the world is still not ready for hell on earth? I don’t think they will. The European people have lost their hearts; they no longer have the ability to see evil and be sickened by it. Hence, they have no desire to fight evil. The left commits one outrage after another, and the European people accept the outrages with a vague hope that they can find a safe haven somewhere in the country or suburbia. But like the Red Death in Poe’s story, the liberals’ hell will envelop all of Europe. The Red Death of liberalism can enter anywhere.

The liberals have taken off their masks because they no longer fear any opposition. In the 1950’s through the 1960’s, the liberals exercised some caution. Negro worship was cloaked in civil rights rhetoric, and legalized abortion, legalized sodomy, and feminism were presented as compassion issues. And the great lie that presented the triumph of evil over good as a triumph of progressive, compassionate thinking over reactionary, mean-spirited thinking was accepted by the European people. It was accepted because the European leaders in the European schools, governments, universities, and churches were liberals.

The people, in the main, will follow their leaders. If their leaders are determined to create hell on earth, the grazers will try to maneuver within the perimeters of hell on earth to make the best deal for themselves economically, but they will not try to break away from the liberals’ world, and they most certainly will not try to destroy the liberals’ world. How can they? Once they have accepted the liberals’ lie that all that is good lies within the confines of Liberaldom and all that is evil lies outside of Liberaldom, they are trapped. The train bound for glory in the old song does not take any “high tone women” or “midnight ramblers,” etc. The liberals tell us that their train is bound for glory, but in reality it is bound for hell. Their train won’t take any pro-apartheid men, no Christian women, no segregationists, no pro-lifers, etc. And the grazers must conform, because they believe that liberalism is light, and everything outside of liberalism belongs to the night, where inhuman creatures prowl about the world, in imitation of the devil, seeking the destruction of integrated societies, reproductive freedom, and every other hard-won “freedom” of modern man.

I frequently hear, when I talk of the need for white Christian leadership, that there can be no leaders if the people will not follow. That is not how leadership, at least Christian leadership, works. The true leader acts according to that which is within. His heart responds to Christ’s heart. If no one follows, the Christian knight does not falter. Leonidas declared that Sparta would fight whether others fought or not. The Christian European should surpass the courage of the pagan warrior.

When public figures such as Trump, Putin, and Viktor Orbán say and do things that are supportive of the European people, we should support them. But ultimately it is not to democratically elected officials that we should look to save the European people. Moderate liberals such as Trump, Putin and Orbán are still trapped within the confines of liberalism. And the essence of liberalism is the destruction of the white, Christ-bearing race. We must return to white Christian Europe; nothing else will save the European people and nothing else will fulfill our mission as the Christ-bearing race.

Pope Francis the blasphemer recently went to the Amazon rain forest in order to tell the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, as distinct from the evil, non-indigenous white people, that they represented the “heart of the Church.” Oh really? I thought Christ was the heart of the Church. The great blasphemer went on to scold white people for trying to destroy the culture of the good, indigenous people of the Amazon. What a colossal, self-serving, hypocritical, back-sliding, gutter snipe. Why are the European people not allowed to defend their culture against the assault of colored barbarians who are not indigenous to Europe? The answer is simple – the liberals have decreed that whites are evil and the noble savages of color are good. And Pope Francis the blasphemer is a liberal.

All nations that have ever existed are formed and molded by the religious beliefs of their people. If the people are headhunters, the institutions of their society will support headhunting. If they are devotees of voodoo, Hinduism, or some other heathen faith, they will structure their societies accordingly. The European people were no different from the heathens; they structured their societies based on their faith. But the Europeans were different from all other people in one crucial regard, and that one thing is everything: The European people abandoned heathenism for Christ. And as a result of their new-found faith, they changed the structures of their societies. Christianity was institutionalized. Every leader of those European societies was judged according to Christian standards. Most leaders fell woefully short of the standard; there were very few like Alfred the Great. But there was a definite code of ethics the European people looked for in a leader. The leader was respected and followed according to how well he lived up to the European code of honor, which was rooted in the European people’s faith in Christ.

The American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the various democratic revolutions throughout the European nations in the mid-1800’s were the initial attempts of the liberals to impose a new religion on the European people. Prior to those revolutions, heathenism was a hole-in-corner religion in Europe. The gypsies described by Walter Scott in Quentin Durward, a people with no determinate race or religion, were an example of the anti-Christian element in Christian Europe. It was the liberals’ goal to make Europe a safe haven for people of the non-white races and for people who were opposed to the Christian faith. For centuries after the democratic revolutions, the new religion (which was the old heathenism blended with Christianity) contained Christian elements, because the liberals had learned, from Robespierre, that the people could not be completely weaned from Christianity in one stunning revolutionary moment;  there had to be more of a gradual transformation from Christianity to liberal-heathenism. That gradual transformation is now complete. The new religion of the European people is the old heathenism with the added dynamic of post-Christian demonism.

In Rembrandt’s spiritual journey from a painter of religious themes, which his mind perceived to be good subjects for a painting, to a man who took the word of God into his heart and sought to put that vision on canvas, we see the path the Christian European must take. We must stop making church structures and church organizations our gods. Instead we must cling to the living God whom Rembrandt found when he searched the Holy Scriptures with his heart. When the Church writ large replaces Christ we end up in the Amazon rain forest, worshipping the noble savages of color. We should never forget that Rousseau considered himself a Christian. He affirmed an intellectual belief in Christianity as an organized religion while giving his heart to the noble savage. The fusionist Christian and the secular liberal are united in their apostasy from the living God. And they are both united in their hatred of the Christ-bearing race. The fusionist is the more dangerous of the two because he is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. The secular liberals and the fusionist Christians are manically focused on race, yet they dogmatically proclaim that Christianity has nothing to do with race. What is going on? What is behind the doublespeak?  The devil is behind the liberal-fusionist shell game. He knows that Christ comes to us through His divine humanity. It is only the human heart, the humble, loving heart that can “receive Him still.” If you kill European pietas, which can only be nurtured at our racial hearth fire, you will have blocked Christ’s entry into human lives.

The devil always makes his overtures to mankind through the mind. He appeals to what Chateaubriand called “the pride of science.” So we can see why the secular liberals and the fusionist Christians, who hate the living God who took flesh in the hearts of the antique Europeans, want to destroy the European people. They fear them because they hate Christ and they do not want the sleeping Europeans to awaken and place Him back on the throne of Europe. It doesn’t seem like the liberal-fusionist Satanists have anything to worry about, but they want to make sure the white race is dead, so they can be truly happy with their new spouse, the noble savage. And maybe they are right to be worried. The Princess in the Sleeping Beauty tale slept for one hundred years before a King’s Son, who was willing to hew his way through the Forest of Thorns, awakened her with his kiss. (1) Isn’t that the path the Christian European leader must follow? He must love his sleeping people enough to fight his way to their side and awaken them. He must, through his fidelity to the King of Kings, show them the true vision of Christ, shorn of intellectual sophistry and loathsome couplings with the heathen faiths. Is such a mission likely to succeed in this our modern age? Who cares about what is likely; we only care about what is Christian. The European leader believes in fairy tales, especially in the one true fairy tale of the Christ who enters human hearts. +


(1) And down she falls in death-like sleep: they lay her on her bed,
And all around her sink to rest—a palace of the dead!
A hundred years pass—still they sleep, and all around the place
A wood of thorns has risen up—no path a man can trace.
At last, a King’s son, in the hunt, asked how long it had stood,
And what old towers were those he saw above the ancient wood.

An aged peasant told of an enchanted palace, where
A sleeping King and Court lay hid, and sleeping Princess fair.
Through the thick wood, that gave him way, and past the thorns that drew
Their sharpest points another way, the King’s son presses through.
He reached the guard, the court, the hall,—and there, where’er he stept,
He saw the sentinels, and grooms, and courtiers as they slept.

Ladies in act to smile, and pages in attendance wait;
The horses slept within their stalls, the dogs about the gate.
The King’s son presses on, into an inner chamber fair,
And sees, laid on a silken bed, a lovely lady there;
So sweet a face, so fair—was never beauty such as this;
He stands—he stoops to gaze—he kneels—he wakes her with a kiss.

He leads her forth: the magic sleep of all the Court is o’er,—
They wake, they move, they talk, they laugh, just as they did of yore
A hundred years ago. The King and Queen awake, and tell
How all has happed, rejoicing much that all has ended well.
They hold the wedding that same day, with mirth and feasting good—
The wedding of the Prince and Sleeping Beauty in the Wood.

–The Sleeping Beauty Picture Book by Walter Crane

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