Worse than War

It was not long ere it made its way,—    
  A thrilling, ceaseless sound:     
It was no noise from the strife afar,        
  Or the sappers under ground.         

It was the pipes of the Highlanders!       
  And now they played Auld Lang Syne; 
It came to our men like the voice of God,            
  And they shouted along the line.


The un-United States of America lost the war in Vietnam because the ruling elite in America sought to oppose the satanic Jacobinism of the communists with their own brand of Jacobinism – democratic capitalism. Even if the United States had won the war what would they have won? They would have won a war for Satan, because Satan was fighting for both sides. And in most cases the more overtly satanic cause wins in a clash between two Satanisms, because the more overtly satanic power is not divided between mad-dog liberals and lukewarm liberals, as was the case with the United States in the Vietnam War.

If the Trump coalition stays in the lukewarm waters of moderate liberalism they will be defeated by the mad-dog liberals. And they will be defeated very quickly because there is a demonic energy to full-blown Jacobinism that can only be stopped by full-blooded, integral Christian Europeans. Neo-pagans, moderate liberals, and intellectual Christians cannot defeat satanic, Jacobin liberalism.

Trump’s victory was made possible by a coalition of moderate liberals, neo-pagans, and intellectual Christians. But his victory will be a defeat if it is not used as a stepping stone to Christian Europe, which is the only ground upon which the European people can take their stand. Right now Trump and his supporters are standing on the shifting sand of liberalism, which will always leave the Europeans in desperate straits.

Trump’s seemingly firm stand against the mad-dog liberals is really a weak stance in the middle of quicksand, because it is not possible to seek redemption from the devil. In the name of liberalism, Trump demands that white people be given part of the liberal pie, but the liberals will never allow that, since the essence of liberalism is the destruction of the white race. The completely insane, hysterical, and often violent reactions to Trump’s moderate liberal agenda, an agenda that no Democrat of the 50s or early 60s would have opposed, gives us a horrific view of the pure, unadulterated Satanism of the liberals. Can Trump’s moderate liberalism stop the Moslem or the Mexican invasion? Can a man who honors Martin Luther King Jr. and wants to win the blacks over by the promise of economic enfranchisement put a dent in the anti-Christian state religion of negro worship? ‘Of course not,’ is the answer to all of those questions. Then, of what use is Trump’s victory? It will be a great victory if white people use Trump’s victory as a stepping stone to an even greater victory, the restoration of a Christian Europe that is not under the yoke of Jacobinism and its attendant worship of the savage hordes of color. Do I see such a change coming over the European people? No, I don’t. But what is a faith that can be seen? I do know of certain individuals who have been driven back to Christian Europe because of the demonism of the anti-Trump, mad-dog liberals. For instance, a friend of mine, who has been held captive for years by Churchianity, rolled down her car window and screamed at some Roman Catholic nuns who were lining the highway with signs declaring that they rejected Trump’s ‘Islamophobia’ – “I reject you!” Such spiritual breakthroughs need to occur in the millions, but miracles have happened in the past, and they can happen again.

Contrary to what the Jews, the Mormons, and various heretical ‘Christian’ sects claim, the age of prophecy ended with the coming of Christ. But the age of Christian Europeans who see with blinding sight is never over. Who are the men with blinding sight? They are men who look at the history of their own times from the perspective of a Christian heart. And from that perspective they tell us what will befall us if we depart from the faith of our ancestors. Dostoyevsky was a man with blinding sight. And before Dostoyevsky there was Edmund Burke. It was Burke who exposed, for all those who had eyes to see, the satanic core of Jacobinism. He also told us that the breeding ground of Jacobinism was intellectual Christianity. And once bred, the Jacobin heresy was diffused throughout the lifeblood of a nation by Christ-hating liberals who wanted to efface the image of God in man.

It was Burke’s great sorrow — a sorrow he took to the grave with him — that the European people never responded to Jacobinism as integral Christian Europeans. They did not see Jacobinism as satanic, because their Christian instincts had been blunted by years of intellectual Christianity. All but the mad-dog liberals such as Price, Priestly, and Belloc rejected Robespierre’s Jacobinism, but the European people only went back a step to moderate, democratic Jacobinism. They were content to scotch the snake rather than kill it. And that Jacobin snake has reared up again in all its satanic fury in the 20th and 21st centuries. The Trump movement in the United States, the Le Pen movement in France, the Brexit movement in Britain, and all other European movements of similar nature are scotch-the-snake movements. They are not movements to kill the snake. And if you don’t kill the Jacobin snake, it will eventually kill you.

My favorite television show is the Leave it to Beaver show that aired in the late 1950s through the early 1960s. No show has been more popular in reruns over the years, and no show has received such unremitting hatred from the liberals over the years. Why the continued popularity and why the hatred? The continued popularity of the show is because we are allowed to see the story of a white, middle-class family through the eyes of two white boys. And the story is told with heart and humor. The hatred of the show stems from the same reason for the show’s popularity – there are no Moslems, Mexicans, or negroes in the Leave it to Beaver world. There are only white people. And that type of world, in the eyes of the liberal Jacobins, is evil. The liberals claim Trump wants to go back to the world of Leave it to Beaver. More’s the pity – he doesn’t want to go back to that world. But he does claim that whites of the Leave it to Beaver mold should not be eradicated from the face of the earth. That such a compromise fills the liberals with fury should tell us all we need to know about the liberals. They are satanic and cannot be defeated by moderate liberalism, they can only be defeated by Christians who take the vow: “To the knife.” (1)

The Cleaver family, like so many white families of that time period, were living on borrowed time. They were living on the fumes of Christianity. I’m sure Ward and June Cleaver believed, like all good 1950s’ liberals, in racial equality and religious universalism. But they only had to believe in theory; they did not have to face the consequences of their moderate liberal beliefs. The whites of the Leave it to Beaver world were like a cancer victim at the beginning of his disease. He feels fine because the cancer has not started to spread. But once it does spread, it is not possible to go back and have just a little bit of cancer; he must eradicate the cancer or he will die. I would settle for that Leave it to Beaver world, because I really don’t want to fight “to the knife.” But there is a God and there is a devil. And the devil will not allow whites to stop at the top of the slippery slope. He requires that they descend all the way down to hell. The liberals have made that descent already, and they will drag us down to their level if we don’t put on the whole armor of Christ and fight them. As unpleasant as “to the knife” seems, it is nowhere near as unpleasant a prospect as standing by while Satan and his minions destroy our people and mock our God. And it is the love of our people and our God that should give us the hate to “fight to the knife.” If you are too lukewarm to be moved by the murder of innocence, the vilification of everything decent and good from old Europe, and the unremitting assault on whites coming from the liberals and the colored barbarians, then you have become an Undine, you have lost your soul.

The most striking thing about the modern liberals is that so many of them no longer feel any need to disguise their demonism. That Democratic subhuman white woman from Idaho who said, before an applauding black and white audience, that her mission was to make white people shut up is the demonic face of naked liberalism. The liberals want white blood. Why? It goes back to what St. Paul said about Christians bearing the death of Jesus Christ in their bodies and the life of Jesus Christ in their bodies. The liberals don’t believe in the life of Jesus Christ, but they do believe in His death. And by destroying the people who have His death in their bodies, the liberals think they have destroyed death. In point of fact, the liberals are death incarnate. What else can we call a people who, with malice aforethought, have built an earthly kingdom of Satan in which there is no love, no honor, and no light?

It may be that whites, as a people, cannot come home. After years and years of liberal propaganda in church and state, they might truly believe that original sin exists only in the white race and that whites must atone for that sin by freely offering up the blood of other whites – it is always the other whites – to the avenging gods of color. But are the colored gods of the liberals our gods, or do we believe in the one true God? And if we do believe in the one true God, are we not supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves? And who is our neighbor if it is not our people, the people who have the death and the life of Jesus Christ in their bodies? Who shall separate us from the love of Christ, who comes to us through our racial hearth fire? Certainly not the colored barbarians, and certainly not the liberals. Let us call Trump’s victory and all such European victories stepping stone victories. We shall step form Satan’s kingdom to His Europe. (2)

War is a terrible thing. But there is something worse than war. To stand by and watch the massacre of your people — that is worse than war. Right now the European people are trapped in Lucknow with no rescue in sight. I look to the day, I believe in the day, when we few, we happy few, shall take the vow, “to the knife,” and our people will hear the pipes play “Auld Lang Syne.” The last word in the European drama belongs to our Lord and His people who serve Him. It does not belong to the children of Satan – the liberals and the colored barbarians.

And they wept, and shook one another’s hands,                     
  And the women sobbed in a crowd;     
And every one knelt down where he stood,      
  And we all thanked God aloud.               

That happy day, when we welcomed them,       
  Our men put Jessie first;                     
And the general gave her his hand, and cheers 
  Like a storm from the soldiers burst.    

And the pipers’ ribbons and tartan streamed,   
  Marching round and round our line;     
And our joyful cheers were broken with tears,         
  As the pipes played Auld Lang Syne.


(1) Is it possible to live peacefully with liberals who, when they lose an election to a moderate liberal who does not want white people exterminated, call for the winning candidate’s assassination? Then, when that candidate takes office, they send death threats to Kelly Anne Conway and refuse to interview her because she bested them in every debate during the campaign. And let us never overlook, in the case of Mrs. Conway, the added source of the liberals’ ire. Mrs. Conway is better looking than the females on the mad-dog liberal side of the battle field. Despite the liberals’ claim to have achieved a higher plane of existence, beyond jealousy and malice, we note that they have gone down to the lowest plane of existence, they have descended to the level of the demon-possessed swine. Again, I ask, is it possible to deal peacefully with such creatures?

(2) By calling Trump’s victory a stepping stone victory, I in no way mean to disparage or belittle Donald Trump. He is a courageous and decent man, who has already done more for white people than any U. S. president in the last 100 years. But I still insist that we must put on the whole armor of Christ, because the liberals have put on the whole armor of Satan. Their reactions to Trump’s reasonable and necessary measures as regards the Moslems, the Mexicans, and the economy are proof, as if we needed any more proof, of the liberals’ demonism.

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