Our Fathers’ Europe

And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

– St. Paul, 2 Corinthians 6: 15


When Pilate put the issue of Christ or Barabbas to a vote, it did not turn out well for Christ: “Let him be crucified.” People of the same race and the same faith can vote on minor issues, but people of different races and different faiths cannot settle their differences through the democratic process. The result will always be the same: truth will be crucified. Liberals who worship Satan cannot get along democratically with Christian-Europeans. Nor can white people live in a society in which the colored barbarians have the vote.

In my late teens I lost the Christian faith of my childhood, like so many of the lost children of the sixties. When I returned to that faith in my mid-twenties, I returned with an abhorrence for liberalism in all its many guises. Which is why I was horrified to discover that the conservatives were not conservative. The National Review conservatives were only less liberal than the liberals; they had no spiritual foundation that compelled them to stand and never yield. Instead they were content to stay just to the right of liberalism. But since liberalism is always moving ever leftward toward the kingdom of Satan on earth, conservatism, in a democratic system, will always be moving leftward. The Trump phenomenon illustrates this point. His policies are very similar to John F. Kennedy’s policies, and Kennedy was considered a liberal in 1960. Yet both the National Review conservatives and the mainstream, mad-dog liberals oppose Trump because he is too “far-right.”

The conservatives and the liberals claim to be progressive. Toward what are they progressing? I think that has become crystal clear. They are progressing towards hell, and their pace has accelerated at such a rapid rate that we can no longer say the liberals and the conservatives are progressing toward hell – it would be more accurate to say that they have arrived and are now trying to fend off any opposition to their kingdom. Trump’s electoral victory represented an attempt to go back a few stops along the liberals’ track to hell, which is why the liberals are trying to derail him. But if you go a few stops back on the railway to hell, have you really won a great victory? The demonic liberals will scream bloody murder at Trump’s inauguration because they must preserve and extend their kingdom of Satan on earth, but no man of European blood should be deceived. We have won nothing if we rely on the democratic process to save us from the scourge of liberalism. The democratic process was invented by Satan to crucify Christ and the Christ-bearing people. (1)

There are movements throughout the European nations similar to the Trump movement in the United States, but even if they succeed, the European people are still facing extinction unless they recapture the living faith of the antique Europeans. I recently read a rant by a more conservative Italian bishop who was castigating his people for their decadence, for their low birth rate, for their indifference to the Islamic invasion, for their promiscuous lifestyles, etc. What he said about the Italians was all true, and it is also true of all the European people, but the Italian bishop did not get to the heart of the matter. You cannot emasculate a man and then blame him for no longer acting like a man. The churches have been peddling an emasculated, intellectual Christianity for centuries, and the result of their propaganda is before our eyes. The European people are naked to their enemies; they do not have a living faith with which to oppose the demonically possessed, techno-barbarian liberals or the demonically possessed Moslems and the barbarians of color. What do the Europeans treasure? Where are their hearts? So long as their hearts remain in limbo, they will be defenseless against the liberal pestilence that walketh in darkness and the colored barbarians and heathens that wasteth at noonday.

This past weekend I got a chance to see a series of vignettes filmed of the Scottish Highlands, the Lake District of England, Stratford-on-Avon, London by the Thames, and Amsterdam. All of the vignettes were filmed in the early 1950s, and marvel of marvel, there were no blacks, Moslems, or any other creatures of color in those documentaries. All the people were white! It is now a liberal given that such non-diverse societies are evil, but why are they evil? To me they are another name for heaven. Think of the children in those vignettes. What have they seen in their lifetimes? Did they become liberals and help destroy the white villages and cities that they grew up in? Or did they become grazers who were too spiritually anesthetized to oppose demonic diversity so long as it was endorsed by the clergy and came under the guise of democracy?

There is a children’s book called The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton, which is about a pleasant little house in the country. We see over the course of many years how the house gradually becomes part of the city. At the end of the story, the descendants of the first owners of the little house discover the house and have it transported back to the country. So, there is a happy ending to the story. But it will not be the same for the European people. Those whites who live rural and are still relatively untouched by the barbarian invasion cannot remain untouched by the invasion any more than the nobleman in Poe’s story could avoid the Red Death. The pestilence that is in our cities will spread. White people must do more than vote to restrict alien immigration, they must drive the heathen from their lands. In order to do that they need to have faith in the living God, not in the democratic process or in the church of organized, intellectual Christianity, which is the same as organized Satanism.

The people of Europe are currently failing a test that the American European people have already failed. They have failed to respond to the rape of their women and the murder of their children by heathens. With the Europeans it is the Moslems, and with the white Americans it is the negro. There seems to be no limit to what the Europeans on the continent will endure at the hands of the Moslem barbarians rather than fight. And there seems to be no end in sight to negro worship in the United States. If the Europeans had not swallowed democracy and its fruits – legalized abortion and race-mixing – they would not have been too spiritually emasculated to oppose Islam and black savagery. But the Europeans have accepted the main premises of modern democracy, and as a result nothing good will happen to them as a people, until democracy is rejected.

The United States has always been at the forefront of anti-Europeanism. The American conservatives, who are liberals, never talk about the radicalism of our founding fathers and the Constitution they wrote, but our forefathers were radicals and the Constitution is a radical document. The wrap-themselves-up-in-the-Constitution conservatives, such as Glenn Beck, are just as radical as the Hillary Clinton liberals. It’s no surprise that Beck ended up endorsing Hillary, because a man who worships the Constitution is a propositional man who will wrap negro worship and the worship of Israel into the Constitution and call it the Holy Grail. The liberal, Bill Bradley, once claimed that the essence of America was that Americans refused to accept the tragic nature of life. Yes! That is the essence, not just of American liberalism, but of all liberalism. Liberals do not believe as St. Paul believed: “We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.” (2 Corinthians 4: 8-10)

If you proceed as if you can destroy the tragic nature of existence without Christ, you will create a hell on earth, devoid of the only comfort there is on this earth. That comfort is that we bear in our body the death of Jesus Christ, but we also bear in our body the life of Jesus Christ. No European movement can save the European people unless it contains that truth, a truth our ancestors lived and breathed. They infused the ‘death in life, and life in death through Jesus Christ’ faith into their culture, and we were the beneficiaries of their bred-in-the-bone faith. It was the task of the intellectuals in church, state, and academia to drain ever last drop of Christian blood from our bodies so that we could be death-heads, without the pagan, temporary escape from his mortality through sex and blood and without the comfort of a death-conquering faith in Christ.

Now, instead of being persecuted but not forsaken, we are persecuted and forsaken, because no white person can find redemption in a democratic process created by Satan. And instead of being cast down but not destroyed, we are now cast down and destroyed, because that is the liberals’ intent, to destroy the white race at the behest of Satan. The liberals will never tolerate the existence of whiteness within Liberaldom, because in the liberals’ sick, distorted minds the white European, as the living sign of old Europe, brings tragedy and suffering into Utopia. There will be no tragedy and suffering, from the liberals’ point of view, if there are no more white Europeans. Nothing could be further from the truth. The antique Europeans did have a tragic sense of life, but they believed that they had united their souls to Him who came into the world to transcend the tragedy of existence. If you do not believe that Christ came into the world to “bear witness unto the truth” you will seek to destroy the Christ-bearing people who believe that to dwell with Christ is to dwell with death, a death that is transformed into the resurrection and the life.

The old prayer book tells us that in the midst of life we die, but in death we live – through Him who saves. The new liberal prayer book tells us that we shall all die as individuals, but the earth, cleansed of white people, can live on, populated by pure and undefiled people of color. How pathetic. The liberals’ utopia is a hellish dystopia that can only be put in place after the European people are severed from their past, a past in which the Son of the living God dwelt among non-diverse Europeans.

The current dilemma of the European people is depicted in Tennyson’s Idylls of the King, in the chapter titled “Merlin and Vivien.” Merlin is a wizard, albeit a Christian wizard, but his Christian faith is not of the blood; it is in his head. A man with that type of intellectual faith will despair when faced with the complexities of life. Such Pauline complexities as “Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed” will be too much for the intellectual Christian.

Then fell on Merlin a great melancholy;
He walk’d with dreams and darkness, and he found
A doom that ever poised itself to fall,
An ever-moaning battle in the mist,
World-war of dying flesh against the life,
Death in all life and lying in all love,
The meanest having power upon the highest,
And the high purpose broken by the worm.

Despite the fact that Merlin knows Vivien is a treacherous harlot, he succumbs to her, because if a man has only an intellectual faith he will be overcome by the heathens of the blood and sex cults.

For Merlin, overtalk’d and overworn,
Had yielded, told her all the charm, and slept.

Then, in one moment, she put forth the charm
Of woven paces and of waving hands,
And in the hollow oak he lay as dead,
And lost to life and use and name and fame.

Then crying “I have made his glory mine,”
And shrieking out “O fool!” the harlot leapt
Adown the forest, and the thicket closed
Behind her, and the forest echoed “fool.”

The heathen liberals and the colored barbarians will completely annihilate the European people if they remain in the limbo of democracy and intellectual Christianity. But if Britons become Britons again, and Germans become Germans again, and… We know what is needed. All Europeans must renounce liberalism and take the vow, the same vow that Alfred and Tell took: From now till the ending of the world, we will fight for Christian Europe, because Christ, who brings us life in death, abides there. +


(1) Trump’s inaugural speech was quite impressive. He is quite impressive. His counterpart is not Ronald Reagan, it is Andrew Jackson, who, like Trump, had the courage of a lion. But the fatal flaw of liberalism still rang out in Trump’s speech. We do not all bleed the blood of patriotism. Patriotism is rooted in faith and race, and Americans are not of the same faith and race. The idea that we can win the blacks over by giving them jobs has been tried for over a century, and it has failed miserably. Blacks want to rape, murder, and pillage whites, they do not want to protect and defend a white Christian commonwealth. And liberals do not believe in the God who spoke to St. Paul on the road to Damascus. They believe in the savage gods of color.

The greatest movement in history? No, it wasn’t. Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection was the greatest movement in history. And we cannot come to believe in that divine entry into human history if we are not patriots of our racial hearth fire. While Trump was preaching American universalism, he should have noted that the people cheering were all whites. They, like, Trump, have a longing for genuine patriotism, but the democratic heresy of the great melting pot of Belial is the rock upon which all their hopes and aspirations will be smashed. It’s all very sad. There is still something in white people, something that is more than this world only. But they still have to get past cosmic universalism. If they don’t, Trump’s victory will come to naught.

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