Of Kingship and Kinship

Nothing can be conceived more hard than the heart of a thoroughbred metaphysician. It comes nearer to the cold malignity of a wicked spirit than to the frailty and passion of a man. It is like that of the principle of evil himself, incorporeal, pure, unmixed, dephlegmated, defecated evil. – Edmund Burke


No man ever was attached by a sense of pride, partiality, or real affection, to a description of square measurement. He never will glory in belonging to the Chequer No. 71, or to any other badge-ticket. We begin our public affections in our families. No cold relation is a zealous citizen. We pass on to our neighbourhoods, and our habitual provincial connexions. These are inns and resting-places. Such divisions of our country as have been formed by habit, and not by a sudden jerk of authority, were so many little images of the great country in which the heart found something which it could fill. The love to the whole is not extinguished by this subordinate partiality. – Reflections on the French Revolution


If a man is traveling on Bunyan’s path toward the city of God, and he meets a man at the halfway point of the journey traveling in the opposite direction, it might appear to the casual observer that both men are at the same point of their life’s journey. But the casual observer would be mistaken. The man heading toward the city of God has something within, something in his heart that compels him to seek the light. The other man has something in his head that compels him to flee from the light and seek… he knows not what he seeks. But if he doesn’t turn around, he will enter Satan’s kingdom.

While waiting in line at the supermarket this weekend, I intervened in a debate between a pro-Trump clerk and an anti-Trump, Pope Francis-style Roman Catholic customer. I used the Bunyan analogy to make the case for Trump’s Christianity over Pope Francis’s Christianity. In point of fact I don’t think Pope Francis is at the halfway point, I think he has almost completed his journey toward the liberals’ kingdom of hell on earth, but there is a limit to the nuances I can come up with in a supermarket debate. It would be more accurate to place the Israel-worshiping evangelicals at the halfway point of a journey away from the heavenly city. But the evangelicals were not the subjects of the debate — the antagonist who was attacking Trump for his lack of Christian virtues was from a Roman Catholic background. When in Rome…

Let’s state what should be obvious to anyone who has any European blood left in him: Trump, despite being an unoriginal sinner, like all of us, has that within which makes him a better man and a better Christian than all his pseudo-Christian critics, such as Pope Francis, and all his post-Christian, Marxist enemies, who are legion. Trump has pietàs, which always has led and always will lead a man towards the kingdom of God, because that kingdom is a provincial village that can only be entered through the human heart.

The Israelite evangelicals have a certain nostalgia for the Christian European village, but they have turned their backs on that village because they fear the condemnation of the liberals. To love your own people, if you are a white man, has been deemed racist by the powers of this world, and the evangelicals lack the moral courage to defy the world. The Christ-hating Pope Francis-type of Christian is quite different from the evangelicals. He has no nostalgia for the provincial Christian village. He yearns for the liberals’ kingdom of Satan on earth. But he must keep one toe in the old Christian world so he can use Christian words and Christian symbols to support the kingdom of Satan on earth. For how long must we allow such individuals as Pope Francis and his liberal allies to use words like charity to buttress up a liberal power elite that has not charity? Liberalism is from the devil. Is that not crystal clear? The liberals not only hate white people, they hate all people as individuals. They love the Moslem, Mexican, and black hordes because such aggregates represent the inhuman, impersonal forces of Satan. The satanic liberals use such inhuman aggregates to attack all that is personal and human – the European people who are struggling toward the light. Lincoln claimed that the American Civil War was about the survival of an utopian democratic system. He was right about that. But he was wrong to think that the survival of that system was desirable. What was and still is at stake in this ongoing European civil war is the question of ‘Can the European people who made an incorporate league with Jesus Christ survive as the Christ-bearing people, or will the liberals manage to totally efface the image of God in man from the face of the earth?’

Trump is a man of European blood. He is still tainted with too much Americanism, but his heart is a European heart, and to have a leader with a European heart is not a little thing.

Ah God, for a man with heart, head, hand,      
Like some of the simple great ones gone                     
For ever and ever by,    
One still strong man in a blatant land,    
Whatever they call him, what care I,      
Aristocrat, democrat, autocrat—one     
Who can rule and dare not lie.


Will Trump succeed? No, he will not succeed in democratically turning the Satanism of the liberals into something other than Satanism. But he has already succeeded in the spiritual realm. He has hurled one European javelin at the liberal leviathan. That’s all any man can do. If there are still men with European hearts left, other javelins will pierce the leviathan, and eventually the leviathan will be destroyed. This war, of the Christian Europeans against Satan and his minions, will not be settled through the democratic process. The liberals have already shown us that. They only believe in democracy when it serves their ends. How could it be otherwise? Is Satan committed to the rule of law and the well-being of mankind? No, he is committed to the destruction of mankind, which is why he is committed to democracy – it serves his purpose. The riots and the violence against white people that have come in the wake of Trump’s victory are part of the democratic process. George Soros and the other Satanists such as McCain, Lindsey Graham, Wolf Blitzer, and the legions of depraved scum in Hollywood would not be permitted to live in a non-democratic (that is, a non-satanic) state. That is the burden Trump is carrying. He has the task of fighting Satan while he is still bound to the Promethean rock of Satan’s democratic system. The liberal vultures are picking at his entrails while he must fight them off without the aid that a liberal office-holder would receive from the powers of this world only.

It’s quite fitting that the first small blow against the liberal leviathan should be struck by a European American, because America was the first anti-Christian, utopian state founded by Europeans. Our religiously neutral state, which translates to an anti-Christian state, preceded Jacobin France. Our civil war was a heroic attempt by the Southern half of our anti-nation to return to Christian Europe. Now we, the European people, are witnessing wars of extermination in every white nation. The white South Africans are being exterminated by the liberal-sponsored, black government. Britain has fallen before the Moslem armies, and so has France and the Scandinavian countries. The biggest surprise to me has been Germany. I never thought Germany would be the first nation of Europe to become an Islamic state. But then I suppose of all the white nations, the Germans have been the most hated by the liberals. Are they not the most evil nation in the history of the world? The American media tells us so on a daily basis. But there is still eternal Germany, just as there is eternal Europe. Look to that Germany, to His Germany, and to His Europe. Our Apostle, St. Paul, tells us over and over again that we will not be saved by a religious system or by a state system, we will be saved by Christ who comes to those men and women who have circumcised their hearts. If it is true that charity never faileth, can we not hope that white German hearts, white South African hearts, and all the European people who have not hardened their hearts against their own people will ultimately triumph against the liberals, the Moslems, and the barbarian hordes of color?

Let’s separate what was good in Trump’s victory, good for all people of European descent, from what was part of the democratic heresy. What was good was not all the universalist rhetoric about all Americans bleeding the same blood of patriotism. Such pap is from the men of the Enlightenment, it does not come from Christian men. The good in Trump’s victory stems from an ancient source, a wellspring that has almost run dry for lack of use. That wellspring is the European peoples’ sense of kinship. There was something underneath all the democratic blather during Trump’s campaign for election to the presidency. A sizeable amount of his white supporters had wise blood; they were not looking to the democratic process to aid them against the wickedness of the liberals, they were looking for an ancient king – “One still strong man in a blatant land…” The Christian king is the great defender of his people, not the democratic herd, but his kith and kin. The great exemplars of the Christian king were Alfred, the king of Britain, and Nathan Bedford Forrest, the uncrowned king of the white Southern people.

The liberals are right about Trump. He does represent a threat to their reign. But he does not represent a democratic threat; they can easily turn all his legislative gambits into watered-down mush. (1) But the spirit of kinship that he awakened in some white people who we thought were dead, is not something that can be as easily put down as a piece of legislation. It’s a long, arduous pilgrimage to Bunyan’s city of God. But there is only one road to that city for all of us, we Europeans. The European hearth fire, where our kith and kin dwell, will sustain us in our journey toward the light. In every European nation we must, in the battle against the liberals and the colored barbarians, “Incline unto the King,” the man who loves his own in imitation of the one true King of Europe who loves with a love that passeth the understanding of the liberals, whose hearts have hardened against their own people. It’s time for the European people to fight for their kith and kin, not for the false universalisms that have been created by Satanists to destroy the Christ-bearing race. +


(1) Already, judges are refusing to honor Trump’s travel restrictions on Moslems, and civil rights’ lawyers are suing the government for discrimination against Moslems. No liberals or third world heathens will ever be concerned about discrimination against whites, which is why white people should discriminate against liberals and heathens.

Whites should step away from the democratic system, which was conceived in Satanism and dedicated to the proposition that all whites are inherently evil, and return to a Europe in which liberals are pariahs, with no place in society. And the colored heathens should be sent to live in the non-European lands where they can practice their barbarities on each other or convert to the white man’s faith and stop practicing their barbarities on each other. Either way, they do not belong in Europe. What can possibly be wrong with making the European nations into white nations? Only a Satanist or a colored heathen would oppose such a humane proposal. But of course that is the problem. The European nations are run by inhumane liberals who want to destroy the white race by making white nations into colored hell holes.

The liberals have made it clear that they do not want to live in peace with white people. Every other word out of their liberal mouths is a call for Trump’s assassination. Whites should let liberals know that we will not remain peaceful if anything happens to Trump or his family. All liberals will be held accountable. We will “Cry Havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!”

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