The Envenom’d Liberals

“The point envenom’d too!” – Hamlet the Dane


When ancient opinions and rules of life are taken away, the loss cannot possibly be estimated. From that moment we have no compass to govern us; nor can we know distinctly to what port we steer. – Edmund Burke


John White got a temporary reprieve on the way to his execution. The gallows were struck by lightning. The death penalty will still be carried out, but not until a new gallows can be built. The people who know about such things tell us that it will take about 4 to 6 weeks to build a new gallows. What was John White’s crime? I tried to find out, but nobody in authority could give me an answer. In fact they got quite angry with me for asking about John White’s crime. As near as I could tell, the authorities took it as a given that John White was a heinous criminal and anybody who questioned that absolute was in danger of going to the gallows with John White.

Trump’s victory has the potential to delay the execution date of white people, but it will not alter the fact that the white race has been designated for slaughter by an implacable, satanically possessed foe. It is a liberal absolute that the white race is guilty of the original sin of whiteness. And they cannot be redeemed from that sin, because in the liberals’ bastardized Christianity there can be no redemption for the original sinners; only the non-sinners, the pure and undefiled non-white people of the world can find redemption. (1)

You cannot, if you are a European, separate yourself from Christianity any more than you can drain all the blood from your body and expect to live. But you can poison your blood with a bastardized Christianity and spew out poison every time you speak and act. That is the essence of liberalism – the liberals are envenomed with a deadly poison that kills everything they come into contact with. The only reason they do not die immediately is because Satan sustains them. When he has no more use for them he will welcome them into hell.

In Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the evil queen does not die when she takes the devil’s magic potion, but it does turn her into a hideous old hag. Liberalism does to the soul what that devil’s potion did to the evil queen. And in some cases, such as Hillary Clinton, the devil’s liberal brew actually produces a physical ugliness that reflects her inner moral ugliness. If you look at pictures of Hillary when she was younger, you can see that she was never an attractive woman, but she was not the ugly monstrosity in her younger days that she has become. Mere age could not make a woman look like Hillary. Her inner moral ugliness has impressed itself even on her outward features. I’ve noticed this phenomenon more and more lately. The inner demonism of liberals is becoming visible on their outward features. Angela Merkel is another example. Is this some indication of a new stage in the great war on the Christ-bearing people? Has the liberals’ hatred reached such a white heat that it can actually alter their physical appearances? It appears so, at least in some of the more intense of the mad-dog liberals.

The liberals who are completely envenomed have envenomed the white grazers. If the grazers do not take the antidote they will surely die. And their deaths will precede the liberals’ deaths, because they are not the devil’s own, they are merely wayward sons and daughters who are so far from doing harm that they suspect none. But why can’t the grazers see the evil that is staring them in the face? They cannot see because the serpent of philosophical speculation (see “The Sacred Heritage) has entered their inmost soul and is killing their Christian hearts.

The bard of bards, Jesus Christ, came into this world to destroy the serpent of philosophical speculation. The Europeanswho bent their knees to Christ believed that “Christ Jesus had entered their hearts making man’s world the world of God in man.” There is no such thing as an outward church of God. That is a pagan concept. The Church of Christ is God in human hearts. Destroy that church and you destroy the image of God in Man. Satan knows this and he has used the Christian churches to destroy the Church of Christ.

No one cometh to the Father except through Him and no man cometh to Christ unless he goes through the human heart. This is why our apostle, St. Paul, placed such emphasis on the circumcised heart. He knew the men of uncircumcised hearts, be they Jews (to the Jews a stumbling block) or Greeks (to the Greeks foolishness), would erect a pagan fortress of philosophical speculation to serve as the true Church while Christ’s church would be left outside. This has ever been the Europeans’ story. They have struggled with a “by the grace of God” heroism to maintain the “God in man” Christianity against the “world in man” and “God in systems” Christianity of the liberals.

It seems, but the true European “knows not seems,” that there can be no European counter-revolution, because the envenomed liberals, envenomed with the spirit of philosophical speculation, have killed European Christianity once and for all. But we shall see. The people who took Christ into their hearts once walked on water. If we reconnect with our people and their sacred heritage, we will dream dreams and see visions that will give us hearts of fire. We will become something much greater than a Nietzschean Übermenschen – we will become Christian Europeans.

Nothing, nothing, nothing will come from any electoral victory of a white candidate if the anti-European, anti-Christian barrier is not torn down. And it has not been torn down. A few weeks ago I mentioned a music video by Hank Williams Jr. called “Country Folks Will Survive.” I saw that video, with the contrasting worlds of the urban liberals and the white country folk, as a symbol of the Trump victory. The white grazers rebelled, for a moment, against the liberal establishment. But there was a telling weakness in the video. When Mr. Williams sang of the death of his friend in the city who was killed by a mugger, the mugger was portrayed as a white man. There is still an incredible, soul-killing fear in the white grazer of being called ‘racist.’ And that fear must be overcome before anything good will happen to white people as a people. Even if Trump builds a wall and limits Moslem immigration, whites will still perish unless they act as a people, a Christ-centered people, with one aim – to expel every Moslem, liberal, and colored heathen from their nation.

The heretical notion, based on a superficial reading of Chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation, that the unrepentant Jews are still God’s chosen people destined to rule over an earthly kingdom for a thousand year period sprang up in the sick, distorted mind of John Nelson Darby, who was an apostate from the Church of England in the 1800s. Why have his heretical beliefs become the beliefs of virtually all of the evangelical Christians who have broken from the mainstream denominations? Because the evangelicals need a people. They have accepted the liberals’ condemnation of European Christianity and the white race as gospel truth. And that acceptance has left them homeless. So what have they done? They have embraced a non-European version of Christianity that is a perversion of Christianity which ultimately leads to the denial of Christ as the Son of God.

Although there be no question that the Almighty, through all ages had been pleased to enlighten the eyes of many individuals among his chosen people, to see and know the secret purposes of his dispensation, yet it is certain that the great majority of the Jewish nation had, for some time prior to the advent of our Saviour, fallen into many gross and carnal errors, both respecting the Law and the Prophets. In regard to the former, they, and particularly the sect of the Pharisees, seem to have lost all sense of the end and purpose of the types and ceremonies enjoined by Moses, and to have substituted the minute discharge of his ritual as something excellent and meritorious in itself, capable of being received as an atonement for the neglecting those general points of virtue and morality, upon which that dispensation, as well as all that emanates from the Divine Author, was originally founded, and with which it ought forever to have been animated. But when the observance of the minute ceremonial was substituted, instead of love to God and duty to our neighbours, the system resembled some ancient tree, which continues to shew green boughs and a stately form to those who regard it only on the outside, but when carefully examined, proves rotten and false at heart, and valueless, excepting as a matter of outward show; “All green and wildly fresh without, but worn and grey within.”

Religious Discourse by a Layman by Sir Walter Scott

The Roman Catholic has also been left bereft of a home. When God is a nature-based system and not a God who enters human hearts, there is no need for a racial hearth fire. A long line of popes have condemned European Christianity and ordered the faithful to look to nature and nature’s gods (Mohammed and Mandela) as the ultimate saviors of mankind. And what have the more conservative Catholics done in response to their Pope’s liberalism? They have fled, like the millenialist evangelicals, to the heretical sects who still at least hold to an outward profession of faith in Jesus Christ. But is Christ to be found in a minute attention to the external ceremonies of the Church? No, He is not. We must never lose sight of St. Paul’s vision of Christ and His people, the people with the circumcised hearts. And who were those people? They are our people, the Europeans.

In 1950 Herbert Butterfield, the great English historian, wrote that the European people were living on the fumes of Christianity. What is left now? Well, what is less than fumes? A shadow? Yes, that seems to fit. There is still the shadow of a cross over the European people. We must make that shadow the heart and soul of our home, for where is our home, if it is not Christian Europe? The liberals, the envenomed liberals, tell us that we have no home. We, the original sinners, are told we must work to destroy every last remnant of our European home. Why must we do this? We must do this, the liberals proclaim, because there will always be the shadow of the cross over Europe. And the liberals and the colored heathen cannot abide even the shadow of the cross, so they must destroy all things European, and they must continue to slaughter the European people in the hopes that the cross of Christ, the European Christ, will finally disappear from the face of the earth.

The cross of Christ shall not perish from the face of the earth if the European people will return home. It is there, with their racial forefathers, that they will see the shadow of the cross become a great light, the light of the risen Lord, the same Lord that our apostle saw on the road to Damascus. Everything we do must be tied to St. Paul’s vision or else we, the European people, will perish bereft of the home that was bequeathed to us by our ancestors. We should protect and honor that home, because He blessed it with His divine presence. +


(1) Actually, it is a bit of a misnomer to talk about the colored races finding redemption. They don’t need redemption, because they are non-sinners. They are gods. We know this to be so, because our clergymen tell us it is so.

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