The European Story

Men of Harlech gone to glory
This will ever be thy story.


Trump has done it! He, like Michael Ney, fought courageously and won an important rear guard action. He has bought his people some time. In many ways, Trump’s task was more difficult than Ney’s task. Trump’s enemies were more demonic than Ney’s enemies, and Trump had to fight them without recourse to arms.

Although neither Trump nor the vast majority of whites who voted for Trump see his victory as a minor victory for white people in a war they are losing, that is the case. The liberals still control the courts, the legislatures, the schools (at every level), the media, and the churches. The liberals’ refusal to accept the results of the election should be a warning to whites: There can be no peace with liberals. (1) It would be very nice if there could be a peaceful solution to the problem of liberalism. But Satan, who is the liberals’ master, will not be mollified. His hate will endure till the end of time, and the liberals and the colored barbarians are the conduits for Satan’s hate.

The writer Thomas Molnar, who had been interred first in Dachau, the German concentration camp, and then in a Russian communist concentration camp, once commented in a conversation on the dislocation of individuals in the World War II era in Europe, particularly communist bloc countries like his native Hungary. He said it used to be that when you met someone, your life story was easily told: “I am the son of Joseph Kovacs, the butcher in the town of…” But after the war, your story became more complicated: “I was forced to flee my native town and then…” – or “My parents were slain and I was sent to the prison camp at Dachau and then…” The narrative of millions upon millions of people was changed during the War from a simple story of a European who was born, married, and died in the same town where his parents were born, married, and died, to a story of dislocation, hardship, and tragedy.

In the countries of the West that were not occupied by Nazis or communists, the displacement of individuals from their familial homes and regions came about because of the nature of capitalism and because of the ongoing march of the Jacobin spirit of revolution. Capitalism is a system that has no place for familial, racial, or regional ties of affection. You must go where the market dictates. The best article Samuel Francis ever wrote was about the displacement of the white, small-farm owners, who were told, by the Michael Novak-type capitalists, that they must go pump gas somewhere and leave their farms. So the middle-aged farmer’s life narrative was changed. He was the son of…, the farmer, and he was born on the land; he worked that land, and then in his late forties he became a greeter at Wal-Mart or a hamburger flipper at MacDonald’s and moved to a one-room apartment so he could be near his place of business or his own personal purgatory, which might be a better description.

The second reason for the displacement of white people had and has to do with the ongoing Jacobin revolution. It is against the revolutionary creed, which we are all brought up with, to form familial, racial, or regional ties. You must go and live in a kibbutz in Israel, do social work in Africa, or – if you are not a native Californian – go to California and “find yourself.” All you’ll find in California now is an Aztec hellhole, but that is another story.

Every people, like individuals, have a story. The story of the non-white races has not changed over the centuries. They were a pagan people, and they remain a pagan people. But the European people’s story is quite different. They were a pagan people who became a Christian people. That became their story: They were the Christ-bearing race, and the colored barbarians knew them to be the Christ-bearing race. And they hated them for it. “Why brought ye us from bondage, Our loved Egyptian night?”

The European story changes again in the early 20th century. The Christ-bearing people became… What did they become? They are not pagan like the colored barbarians, but they are not Christian either. It’s as if we were reading Pickwick Papers and suddenly, three quarters of the way through the novel, we find ourselves reading Camus’s The Stranger. The Christian story became the story of those other people – those Europeans from way back then; it was no longer the story of the modern Europeans.

The story of the post-Christian Europeans is the story of their attempt to become one with the colored barbarians by embracing their Egyptian night. But the liberals, who are the purveyors of the new narrative of the European people, have discovered white people have too much Christian baggage. They can’t be comfortably placed into the new story. Therefore they must be eliminated. Trump’s candidacy did not represent an attempt to return to the old Christian narrative of the European people, it represented a demand that white people should be included in the new liberal narrative of the European people. The battle between Trump and the liberal establishment is a battle between a 1950’s liberal and the mad-dog liberals of the 21st century. But there is no one in this political battle who is suggesting that the European people should pick up where their Christian story abruptly ended and see the story through to the final chapter in which the Son of God returns and finds that His people were faithful to the end.

In Pirandello’s play there were six characters in search of an author. The Europeans are a people in search of a story. The New Age churchmen, the neo-pagans, and the mad-dog liberals all confidently assert that they can provide the European people with a new story. Instead of the Christ-bearing people, they can become the new non-people who help the churchmen and the liberals ease white people into the slaughter houses of the colored barbarians. Or they can become Nietzschean Übermenschen who rule the world by virtue of their superior intelligence. None of those scenarios will do. They won’t do because they do not fit our story. If all the dislocations of the 20th century and now the 21st century have not taught us that we cannot become part of the colored barbarians’ story or create a new non-Christian story, then we will surely perish as a people.

Even if the liberals would permit it, which they will not, whites should never seek to be part of the Egyptian night of the colored barbarians. The Christ-bearing people must be true to their story, first and foremost for their own sake, and secondly for the sake of the non-white world. If the European people won’t hold up Christ’s banner to the world, who will?

There are already too many Moslems, Mexicans, and negroes in the United States, and there are already too many Moslems and negroes in the European nations. Because of liberal leaders such as Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, George Bush, and The Obama, it is now necessary for whites to reconquer the formerly white nations. There must be no non-Europeans or liberals in the European-nations, because they are not part of the European story. They demand that we be part of a new story, which begins with the denial of His holy cross and ends in hell.

The great authors who lived and wrote prior to the 20th century, such authors as Scott, Dickens, Le Fanu, and Dostoyevsky, wrote novels that kept to the European narrative, which was the Christ story. But in the 20th century, writers such as C. S. Lewis, who wrote according to the old Christian narrative of the European people, were considered to be fantasy genre writers outside the mainstream of modern Europe. Small victories such as Trump’s election to the Presidency will be worthless if we do not use such victories as stepping stones to the larger victory, for which we must strive: The return to our European story in which Christ, not the colored barbarians, not the liberals, nor Satan himself, holds the place of honor.

Burke observed that a “nation is a moral essence, not a geographical arrangement, or a denomination of the nomenclator.” We are not a people unless we reclaim our moral essence, which we have allowed the liberals to spit upon and desecrate. Must we submit to the liberals’ story of the evil racist, sexist, Islamaphobic, and homophobic whites who polluted the world with their story of the God-Man who redeemed the world? No, we will not submit to their narrative. And we will not submit because our story is His story, and we must cling to that story till the ending of the world. +


(1) Trump has made no attacks on homosexuals, feminists, blacks, Moslems, Mexicans, or liberals. And yet the combined forces of colored heathenism and liberalism have united to destroy him, simply because he is a white man who hasn’t condemned whites. We can’t make peace with people who think there can be no peace until all white people are dead. Peace on earth, good will to men is a white Christian sentiment. The liberals and the colored barbarians have a different sentiment. They believe in the complete and utter annihilation of the white race by whatever means are necessary. ‘Let murder, rape, and pillage thrive,’ is the battle cry of the liberals and the colored barbarians.

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