The Serpent Has Bared Its Fangs

In that day the Lord with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea. – Isaiah 27: 1


…and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen. – Matthew 28: 20


The recent American Presidential election and the liberals’ reaction to it gave whites throughout the European nations a glimpse at the satanic core of liberalism that should make their blood chill and turn their weak opposition to liberalism into an iron-clad resolve to fight it to the death. I doubt that the election and its aftermath will change the views of those who are so morally deficient they cannot see, but for the few that are willing to see there is that glimpse into the liberals’ satanic soul that we avoid at our peril.

The first thing we notice is that the liberals do not believe in the democratic system which they created. Democracy is a convenient ‘God’ word the liberals use to advance their agenda, which is the destruction of the Christ-bearing people and every last vestige of the civilization they built. When the democratic process fails to produce the desired results, namely another blow against the white Europeans, the liberals alter the rules of the endgame called democracy. Since the current system of winner-take-all in the individual states does not take sufficient account of the big-number-wins in the Aztec-laden states, such as California, and since the Electoral College system did not help the Democrats to win through an overwhelming number of Moslems, felons, and dead people voting, the liberals want to abolish the Electoral system. And in addition, they will continue to restock the white Republican states with Moslems and Africans in order to make the heartland of the United States into another Minnesota, which is about to be renamed New Somalia. For the liberals, democracy is only a means to an end. If they don’t achieve their end, they go outside the democratic process. And they are right to do so. I don’t mean that they are morally right – the liberals are always morally in the wrong because they worship darkness and not the light – but they are strategically correct. You should only use a system so long as it aids your cause. The children of light are not as wise in that regard as the sons and daughters of Satan. If the situation had been reversed, if Hillary had won, would white people have rioted and talked about changing the democratic process? No, they would not. When The Obama won, the whites were silent, passive, and law-abiding.

This Presidential election is the last time, even if there is a complete moratorium on immigration, that a white Presidential candidate who campaigns for the enfranchisement of white people can win. There are already too many liberals and nonwhites in the United States. They will vote the whites out of existence and continue to urbanize the map of America, until the rural anthem, “Country Boys Can Survive,” becomes “Country Folk Will Disappear.” This last election was a stunning victory for rural America, but now that the white rural Americans have shown they do not want to self-destruct at the liberals’ command the liberals will take more aggressive action against them. The white rural votes for Trump were a defensive measure on the part of white Americans, but you cannot win a war by only fighting on the defensive. Sooner or later you will have to take enemy territory and enemy troops. The colored barbarians are the shock troops of the liberals, and the cities are their territory. They intend to keep stockpiling more troops into the country via legal and illegal immigration, giving both groups voting rights in order to ensure there will be no repeat of the recent liberal disaster. When the liberals acquire their liberal and colored majority, will whites sign on for their democratic destruction or will they resist?

The democratic eradication of whites has already started in the United States and in nations such as Germany and Britain. It is now too late to keep the barbarians out – they are here. In Europe as in the United States, whites will have to expel the colored barbarians and the Moslems or they will be murdered, spiritually and physically. I recently saw a video of a German classroom in which white German students were being forced to learn the Koran while white teachers looked on with smiling faces. And in Austria the authorities allowed a Moslem who had raped a twelve-year-old Austrian boy to escape prosecution because the Islamic rapist said he was sexually frustrated. Is there any doubt what white people have to do? There will be no justice for whites in the liberal courts. “Whatever it takes to destroy white people, we will do,” is the liberals’ sworn oath. We should take a similar oath: “Whatever it takes to destroy the liberals and the colored barbarians; that we shall do.”

That the liberals’ main battering ram is race was also made crystal clear during the Presidential campaign and after the campaign. Are the liberals over-playing their hand by saying all whites are racist just for being white? It would appear so. The racist label scares whites, but they simply do not believe they are all racist by virtue of their whiteness alone. A friend of mine who was brought up as a Roman Catholic in the racially aware 1960s and who regularly watches To Kill a Mockingbird surprised me this election year by wearing a “deplorable” tee shirt. The liberals blew it. They drove that type of voter out of their camp. But have the liberals been defeated in the long run? Of course not. There is a huge gap between the white who doesn’t believe that all whites are racist and the white who proudly asserts:

I believe in the validity of my racial identity and treasure the continuity of my national traditions. I believe in, and honour, all those time-hallowed values and factors which have led us to greatness in the past, and which if retained will guarantee the greatness of our posterity. For unless we maintain the highest standards of which we are capable we shall not survive except as the slaves of others, which in the long run would mean that we would not survive at all. Thus I am indeed biased and prejudiced. I am indeed a “racist” and in fundamental matters an extremist.

-Anthony Jacob in White Man, Think Again!

Nothing of any lasting good will happen to white people, as a people, until they bridge the racial gap and side with Anthony Jacob against the church men and their ideology of an universal brotherhood of the dung heap in which there is no hope, no faith, and no charity, because all three of those virtues perish without pietas, a love of one’s own.

The Trump victory will amount to nothing if the European people do not completely repudiate the anti-white ethos of organized Christianity and organized Liberaldom. I for one would settle for the 1950s world of my childhood, but the white people of the 1950s had all the wrong opinions about race. They were living off the patrimony of their “racist” ancestors who still knew that whites should not associate with the colored heathens. The 1950s whites had no such prejudices; they had no problem with integration, but they were lucky enough to avoid the consequences of their racial Utopianism. My father was a case in point. He grew up in a coal town, the scion of Welsh coal miners who had never seen a black man in their lives. But my father became the first member of his family to attend college. He moved from a coal town to the suburbs and became a 1950s liberal. He still had no associations with blacks, but he had all the ‘right’ opinions about them, which were in stark contrast to his father’s and his grandfather’s views of blacks and the colored races. We can’t go back to the 1950s world that Donald Trump envisions because the 1950s world only existed because of an older world that Christian Europeans built and maintained in fidelity to their Christian ancestors. “We shall go back to halfway-down-the-slippery-slope instead of living at the bottom of the slippery slope,” cannot be our battle cry. It’s certainly better to live with a little bit of liberalism, as the 1950s whites did, than with the entire liberal leviathan, but there is no turning back once you have allowed liberalism to spread. The leviathan will consume you. You must kill the leviathan or perish. The liberals are armed with the “cruel hate” of Satan. They won’t stop hating because of an electoral loss. In fact, that loss will intensify their hate. We should not look on Trump’s victory as anything more than one victory in a war that we must fight out to the end, not in the name of democracy and the inclusion of whites in that democracy, but in the name of one Europe, one race, and one God. Need I say which race and which God?

The other great battering ram of the liberals which was out there front and center during the election and afterwards was the educational battering ram. To the liberals’ shock and dismay, the “uneducated” whites did not vote for Hillary. There is more work to be done! Everyone must go to college so they can be ‘educated’ into brainless, soulless zombies. And all “false news” sites must be eliminated, because they put out harmful information. It would be terrible if some young white person actually saw the world through a non-liberal prism. Our educational system does not need to be reformed, it needs to be destroyed. It’s not a question of getting back to the classical model, it’s a question of getting back to the European hearth fire, to the heart which illuminates reason instead of the mind-forged sickness of men with disembodied brains. The intellectual Christians and the other great men of intellect always pass by the old derelict beggar who asks for food. The church men and the liberals pass him by because he is not a negro or some other creature of color. And the neo-pagans pass him by because his poverty indicates that he is not that smart; he is obviously not an Übermensch. But the antique European, the third dumb brother, shares his stale bread and sour milk with the old man. We know how that turns out – half the kingdom and the fair princess.

We can’t go on allowing the church men and the educators to teach our young people that the summit of life is reached when your enlightened mind has learned to love the negro. In George Orwell’s novel 1984, the grand inquisitors, the educators, did not merely want Winston Smith’s external assent under torture. They wanted Winston Smith’s internal assent. And eventually they got it; he had learned to love Big Brother. So it is with so many of our lost white children; they have learned to love the negro with all their heart, mind, and soul, and to hate their white kin and neighbor as they hate themselves. Thus have the liberals perverted the true faith. Look at the collective face of the antique Europeans. Whom do you see in their faces? And then look at the loathsome creatures protesting the election of a white man to the Presidency. Whom do you see in their collective face?

If we allow the liberals to separate us from our ancient faith, then what will be our rallying cry as a people? Will we be inspired by the neo-pagans’ anthem, “Nearer My Genes to Me”? Or will we respond to extinction with the battle cry of the church men and the liberals: “All whites must die so a new perfect humanity can be formed over the ruins of the European people”?

Dylan Thomas was right to rage against the dying of the light. Without such a rage we are Buddhists, not human beings. But must our rage be a hopeless rage? If there is a devil, and the venomous serpent of liberalism that is spewing out its venom in the aftermath of the election shows us there is such a person, then we must look to a person to combat the devil. Our ancestors called on Him who saves. “I, even I, am the Lord; and beside me there is no savior.” Look up, look beyond intellectual Christianity to the Man of Sorrows, and go into battle against the serpent of liberalism. +

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