The Long Journey Home

They never will love where they ought to love, who do not hate where they ought to hate.

— Edmund Burke


“I hate that bitch!” – A “deplorable” white female store clerk


In his remarkable history of the Parish of Myddle in 1701 Richard Gough defines custom:

Custome is a law or right, not written, which being established by long use and the consent of our ancestors, hath been and is dayly practised.”

The custom that has died out in the European nations – namely the custom of viewing all of existence from the perspective of Christ — will not be renewed and revitalized by Trump’s victory. That antiquated custom was dependent on a people who believed they were a people, a people with a bred-in-the-bone faith that was passed on from one generation to the next. Then of what use is the Trump victory? The Trump victory was a sign that there is still life, spiritual life, in the European people. A sizeable amount of white Europeans needed to reject the combined wisdom of organized Christianity (which has become organized Jewry), the media, the academy, and the government. It was a very remarkable feat of determined, sustained resistance to the liberal propaganda machine, but lest we presume that a major battle has been won, we should note that a majority of young whites, the Millennials, voted for Hillary Clinton.

The liberals will retrench and completely thwart any good initiative that Trump makes. Already there are Marxist, left-wing riots, funded by George Soros, in our cities, and the liberal media are demanding that Trump “reach out” to the liberals whom he defeated and the minorities who fear he is going to put them all in internment camps. Why is it that when the mad-dog liberals win elections, they never talk about “reaching out”? They always scream, “Mandate!” and proceed with the ongoing march to their Jacobin-negroid dystopia?

But let me come back to my people – the white grazers who are “so far from doing harm that they suspect none.” They did themselves proud. They managed to hate where they should hate. I had a feeling Trump was going to win two days before the election. I was buying sandwiches in a local store when the woman behind the counter, whom I’ve spoken with on many occasions, ventured a completely unsolicited opinion about the upcoming election: “I hate that bitch!” One woman’s opinion? Yes, it was. But I knew there were many, many more white men and women who shared her feelings. The more-sinned-against-than-sinning white grazers could still recognize evil in its unadulterated form. That was the reason for the bitch queen’s loss. McCain could camouflage his evil under the flag, Obama could camouflage his evil with an “Ah shucks, I’m a good darkie” act, and Bill Clinton could play the good ol’ boy act when he needed to. But Hillary was too passionately, overtly demonic. And she brought down the wrath of the usually tepid and gullible white grazers.

The grazers still can be deceived by the evil one. They are still living within the mind-forged chains of democracy, and they still fear the racist label, but they did, in this last election, know enough to hate where they should hate, which is the first step toward loving where they should love. The great obstacle blocking the white grazers’ love for their people and their God, which is where their love should be directed, is intellectual Christianity.

It’s not possible for any white man to completely divest himself of his Christian blood. Therefore it is a bit of a misnomer to call men like Trump and Putin virtuous pagans. But I’m going to use that term because I want to set them apart from the intellectual Christians. There is more genuine Christianity in virtuous pagans like Putin and Trump than there is in the intellectual Christians. Trump and Putin are not full-blown Christian knights, but they still have retained the rudiments of Christian chivalry, which is and always shall be, pietas. The Evangelicals and the Roman Catholics, by denying pietas and calling it prejudice, have cut themselves off from the only way to God, through their racial hearth fire. Because of their refusal to go to Christ through their racial hearth fire, the Roman Catholics and the Evangelicals have abandoned Christ for the messiahs of color and the heathen faiths. The Roman Catholics go whoring after the negro and the Moslems, and the Evangelicals go whoring after the negro and the Jews. As regards the Roman Catholics — did not our Lord say that no man cometh unto the Father but by Him? And as regards the Evangelicals – have they ever read the Gospels? Did not our Lord, in Mark 12: 1-11, give the definitive statement about the chosen people? What did he conclude? “And have ye not read the scripture: The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner: This was the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes.” But if your eyes do not see with your heart, you will not be able to see. If the unrepentant Jews are the chosen people, then Christ is not the Messiah, and we must seek Him elsewhere. And the Evangelicals are doing that. They are not allowed, by the tenets of their perverted, intellectual Christianity, to have a people who are of their own race, so they have made the Jews and the negroes their people. This flight from race, from pietas, is a flight from Christ. So long as the European people flee from pietas, the love of their own, because they fear the racist label, the small victories, such as Trump’s Presidential win and the Brits’ rejection of the European Union, will come to naught.

Now we are told that white people who voted for Trump must do penance for voting for Trump by understanding the pain of the black and the white Jacobin rioters. But we must ask the same question over and over again – why should decent whites who have been spat on and demonized by the colored barbarians and the liberal elite have to understand why they must put up with inhuman, negroid barbarians and liberals who worship Satan? Many white nationalists voted for Trump, and one antique European voted for Trump (are there any more?), but did Trump ever say anything that sounded like white nationalism? Did he ever say anything about restoring Christian Europe? Of course not. Trump said nothing that was not in line with the beliefs of Democrats and Republicans in the 1950s. Both parties at that time, the Democrats more than the Republicans, were against illegal immigration, crime, and the global economy, but the dynamic of liberalism demands that men must go further and further down the slippery slope to hell. The modern day liberals have reached the inner circle of hell. And from that vantage point they view anyone who has not reached the bottommost layer of hell as outside the ken of their satanic inhumanity.

In the rural, small town where I voted, a group of mountain folk who seemed to be right out of an old movie about the Hatfields and the McCoys came into the town hall where the voting was taking place. They made it clear that they didn’t normally vote, but they were voting in this election and they were not voting for Hillary. I link those mountain folk with the woman who said, “I hate that bitch.” They are the last vestiges of the white race. Will their hatred of Maleficent turn into a love of the God-Man? It’s certainly possible. And it will become a reality if Christian Europeans stop running from their racial identity. If they embrace their racial identity they will love and hate with all their hearts and they will come to know the Son of God in and through their people.

We would never have seen charity embodied if there had never been a European people. The liberals want to destroy the European people for that very reason. They desire a world that is devoid of charity, because all true charity comes from Him whom the liberals hate. We should always keep that liberal desire before our eyes. They want to destroy the white race, because they want to destroy every last vestige of His reign of charity. They might call their evil multiculturalism or diversity, but we know what it is in reality. It is white genocide. Most of the whites who voted for Trump, and Trump himself, do not understand the inherent evil of liberalism. Nor do the white grazers in the other European nations. It is necessary that they come to understand the difference between the white European people prior to the 20th century and the modern European people and the colored barbarians. The difference is not just between night and day, it is between heaven and hell.

Nothing that is necessary to be done shall be done by the Trump administration. The liberal-fomented hysteria over Trump’s victory is the equivalent of a man becoming hysterical because a fly has entered his house. White people should separate themselves from the people of color and they should recognize liberals for what they are – the spawn of Satan who should not be allowed to live in a white European society. (1) They should be sent to some tropical island to live with their beloved colored brethren. You can’t co-exist with creatures who are determined to destroy you. The white grazers were able to grasp the fact that Hillary wanted to destroy them. When they finally grasp the fact that a hellish legion of Hillary Clintons run the Western world, they will be on their way back to Christian Europe.

The liberals are always screaming about diversity when they mean the opposite. They want a non-diverse culture dominated by colored barbarians. All whites should support true diversity. The Christ-bearing race should diversify by separating from the colored races. If whites blend with the colored races the blending process will not elevate the colored races, it will simply debase the white race. Which is, of course, exactly what Satan wants. He wants to eradicate the image of God in man.

The liberals tell us that the blending process will produce a new and better humanity. Is that happening? Is blended Europe an improvement over white Europe? Only if rape, infanticide, murder, and pillage are better than married love, chivalry, and honor. Where is the good in the liberals’ new world? On beyond Liberaldom are the Northern lights of our very old, but eternally young, European Narnia. We have lost contact with that world because we have abandoned our racial hearth fire through which we maintained our connection to our Savior, who is Christ the Lord. It is possible for Europeans who discover that they have a people, to return home. The hatred of Maleficent is the beginning of the long journey home. +


(1) The filth that have crawled out from under their rocks to protest against white people who voted for a white man who didn’t profess hatred for the white race, are one in spirit with the demonic daughter of King Lear – Goneril. What Albany says of her applies to the anti-white protestors: “Wisdom and goodness to the vile seems vile; Filths savour but themselves.”

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