Our Fight for the Land of ‘Evening Lingerings’

The Europeans who are resisting the Moslem invasion of the European nations are making the same mistakes the prolifers made. They say they know what liberals are, but if they truly knew what they are, satanically possessed swine, would they try to appeal to their humanity? “Please stop abortion; it kills a young child.” And, “Please stop allowing Moslems into our nation; they are destroying our culture and killing our people.” Would you ask a wolf to spare the sheep in your pasture or would you kill the wolf? The liberals hate everything that is humane and Christian, so why would you expect them to stop killing babies and white people simply because you point out to them that legalized abortion and legalized white genocide are inhumane? The liberals know what they are doing in both cases. They want to kill babies and they want to destroy the white race. White Christians can either kill the wolves – the liberals and the colored heathen – or they can sit back and watch the slaughter while they keep appealing to the wolves’ humanity. – CWNY


Well might the terrified weasels dive under the tables and spring madly up at the windows! Well might the ferrets rush wildly for the fireplace and get hopelessly jammed in the chimney! Well might tables and chairs be upset, and glass and china be sent crashing on the floor, in the panic of that terrible moment when the four Heroes strode wrathfully into the room! The mighty Badger, his whiskers bristling, his great cudgel whistling through the air; Mole, black and grim, brandishing his stick and shouting his awful war-cry, ‘A Mole! A Mole!’ Rat; desperate and determined, his belt bulging with weapons of every age and every variety; Toad, frenzied with excitement and injured pride, swollen to twice his ordinary size, leaping into the air and emitting Toad-whoops that chilled them to the marrow! ‘Toad he went a-pleasuring!’ he yelled. ‘I’LL pleasure ’em!’ and he went straight for the Chief Weasel. They were but four in all, but to the panic-stricken weasels the hall seemed full of monstrous animals, grey, black, brown and yellow, whooping and flourishing enormous cudgels; and they broke and fled with squeals of terror and dismay, this way and that, through the windows, up the chimney, anywhere to get out of reach of those terrible sticks. – Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows


I understand the liberals: they are satanically possessed swine. However, I don’t understand the right-wing nationalists who claim to be against white genocide yet always condemn any violence directed against the liberals who are responsible for white genocide. I bring this subject up once again because of the recent execution of a white-genocide advocate in the Labour Party of Britain. The mental health of the executioner has been called into question, and he has been roundly condemned by white nationalists and the Britain First party. To say I differ with those so-called white nationalists who condemned the white avenger would be putting it too mildly. I vehemently oppose their condemnations. Quite probably the man is mentally unstable, but the act itself was moral and justifiable. (1)  

It is wrong to place bombs in crowded bars in order to kill men and women in Northern Ireland, as the Communist IRA does. It is wrong to bomb thousands of innocent men and women in Arab countries, as the neocons do, because their leaders don’t want to open their nations to democratic capitalism. It is wrong to bomb a federal building and kill innocent civilians, as Timothy McVeigh did. It is wrong to shoot blacks just because you want to shoot black people, as Dylann Roof did. And it is wrong to shoot the children of liberals at a summer camp in Norway as Anders Breivik did. But is it wrong to shoot and kill a Labour Party Minister who advocates, and backs up her advocacy with deeds, the extermination of white people? No, it is not. One down and about a million to go, or whatever is the number of liberals in power throughout the liberal West, should be our battle cry.

The problem with the non-violent white nationalists is that they love the democratic process more than their people. The democratic process allows them to form think tanks, write witty, sarcastic things about their more liberal brethren, and to make themselves leaders of an abstract people, fighting for an abstract cause. This is why actual fighting scares the white nationalists. If white people were to abandon the democratic process and actually start fighting for their people, what would become of the white nationalists who worship the democratic process?

This constant harping on non-violence by the white nationalists – “We don’t want to upset the liberals” – is depressingly similar to that of the prolifers who loved the democratic process more than the babies who were being murdered. “Don’t burn down the clinics,” and “Don’t shoot the abortion doctors,” we were told. And what happened? Legalized abortion became part of the fabric of our nation, just as white genocide has become part of the fabric of the white nations. The white nationalist liberal who worships the democratic process will always lose out to the mad-dog liberal who sees the democratic process as a means to an end – the destruction of the white, Christ-bearing people. The mad-dog liberals never remain non-violent when they lose ground through the democratic process. They go outside the democratic process and use whatever tactic, including murder, that achieves their ends. Should we imitate the mad-dog liberals then? No, we should not. But we should realize that the mark of a man is not that he never kills, nor is the mark of a man that he lives to kill. The mark of a man is what he kills for. And if he will not kill in defense of his kith and kin, what kind of man is he?

Because they worship the democratic process the white nationalists often find themselves in bed with strange bedfellows. In a democracy you cannot venture forth, as David did, with the belief that God will aid you against the seemingly invincible foe. You must have numbers rather than God on your side. Thus you latch on to the homosexuals, the feminists, or any other group no matter how Godless it is that that gives you the numbers to outvote your liberal cousins. But even if you could win an electoral victory by making such unholy alliances, what kind of victory would you achieve?

Ever since the 1950’s when the white genocide movement, which was called the ‘Civil Rights Movement,’ became institutionalized, this nation and the other nations of Europe have been about the business of liquidating the white race under the guise of democratizing the world. And throughout the liquidation process there has always been the democracy-loving white nationalists telling us that we are about to turn the corner and win an election. How is that possible when whites are the smallest racial group in the world? If you democratize the world, guess what racial group will be voted out of existence? The whites did not take a vote when they built Christendom and defended it from the attacks of the heathens. If they had taken a vote, neither you nor I would be here today. This democratic abortion of the white race is like unto the abortion of the unborn babies. Must we stand by and watch the slaughter because the slaughter is taking place democratically?

The modern white nationalist’s passion for a democratic system that will save his people is rooted in the false-Aslan side of the European people’s history. The true faith, the faith of the Gospels, the faith of St. Paul, was centered on the God-Man, Jesus Christ.

But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother’s womb, and called me by his grace, To reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the heathen; immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood: Neither went I up to Jerusalem to them which were apostles before me; but I went into Arabia, and returned again unto Damascus. Then after three years I went up to Jerusalem to see Peter, and abode with him fifteen days. Galatians 1: 15-18

St. Paul tells us this lest we look to a system about God rather than God Himself. The first European Christians were Christ-centered Christians who saw Christ as the true Hero-God, their Lord and kinsman. As long as the European people held onto that faith, they were a match for heathendom. But when the Ganelons in the church started to present their systems about God as God Himself, they started a secularization process that turned Christian Europe into a land covered with the evil, democratic mills of Satan. There is no hope for white people who enter the democratic mills. But there is hope for the white people who refuse to enter therein. The journey back to our European home begins with a refusal to bend the knee to the Jacobins’ god – the aggregate herd of heathen humanity, which is devoid of all humanity.

In a keynote speech at the Democratic convention that nominated Bill Clinton, the arch-liberal Bill Bradley gave a remarkably candid speech. He said that Americans were not willing to accept a tragic view of existence. They believed that existence on this earth could be so expertly arranged that tragedy could be eliminated. Bradley was not just articulating the underlying belief of American liberals, he was articulating the belief of all European liberals. That promise of utopia is what keeps the liberals in power. The antique European tells us that our lives here on earth are inherently tragic, because we are mortal men who must suffer much and then die, but we do not suffer in vain, because He has redeemed our suffering. But if you don’t believe that Christ is who He said He was, then you should throw in your lot with the utopians. And that is the tragedy of the white nationalists. They do not want a return to Christian Europe, because they don’t believe what the antique Europeans believed. Instead, they want white people to be included in the new world order. But that shall never happen. No matter that the white nationalists deny Him, they are eternally bound, in the eyes of the liberals and the colored heathens, to Him. The white nationalists won’t return home and they won’t be allowed to enter the new Jacobin paradise of the liberals. (2) So the white nationalist will live and die with his faith in the democratic process. As the colored barbarians descend upon his house, he will be on his phone to his congressman trying to drum up support for an anti-immigration candidate. And with his dying breath he will exclaim, “We are just about to turn the corner.”

Democracy is a code word for white genocide. If the whole world is democratized, then the whole world will be like South Africa, Haiti, and Arabia – one monolith of colored and heathen barbarism. Whites must stake out a homeland and defend it against the heathens of color and the white Ganelons who have sided with the colored heathens. The notion that we can somehow defeat the liberals through democracy is like unto the notion that the sheep can dialog with the wolves. Killing is not a magic panacea; it does not solve all problems. But killing is part of war, and we are in a war with the liberals, are we not? Surely you don’t believe that you can dialog with those who have told you openly that they mean to exterminate you and your people?

No one knows whether the heathen liberals will ever fight their colored allies when their colored allies turn against them. Nor do we know whether the Moslems will eradicate the Jews and/or the Asians, or whether the Asians and/or the Jews will prevail over the Moslems. All that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we, the European people, cling to our one true love. Christ is in us and we are in Christ. We must stay white and European if we intend to stay with Him. “He who endures to the end shall be saved.”+


(1) It takes a type of divine madness to attack the leviathan alone. But what if the whites who still claim to be white would fight, in the fullest sense of the world? Then the mad prophets would become integral men leading other men in a holy cause.

(2) I noted back in the days of the Ayatollah Khomeini that he kept hurling anathemas at the Christian West. It was obvious to Christians that the West had ceased to be Christian, but in the eyes of the Ayatollah the West was still Christian. Try as you might, Mr. White Nationalist and Mr. Mad-Dog Liberal, you cannot escape your destiny any more than Jonah could escape his. Your enemies, who are wedded to Satan, know that you are the Christ-bearing people, even if you try to deny Him.

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