We All Shall Come Home

The indulgence of a sort of undefined hope, an obscure confidence, that some lurking remains of virtue, some degree of shame, might exist in the breasts of the oppressors of France, has been among the causes which have helped to bring on the common ruin of king and people. There is no safety for honest men, but by believing all possible evil of evil men, and by acting with promptitude, decision, and steadiness on that belief. I well remember, at every epoch of this wonderful history, in every scene of this tragic business, that when your sophistic usurpers were laying down mischievous principles, and even applying them in direct resolutions, it was the fashion to say, that they never intended to execute those declarations in their rigour. This made men cautious in their opposition, and remiss in early precaution. By holding out this fallacious hope, the impostors deluded sometimes one description of men, and sometimes another, so that no means of resistance were provided against them, when they came to execute in cruelty what they had planned in fraud. – A letter from Mr. Burke, to a member of the National Assembly: in answer to some objections to his book on French affairs.


Keepsake Mill

Over the borders, a sin without pardon,               
Breaking the branches and crawling below,        
Out through the breach in the wall of the garden,           
Down by the banks of the river, we go.

Here is the mill with the humming of thunder,           
Here is the weir with the wonder of foam,          
Here is the sluice with the race running under—              
Marvellous places, though handy to home!        

Sounds of the village grow stiller and stiller,        
Stiller the note of the birds on the hill;    
Dusty and dim are the eyes of the miller,             
Deaf are his ears with the moil of the mill. 

Years may go by, and the wheel in the river        
Wheel as it wheels for us, children, to-day,         
Wheel and keep roaring and foaming for ever       
Long after all of the boys are away. 

Home from the Indies and home from the ocean,           
Heroes and soldiers we all shall come home;      
Still we shall find the old mill wheel in motion,   
Turning and churning that river to foam.

You with the bean that I gave when we quarrelled,        
I with your marble of Saturday last,        
Honoured and old and all gaily apparelled,          
Here we shall meet and remember the past. 

–Robert Louis Stevenson


I haven’t seen a mainstream news channel for over two months, but when my son told me that there had been a record-breaking mass murder, I bit the bullet and turned on the news. That was a mistake. The CNN crowd was droning on about gun control while the Fox News liberals had a terrorism “expert” on their show exhorting Americans to bomb ISIS. Puck was right: “Lord, what fools these mortals be.” It should be obvious to all who have eyes to see, which excludes the liberals, that we need less gun control. When terrorists strike, an armed citizenry should strike back at them. And it should be equally obvious that bombing ISIS over there will not stop home-grown Moslems over here from going on killing sprees in the name of Islam. America’s terrorist problem, like Europe’s terrorist problem, is insolvable so long as the European people remain under the thralldom of a utopian universalism, which is opposed to all things Christian and all things European. Indeed, the two – Christianity and Europe – cannot be separated. There is no Christianity other than European Christianity, and the European people have no identity if they separate themselves from their Christian past. But of course that is what the liberals of all stamps have done. They have divorced Christ and married Satan. And because of their new marriage with Satan, the European people are incapable of defending themselves as a people. They can and will defend Jacobin democracy in Church and state, an ideology which was created to destroy the image of God in man by destroying the Christ-bearing race, but they will not defend the European people. This is why the obvious solutions to such problems as Islamic terrorism, obvious to simple-minded peasants such as myself, are not obvious to the liberals. The European peasant says that the way to stop Islamic terrorism is to evict all Moslems from the Western countries. But the new European finds such solutions simple-minded and racist. Thus he suggests that we make war on guns or against ‘bad’ Moslems, but he never confronts the fact that liberalism is an ideology that renders its adherents incapable of fighting evil, because liberalism is a Satanic ideology designed to destroy the good and perpetuate evil.

It would not be necessary, if the European people believed in a Europe that was white and Christian, to look for the bad Moslems. A white Christian people would not grant rights of citizenship to any one of the Moslem faith, a faith opposed to the faith of the European people. Nor would a white Christian people permit Mexicans, blacks, or any other non-white race within their borders. But until the European people reclaim their past and become Europeans again, they will be as the people of Israel who followed the Pharisees: “And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.”

If you have ever had a relative or a family friend with Alzheimer’s disease you know how sad that disease is. Those who have the illness often seem as the ones who, “did not die, but nothing of life remained.” But when there is a flash of memory, it seems as if the loved one has returned, for a moment, from the dead. The European people are suffering from a spiritual Alzheimer’s. They have flashes of humanity when they remember what they were, but the memory is soon absorbed by the ever-present, ever-vigilant, liberal, medical staff. It is their special mission to keep the European people in a permanent state of spiritual Alzheimer’s. There must be no memories of old Europe, because such a memory, if it is sustained and acted on by the European people, would destroy Liberaldom. Dickens stands, along with Scott and Dostoyevsky, as a giant among the European novelists, because he stayed close to the human heart. And by doing so, he gave us a glimpse of the divine Heart. In his novel, Nicholas Nickleby, Dickens connects our memory, the memory of our childhood, with the divine.

As the door of the vehicle was roughly closed, a comb fell from Kate’s hair, close at her uncle’s feet; and as he picked it up, and returned it into her hand, the light from a neighbouring lamp shone upon her face. The lock of hair that had escaped and curled loosely over her brow, the traces of tears yet scarcely dry, the flushed cheek, the look of sorrow, all fired some dormant train of recollection in the old man’s breast; and the face of his dead brother seemed present before him, with the very look it bore on some occasion of boyish grief, of which every minutest circumstance flashed upon his mind, with the distinctness of a scene of yesterday.

Ralph Nickleby, who was proof against all appeals of blood and kindred—who was steeled against every tale of sorrow and distress—staggered while he looked, and went back into his house, as a man who had seen a spirit from some world beyond the grave.

Of course Ralph Nickleby, who was a forerunner of Ebenezer Scrooge, does not sustain that memory. If he had, he would have died in the arms of the Lord and seen the real Europe, Christ’s Europe, which waits for us beyond the grave. It is Jesus Christ and all “love’s loving parts” – our kith and kin – that join with us when we keep the memory of our European childhood before our eyes. If we never let go of that vision, we will never suffer Christian Europe to be eclipsed by the blended culture of the archangel Satan.

Classical liberals such as Jared Taylor and Geert Wilders keep pointing out that Islam is incompatible with liberalism. But is it incompatible with liberalism’s central tenet? No, it is not. That is why the liberals will never oppose Islam. At Islam’s core is the hatred of Jesus Christ and the Christ-bearing people. And that is what is at the core of liberalism. The classical liberals who oppose Islam in the name of liberalism are like the free love advocates who get angry when their children practice what they, the parents, preached. You can’t be a democracy-loving liberal and then condemn your liberal brethren for living up to the credo of Jacobin democracy: The white, Christ-bearing race must die. Nothing but degenerate filth has come from the Age of Democracy. Why not step out of the filth and live in the rarefied air of the antique Europeans?

The Europeans’ failure to act against the Moslem menace is emblematic of their refusal to give up the dream of an earthly paradise where all evils can be overcome by science and diversity. But evil exists now just as it has always existed. What has changed to make Islam or any other evil something other than evil?

The Turks, encouraged with the flight of the Christians, presently advanced their ensigns upon the top of the uttermost wall, crying Victory; and by the breach entered as if it had been a great flood, which, having once found a breach in the bank, overfloweth, and beareth down all before it; so the Turks, when they had won the utter wall, entered the city by the same gate that was opened for Justinianus and by a breach which they had before made with their great artillery, and without mercy cutting in pieces all that came in their way, without further resistance became lords of that famous and imperial city… In this fury of the barbarians perished many thousands of men, women, and children, without respect of age, sex, or condition. Many, for safeguard of their lives, fled into the temple of Sophia, where they were all without pity slain, except some few reserved by the barbarous victors to purposes more grievous than death itself. The rich and beautiful ornaments and jewels of that most sumptuous and magnificent church—the stately building of Justinianus the emperor—were, in the turning of a hand, plucked down and carried away by the Turks; and the church itself, built for God to be honoured in, for the present converted into a stable for their horses, or a place for the execution of their abominable and unspeakable filthiness: the image of the crucifix was also by them taken down, and a Turk’s cap put upon the head thereof, and so set up and shot at with their arrows, and afterwards, in great derision, carried about in their camp, as it had been in procession, with drums playing before it, railing and spitting at it, and calling it the God of the Christians, which I note not so much done in contempt of the image, as in despite of Christ and the Christian religion. – Richard Knolles (1603) History of the Turks

That there is a devil who works his will through liberals and colored heathens is the same now as it always has been. What has changed is the number of liberals. Their numbers have grown from a few vermin to a legion of ravenous wolves. For centuries Europe was the light in darkness; now it is the land of scientism and heathenism where occasional flickers of light appear for a moment, only to disappear into the dark night of Babylon. It has been the liberals’ sacred – sacred to them – task to kill the European light whenever and wherever it appears. They have been quite successful, because they have the passionate intensity of satanic hatred that Yeats warned us of, while the everyday Europeans who want to be liberal, while preserving the fruits of non-liberal Europe, lack the conviction to attack the liberals at their satanic core – which is their support for a racially and religiously blended utopian world. When a female newscaster deplores the feminism that makes white males indifferent to the rape of the women of Cologne, but then quickly adds that she does not want to see a return to the patriarchal values of old Europe, she is demonstrating the moral schizophrenia that keeps the European people enslaved to the liberals and the colored heathens. There must be a spiritual return to old Europe or else the blood red tide of liberalism will triumph. This does not mean we must imitate the outer shell of old Europe, but it does mean that we must be like unto the antique Europeans in our inmost soul. We must respond to the lay of the ancient European minstrel and ignore the sirens of modernity.

When Edward I was engaged in a war with the Welsh, he ordered, with Machiavellian cunning, the execution of any Welsh bard his soldiers came upon. Why would he do this? He did it because he knew that if you destroy a peoples’ connection to their past, their bardic past, where the heroes of their race reside, you kill the people’s will to resist. The liberals first attacked the European’s past by heaping the monkey vomit of racism, sexism, and simple-mindedness on it. Who would want to approach such a foul-smelling substance? Now they are using the iron fist and smashing anyone who hearkens back to bardic Europe. The revolution is complete when there is no one left that even remembers Christian Europe. In Church and State bardic Europe, which was the Europe of heroes who opposed liberalism with fire and sword, is dead. But the organized Jacobin democracies of Europe are not the European people and the organized churches are not Christ’s church. Bardic Europe is buried somewhere in the racial memory of the European people. It is the task, the sacred task, of the European hero who still remembers and loves the European childhood of his people to live by the bardic code in defiance of the liberal forces arrayed against him. He will match and overman the liberals’ passionate intensity with a passionate intensity of greater depth and feeling, because his passionate intensity is grounded in the love of Him whose love passeth the understanding of the liberals and the colored heathens. Just as Christ draws us to Him, so will the European who abides with old Europe draw his people back to their European hearth fire, where they can hear the lay of the European minstrel.

If we believe that our Savior does not evolve, that He does not diversify and change from the Christ who enters human hearts into an ecumenical combination of Nelson Mandela, Muhammed, and Buddha, then we must respond to the call of bardic Europe and to bardic Europe alone. All around us is the filth of rotting-corpse liberalism. In the midst of the decay and filth, we must cling to Him who does not change, who does not decay. We triumph still when we remember and live in His Europe. Once that divine-human connection is made, we will kneel only in prayer to Him; we will not kneel to the devil and his diversified minions. To be Europeans once again is all in all. +

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