True to Our God and Our Blood

But down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid. The detective in this kind of story must be such a man. He is the hero, he is everything. He must be a complete man and a common man and yet an unusual man. He must be, to use a rather weathered phrase, a man of honor, by instinct, by inevitability, without thought of it, and certainly without saying it. – Raymond Chandler


The hero saves not only by his prowess, he saves by the divinity within himself. Indeed his prowess depends upon this divinity. The hero’s ‘most perfect image is, of course, Christ the man-god. There is no hero unless the odds are overwhelmingly against the thing he stands for, or the rescue which takes him upon his quest. They are the powers of darkness; they show him the brutal weight of matter, the seemingly irresistible forces of mass. Since fear and desire make all of us tremble, the first quest of the hero is triumph over himself; and afterwards he follows the quest, a selfless and devoted individual on the way of becoming an archetype. Indeed because he is devoted, he is fearless. – Andrew Lytle


The Brexit vote and Trump’s nomination are very small wins in minor skirmishes. The big battles are still being won by the liberals – the Moslems remain in Britain, more Moslems are pouring into America, and Trump is already back-pedaling on his ‘no more Moslems’ pledge. So what has been gained by these ‘wins’? Noting of any lasting significance. But the Brexit vote and Trump’s primary wins do reveal to us that there is still some life left in the European Everyman. Granted, a vote against the EU and against the neocons in the Republican Party does not mean that whites are ready to rise and ride in defense of their God, their King, and their people. But it is significant that a large number of whites did not listen to the liberal elite who told them that they must, lest they be labeled simple-minded, vote for the EU and the neocons. The fact that they didn’t vote as the liberals wanted shows there is some genuine pietas left in the European people; but without leadership, without a Tell or an Alfred stepping forth, that subterranean current of white pietas will remain untapped. Why can’t the people rise up without leaders? Because the people must see their own aspirations, their own souls, embodied in the passion and heroic strife of one man. I refer you to the incarnation of our Lord. Ask yourself why He became incarnate, and you will understand why the mass of men need a leader. “We must have leaders. If none will undertake to lead us right, we shall find guides who will contrive to conduct us to shame and ruin.” (Burke)

Any leader who bids us place all our hopes as a people in the democratic process will conduct us to shame and ruin. That has been the case in the European nations for the past one hundred years. The age of democracy has ushered in the age of white genocide. What did Woodrow Wilson say as he plunged his country into the senseless war that destroyed the European people? “The world must be made safe for democracy.” We now know what that code word meant: “White Genocide.”

A hero fights for what his people hold most dear. Thus the pagan hero, such as Achilles, fights for the pride of his people and the wealth to be gained by conquest. So it is with all the non-white cultures. A hero might act alone, but he takes the hopes and aspirations of his people into battle with him. The Christian European hero differs in kind from the pagan and non-white hero. The European hero fights for what Burke called “that charity of honor,” because that is what his people regard as the vital link between them and their God. There were very few European heroes in the 20th century (Anthony Jacob was an exception), and none, that we know of, in the 21st century, because the Europeans do not regard themselves as a people. How can a hero arise from a people who have denounced themselves? It is difficult, but not impossible. The 21st century European hero must rise up from eternal Europe, from the dead who rest in the arms of the Lord, and act according to their Christ-centered European ethos. Ignoring the spiritual wasteland of the 21st and 20th century, he must take his stand with the men and women of eternal Europe. And like Roland, he must not yield even unto death.

I know this sounds too poetical, too fantastical, to the results-oriented, pragmatic minds of 21st century men. But the Christian hero never made the pragmatic result his main goal. Certainly men such as Alfred and Robert E. Lee wanted to succeed in the practical realm, but they didn’t fight for that reason. They fought because in the deepest recesses of their souls that charity of honor compelled them to fight, no matter what the practical men told them about their chances for success in the here and now. Hamlet’s defiance of pagan augury has always been the mark of the Christian, European hero:

Horatio. If your mind dislike anything, obey it. I will forestall their repair hither, and say you are not fit.

Hamlet. Not a whit; we defy augury. There’s a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, ‘tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come; the readiness is all. Since no man has aught of what he leaves, what is’t to leave betimes? Let be.

Yes, let be. The Christian hero cares about one thing: That he fights with all his heart, mind, and soul for his people, because it is through his people that he touches the heart of God. The European hero knows, in his blood, what the mystery of Christ’s incarnation means, and he acts upon that knowledge. If Christ is incarnate in His people, then to defend Christ, the European must defend his people.

Modern Europe has no heroes, because modern Europeans have accepted the liberals’ perverse universalism – only the non-white races can be a people. If whites try to band together as a people, they become racists, and racism is the unpardonable sin. But only whites can be guilty of the unpardonable sin. So we have non-white heroes who know nothing of charity; they are heroes of carnage and barbarism. The blacks, the Moslems, the Mexicans, the Orientals, and any other non-white race you can name have become the liberals’ people. Pope Francis, the penultimate of liberalism, worships Moslems of color, because they are his people; they are anti-white and anti-Christian. The descent into white oblivion will continue so long as white people follow the lead of the Angela Merkels and Pope Francises of Liberaldom.

It’s important to distinguish between the brave man and the hero. A case in point – In the American Civil War there were brave men on both sides, but only the South produced heroes, because once all the qualifications are made the essential fact of that war is crystal clear. The Southern people fought for the cause of Christian Europe and the people of the North fought for Jacobin democracy. This is not to suggest that the rank and file of the North thought they were fighting for Jacobin democracy. But their leaders knew what they were fighting for, and they led their people down that slippery slope where brave men fight for a satanic cause. I believe that I once mentioned that my grandfather used to tell me stories about my great, great grandfather who fought on the northern side in the Civil War. My grandfather said that his grandfather, who lived into his nineties, used to say that he regretted fighting for the Union, because he felt that he had been lied to: “I was told I was fighting for my country. If I had known I was fighting for the negroes, I wouldn’t have fought.” Without placing a halo on every single Southern soldier, the fact remains that those Southern soldiers who fought honorably were heroes. Like the King of heroes, they fought, bled, and sacrificed for their people, who were fighting for leaders committed to Christian Europe. And they were fighting for the misled Union soldiers as well, for were they not Europeans too, and are not all Europeans, in their heart of hearts, connected to the God-Man?

The words, “You have betrayed us,” should be writ large on the walls of church and state. The intelligentsia have denounced their people and gone whoring after false messiahs and a new people. The leaders in the Evangelical churches have made the Jews their people. Everything Jewish is now supposed to be Christian. Blasphemy! And the Roman Catholic churchmen have made every dark colored heathen their god and every Christ-hating Moslem their brother in irreligion. Where your people dwell, so dwells your faith. If you won’t return to the Europe where He resides at the hearth fires of the white faithful then you will be at the mercy of the colored heathens and the techno-barbarian liberals.

Nothing is hopeless if the European people return to their racial hearth fires. But they must make that return. In his book I Saw Two Englands (1943), H. V. Morton talks about the importance of belonging to a people committed to the defense of the Christian things – of home, hearth, and race.

Nothing I have known in English life has approached the eagerness with which ordinary men have run to arms in order to defend their homes. My own point of view, and, indeed, it is that of all the farmers, the farm labourers and the cowmen who compose our Home Guard, is that should the rest of England fall, our own parish would hold out to the last man. The responsibility of defending our own village has given to that village a gigantic significance in our eyes. To us it seems the main objective of any invader. When I look at the map, I am sometimes amazed to see how small and unimportant it must appear to any one not in our Platoon. But if all villages throughout England think as we do, what a hedge of opposition they present to any one who dares to set an invader’s foot upon this island…

When the social historian reviews modern England, I should not be surprised if he came to the conclusion that, so far as movement and social life go, we do-day are in a more secluded backwater than our ancestors of the Napoleonic period. Reading the histories and memoirs of that time, I had the impression that life in those days of professional armies went on much as usual; prize-fighting continued; the coaches were running; London was not made into a shabby area of self-defence and, if Martello Towers ringed the coast, and Militia and Yeomanry numbered nearly half a million, English life was not interrupted by Napoleon as it has been interrupted by Hitler. But Hitler has struck the same fine sparks from England: for this we owe him gratitude. He may have led us along the primrose path to bankruptcy, but in the process we have touched old simplicities and have known again the feeling that we belong to our country and our country to us. (1)

That was then. Was that the last gasp of the white race or can whites still become a people again if a Lee, a Forrest, or an Alfred steps out of the European mists and leads them into battle? I have no doubt that such a hero will have followers, because we are the Christ-bearing race, are we not?

The Moslem menace has awakened some Europeans, but the menace is not being opposed in the name of white Christian Germany, in the name of white Christian Britain, and so on. We cannot fight the colored heathen and the techno-barbarian liberals in the name of the universalism of the liberals. We must fight in the name of our people, and in the name of our God. If we are not white and Christian, what are we? We are nothing. But if we are true to our blood, what might we be? We will be Europeans, and that is all in all. +


(1) I do not subscribe to the liberals’ demonization of Germany in World War II. But Hitler was not a hero. Claus von Stauffenberg and Rommel were the true German heroes. They fought for eternal, Christian Germany just as Morton’s home guard fought for eternal, Christian Britain.

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