The Trumpet Shall Sound and the Europeans Shall Rise

“If you were born to honor, show it now;” – Shakespeare, Pericles


I recently saw an Italian nationalist, a Christian, explaining to a hostile newsman the reason why he wanted the Moslems to be sent back to their own lands. Everything the Italian patriot said made perfect sense. He stated what every European should say about their own nations. He said the Italians’ culture was Christian and that culture could not be blended with the Islamic culture. He went on to suggest that wealthy Italians could assist the repatriated Moslems in their own county, but all the Moslems should be expelled from Italy. That would be a humane, Christian way to handle the ‘immigration crisis.’ But of course such a humane, Christian policy will not be implemented. It will not be implemented because European Christians, such as that Italian patriot, have failed to come to terms with liberalism. Burke came to terms with liberalism:

Nothing can be conceived more hard than the heart of a thoroughbred metaphysician. It comes nearer to the cold malignity of a wicked spirit than to the frailty and passion of a man. It is like that of the principle of evil himself, incorporeal, pure, unmixed, dephlegmated, defecated evil. It is no easy operation to eradicate humanity from the human breast. What Shakespeare calls “the compunctious visitings of nature” will sometimes knock at their hearts, and protest against their murderous speculations. But they have a means of compounding with their nature. Their humanity is not dissolved. They only give it a long prorogation. They are ready to declare, that they do not think two thousand years too long a period for the good that they pursue. It is remarkable, that they never see any way to their projected good but by the road of some evil. Their imagination is not fatigued with the contemplation of human suffering through the wild waste of centuries added to centuries of misery and desolation. Their humanity is at their horizon−and, like the horizon, it always flies before them. The geometricians, and the chemists, bring, the one from the dry bones of their diagrams, and the other from the soot of their furnaces, dispositions that make them worse than indifferent about those feelings and habitudes, which are the support of the moral world. A Letter to a Noble Lord

Scott came to terms with liberalism:

In this point of view, Goethe’s conception of the character and reasoning of Mephistopheles, the tempting spirit in the singular play of “Faust,” appears to me more happy than that which has been formed by Byron, and even than the Satan of Milton. These last great authors have given to the Evil Principle something which elevates and dignifies his wickedness; a sustained and unconquerable resistance against Omnipotence itself—a lofty scorn of suffering compared with submission, and all those points of attraction in the Author of Evil, which have induced Burns and others to consider him as the Hero of the “Paradise Lost.” The great German poet has, on the contrary, rendered his seducing spirit a being who, otherwise totally unimpassioned, seems only to have existed for the purpose of increasing, by his persuasions and temptations, the mass of moral evil, and who calls forth by his seductions those slumbering passions which otherwise might have allowed the human being who was the object of the Evil Spirit’s operations to pass the tenor of his life in tranquility. For this purpose Mephistopheles is, like Louis XI., endowed with an acute and depreciating spirit of caustic wit, which is employed incessantly in undervaluing and vilifying all actions, the consequences of which do not lead certainly and directly to self-gratification. – Introduction to Quentin Durward

And Dostoyevsky came to terms with liberalism:

She had never seen such men of letters before; they were incredibly but quite openly vain, as though in being so vain they were performing some sort of function. Some, though by no means all, arrived drunk and then behaved as if there were something beautiful in drunkenness that they had discovered only yesterday. Indeed, they all seemed proud of something. Their faces proclaimed that they had just this minute discovered some terribly important secret. They swore at one another and admired themselves for doing so. It was difficult to find out what they had actually written, but they described themselves as critics, novelists, satirists, playwrights, and debunkers. The Possessed

But the betwixt-and-between European Everyman still has not learned that you cannot compromise with liberals. It is all or nothing – Christ or the devil.

The European Christians who are resisting the Moslem invasion of the European nations are making the same mistakes the prolifers made. They say they know what liberals are, but if they truly knew what they are, satanically possessed swine, would they try to appeal to their humanity? “Please stop abortion; it kills a young child,” and, “Please stop allowing Moslems into our nation; they are destroying our culture and killing our people.” Would you ask a wolf to spare the sheep in your pasture or would you kill the wolf? The liberals hate everything that is humane and Christian, so why would you expect them to stop killing babies and white people simply because you point out to them that legalized abortion and legalized white genocide are inhumane? The liberals know what they are doing in both cases. They want to kill babies and they want to destroy the white race. White Christians can either kill the wolves – the liberals and the colored heathen –or they can sit back and watch the slaughter while they keep appealing to the wolves’ humanity.

The integral Christian instinctively knows and loves the good and instinctively knows and hates evil. But what happens when Christian men rebuild the Tower of Babel in the belief that Christians do not have to worry about the sin of pride? A false dichotomy is set up between the heart and the head. The hierarchy of the various churches push a satanic agenda that is grounded in the mind of Satan, while the laity are torn between the Savior who enters human hearts and the mind-forged Churchianity espoused by Satanists in clerical attire. The prolife Christian and the anti-Moslem Christian will always stop short of a call to arms against the enemies of his people, because the leaders of his church are wedded to a satanic universalism that condemns all things white and Christian. Hence the white Christian with a remnant of the true faith in his heart will make a timid protest against the Islamic invasion, but he will refrain from taking the necessary measures to stop the invasion, because he dare not call liberals evil when the leaders of his own church are liberals who are in favor of the Islamic invasion. And he dare not touch the issue of the black infestation of his nation, which is just as dangerous and often combined with the Islamic invasion, because that goes against the satanic universalism of the anti-Christian churches. The day of reckoning for the liberals and the colored heathens will come when the European people give up intellectual Christianity and return to the faith of their fathers, who believed in the Christ who enters human hearts, not the satanic archangel who enters human minds.

The decadent poet, Andre Gidé, opined that he didn’t believe in the devil, but that is what the devil wanted. The devil wanted Gidé to be “too smart” to believe in the devil so that he could work his will upon him. As long as European Christians are conflicted between the heart of Christ and the minds of their satanic leaders they will be at the mercy of Satan, who rules through his minions, the liberals.

When a man leaves his Christian home and goes out into the world, does he go out into the world as the third dumb brother goes out into the world, armed with that charity of honor that was instilled into him at his racial hearth fire, or does he go out into the world as his two older, clever brothers went out into the world – to ignore that charity of honor and serve Satan? The European who abandons the mystical body of the church, which consists of all those who have taken Christ into their hearts and welcomed Him at their racial hearth fire, for organized Jewry, which consists of all the organized branches of the heart-hardened, Christ-less Christian churches, will always be torn between European Christianity which is now condemned as racist, and the universalist, satanic faith of the church men. The European people are not as cowardly as they appear. From a purely pagan perspective, they appear to be cowards who will not fight for their people. But they are conflicted. They must go against the faith they have been taught, which is intellectual Christianity, in order to fight the devil and his minions in the name of an older and now condemned racist faith. Thus intellectual Christianity makes cowards of all its adherents. One longs for the return of the Goth, the Christian European who fears nothing, fights for his own, and loves and hates with all his heart. In short, one longs for an integral European who will not bow down and worship at the liberals’ shrines in church and state, and who will not respond to the murder and rape of his people with letters to the editor or protest marches, but will respond with fire and sword. The Christ-hating liberal, Adolf Hitler, asked, “Is Paris burning?” It was not. We, the Christ-bearing Europeans, need to ask, “Are the heathens’ altars burning?” And if they are not burning, then why are they not burning?

Anthony Jacob, the spiritual heir of Edmund Burke, pointed out that the colored hordes of the Moslem and negroid tribes were not conquering the West because of their military might. They were conquering the West because the liberals were allowing them to conquer the West. Why are the liberals inviting the colored heathens into Europe? The obvious answer is the correct one: Because they worship darkness and not the light. But why do they worship darkness? That is a mystery that has to do with God’s grace and human free will. All we know is that the liberals hate all things Christian. And since it was the European people who formed an incorpate union with Christ, the liberals hate the European people. They will not cease from mental strife until the white race no longer exists. When Tony Blair says Britain must be multi-cultural, and when Nicholas Sarkozy says that the French people must be multi-racial, they are both expressing the liberals’ mandate – all whites must perish so a liberal utopia can be established. And the spiritual fount of secular, liberal utopianism is intellectual Christianity. The French clergy at the time of the French Revolution were more worried about adherents to their system going over to the Protestant faith than they were worried about whether or not their people believed in the Son of God. The organized Christian-Jewry that Dostoyevsky saw as the aid and support of the Communists was the Christ-less Christianity of the Grand Inquisitor, who gave the people an earthly utopia as a replacement for the Son of God. That earthly utopia has turned into a very rancid and foul-tasting pot of lentils, has it not? Apparently it still gives sustenance and hope to enough white Europeans so that it prevents them from detaching themselves form liberalism. They are still trying to find a place within the confines of a utopian system that is designed to kill every last white and to destroy every cultural remnant of the white Europeans’ Christian culture.

I’ve heard many on the right say that the liberals have overplayed their hands by becoming so blatant with their liberalism – their outright advocacy of the Moslem invasion, their aggressive pro-active stance on homosexual marriage and transgender rights, and their complete capitulation to black murderers and rapists. Have the liberals overplayed their hands? It’s certainly possible; they are not infallible. But I don’t see any signs that white people understand what liberals are, the aforementioned demon-swine, and thus I see no signs that white people are determined to fight the liberals. It is my hope that the grace of God is working in the unseen recesses of a handful of Europeans’ hearts, and that indwelling spirit of God will soon bear good fruits. That is my hope and that is my faith, for what is faith if it is seen? Will Satan have the last sneer? Will all of old Europe perish while the sneering liberals and the triumphant heathens of color dance on her grave? My mind says, yes, that is precisely what shall happen. But my heart tells me that such shadows will be altered at the last trump, at the twinkling of an eye, by men and women of European blood who still love Him in and through their people. +

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