Among Us But Not of Us

Thy life’s a miracle. –King Lear


We have seen, ad nauseam, how the Jacobins of democracy work. They open up their borders to the barbarians of color without the approval of the native born, then they give the colored heathens voting rights, and proudly proclaim that the majority of their people are in favor of the extermination of the white race. And white people are unable to oppose the liberals because they cannot muster up enough votes to vote the liberals out of office. That is the democratic conundrum which keeps the white man a prisoner in the white lands.

Why not break out of the democratic prison? The Moslems and the barbarians of color are now part of the history of Europe, but they are not part of the soul of Europe. And whatever is not part of the soul of Europe should be expelled from Europe. You can physically violate a person, and by that violation you violate the soul as well. But you cannot change the soul of the victims; their souls remain their own. Europe has been and continues to be violated. But its Christian soul remains intact. We must avenge her violation. They, the invaders, are now part of our history, an infamous part of our history, but they are not of Europe, they are from the dark holes and corners of the world that are connected to hell. The liberals want to blend with them because they, like the demons who went into the swine, hate Jesus Christ and love the devil. (1)

The next part of the Europeans’ history will be the reconquest. The face of Europe will show the ashes of heathen places of worship and the ashes of what were formally welcome centers for the invaders. This is not a subject for debate, it is not something we should vote on: Europe will not be a home for infidels and liberals. The greatest crusade of them all has begun, the crusade to drive the heathens from the European lands.

We cannot rob our children of their spiritual heritage nor can we dishonor our dead. This sacrilege cannot be permitted any longer. It is about our Christian soul. At Europe’s heart is Christ; can we allow that Sacred Heart to be obscured and supplanted in the hearts of our posterity by the blasphemies of the liberals, the colored barbarians, and the Moslems?

Heart of London, there is a moral in thy every stroke! As I look on at thy indomitable working, which neither death, nor press of life, nor grief, nor gladness out of doors will influence one jot, I seem to hear a voice within thee which sinks into my heart, bidding me, as I elbow my way among the crowd, have some thought for the meanest wretch that passes, and, being a man, to turn away with scorn and pride from none that bear the human shape. –Dickens

Dickens’ London is every European city, town, and country dwelling. Millions upon millions of white Christian souls made those cities, towns, and country dwellings the Christ-dwelling places, because they said “Come, Lord Jesus, into our hearts.” Christian mysticism is not an intellectual system, it is not a series of spiritual exercises, it is a meeting of hearts – The divine heart of Christ touches the heart of man and a miracle of grace occurs. In King Lear, when Edgar’s father is in despair and seeks a way to end his life, Edgar tells him that his life is a miracle. That is what Europe was and still is at heart. Europe is a miracle of divine love. Michelangelo got it right when he painted the Sistine Chapel. God in heaven reaches out to us through our Divine Savior, Jesus Christ. We cannot comprehend the significance or the enormity of that divine condescension with our intellects alone. No work of philosophy or theology has ever come close to a definition or a description of that miracle. But our people have shown us the miracle, because they lived it. They took Christ into their hearts, and Europe was the result. Our bards are not like unto the bards of the heathens, because the lay of the European bard tells us of the mystic connection between the sacred heart that has redeemed the world and the men and the woman who gave Him their hearts.

As I watch the heathens come into Europe, completely unopposed, I keep hearing Edgar’s words, “Thy life’s a miracle.” This invasion will not be voted away; the revolutionary tribunal governments of Europe will not allow that. But this is not the end of Europe. It is the end of democratic Europe. That Europe is not of Europe. It will turn to ashes just as Maleficent turned to ashes when Prince Phillip threw the sword of truth into her heart.

The modern critics like to deride Prince Hal for his rejection of Falstaff, but Falstaff was given every chance to be a loyal friend and soldier, and he refused all those chances. So Hal does what he has to do, he rejects Falstaff:

I know thee not, old man; fall to thy prayers.
How ill white hairs become a fool and jester!
I have long dreamt of such a kind of man,
So surfeit-swell’d, so old and so profane;
But, being awak’d, I do despise my dream.

Falstaff is democratic Europe, so “surfeit-swell’d… so profane.” Once we wake from that life-in-death nightmare (call it democracy or diversity or egalitarianism) we will do what Europeans have always done, we will fight the heathens.

Everything coming from democratic, scientific Europe has been a lie. Psychology has not shown us previously unexplored regions of the human soul. Instead the scientific psychologists have reduced man to a triviality. He is a laboratory specimen full of easily recognizable phobias and impulses. A little dash of reason, science, and liberalism will fix him. When he is fixed, he can worship in the atheist church of his choice, or he can worship directly at the font of all satanic knowledge, the University. The white man of the 20th and 21st century has studied himself out of existence. The old fairy tales were true: There is God, there is the devil, and a flesh and blood man, not a lab specimen, who needs to know that there is a loving Savior who will protect him against the wickedness and snares of the devil. The devil’s most effective snare has been and continues to be – “Only a stupid idiot believes that there is a devil who roams about the world seeking the ruin of souls.” But there is a devil and we need the Savior who comes to us through our racial hearth fire to help us in our war against our ancient and eternal foe. If we try to use the democratic process or an ecclesiastical process to fight Satan and his minions, we will be consumed by that process. The processes in church and state serve Satan; that is why the Pope Francises and Angela Merkels of the world support those processes. If we step away from the modern rendering factories of the liberals, we will find the real world, the world of the European fairy tale, where the memory of a love that passeth all understanding still “holds a seat.” To remember, to hold His cross before our eyes, and to uphold the rights of the Savior who died on that cross, is all in all. If the European people will not defend His Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven, who will?

I saw a video recently of an endless stream of colored heathens, what the liberals call ‘refugees,’ flooding over the borders into Europe. I thought of that old hymn – “Onward, Christian Soldiers.” But I thought of the Satanic inverse of that song, “Onward, satanic warriors, going as to war, with the Archangel Satan, going on before.” Satan is not just at the gates, he has invaded Europe through his people, the liberals and the colored barbarians. But Satan, unlike Christ who is bound to his people in love, is only bound to his people in hate. They don’t love one another, they are incapable of love, but they do hate — they hate the white Europeans and their God.

The new alternative right is from the left. They use the same psychological mumbo-jumbo as their liberal brethren. And they do not love the European people. We don’t need more smart Europeans; we need Europeans who love and hate with all their heart. A European who has an unshakable faith in the living God of the European people, when they were a people, will not allow the colored heathens to occupy Europe. No matter how many votes they get, no matter that the military and the police protect them, the Europeans will drive the heathens from their lands. But men will not fight without faith. When the Europeans stop believing in Jacobin democracy, psychology, and science, and return to the faith of their fathers, they will see the European Phoenix rise from the ashes while the idols of the liberals, the Moslems, and the colored barbarians turn to ashes.

It seems simple-minded to suggest that charity never faileth when charity seems to be a complete failure. Has charity stopped the invasion of Europe? Hasn’t the invasion occurred because of charity? No, the invasion of Europe has taken place because the liberals have not charity, and because the European people have not fought liberalism in the name of charity. Charity has a local habitation and a name. Without calling on Him by name – and He still waits for us at our racial hearth fire – we can do nothing. And with Him? Look what the Europeans who called on Him by name achieved. They built Europe.

The liberals have not retreated, they still believe in and act according to the Jacobin principles of their white-hating ancestors: “No light reaches eyes which regard blindness as clearsightedness; no remorse affects a soul which erects barbarism into patriotism and which sanctions murder with duty.” (Taine) The liberals will do their duty – they will destroy the white race if the European people do not purge democracy and everything that accompanies it – pacifism, Islam, negro worship, atheism, feminism – from their hearts. The Prince in Disney’s Snow White declares that he has room in his heart for only one love. Millions of European people have lived and died loving Him in and through their people. It is not impractical or unrealistic to believe that the Europeans will triumph still if they love where they should love and hate where they should hate. +


(1) Aren’t the liberals, in their fervent desire to rid themselves of the Christ-bearing people and to enter into the colored swine, reacting like the demons in the Gospel? Yes, they are. And we must refuse to go over the cliff with them even if it means being non-democratic, simple-minded, and – horror of horrors – racist.

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