To Hate Where We Should Hate

The blood of man should never be shed but to redeem the blood of man. It is well shed for our family, for our friends, for our God, for our country, for our kind. The rest is vanity; the rest is crime.

-Edmund Burke


Let me set the scene – it is London in the early 1970s. A young American student desperately, hopelessly in love with all of Europe and England in particular is sitting in Hyde Park with a group of young English college students. The English students are attacking their nation for the usual reasons – it’s racist, sexist, too insular, insufficiently progressive, etc. I (the American student) was not at that time of my life the right-wing extremist I have become. And there were some very pretty girls at the gathering whom I quite naturally wanted to impress. But despite the fact that I had no hardened political views and despite my great desire to appear to be a good fellow in the eyes of the attractive females, I could no longer contain my feelings. I launched into a rhapsody of praise for historic Britain, from Geoffrey of Monmouth through Shakespeare’s England, Dickens’ Victorian England, and Walter Scott’s Britain. It was as if I had entered a 19th century gathering of elegant ladies and gentlemen and started telling dirty jokes. The students who had treated me with great respect prior to my sentimental outburst now became quite hostile; they had an enemy in their midst.

It took me many years to understand why some white Europeans hated a man who loved white, Christian Europe. At that stage in my life I hadn’t actually read the works of Edmund Burke – his work on the French Revolution was not in the humanities program – but I don’t know that I would have comprehended his works had I read them. That great numbers of white people could hate their own people was too fantastical for me to grasp at that point in my life. Of course I later came to know the liberals and all their works, because I met them wherever I went in academia. And I came to regard Edmund Burke’s dissection of liberalism as the greatest work of literature outside of Shakespeare. He saw through liberalism and revealed to us the face of pure evil:

Nothing can be conceived more hard than the heart of a thoroughbred metaphysician. It comes nearer to the cold malignity of a wicked spirit than to the frailty and passion of a man. It is like that of the principle of evil himself, incorporeal, pure, unmixed, dephlegmated, defecated evil. It is no easy operation to eradicate humanity from the human breast. What Shakespeare calls “the compunctious visitings of nature” will sometimes knock at their hearts, and protest against their murderous speculations. But they have a means of compounding with their nature. Their humanity is not dissolved. They only give it a long prorogation. They are ready to declare, that they do not think two thousand years too long a period for the good that they pursue. It is remarkable, that they never see any way to their projected good but by the road of some evil. Their imagination is not fatigued with the contemplation of human suffering through the wild waste of centuries added to centuries of misery and desolation. Their humanity is at their horizon–and, like the horizon, it always flies before them. The geometricians, and the chemists, bring, the one from the dry bones of their diagrams, and the other from the soot of their furnaces, dispositions that make them worse than indifferent about those feelings and habitudes, which are the support of the moral world.

Liberalism, in all its many guises, is from the devil. The Europeans’ failure to come to terms with that fact is the reason why the European people are facing extinction. I have recently seen many European protestors marching against the Moslem invasion of Europe. I love those protestors, because they still have a love for their kith and kin. But do the protesters really understand the enemy they are facing? I don’t think they do, and that is a tragedy, because unless the European people fully understand the evil that is liberalism they will never prevail against the Moslems and the colored barbarians.

White protest marches can serve a purpose; they can show other white Europeans they are not alone, but protest marches will not make the liberals change their policies. Liberals have hardened their hearts against their people, and nothing will make them turn from their plan to exterminate every single white European. “Cologne will be a Moslem city in twenty years,” the German council woman proudly proclaimed. “Britain must be multicultural,” Tony Blair insisted. And we now know, or we should know, what multiculturalism means: It means the destruction of white Europe. Whites who think protest marches will influence the powers that be still do not understand liberalism. The devil’s minions cannot be protested or voted out of existence.

White Europeans cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the prolifers in the United States. For 43 years the “prolifers” have marched. First they marched to protect life in the womb from conception to birth. Now they march to protect life in the womb from five months after conception to birth. Why the change? Because they could not get a 51% consensus on the ‘conception to birth’ ban. And majority rules, don’t you know? What blather! A small, committed minority always determines history. And since when has right and wrong been decided by a majority vote? The moral equivalent of the prolife movement is the moderate protest movement against the Islamic invasion. “Let’s stop at one million and just give them half of Europe.” What half? You can’t have one single Moslem in Europe. To say a non-Moslem policy is impractical runs counter to reality. You can’t coexist with a people who are committed, by religious decree, to your extermination. The same applies to blacks. The white and the black cannot peacefully coexist, because the blacks are committed to the destruction of the white race. That which the liberals say is self-evidently impractical and immoral, a homogenous white culture, is what we should be striving for with might and main, because it is the only sane and humane course of action we can take. If our governments adopted ‘Back to the Middle East’ and ‘Back to Africa’ policies, there would be no bloodshed, because the heathens and the colored barbarians would be facing the united armed might of the white nations. But when the Western nations are governed by liberals who use the police and military against their white citizens, there is nothing but bloodshed. (1) Currently it is only white blood that is being shed. If the European people are going to survive as a people, liberal, Moslem, and colored barbarian blood will have to be shed. That is the war, a war of self-defense, the liberals have thrust upon us. We should stop trying to convince the liberals we will remain non-violent. Instead, we should tell them that we will defend our nation and our hearth fires, using whatever means are necessary. And when heathens and colored barbarians rape and murder our people and the liberals talk about making rural areas of Europe into “laboratories of integration” what means are necessary to protect our people from such abominations? Should we start a letter-writing campaign?

When the Toad (Wind in the Willows) tricks Ratty and escapes through the bedroom window, Ratty’s friends, Mole and Badger, upbraid him for his carelessness. In his own defense, Ratty says, “But he did it awfully well.” For centuries the liberals have been pushing liberalism down the Europeans’ throats, and they’ve done it awfully well. From cradle to grave in Church, Academy, and government, the message has been the same: Whites are evil, whites are racist, sexist, and opposed to the New World Order. The white response to liberal propaganda reveals they have succumbed to liberal propaganda. Even when white people protest some modern liberal blasphemy such as the Islamic invasion of Europe or legalized abortion, they protest as liberals. “I am not racist, but we just can’t take so many Moslems into our country,” a befuddled protestor said to the cold, hard-hearted, liberal newscaster. “We don’t hate women, we protest against abortion because it is harmful to women,” has been the refrain of “prolifers” for years. And all the pathetic, protest liberalese is couched in the penultimate of liberalese: “We are non-violent, we are democratic.” What have non-violent protests done to stop the liberal-sanctioned violence against white people? And what has democracy as an ideology ever done for white people? It has imprisoned them in a multicultural hell where Satan plays the tune, and the white Europeans dance to it.

Once during a discussion of the Protestant evangelicals with a traditionalist priest, I stated that although the evangelicals grossly oversimplified the process, they were right to assert that Christianity was about a personal relationship with Christ. “Is not our whole sacramental system supposed to be directed toward that end?” I asked the traditionalist priest. It was as if I was back in that Victorian drawing room hurling curse words at respectable people. I had committed the ultimate sin by suggesting that Christ was above a man-made system, which the priest looked on as an end in and of itself. Which is what protest marches for the unborn and protest marches in protest of Islam have become – ends in and of themselves. “We have exercised our democratic right of protest, now let’s go back into our homes and talk about how wonderful it is to live in a democracy.” But have any of the evils stopped because of our protests? Have the devil’s men stopped aborting babies? Have the liberal governments agreed to evict the Moslem and the black barbarians from the white nations? No, they haven’t; the evils continue. That they continue democratically should not deter us from acting against the murder of the innocents and the rape and murder of white people, unless we feel that is perfectly all right to serve Satan and spit on Christ, so long as Satanism has come to us through the democratic process.

If the internal war against principalities and powers is won, then Christian men will respond without prompting, without mental confusion, when Moslem rapists attack white women in cities like Cologne. They will know instinctively what has to be done, and they will strike home against the minions of Satan. Let it be writ large: The Europeans did not seek this war, the liberals thrust it upon us. In my own anti-nation, the United States of Satan, some white-hating spawns of the satanic federal government killed one and imprisoned four other members of the Bundy group, who were guilty of being white and Christian, which of course gave the F.B.I. the right to shoot them down like vermin just as they killed Randy Weaver’s wife and child some years back.

If you don’t hate where you should hate, then you won’t love where you should love. I hate the United States government, which does not protect its people from alien invaders, bombs innocent women and children abroad in the name of democracy, and kills white ranchers at home. And I love those martyred ranchers and all their white counterparts in Europe who are fighting against their liberal governments in the name of Him who is above the sceptered sway of the satanic liberal governments of the European people.

Kipling wrote of the time that was coming when the English would begin to hate. That time didn’t come for the English or the rest of the European people. The liberals continued to hate, the Moslems continued to hate, and the colored barbarians continued to hate, but not the Europeans. Could it be that the Europeans didn’t love their people enough to hate those who sought to destroy their people? I’m back, in my mind’s eye, with those English college students. I love enough to hate those students who spit on my sacred Europe and would root out and destroy every last Christian hearth fire in Europe. It’s not over, the battle is joined. Let us never succumb to the niceness temptation – they seek our blood and the blood of our people. “Once more unto the breach!” +


(1) The police and the military men of the liberal governments are not our friends. They are satanists who kill whites with a sanctimonious cruelty that comes from the depths of the liberal hell in which they wallow. After murdering the white rancher the law enforcement people took to the podium to brag about their triumph. It was a far cry from the cringing, crawling police in Baltimore who took to their soap boxes to proclaim their hands-off policy toward black rapists and murderers. Law enforcement gets the message. When they kill innocent whites they are saints; when they act against blacks or Moslems, even with so much as an angry word, they are devils. Who wants to be a devil? The moral eunuchs, the men with the guns, the badges, the tanks, and the bombers, prefer to be liberal saints, so they kill whites. Pleasing liberals will get them applauded in this world. Do they ever worry about the next world? I don’t suppose they do.

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