Europe’s New Dawn

A brilliant morning shines on the old city.  Its antiquities and ruins are surpassingly beautiful, with a lusty ivy gleaming in the sun, and the rich trees waving in the balmy air.  Changes of glorious light from moving boughs, songs of birds, scents from gardens, woods, and fields—or, rather, from the one great garden of the whole cultivated island in its yielding time—penetrate into the Cathedral, subdue its earthy odour, and preach the Resurrection and the Life.  The cold stone tombs of centuries ago grow warm; and flecks of brightness dart into the sternest marble corners of the building, fluttering there like wings. – Charles Dickens The Mystery of Edwin Drood


The liberals are experiencing more difficulty with the Moslem invasion than they anticipated. They have gotten so used to the passivity of the European people that even the tiniest whimper from the white grazers surprises them. They react as a sheep herder might react if one of his sheep turned on him and bit him. And why have a significant number of Europeans, who seemed to be spiritually anesthetized for so many years, come to life on this one issue, the Islamic invasion of Europe? Is it because the Moslems are so violent? Partly, but the negroes shed more blood than the Moslems, and the Europeans have not only tolerated the black barbarians in their midst, they have deified them. So why the fuss over the Moslems? I see two reasons. First, this recent invasion did not happen as incrementally as the previous Moslem invasions and the ongoing black invasion. And secondly, the Islamic invasion is a harder sell because even the white grazers do not think the Moslems are clubbable. They believe that the negro can become a jolly good fellow just like them, but they are not so sure about the Moslems. The liberals have tried to cow the aroused grazers with the race card — “If you oppose the Moslem invasion, then you are a racist” – but the grazers are not buying it. When they protest against the Moslems, they don’t feel racist. The guilt that makes them afraid to disapprove of black atrocities does not paralyze them in the face of Islamic atrocities. So there it is, the liberals are having problems. Isn’t that a shame?

Still, this Moslem problem is not likely to bring the liberals down. So long as the whites confine themselves to protest marches designed to influence the liberals, nothing will come of the whites’ anger over the Moslem invasion. But something miraculous will happen if white grazers see their protests of the Islamic invasion as part of a larger movement to reclaim their nations from the liberals. Liberalism can’t be reformed, because liberalism is satanic. The only remedy for liberalism is a Christian counter-revolution. Such a counter-revolution cannot come from an intellectual Christianity — that type of Christianity is wedded to liberalism – it must come from the blood of men who have not cut their ties to their European past. The liberals have tried, and been very successful, cutting every strand of that mystic cord binding the European people to their ancestors and to Him. But the liberals are not infallible; if some Europeans start reaching, in desperation, for a few strands of that mystic cord, they might start the counter-revolution, which will result in the destruction of Liberaldom.

It’s difficult, when you want to see a European counter-revolution, not to read too much into events.  For instance, I would like to think that the Swedes’ retaliation for the murder of that social worker is going to inspire other Europeans to actually fight back against the liberals and their satanic minions. And I would like to think that Putin is something more than a pagan nationalist, that he is a Christian warrior, the sign of contradiction to the decadent West, but I really don’t know the extent of the Swedes’ or Putin’s commitment to Christian Europe.

I don’t believe that any modern gimmick such as Christless Christianity and its attendant doctrines of negro worship, democracy, and pacifism can help the European people. Nor do I believe a Viking revival of Julian the Apostate can lead the Europeans out of their liberal hell. The gimmick doctrines are the great destroyers of the European people. It is only the type of Christianity that Thomas Nelson Page spoke of, the “bred in the bone” Christianity, that has staying power. Everything the Europeans do of consequence stems from their ancient faith. The bred-in-the-bone Christianity produced men who did not stand by while heathens and barbarians raped their women and plundered their nations. The Christian South did not lose the Civil War until the 1950s when they lost their bred-in-the-bone faith in Christ, the God who bade them rise and ride in defense of their kith and kin.

Do the modern gods of liberalism inspire men to rise and ride in defense of their racial hearth fires? No, they don’t. I read of a small town in Germany that has become infested with Moslems who are preying on young schoolgirls. The Mayor of the town told the ten-year-old schoolgirls to walk miles out of their way to avoid encountering the Moslem rapists on the way to school. The councilwoman in Cologne told the women who were raped by Moslems that they were asking for it, because they dressed too provocatively. What happened to feminism? Aren’t the feminists supposed to protect and support women? No, in point of fact, feminism has never been about the protection of women, feminism is all about the emasculation of the white male. It’s Christ that the feminists hate, so they want no return to a Christian patriarchal society. They will stand for any and every Moslem and black outrage against women rather than countenance a return to the one culture that truly did revere and protect women from the outrages that are commonplace in the Moslem and black barbarian cultures. Bred in the bone Christianity produces men like Nathan Bedford Forrest and Henry Havelock, who fought for their kith and kin. Modern liberalism produces spiritually emasculated male Undines who will sacrifice their kith and kin to whomever seems the strongest. “We will not fight for kith and kin,” is the banner of the modern white males who have grown up under the all-seeing eye of the liberals in church and state.

The sad fact is that white males who do not respond to Moslem atrocities with rage and a call to arms are following a type of faith. They are following the liberal creed that says there is only one evil and that one evil is the white male. So why should they start behaving like white men? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate sin? Will we ever see a white European male fight for anything but liberalism? Only if he fights through all the spiritual briars that block his vision of the one true God, the Christ who used to preside over Europe, before Satan dethroned Him and cast his shadow over the entire kingdom of Europe. Christ is at a disadvantage when dealing with Satan, because He wants something more from us than our external assent to His power and might. He wants our internal assent, He wants us to know Him and love Him, which is extremely difficult; we would be tempted to say it is too difficult if we did not have the witness of the antique Europeans before our eyes. And that is all in all; we must remember them, and we must cling to their vision of the European Christ, not because of racial pride, but because the one true God dwelt among them.

There will always be some miraculous conversion stories, but the liberals, in the main, have hardened their hearts against all things European and Christian. No protest movement, no “compunctious visitings of nature,” will alter their plans to destroy the European people. They have left charity and mercy behind; such were the attributes of the God and the people whom they hate. Will the new, non-white Europeans, the Moslems and the colored barbarians, extend charity and mercy to the native-born? No, they won’t, because they worship the gods of sacrifice and blood, not the God of charity and mercy.

When you marry and have children you want to hand down your faith to your children. If your faith is one with your contemporaries, you can go through the usual process – school, church, and the community at large. But if you feel estranged from the culture you live in, you seek another way. My children were brought up with the poets of antique Europe and the Gospels. I hope it was good for my children; I know it was good for me. It has been truly amazing to see how the daily reading of the European poets and the Gospels reflected back on each other. Without any conscious planning on my part, the image of Christ, as seen in the Gospels, appeared again and again in the works of the European poets. For centuries the theologians have been telling us not to look to the European people for the image of Christ; we must look to their systems. But I ask you – What have their systems brought to us? They’ve brought us a false Aslan, an abstract God who is all things to all people; He is not the God of our racial hearth fire, He is not our Lord and kinsman. It’s impossible to separate Christ from the European people without destroying the European people. And it’s also impossible to find the true image of Christ unless we seek Him in and through those European people of long ago – “while memory holds a seat in this distracted globe” – we must remember them and see life through their eyes. You can’t become like unto them by copying the forms of their rituals and governments. We need to delve beneath the forms and recapture the spirit of our ancestors, a spirit that set them apart from their pagan ancestors and sets them apart from the post-Christians of modern Europe.

It’s not possible to be connected to old Europe and the new Europe. No true European can be content while the shadows of the crescent and colored barbarism descend over Europe. There is only one shadow, the shadow of the Cross, which gives way to a glorious dawn, the dawn of our Lord and Savior. We can only love much and cling to the European fairy tale of the suffering servant who became the King of a fairyland called Europe. +

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