No Other Flags Over Europe

“Thus is faith to be tested.” – Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Shakespeare)


This new Moslem invasion of Europe has succeeded where others failed, because in this invasion the liberals have opened up the gates of Europe so that the Moslems could join the already assembled army of Christ-hating, white-hating creatures from hell – which includes the colored barbarians, the feminists, and the sodomites. Instead of standing stalwart against the invading hordes, the new Charles Martels make cupcakes and tidy up the welcome centers for the Moslem invaders. The liberals believe they can absorb the Moslems into liberal Europe, because they, like the Moslems, hate Christ and the Christ-bearing race. They won’t be able to absorb the Moslems, but their deaths are but a trifle here; the tragedy is that the liberals’ satanically inspired hatred of the white race will bring down the entire white race, not just the liberal branch of the white race.

The white race is not on the brink of extermination because white men lack physical courage. The white race is on the brink of extermination because white men lack the moral courage that only comes from a deeply held, heartfelt faith. If white men could see Christ for what He truly is, the Son of the living God, and if they could see the liberals for what they are, the spawns of Satan, they would fight for their people and their God. But the white grazer does not see clearly, so he lacks the moral courage to oppose the liberals. White policemen fight against whites protesting against the Moslem invasion of Europe, and all the white governments have joined together to keep the black barbarians from any type of punishment for their bloodletting, because whites lack moral vision.

The “vision thing” that George Bush wasn’t “into” is all in all. What makes our Christian, European ancestors seem like demigods compared to the modern Europeans? Our ancestors did not wear moral blinders; they saw life as Gloucester saw it, feelingly. The mind of man can comprehend nothing of importance if the heart is disengaged. Richard Weaver correctly diagnosed the Europeans’ sickness unto death when he said that those who derided sentiment were the great destroyers, because such men undermine the way all men come to believe in the spiritual nature of existence. The great underminers throughout the Europeans’ pilgrimage here on earth have been the churchmen. They form organizations to peddle their own brand of Christian atheism; in such systems Christ becomes an abstract construct of their demented minds, completely cut off from the lifeblood of His people. Once the Christian everyman embraces one of the organized –isms, he is no longer a full-blooded Christian European, he is simply a cog in the machinery of Christian atheism, an atheism that has spawned and is kin to secular liberalism. The current demon-Pope Francis is a perfect example of the Christian atheism that has rendered the European people naked to their Moslem and colored barbarian enemies. He recently took a break from his anti-white diatribes to tell us that atheists are redeemed. And then he went on to tell us that there is a force in nature (anyone for Teilhard, again?) that is above God. As regards the atheists, if the demon-Pope had said we do not know for sure what takes place between a man and his God at the final moments of his life, and for that reason we cannot be sure a professed atheist is not, at the last moment, snatched from the jaws of hell by Christ, whom the atheist finally acknowledged and loved in his last moments, he would be on solid Christian ground. But the Pope didn’t say that; he said that atheists were redeemed, thus ignoring Christ’s words, “No man cometh unto the Father but by me.” But what can be expected from a man who believes there is a natural force above the Christian God? Sophocles observed that because the fates ruled over Zeus, it followed that Zeus was something less than a god. So it is with Christ. The mind-forged natural world of the philosophers and the churchmen is above Christ, so they have thrown in with the liberal utopians. As long as they get tax exempt status and the right to keep their parishioners happy (and giving money) by their use of ambiguous “god words,” the Christian atheists are happy.

Now that the Christian atheism of the churchmen has spread throughout the European nations and taken the form of a militant, secularized liberalism that has spawned negro worship, an Islamic invasion, and every other evil under the sun, including legalized sodomy and legalized abortions, we find ourselves echoing Albany in King Lear, when Edgar tells him of the miseries he has suffered and witnessed:

Albany. If there be more, more woeful, hold it in;
For I am almost ready to dissolve,
Hearing of this.

That we must suffer and die is a given of our mortal existence, but must we, by liberal decree, live in total darkness and die without any hope or knowledge of the light? Old Europe gave us some light in the darkness and gave us hope at the hour of our death that He would be there for us. That Europe must be defended. So long as the Europeans remain under the yoke of the Christian atheists and the secular utopian atheists they will remain in darkness, the moral darkness that leaves them defenseless against the devil and his minions.

Our police and our military men are moral eunuchs who will serve the powers that be. And the powers that be are liberal. Expect no help or mercy from that quarter. We know about the Christian churches. They are adjuncts of Liberaldom. What’s left? The spirit above the dust. God has given us the means to know Him through the one sure channel of grace, the human heart. The European people were the only people to avail themselves, as an entire people, of that one sure channel of grace, and as a result Europe became a place where miracles occurred. Now that Satan, through the liberals, has dammed up the one true channel of grace, dammed it up with mind-forged utopian fantasies, the European people face certain death. Like in the old cliffhanger movies, we are holding on to the edge of the cliff with no hope in sight. But in the old cliffhangers, the hero or heroine does not go over the cliff; someone comes to the rescue. We who are about to die demand a miracle. I have faith that the European people, once they see the face of Satan in Liberaldom and the face of Christ in old Europe, will rally and fight, in the fullest sense of the word, to rid Europe of liberals, Moslems, and the colored barbarians. But will the Europeans learn to see again? I don’t know, but the grace of God has worked in the past; why shouldn’t His grace work again in the lives of the European people?

When the Christian poets used the word ‘natural,’ they meant something entirely different from the modern use of the word by the liberals and the decadent poets, poets like Byron, Shelley, and Keats. The Christian poets, such as Shakespeare and Scott, used the word ‘natural’ to describe the whole man. In fact there was no biological man in the Christian poets’ vision; there was just man, as an integral personality in which the spirit and the flesh interacted as one. When Scott wrote of the natural ties that bound a man to his kith and kin, he was affirming the Christian view of ‘natural’; it was natural that we should feel close to our kith and kin, because that natural bond was a spiritual bond. Not so with the moderns and the decadent poets. In their vision nature is biology. There are no natural ties to kith or kin, there is no mother love, no father love; there is only biological coupling without any spiritual significance. This is why the de-Christianizing of the European people has made them hostile to any interjection of what is natural, in the Christian sense, into liberal ideology or liberal society. From an integral Christian standpoint, it is natural a man should cling to his own race and his own family. From a purely liberal, biological sense of the word ‘natural,’ it is illogical and unnatural for a man to cling to his own race and his own family. The biological family is a universal family, a universal family of the dung heap. The Christian family is of the spirit; it includes the racial hearth fire and the God of our ascending race. The Moslems and the colored barbarians are closer to the liberals’ definition of ‘natural’ than are the Christians, which is why the liberals see them as allies in their war against the white race. The Moslems and the colored barbarians regard nature without God’s grace as the penultimate of existence. Like the liberals, they regard nature as power; whoever is endowed with the strength of nature, biological nature, is at the top of the food chain. The liberal seeks to harness the power of nature through science and through the manipulation and the worship of the natural people. The Moslems and the colored barbarians are more basic; they rape and murder to assert their biological superiority.

The white cannot be a natural man as the non-white can be a natural man. He can only be a natural man as the liberals are natural – through their worship of science and the non-white races –or else he can be natural as he was meant to be. In the old Christmas carol “O Holy Night,” we are told that the world lay in sin and error pining; “Till He appear’d and the soul felt its worth.” If there is no soul, no animating spirit in man, then biology is all. The white man can only cling to science and live life second-hand through the biologically superior (superior because they are more natural) non-white races.

In the old poem Rake Windermere makes up for a desolate, wasted life by “stepping out” and becoming what he was born to be, an English gentleman, imbued with the mark of the white man, which is and always shall be, “That charity of Honor.” Burke is one with Shakespeare and St. Paul by setting charity, the charity unknown to those who have not embraced the Savior, at the heart of existence. Charity cannot be put in a microscope and dissected, nor is it a great wonder of nature that can be seen. It can only be seen through a heart that still lives and sees life “naturally” through His eyes.

Without moral vision, we perish. Our people will die out and be replaced by the men and women of the biological dung heap. But we do not have to perish as a race any more than we have to perish as individuals. We have seen beauty on a Cross; that is the moral essence of the European people. At the last trump, at the twinkling of an eye, that moral vision will see us through. “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,” should not be seen as hollow words. When we see Him clearly, we will do His will. And it is not His will that heathens, liberals, and colored barbarians shall rule Europe. +

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