If We Forget Europe

How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? –Psalm 137: 4


Thomas Moore wrote “Rich and Rare Were the Gems She Wore,” in honor of his beloved Ireland, but I’m sure every European at that juncture of European history (every European except the Jacobin European) felt the same way about his nation.

Rich and rare were the gems she wore,
And a bright gold ring on her wand she bore;
But, O, her beauty was far beyond
Her sparkling gems, or snow-white wand.

“Lady! dost thou not fear to stray,
So lone and lovely, through this bleak way?
Are Erin’s sons so good or so cold,
As not to be tempted by woman or gold?”

“Sir Knight! I feel not the least alarm,
No son of Erin will offer me harm;–                
For though they love woman and golden store,
Sir Knight! they love honor and virtue more!”

On she went, and her maiden smile
In safety lighted her round the green isle:
And blest for ever is she who relied
Upon Erin’s honour and Erin’s pride.

An exaggeration? Yes, it was, but not by much. Christianity and the honor code that flows from our sacred faith, that which the antique Europeans called chivalry and modern liberals call sexism and racism, had entered the blood of the Europeans. Even those recreants who might have wanted to rob and violate Moore’s fair maiden would not have dared to do so, because they would have been hunted down and killed. When Burke looked through the Jacobin rhetoric he saw what liberty, equality, and fraternity really meant. It meant that “the age of chivalry was dead.” Has that been a good thing for Europeans? For the world?

The New Year’s Eve rape fest in Cologne was only a tiny microcosm of what is taking place throughout the Western world on a daily basis. And I’m not talking solely about the Moslem rapists; the black barbarians have been raping and murdering whites without so much as a whimper from the liberal establishments for the past fifty years. The aftermath of the rape of the women of Cologne, a city whose architecture speaks of a different age when European men did not permit the rape of their women, was quite telling. The liberals first denied that it was Africans and Moslem ‘immigrants’ who had committed the rapes. Then they blamed the women for dressing too provocatively. The feminists? They did what they always do – they ignored the rape of white women by men of color and continued to focus on white men who ogle scantily clad women in billboard ads. One female official of Cologne announced that in twenty years Cologne would be a Moslem city: “That is a good thing.” Another male official said that saying bad things about Moslem rapists on Twitter is much worse than the Moslems’ rape fest in Cologne! And then came the grazers’ response. One group of young men who resided in Cologne announced that they were going to patrol the streets of Cologne and “nonviolently” try to protect women from the Moslems. Well, at least they were trying to do something, but I ask you: can you nonviolently stop a Moslem rapist? Why are white people so afraid to respond violently against those who rape and murder their own people?  In Finland some group of whites calling themselves the Sons of Odin stated that they were going to “nonviolently” patrol the streets of a town called Kemi. Doctrinaire nonviolence is not only strategically foolhardy, it is, considering the violent behavior of the enemy, a serious breach of the code of chivalry. The charity of honor demands, “That this shall not go on.”

All conquering pagan armies rape and pillage after a successful invasion. That is what the Moslems are doing throughout Europe, and that is what the blacks have been doing in the United States since the victory of the Northern liberals in the 1950s. But of course the liberals will not allow whites to use violence to defend their own against the Moslems and the blacks, because the liberals are at war with the white race. And in this war to the death, the liberals currently control all the governments in the Western world as well as all the militias and police forces in the Western world. That is something we must face squarely. If there is going to be a successful European counter-revolution, then white Europeans will have to go against the liberals’ military and the liberals’ police force. We must stop thinking of the military as ‘our troops’ and the police as ‘our protectors.’ They serve the liberals who desire the extermination of the white race. In Germany the police were quite willing to use pepper spray and water cannons on white Germans who were marching in protest of the Moslem takeover of Germany, but they were not willing to use force against the Moslem rapists. “Your police will not protect you,” the Moslems in Britain shouted after beheading a British soldier. They were correct. The police and the military work for the liberals; occasionally they will violate the code of liberalism and use force against a black or a Moslem, but that is not a frequent occurrence and is fast becoming less frequent as the liberals tighten their noose around the collective neck of the European people.

The Europeans fought for their own people when they were pagans, and they fought for their own people when they were Christian. They can’t become pagans again, because they left the pagan gods of blood and sacrifice behind when they embraced Christ. But can they become Christian again after having let go of Christ? That is the question Hamlet had to answer: “To be or not to be.” Many of our young people have decided not to be. And why shouldn’t they decide thus? There is no reason for a European to live if he doesn’t believe that Christ rose from the dead. Without that sustaining faith, there is no racial hearth fire and no people to love and fight for. Life is merely “A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

I hear the naysayers declaring that, “The Moslems and the colored barbarians love their people and fight for them without believing in Christ, so why can’t the Europeans do likewise?” The Europeans cannot do likewise because once taken up, the cross of Christ cannot be put down again without leaving that which is essential to the lifeblood of the European behind: The European must be the Christ-bearer or else he will be a man without a soul. He will be like unto the Undine that Friedrich de la Motte wrote about. The Moslems and the colored barbarians have souls; they are heathen and barbarian souls, but they have life in them. They cannot love, but they can fornicate. They will not fight for mercy’s sake, but they will fight for the sake of blood and sacrifice. The post-Christian liberal can only live through the blood-soaked lives of the Moslems and the colored barbarians. That official of Cologne who welcomed the Moslem hordes to her city and exulted in their rape fest did so because she, like all liberals, wants to feel connected to something alive and human. It doesn’t matter to her that there is only bestial savagery, not humanity, in the invaders’ souls; they have something in them that is alive and she needs that aliveness as a vampire needs blood. The liberals’ terrible mixture of rationalism and a Christ-less Christianity have made them into bloodless zombies who will do anything, including encouraging and enabling the rape and murder of their own people, if it takes them closer to what they believe is their salvation – their absorption into the pagan mass of Moslems and colored barbarians.

Try as he might, no European can ever return to paganism. Odin ad Thor were fine fighting men, and when seen as precursors to the one true God they are inspiring. But it is pure fantasy to think we can invoke those pagan gods in our war with the liberals. It is Christ or oblivion. It would seem that the Europeans have chosen oblivion. However, some Europeans have come back from rationalism, the curse of the men of the West. Is there a magic potion one can take to restore the soul? The psalmist tells us that the living God restoreth the soul. But can the living God be put in a golden bowl of science and democratic utopianism? No, He cannot be put in such a bowl; all attempts to do so have ended in disaster.

Hamlet’s father enjoins him to “Remember me.” And Hamlet replies, “Remember thee! Ay, thou poor ghost, while memory holds a seat, In this distracted globe.” We must first remember what we were and then love what we were as a people. Once that memory and that love are combined, we will have the will to fight for our people against all the forces of hell. And it is all the forces of hell that the Europeans are facing. It might well be that our Lord is about to come in glory to put an end to Satan’s reign here on earth. But we know neither the day nor the hour of that battle, so we must keep fighting till our Lord returns. And even then does He want us to stop fighting? I doubt it; I think He’ll want us to go with Him into battle against Satan and his minions.

However Christ decides to arrange the final battle, it is clear that we need to fight for Europe while memory holds a seat in our lives. If every European were to truly and honestly search their racial memory for the truth of existence they would discover that nothing of lasting value has ever come from any people but the European people when they formed an incorporate union with Christ. All that was good in the cultures of the heathens has come as a result of their contact with the Christian ethos of antique Europe. Whether the European people survive as a people or whether they and their culture become a memory that the heathens and the colored barbarians choose to eradicate will be determined by how many Europeans love enough; and true love includes the charity that never faileth, to fight with all their heart, mind, and soul for the people of their own racial hearth fire. If they love enough they will fight, and in the midst of the battle they will see that the Son of God is with them.

Towards the end of The Brother Karamazov, Alyosha gathers his small band of little children about him and tells them that they must hold to some sacred memory from their childhood so they can keep their childlike faith in the Savior throughout their adult lives. We have some rights of memory in the Europe where a pure childlike faith in Christ was valued. Even if only a few Europeans of old Europe managed to completely realize a childlike faith in the Savior, it was still not a little thing that the quest for a childlike faith was considered the main purpose of a man’s pilgrimage here on earth. Such a faith, as of a child, believeth all things and hopeth all things. The rape of Europe will only be halted by Europeans with hearts that remember the ancient hearth fire of the European people, where Christian men were meek and gentle as lambs toward the child, the maiden, and the mother, and fiercer than any pagan in defense of the people of their own racial hearth fire.

It was by the rivers of Babylon that the exile sat down to weep and remember Zion. That is the first step back to spiritual health. We must remember Christian Europe and weep. Then we must dry our tears and fight to the knife in defense of our people and our sacred homeland. “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem…” +

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